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The leading media platform for the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

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1,500,000+ 17,600 1,100 27,000

Unique Yearly Visitors Readers 2015 Attendees Subscribers Covering Natural
Packaged Foods

4MILLION 6,600 300+ 1,580

Page Views Beverage Beverage Brands Clicks Per Issue

86.5% 3,300+ 50+ 19.1%

Covering Craft Beer

U.S. Traffic Distributors/Retailers Exhibitors Open Rate

42% 6 4 92.7%
Just as with BevNET, Project NOSH
New York City and Brewbound offer original online
(June) content, daily newsletters, and confer-
ence/networking events. For more info
Mobile Issues Special Santa Monica U.S. Based visit brewbound.com/advertise and
Per Year Guides (December) Readership projectnosh.com/advertise or contact
us at sales@bevnet.com.

14,100 7,100 6,600

Twitter followers LinkedIn members Facebook likes

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Companies across every segment of the industry trust BevNET.

Beverage Flavor Ingredient Services Packaging

Red Bull Dhler iTi Tropicals ACG Amcor

Living Essentials Bell DSM TruGrit Rexam
Honest Tea Symrise Finlay First Beverage Group Zuckerman/Honickman
Pepsi Ogawa Fortitech Zip Line Logistics Nor-Cal
Talking Rain Sensient Taiyo TSG Consumer Partners Avure
Evian T. Hasegawa Beneo MetaBrand Hiperbaric

BevNET consistently provides fresh, innovative content across all categories of the beverage industry. I am continually inspired by the brands and
companies highlighted by BevNET, and the motivation I draw from those leaders and entrepreneurs driving these brands is nothing shy of invigorating.

- Kevin Klock, CEO & President, Talking Rain

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E-Mail Newsletters E-Mail Blasts

The BevNET Email Newsletter BevNET allows you to target its list of Key Stats (2016 averages)
is published Monday-Friday 27,000 email newsletter recipients with 17% open rate
and is read by over 25,000 728x90 your own custom message. Simply provide 6,400 opens
professionals serving all us with your text/images, pick a send date, 236 clicks per issue
levels of the non-alcoholic and well send it out to our readership.
beverage industry (suppliers,
Industry Spotlight Brand Spotlight
manufacturers, distributors,
Do you have a special announcement about Do you have a recently-introduced brand?
brokers, retailers, investors).
your company, product or service? We can Are you looking to launch a new beverage?
The newsletter is a powerful lead help you craft a 1-2 page email and send Perhaps you have a new flavor you want to
generation tool for companies it to our subscribers. Formats vary. Email showcase? If you have something new, you
sponsoring it.The BevNET Email us at sales@bevnet.com for past examples. can alert BevNETs readers using our email
Newsletter is sponsored on a $2,950 blast. We can help you format a compelling
per-issue basis such that a single layout and and send it to our list. $2,750
sponsor is featured each issue.
Ad Specs
T he 728x90 leaderboard
banner, JPG or non-animated
GIF required, appears at the top
(see graphic at right).
The text ad contains 100
or fewer words with up to
two hyperlinks.
$ 975 per issue
$4,500 per week

Key Stats

27,000 19.1% 1,580 7,900

Readers Open Rate Clicks Per Issue Total Opens

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Native Content Package

You can place a sponsored article on BevNET.com and How It Works

then drive traffic to that article using strategically Native image/text ads on the BevNET.com hompage and internal pages (see examples below) will point to your sponsored
positioned native-style ads on BevNET and in the post run for a full 7 day period.
BevNET Daily Newsletter. Also pointing readers to your sponsored post will be a text/image ad which we will insert into two issues of the BevNET
Daily Newsletter over the course of the weeklong run.
The sponsored article itself will remain posted indefinitely unless otherwise specified.
The aim with native advertising is to engage readers with a
thoughtfully-written article that delivers informational value
to the reader. As such, the strongest measures of a native Native Homepage Sponsored Post
packages success are twofold: total article opens and
average time spent reading.
The topic you choose and the image/text ads pointing
toward your sponsored article will determine the total
opens. The quality and relevancy of your article will Native Internal
largely determine the time readers spend on it.
Ideally, the entire package should work toward establishing
the sponsor as a thought-leader on the topic presented ALL CLICK TO
in the article.

Key Stats (2016 averages)

Sponsored article reads: 900
Native Newsletter
Time spent on article per reader: over 3 minutes

$3,500 per 7 days

Native Ad Specs Article Specs

Image: 300x300 pixel (jpeg or gif) Advertiser is responsible for providing the content
Ad title: 12 words or fewer, with click-through URL Due 1 week prior to run-date
Text: 50 words or fewer Subject to Brewbound edit
No length limit

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Banners Digital Package Features

Diverse Ad Options
SIZE MAX FILE SIZE NOTES EXAMPLE Provide both mobile and full-size banner
units so that you reach all of our readers
Keep your message fresh by providing
Both units appear on all pages of multiple ad sizes/versions
300x600 150kb BevNET.com
Concentrated Delivery
These ads do not appear on most Hit the viewers hard with a concentrated
mobile devices or tablets.
DESKTOP 400,000 total potential monthly You can achieve this through buying signif-
impressions for both units. icant fraction of total page view
Recommended monthly minimum - Dont buy less than a 10% share of
970x90 100kb order is 40,000 impressions impressions. Aim for 25% and up.
(10% typically non-mobile traffic).
Flexible Timing
Banner ads are incredibly flexible for
delivery times
If you have a seasonal or event-specific
Mid-Article marketing effort, we can schedule your
75kb Ads appear on all pages of
300x250 or Text ads to deliver precisely during the time-
BevNET.com mobile view
frame you desire
400,000 total potential monthly MID-ARTICLE
MOBILE impressions for both units. Focused Targeting
Recommended monthly minimum If your marketing has a geographic focus,
order is 40,000 impressions we can target your ads to deliver to very
50kb (10% typically non-mobile traffic). specific regions, from the national level
Footer (320x50) FOOTER right down to the town/city level.
If youre targeting viewers who use
specific resources on our site (ex. Job
File formats: JPG, GIF, and HTML listings), have your ads only show on
that relevant section of bevnet.com
Cost Need Help Making a Banner? Takeover Package ($65 CPM)
All sizes cost $50 per thousand impressions. Our banners are sold Reach out to us at sales@bevnet.com for assistance with banner Provide banner ads in the following sizes
on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. Simply put, you creation. We can offer suggestions or assist you with creating a (970x90, 300x600, 320x50, 300x250) and
order how many times you want your banner ad to appear during simple but effective text ad to get started. well make sure your ads show up all at
a given time frame. once when viewers hit pages. This provides
a takeover effect and maximizes impact.

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BevNET LIVE the leading conference event for the beverage industry

Twice a year BevNET holds its popular BevNET LIVE Who Attends BevNET Live Sponsor/Exhibit
conference events. Held in New York City in June and 500+ attendees Exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities at BevNET LIVE
again in Santa Monica, CA in December, BevNET LIVE 150+ unique brands events afford greater visibility and improved networking.
addresses the most important issues currently facing non- Beverage Companies (Owners, CEOs, Brand Managers) Options range from exhibiting at the two-hour tabletop
alcoholic beverage companies. Suppliers (Flavors, Ingredients, Packaging, etc.) BevNET Expo held on the first day of BevNET LIVE to
Service providers (Co-packers, Consultants, logo-level sponsorships which feature a range of benefits
Speakers hail from all areas of the beverage business,
Designers, Financial etc.) including: program involvement, advertising, exhibit
including industry experts, top-level executives, and
Distributors and Retailers options, and more.
early-stage entrepreneurs. More than just a single-track
conference, the two-day events feature highlights such Full list of exhibit and sponsorship options.
as an expo, sponsor booths, breakout sessions, and a Upcoming Events Download BevNET Live event prospectus.
new product Sample Bar. New York, NY June 13 & 14, 2017
Santa Monica, CA Dec. 4 & 5 2017 For more information on sponsoring, exhibiting or attending
Click here for more information BevNET LIVE, please contact BevNET.com sales at 617-231-
8888 or email us at sales@bevnet.com.

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BevNET Magazine is the leading resource for new beverages,

product trends and marketing and design innovations. APRIL 27, 2012



BevNET Magazine is received by professionals who create, market,


distribute, and retail beverages in the United States. By offering the

most in-depth coverage of new products, trends, and innovation, BEYOND LOCAL BEYOND STEVIA COMPETITION

BevNET Magazine consistently reaches an audience crossing key cover.indd 1 8/12/14 1:19 PM

segments of the industry.

over 1,400
BevNET Magazine is distributed in both print and digital formats.
All current and archived issues of our magazine can be viewed MAY 1, 2014

through BevNET.com.
BevNET Magazines circulation is audited by BPA. The circulation num-

bers below reect the most recent BPA audit conducted in Dec. 2015.
Beverage Manufacturers - 6,618 THE A-TO-Z
Companies that manufacture or market beverage products. Our BEVERAGE
circulation is skewed towards independent operators. LIBATIONS

Distributors, Brokers, and Wholesalers - 2,121 COCONUT WATER: SWEETNESS STILL LOKO FOUR
Includes traditional DSD and beverage wholesalers, as well as brokers
cover.indd 1 4/17/14 9:55 PM

and food distributors who deal in beverage products.

Services and Suppliers - 2,726
Includes companies that produce materials, such as flavors and

packaging, or offer services, such as co-packing.
Retailers - 1,196
Includes all of the key retail channels, including convenience, drug,
grocery, mass, club, liquor, wine, and beverage only/specialty.
Other Industry Professionals - 3,078
Includes other related professionals who have an interest in the
beverage industry, including financial, research, and media.

cover.indd 1 7/17/14 3:05 PM

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2017 Editorial Calendar

Issue Ads Due Featured Editorial Event Coverage, Guides & Specials Mail Date

Jan./Feb. 2/2/2017 Best of 2016, Trends for 2017, Spirits & Mixers, RTC Coffee BevNET Live, Brewbound Session, Expo West Preview 2/23/2017

March/April 2/23/2017 Bottled Water, Powdered Drinks, Shots & Mixing Formats, Craft Beer Fancy Foods, CBC Preview, Functional Beverage Guide 3/16/2017

Energy Drinks, Malternatives, POWER Feature, Coconut Water,

May/June 4/27/2017 Expo West, CBC, Fancy Food Preview, Supplier & Services Guide 5/18/2017
Sweeteners & Functional Ingredients
BevNET Live, Brewbound Session, Fancy Food, Expo East Preview,
July/August 5/29/2017 Iced Tea, Meal Replacements, Sports Drinks 7/20/2017
Natural Beverage Guide
Kids Beverages, Juice, Lemonade, Import Beer,
Sept./Oct. 8/31/2017 NACS Preview, IFT 9/21/2017
Sparkling & Enhanced Water

Nov./Dec. 10/26/2017 Kombucha/Probiotics, Dairy & Alt-Dairy, End of Year Wrap, Cider Expo East, NACS, NBWA, GABF, New Beverage Guide 11/16/2017

Click here to read the current issue of BevNET Magazine or to browse past issues.

Ad Rates Ad Specifications Digital File Requirements

Preferred digital format: PDFX-1A. Submit files in Macintosh versions
of: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (in EPS format),
Ad Page Rate Ad Page Bleed Trim Live Area Adobe Acrobat PDF with embedded fonts, images converted to TIFF or
Full Page $3,500 Two Page Spread 16.25x11.125 16x10.875 15.25x10.125
EPS (no JPEG), color files converted to CMYK before conversion to PDF.
Adobe Photoshop files must be at least 300 dpi and in CMYK mode. Bev-
Premium* $3,900 Full Page 8.25x11.125 8x10.875 7.25x10.125 NET.com, Inc. cannot be responsible for converting RGB into CMYK due to
Two Page Spread $5,000 Vertical Half Page N/A N/A 3.54x10.125 dramatic color shifts. For rich blacks, the maximum saturation is 300%. Any
rich blacks created out of 100% CMYK will be denied. Line art should have
Half Page $1,950 Horizontal Half Page N/A N/A 7.25x5
1200 dpi minimum resolution.
One Third Page $1,500 One Third Page N/A N/A 2.3x10.125

Quarter Page $950 Quarter Page N/A N/A 3.54x5 Fonts

For best results, please convert all fonts to outlines.
* includes back cover and inside Files must include all graphic and image links.
front cover

Net advertising rates for File Submission

all 4-color ads. (Per ad) For upload access please visit http://app.bevnet.com/adupload or contact
Frequency discounts available Anthony Ferranti at aferranti@bevnet.com.

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BevNETs Buyer Guides are vital resources for the beverage industry. Beverage brands and companies that
supply products and services to beverage manufacturers have opportunities to list in these guides.
The guides are published both on BevNET.com and in BevNET Magazine.

Functional Beverage Guide Supplier & Services Guide Natural Beverage Guide New Beverage Guide
Published in the March/April issue Published in the May/June issue Published in the July/Aug. issue Published in the Nov./Dec. issue
Features functional beverage brands and Features companies that supply goods Features natural beverage brands and New and updated beverage brands from
supplier/service companies and services to beverage companies supplier/service companies previous year, across all categories
List in 2017 Functional Beverage Guide List in 2017 Supplier and Services Guide List in 2017 Natural Beverage Guide Sponsorship options available
View Recent Edition View Recent Edition View Recent Edition Register for 2017
View Recent Edition

For questions on listings, please contact John Fischer at jfischer@bevnet.com or 857-472-3071.

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SUGAR Miami Bay Beverage Company 2015

BEVNET MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 47 Photo by Joaquim Salat - https://unsplash.com/@joaquimsalat BEVNET MAGAZINE JULY-AUGUST 2016 67


2016-NatBevGuide.indd 67 7/11/16 3:36 PM
2016-FunctionalBevGuide.indd 47 2/26/16 12:34 PM
2015-NewBevGuide.indd 55 11/16/15 5:57 PM

SuppliersAndServices2016.indd 53 3/31/16 3:51 PM

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