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(213) 509-6008 yuchenlu@usc.edu yuchenluo.weebly.com


Northwestern University Evanston, IL and San Francisco, CA

Master of Science, Integrated Marketing Communications Dec 2016
GPA 3.96/4.00

University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration | Sports Media Studies May 2014
GPA 3.76/4.00 (Magna Cum Laude)


Airbnb San Francisco, CA

Marketing Analyst, Intern Sep 2016-Dec 2016

Cleaned and aggregated 2016 Facebook ads data in Python and generated hypotheses with descriptive analysis
Built log-transformed linear regression in R to predict FB comment volume at least 2 weeks before ad launch
Automated the predictive model in Excel, which is used by marketing and CX teams for CX planning purpose
Provided data-backed recommendations to minimize the impact of negative FB ad comments on brand perception

UnitedHealth Group Salt Lake City, UT

Data Analyst, Intern Jun 2016-Aug 2016

Cleaned and aggregated 85K sales records and merged with survey results on multiple keys using SQL and SAS
Built logistic regression, decision tree and random forest in R to identify key drivers of win rate in different markets
Provided market-specific recommendations that can integrate into a robust and measurable win-loss program

Spiegel Research Center Evanston, IL

Data Analyst Jan 2016-Jun 2016

Conducted customer segmentation based on engagement behaviors in SAS for a top cable company
Built Markov chain model in SAS to understand customer migration between segments and churn rate
Identified key indicators of customer churn and cord-cutting with logistic regression and decision tree in R
Redefined value measurement for each segment with lifetime value analysis and unveiled hidden opportunities
Provided strategic recommendations that have a combined financial impact of over $200M increase in LTV

Tiny Rebellion Santa Monica, CA

Media Analyst Jul 2014-Jun 2015

Explored target audience insights by analyzing and visualizing GfK MRI data in Excel
Performed competitive analysis with Kantar data to generate client industry media spending insights
Monitored campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook and built dashboards for reporting and optimization
Conducted A/B tests and analyzed key metrics with data from Omniture and other vendors to optimize campaigns

Anschutz Entertainment Group Los Angeles, CA

Product Marketing Analyst, Intern Sep 2013-Dec 2013

Performed quality control of ticket sales data, correcting 3,700 entries with 0% error rate
Conducted competitive analysis on comparable entertainment brands marketing strategies
Defined the target audience for the ticketing product and generated email subscriber list using internal tools
Consolidated Omniture and Moz Analytics data to analyze and improve SEO and social media marketing


Analytics: R, Python, SQL, SAS, SPSS, Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Omniture, Kantar, Gfk MRI
Language: Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese, Conversational German