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Health Expo
by Charles H. Cleveland,
President, Health Education Resources

Health Education Resources

5340 Layton Lane,

Apison, TN 37302
Tel: (423) 236-5600
Health Expo Manual

The Concept of Health Expo Evangelism

In new fields no work is so successful as medical missionary work. Medical missionary workis
the pioneer work of the gospel. It is the gospel practiced, the compassion of Christ revealed. Of this
work there is great need, and the world is open for it. MM 239

A Health Expo is a proven way to arrest the attention of the public, church members and the news
media in an area of common interesthow to have better health and longevity. The Health Education
Resources (H.E.R.) Health Expo Program has been successfully used in America and many other
countries around the world. If planned wisely the Health Expo is an effective tool to transition the
public into an evangelistic series.

Besides being used in public screening programs, the expo panels may also be used to highlight
church health-emphasis weekends, camp meeting health programs, and health fairs. It is sometimes
possible to do health expos in public shopping malls thus increasing the number of contacts for future
health seminars and Bible study interests.

We want to thank Dorothy Nelson and her family, formerly from Weimar Institute, who have
pioneered the health expo concept. They have traveled much of the world conducting programs and
we are indebted to them for graciously sharing with us many points on how to make an expo
evangelistically successful.

The H.E.R. Health Expo Program is designed to equip others with the concept, the materials, and
equipment necessary to begin this highly effective ministry.

Organization of the Expo

The Health Expo is normally organized into two parts:
1. The health screening stations (uses the panels as station dividers and teaching backdrops)
2. The health seminar (later includes the evangelistic series)

1. The Health Screening Stations

The set of 16 professionally developed full-color H.E.R. Health Expo Panels instantly creates a
setting of credibility. There are two panels for each of the eight laws of health outlined in Ministry of
Healing, page 127: air, sunlight, temperance, rest, exercise, nutrition, water, and trust in divine
power. Each panel is made with beautiful high-resolution photo art and text emphasizing various
practical points on health.

Health Expo Manual

Computer Health-Age Appraisal Trust - Health Expo in Honduras

Health-Counseling Nutrition - Glucose and Cholesterol Testing

Rest - Chair Massage

Air - Pe
a k-Flow

Exercise - Harvard Step Test Sunshine - Blood Pressure Screening

Temperance -
Body Fat Scale
Health Expo in Porto, Portugal

Health Expo Manual

The expo panels come in three sizes:

regular - 3 feet by 4 feet (91 cm x 122 cm)
medium - 4.5 feet by 6 feet (137cm x 182 cm)
large - 62 inches high by 8 feet long (157 cm x 244 cm)

Mounting the expo panels

To display the panels they may be mounted on plastic-pipe frames (recommend PVC pipe, the
regular size panels uses [schedule 40, thick walled]; and 2 for the medium and large sizes).
Each panel is secured to the PVC pipe by wide strips of Velcro, the sticky back of the loop side of
the Velcro is adhered to the panel, and the sticky back of the hook side is adhered to the pipe. When
the panel with its Velcro is placed up against the pipe and its Velcro, they grip each other. Later,
when putting the panels away, the Velcro pieces easily separate when you use a pealing motion to
remove them. (Other mounting alternatives include homemade wood or aluminum frames, securing
the panels to walls, or tying with grommets).

Arrangement of Screening Stations

The mounted expo panels along with tables are arranged in such a way as to make stations (booth-
like areas) where the health screening activities are conducted, (see page with photos of the expo
panels and their frames; also the diagram pages to follow).

Each station area offers a different screening service; usually all services are free of charge.

2. The Health Seminars

A health seminar is normally conducted in conjunction with the expo. Seminars increase the interest
of the public and provide an opportunity to impart practical health information in detail and to further
build confidence and contacts. Seminars on preventive medicine topics, simple remedies and cooking
classes are among the most popular. These seminars are approximately one hour long.

Here is our most typical schedule:
1. Start the Health Expo on a Wednesday evening, for example 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the summertime. A
large foyer works well. The closer the expo is held to the lecture auditorium the less people you will

2. If you have other rooms and more presenters, you can also offer a simple remedies class, a cooking
class, stop smoking program or a stress seminar. People like choices

3. From 8:00-9:15 p.m. in the main auditorium, present a health talk with a topic like How Your
Family Can Have the Best Health and Longevity.
4. Thursday, repeat the same schedule.
A. The second health talk could be Why So Much Cancer and Heart Disease or How to
Reverse Diabetes.
B. During this meeting you announce* your topic for Friday night, but explain that will share the
time with the Bible lecture speaker, who will be emphasizing the spiritual aspects of healthful living.

Health Expo Manual

Same schedule, 7:00-8:00 p.m. Health Expo; then 8:00 to 9:15 p.m., starting with a 10-15 minute
Health Nugget and followed by the first evangelistic topic.

* We like to have the evangelist introduce the health speaker nightly (unless he is doing both the
health lectures and sermons) so that the audience is familiar with the evangelist before he begins his

Sample Three-Week Health Expo Evangelism Series

Hours Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sabbath
7-8:00 Expo starts & Expo & Expo & Expo &
8-9:15 Cooking class Cooking class Cooking class Cooking class
Health lecture-1 Health lecture-2 Nugget-1 Nugget-2
Sermon-1 Sermon-2
7-8:00 Expo/CC Expo/CC Expo/CC Expo/CC Expo/CC Expo/CC Expo/CC
8-9:15 Nugget-3 Nugget-4 Nugget-5 Nugget-6 Nugget-7 Nugget-8 Nugget-9
Sermon-3 Sermon-4 Sermon-5 Sermon-6 Sermon-7 Sermon-8 Sermon-9
7-8:00 Expo/CC** No meeting
8-9:15 Nugget-10 Nugget-11 Nugget-12 Nugget-13 Nugget-14 Nugget-15
Sermon-10 Sermon-11 Sermon-12 Sermon-13 Sermon-14 Sermon-15
8-9:15 Nugget-6 No meeting Nugget-17 Nugget-18 Nugget-20 Baptism Nugget-22
Sermon-16 Sermon-17 Sermon-18 Sermon-20 Nugget-21 Sermon-22
Sermon-21 Baptism
**We usually run the Expo and cooking class (or any other seminar) through the second weekend, by then many
attendees just come for the health nugget/sermon hour; however if the attendance is still high for the Expo or seminars,
its good to keep them running.

The following information about how to organize the expo and health lectures is very important for
making the expo an effective feeder for an evangelistic series. Please note the rationale behind the
strategy described below; this approach is the most successful one we have found.

1. Start the Expo in advance of the evangelistic series

Typically the Expo starts two or three days before the evangelistic series and continues through the
first two weekends of the series (or as long as there is a good interest). Why does the expo start only
two or three days in advance? You want the expo to still be new and interesting for the public when
the preaching series starts. If you conduct the expo too many days before the evangelistic series, the
people feel that they have seen everything, and will be less likely to transition into the evangelistic

2. Run the Expo 45-60 minutes ONLY. We prefer the expo be crowded and short enough that the
people will only get a couple of the screening procedures per night and need to come back several
times. After operating 45 minutes, announce to the group that in just 15 minutes the expo will close
for the evening and that they can start finding a good seat in the auditorium for the evening health
lecture. If there is a long line at any particular screening station, estimate how many can finish being
screened by the end of the hour, and offer the remaining attendees to be first tomorrow evening.

When you have large crowds it can be helpful to control the entrance to the expo. If the extra people
fill up the space you need for screening it makes it difficult to screen those who came first. One
effective way to handle the overflow of people is to gather them together and give them a short health
lecture while they are waiting.

Health Expo Manual

As individuals are admitted to the screening area they receive a paper called Your Personal Health
Record. The host/hostess can suggest to the individuals the screening procedures they should start
with; particularly ones that may have the smallest lines at the moment. If you are not very crowded,
there is no need to do this.

One of the persons doing the screening can periodically take 5 minutes to give a short health talk to
the people in the area, expanding on the information from the health panels; then afterwards screen
those individuals. As new people come, the talk can be repeated. Remember, we are not trying to rush
people though the screening stations but to spend time with them, and to see them return night after

3. Advertising the Expo and Evangelistic Series

While there may be many individuals who would be willing to attend an Adventist sponsored
meeting, many others would not. You will need to counsel with those of experience in your area (the
pastor, church board, the Conference) and determine which of these following two approaches would
work best for you. If you determine the public in your area generally respond well to Adventist
meetings, you can make a brochure and poster to be circulated which explains that the health expo
includes practical help for both the physical and spiritual dimensions of life.

On the other hand, in those areas where you are not so sure about the publics response or you just
want to make sure you attract as many people as possible, then it is better to make a separate
brochure for the Health Expo and another one for the Evangelistic series. (Distribute the Expo
brochure the weekend before, and the Evangelistic brochure starting mid week. Avoid making the
design of the brochure so similar that its obvious there is a connection.) We find that once the people
attending the Expo get to know us, they respond very positively to our invitation to attend the
evening health lectures, and in a couple of days the spiritual meetings as well.

Utilizing the Health Expo without an Evangelistic Series

The combined Expo and Evangelistic approach has proven itself to be an effective means of reaching
the public in many lands and diverse cultures. Yet, under certain circumstances the usual method of
transitioning from the Health Expo to the Evangelistic series may not be advisable. This would be the
case in many Muslim countries and some secularized Western nations. In this kind of environment
you might run the Health Expo for a period of 5-8 days accompanied by a series of health
presentations. The Health Expo screenings would run for 1 hour each evening, and be immediately
followed by a lecture, approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length. Lectures can be presented on a
variety of lifestyle diseases, such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and Obesity.

If you don't have well trained speakers to cover each night, consider splitting the lecture time into a
few short segments with two or three presenters. You could start with a 15 minute presentation on
Heart Disease, followed by a practical demonstration on cooking heart healthy meals (10-15 min.),
then concluding each evening with a series of presentations on family life (improving relationships)
or how to succeed in making lasting lifestyle changes. Many people will appreciate the variety of
such a program and in addition, the shorter lectures will make it easier for our untrained speakers to
keep the interest of the audience.

Health Expo Manual

Before you begin your Expo and lecture series, you will want to strategize and plan some follow up
meetings to be advertised during the evening sessions. Cooking schools, Stop Smoking Programs or
Weight management seminars are a few good choices. After one or two programs of this sort you
might transition into seminars that address the mental/emotional aspects of health (such as Stress
Management or Depression Recovery).

Keep in mind that in all of our seminars we want to work with the audience, slowly (and naturally)
introducing spiritual concepts and integrating them into our presentations. For example, in your
cooking schools you might include a short talk addressing topics such as positive attitude, trust, and
forgiveness as they relate to physical and mental health. Introducing spiritual concepts in this way
will serve to awaken a greater interest when we transition into the second phase of meetings targeting
the mental/emotional realm. These seminars provide an opportunity to speak on spiritual themes
more openly. Over time this approach will gradually lead to the development of either personal Bible
studies or solid contacts for an evangelistic campaign. Though this method does require some degree
of persevering effort in certain cultures it will be more successful than the more direct evangelistic
approach, which may be a bigger step than many people are ready to take.

Other uses of the Health Expo

In addition to the methods weve previously described, the Health Expo may also be successfully
adapted for one-day events. For example, it can be utilized as an effective community outreach
program. With the participation of local church members an Expo can be planned and the public
invited for 3-4 hours on a Sunday afternoon. It is advisable to find a public hall for this event, as
experience has shown that nearly twice the amount of people will attend if the Expo is held in a
location that is familiar and easily accessible to the public. Other options would be to run the Health
Expo in places where people naturally congregate, such as shopping malls, universities or even as
part of another event (County fairs, etc.). You can offer to conduct a Health Expo in a public school
or at a large company as a service to their employees.

Regardless of just how or where you conduct your Expo, be sure to include follow-up programs as
part of your overall strategy. As an aid to help you determine felt needs in your community, take a
look at which seminars individuals have shown an interest in as they filled out their Health Age
Questionnaire form.

Health Expo Manual

The Order of the Screening Stations

When all the stations are set up, the public sees the colorful variety of Expo panels with their
individual headings. The panels and stations may be arranged in whatever order lends itself to the
shape of the building and the most logical flow of traffic. Below are the two most common
arrangements we use.

The Basic Arrangement

Having the Temperance and Trust booths side by side has the advantage that when people finish the
computer health age evaluation they can step directly over to the next booth for health and spiritual

Water Sunshine Air

Hydrotherapy Blood Pressure Peak Flow Meter
Step Test

Chair Massage
Body Fat Scale

Entrance Trust Temperance

Personal Record Counseling Computer Health Age

Health Expo Manual

The Plus Program Arrangement

This third alternative incorporates blood screening. Some states or countries are becoming more
sensitive about doing blood screening (glucose and/or cholesterol) in public places. There is a
growing concern about the AIDS epidemic and the potential for cross contamination of individuals.
Another complication doing glucose or cholesterol screening is the cost involved. The supplies are
expensive. We like to advertise the Expo as a free public service, so either you have to budget for the
expense or add an asterisk in your advertising saying everything is free except glucose and
cholesterol screening.
If you determine your location will allow for blood screening, this is the station order we typically

Water Sunshine Temperance

Hydrotherapy Blood Pressure Body Fat Scale

Peak Flow Meter

Step Test

Glucose & Cholesterol

Chair Massage

Entrance Trust Computer Rest

Personal Record Counseling Health Age

Health Expo Manual

Screening Activities
It normally takes 45 people each day to conduct a full size health expo, (full size expos are when you
are expecting more than 300 people per day for screening). Half of them run the various screening
stations and the other half do the chair massage. A small expo can run with 15-30 people, half
screening and half doing massage.

Since each health expo is dependant on local church members, it is important that one church
member serve as the Expo Coordinator. This person will be responsible to see that all the trained
church volunteers come on time each day so that the expo runs smoothly. The parentheses ( ) below
refer to the number of people for each particular station.

Entrance (1-2)
A greeter gives the health expo attendees the Personal Health
Record form. Explain to them that the Personal Health Record
form will be marked in every screening station according to
their results.

If the expo is very busy and certain screening stations are quite full while others are not, the greeter
may suggest to the attendee which screening station to start with.

Nutrition (2-3)
Body Fat Analyzer and Scale; Height
One person can measure peoples height.
Two persons are needed if you use two scales.
Write their body fat results and weight on their Personal Health Record

This is a good place to use your younger members. The body fat analysis
machine looks like a digital bathroom scale; it gives your weight and tells
your percentage of body fat. There is a handout to tell what is normal and abnormal.

Hand out the Nutrition literature and the Body Fat information sheet.

Health Expo Manual

Exercise (2-3)
The Harvard Step Test
Use people to administer this test who enjoy exercising. One person fills out
the Personal Health Record form with the individuals resting pulse. The
other person administers the step test.

We have found that if you are using several steps (or one long step) that it
actually works better to test people simultaneously. For each person you
test, have one staff checking their resting pulse. When everyone is ready to
begin the step test, have one person demonstrate the appropriate rhythm used when stepping up and
down the step. Using a metronome or playing recorded music that has a beep for each step up and
down is very helpful to keeping everyone stepping at the
appropriate pace. If one staff person standing in front of those
being tested will also do the stepping with them it helps keep
everyone coordinated throughout the test. At the end of the
three minutes the staff should be ready to immediately take each
participants pulse and record it. Then seat each participant and
take their recovery pulse after five minutes.

There are certain medical conditions where the administration

of the Step Test is not recommended. They include the
Angina pectoris (intermittent chest pain due to a lack of
oxygen supply to the heart muscle)
Heart attack
Cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm of the heart)
Heart failure
Exercise induced epilepsy
Using Heart or Blood Pressure medications

We recommend that the person doing the exercise screening should either inform each participant of
the above precautions or have them read and sign a printed copy of the advisory; a printed copy is
provided in the Appendix.

Write their results on the Personal Health Record form.

Hand out the Exercise literature

Health Expo Manual

Water (1-2)
Simple Natural Remedies (Hydrotherapy demonstration)
1 Person demonstrates a hot footbath using a second person as a live model.
1 Person is in charge of giving out cups of water
Write the name of the hydrotherapy demonstration on their Personal Health
Record form.

Hand out the Water literature

It may be easier if water is not used for the demonstration as this can be
messy. Use an empty foot basin and wrap someone up as the patient.
Asking for a volunteer from the audience to be the patient will increase
audience participation.

An additional activity can be using the so-called germ powder. This

activity illustrates the importance of thoroughly washing ones hands.
Order the powder and the ultraviolet light from The Health Connection,
www.healthconnection.org or telephone 1 800 548-8700

Sunshine (1-3)
Blood Pressure
Use at least two people taking blood pressures if possible as this booth
always proves to be very popular.
Write their results on their Personal Health Record form.
Hand out the Sunshine literature

Health Expo Manual

Temperance (2-4)
Computer Health-age Appraisal
This is always one of the most popular screening tests at the
expo. If the expo is quite busy, this is how we like to staff so that
people do not have to wait long time periods.

Have one or two staff circulating among those who are filling out the Health-Age Questionnaire
form. This helps make sure the people fill in all the information properly. If incomplete
Questionnaire forms are given to the computer operators, it slows down the whole process.

Two individuals familiar with computers and typing use two computers and printers. Very quickly
they enter into the computer program the data from the Health-Age Questionnaire form and then print
out the results on the special Health-Age Results form that the computer operators have.

One or two individuals can give back the Results form and briefly explain what the numbers mean.
Then refer the attendees to the Trust booth nearby for more detailed health counseling.

Hand out the Temperance literature.

Some additional activities include using a 4-foot long inflatable cigarette, which lists all the poisons.
Also, a jar illustrating cigarette tar is interesting. Another activity uses a pair of temperance goggles
which cause visual distortion, loss of balance, and lack of control similar to that experienced by those
under the influence of alcohol. (These last three items may be ordered from The Health Connection,
www.healthconnection.org or telephone 1 800 548-8700).

Be sure to keep the Health Age Questionnaire form after processing them on the computer. They will
receive the Results page, but you will want to keep the Questionnaire page on file since it contains
their contact information and what seminars they would be interested in attending in the future. You
can also use this data to find out in which topics people are showing an interest and plan your
seminars accordingly.

Air (1-2)
Peak Flow Meter
Two people each with a peak flow meter can administer the peak flow
breath volume test. This test is used to indicate lung function, measuring
an individuals ability to push air out of their lungs.

Write their results on their Personal Health Record form.

Hand out the Air literature.

Health Expo Manual

Rest (10-20)
Anti-Stress Massage
In a full size expo 12 women and 8 men will be needed each
night to do chair massage (neck and shoulders) and make friends.
In a smaller Expo, try using 6 women and 4 men. This is by far
one of the most popular booths.

Sign their Personal Health Record form to indicate they have received a massage.

Encourage people to come back the following nights for more massage. As you get to know them,
many will be willing to accept your invitation to attend the evangelistic meetings.
Hand out the Rest literature.

Trust (2-4)
Health Counseling and Literature
The number of health counselors will depend upon the size
of the health expo. Individuals attending the health expo
should be referred to the health-counseling booth (Trust
booth) upon completion of the various health screenings. In
addition to interpreting each persons health age report, the counselors should review the Personal
Health Record, summarize their results, and speak about any areas where the individual may be at
risk (high blood pressure, weight, etc.).

In many cases people are quite interested to know what they can do to lower their risk of disease and
experience better health. This is especially true after the screenings have helped them to see their
need. Often individuals will confess their struggles with particular habits (weight, smoking, etc.).
Health counselors should watch for appropriate opportunities to remind people that we have a loving
Heavenly Father who cares for them and desires to strengthen and help them make the necessary
changes. This is a good time to give out literature (health, and in some cases spiritual), to invite them
to specific seminars (cooking schools, weight management, stress, etc.), and even to pray with them,
asking God to bless and help them in their specific areas of need.

Sign their Personal Health Record form.

Hand out the Trust literature.

The local pastor should be available at this booth. It is also good to have a lady, someone used to
meeting the public (e.g. a Bible worker). The counselors should be friendly people, capable of giving
suggestions for a healthy lifestyle, as well as sensitive to discern peoples spiritual needs.

Health Expo Manual

Screening Activities for Plus Program

In the Plus program all the booths stay the same as in the Basic Arrangement. In the Nutrition booth
we do the glucose and cholesterol screening. The body fat analysis scales are moved to the
Temperance booth.

Glucose & Cholesterol Screening (2-4)

If circumstances make it necessary to charge for the glucose and cholesterol testing (usually just to
cover the strips), you may only need 2-4 trained nurses, doctors, or lab technicians to do the
screening. However, when you offer this testing for free be sure you have sufficient personnel, like 6-
8 staff.

Write their results on their Personal Health Record form.

The glucose and cholesterol strips are fairly expensive. Perhaps in some instances you may be able to
find a sponsor willing to cover the costs for this testing. When you find it necessary to charge, be sure
to state clearly on the advertising that there will be a small charge for this service, and all the others
will be free.

Some countries are very sensitive to blood being handled in public places. Become familiar with the
laws governing that area and ensure that those conducting these tests take the necessary sanitary
precautions to protect themselves and those they are screening.

Health Expo Manual

Personnel and Equipment Needed

Activity Personnel Equipment & Forms Furniture
Entrance 1-2 greeters Personal Health Record
Nutrition 2-3 persons with scales and Height 2 body fat scales 2 chairs
Body Fat Scale chart Height Chart 1 literature table
Alcohol wipes to clean the
Replacement batteries
Exercise 2-3 persons 1-2 steps, or a wide step to 4 chairs
Step Test accommodates two 1 literature table
Water 1-2 persons demonstrating Bottled water and cups 1 chair
Hydrotherapy 1 person patient Equipment for demonstrating 1 table
1 person handing out water treatments
Sunshine 1-3 persons taking BP 1-3 blood pressure cuffs 4-8 chairs
Blood Pressure Literature 1-3 medium size
Temperance 2 computer operators 2 computers 1 table 30 x 8 (80cm
Computer Health 1-2 helpers to fill out the forms 2 printers x 250cm)
1-2 who refer people to the health Extension cords 2-4 small tables with
Age counseling booth (see Trust booth) Health Age Questionnaire 4-8 chairs for filling
and Results forms out forms
Spare printer ink
Air 1-2 persons 1-2 peak flow meter 1-2 tables
Peak Flow Meter Disposable mouthpieces
Rest 10-20 persons trained in chair Literature 10-20 chairs without
Chair Massage massage, about 1/3 of them males arms for massage
and 2/3 females 2 tables 30 x 8
(80cm x 250cm)
Trust 2-4 health counselor, preferably Variety of literature 2-8 chairs
Counseling with some medical background, Literature 2 small tables for
spiritual counselors too. literature

The Plus Program

Glucose and/or 2-4 well trained nurses, doctors or Glucose and Cholesterol 1-3 tables
Cholesterol lab technicians testers 4-12 chairs
Glucose strips
screening (If you offer this service for free Cholesterol strips
you will need more like 6-8 staff.) Calibrating strips
Disposable lancets

Health Expo Manual

Other Possible Activities

Childrens Program: Parents like to enjoy the Expo while the children are taking care of in a
well-prepared program. Activities can include singing, stories, simple games, and some basic
instructions on the eight laws of health. The program can be done during the Expo, as well as
during the lectures/sermons.

Vegetarian Food Samples: Much of the prejudice against switching to a more plant based
diet can be removed with offering tasty samples of vegetarian cooking. If possible, provide
them also with the recipes you display.

Herbal tea garden: Use such teas as Chamomile, Peppermint, Stinging Nettle etc. One could
even make a Hot Carob drink and Cereal Coffee available.

Book table: Try to ask a local colporteur to display his collection of health books and

Coronary Risk Assessment: In addition to the Health Age software, this program focuses on
an individuals heart health. People who become identified as high risk for heart disease are
usually very receptive to health counseling. This software is available through:
http://lifelonghealth.us/ and requires a basic computer and printer to process an individuals
health profile.

Health Expo Manual

Training at Your Location

We can sometimes arrange to bring a small training team of 2-6 to your location, with your church
covering basic travel expenses, local hosting and a love offering (suggested minimum $200.)

Typically we can fully train your church members to run the expo with a weekend training session.
The anti-stress (chair) massage training requires three 1.5-hour training sessions. The most efficient
weekend schedule is to have an introduction and our first massage session Saturday evening after
sundown. Sunday morning have a three-hour orientation class on how to run the expo and each
station. Conclude the morning with the second massage training session. Have lunch. Resume after
lunch practicing using the screening equipment and conclude with the final massage session.

For more information write Charles or Phoebe Cleveland, Health Education Resources, 5340 Layton
Lane, Apison, TN 37302. Telephone 423 236-5600 or 236-4887;
Email: ccleveland@oupostcenters.org or visit our website www.HEResources.com

Purchasing the Expo Panels

and Screening Equipment
The beauty of the H.E.R. Health Expo Program is that the cost of the panels and the equipment is
very nominal due to large volume printing and equipment inventory. Currently the panels are
available in 13 languages: English, Bulgarian, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Mongolian,
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, and Ukrainian

Please note the Starter Kit in the price sheet. This is the most economical way to obtain
everything you need to begin your health expo experience.

Health Expo Manual

Sample Newspaper Release

01-PRESS RELEASE Expo and Lecturer

Contacts: Darren Greenfield (706) 820-1493, cell: (423) 580-2716
Viriato Ferreira, M.D. (706) 820-9631, cell: (423) 580 1342

So Whats A Health Expo??

(Wildwood, GA). Health Fairs have become quite a popular community event. People are
able to receive free health screenings, tests and information on everything from diabetes to weight
management. But, whats a person supposed to do with all the info that they find out about their
Just ask the lifestyle experts from the Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, organizers of
the Atlanta Health Expo, scheduled for June 28-July 2 at the GA Tech Robert Ferst Center for
the Arts. The Atlanta Health Expo is like a health fair, only better. It is staffed by lifestyle experts
who dont just tell you whats wrong, they show you how to practically do simple things to prevent
disease and reverse it if you already have it.
The Atlanta Health Expo will feature screenings for blood pressure, lung capacity, body-fat
analysis, cholesterol, glucose (if you are going to include these blood tests), Harvard step test,
Alameda County computerized health-age appraisals and free anti-stress massages.
Each evening, after the health screenings and advice, Neil Nedley, MD and author of the
textbook Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through
Nutrition and Lifestyle, (Neil Nedley Publishing, 1998) will lecture June 28-30 on How to Conquer
the Cancer Dragon, Overcoming Stress and Depression and Can Animal Diseases Affect You?
The Atlanta Health Expo promises to one of the best learning opportunities for the summer.
And, its a great way to take charge of your health! All screenings and lectures are free. They will
take place at the GA Tech Robert Ferst Center for the Arts on June 28-July 2. Health screenings are
from 6:00-7:30. Lectures with Dr. Nedley begin at 7:30.

Health Expo Manual

Sample Radio Press Release

Date ..


Contact: Darren Greenfield - 423-580-2716 OR 706-820-1493
Donna Green-Goodman, MPH - 404-299-0188 OR 770-484-1577

Lifestyle Really Does Make a Difference in Chronic Disease!!

(Wildwood, GA). Perhaps you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity,
stress, cancer or addictions. Maybe you have just been told by your physician that if you take charge
of your health by changing your lifestyle, he/she wont have to increase your meds or perform
surgery. Well, the lifestyle experts at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital (Wildwood, GA) and
Lifestyle Principles, Inc., (Decatur, GA) want to show you how to successfully make those changes
and really take control of your health at the Atlanta Health Expo!!
Thats right, the lifestyle experts from the Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, are
sponsoring the Atlanta Health Expo, June 28-July 2 at the GA Tech Robert Ferst Center for the
Arts. The Atlanta Health Expo is like a health fair, only better. It is staffed by lifestyle experts who
dont just tell you whats wrong, they show you how to practically do simple things to prevent
disease and reverse it if you already have it.
The Atlanta Health Expo will feature FREE screenings for blood pressure, lung capacity,
body-fat analysis, glucose, cholesterol (if your are going to offer these), Harvard step test, Alameda
County computerized health age appraisal, and free anti-stress massages.
Each evening following the health screenings, expert medical advice will be given by health
professionals. Neil Nedley, MD and author of the textbook Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat
Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle, (Neil Nedley Publishing,
1998) will lecture June 28-30 on How to Conquer the Cancer Dragon, Overcoming Stress and
Depression and Can Animal Diseases Affect You?
The Atlanta Health Expo promises to one of the best learning opportunities of the YEAR and
DATE summer season. And, its a great way to take charge of your health!

Health Expo Manual

Sample Posters and Handbills

HEALTH EXPO Your Personal Health Record

Body Fat


Body Fat % Recommended

Nutrition Exercise Pulse Rate after 3 min.
moderate exercise:
Exercise Step Test
110 or lower Excellent
Resting Pulse
Water 110-120 Very good
120-130 Good
Sunshine 130-140 Fair
3 min. Exercise Pulse 140 or higher Poor
5 min. Recovery
Rest Pulse

Trust Water

Sunshine Minimum: 140/90

Ideal: 120/70
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure

Computer Health Age
Health Age

Peak Flow Meter
Peak Flow Recommended


Health Counseling
Discover Your Health Age
How old are youreally?

This Those following

Report all seven practices
is for: began aging about
20-30 years later
How many good health habits
you currently practice

Your current age Your Potential Health Age

How old you are according to How young you would be if you
your birth record practiced all seven good health habits

Your Health Age Years of added life

How old you are according to How many extra years you could add
your health practices to your life expectancy if you followed
all of the good health habits

The Study Seven Essential Health Habits

More than ever before, scientic research 1 Maintain a proper weight
is uncovering the fact that premature ag-
ing and disability are largely the result 2 Exercise regularly
of the way we live. Common lifestyle 3 Eat breakfast daily
factors, such as being overweight and 4 Dont eat between meals
not getting enough sleep or exercise can
make people old before their time. 5 Get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly
6 Dont smoke
In a well-known study, the health prac-
7 Dont drink alcohol
tices of 7,000 people were recorded
Personal Recommendations
for nine years. This research revealed
a clear relationship between seven ba-
sic health practices and ones risk of
death. Individuals practicing all of these
healthy habits lived an average of 10-
12 years longer, with increased quality
of life.

This report will help you discover your

current health age by comparing your
personal health practices with current
scientic information.

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Discover Your Health Age
How old are youreally?


Age Weight kg Sex


Height cm Body Fat %

Exercise Sleep
How often do you get vigorous exercise How many hours do you
for at least 20-30 minutes? (Examples: Brisk usually sleep per night?
walking, gardening, jogging, sports, swimming, or cycling.)
6 hours or less

1 Most every day 7-8 hours


2 Less than 3 times per week 9 hours or more


3 Rarely
Smoking History
Breakfast I never smoked

How often do you eat a good breakfast? I have quit smoking

(More than just donuts and coffee.)
1 Almost every day I smoke less than 1 pack a day

2 Sometimes I smoke more than 1 pack a day


3 Rarely or never Alcohol Use

Snacking How many servings of
How often do you eat alcohol do you drink in a week?
(A bottle of beer, glass of wine or liquor.)
anything between meals? 1 None
Almost every day
2 1-2 servings
Once in a while
3 3-10 servings
Rarely or Never
4 Over 10 servings

Please indicate which topics you are interested.

Stop Smoking Weight Loss Fitness
Nutrition Diabetes Heart Disease
Cancer Stress Management Spiritual Health
Marriage Enrichment Parenting
If you would like to receive free self-study guides and to be notied of upcoming seminars, please ll out the
following information.

Address _______________________________ City ___________________ State _____

Zip Code ________ Phone (optional) ______________ E-mail (optional) __________________

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Harvard Step Test

Medical Advisory
I understand that the Harvard Step Test measures the heart rates response to a
standardized level of physical exercise and its recovery after a period of rest.

I also understand that certain medical conditions and medications may interfere with this
test and may even increase ones risk of developing certain serious medical problems such
as cardiovascular collapse, stroke or heart attack.

To the best of my knowledge I do not suffer nor have suffered from any of the following
medical conditions:

Angina pectoris (intermittent chest pain due to a lack of

oxygen supply to the heart muscle)
Heart attack
Cardiac arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm of the heart)
Heart failure
Exercise induced epilepsy

I do not have a cardiac pacemaker and I am not taking any medication for heart disease
and /or high blood pressure.

I do not suffer from any medical condition that may be worsened, or put me at risk of
medical complications by the Harvard step Test.

Date: Place: ___________________________

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