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There are literally hundreds of things to do in Bangkok.

You could happily fill

several weeks in this bustling city and still not see it all! The capital of Thailand
has something for everyone, from its temples to its markets and shopping malls,
museums, palaces and beautiful architecture, so if youre stuck for what to do in
Bangkok read on for our top 10 list of the best Bangkok attractions.

10. Sea Life Bangkok

One of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, Sea Life Bangkok (previously
known as Ocean World) is a welcome break from the heat and crowds you find in
many of Bangkoks outdoor attractions. If youre looking for what to do in
Bangkok with kids this should be on your list of places to visit. Admission prices
are quite steep if youre only planning to be here for an hour, but stay for longer
and youre more likely to get your moneys worth. Also, consider upgrading your
ticket to include a ride on the glass bottom boat through the shark tank. This is
the closest many of us will ever get to a shark! The upgraded entry also includes
the 5D cinema, and a souvenir photo, plus theres an option to get a combined
ticket for the aquarium and Madam Tussauds.
Exhibits include an underwater tunnel, and there are countless different species
of fish and other marine life here including octopus, seahorses and turtles, and
the always entertaining penguins. With everything indoors, and the food court of
the Siam Paragon shopping mall right outside the doors, this is a popular thing
to do in Bangkok.

9. Bangkok National Museum

When deciding what to do in Bangkok youll discover there are countless

museums of different sizes and different subjects all across the city but if you
want a general overview of Thai art and history, be sure to visit the Bangkok
National Museum.

This is the largest museum in Southeast Asia so you should set aside several
hours at least for visiting this particular Bangkok attraction. Its recommended
for anyone whod like to learn more about the intricate history of Thailand.
Starting in pavilion one youll see some very nice exhibits that begin to
summarize the countrys history. The rest of the museum is set over numerous
buildings, some with more to offer, and some with better exhibits than others.
Parts of the museum have benefited from refurbishment, while others would still
benefit from more work, but overall the insight youll gain from visiting will help
you have a better understanding of the local culture and more of an
appreciation for the many things to do in Bangkok.

8. Khao San Road

Its only a short street but Khao San Road is probably the best-known street in
the city, making a visit to the backpackers paradise one of the top things to do
in Bangkok. You could call it a tourist trap, but if youre wondering what to do in
Bangkok one evening, this is a great place to try. Its friendly and has a fun and
laid back atmosphere thanks to the welcoming locals and the worldly tourists. If
you wanted cheap, backpacker accommodation you would come here, and youd
also come here to pick up many of the buses that leave for other parts of
Thailand each day.

But if youre not staying in a cheap hostel in the heart of this Bangkok
attraction, what does Khao San Road offer? During the day, you can buy cheap
goods from the stores that line the street; anything from pirated CDs to
handicrafts to essential backpacker items. Come evening and this short street is
packed with people looking for a fun night out. Music blasts from the shops and
bars and there are ample places to grab some authentic Thai food. Try a cheap
foot massage after a day of sightseeing or watch one of the far-out shows and
entertainment offerings. Even if you just have a short visit to see what all the
fuss is about this Bangkok attraction really is one to experience.

7. Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River meanders its way right through the heart of Bangkok
and adds to the charm and appeal of this bustling metropolis. Getting out on the
water offers a break from the crowds and the heat, making a trip along the river
a popular thing to do in Bangkok. River ferries dart back and forth between
hotels and landmarks so even if you just take a quick trip from one side to the
other its a nice experience. The best way to see this Bangkok attraction though
is on a river cruise or by renting a boat and travelling at your own speeds.
Longboats can be rented from a couple of different piers and the price includes a
driver so you dont have to worry about finding your way around. Ask him to
take you to the canals as this is a wonderful thing to do in Bangkok that many
visitors to the city dont get to see. There are guided river cruises as well if you
want to learn all about the river while cruising on it. Dinner cruises are the
perfect end to a day and allow you to see the city from a different perspective
as the sun goes down and the temples and palaces are lit up.
6. Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is to Bangkok as Central Park is to New York! It is the largest

public park in the city and one of the few places around the city center that you
can come to enjoy open spaces and greenery, away from the crowded streets,
traffic congestion, noise and fumes. Just like Central Park there is a variety of
things to see and do here, and after a couple of days experiencing Bangkok,
Lumpini Park really is an oasis of calm.

The park was created in the 1920s on royal land, and back then it was actually
on the outskirts of the city. Today it has been swallowed up by the city, and is
situated right in the heart of the main business district, making this an easy
Bangkok attraction to get to.
You can rent boats and paddle around on the artificial lake then stroll the parks
2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) of paths that are popular throughout the day and
evening with walkers and joggers. The park comes to life early in the morning as
locals come for their morning exercise and there are stalls set up where you can
buy food and a variety of other items. People watching is a fun thing to do in
Bangkok, and early morning in Lumpini Park is the ideal time to do it. Pick a
bench or a picnic table and simply watch the world go by.

5. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Among the many things to do in Bangkok, shopping is always a popular pastime

both for tourists and for locals. There are countless markets and shopping malls,
but none come close to beating the experience youll find at the Chatuchak
Weekend Market. Its a mammoth market and one of the top attractions in
Bangkok, with somewhere in the region of 15,000 different stalls and about
200,000 visitors each day that its open. As the name suggests this is primarily a
weekend market, open Saturday and Sunday, though one section, called Jatujak
Plaza is open throughout the week too.

Theres no point in trying to list what you can buy at the market because the
fact is you can buy just about anything and the goods are all affordably priced.
Of course, you should haggle over prices anyway and get a little more off what
the vendor first quotes you as this is the expected thing to do in Bangkok!

Come early to beat some of the crowds and to beat the heat with so many
people wandering around the stalls the market does get very hot and
uncomfortable, and you dont want this to ruin your visit. If youre okay with the
crowds stay for the day and enjoy some great food from the multitude of food

4. Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House is one of the top Bangkok attractions offering insight
into the life of owner Jim Thompson as well as a look at some of Thailands
traditional architecture, beautiful silk and art. Even if you dont know who Jim
Thompson was, the house museum is interesting, and guided tours are
informative and fun. Outside, the lush gardens are quite the oasis compared to
the busy streets just steps away, and the large fish pond is a great place to sit
and relax after a tour.

Jim Thompson was a renowned American businessman who established a large

and successful Thai silk company. Over the 1950s and 60s he put together this
home with pieces from six different antique Thai houses to create the unique
place you can visit today. The combination of historic Thai architecture with his
own Western influences make this an intriguing place, but maybe more
intriguing is the mystery of what happened to Jim Thompson when he went
missing in the jungles of Malaysia in 1967.

If youre stuck for what to do in Bangkok after your tour, stay and watch silk
being made on the grounds, grab a meal in the on-site restaurant or pick up
some unique souvenirs or gifts in the gift store.

3. Dusit Palace
Dusit Palace wasnt the official residence of King Rama V, but it was his
primary residence. The king had this complex built between 1897 and 1901 as a
place to go to beat the heat of the Grand Palace. This palace complex is really
quite different to the elaborate architecture and ornamentation of the Grand
Palace, but even so, it is still among the top things to do in Bangkok because of
its differences.

The main structure at Dusit Palace is Vimanmek Mansion. The architecture is

more akin to traditional Thai but what sets this building apart is that it is
reputedly the largest golden teakwood house in the world. It is very beautiful
with its sometimes-intricate details, and amazing to think that its walls are built
entirely of wood. The palace grounds are also beautiful and to make the most of
your visit be sure to pick up an audio guide. Other points to mention are that its
best to visit in the morning before the tour buses arrive. You will have to walk
around in bare feet and be appropriately dressed, and finally, if you visit the
Grand Palace before this one you should keep your ticket as it gives you free
entry into the mansion.

2. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

One of the most familiar sites in Thailand, and best known temples in
Bangkok, Wat Arun is actually fully titled Wat Arun Ratchawararam
Ratchawaramahawihan, which is a bit of a mouthful. Its often known by the
simpler title of the Temple of Dawn. Its soaring golden tower is a spectacular
sight at any time of day but is especially impressive when the sun is setting on
the horizon. Wat Arun is situated opposite to the Grand Palace, across the Chao
Phraya River. You can easily catch a boat from Sapphan Taksin boat pier which
will take you to pier 8. From there you can take a shuttle boat to get you across
the river. Theres an array of beautiful architecture to see at Wat Arun, so its a
good idea to allow yourself at least an hour for a visit to this site.

1. The Grand Palace

Its called The Grand Palace but grand doesnt even begin to describe just
how stunning this historic complex of buildings really is. It is among the top
tourist attractions in the whole of Thailand, and has played an important role in
the countrys history, being home to the Kings of Siam since 1782. Although it
isnt the official residence of the present king, King Rama IX, it is still used for
official events such as state functions and royal ceremonies throughout the year.

Of the numerous things to do in Bangkok this is a must-visit attraction for its

architectural and cultural value. Get past the hawkers outside who will try to
lead you away to spend your money elsewhere, then try to forget about the
throng of tourists wandering the palace with you and the inevitable din that
goes with them. If you can put all these negatives aside youll enjoy the
artefacts, beautiful Thai art, and exquisite architecture and decoration
throughout the palace complex.

Arriving by boat is probably the most stylish way to get to this Bangkok
attraction, and youll enjoy great views of the palace from the water as you
approach. Be sure to wear clothes that cover your legs or youll have to rent a
gown to be allowed into various parts of the palace. Also, consider joining one of
the free guided tours as these are the perfect way to see the best bits and to
find out more as you go.