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Premier Production Fabricators


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Office No. 409, Al Fahim Building, Block M04, Mussafah, PO Box 29482, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Our Ref. No. : 7 2, , 3, ,4
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Kind Attention: ;<=
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7C@+ Regarding quotation of D7CEE?F B I

Thanks for your kind enquiry for the quotation of above reference= We are pleased to submit our
favorable and least quotation.


Supply of certified Welder on rental basis to work in Mukhaizna.

Qualification: 6G & 3G 30.000
Process: SMAW & GTAW Per day
HSE : Third party certified HSE and H2S courses
Supply of electric Welding Machine (440v) suitable for GTAW and SMAW 20.000
process including welding electrodes quiver and Grinder Machine 4.5. Per day
Supply of consumables such as SMAW welding electrodes, GTAW filler wires, 15.000
Grinding wheel, cutting wheel and Argon Gas. Per day
Mobilization & demobilization of welder, machineries and consumables from 300.000
Muscat Mukhaizna Muscat. Per Call off

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Premier Production Fabricators

89 : 9 9
Our Ref. No. : 7 2, , 3, ,4

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1. Working hours calculated per day is 09 Hours.

2. Calculation of employee daily rate shall start as soon as he arrives to the site.
3. Mobilization and demobilization shall be considered as working day.
4. Normal Working days: Saturday to Thursday & Friday holiday.
5. Normal calculation shall be based on daily rate per person regardless to the number of hours the
employee worked.
6. During Ramadan, working hours shall be calculated as 6 hours per day, more than 6 hours shall be
charged as over time.
7. Working during Public Holidays as announced by Government shall be charged flat double rate.
8. Normal overtime rate shall be calculated as 150% rate per hour.
9. Any extra working hour more than normal working hour shall be charged as overtime.
10. Rates shall remain same till the end of contract.
11. Basic PPE shall be provided by PROFAB to meet HSE compliance.
12. Above quote is inclusive of workmans compensation & Life insurance of employees.
13. Food, accommodation and transportation facilities at site shall be under your scope.
14. Welder shall be provided with HSE & H2S certified course prior arrival at site.
15. Payment terms: Against submission of monthly invoice based on certified time sheet.
16. Above rate includes employees Salary, Visa, Ticket, insurance & other overheads.
17. Mobilization & Demobilization: 03 days prior notice from call off date.
18. Accommodation, Food & transportation of crew at site shall be under your scope.
19. Diesel required (if any) for equipments shall be provided by you.
20. Any breakdown at site due to safety reason or due to any other issue (except breakdown of
equipment) shall be charged.
21. Final invoice based on number of days services are rendered.
22. Crew shall work under your supervision.

Trust this meets with your approval.

Md. Abdul Jaweed

BI I)A)I IB*C ( AB1 '@IA '( BI< 8=8=H=
(Project Engineer, GSM # 99711852)

Email: jaweed@profaboman.com

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