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Jaguar tertiary Tiger tertiary Python tertiary

consumer consumer consumer

Tree frog

herbivo grasshopper Macaws
re herbivore Herbivore
herbivore Fruit bat

Banana tree Orchid flower cocoa beans

banana tree
Directions: In the space below, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to use detail and examples from your food web for each
1.How are the organisms in my food web interconnect They connect by eating their prey that
depending on their ecosystem. The animals depend on photosynthesis because if the plant don't make food they die so the herbivore die and then
everything dies because of it.
2.Explain at least 2 ways how surrounding humans can impact your ecosystem. One way is that they will build houses that will destroy the habitat of the
spider monkey because they live in trees and the humans are taking their home so they well decrease in population so the jaguar well also decrease
because they will get hungry and not reproduce. Another reason is that humans pollute in the air so when it rain the animals drink that water and get sick
so the population decreases then the animal that eat that animal get sick to then they die.
3.Use the Venn Diagram below to compare and contrast your food webs ecosystem to another terrestrial or aquatic ecosystem.

Tropical rain forest Pacific ocean

.drink water .the animals need gells
.has 2% of our earth's land animals .both have . whole ecosystem is water
. have bird producer .producers dont need roots
.trees .both have water
.both have scale .colder
. have