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Mobile App Development Online Training & Certification

This intensive capsule course on mobile app development follows a very practical and
implementable approach to provide the trainees with the knowledge of developing mobile
computing applications on various platforms. It focuses more on applicability than theory and
provides information about the various tools and technologies that can be used for the creation
and development of versatile mobile applications. It will be beneficial for the trainees if they
have a fundamental working knowledge of a few programming languages in order to catch up
quickly with the course.

Mobile application fundamentals

Activities to process user input

Implement views to build User Interface (UI)
Deployment of applications
Unit tests development

Supporting asynchronous behavior

Performing background tasks with services
Communicating with intents

Visual components

Building layout
Connecting views to activities
Positioning elements

Resource declarations

Component definitions and layouts declaration

Handling screen resolutions
Localization of applications

Communicating with user

Creation and display of Toast

Status bar notifications
Logging of key application events

UI interactions

Responding to input events

Creating activities with intents
Creating Java event handlers
Creating context and option menus

Managing activity life cycle

Integrating with operating system

Persisting data in response to notifications
Working with storage options

differentiating internal and external storage spaces

Saving application configuration using Shared Preferences

Working with SQLite database

Executing queries to find information

Specifying column selections with projections

Consuming and developing content providers

Using shared data resources

Specifying content providers with URIs

Mitigating Application Not Responding (ANR) errors

Unloading the User Interface thread

Development for asynchronous execution

Creating background services

Launching Intent Services

Specifying services in the manifest

Interacting with server-side applications

Synchronizing devices with servers

Communicating via HTTP clients

Creating clients for web services

Connecting to Restful services

Creating and parsing JSON
Developing the Action Bar

Manipulating objects using drag and drop

Working with orientation and multiple screen resolutions using resources
Integrating fragments into a multi-pane Unser Interface

Using geo-location and mapping capabilities

Plotting positions on Maps

Creating location through GPS, Cell-ID and Wi-Fi

Live Instructor-led & Interactive Online Sessions

Regular Course Duration : 40 Hours

Capsule Course Duration : 4-8 Hours

Training Options

Weekdays- Cloud Based Training Weekend- Cloud Based Training
Mon - Fri 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM(Mon, Wed, Fri) Sat-Sun 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM (IST)
Weekdays Online Lab Weekend Online Lab
Mon - Fri 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM(Tue, Thur) Sat-Sun 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
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