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Jump for Fun Schooling Series

General Information

The goal of this series is to promote a safe, positive atmosphere to introduce/school

green horses and Willow Creek riders to the competition ring. Willow Creek and its volunteers
are dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and welfare of horse/rider combinations in all
competitions. Anyone to be seen as acting in a reckless, unsafe, or abusive manner will be
eliminated and asked to leave by the show committee.


1. Summer Solstice June 2017

2. Summer End August 2017
3. Spooktacular Show October 2017

Proof of current 2017 insurance coverage (OEF membership) is required for all outside
competitors. Riders will not be permitted to ride until the show secretary has seen a copy of

Riders should be attired in light coloured (tan preferred) breeches, a conservatively

coloured golf shirt or show shirt with a dark jacket. Paddock boots with jodhpurs are acceptable
for riders under 12 years of age. Paddock boots with half chaps or tall boots are acceptable for
all riders. Gloves should be dark in colour. Long hair should be tidy and contained. Show Bows
are acceptable for riders under 12 years of age. Protective vests are accepted/encouraged for
younger riders. An approved helmet is mandatory for all riders at all times when mounted on
the horse. For children competitors, helmets MUST have a chin strap. For the last show of the
season (October Show) exceptions to attire may be made to accommodate for colder weather
(Tidy winter jackets, vests, scarves, etc. will be permitted).

Horses should be neatly groomed and presented in clean tack. Saddle pads should be
white in colour and shaped to fit the saddle. Bridles can have a plain cavesson noseband only.
Micklem bridles are not accepted. Hackamores and bitless bridles are not permitted.
Breastplates are allowed, as are standing martingales in over fences classes only. Draw reins,
side reins, and tie downs are not permitted. Fly bonnets and nose nets are permitted. Boots
and bandages are not permitted in the show ring, but may be used in warm up. Conservatively
coloured crops/bats are permitted in both the warm up and show ring. Maximum length is
Lungeing is not permitted on Willow Creek grounds without permission.

We ask that you please leave your dog at home.

Entry Information

Entries are due on Wednesday prior to each show date. Late entries will be
accepted with a $20 late entry fee (On show committee discretion). Payment,
forms and insurance are accepted day of the show.
Ribbons will be awarded from 1st-5th place in each class, with champion and
reserve being awarded for the Hunter/Dressage divisions.
Horses can be ridden by multiple riders so long as they are competing at their
current level.
In hunter classes the emphasis in judging is on the consistency, manners, safety,
and way of going of the horse. In equitation classes the emphasis in judging is on
the position, effectiveness, and horsemanship of the rider.
$15.00 admin fee for each entry.
Riders are permitted to change divisions as the season progresses.

Warm Up Information

Weather permitting, all shows will be run outdoors.

The over fences classes will run first, followed by the flat class in each division.
Children classes will begin at 9:00am followed by Amateur-Adult classes.
Come school the grass ring, it will be open from 10:30AM-12:00PM, for all competitors
in all divisions. Jumps heights can be set as necessary for rider level. Note that the short
stirrup/junior equitation classes will include only minimal jump fill, and will not include
any oxers.
A lunch break will run following the completion of the short stirrup division. During the
break there will be a minor course set up for the adult classes. The afternoon will begin
with the amateur-adult walk-trot.
Riders can choose to do a warm up trip before judged round. This will be a single ride
over the competition course. Riders will need to indicate to the person at in-gate
whether they are doing a schooling trip before entering the ring, otherwise it will be
assumed that your first trip is being judged.
Riders will be allowed three refusals before elimination. Following the third refusal the
jump will be lowered, and the rider may take it as a coach-assisted courtesy jump before
exiting the ring.
Any falls are considered eliminated!! Riders are NOT permitted to re-mount, when safe
they must exit the ring.

Series Awards

To be eligible for yearend awards riders must compete in at least two of the three
shows in the same division on the same horse. Yearend awards are calculated based on the
following table:

Number of Entries

Placing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

1 42 84 126 168 210 252 294 336 378 420 462 504 546 588 630

2 x 70 105 140 175 210 245 280 315 350 385 420 455 490 525

3 x x 84 112 140 168 196 224 252 280 308 336 364 392 420

4 x x x 84 105 126 147 168 189 210 231 252 273 294 315

5 x x x x 70 84 98 112 126 140 154 168 182 196 210

6 x x x x x 42 49 56 63 70 77 84 91 98 105

Classes Offered for yearend awards

1. LEAD LINE CLASS- Open to riders 6 years of age and under. Riders may be asked to
perform at the walk and trot (sitting or posting is optional), and to demonstrate a halt.

2. WALK TROT (beginner) DIVISION- This division is split between children riders (18 and
under) and Amateur-Adult riders (19+). Riders in this division may not cross enter into
other divisions.
3. SHORT-STIRRUP DIVISION - The Short Stirrup Division is intended for riders who have not shown
over a course of fences over 2. Open to children under 12 years old. This Division may consist of
2 over fence classes with a fence height of 18 cross rails to 2 verticals and flat classes to be
shown at a walk, trot and optional canter. Riders in these classes may be asked to do a sitting
trot as well.
Riders will be required to demonstrate a basic course over poles, demonstrating a safe
and balanced jumping position and release of contact over the poles. The equitation
course may include a cross-rail/vertical, a bending line, and/or a halt. Riders
demonstrating equitation on the flat may be asked to perform at the walk, sitting trot,
and posting trot. Additional tasks could include demonstrating jumping position at the
walk or trot and dropping and regaining the stirrups at the halt or walk.

4. HUNTER DIVISION - This division is intended to judge the horse over a set of jumps no
higher than 2. Open to children 12+ years and amateur adult riders. This division is made up of
2 over fences classes and one flat class where the horses will be judged at a walk, trot and
canter. The horse is judged in this division on manners, way of going and their form over the
jumps as well as confirmation.

5. EQUITATION DIVISION - This division consists of 3 classes that are usually over fences with
one flat class. The fence height can be anywhere from 23 to 26. Open to children 12+ years and
amateur adults. Can show on a horse or pony in this division. The rider will be judged on how
well they perform in the classes over fences and on the flat. The rider is judged on their hands,
seat, leg and the ability to control their horse over a set course with the ability to make their
ride look flawless.

** Each show will have special classes offered: Hack division, Intro to
jumpers/3 bar challenge and beginner/novice dressage tests.