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Issue 8
September 2002

Intentionally left blank

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 29

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Editorial ................................................................................ 2
My regular rant R. E. B. Tongue

Letters to the Editor .......................................................... 2

Issue 8
The readers' comments.
September 2002

Getting Started ................................................................... 3

Part eight of our popular series for OD&D beginners. R. E. B. Tongue

Starting a D&D campaign - in 1973 ................................ 5

A look at a D&D Campaign that might have been Scott Gasper

The Perils of Lakeside ........................................................ 6

An OD&D Adventure for 3-5 adventurers of levels 4-6. Geoff Gander Richard Tongue

The Cleric ............................................................................ 12 Layout

Latest in our series looking at the basic character classes. R. E. B. Tongue Jesse Walker

D&D Supplement One: Greyhawk ................................ 12 Contributors

A review of one of the books that started it all. Scott Gasper Richard Tongue
Scott Gasper
Compendium of Characters .......................................... 13 Geoff Gander
Derrick Landwehr
One of our old regulars returns! R. E. B. Tongue
Dirk Collins
James John Gregoire
Magical Spells and the Flame of Life ........................ 14
The start of a new series on new forms of magic. Derrick Landwehr Cover Art
Jesse Walker
Tomb of the Mage ............................................................. 16
An OD&D Adventure for 2-4 adventurers of levels 2-3. R. E. B. Tongue Interior Art
Dirk Collins
The Amazon Warrior ........................................................ 20 Jesse Walker
A new character class, featuring ferocious female fighters! Dirk Collins
Street of a Thousand Adventures ................................ 22 www.tongue.fsnet.co.uk
Sample the brew at Shevediks House of Elixirs. R. E. B. Tongue

Al-Xaim ................................................................................ 24
An OD&D Adventure for 3-5 PC's of levels 4-8. James John Gregoire

Dungeons and Dragons is owned by Wizards of the Coast and its use here is not intended as a challenge to their owner-ship of that copyright.
All materials are used here without their permission.

All other material copyright R.E.B. Tongue unless credited to another author.

Well, last issue we mostly featured 'rules' articles. This issue, we swing to another extreme, with no less than three adventures
in this issue. Mine them for ideas, or run them straight. And please, please, let us know your experiences. What brand of havoc
did your group create during one of the adventures published in OD&DITIES? Of course, we still have a few rules features. The
Amazons make their appearance to OD&D, and we provide rules for Armour Damage. Our two standard columns remain: Street of
a Thousand Adventures and 'Getting Started'. In addition, we have two new columns one old friend, Compendium of Characters,
returns after a four-issue absence, and something new what should be the first in a series of articles on new forms of magic. As
always, we welcome your input on the contents of this issue, and we always welcome new submissions. Send everything into me
at: Methuslah@tongue.fsnet.co.uk
So, what is going on in the wider world of OD&D? Well, I am very pleased to announce that the 'Guild of OD&D' is going better
than could have been hoped, with thirty-eight members at the time of writing. This makes it the most successful OD&D mailing list
ever, certainly since OD&D ceased being published. Come and join in our debates! All details are on the homepage.
When OD&DITIES began, two years ago (has it really been that long?) there were hardly any sites with OD&D information on
the Internet. Discussions on online mailing lists were extremely limited, and the only webzine dealing with OD&D was closing
down. Now, two years on, things are changing we have an extremely active mailing list, this webzine, and a growing number of
OD&D sites out there. As a community, we are getting healthier by the week. We still need to continue to promote OD&D. Make it
your personal mission to introduce new people to the game. Find a copy of the Basic Set, and give it to your little brother or your
children for their birthday, or for Christmas. Whenever you start a new campaign, try and recruit one new person. Let us continue
to improve the demographic! (Well, it's not much of a 'battle chant', but better than nothing!)
Another project that I want to begin is to greatly expand the links page for OD&DITIES, to include every site with information
on OD&D, and every online shop selling OD&D books. So, if you have or know of a site with any OD&D information, please send
me the link! I will be updating the links page to include all of these sites at the start of November. I think it is vital to have some
sort of 'central clearing house', where people can come to find OD&D sites. Something of the sort already exists for Mystara, and
something specific for OD&D can only be an asset.
We've done well with letters this issue, but we always have room for more! Give your opinions of OD&D; tell us some funny
stories from your campaigns; give us your input on OD&DITIES. Anything at all is welcome, we all love to read these letters, so
keep them coming! Well, see you next issue, in December! In the meantime, may you continue to make your saving throw!


Richard Tongue, Editor

mercenary and a knight of virtue do not

Letters to the Editor need different statistics in order to make

them distinct, it should the way they are
played that makes them so.
As usual, we present a collection of the letters we have received over the last
few months, related to OD&DITIES Seven. Keep those letters coming in, as usual
to Methuslah@tongue.fsnet.co.uk! Richard,
My name is Erin D. Smale, and I
wanted to drop a note to you so that I could
Greetings! thinking about trying to submit an article for cover a few items that have been on my
the next issue (#8) if you're still accepting mind since initially finding OD&DITIES.
This is just a quick note of appreciation
them... First off, I've played OD&D since the red,
for your fine e-zine OD&DITIES. While I do
mostly AD&D 1E, I'm trying to get my group Thanks again, Erol Otis boxed set was given to me as a
to give OD&D a try again (most are Mike Stewart Christmas gift in the early '80s. Since
old-schoolers like myself). The biggest playing Basic D&D, moving to Expert D&D,
resistance I seem to get is not so much We certainly accept submissions at any etc., I've played Advanced D&D in both 1st
due to AD&D's system but the perception time, and are always grateful to receive and 2nd edition incarnations, as well as an
that OD&D doesn't give the choices that them. I am extremely glad that you find abundance of other FRPGs Earthdawn,
AD&D does. This is, in my opinion an OD&DITIES useful we try and make it Stormbringer, MERP, and many others. But
erroneous perception and OD&DITIES is relevant, with information that any player I've always returned to OD&D. By way of
helping a great deal to change that. The can use, and it seems we are succeeding. explanation, I could blithely attribute such
various expanded classes are a great help, In my view, although OD&D does not have loyalty to nostalgia after all, OD&D was
and the adventures and settings are the rules to allow for so many choices, my first RPG, and for a wide-eyed
magnificent! Put simply, your zine is far such choices should not be about the rules neophyte like me, the possibilities offered
more useful to me than Dragon magazine! anyway, but about the personality and were wondrous and without end.
Thanks again for your efforts, and I'm background of a character. A bitter Continued on page 23

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 2

Getting Started

the Underocean, the vast expanse of water

underneath the earth.
Lower Expert: The Chaos Cult will be
moving against the players more strongly
now. Early on, the PC's will deal with the
infestation in the Sinkhole, and eliminate it.
The necromancer escapes to a secret lair,
is going on, and what will the PC's need to and by the end of this section, the PC's will
R. E. B. Tongue do to prevent it. At this stage, all you are find and eliminate him and the secret
doing is determining the main plot line. lizard 'advisors' present with him, leading
Later on, once you actually begin the the PC's to know that there is more going
This issue, we are going to deal with campaign, you will add in the one-shots as on. Also, they will go all around the
the final phase of initial campaign appropriate, and most of the new campaign Province on various adventures, and also
development: tying in adventure hooks to threads will be added later also. More on beyond, probably to the city of Feldspar.
your campaign world. This is perhaps the this later. For now, here is the basic plot
Higher Expert: The PC's will have
most important factor, as without line.
learned that the flooding is due at the next
adventures, there is little point in creating "The Lizard Men, an emerging
lunar eclipse, in a few months time. Initial
any campaign world. These can be of any civilization, seek to expand their territory by
forays into the swamp will prove ineffective
form, from 'one-shot' adventures, to flooding a vast area. This is made possible
there are too many lizard men. They will
massive epic campaigns, or minor by the existence of a vast ocean, half a
have to find out what they can about their
subplots. mile underneath the ground, which they
enemy, which means explorations into the
You need to work out first just what sort hope to tap. They are being aided by a
wilderness. Then, they will raise an army
of campaign you want. Do you want an secret Chaotic Cult of Death worshippers,
and overwhelm Tenochtitlan but too late.
epic campaign, with every week revealing led by a necromancer. The PC's must
There will be a dramatic chase down the
more of the plot, or a series of one-shot prevent the release of the Underocean, to
pyramid, into its dungeons, and then
adventures? Do you want to confine your save the land from submergence."
across the Underocean, as they race to
players to a narrow area, or a wider This plot has a good deal of mystery
stop the Lizard priests from completing
environment? The options are almost behind it, and obviously has a lot of work
their task. At this stage, almost all of their
infinite but for a beginning player, there is still to do. It must be stressed again that, at
adventures will be concerned with stopping
one structure that perhaps allows the most this point, all you are doing is beginning the
the Lizard Men.
room for manoeuvre. campaign. As you progress, then you will
Now, your plot has been divided into
This is to have an overarching plot line add more to the adventure. All you want to
three convenient pieces. Of course, more
that occasionally makes itself known to the begin with is a rough guide to the whole
subdivision is possible. If using all five
players, founded on a series of one-shot storyline, and the first few adventures
boxed sets, you might wish to simply use
adventures. A good rule of thumb would be prepared. It is actually valuable not to go
those for division. If only using the Basic
that one in every four adventures, on into too much detail on later adventures.
set, it might be better to divide into three
average, should advance the main plotline. You will want to mould them to the abilities
story elements instead: introduction (Level
It will also be possible to have short strings of the PC's, and the personalities of the
1), preparation (Level 2), conclusion (Level
of other adventures, tailored to other goals players do they prefer solving puzzles, or
3). Don't write off campaigns using only the
unrelated, or only loosely connected, to the fighting Dragons?
Basic Set. If you only have limited time, say
main plot line. As before, we will return to The next good step is to divide the plot
once a week during a school holiday, or
the Province of Tauron to provide the into stages. OD&D provides natural points
every day for a long weekend, it can be an
examples of such a campaign structure. at which this can be done, so we will use
excellent change of pace. If you have a
When planning the campaign, one of these. Basic (Levels 1-3), Lower Expert
very long running campaign, use all five
the first things you should do is to look at (Levels 4-9), and Higher Expert (Levels
boxed sets but be prepared to be running
the most interesting features of your 10-14). At each stage, the PC's abilities will
the same campaign for at least three or
setting. There are three obvious ones in change, their range of action will increase,
four years. This is certainly not
the Province of Tauron the Sinkhole and the will have more resources under
recommended for the beginner. Remember
(Dwarven Mine), the Dark Mire (Swamp), their command. Why, by Level 10 they
that you will make mistakes we all do,
and Tenochtitlan (Step Pyramid). Two of could be ruling the Province of Tauron!
especially the first time. You will want to
these are dungeons; one of these is an Once you have determined these stages,
learn from them and move on to greater
area. You will want to work these into your look back at that original paragraph, and
things, and a series of shorter campaigns
campaign as often as you can. expand upon it. Write a paragraph for each
makes this easier.
The next thing is to work out just how of these stages, like so:
Enough negativity! Now, what do you
far you want to take the campaign. A great Basic: The Basic boxed set is best for need to begin the campaign? Put aside
deal will depend on this factor. For this dungeon adventures anyway, so we will your notes on Lower and Higher Expert for
instance, we will say that we wish to work with that. The PC's will be exploring the moment, and concentrate on Basic. As
proceed to Level 14, the limit of the Expert the maze of catacombs underneath the a good rule of thumb, you should always
box set. You might wish to set it as low as populated levels of the Sinkhole, following have the first stage of the campaign
Level 3 if you only have access to the tales of ancient civilizations and hidden planned out fairly well before you begin the
Basic set, or all the way to Immortality if treasure. On the surface, the Chaos Cult campaign. Do not ignore your notes for the
you have that option. will be monitoring their activities, and will later sections though. It is always a good
Next, you need to determine the overall be beginning to take steps against them. At idea to foreshadow events that are to take
goal of the campaign. In a paragraph, what the end of this phase, the PC's will reach 

place later on in the campaign. Perhaps

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 3

Getting Started

the PC's can meet a small group of lizard size, that they should contain some empty Cult can attempt to assassinate them,
men snooping around in the lower levels, rooms, and that they should have some especially later in the campaign. Early in
for example. logical basis to them. Don't put a Blue the campaign, the village can be invaded
To plan, you will have to work out what Dragon in a 10 x 10 room. A good idea is by Goblins from a lower level, with the PC's
you need. Basically, you will need the to make sure a chamber is at least twice as helping to fight them off in fact this could
thirteen levels of the Sinkhole. The first, big as the creature inhabiting it. When be what sends them exploring in the first
remember, is inhabited, and resembles a running the campaign, try to encourage the place! The idea should be to make life in
large village. So, include chambers for a PC's to return to the higher level fairly the village as interesting as life in the
tavern, general store, guardhouse, some often, to restock. However, also put in dungeon depths, but not unrealistically so.
sort of habitation for the PC's, a well some 'safe areas' where they can rest. For Always remember that the Sinkhole will
(possibly, for later reference, feeding from example, include a party of Dwarven likely be the home base for the PC's for a
the Underocean), blacksmiths, and all the miners on Level 4, or a protected holy long time. The campaign will work better if
other vital features that make a village tick. temple on Level 9. You should also try and the PC's connect with its inhabitants. Try
You will also need to create a collection of provide for some continuity to the dungeon. and work some of your major NPCs into
interesting NPCs, which showcase the Make the layout logical although there is the plot in a more direct way. Early on,
campaign. Remember, the village is a not need to go overboard, ask yourself have one or two travel with the PC's
Dwarf/human mix, so include examples of questions such as 'What do the Goblins serving as mentors, and to help them when
both races, as well as a few more unusual eat?', and place Rat Pens, or Mushroom you have, for example, set a riddle which
ones (look at the Compendium of Farms appropriately. Smart players may has turned out more misleading than you
Characters from this issue for examples). A think to use this as another form of warfare expected.
later issue will go into more detail on encourage such behaviour. Well, that's it for this issue, I'm afraid.
creating a fully rounded village, but at this There will, of course, be more to the As a bonus, though, we include an OD&D
point, include the above facilities as a good early campaign that simply throwing PC's style hex map of the Province of Tauron
basis. into the dungeons. They will also spend with this issue hopefully you will find it
Now design the lower levels. An considerable time on the first level of the useful. Next time, we look at creating
excellent guide to creating dungeons is Sinkhole, and this can be where some of sub-plots and one-off adventures for a
given in the Basic Set, so we will not their most interesting adventures can take campaign setting, and adapting those from
rehash old territory. I will say, however, that place. Have them framed for a murder, and other areas. May your sword still swing
all the levels should be about the same forced to prove their innocence. The Chaos true, until then! 

Map of the Province of Tauron





Rocky hills




Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 4

Starting a D&D Campaign - in 1973

Starting a D D
campaign - in 1973
Scott Gasper

This is the first in what will Lastly, the Dungeons & Dragons between hemispheres easily. Besides, the
rules WERE being used in 1973, campaign would seem more original if
hopefully be a series of "beta-tested" in Gary Gygax's Greyhawk changes were made to Zelazny's
short articles examining campaign. The basics rules of D&D level premise. Thus, our DM changes the details
the history of D&D by advancement, the original three character so that technology works on the whole
classes (cleric, fighter, magic-user), and world during the day, and magic works at
constructing a fictional the Jack Vance-swiped spell system had night. Here now is an unusual setting
campaign setting that existed since 1972. (2) The D&D rules where warfare is fought with gunpowder by
(hypothetically) started in were being play day, while magic spells are used by spies
tested elsewhere too, for Gygax had mailed and saboteurs at night.
1973, and tracing its out about 75 copies of the rules to other Little alteration would need to be made
progress through the years. gamers he knew, and many photocopied to the D&D rules (one could argue that
manuscripts were soon in circulation. (3) magic-users would need strengthening to
The simulation of such a Any one of those copies could have offset their limited spell-casting time, but
campaign will, hopefully, fallen into our hypothetical DM's hands. that is a subject for another day). The
illuminate the development Many players came and went in Gygax's Chainmail rules could easily be
campaign, including such recognizable incorporated to cover the use of gun-
of D&D, as well as figures in the industry as Len Lakofka and powder weapons by day. Little world detail
introduce a new campaign James Ward. It is certainly conceivable needed to be worked out before play
setting developed "from that one could have wormed their way into began like Blackmoor and Greyhawk, we
an invitation to Gygax's game table long will assume the Shadoworld campaign
the ground up." enough to get a good look at the D&D rules started out with the exploration of a
from the source itself! dungeon. The campaign would gradually
Starting a D&D campaign in 1973 What would a 1973 campaign have spread out from there, of course, but that is
certainly wouldn't be easy, since no books been like? Let's assume that, like Arneson the subject of future speculation...
with the name Dungeons & Dragons had and Gygax, our fictional DM would base his
been published yet at that time. But it campaign on recent fantasy literature. Notes
wouldn't be impossible. There were There was little precedent outside of
several resources a potential DM of the literature, after all, to model a fantasy/ 1. As mentioned by Dave Arneson in
time could have used. The most obvious medieval campaign on at that time. Lin The First Fantasy Campaign
resource would be the original Chainmail Carter was still reaming out swords & supplement, published by Judges
rules, which had been available since sorcery anthologies at that time. Watership World c.1980.
1969. Down was still a huge hit. (4) Robert 2. Confirmed via email with Gary
Using the fantasy supplement (added Zelazny had just introduced Jack of Shad- Gygax in 2001.
to Chainmail in 1972), one could have ows in 1971 a book that later made it
created wargaming scenarios somewhat onto the AD&D inspirational reading list. (5) 3. From Gary Gygax's opening article
close to what D&D would become. Dave Jack of Shadow's world on which in The Story of TSR (Renton, WA.:
Arneson had been running his Blackmoor magic works on one hemisphere and Wizards of the Coast, 1999).
campaign since 1971, and the rules he was technology works on the other is 4. Leading to the publication of the
using were closer to what D&D became tempting, and has even been adapted into game Bunnies & Burrows in 1976.
than Chainmail. By 1973, there were D&D-compatible scenarios before. (6) The 5. Found at the back of the Dungeon
multiple Blackmoor campaigns being run in world's cosmology has certain Masters Guide, c.1979.
Minnesota. (1) A copy of Arneson's home complications for level-based campaigning,
rules could have been obtained from any however, in that low-level PCs are unlikely 6. Mayfair Games' Wizards
one of them. to have the resources or abilities to travel supplement, c 1983. 

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 5

The Peril of Lakeside

An OD&D Adventure for 3-5 adventurers of levels 4-6
Geoff Gander
other almost as often as they fought the A distraught merchant could approach
This adventure was first written in Darokinian armies that marched steadily the PCs (if they are known to be
1990 for the Mystara campaign northwards. One such group was a large adventurers) and plead for their help in
setting (under the title of Journey to band of raiders who terrorised the eastern locating their son or daughter, who
Razak's Rock), and takes place on shore of Lake Amsorak, and based went missing shortly after heading to
Razak's Rock, an otherwise themselves out of Razak's Rock. For years Lakeside to sell some goods. In this
unprepossessing island in Darokin's they looted and burned the villages and case, a substantial reward might be
Lake Amsorak. This revised version towns along the shoreline, amassing offered, but the DM should decide
largely preserves the original text of themselves a substantial cache of treasure. whether or not the missing youth is still
the module, but adds some The raiders' good fortune did not go alive, and whether the PCs could reach
background (including the village of unnoticed, and before long a young black him or her in time.
Lakeside) to make it easier for DMs to dragon attacked their lair, named
While travelling through the country-
insert it into their campaigns, and to Kralthragg, who sought to amass a large
make the adventure more than a amount of treasure with a minimum amount side, the PCs could be accosted by a
simple dungeon crawl. of effort. In this he succeeded, and so the group of bandits, some of whom
raiders were wiped out. The dragon seem- manage to escape. Provided the PCs
ed content with his find, and so remained try to follow them, they could be led to
The encounters in this adventure have dormant for decades. Lakeside.
been structured such that they will be More recently, a group of bandits Whatever method is used, the PCs
challenging for a party of 3-5 adventurers moved into the area, and, seeking a conv- should make their way to Lakeside as soon
of levels 4-6, or a total party level of 20. enient location from which to launch raids, as possible. The village can be reached by
settled on Razak's Rock. They soon a number of ways the two best ones are
encountered the dragon, who, in exchange by boat (a couple of hours from Akorros) or
Dungeon Masters for sparing them, offered his protection for by travelling along the northern trail out of
a majority share of any loot obtained during the city (four to six hours).
Background any raids. The bandits assented, and now
they operate out of the island with relative
For most people who live around
Darokin's Lake Amsorak, Razak's Rock, impunity. Once again, a shadow is cast
A village in distress
like neighbouring Greenleaf Island, is an over the lands surrounding Lake Amsorak. In less unsettled times, Lakeside was a
uninhabited island, home only to a handful quiet fishing village of just over 120 people,
of sea birds, and therefore not worth roughly 20 miles north of Akorros. Some of
visiting for any reason. Fishermen for ages
Starting the Adventure the villagers went to Akorros occasionally
have used the two islands as markers to The PCs should be somewhere along to sell their catches, while others sailed
help them gauge their location in the lake the eastern shore of Lake Amsorak, such further north to Bronsdale to trade. Most
once they lose sight of the shoreline, and as in the city of Akorros (which this Lakesiders, however, stayed in their
more recently to warn them that they are adventure assumes to be the starting village, rarely venturing farther than ten
drawing near the dreaded Itheldown Island, location), when they begin this adventure, miles from their homes. For as long as
which lies to the west of the two smaller although DMs are free to move it to any most people there could remember, the
islands. Few people sail near Razak's region of their campaign world where there greatest danger in the region was the odd
Rock, fewer still ever set foot on it, and so is a large lake, or a small sea, containing a orc or goblin that wandered down from the
the small island has remained for as long few islands. Regardless, there are a Silver Sierra Mountains, not far to the
as people can remember a place on a number of adventure hooks that can be north.
map, and nothing more. used to bring the PCs into the adventure. The bandit raid changed all that.
As with many things, the true story of Some suggestions are below: Sweeping without warning out of the north,
Razak's Rock is far greater than what the the bandits rode in on horseback, setting
They could overhear talk of banditry in
coastal villagers could ever imagine. fire to homes and cutting down anyone who
Decades ago, before the rise of the current the region surrounding the village of stood in their way. The villagers mustered
republic and the relative stability that it Lakeside, which has done great harm what resistance they could, but only a
created, the borderlands of Darokin were a to the locals. couple of bandits were killed, and the
far more chaotic place than they are now. At the Adventurer's Guild in Akorros, remainder left only when they had taken as
Orcs, goblins, brigands, and other the PCs could see a recently posted much loot as they could carry. Just as
unsavoury individuals plagued the notice, on behalf of the villagers of suddenly as they arrived, the bandits
north-western frontier, fighting with each Lakeside, asking for help in dealing departed, but they had wreaked enough 

with bandits.

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 6

The Peril of Lakeside

havoc that no organised pursuit could be heavy through the sand. A successful
 North of the village there is a large
Tracking check will reveal that roughly ten
stone head jutting out of the ground,
This is the situation that presents itself facing westwards. No one knows who people were pushing a small, beached
to the PCs when they arrive: built it. barge into the lake.
The other interesting feature in this
After a relatively short journey, you  Years ago, a crazy adventurer tried to area is located near the westernmost hill.
arrive at what must be the village of establish a dominion on Razak's Rock; There is a large, weathered stone statue,
Lakeside, but clearly, something ill has no one has heard from him since then. half-buried in the sand. If the PCs search
befallen it. Almost half of the buildings the statue, they will find nothing of interest,
here are burnt ruins, while most others
 A lesser merchant family in Akorros although if they dig in the sand, they will
hired the bandits, in order to prevent
show signs of having been attacked. Lakeside's famous fishermen from find that much of the statue has been
Even some of the docks have been set cutting into their profits (F). buried. The monument itself depicts a
afire. kingly, bearded figure, wearing a crown of
The people here seem to have fared  Long ago, the people living around Lake laurels. This statue is actually a relic of an
little better. A few lost souls wander Amsorak were subjected to periodic ancient city-state that existed here over a
amidst the still faintly smoking ruins, raiding by bandits, but those troubles thousand years previously; most of the
while a line of freshly dug graves ended for some unknown reason. The ruins are now underwater, roughly 100 feet
stretches along the tree line at the recent raid might mean the return of the into the lake. The DM may determine
eastern edge of the village. You do not old troubles once more. whether or not the ruins can be explored
have much time to take in what you see, afterwards, and whether there are
before an older man, his right arm
 Fishermen over the years have reported
treasures hidden there. Once the PCs
strange noises coming from Razak's
bandaged, approaches you. Rock, much like a great beast roaring. know that the bandits cast off from this
location, it should be pretty clear that they
At this point the current headman of the  Late at night, lights can occasionally be either went to Greenleaf Island or Razak's
village, Hamish (the old one died during the seen on Razak's Rock. Rock.
raid), calls to the PCs, and asks what their
If the PCs indicate that they will offer to
business in Lakeside happens to be. The
way the PCs answer will determine what
hunt down the bandits who raided Lake-
side, the villagers will be extremely grateful,
Journeying to the
sort of reception they get if they come
across as haughty or uncaring, the
and will try to aid them as best they can in Island
the way of providing supplies as well as a
villagers will provide them with enough The PCs should have no trouble
guide who knows the surrounding lands,
hospitality as local customs demand, but securing a boat, if they inform the villagers
should that be requested. In addition, on of
little more. The villagers might even try to that the bandits have headed offshore.
the younger men of Lakeside, an eager
run hostile PCs out of Lakeside, since by Some of the villagers will even be willing to
16-year old named Cavan, will offer to join
this time they feel they have little left to crew it, should the PCs request it, though
the PCs while they are in the area. Cavan
lose. If the PCs are polite, show concern they will only fight in self-defence if
is a competent sailor and fisherman, and
for what has happened, or try to help, attacked by any bandits or monsters (treat
he knows how to use his old short sword
Hamish and the other Lakesiders will not the villagers as being 1st-level fighters,
(he found it in the woods a couple of years
be so wary of the newcomers. Efforts to with combat statistics similar to Cavan's).
ago). His combat statistics are as follows:
help clear debris, retrieve lost items from Cavan, if asked, will also accompany the
the ruins, and tend to the injured will be Cavan: AC 8 (DEX bonus); HD 1; hp 5; PCs, as he is still eager to exact revenge.
much appreciated (the PCs will always be MV 120' (40'); # Att 1; Dmg 1d6+1 (short The largest vessel that the villagers can
welcome in Lakeside afterwards). In any sword + STR bonus); SV F1; ML 10; AL N. provide the PCs is a small sailing ship
case, Hamish will offer friendly PCs a place Cavan is wearing regular clothing and is (actually Lakeside's largest fishing boat,
to stay at his house (his is the largest home armed with a slightly rusted short sword. which normally goes far from shore),
in the village) during their time in Lakeside. He has nothing of value on his person. crewed by five men. The journey to the
There is not all that much to do in islands can be as eventful as the DM
Eventually, the PCs should figure out
Lakeside, a normally quiet fishing village. wishes.
that something strange is happening on
The PCs may hunt in the nearby forests if It should not be long before the ship
Lake Amsorak, either on Razak's Rock or
they wish, go fishing, or help the villagers reaches the islands, and it should be
Greenleaf Island. Also, they will learn from
rebuild. Talking with any of the locals in the readily apparent, should the PCs go to
the villagers that the bandits fled to the
process will reveal the following information Greenleaf Island first, that it is uninhabited.
north once they had finished their looting.
(roll 1d8 once for each PC asking quest- Should the PCs look towards Razak's
If one of the PCs makes a Tracking
ions or interacting with the locals it is Rock, however, they will notice a faint
check (provided they have the skill
possible for different PCs to hear the same plume of smoke rising from it. This is a
otherwise, Cavan can find the tracks, they
rumour, and false rumours are denoted remnant of a great cooking fire lit by the
will be able to locate the bandits' trail, and
with an F): bandits, who have feasted on some of the
follow it north of the village. Within a couple
of hours (the DM may roll for wilderness food they looted from Lakeside. The PCs
 The area around Lakeside is quite
encounters if he or she wishes), the PCs should then realise that their true
peaceful; there has been no trouble with
will arrive at a location on the shore of Lake destination is Razak's Rock.
humanoids or raiders in many years.
Amsorak, just south of a line of low, Depending on the strength of the party,
 Old tales say that Greenleaf Island was shrub-covered hills. It will be apparent to the DM may wish to dispense with
once the secret refuge of a pirate who everyone present that a large number of encounters on the island itself, and allow
terrorised Lake Amsorak (F). people were here, dragging something the PCs to discover the entrance to the

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 7

The Peril of Lakeside

Riding Horses (7): AC 7; HD 2: hp 12

each; MV 240' (80'); # Att 2; Dmg 1d4/1d4;
SV F1; ML 7; AL N; XP 20 each.
The horses are skittish around strang-
ers, and if the PCs approach them, a mora-
le check should be rolled. If the roll fails,
the horses will rear up and neigh, drawing
the attention of any bandits on patrol.

The Bandit Lair

The bandits are based in a natural cave
system in the tallest hill of Razak's Rock.
Since they feel secure in their island
location, and they believe Kralthragg the
dragon (see area 11) will protect them if
necessary, the bandits have not felt the
need to conceal their lair. Indeed, several
piles of garbage are heaped outside the
entry cavern (1).

1. Main Entry Cavern

A rank odour of filth and decay assails

your nostrils as you approach the
entrance to this cave. The immediate
area is faintly lit by sunlight coming from
the entrance to the west. Half hidden
behind two tall, spindly stalagmites is a
narrow tunnel heading deeper into the
hill, to the southeast.

There is nothing of interest here. The

bandits' lair. If he or she feels the PCs prevent the message from being delivered, smell comes partly from the garbage
would be up to the added challenge, the their enemies will be waiting for them. outside, but also from the rock fall (7).
DM may place a couple of bandit patrols on If the PCs are not sighted, they will
Razak's Rock. These foes are encountered have a 1 in 3 chance each turn of running 2. Fork
in addition to those in the lair itself; going into a patrol this should be treated as a
this route means that the PCs will regular random encounter, except that, if The natural tunnel you have entered
encounter more enemies and receive the battle goes against the bandits, one of continues for a short way to the south-
more treasure and experience points them will try to flee and warn the others in east, until it splits. Before you are three
overall. If this is done, the typical bandit the lair, as above. In either case, the crew paths east, southeast, and southwest.
patrol has combat statistics as follows: from Lakeside will remain on the ship; only You note that the eastern branch is
Cavan is willing to go with the PCs, if he is considerably wider than the other two.
Bandits (4): AC 6 (DEX bonus); HD 3; hp there. Once the DM feels that the PCs The odour of decay that you smelled at
15,11,9,10; MV 120' (40'); # Att 1; Dmg have encountered enough patrols (one or the entrance is noticeably stronger here.
1d6+2 (skilled in short sword) or 1d6 two would be reasonable), the PCs should
(crossbow); SV T3; ML 10; AL C; XP 35 discover the entrance to the bandits' lair. It The smell of garbage is gone; the od-
each. In addition to their weapons and 20 is rather hard to miss, being a large cave our, of mouldering bones and flesh, comes
crossbow bolts, each bandit wears leather entrance (in fact, the only one on the from (7), to the east. If the PCs have made
armour and carries 2d4 gp and 2d6 sp. island) in the tallest hill. any loud noises around the cave entrance
Once the PCs are close enough to A quick search of the island will also or in (1), the bandits in (3) will have doused
Razak's Rock to see it clearly, any patrols reveal the bandits' boat, a custom-built their fire and be lying in wait to ambush
on the island have a 50% chance per hour sailing barge, beached not far from the them should they enter that room. If the
of noticing the boat. If they notice the PCs, entrance to the bandits' lair. The barge PCs have avoided detection thus far, inclu-
they will try to anticipate where they will measures roughly 30 feet long and ten feet de the following in the room description:
land, and take up positions where they can wide, and is capable of carrying up to 60,
fire a few volleys of crossbow bolts at them. 000 cn. In the middle of the island are the From the south-western tunnel come the
If this does not force the PCs to retreat, bandits' horses, seven in number, tethered sounds of muted conversation, as well
they will continue to shoot, while one of to the ground and eating grass heaped in as the faint glow of a fire.
them runs to the lair to inform the others opened crates. Piled under a staked tarp
an act taking two turns. If the PCs do not nearby are the horses' saddles and bridles. A search of this area will reveal scraps
manage to overcome the bandits and The horses' statistics are as follows: of leather and bone (remnants of some
long-dead adventurer who challenged

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 8

The Peril of Lakeside

the raiders who once owned the island), as If the PCs manage to enter the room (3) for more than three rounds, he will rush
well as four tarnished silver pieces. without alerting the bandits, read the down the stairs to help his companions,
following description instead: using his crossbow to shoot at the
3. Secret Hideout intruders, and drawing his short sword if
The foul odour that permeates this necessary. If any PCs make it to this room
If the PCs alerted the bandits to their
cavern is gone now, but has been while the bandit is still here, he shoots the
presence, read the following room
replaced by the smell of cheap liquor. In closest intruder, and then draws his sword
this cramped, round chamber are the next round to fight to the death. The
several pallets nestled amongst the bandit's statistics are as follows:
The foul odour that permeates this cave-
stalagmites, some of which are occupied
rn is gone now, but has been replaced Bandit (1): AC 6 (DEX bonus); HD 3; hp
by sleeping figures. In the middle of the
by the smell of cheap liquor. You've 14; MV 120' (40'); # Att 1; Dmg 1d6+2
chamber is a small fire, which provides
stumbled on a lair of some sort, as there (skilled in short sword) or 1d6 (crossbow);
flickering illumination. A couple of
are several pallets lying around this SV T3; ML 10; AL C; XP 35. In addition to
figures are seated around the fire,
room. You don't have time to take too his weapons, the bandit is wearing leather
engaged in quiet conversation. On the
much more in, however; the occupants armour and carries 6 gp and 19 sp.
other side of the room is a narrow
seem intent on having a word with you
tunnel, leading to what appears to be a There is nothing else of value in this
set of stairs leading upwards. room.
Four bandits and their leader, a rogue
elf named Melindyl, occupy this room.
The DM should roll for surprise. If the 5. River Room
Melindyl will immediately order his
bandits are surprised, the PCs will have
henchmen to attack the intruders, while he
one free round to act before the bandits The rank odour that seems to fill this
uses his magic missile and web spells to
and Melindyl can get their bearings. The cavern is absent here. A small
kill or otherwise incapacitate any PCs who
bandits will not be interested in speaking to underground stream runs through this
are obviously fighters during the first
the PCs (should they try talking to the roughly oval-shaped chamber, flowing
couple of rounds, after which he will
ruffians), and Melindyl will gaze contemp- northeast to southwest.
engage in melee combat. If things start to
tuously at the intruders, and order his men
go badly for the bandits, or if he loses more
to attack. Play out the battle as above. The stream is knee-deep, and is not
than 50% of his hit points, Melindyl will use
Regardless of whether or not the fast flowing, and its water is drinkable. If
his amulet of teleportation to escape to his
room's ccupants are surprised, if Melindyl the PCs enter the stream, they can follow it
private, invisible boat, moored on the far
manages to teleport away, the remaining to its source (8) or to its destination (6),
side of the island, and sail away. His
bandits' morale will fall to 7. If the PCs are although the tunnel carved out by the
Spellbook is located on the boat; it
victorious, they may interrogate any stream is not very high (four feet high at
contains all of his memorised spells, plus
surviving bandits, but the only useful most). If any of the PCs has the Tracking
read magic and sleep. The statistics for
information they will get from them is the skill, a successful check will reveal several
Melindyl and his bandits are as follows:
general layout of the cave system, and the sets of footprints leading to the stream
Bandits (4): AC 6 (DEX bonus); HD 3; hp fact that a dragon lives in (11) and has an (these were made by Melindyl and his
15,12,18,11; MV 120' (40'); # Att 1; Dmg understanding with the bandits. bandits as they hauled their loot to the dra-
1d6+2 (skilled in short sword); SV T3; ML Melindyl will try to teleport away if corn- gon's lair). There is nothing of value here.
10; AL C; XP 35 each. In addition to their ered. If the PCs manage to capture him, he
weapons, each bandit wears leather will reveal little more than the bandits, but 6. Waterfall Chamber
armour and carries 8 gp and 12 sp. will try to gain their trust by promising to
reveal the dragon's weaknesses (he will The stream ends in this relatively large,
Melindyl: AC 2 (DEX bonus); HD 4*; hp
volunteer this information if necessary). roughly circular chamber, cascading
23; MV 90' (30'); # Att 1; Dmg 1d12
This is all a ploy to draw the PCs into the over a ten foot high ledge and then
(skilled in normal sword) or by spell; SV
dragon's lair (11), and then to teleport away flowing for another 15 feet or so until it
E4; ML 10; AL C; XP 125. Melindyl is
if possible, leaving them to face falls once more into a pit. To the
wearing a suit of chain mail +2 and
Kralthragg's wrath. Aside from what immediate left of the ledge, a ramp has
carries his sword, and an amulet of Melindyl and the bandits are carrying, there been carved into the rock wall, allowing
teleportation (one charge left it works in is nothing of value in this room. you to make your way to the cave floor.
a manner identical to the magic-user
Aside from a few stalagmites, there does
spell of the same name). His belt pouch
4. Lookout Post not appear to be anything here.
contains 20 pp.
A long natural staircase winds its way
Melindyl has the following spells There is nothing of value here. A
up through the rocks to this tiny chamber,
memorised: successful Tracking skill will reveal several
measuring less than ten feet wide. Natural
pairs of footprints leading down the ramp
1st level: magic missile, light enters this chamber by way of a
(which was carved into the rock by the
protection from good. narrow crack in one of the walls.
bandits to make it easier to carry their loot),
2nd level: invisibility, web. This room serves as an observation
but the trail vanishes on the cave floor (the
post, from which one of the bandits can
If the fighting persists for more than bandits managed to destroy most of the
watch the area outside the cave without
three rounds, the bandit in (4) will run down tracks in this room). If the PCs search the
being seen. The bandit signals his
the stairs to aid his companions, firing with room, a successful find secret doors roll
companions the moment he sees or hears
his crossbow until a PC gets too close, will uncover a slightly discoloured patch of
anything strange. There is always one
after which he will draw his short sword and rock which, if pressed, will reveal a secret
bandit posted here, but if there is fighting in
fight. door leading to (9), marked with an s 

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 9

The Peril of Lakeside

on the map. The pit leads straight down for The spring is the source of the stream Razak's Rock. It used to be accessible
roughly 400', before opening into a larger which runs through (5) and (6). There is from the outside via a wide, 50-foot long
cavern containing an underground, nothing of value here. tunnel, which is now blocked by boulders
monster-infested lake, from which rivers piled by the dragon (he clears a small path
lead into tunnels and caverns unknown to 9. Secret Tunnel through them whenever he wishes to go
surface dwellers. The DM should outside). When Kralthragg arrived here
discourage PCs from entering the pit. This long winding tunnel winds its way roughly 100 years ago, he slaughtered the
eastwards, although there is a set of men who lived here, and took their loot,
7. Rock Fall stairs carved into the rock leading and lair, for himself. He has been content
upwards and to the north. to use the bandits living here now as an
The noxious odour is stronger than ever easy way of amassing treasure, and in
here; it is almost enough to make you Dwarves, or PCs with a Mining or exchange for his protection he pretty
feel ill. It appears that there has been a Caving skill, will notice that this tunnel was much leaves them alone. Being a selfish
cave-in several tons of rock block carved out of the rock. A dwarf will also creature, he cares nothing about the
further passage to the east. know it was done long ago; anyone else welfare of the bandits, and if they expend
must make a successful skill check to learn themselves in fighting the PCs, so much
Should the PCs wish to clear a path that. There is nothing of value here, the better; he will not aid any surviving
through the debris (which will lead them to although at the DM's discretion each PC bandits.
(8), it will take them 24 turns (4 hours) to has a 1 in 6 chance of smelling a faint Kralthragg, upon meeting the PCs, will
do so. There is nothing of value buried in sulphurous scent, coming from the other not attack them immediately, as he is
the debris. If they choose to do this, the end of the tunnel (11). curious about them. He will be content to
bandits in (3), if they have not yet been engage them in idle conversation for up to
encountered, will hear the noise and come 10. Alcove six turns, after which he will tire of their
to investigate after two turns. After six turns company, and seek to kill them for their
(one hour) of continuous excavation, read A small, natural cave, measuring roughly treasure. If the PCs ask him about the
the following: 15' on a side, lies at the top of a stone history of the area, Kralthragg will give
staircase. In the southeast corner of this them the information found in the DM's
As you continue to clear a path through chamber there is a six-foot wide hole in background, and tell them about the fate of
the debris, a sudden noise, like the floor. Through it, you can see a large the raiders who once lived here.
something sharp scraping against stone, cavern about 20' below, the floor of whi- Kralthragg's combat statistics are as
catches your attention. Within seconds, ch seems to be littered with skeletons. follows:
you hear more such noises elsewhere in
Kralthragg, small black dragon: AC 2;
the rock pile, seeming to come from all The ancient raiders carved the
HD 7**; hp 56; MV 90' (30'); #Att 3; Dmg
aro- und you! Very close by, a skeletal staircase to access this chamber, to allow
2d10 (bite) or 1d4+1/1d4+1 (2 claws) or
hand punches out of the rubble, followed a guard to watch over what was then the
by spell; SV F7; ML 8; AL C; XP 1,650.
by a skeletal warrior, clothed in entry chamber (11), which lay below the
Instead of a clawing attack, Kralthragg
mouldering scraps of leather armour and hole (a natural formation). There is nothing
may opt to kick or lash out with his tail, in
wielding a rusted axe. The reek of death of value here.
which case the damage is still 1d4+1, but
wafts strongly about you, as more of the
the victim must save vs. Paralysis or be
dead warriors claw their way out of their 11. Dragon's Lair knocked over (the penalty to the saving
throw is the same as the damage
The air in this large cavern reeks of inflicted), and if this happens he or she
The skeletons were raiders who lived in sulphur and other, less savoury, odours. loses initiative during the next round.
these caves decades ago, before the You find yourselves at the western end Kralthragg may also cast the following
arrival of Kralthragg. They were killed in a of a round chamber, measuring spells:
rock fall not long before the dragon's approximately 60 feet on a side, and 20
arrival, and have lain here ever since. The feet high. In the stalactite-laden ceiling 1st level: magic missile x 2, charm,
PCs' digging awakened them, and now of this cave, you see a man-sized dark protection from good.
they will not rest until they or the PCs are hole, while along the eastern wall there In terms of tactics, the dragon will cast
dead. Their statistics are below: is what appears to be a large pile of magic missile at the strongest-looking PC,
Skeletons (12): AC 7; HD 1; hp 7 each; boulders. Scattered in blackened heaps and then bite and claw once. During
MV 60' (20'); #Att 1; Dmg 1d6 (hand axe or about the floor are mouldering skeletons subsequent rounds, roll 1d6. On a roll of
short sword); SV F1; ML 12; AL C; XP 10 no doubt of the previous occupants of 1-3, Kralthragg will breathe, on a 4-6, he
each. The skeletons have nothing of value. this portion of the cave system. Your will claw and bite.
attention, however, is drawn to the If the battle goes badly against
sparkling mound of treasure, heaped in Kralthragg (i.e., he loses 50% or more of
8. Natural Spring
the north-eastern corner of this room, as his hit points), he may be open to
well as the large, black scaled, winged negotiation, should the PCs make the offer
This roughly circular room measures
lizard who stands in your way. In a deep roll for a monster reaction against the PC
about 20' across. In the centre lies a
rumbling voice, it says in Thyatian, Ah, making the offer, at a 2 penalty. If the
small pool of water, fed by a spring that
more visitors to my domain. State your result is non-hostile, Kralthragg will be
also spouts a fine mist into the air. From
business. receptive to the PC's overtures; otherwise
the pool, a shallow stream meanders its
way southwards into a natural tunnel he will fight to the death. Kralthragg, being
This chamber was once the main meet- an intelligent, selfish creature, wishes to
roughly five feet high.
ing hall of the raiders who ruled

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 10

The Peril of Lakeside

preserve his life at all costs, and would be PCs may join this expedition if they wish; alive during the adventure (provided he
willing to surrender his treasure to the PCs their knowledge of the island will be helpful went along with them), and an additional 1
in exchange for a guarantee that they will at the very least. That endeavour should XP for every gold piece worth of treasure
let him leave unmolested. If the PCs agree prove to be successful. they donate to the villagers, to help them
to this, he will demand they lower their Finally, when assigning experience rebuild. They should also receive the XP
weapons to allow him to leave, after which point rewards, award each PC a bonus of reward for defeating Kralthragg if they
(assuming they are willing to trust the 100 XP if they managed to keep Cavan offered to spare his life, and he accepted.
dragon) he will clear away the pile of bould-
ers, and dash down the large tunnel behind
it. Once outside, he will take wing and fly
away, although
he will bear a of Nithian presence in the area, long
grudge against ago. The mysterious stone head and the
the PCs, and ruins, for example, might be Nithian in
could very well
become a re-
curring villain in
Further origin perhaps the remnant of a small
fort and trading post, or a failed colony.
the campaign.
In either
case, if the PCs
Adventures ... Regardless of the connection, there may
be enough clues in the area for the PCs
to have a reason to explore the
surrounding hills and forests, and
have defeated perhaps Lake Amsorak, in more detail.
Kralthragg, the
treasure is theirs Melindyl: Melindyl's plans for personal
Kralthragg's hoard contains the following There are a number of opportunities
for the PCs to have further adventures in greatness will suffer a severe setback as
treasure: 1,800 gp, 2,500 ep, 8,500 sp,
the area around Lakeside. Some of a result of the PCs' actions, but being an
9,000 cp. There is also an alabaster
these are presented below: elf, he has a long time to recoup his
statuette of a woman, armed with a shield
losses. If he escapes the battle, he will
and spear, dressed in a crested helmet and
Humanoids: Although there have been sail away, invisibly, to another hideout,
odd-looking armour, weighing 60 cn and
no humanoid troubles for many years, and plan his next move. He could
worth 600 gp. The statuette is, in fact, of a
this was in part due to the presence of become an implacable foe of the PCs,
woman dressed in Nithian armour,
the bandits, and, more importantly, the following them covertly, and seeking
although no sage will be able to identify the
dragon (whose existence was known to ways to eliminate them. DMs may also
item's origin or significance, due to the
many humanoid tribes in the region). wish to come up with a reason why
Immortal banning of any knowledge of that
When word spreads of the defeat of the Melindyl is a rogue elf he may have
forgotten kingdom.
bandits and the dragon, some tribal committed a great crime against his
leaders may become bold, and begin clan, and escaped justice. If this is so,
Concluding the attacking outlying villages and there may be a reward for the PCs if they
track him down, and bring him back
Adventure home to receive punishment.
Provided the PCs succeed, they will The Stone Head: The PCs found some
have eliminated the bandit threat in this visual evidence of ancient inhabitants in Kralthragg: If he survived his encounter
region of Darokin once and for all, and they this part of Darokin. No one in Lakeside with the PCs, Kralthragg will establish a
will have obtained a fair amount of knows who built the statue it has been new lair somewhere else, but he will not
treasure. The people of Lakeside will treat there as long as anyone can remember forget his defeat. Dragons are known for
the PCs as heroes, throwing a feast in their but a sage might be able to provide a their long memories, and Kralthragg
honour, as well as other celebrations useful clue. This could lead to the could very well make himself known,
lasting a couple of days. Hamish also tells discovery of relics from a lost civilisation, years later, when the PCs least expect it.
them gladly that they will always be perhaps in the ruins located just off-
welcome in the village, and may stay as shore. The PCs may discover a secret Mercantile Interests: Perhaps the rum-
long as they wish. If Cavan accompanied entrance to some catacombs beneath ours are true after all a minor merchant
the PCs, and survived, he will be hailed as the ruins, which may contain air pockets, house did provide some form of support
a hero as well, although his experiences in and various sorts of odd inhabitants. to the bandits to secure a fishing
the bandit lair have convinced him that the Such an adventure would likely focus monopoly in this part of Lake Amsorak.
adventuring life might not be for him he is heavily on exploration, solving puzzles, If this is true, then that family will not be
a rather young lad, after all. If he died, and uncovering lost lore. happy to learn about the PCs' success.
Cavan will be revered as a fallen warrior of They may decide to take matters into
the village. The Statuette: Although the PCs will their own hands, and teach the PCs not
If the PCs were not completely have a tough task ahead of them if they to interfere in matters that do not
successful, the villagers will still thank them wish to identify the statuette in concern them. This could take the form
profusely for all their help, and help tend Kralthragg's treasure hoard, the DM may of attempted assassinations, framing the
any wounded party members. Word will wish to throw in a few hints and PCs for crimes they did not commit, and
then be sent to Akorros, and an army mysteries that could point to some form any other shady means of forcing to PCs
detachment will set out for Razak's Rock a to leave the area, or just killing them. 

few days later to clear out the lair the

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 11

The Cleric

year. A short paragraph will serve to outline

all of these facts. You should work with the

The Cler
c Dm closely in preparing this information, for
you are essentially adding a new element
to the game world.
Another important piece of information
is opposition to your faith. At one extreme,
you serve a monotheistic deity. At the
other, your faith is an underground cult,
whatever extent you wish. You can always hunted at every turn (this could serve as an
R. E. B. Tongue use a religion that already exists in the interesting campaign). What form does the
campaign world from one of the opposition take? This is critical, not only for
Gazetteers, or the Judges Guild yourself but for the DM. It will serve to add
Well, this issue we are really taking things supplement 'Unknown Gods', for example. many interesting twists to the campaign.
easy. The Cleric is perhaps the easiest Even these will probably need some Finally, for you own use, you must
character class to individualize, even additional detailing. There is always the detail, at least in outline, some of the
though the archetypes are perhaps not option of creating a new religion from beliefs of your faith. Does it have an after-
quite as common in fantasy literature as scratch. life? What are its views on other religions,
with the other major character classes. You There are a number of details that must on birth, death, marriage, and the creation
still have characters like Friar Tuck, or be worked out. What is the organization of of the world? You can take this as far as
Brother Cadfael, or numerous references your religion? Does it have monasteries in you wish it should help to flesh out your
from the East. the wilderness, cathedrals and churches in character's personality.
The first step that you must take when cities and towns, or just the occasional Of course, religion is not all there is to a
building the character of a Cleric is to work shrine scattered around. How large is your cleric. His background and personality
out what type of character you want. Will religion is it the dominant faith of the must also be determined. Was he born a
you be a young monk, a warrior-priest, or a game world, or just a small sect in a single peasant, or a noble, or something in
crusading zealot? Your background details village or town? It is at the height of its between? Does he totally believe in his
will need to be tailored to suit. The most power, or in a state of decline? Does it religion, or is he just playing lip service? All
important background detail is, of course, have a long history, reaching back to the
your religion. This can be detailed to Dawn of Man, or was it only created last Continued on page 23

D D Supplement 1: Greyhawk
DMs were expected to invent their own
Scott Casper hodgepodge campaign setting based on
mythology (Norse, Finnish, etc.) and
popular fiction (Burroughs, Howard,
Hot on the heels of the world-changing One may wonder, then, what value the
release of the Dungeons & Dragons game Greyhawk Supplement has for today's
in 1974 was the publication of its first gamers, or those sages who study the
supplement in 1975. (The copy actually World of Greyhawk setting (and tend to
reviewed is a 12th printing, from 1z979.) Its gravitate to the Greytalk list). Today's
subtitle, Greyhawk, is only tenuously gamers will most likely be woefully
connected to the campaign setting of the disappointed. Almost every scrap of
same name. The Foreword ends with "find information in the supplement would later
out what the devious minds behind find its way into the AD&D Monster Manual
'Greyhawk Castle' have been dreaming up of 1977, the AD&D Players Handbook of
for the amusement of the participants of 1978, and the AD&D Dungeon Master's
that campaigning..." (p. 3). That will be the Guide of 1979. Much of this has, in turn,
only obvious reference in the whole text to been adapted to every edition of Dungeons
the original Greyhawk campaign, though & Dragons published since. The only
this is hardly unusual for a D&D product glaring exception is The Underworld &
from the 1970's. TSR's pre-1980 Wilderness Adventures section (which is,
publications included no campaign source combinations -- some of which have never
itself, an addition to the Tricks and Traps been used in another source.
material aside from the Empire of the Petal section of the original Underworld &
Throne boxed set, and the main body of For those interested in studying the
Wilderness Adventures booklet). There are
TSR publications seemed to indicate that 52 suggestions for traps and monster Continued on page 19

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 12

Compendium of Characters

The Sea Dragon Thanks to Dirk Collins for contributing this image of The Sea Dragon

are 50 gold per week, and he keeps most
of his treasure buried in a cave, hidden
somewhere in the mountains.

Sironne, 5th Level Lawful Centaur

of Characters Str: 17, Int: 10, Wis: 7, Dex: 14, Con: 18,
Cha: 12, HP: 45, AC: 3, THAC0: 14,
Saving Throws: As Fighter 5

Sironne is the last survivor of his tribe,

a tribe wiped out by a band of dwarven
R. E. B. Tongue renegades. He was lame at the time, and
could only watch from a hill as his people
were killed. He has sworn revenge on all
Hello! This issue brings the return of an Akkarakk is an outlaw from his tribe. He Dwarves, and seeks them out wherever he
old series, the Compendium of Characters. ran away during a battle with an Elven can. He cannot be persuaded to stop his
Each issue this section will detail NPC's outpost, and as punishment was expelled. vendetta. Elves and Halflings he treats with
that can be dropped directly into your In revenge, he offered his services to a respect, Humans he will acknowledge. He
campaign, either as part of a plan, or at a gang of human brigands who would collect adheres to a strict moral code, which he
moment's notice if required. This issue, two a long-posted reward for driving off will never break, a code of honour and
unusual characters: a goblin scout, and a Akkarakk's tribe. Since then, he has made discipline. For years, he has sought other
centaur renegade. Skills are not given, and a good living by guiding small parties of Centaurs, but has never found any they
languages should be provided to suit your troops and adventures across the wilder- are rare in this region. He may be
campaign. As for equipment, only the ness, taking advantage of his excellent encountered carrying out his quest, or just
signature equipment is given, that which knowledge. He never ventures into civilized in the wilderness. He never enters any
the NPC is most likely to use. They may areas, fearing that he would be killed. settlements, even to fulfil his quest. It is
well have more but that is for the DM to Generally, his services are only purchased unlikely he will join a group of PC's, unless
decide, as needed. These characters have by the lawless, but he is ambivalent to the they are like-minded; it is more likely that
been generated using 'Orcs of Thar', and morals of his employers, as long as their he will serve as a foe to the PC's,
'Tall Tales of the Wee Folk', but other coin is good. Often, he will lead brigands to especially if there are dwarves in the party.
information about the races can be found a 'safe haven' in a forest, then lead a group He wears leather barding and armour, and
in the Basic or Expert rulebooks. of bounty hunters to follow them. He is an carries five lances, (one a Lance +1,
abject coward, especially afraid of Elves though he is unaware of this), and a Short
Akkarakk, 4th Level Neutral Goblin and their sorcery, and will refuse to enter Sword. What little treasure he has he
Str: 7, Int: 12, Wis: 13, Dex: 17, Con: 9, any combat unless his life is threatened. keeps in a saddlebag by his side, along
Cha: 7, HP: 27, AC: 5, THAC0: 15, He typically wears leather armour, and with three Potions of Healing. 

Saving Throws: As Fighter 4. wields a Short Sword +1. His typical fees

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 13

Magical Spells & the Flame of Life

Magical Spells the

Derrick A. Landwehr

housands of years ago, an ancient these people. Some researchers tell stories

civilization of magic-users who wor- of them retreating to a world of eternal sun,
shipped flame and life prospered. and therefore endless life where every man
However, some time ago an unknown and woman is immortal. If these tales are
calamity befell upon these magical true, no one has ever lived to speak of it or
peoples. Throughout the ages, the secrets returned to share in the Flame of Life.
of their powerful magic have only been What follows is a brief list of some
known by a few who have discovered and spells that the ancients of the Flame of Life

researched the arts of the Flame of Life. possessed and used regularly. Realize that
Not much remains of the ancients who the spells listed below have the potential of
worked their spells. From time to time, a being very powerful and are therefore
rumour is overheard or a document is extremely rare. Not every M-U running
uncovered, telling the tales of peoples who around in the world is going to have access
worshipped flame like it was a living, to these spells or have ever even heard of
breathing immortal. What is certain is that them! These stories and spells were
these nameless users of magic believed designed to spur the DMs (and players!)

that inside every being was a Flame of Life. imagination and make for epic quests.
It was this mythical flame that drove their A few additional spells and artefacts
people to create and destroy, much as true have been recovered over the ages from
fires can do. the people of the Flame of Life, but those
Generation after generation move on tales are for a different time
and the secrets are passed to Sons and

Daughters of the Flame. The few people
who posses this knowledge now guard it
jealously and with the zeal of an obsessed
cult. One thing is for sure to the Sons and
Flame Light
Daughters of the Flame, fire is life and 1st Level Magical Spell
without life there is no magic. This may be Range: 0 (Magic-user's open palm)

the reason that a little bit of the Flame of
Duration: Permanent, or until caster
Life is consumed each time a practitioner
closes his hand.
of this magic casts an incantation.
Effect: Creates a globe of light with a
Some researchers strive to discover
20-foot diameter.
more of the magic and wisdom of these
lost peoples, however not much else is This spell creates a flame in the centre
known to exist. From time to time ruins are of the magic-user's palm. The flame is
unearthed but usually provide little roughly as bright as a common torch. This
information as to the history or magic of magical flame does not harm the magic 

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 14

Magical Spells & the Flame of Life

-user in any way, his clothes cannot catch This spell creates a magical barrier of instantly transfers up to 5 of the caster's hit
fire and his skin will not burn from this flickering, flame that completely points directly to the recipient. The amount
spell. The magic-user is also not blinded by surrounds the spell caster (about 1 foot of hit points that are transferred is chosen
the light created. The Flame Light spell has away). While the duration lasts, the barrier solely by the magic-user himself. The
all the common attributes of a standard moves with the spell caster. The heat of transferred hit points are considered
torch; when immersed in water the flame the flame has no effect on the caster magical healing and will not raise the
will go out, strong winds will make the whatsoever. The Shield of Flame improves recipient above their total maximum hit
flame flicker and possibly disappear. The the AC of the castor by 1 against missile points. The transferred hit points are
magical flame may ignite other combustible weapons and by 4 against all melee immediately lowered from the caster's total,
materials however, such as clothing and attacks. Anybody making a melee attack or however not permanently. Every time that
oils not on the spell- caster's person. When touching the caster while the spell is in the magic-user casts this spell his life force
cast, the Flame Light spell temporarily effect suffers 1d4 points of damage for is temporarily drained of 4 hit points. The
drains the caster of 1 hit point. The spell every 4 levels of experience, up to a loss of hit points used when casting this
lasts for 3 turns (30 minutes). At the end of maximum of 5d4 damage (20th level). spell is temporary and can be healed by
the spell's duration, the magic-user can Alternatively, for the duration of this spell any means, magical or otherwise. This
expend a further 1 hit point to continue the the caster only takes 1-quarter damage cost to cast the spell is in addition to the
spells effects for another 3 turns. The exp- from normal fires (rounded down) and transferred hit point total. For example, if
enditure of this further hit point does not gains a +2 bonus on all saving throws the magic-user wanted to transfer 5 hit
mean the caster has to cast another spell, against magical fire (dragon's breath, points to a hurt comrade, he would lower
the additional hit point is considered the fireball, etc.). Every time that the his hit points by 9 (5 for the transfer and 4
cost to maintain the spell's effects. The magic-user casts this spell his life force is for the cost of casting the spell).
magic-user can continue to expend hit temporarily drained of 2 hit points. The loss Alternatively, by means of this spell, the
points to continue the spells effects or sim- of hit points used when casting this spell is magic-user can transfer 1 hit point
ply close his palm to end the spell until it is temporary and can be healed by any permanently to any dead human, elf, dwarf
cast again. If at any time the magic-user means, magical or otherwise. or halfling. The loss of the 1 hit point is
closes his palm for any reason (voluntarily permanent to the caster and does not
or otherwise) the Flame Light spell will end. guarantee success. Also the recipient of
The loss of hit points used when casting Flame Burst the spell must not have been dead for
this spell is temporary and can be healed 3rd Level Magical Spell more then 2 hours. Beyond this time limit,
by any means, magical or otherwise. the magic-user has no hope of restoring
Range: 15-foot by 15-foot area in front of the deceased. When the spell is cast in
caster. this manner, the magic-user loses 4 hit
Finger of Flame Duration: Instantaneous points for the cost of the spell plus one
1st Level Magical Spell Effect: Creates a torrent of flame in front of more hit point permanently! If the recipient
magic-user. was a human magic-user, then there is a
Range: Up to 20 feet. 50% chance that the spell will be
This spell creates a torrent of flame that
Duration: Instantaneous successful. If the recipient was anything
leaps from the caster's hands and affects
Effect: A bolt of flame up to 20 feet long other then a magic-user, the chance of
an area of 15 foot by 15-foot square
jumps from the caster's hand. success is reduced to 30%. If the casting
directly in front of the magic user. All
This spell creates a bolt of flame that creatures within the area of effect immed- of the spell is successful, the recipient is
shoots out from the caster's open palm. iately take 5d4 points of damage. Each restored to 1 hit point and loses a point of
The flame lasts for only a mere second, but victim in the area of effect is entitled to a constitution permanently. (Note: The
extends out from the caster's hand up to 20 saving throw versus spells, but with a 1 recipient of the successful spell does NOT
feet (but never less then 3 feet). The caster modifier; if successful the spell will only do permanently gain the hit point donated by
can choose to strike any one opponent or half damage (rounded down). Every time the caster! That hit point is burned up in
object within the spell's range. The that the magic-user casts this spell his life the casting of the spell itself. It simply
opponent may make a save versus Death force is temporarily drained of 3 hit points. raises the recipient to 1 hit point.) However
Ray or be struck for 1d8+1 points of The loss of hit points used when casting he cannot fight, cast spells, use abilities,
damage. If the save is successful, the this spell is temporary and can be healed carry heavy loads or move at better then
intended target suffers NO damage what- by any means, magical or non-magical. half speed. These penalties will disappear
soever he has dodged the blast! Every after two full weeks of bed rest. Further
time the magic-user casts this spell, his life magical healing will restore lost hit points to
force is temporarily drained of 1 hit point. Flicker of Life's Flame the recipient accordingly, but the penalties
will not be reduced until the whole
The loss of this hit point can be healed by 4th Level Magical Spell two-week rest period has elapsed.If the
any means, magical or non-magical.
Range: 0 (Touch). casting of the Flicker of Life spell was
Duration: Permanent unsuccessful then this magic-user may not
Shield of Flame Effect: The magic-user transfers some of attempt to cast this spell on the same
his life force to another. recipient again. Casting of this spell will not
2nd Level Magical Spell restore lost limbs or improve bodily scarr-
Range: 0 (Self; magic-user only) This spell when cast produces a small ing. This spell will also not be successful if
cool, blue flame of pure life force in the the body is badly dismembered (head
Duration: 1 turn
palm of the caster. The magic-user aside, being severed for example), or has been
Effect: Creates a magical barrier of flame
the next person the blue flame touches destroyed (reduced to ashes, etc.)
around magic-user. 

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 15

The Tomb of the Mage

The Tomb of the Mage

An OD&D Adventure for 2-4 Players of Levels 2-3
R.E.B. Tongue
Dead, that will allow them to talk with the This room is exactly as it seems an
Players' Introduction dead Charrel Fane. entry room. It is kept in this state of decay
This is the first of a two-part adventure deliberately by the Orcs to discourage
You have long heard whispered (the second, the Tower of the Mage, will intruders, believing that if the Tomb already
stories of the legendary Magic-User appear in Issue 9 of OD&DITIES), and it is looks ransacked, they might go away.
Charrel Fane. Long ago, it is highly recommended that you use both Anyone checking for recent activity should
rumoured, he saved the County of parts together. Major modifications will be roll a D6 on the roll of a 1 or 2 they will
Cerwyn from an evil invader, giving required to make this adventure notice a trace of footprints on the ground,
his own life in the process. His stand-alone. heading from the hold to the door. The DM
faithful retainer, Unitante, had a small This adventure is set in the County of should modify this roll if the PC's have
tomb constructed on the Plains, in Cerwyn, part of the Pelinore campaign been milling about beforehand, as these
the side of a low hill, where his body world. If, as is highly likely, you are playing footprints can easily be destroyed. The
in a different world, then a few minor Door is not locked, but is securely shut,
could rest for eternity. Unitante died
adjustments will be required to the Introd- and must be forced open. (No dice roll
in poverty, although he spent many
uction. (Replace County of Cerwyn with necessary, but describe the difficulty.)
years searching for his dead master's Grand Duchy of Karameikos, or wherever
home, the Tower of Charrel Fane. you are playing at the moment.) You might Room 2
This is a tale you have long heard, wish to foreshadow the adventure earlier in
in your youth, and again in Taverns the campaign, perhaps with a bard telling This room has a concealed door. PC's
all around the kingdom. Now, the PC's of 'the Legend of Charrel Fane'. who are looking for such things will find it,
however, you might have a chance to but otherwise will only notice on a roll of
solve the mystery. In your last 1-3 on a D6.
treasure haul, you found an ancient General Notes
This room appears to be some sort of
document in a mysterious language. The scale on the dungeon map provid- shrine, to a long dead god. A plinth is in
It took some doing, but you managed ed is five feet per square. This should be the middle of the room, and the image of
to have it translated. It gives enough for the PC's to march down the a tall, well-built man is carved on the
directions to the Tomb of Charrel dungeons in double rank. Make sure you wall. There is no sign of decay in the
Fane. The Tomb, and the Tower, check on marching order before the PC's room, other than a pile of purple rags
could both contain treasures that are enter. Unless otherwise mentioned, the beneath some hangers next to the door.
almost beyond imagination. You have ceiling is six and a half feet high. The tomb The rags fall apart in your hands.
healed from your last adventure, has been well built, and the corridors have
bought your supplies, and are ready stone walls and ceilings, well supported. This room was where Charrel Fane's
to set off to solve a puzzle that bards There is a space for a torch every twenty body was consecrated for his rest. The
have sung of for centuries, and to feet along the wall, but none of them are lit. figure on the wall is actually an image of
write your own name into the The inhabitants of the dungeon do not the god Grismal*, guardian of the
require light, although some of the rooms Underworld. The God was popular in
legend of Charrel Fane.
are lit. If the PC's linger too long in one Cerwyn nearly three centuries ago for a
section, have a patrol from the guardroom while, but is hardly worshipped now. Any
investigate, but remember to deduct the PC attempting to identify him should roll on
DM's Introduction monsters when the PC's enter that room. or under the Intelligence on a D20 to do so,
with a +5 modifier if he is a Cleric. A careful
This adventure was designed using Room 1 examination of the plinth will reveal archaic
only the Basic Rules boxed set. No other
writing carved onto it, in the same
items are required for use. It is You enter the room through a circular language as the original document that led
recommended that the PC's have already hole in the roof, and descend into them here. The purple rags are in fact
reached at least Level 2 on average, pitch-blackness. All around you is dust priest's robes, long since decayed. A PC
possibly Level 3 there are many and decay, although the walls seem investigating them carefully will fin a small
examples of adventures in earlier issues of sound enough. Animal droppings litter pouch, in a similar state of decay, contain-
OD&DITIES to take them that far. It is the floor, and the clutter of you dropping ing 5 Electrum Pieces of unusual design.
important that, in the previous adventure, into the room sends a family of rats
they receive two items: the page of strange scurrying into small holes in the wall.
writing described in the player's Room 3
There is a door in the West Wall.
introduction, and a Scroll of Speak with This room has a clumsily concealed 

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 16

The Tomb of the Mage

door. PC's who are looking for such things away, but they must do it within three
This tiny room has obviously been used
will find it, but otherwise will only notice on rounds or be noticed by one of the fire
as a cell. The smell convinces you of
a roll of 1-4 on a D6. tenders. They could use missile weapons
how little the Orcs regard prisoners, as
to attack the Orcs, but if so there is a 4 in 6
does the skeleton on the floor. The arms
As you enter this room, you surprise a chance that the death screams will awaken
of the skeleton are loosely tied to the
group of four Orcs, crouched on the the others. The two Orcs at the fire have
wall by rope, attached to iron loops.
floor. On the south wall are racks each got short swords; the others are
containing weapons of various types, unarmed. If they awaken, one per PC will
This cell was originally used for storage
and there are two chests against the attack the PC's, while the others run towar-
during construction, and has now been
north wall. Against the east wall are ds Room 3 to arm themselves. The Orcs
adapted. A careful search will reveal two
several sacks, one of which has ripped, have very little that the PC's might want
messages scrawled on the wall. The first,
spilling grain across the floor. each has wooden bowls, bundle of rags for
in Elvish, reads 'Save Me.', and the
clothes, and the like. All told, there is 23
second, in Dwarvish, says 'Kazgrim
The PC should roll for the reactions of CP, 51 SP and 10 GP in the room. A care-
Axecleaver died here. Avenge his death,
the Orcs, with a 4 modifier to the roll. The ful search of the bedding will reveal a small
and tell his family he tried to die with
PC's might be able to placate them if they lump under one of the rags. This is in fact a
wish, but as soon as they leave, two of the gemstone, a small sapphire worth 45 GP.
There is nothing else of value in the
Orcs will run off to alert the rest of the
ORCS (10): AC 6, HD 1, Hp 4, 6, 3, 5, 8, room.
settlement. If attacked, the Orcs will use
5, 6, 4, 7, 4, MV 120', AT 1 Weapon, Dmg
their first round grabbing weapons from the
By Weapon, SV F1, ML 6, AL C, XP 10 Room 7
wall two will take short swords, the other
two hand axes.
They will then move to the attack. Room 5 This room has a central fire; around
which are several fur beds, all
ORCS (4): AC 6, HD 1, Hp 5, 6, 3, 5, MV This room contains six Orcs, who are unoccupied. The fire looks as if it is
120', AT 1 Weapon, Dmg By Weapon, SV sitting at a table playing cards. You about to die down. The walls are
F1, ML 6, AL C, XP 10 notice that each has a weapon on his covered with various Orcish obscenities,
belt. There is a fairly large pile of copper but you can just about make out
Other than the weapons the Orcs were
and silver pieces in the centre of the beautiful pictures on the wall, of
using, the room contains the following
table, and five smaller piles near five of landscapes far away and beautiful. Only
the Orcs the sixth appears to be the barest details still survive, however.
y 3 hand axes
having much more luck, and has a large
y 4 short swords This barracks is empty at the moment
stock. There is a fireplace in the corner
y 1 normal sword the Orcs that usually inhabit it are all out on
that is sputtering away; you can see and
y 1 mace a raiding party on the surface. The PC's will
smell something foul cooking over it.
y 2 spears meet them later. There is nothing of value
Suddenly, one of the unlucky Orcs
y 25 arrows in the room, other than the mundane items,
shouts something out, and they all begin
The bodies of the orcs, if searched, will to attack the sixth Orc. as in Room 4.
reveal 34 CP, 13 SP, and 4 GP in total.
The first Orc has a pair of dice, one of The PC's should realise that this is an JW
which is loaded (to always roll '2'.) The excellent chance to either attack or depart
fourth Orc has a lucky charm, a rabbit's quietly. This is, in fact, the Orc guardroom,
skull. The sacks are all filled with grain. where the warriors of the tribe live. The
The first chest is empty, but the second room has nothing of note other than the
contains 150 GP, a Dagger +1 (discarded Orcs the beast that is being cooked is
by the Orc leader as a weakling's weapon), actually a Giant Weasel, which is just
a wooden box containing three Potions of about edible by humans, if they insist. The
Healing, and a scroll case containing a money on the table amounts to 109 CP
map of the local area. and 58 SP, and the Orcs have no other
money in their pockets. In a small bag
Room 4 under the table are three weeks worth of
Iron Rations, rather stale. The Orcs are all
Entering this room, you see a group of armed with short sword, and all wear
eight Orcs lying asleep on the floor, leather armour.
crude rags covering their bodies. Two
ORCS (6): AC 4, HD 1, Hp 6, 7, 5, 7, 8, 6,
more Orcs are on the other side of the
MV 120', AT 1 Weapon, Dmg By
room, tending to a fire that casts eerie
Weapon, SV F1, ML 6, AL C, XP 20
shadows across the room. With the
crackle of the fire, and the snores of
their comrades, they do not appear to Room 6
have noticed you yet. The door to this room is locked, requir-
ing a Brass Key to open. It can be knocked
This room is one of the two Orc down however, with a roll equal to or under
barracks. PC's have the option of sneaking Strength.

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 17

The Tomb of the Mage

Tomb of the Mage

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES  The Original D&D Fanzine 18

The Tomb of the Mage

Room 8 The Orc Leader's weapons may be

Leaving the Dungeon taken, but the Sword might prove to be
As you approach this door, you are filled The PC's can make their way out in the something of a liability. In the hands of a
with a feeling of goodness that you have same way they came, or they may choose Lawful person, it acts as a Sword 1, in the
not felt anywhere else in this tomb. This to explore new sections of the Tomb. hands of a Neutral person, it acts as a
feeling remains even after you see a Eventually, they will make their way back to Normal Sword with no magic, in the hands
ghastly sight upon the floor, a recently Room 1. Upon their return to the surface, of a Chaotic person, it is a Sword +1. The
dead Orc, his hand outreached. The read the following to the PC's. weapon is not cursed in the usual sense, in
door itself is not like anything else you that a character is not required to use it at
have seen it appears to be solid iron. any point if he does not wish to.
You rub your eyes as you reach the
There is some writing on it, above a The booty that the Orcs were carrying
surface. The sun is bright in the sky, and
handprint of a human. consists of two wild boar on poles, and
your eyes require a few seconds to
some more tangible property: a small
readjust. As your eyes adapt, you make
The writing, in Common, reads 'Only a wooden chest. Inside the chest is a sack
out a group of brutish humanoids
pure hand may open this door.' If a Lawful containing 100 GP, a set of poetry books,
approaching you. You can hear the war
PC that the DM believes acts in a good and a flute. On the top of the chest is an
chants you have stumbled across a
manner places his hand upon the print, the inscription 'Property of Heironomous
group of Orcs, returning to their lair! As
door will open. If a Neutral or Chaotic of Lancealan, Bard.' He lives in the City
they see you, and see where you have
similar manner tries, nothing happens. If a League, and will give the sack of coins to
come from, they begin to charge at you,
PC the DM judges to be evil makes the the PC's as a reward for returning the
dropping the spoils of their hunt onto the
attempt, he suffers 1d6 damage. The text chest, as well as owing them a favour.
ground in their run.
below assumes that the door opens. The (Substitute a nearby city for 'City League' if
door slides back, and you see a stone tomb you are not playing in Pelinore.)
These Orcs are from the barracks in
in front of you, a solid block with a name Room 7, led by the absentee Orc leader.
carved upon it Charrel Fane. The room is The PC's can attempt to run for it, but will Conclusion
otherwise bare, but you can almost feel the be in for a long chase across the plains. If
presence of a powerful force in this room. The PC's now know where to find the
they choose to fight, the Orc leader will Tower of Charrel Fane. They should rest up
This is a cue for a PC to take out the Scroll advance to meet the strongest opponent,
of Speak with Dead and read it out. The from this adventure before setting out on
whilst the other Orcs take on the rest. If the the next, but the Tower adventure has been
scroll allows the PC's to ask the spirit one Orc leader is killed, the others will
question only. The spirit must answer designed to be played directly after this
automatically flee back into the Tomb. adventure, so no major adventure should
truthfully. It is advised that you warn the
PC's in advance of this restriction, but do be inserted. Two points to follow on: Kazg-
ORCS (7): AC 6, HD 1, Hp 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 6,
not allow them to take back any thought- rim Axecleaver lived in a small Dwarven
2, MV 120', AT 1 Weapon, Dmg By
less questions. Charrel Fane's answer to hamlet twenty miles north. The PC's should
Weapon, SV F1, ML 6, AL C, XP 10
the question is as follows: know of the hamlet's existence. If they
ORC LEADER (1): AC 4, HD 2, Hp 10, return to his family and inform them of his
MV 120', AT 1 Weapon, Dmg By fate, give the PC's 100 XP each. Returning
'The Tower in which I spent my life does the chest to Heironomous Lancealan
not reach to the sky, but rather to the Weapon, SV F2, ML 8, AL C, XP 50
should also provide 100 XP.
ground. You may seek it in the Forests The Orc Leader is armed with a Normal Otherwise, as a 'story award', give each
to the West, forty miles from here.' Sword +1, and wears Leather armour. player between 150 500 XP for complet-
Three of the other Orcs have hand axes, ing the dungeon, depending on the quality 

There is nothing of value in the room. the others spears. of their play.

These are major components of the last oddity of note is a single illustration,
D&D Supplement 1: supplement. found on page 30, entitled "The Great
Greyhawk The value of the Greyhawk Supple- Stone Face: Enigma of Greyhawk." Gary
... continued from page 12 ment as an historical document is also in Gygax has confessed to having drawn the
the glimpse it gives of the originally image himself, and relates the tale of the
history of the World of Greyhawk, the intended "modular" nature of the D&D Enigma in Dragon #288 (and other sources
supplement is of greater interest. Much, if rules. Instead of reprinting all the rules earlier). The drawing itself has been
not all, of the material in the supplement each time a new edition was needed, scanned and made available online before
was first playtested in the original supplements would only add to the on fan sites, so the supplement is definitely
Greyhawk campaign, run by Gary Gygax features already present in the core books. not worth purchasing for this lone sketch.
from 1972 to 1975. There are no better This format was discarded in a few years For its historical value, I rate the
sources of information on what game for both AD&D books and even the further Greyhawk Supplement 4 out of 5 stars.
mechanics are "canon" for Greyhawk than editions of D&D. Still, it would be an Sadly, Joe Gamer running a 3E campaign
this supplement. By "canon," I mainly refer interesting mental exercise to think of what will have little or no use for it, dropping its
to spells available, monsters likely to be the 2nd ed. AD&D books might have value to 1 out of 5 stars for general use. 

encountered, and magic items that exist. looked like as supplements to 1st Ed. The

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES The Original D&D Fanzine 19

The Amazon Warrior

Warrior Dirk Collins

The mythical, mysterious, savage, cunning female warriors of clans and tribes make up the bulk of Amazon
warriors. Lone female gladiators, exclusive female fighting orders, and the odd tomboy that bucks local custom
and secretly enlists in some army or guard unit are other examples of Amazon Warriors.

Adventure Religion aggressiveness, agility, and teamwork to

overpower enemies that are superior in
Most amazons are clan or tribe oriented An Amazon may be of any religion. strength or numbers. When alone, and
in nature, and as a rule, shun the company Worship of the sun, moons, stars, the earth overpowered an Amazon will quickly
of men. Others see men as inferior or (paganism), animals, and fertility are surrender or submit, and seek to escape
untrustworthy for good reasons known only common. Amazons occasionally worship thereafter, at any opportunity. It is
to them. In any event, Amazon clans, the Goddess of War, or the Goddess of the rumoured that some clans or tribes keep
female fighting orders, and lone females night as well. Amazon elders and men as slaves for menial labour tasks.
develop unique skills and traits to survive in ancestors are revered. Amazons prefer to
harsh societies, or in the wilderness, and worship female incarnations of deities, and
so the Amazon warrior class came to be. will gravitate towards that preference. Races
Humans make up the vast majority of
Characteristics Background Amazon Warriors. There are some
well-known elven female fighting orders
Amazon warriors are familiar with most From an early age, an Amazon warriors though, and in sylvan societies elven
standard weapons and armour. The clan or from the clans or tribes learn to fight and females often accompany males into battle,
tribe based amazons in primitive society hunt. They develop group hunting and or on the hunt. Dwarves, gnomes, and
most often use leather, and perhaps tracking skills essential to wilderness halflings rarely, if ever, train females for
banded armour, and tend to prefer spears survival as well as primitive culture trade battle, nonetheless, some dwarven,
(both throwing and thrusting), and short and crafting skills. Often they mount gnome, or halfling females either find
bows, because of the relative ease in aggressive and daring raids on Amazon clans, or are rescued. It is not
obtaining materials to craft these weapons neighbouring clans, fiefdoms, or kingdoms, unheard of for these demi-human females
and armour with. Because they are the especially if there exists some to spend time in the clan, and adopt, or
primary defence for other women in their long-standing grudge or disagreement. learn the ways of the Amazon. Amongst
society, and because they are the leaders Amazons hunt for hostile monster lairs, and the orcs, hobgoblins, and kobolds, females
in their hunter/gatherer groups Amazon almost as often they will defend their are viewed as property. Some females are
warriors get many chances to develop their territory or society from attack or invasion. trained specifically for fighting as slave
fighting skills. They prefer to fight in groups and often gladiators, and some of the smarter
employ deception, and subterfuge, in females escape their society, and learn the
Alignment organizing an attack to disorient their arts of war to defend themselves.
enemies. Amazon warriors are well known
An Amazon warrior may be of any for their exceptional communications skills,
alignment. and for their cat-like reflexes that enable Abilities
them to avoid a direct attack. Overall, Intelligence, and Wisdom are important
HD type: D8 Amazon warriors have adapted speed, for amazons as it improves their ability

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES " The Original D&D Fanzine 20

The Amazon Warrior

to plan and execute attacks. Constitution is time of not less than (20 weeks Wisdom) Amazon Warrior (D8 Hit Dice)
important for giving amazons hit points to to locate the creature. Since mythical
sustain wounds in fighting. Dexterity is also creatures have a long lifespan, they are Level HD+Hp Special
important to quick reflexes, multiple attracted to mortals, especially to females
1 1
attacks, in dodging attacks, and in crafting. of pure heart and mind. They share an
uncommon bond that lasts for the lifetime 2 2
Armor & Weapons Proficiency of the Amazon warrior, sometimes longer. 3 3+1
Note, that this is a one time ability, a 4 4+1
A warrior is proficient with all simple sacred experience for the Amazon, that the 5 5+1 Special Bonus: Charm
and martial weapons and all armour, and Amazon is destined never to repeat. If the Mythical Creature
all shields as well. mythical creature dies, the Amazon warrior 6 6+1 Special Bonus: Craft
loses the heart, or will, to quest for another. Charm Token
Spells At 10th level the Amazon warrior gains 7 7+1
the ability to enchant arms and armour. 8 8+2
An Amazon warrior has only one spell
Note that only a magic user or Amazon 9 9+2
casting ability, granted as bonus, upon
Priestess can add spells to the enchanted
reaching the sixth level. This is a crafting 10 9+4 Bonus Craft: Craft
arms and armour, nonetheless the Amazon Magic Arms & Armor
enchantment craft-charm token. This is an
can create +1 or better weapons and also
item creation ability that is unique to 11 9+6
imbue the weapon with a special purpose.
Amazon Warriors that allows them to 12 9+8 Leadership
A tranquil time for research and reflection
create an enchanted object that will charm 13 9+10
equal to (8 weeks D20 days 1 day for
the recipient of such object. The token can 14 9+12
every intelligence point of the Amazon) is
be a weapon, armour, a gift, jewellery, 15 9+14
required before the work on the item is
tools, utensils, just about anything that
begun. Weapon forging costs are 2,000 16 9+16
can be crafted. It takes 2 weeks to craft
GP per +1 of the weapon. Shield creation 17 9+18
a token. To craft a token the Amazon
costs are 1,400 GP per +1 of the shield, 18 9+20
warrior must expend: 100 GP x her level x
and armour creation costs are 3,200 GP 19 9+22
weeks required in gold, and use up
per +1 of the armour. In addition, the
additional raw materials costing half of the 20 9+24
Amazon must sacrifice 1,000 experience
total finished price. The charm token is a
points for each +1 imbued into enchanted
use-activated item. As long as the
arms and armour. Forging times are listed
craft-token is in the possession of the
recipient, it will work. The item will only
on the page below The Amazon working Amazon Warrior Starting Package
on enchanting arms or armour may not
work if the giver and receiver are on
leave the weapon or armour unworked for Amor: Leather or studded leather
friendly terms when the item is given. The
more than a day or the process must begin
token is embedded with a powerful charm Weapons: Short thrusting spear (1d6),
anew, from the beginning.
spell at three levels (3) below what the Javelins (1d6), or Shortbow (1d6),
crafters level is. For example, If a sixth Dagger (1d4)
level (6th) Amazon warrior creates a charm Enchanted Arms and Armor
token, whoever she gives the token to Equipment: Backpack with water skin,
saves versus charm as if a 3rd level wizard One days' trail rations, Bedroll, 2 small
Item Weeks Notes
cast the spell. Note that there are no bags or sacks, flint + steel, 3 torches,
negative effects if the recipient makes spear & 3x javelin, or spear &
1 4 Creator 1,000 exp shortbow with quarrel of 20 arrows, 3
his/her/its saving throw or if the charm spell
wears off. If the receiver of the charm token 2 15 Creator 2,000 exp spare arrow-heads, 1 spare spear
removes, puts away, discards, loses, or 3 28 Creator 3,000 exp point, 10 feet of twine or small rope,
has the token stolen, there are no 4 45 Creator 4,000 exp dagger or hunting knife (Bone or
magically effects except that the charm 72 Creator 5,000 exp
stone, sometimes metal) soft leather
spell will wear off, or end. Often charm boots, Base armor, leather or studded
+10,000 Experience leather, 1 spare change of clothes.
tokens are given as gifts during trade, to Special
99 Points must be
trusted friends or lovers, and to faithful Purpose
sacrificed by creator Gold: 1d10 Gp+15% chance of having
servants to further strengthen the 1d4 small gems or jewels as well.
emotional bonds between an Amazon
warrior, and the people around her. At
reaching the 5th level, the Amazon warrior Creation/Forging Time
gains another ability unique to their class. At the 12th level the Amazon gains Background Skills
Charm Mythical Creature: The skills in leadership. This is reflected with When generating new character roll
Amazon warrior will be able to quest for, an automatic +2 bonus for all reaction die percentile dice to determine the number of
and locate a mythical creature such as a rolls from friends, allies, hirelings, and skills. For each level beyond 1st level add
unicorn, Pegasus, or dragon, further the henchmen. In addition, all friends, allies, 15% per level to the roll. Then roll
mythical creature will agree to serve as the henchmen, or hirelings may receive a +2 percentile dice to determine each skills.
amazons' steed for the lifetime of the bonus to their morale check in combat or Repeated roll in the same skill indicates
Amazon warrior. The Amazon Warrior must stress situation so long as they remain in added proficiency in that skill. #

proceed into uninhabited wilderness for a sight of their leader.

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES $ The Original D&D Fanzine 21

Street of a Thousand Adventures

1d100 Number Skill Description 60-64 2 Write Can write in the common tongue
Roll of Skills
65-69 3 Can speak and comprehend one additional
01-10 0 Train / Handle Animal- Skilled in handling & language
training animals +1 bonus 3 Riding Skilled in riding a mount i.e. Horse, Mule,
11-15 0 Knowledge Magic & Enchantments recognizes Deer, Dragon, Pegasus, Unicorn, Tigers etc. Must
when spells are cast, type of spell, and probable pick one type of mount only
effect. +1 to all saving throws. 3 Mount Care Skilled in caring for mounts and pack
16-20 0 Knowledge Wilderness Lore Knows true north animals, has additional tools such as hobbles, etc.
90% of the time, can survive outdoors, +1 to all
80-84 4 Swim +1 for all swimming & diving checks
wilderness survival rolls
85-89 4 Negotiate / Parley +1 Reaction Adjustment in all
21-24 1 Knowledge Amazon Religion, Knows ceremonies,
encounters when this skill is used
holidays and rituals. Can bless as a cleric.
90-94 4 Haggle +1 in all negotiations involving money or
25-29 1 Hunter/Gatherer- Skilled in Hunting, Fishing &
Foraging. +1 Bonus
95-96 5 Enchant Magic Arms and Armor- As the special
30-34 1 WeaponCraft- Bowyer, Fletcher, or Spear maker.
Amazon Warrior ability
Can create weapons from materials in the
environment with only a dagger as a tool. 97 6 Read Magic- As a magic-user, may read scrolls,
tomes, books, anything inscribed with magic
35-39 1 Climb - as thief of same level
40-44 1 Hide in Wilderness As hide in shadows for 7 Leadership - +2 on all reaction & morale rolls for
thieves. The amazon needs to be outdoors though friends, allies, hirelings & henchmen
to use the hide in wilderness skill
99 8 Unarmed Combat May attack as a monk of the
44-49 1 Heal may attempt to heal 1d4 points of damage same level.
using natural herbs and methods 1x per day per
skill proficiency 0 9 Prospecting Skilled in locating gems, natural
gold, natural silver, and natural copper deposits +2
50-54 2 Search +1 on all search rolls or +10% bonus in picking a good area to search for
54-59 2 Read Can read common tongue writings such items. '

Street of a Thousand Adventures

Shevedik's House of Elixirs
potions, which he makes only to order. If complete it. The PC's must seek it out,
R. E. B. Tongue the PC's can provide them, Shevedik will and race to bring it back in time.
cut the price in half (use the XP value at While the PC's are walking past, the
the price, in GPs). Any potion can be shop front explodes. The PC's must
Shevedik's House of Elixirs has been a provided, but will take 1d4 weeks, with a rescue Shevedik, who will reward them
mainstay of the city for as long as anybody (d10xd10) chance of working correctly. with a free Basic potion each. He will
can remember. From the outside, it is an Shevedik himself looks like his shop, also offer to take any Magic-User or Elf
ungainly structure, a two-storey wooden long white hair and flowing white beard, of low levels on as his assistant, to
building with all its windows on the upper streaked with burn marks. He is an teach them some Alchemy.
floor covered by wood, instead of glass. eighth-level Magic-User, about thirty years
One of the members of his old crew,
The building is covered in scorch marks, old, who has run his shop for over a
as are the buildings on both sides, and the decade. He is a friendly person, always which has now turned pirate, spots
road itself. A sign, hanging on one peg interested in the PC's travels, and Shevedik in the marketplace. He mana-
only, reads 'Shevedik's House of Elixirs'. especially interested in any magical or ges to defend himself, but Shevedik
The inside of the shop looks worse than exotic components the PC's might have on hires the PC's to protect him and his
the outside, a gloomy place with every wall them he will usually buy them at a fair shop from the inevitable retribution.
covered in burn marks. The shop is divided price. Shevedik has an interesting past, For years, Shevedik has been experi-
in two by a counter, behind which stands tutored by a sea mage until he was menting to find a long-lost brew a
Shevedik's latest assistant, usually an fourteen, then escaping from his ship with Potion of Immortality. He offers the PC's
apprentice Magic-User. He will take an a casket of treasure. He was tutored by a a swig each if they will assemble, from
order for any potion the PC's care to name, mage in the city, but chose to settle down all over the world, the components
charging an exorbitant fee (usually at least rather than adventure. required. He will travel with them on this
500 GP). For the common potions (those epic quest. In reality, the potion is impo-
in the Basic book), delivery is immediate. Adventure Ideas ssible in itself, but for Shevedik (althou-
The potions are always perfect. For One of the PC's has been stricken with
gh he does not know this), it is the first
anything more exotic, Shevedik will come a rare disease, and requires an exotic step on his road to true Immortality. The
out to talk to the PC's. There will always be antidote. Shevedik knows the formula, potion does provide longevity however
(1d3) components required for such but requires a black lotus leaf to (treat as 50 years of agelessness). &

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES % The Original D&D Fanzine 22

Letters to the Editor

people are not only enjoying OD&D, but 5! I will say, as I probably should have in
Letters to the Editor also actively seeing to its care and feeding. the review, that more use would be got
... contiued from page 3 I was deeply disappointed that TSR had from the supplement if you were planning
dropped support for Mystara and all things to enter the Hollow World at any point.
But, abandoning those romantic OD&D, especially on the heels of Bruce
notions for a few moments, I am sure that Heard's excellent "Princess Ark" run in
the real reason I am so drawn to OD&D is DRAGON. However, I understand TSR is
its playability and flexibility. OD&D is a Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Over
about business and ledgers, not the past couple of months I have been
"play-intensive" RPG, not a "rules-" or necessarily the support of a limited
"realism-intensive" RPG. OD&D is first and perusing the web site and each issue of
marketshare's favourite product. OD&Dities and hands down OD&Dities is
foremost about gathering round with your No matter, though--we've OD&DITIES
mates for a good, old-fashioned FRPG one of the best e-zines on the net! Not
to read and contribute to and share and only have I been playing OD&D for about
romp. Flexibility comes into play when the enjoy. I like your selection of articles,
rules are found to be lacking: OD&D's 14 years, I have been wishing that a
topics, and content areas. Reviews (which resource such as this would eventually one
modular nature makes it very easy for DMs helped me save the $24 I was *planning* to
and players to come up with a workable day come along - and now it has. Great
spend on GAZ 14, thank you), short work gentlemen. Issue #7 is absolutely
and balanced solution that's uniquely stories, new rules, DM advice, player
suited to their campaign. A significant fantastic! Many congrats go out to R.E.B.
advice, online resources, adventure Tongue for his diligence and definitely to
portion of my enjoyment of the RPG hobby scenarios, et al provide a really vibrant mix.
is derived from tinkering with system Jesse Walker for a professional look and
I particularly like the "Street of a Thousand feel with the latest issue. I have recently
guidelines and introducing new elements. Adventures" column (nice concept,
OD&D provides an excellent foundation for pointed out your web site to the rest of my
Richard) and your "Getting Started" series. OD&D players, and we're all hooked. I also
such, and I have been pleased consistently I would like to see "The Compendium of
with the results. For example, the indistinct- printed out several copies of issue #7, and
Characters" return, however. Also, in got them spiral bound to present to players
ion between character class and race issues #1 and #2, you included articles on
always has been somewhat of a sticky of my campaign as well as a few shoppers
bows and magic daggers, respectively; I at my local gaming store. Everyone wants
point. But with some imagination, a good think featuring some aspect of a single
deal of careful consideration, and a larger to know where they can get a hold of more
weapon or weapon type each issue might issues of this mag, so I pointed them
amount of attention to game balance, it be a worthy addition to OD&DITIES (that
was easy to generate a system by which here. Together, with a copy of OD&Dities in
said, my mother taught me never to hand, we will bring back the TRUE D&D to
elves could be druids, halflings could be complain if I didn't offer a solution--so I
thieves, or avengers could begin their the dice-chuckers of the world. Game On!
hereby volunteer to flesh out a more
careers at 1st-level. My players are happy, detailed proposal on weapon articles if Derrick A. Landwehr
my campaign is broadened, and I'm still you're interested). All told, I'm impressed
using a set of rules with which I'm familiar. with the quality of OD&DITIES' content. I'm Thanks for your kind words, Derrick! We try
(I read with interest Scott W. Ludwig's relieved that OD&D enjoys some to maintain OD&DITIES to a high profess-
"Custom Class Templates" because the well-deserved support, long after being onal standard, and thanks to both the
information presented was not entirely orphaned by TSR/WotC. I'm encouraged to quality of the writing and the efforts of our
dissimilar to the home-brew system I've be a part of keeping OD&DITIES healthy web designer / PDF converter, Jesse
been using since 1993. The methodologies and persistent. OD&DITIES is a fine public- Walker, it is an easy job. I am very glad
between the two are very different, but the ation, and I'll look forward to the issues to that you are getting such use out of
overall goals are identical. If nothing else, follow. I hope to hear from you soon. OD&DITIES. I hope you manage to get
the fact that two authors might muddle equal use out of this one, and from the
about with OD&D class templates, Cheers,
issues to come. It's good to know that you
completely independent of one another, -- Erin
are introducing others to OD&DITIES
proves the system's flexibility.) But I realise everyone please feel free to distribute the
that I'm likely preaching to the converted. Thank you greatly for your letter. Compen-
zine as far as you can!
dium of Characters makes a return in this

My second item regards material

submissions. I am in the process of very issue, with an interesting little twist. I
started OD&DITIES to fill the gap in OD&D
transferring the bulk of my OD&D material
to a new Web site (whose URL I will gladly coverage I noticed on the net. In the two
The Cleric
reveal once the site goes live). It occurs to years (two years!!!) since it began, it has ... continued from page 12
me that some of my rule modifications or changed greatly, and the amount of
new material may be of interest to material available on the net has expanded the elements that must be done for any
OD&DITIES. For example, I could send greatly I have to hope that OD&DITIES character must be done for the Cleric.
along copies of my class templates; if you has contributed to this. I have myself made Finally, he must be equipped according
feel they're suitable for publication, you changes to the OD&D rules in the past. I to the views of his Order. This might
could include one segment in each of four had a player once who always ran mean limited equipment only, or stand-
issues (one for cleric, fighter, magic-user, 'non-standard' characters a Paladin, ard equipment. Remember also that
and thief). If nothing else, you could say Druid, then a Centaur! It is a simple proc- following a Church means that you can
that OD&DITIES reviews the same material ess to bolt new rules on game balance is call on others for occasional support
as DRAGON Magazine--they turned down much easier to maintain than in the later but also that it is not unlikely that you
my proposal for same back in 1993! My editions. I'm glad I was able to save you will be called upon to complete missions
third and final item regards your fanzine from Gazetteer 14: who was trying to for your faith, at one time or another. (

itself: Well done, Richard. I love to see that charge $24 for it? I snagged my copy for

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES ) The Original D&D Fanzine 23


capital. When the caravan was almost out

of view of the fortress, they found a crudely

written sign on a post beside the beaten
track. It read "PLAGUE! QUARANTINE!"

For the Dungeon

There is no plague at Al-Xaim. A small
An OD&D Adventure for 3-5 PC's of levels 4-8 group of powerful NPC's from a far away
land invaded the palace about a fortnight
James John Gregoire ago. The party originally planned an
assault by flying over the walls magically.
While drawing up their plans at their near-
by hideout cave, the group was attack ed
is inside the walls. This natural surface by a wandering purple worm. Seeing an
"Al-Xaim" is an OD&D expert spring has been guarded for centuries by
adventure designed for 3-5 PCs of opportunity the wizard and avenger of the
the impregnable walls. The oasis provides group quickly charmed the worm with
levels 4-8 (about 24 levels). Since the men and animals with an endless supply of Persuasion (see avenger abilities below)
adventure takes place in the Emirates water in times of siege. Date and palm and a Charm Monster spell. The groups
of Ylaruam, the identity of any trees, goats, camels, wild desert waterfowl, spell casters then commanded the purple
magic-users or elves should be and manicured vegetable gardens provide worm to dig a tunnel beneath the massive
concealed or they face trail and a renewable source of food. This makes walls. The purple worm broke the surface
execution. Clerics are venerated and the palace completely self sufficient and of the interior courtyard and crawled
accepted in the Emirates. All other independent of other communities. During inside. The rest of the group followed along
classes and races are tolerated. times of war Al-Xaim has been shut off in the excavated tunnel. While the palace
from reinforcements and supplies for years, men at arms fought the purple worm, the
with the inhabitants living their daily lives NPCs stormed the Sheik's palace. They
without worry. surprised the Sheik's experienced body-
Description and Al-Xaim is located almost midway on guards and killed them in a short fight.
the Coast to Ylaruam desert caravan
Background route. For protection and convenience a
After dispelling many of the magical traps
and wards in the interior, the NPC's seized
The fortress palace of Al-Xaim is small entrepreneurial trading community control of the palace treasury. They locked
located on the southern edge of the Great settled outside of the south wall. These the Sheik and his family in the dungeon.
Salt Basin in Alasya, one of the Emirates of merchants happily sell camels, camel The group then returned to the courtyard to
Ylaruam. It is an ancient fortification that meat, dates, coconuts, sugar cane, lizard finish off the worm and guards. The purple
has withstood centuries of drought, war, meat, fuel, and other miscellaneous worm was killed with a lightning bolt and
famine, and siege. The main defence of the equipment and supplies. They also trade the rest of the guards were quickly slain by
palace is the 70-foot high and 40-foot wide their most important and valuable the avenger. Hearing the loud noises of
solid granite wall that has no gates or commodity: Water. Al-Xaim is an important fighting and spells, the desert nomad
entrances. The only way into the enclosure stop for people who are going to make a traders outside the south wall fled in terror
is to take the winched platform-elevator to trip from the coast to the Great Salt Basin or were killed a moment later by a Death
the top of the southern wall and walk the and onward to the capital of Ylaruam. All Spell from the wizard. The ones who did
40 feet to the other side. A person wanting who are travelling the caravan route stop at escape fled without any supplies and faced
access is then lowered to the interior by Al-Xaim to resupply and rest. The capital is death in the desert from dehydration. The
another elevated platform. The elevators more than 140 miles away through the fortress of Al-Xaim was conquered, the first
are well guarded. The elevator platforms harsh Ylaruam desert. time in four centuries.
and winches broken down and stored The NPC's know that as soon as the
safely inside at any sign of danger or
invasion. The immense walls of Al-Xaim
Current Events attack is discovered the Sultan of Ylaruam
will send an army or group of powerful
provide complete protection and a sense of The last caravan to arrive at the capital adventurers to investigate and deal with
security for the inhabitants that live here in from Al-Xaim reported strange and dire any take over of the palace fortress. They
the middle of the harsh Ylaruam desert. In conditions at the fortress. The caravan was also know they will all be executed (or
ancient times, the men who guarded the unable to resupply at Al-Xaim and were worse) for the attack. The Sheik of Al-Xaim,
walls carved caves in the top for shelter close to death from starvation and thirst now hostage in his own dungeon, is a
from sandstorms. The present day guards when they reached Ylaruam. They reported member of the royal family, 3rd cousin to
make use these old caves, but have also as their caravan approached the palace, the Sultan. The palace treasury at Al-Xaim
set up small tent camps atop the walls, they saw no one atop the walls or manning is filled with centuries of gold, gems, arte-
especially near the elevators. Due to the the elevator platforms. They also noticed facts, and jewels earned from the water
walls, only a small garrison of men-at-arms that the trader settlement also appeared rights of the oasis, plus the personal wealth
is staffed, more than enough to fend off a deserted, with no evidence of where the of the Sheik. The loss of this wealth would
large army from the walls. merchants went. Low on water and food be a financial blow to the Emirates. Un-
The most important feature of the but too frightened to approach, the caravan known to the Sultan, this money is already
palace of Al-Xaim is the beautiful oasis that circled the area and continued towards the being transported by teleportation *

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES + The Original D&D Fanzine 24


to the NPC's base, a castle hideout Daeg Rayth (second in command)

somewhere on the Peninsula of The NPC's 10th level male chaotic travelling fighter
Vulcania. Many magic items from the (Avenger)
treasury and slain body-guards are also in
Leuet Toreiasa (leader)
the process of being teleported out of 11th level male chaotic magic-user Str: 18 Int: 14 Wis: 13
Ylaruam. The NPC party needs time to Str: 8 Int: 18 Wis: 15 Dex: 12 Con: 16 Cha: 11
teleport all of this wealth and magic to their Dex: 14 Con: 12 Cha: 18 Hit Points: 72
far away castle. The group has decided to Hit points: 23 Armor Class: -4 (plate, shield, and ring)
feign a plague outbreak in order to acquire Armor Class: 5 (buckle and ring) Special Abilities: Detect Evil (range 120'),
more time in which to loot the palace. clerical spells as 3rd level cleric, turn
Equipment & Magic: large pouch, black
wizard robes, returning dagger +2 (+5 vs. undead as 3rd level cleric (can control
Adventure Setup regenerating monsters), whip +1, ring of instead of turn, skeletons and zombies
only), persuasion of chaotic monsters as
protection +2, belt buckle +1, boots of
The characters need to start some- cloudwalking (see below), wand of cold (15 hirelings, sanctuary, smash/parry/disarm
where in or near the capital of Ylaruam. charges), spell scroll (read languages, combat options.
The characters are contacted by one of the anti-magic shell, conjure elemental), crystal Spells: purify food and water, cure light
Sultan of Ylaruam's royal messengers to ball, and 4 exquisite stolen gems worth wounds
assemble at the one of the fortified palaces 60,000 gp's total (in pouch).
in the city. They are escorted into a Equipment & Magic: loop of chain /w
meeting antechamber where two important Spells currently memorized: charm Continual Light, backpack, large pouch,
looking men sit waiting. One looks to be a person, sleep x2, read magic, detect Plate Mail +3 of Flight (360'/round, 12
general in the army, and the other is a invisible, knock, web, hold person, lightning turns), Shield +3, Scimitar of speed +5
cleric with the local military order. bolt, dispel magic, charm monster, (stolen from the Sheik's top bodyguard,
hallucinatory terrain, polymorph self, treat as normal sword for damage), Sword
teleport x2 (1 cast already), death spell. +2 (flames on command), 2 potions
"We need the use of your services, Leuet Toreiasa is a mage from the super-healing (3d6+3 cured), Light
states the cleric. "We have not heard distant peninsula of Vulcania. He is small Crossbow +1, 60 quarrels +1, Ring of
from one of our outlying fortresses, in stature and has a very sunken protection +1, Bag of holding: 20 weeks
Al-Xaim, south of the Great Salt Basin. appearance. However he is very cunning iron rations & water, 7,500 pp (stolen).
The last persons to travel near it talked and greedy, never passing up an Daeg Rayth is a 6 foot 5 inch tall plate
of plague and evacuation. The Sultan opportunity to relieve an unsuspecting mailed force of nature. He has laid waste to
orders you to first investigate these new owner's treasury of its gold and jewels. He entire groups of men, laughing maniacally
conditions at the fortress in a fact- always wears his black wizards garb and while slicing off heads. He made an
finding expedition. Secondly, upon his boots of cloudwalking. alliance of avenger status with a fanatical
detection of an unseen force or forces Boots of Cloudwalking: This footwear evil clerical order of the Peninsula of
inside the palace or any suspicious allows the user to fly at the rate of 300 Vulcania. He still adventures with his NPC
activity, you are to take immediate feet/turn. If a storm or other dense cloud group, capitalizing on the masses of stolen
action to rescue the Emir and family cover is available, the wearer can walk on wealth they recover. He lives at the castle
and to disable any threats. Divination the top of the clouds and may run across in Vulcania while not off killing something.
spells have led us to believe that time is them at 480 feet/turn for up to three hours. He will use the stolen scimitar of speed +5
critical here and that plague is Leuet has been teleporting a low level while in combat in this adventure (use as
questionable. The Sultan has henchman back to their remote castle each haste effect for attacks only, 2 attacks at
authorized the use of one of his flying day. The men are carefully loaded with the +8 to hit/ 1d8 +8 damage per hit).
carpets for emergency travel to the choicest gems and jewels of the Sheik's
palace. However anyone using a treasure chambers. A fully loaded
magic carpet from his highness must henchman is then teleported back to the
leave a sizeable sum in deposit, either a castle in Vulcania. The castle's telepor- Sema Hollow (sniper)
magic item or treasure. You can use tation chamber is a unique construction of 8th level female chaotic halfling
alternate transport if you decline the Leuet's design. Above and below the (attack rank: B)
magic carpet option, camels being the teleportation room are 100-foot shafts.
best. After you have investigated the Str: 11 Int: 17 Wis: 12
These are for the 'too high' and 'too low' Dex: 18 Con: 14 Cha: 16
palace, rescued the Emir and family, results from a teleportation spell. A
and/or eliminated any threats you will be Hit Points: 31
henchman fell 70 feet earlier in the week,
paid the sum of 10,000 gp each. Just a Armor Class: -3, -5 for larger
landing on a soft bed of feathers with his
friendly reminder, refusing an order of precious cargo. Other members of the NPC Special Abilities: -2 AC larger than man
the Sultan or trying to shirk duty by party are at the far away castle, anxiously sized, +1 missile to hit, +1 initiative, 1/2
fleeing, would result in you being awaiting each day's teleportation. Leuet damage from damage-causing spells or
eviscerated for high treason. Any confirms the teleportation and conducts spell effect (if effect allows save, success
questions?" other communication with his home base means 1/4 damage), hide outside 90%/
through his crystal ball. To completely indoors 33%.
The Sultans representatives do not clean out the treasury and artwork at Equipment and Magic: Halfling Chain Mail
have much more information and will not Al-Xaim will take exactly 15 more days. +3, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of
increase the reward, but will remind the Leuet always leaves an extra teleport spell regeneration (stolen from the Sheik), Light
characters what evisceration means.... memorized for emergencies. Crossbow +3 (double range modifier ,

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES - The Original D&D Fanzine 25


120/240/360), 5 quarrels +2 of flying palace before the attack. Not a single man 4. Hospital Pavilion: Located on a small
(ranges: 1500/3000/4500!), 10 quarrels +1 survived the assault, they all perished in grassy hill this building is home to the
of charming, 10 quarrels +1 of seeking, 10 the fight with the purple worm or the resident clerical order. The scimitar sign of
silver quarrels, 10 quarrels +2 of NPC's. After the attack, Leuet's henchmen Al-Kahim, warrior philosopher of the Ylari
penetration, 10 quarrels (normal), large moved in the barracks and pocketed people, is atop this low structure. The
pouch, small signalling whistle, Sheik's everything of value here. During the day NPC's locked the three low level clerics in
family jewels worth 220,000 gp's total. and night the henchmen take lookout shifts the dungeon with the Sheik and proceeded
on the walls. Nothing of value is left in the to thieve the temple artefacts. A small
Sema Hollow is a native from the south
barracks, except a few scattered silver and empty altar, prayer rooms, and the clerics
continents. She joined the NPC group 2
some broken armour. modest apartments complete this low
years ago, more for the adventure and
excitement rather than for monetary
2. Sheik's Palace: Built at the same time
gain. An expert shot with a crossbow, she
the walls were this is the oldest structure of 5. The Stables of Al-Xaim: This is a
always is finding a place to snipe from. She
the compound. It is constructed of baked relatively new building that can keep up to
will always take out magic users and elves
brick with spaced buttresses around the 30 camels with ease. Currently there are
first, then clerics. Her 5 quarrels of flight
base. The spacious main palace is 2 10 camels here with enough feed for 8
allow shots at up to 4500 yards away (2 1/2
levels, each at 20 feet in height. There are weeks. There are 5 outdoor corrals here
miles). If she can see it she can hit it, and
four towers, one each corner of the each with a water trough. In a locked room
she is always scanning the skies for any
palace. The most impressive of the four are the Sheik's gold embroidered camel
flying reconnaissance.
towers is the SE pinnacle tower. Tapering packsaddles, blankets, and other ornate
upward, the tower reaches 110 feet soaring tack and riding gear. The combined value
over the walls with a fantastic view of the of this gear is 5,000 gp. Also stabled here
15 Henchmen surrounding sands. On a clear day some- is the Sheik's Ylaruam stallion, a gift from
1st level neutral (10) chaotic (5) fighters one in the pinnacle tower can see 50 miles the Sultan:
in almost all directions, the view is some-
Str: +1 to hit/dam Sheik of Al-Xaim's Stallion: AC 7, HD
what blocked by large dune hills to the
Morale: 10 east. The other towers and the top of the 2+2, hp 18, Move 270'(90'), At 2 hooves,
Hit Points: 6 each palace itself are decorated with white Dam 1-4+1/1-4+1, save F1, morale 9, Al N
Armor Class: 3 crenellations and intricately carved arch 10 Camels: AC 7, HD 2, hp 9 each,
Equipment: Banded mail, shield, normal windows and doors. Like the other Move 150'(50'), At 1 bite/1 hoof, Dam
sword, dagger, pack/food/water, large buildings of the compound the crenelled 1/1d4, save F1, morale 7, Al N
pouch, various stolen items of value from palace roof is flat, allowing a person to sit
Al-Xaim palace (minimum 1,000 gp value). on a carpet, sip tea, and enjoy the high 6. The Kitchens of Al-Xaim: Leuet
These loyal men are under the cool desert breezes. Also atop the roof are charmed the palace chef and his assistant,
command of Leuet. They were hired in the the hanging gardens of the Sheiks of and they are busily working to feed the
city of Thyatis. The NPC's used Thyatis as Al-Xaim. Another feature of construction NPCs. Large baking tables, 2 great ovens,
a staging area before their trip into the Ylari that is unique to the palace are the a wine cellar, and storage pantry complete
desert. They are unaware of the NPC's semicircular windows, inlaid with bright- this building. There is enough food stored
nationality or motives. They follow Leuet's coloured glass, that are placed above the for 100 people to eat well for 8 weeks.
orders and will not abandon their posts or low open arch windows. These coloured Three large grain silos (20 foot high) are on
loot alone. Each one is to be teleported lenses are cut with designs of desert life the western outer wall. They are easily
back to Vulcania loaded with gold, jewels, millennia ago. They produce a lovely refilled by standing on the wall and pouring
and magic. interior light for the palace. Decorative blue in the grains by a metal tube.
tiles, painted panels of long dead Sheiks,
marble inlays of oases, and frescoes of 7. Crop storage and Smokehouse: These
Descriptions of the pearl and jewels fill the walls of the 30 two buildings are surrounded by the palace
rooms of the palace.
Fortress Palace of gardens and vegetable patches. The "L"
shaped building is the smokehouse, which
Al-Xaim 3. Oasis of Al-Xaim: The oasis is a natural
pool of clear water with a sandy bottom. It
contains hanging meats, dried fruit and
nuts, a sausage grinder, and 2 smoking
1. Men At Arms Barracks: This 40' wide, is a natural oasis where the water table boxes. The crop storage is used to store
50' long, 25' high sandstone building is the reaches the surface of the desert. Before and sort grains and other various crop
designated living area for the guards the fortress was built, the oasis was a grown at the stronghold. The servants that
stationed at the palace. The interior is lit by central hub of caravan routes in this part of worked here were slain during the takeover
large round open skylights in the ceilings, the desert. Its cool waters now generate an of the fortress, and the palace gardener
which can be covered in times of storm or income for the Sheik of Al-Xaim while was locked in the dungeon. The gardens
war. There is much sand on the floors here supplying the coastal caravan route with have small trenches to irrigate them, but no
as the entrances and skylights are left life giving water. Date palm trees grow one has bothered in almost 2 weeks.
open for ventilation. Various hammocks around the pool. Also, with a little irrigation
and bedrolls are spread about the place. A effort, the palace keeps vegetable gardens, 8. Wall encampment and elevators: This
large 10'x15' communal bathing station is 17 trees, alfalfa plots, the hanging gardens, area of the wall is bloodstained but
located in the northern floor of the building. and everyone living here well hydrated. A deserted. Small caves are dug into the
The bathing area is complete with stone series of pillars lead from the palace grand actual wall some as deep as 10 feet. There
benches, hooks, stools, and basins. The entrance to the north stone banked edge of are makeshift huts and lean-tos here
Sheik had 50 regular guards on duty at the

the oasis.

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES / The Original D&D Fanzine 26


also. All were searched and ransacked by this stench to convince anyone coming to confident, and they plan to steal every bit
the henchmen after the raid. A large investigate that there is a plague outbreak. of treasure they can teleport away. This
painted sign is leaning over the south The dead men at arms, servants, and means the group will be at the palace for
edge, "PLAGUE! TURN BACK!" The bodyguards were thrown into the 15 more days as the last henchmen are
elevators are in good working order. Two excavated tunnel and burned with oil from sent, each loaded down completely. As
long 10-inch ropes are attached to each the palace. The half burned bodies were stated above in the Adventure Setup, the
20-foot platform. A manual pulley and then covered with sand. The smoke from characters can use one the Sultans flying
counterweight system is used to lower or this makeshift pyre was seen by the carpets on loan to reach the palace. Flying
raise them. This can be accomplished by 2 caravan who first attempted to approach carpets can move 120 miles a day. If the
camels or 10 men, more if there is a heavy the palace after the takeover. characters use camels it will take 5 days of
load. The south elevator will always be in hard riding to reach Al-Xaim. Attempting
the up position. the route on foot takes at least 10 days
The merchant camp south of the wall NPC Strategies and unencumbered and 18 days if lightly
is a semi permanent settlement with encumbered. Horses need too much
reinforced tents with wooden shop fronts
Actions carried water to be a feasible transportation
that can be folded down at night. It is The beginning this adventure is very option in the desert. Any other transport
completely deserted and the sand is time intensive. Al-Xaim is 144 miles from must be handled by the DM, with desert
coloured black from the Death Spell that the capital, and some of the caravan route travel rates and chances of getting lost.
was used to clear out the inhabitants. covers broken ground. Caravans usually Below are the locations of the NPCs
take about 14 days to make the trip. It has during the morning watch (5 am - 1pm)
9. Purple Worm carcass and burning been exactly 11 days since the takeover afternoon and sunset watches (1pm - 9pm)
pit: A 100 foot long slime covered rotting when the caravan reaches Ylaruam, and night watch (9pm - 5am).
purple worm is located in this area. It is therefore 11 henchmen have been sent to
long dead and its decomposing stench fills Vulcania with the choicest and most Morning
the entire compound and surrounding valuable pieces of the treasury. The Leuet will memorize his spells and then
desert. The NPC's intend to try and use leaders of the NPC's are very greedy and he will be busy in the treasury loading0

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES 1 The Original D&D Fanzine 27


and teleporting a henchman-shipment. around the wall tops (30%), or flying on The NPC's now wait for the characters
Daeg the Avenger will be on watch in the patrol (20% of the time). to leave. If they approach the palace or
pinnacle tower. If he sees anything start snooping around, Leuet (from the pal-
approach by land (within a mile) he will If an alarm is raised (Morning or ace 2nd floor or walls depending where the
investigate at high altitude by using his Afternoon). characters are) and Sema (from the walls)
armour's fly ability. If he is unimpressed will attempt to surprise with missile fire and
with the look of the party, use the below The NPC's will not immediately spells. The henchmen will then rush
plague peech. He can only fly for 12 turns attack. They will try to use the ruse of the forward to melee. Daeg will immediately
(2 hours), and will return to the palace plague outbreak to deter any investigation attack by flying forward and striking at two
without engaging powerful looking groups. by the characters. The henchmen will hide attacks per round. If the fight goes badly
If the party approaches by air he will not in the barracks armed and ready for attack. Leuet will teleport back home to ulcania.
approach but will immediately will sound an Leuet will ready his spells from the 2nd Daeg will not surrender, but will fly away if
alert. Sema the halfling will be at the elev- floor window at the palace. Daeg dressed given a chance. Sema will attempt to get to
ator platforms, hiding in a cave overlooking as a palace bodyguard will attempt to Leuet in order to jump into his arms to be
the south approaches. If she sees anyone discourage the party from entering or teleported back; otherwise she will risk it in
she will signal Daeg in the tower with a looking around (see below). Sema dressed the desert or surrender. If the henchmen
whistle. 5 of the henchmen will be walking as a short wall guard will keep any spell- fail morale (10 if Leuet is there, 7 if not)
along the walls and keeping a sharp eye casters covered with her crossbow from a they will surrender. These men are not
out. They will hurry to get to the barracks hidden position. Read the following: aware of the NPC's home country or
when an alarm is raised and may be seen. background as they were hired in Thyatis.
They are wearing palace guard white unif- "As you approach the palace you notice They are completely disposable and their
orms but some are blood stained and torn. the definite smell of death like a rotting capture cannot lead back to Vulcania.
animal or corpse. It is almost over-
Afternoon powering. A man dressed in the white If an alarm is raised (Night)
Daeg the Avenger will retire to the flowing garb of the Sheik's bodyguard Daeg will meet an approaching
Sheiks bedchamber. Leuet will take over magically hovers 10 feet above the airborne or land party. He will carry his
the watch in the pinnacle tower. If he sees ground ahead of you. You can seal the continual light chain and will give the above
a party approach by foot, he may cast a official blue sash of the personal guard speech. At night he will reinforce the
hallucin- atory terrain spell on the palace of the Sheik across his chest. He shouts speech with a leering scowl and by flying in
and make it disappear! This will only work if with a strange accent, "The palace is circles around a party. If attacked or
no intelligent being touches the illusion, so quarantined due to plague! We cannot cornered with questions, he will fly off to
everyone must be in the dungeon for this to allow you to enter! Please turn around the palace to alert the others and the
work. Otherwise he will wake Daeg in the and go back!" above attack will occur.
Sheiks bedchamber below and further The main objective of the NPC's is to
action will be as morning. Sema rests dur- If asked probing questions or about the loot the treasury and escape. They do not
ing the hottest time of day as well, curling dead purple worm, he replies, "The plague want a direct confrontation with a
up in a cool cave on the walls somewhere. is very deadly and we have lost many dangerous and well-armed party. If given a
5 henchmen will be on guard atop the wall men. The Sheik has ordered that no one days notice the three NPC's will teleport
watching for invisible approaches in the be allowed anyone to enter until the plague away and be gone, with only the henchmen
sand or sneak attacks. has run its course. (If asked about the to be found inside. The NPC's will try to
worm, "We were attacked by this horrible postpone any attack or stall an investig-
Night monster, but managed to kill it even though ation. They will use any story that sounds
the plague has weakened us."). Please plausible: claiming that the Emir is to ill to
Leuet will retire to a palace bed-
turn around and report that we will send talk but is expected to recover tomorrow,
chamber to rest in order to regain his spells
word when the quarantine is lifted by our the Emir is too grief stricken from the death
the next day. The NPC's will only wake him
clerics!" He then turns and flies magically of his wife to talk to anyone right now,
in an emergency. Daeg will watch for lights
into the palace front entrance, slams the today is a holy day where the palace is
in the pinnacle tower (50%), be lurking
doors, and locks them. closed to visitors for 24 hours, etc. 2


Issue 8 - September 2002

Issue 8 - September 2002 OD&DITIES 3 The Original D&D Fanzine 28