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Fitness for service consultancy

Improving asset safety and reliability

Services Evaluating safety and reliability of

Global on-site mechanical and in-service equipment
electrical inspections
Real life conditions can often differ considerably from original design
Damage evaluation employing
parameters with significant consequences on deterioration mechanisms
latest defect assessment tools
which affect equipment reliability and safe operational life.
and techniques

Modern metallurgical testing Owners and operators of critical assets, therefore, need to rely on expert engineering
and analysis facilities assessments when making decisions to continue operation, alter operating parameters,
repair or replace plant equipment.
State-of-the-art computational
simulation methods
Edif ERA engineers have a proven international reputation for the planning, performing,
In-house lifing and supporting and auditing of inspection and assessment programmes for a variety of
industry-standard lifing industries and equipment.
The spectrum of mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge and experience enables
us to offer a broad range of technical services from on-site field support to complex
numerical simulations to support any fitness for service programme. As a long-standing
independent consultancy, our knowledge and expertise able us to provide the impartial
advice valued both by our clients and across-industry.
Asset experience:
Rotating equipment: gas and steam turbines Pipework

Combined cycle power generation equipment Fired heaters

Conventional boilers Offshore structures

Heat exchangers Storage tanks

Columns and reactors Electrical generation, distribution and switchgear.

Helping customers to resolve damage issues

Edif ERAs involvement in fitness for service assessments extends
over the past 30 years which has enabled us to develop a deep
understanding of industry-specific issues and life-limiting
damage mechanisms.

As a result, we have a successful track-record of helping our clients

identify safety-critical items in need of immediate remediation
as well as support for long-term strategic asset planning for
inspection, repair and replacement programmes.

Experience-based assessment
It has been often found that risk-based inspections (RBI) will
highlight likely damage mechanisms for a component as a whole,
but will not provide inspection teams with specific information
concerning critical areas where examinations should focus.

Edif ERA is able to support its clients with developing appropriate

inspection plans to identify susceptible life-limiting locations
as well as to provide on-site field operatives to undertake
the inspection and carry out on-site assessments to provide Based on our previous experience with this equipment, we
immediate engineering recommendations. were able to identify key locations on which to focus damage
assessments. Consequently, as part of this study, computational
Following on-site examinations, Edif ERA can offer a comprehensive simulations of equipment, including the high-pressure steam
list of services including detailed defect assessments (including API drum and outlet headers, were generated to determine changes
Level 3) and finite element simulations in order to evaluate any in transient thermal stresses at key locations during the two
damage identified during inspections. start-up conditions.

Ensuring safety in a changing electricity market Following this, fatigue assessments in-line with industry codes
The current electricity market means that power generation were conducted which supported the changes to the proposed
companies need to respond rapidly to changes in consumer operational conditions. To reinforce this decision, further fracture
demand in order to remain competitive. mechanics studies were conducted to determine the tolerability
to defects of HRSG components.
Commercial pressures subsequently influence engineering
and operational decisions which often require outside The end result of this work enabled our client to provide technical
technical support. justifications to operate with new rapid starts.

Edif ERA was commissioned by a UK power generation company to

evaluate its proposed operational changes to one of its combined
cycle power stations. In particular, we were asked to study the
fatigue lives of key components within the Heat Recovery Steam
Generation (HRSG) as a result of changes to standard 2 Shifting
starts to so-called Fast starts.

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