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January 2015

YUSUF HASHIM and slightly Unusu

An Unabashed Curiculum Vitae
email: yusufhashim@digitalartist.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yusufhashim.digitalartist
Websites: www.digitalartist.com.my and www.photosafari.com.my
HP +6012-2712955

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Table of Contents

Preface - Yusuf Hashim - An Unabashed Curriculum Vitae .......................... 03

Yusuf Hashim Curriculum Vitae - Executive Summary .................................. 04
Contact Addresses and Education ...................................................................... 06
Portfolio - Mursi Boy from the Omo Valley of Ethioia .................................... 07
Corporate Life - The Jet-Setter ........................................................................... 08
Post Retirement - The Jeep-Setter ...................................................................... 09
African Journey Route Map ................................................................................. 10
Lecturer at the Open University of Malaysia ..................................................... 11
Administrator of PhotoMalaysia.com ................................................................ 12
Portfolio - Nirvana Beach of Java ........................................................................ 13
Yusuf Hashims PhotoSafaris ................................................................................ 14
Workshops and PhotoSafaris organized since 2007 ............................... ...........16
Exhibitions and Talks .............................................................................................17
Yusuf Hashim speaks at World Photo Fest 2013 ................................................18
Yusuf Hashim, the Writer - Books Published online at Blurb.com ..................19
Chip Photo Video - Past Issues Covers .............................................................. 20
Yusuf Hashims Sample Portfolio ......................................................................... 21
Newspaper Reports Featuring Yusuf Hashim ................................................... 44
The Star Interviews Yusuf Hashim - Meet the Gypsetters ................................ 45
The Star Interviews Yusuf #2 - Jeep-Setting Adventures .................................. 50
The Star Interviews Yusuf - Pictures Worth a 1000 Words .............................. 51

Page 2
YUSUF HASHIM and sligh tl y U n u

s ual

An Unabashed Curiculum Vitae

This unabashed and slightly unusual CV, was originally prepared in response to
an invitation for Yusuf Hashim to run an in-house Photography Training Work-
shop for staff of the Public Affairs department of a multinational corporation. It
was originally laid out in a very detailed manner, combining the usual, boring CV
minutiae, together with Yusufs Digital Photography credentials.
This is an upbeat, abridged version, with a short CV summary on the next page,
for people who dont have the time or inclination to read the full version.
For those who love much self inflicted pain, you are welcome to venture beyond
the next page, but I do reccomend that you get a puke bucket ready .... just in case.
For privacy reasons, some personal details have been blanked out.
Please call Yusuf Hashim at +60122702955 if you need to view these.

Page 3
Yusuf Hashim - Curriculum Vitae
(A Summary of the Puke-Inducing Verbosity in the Following Pages)

Yusuf Hashim on a PhotoSafari in Korea

In a previous life, and for 30 years,

Yusuf Hashim worked his butt out
for Shell, and he was generously rewarded.
to elective retirement in 1999, he was Gen-
eral Manager for Strategy and Change for
Shell Malaysia Downstream Businesses, and
In the eighties he was based in London and concurrently, he was also Retail Market En-
Rotterdam as International Trading Manag- try Project Director for Shell in Indonesia,
er for Shells Styrenics Manufacturing plants which required him to fly weekly to Jakarta.
in theUK, Netherlands, Belgium, France
and Germany. In his job, Yusuf Jet-setted Yusuf elected to retire prematurely in
globally and extensively. Returning to Ma- 1999 in order to become a Jeep-setter, a
laysia in 1990, he was appointed Managing Gypsetter, a Photographer, a Writer, a
Director of Shell Chemicals Businesses in Lecturer, a Golfer, a Superbiker, and oh,
Malaysia. In 1993 he became Retail Mar- also to qualify as a Para-motor Pilot.
keting Director for Shell in Malaysia. Prior
Page 4
Yusuf also flies single engine aeroplanes as online, several photography Coffee Table
a hobby, and has held a Private Pilot Li- Books. These are printed on demand and
cence (PPL) since 1976, when he helped are presently available for purchase either
set up the Pahang Flying Club in Kuantan. as eBooks or printed books from Blurb.com
In 2009 the Open University of Malaysia rec-
Yusuf s photography, motorcycling and
ognised Yusuf s photography skills and teach-
4x4 driving skills were exceptional, and
ing capabilities and appointed him a Part
recognized as such. Within a couple
time Lecturer for their Certificate and Diplo-
of years of participating in trans-con-
ma Courses in Photography. Yusuf lectured
tinental driving expeditions with the
at the Open University for 3 years until 2011.
Petronas Adventure Team, and 4x4
World-Explorer.com, the latter appoint- In 2008, as an extension to his work at Pho-
ed him their Official Team Photographer. toMalaysia, and leveraging the experience
and international network of contacts he
4x4 World Explorer.com are specialists
developed during 12 years of Jeep-Setting
in organizing trans-continental motoring
and shooting photos across almost all the
and motor-cycling expeditions worldwide.
worlds continents, Yusuf and a fellow pho-
While shooting for 4x4-World-Explor- tographer friend, started www. Photosafari.
er, Yusuf drove across almost all of Afri- com.my. The purpose of Yusuf s PhotoSa-
ca, all of South America, all of Europe, faris was to organize unique photography
Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tur- learning experiences for participants.
key, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, the
The PhotoSafari Experience begins with a
Himalayas, Tibet, China, and ASEAN
2 days photography and post processing
as well as Australia and New Zealand.
workshop in a classroom environment. This
Yusuf s writing, photography and digital is then followed by a 10-15 days photosa-
post processing skills were good enough fari shooting expedition at an exotic loca-
that in 2004 he was appointed Administra- tion worldwide, where the theory taught in
tor of PhotoMalaysia.com by its founders. the classroom workshops, are augmented
PhotoMalaysia.com is presently Malaysias and reinforced by a 24/7, person to per-
largest online photography community. son coaching in real time while shooting.
Yusuf nurtured and grew the PhotoMalay-
Since 2008 more than 20 workshops and
sia community from just 2000 members
dozens of teaching PhotoSafari Trips to ex-
in 2004, to more than 85,000 in 2010, by
otic locations abroad has been conducted by
contributing online content, writing pho-
Yusuf and his partner, benefitting more than
tography tutorials, organizing photogra-
2000 participants from Malaysia and abroad.
phy training programs and photo-shoots,
Countries visited on these teaching pho-
and answering photography, and digital
tosafaris include Bhutan, Kashmir, the Old
post processing queries from members.
Silk Road in Xinjiang Uyghur, Bangladesh,
From 2004-2006 Yusuf was a Contribut- the Taklimakan Desert, Tibet, Nepal, the
ing Writer for Chip Photo Video & Digital Himalayas, Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Viet-
Magazine. He had his own regular section, nam, Cambodia, China, Korea, India, Ethio-
writing Photography and Digital Photo pia, Kashmir, Cuba, etc. Check out the Pho-
Processing articles monthly for the maga- toSafari Facebook page by clicking HERE
zine. Yusuf has also written and published
Page 5
Yusuf Hashim
Personal Info & Contact Address
Contact Address
No: 20 Jalan 16/5, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Phone: +6012-2712955
E-mail: yusufhashim@digitalartist.com.my

Facebook - yusufhashim.digitalartist

Facebook PhotoSafari: https://www.facebook.com/PhotoSafari.com.my

Websites: www.digitalartist.com.my and www.photosafari.com.my

University of Malaya B.A. Hons. (Economics)
Harvard Business School - Senior Management Development Program
Management Development Program 1984 (Asridge Strategic Mgt Centre - London)
Alma Mater : Royal Military College, Sungai Besi, Outward Bound School
Also attended 28 Local and International Personal, Management, Technical and Developmen-
tals programs in London, Louvain-la-Nueve, Houston, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg,
Amsterdam, Vienna, Wellington, Singapore and the Hague. Please ask for details.

Yusuf has been interviewed and featured in several Newspapers and Magazines.
Click on these links to read these reports, at their respective publications online :

The Star 31 July 2013 - Jeep-Setting Adventures

The Star 31 July 2013 Living By the Bell
The Star 21 July 2013 Jeep-Setter Requirements
The Star 25 February 2012 - Meet the Gypsetters

Aperture Magazine November 2014 and December 2015 issues

Perito Moreno Glacier - Patagonia, S.America - shot during Round S.America 4x4 Expedition 2006

Page 6
Portfolio Sample - A 12 year old Mursi Boy from the Omo Valley of ETHIOPIA.
This Photo was shot during a PHOTOSAFARI to the OMO VALLEY OF ETHIOPIA.
The Mursis are cattle herders. Their wealth is measured by the number of cattle they have.
Most Mursis are armed with AK 47 rifles which they use to protect their cattle, and themselves from
cattle raiders from enemy tribes. This boy got his rifle as part of the dowry during his sisters wedding.
The wedding dowry for a Mursi girl is usually 30 cows.
Page 7
Corporate Life - the Jet-Setter
For 30 years between 1969-1999, Yusuf Hashim had a sterling career in the Oil and
Chemicals sectors of Shell, one of the worlds largest multinational corporations.
Working internationally, he was based at various times in London, Rotterdam, Indone-
sia and Malaysia.
He Jet-setted globally and extensively as part and parcel of his work in Shell, building
an enviable network of colleagues and friends worldwide, but more significantly,
constructing a Places to Revisit List, because time in a Jet-setters schedule, is simply
not your own to squander on leisure and pleasure. So to those who drool for a
Jet-setters life style, be aware it is not what you fantasise it to be. Business class travel,
Yes. Five Star hotels and good food in excellent restaurants, Yes.
But leisure, pleasure and photography NO. There was simply not enough time in
between kissing asses and getting screwed in the ass by customers, competitors and
colleagues. Yeah, it was good for a while but you soon get quite tired of it ....

In the 10 years prior to elective retirement in 1999,

Yusuf was successively, Shell Malaysia Downstream General Manager for Strategy and
Change, Managing Director of Shell Chemicals Company in Malaysia, Retail Marketing
Director for Shell Malaysia Downstream Operations, and concurrently,
Project Director for Shell Retail Market Entry into Indonesia.
So net-net, he didnt do too bad in the Corporate phase of his life.

Page 8
Post Retirement - the Jeep-Setter
Yusuf elected to retire prematurely in 1999, to devote time to his lifelong
passion for Photography, Travelling, Motor-cycling, 4x4 All Terrain In-
ter-Continental Motoring, Flying (Licenced Private Pilot for Single Engined
Aeroplanes and Paramotoring) and Writing.
His life-long self-developed photography and all-terrain driving skills,
almost immediately earned him the position of Team Official Photographer,
whenever he participated in 4x4 World-Explorer.com inter-continental
driving expeditions.
4x4 World-Explorer.com are specialists in organizing 4x4 Trans-Continen-
tal Driving and Motorcycling Adventures worlwide. As OP for this Group,
Yusuf drove an all-terrain 4x4 Landcruiser, and shot photos in more than
100 countries, and across almost every continent in the world - across all
of Africa, around all of South America, across Europe and Russia, Kazakh-
stan, the Middle East, across Asia, China, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal, the
Himalayas, ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand. The photo on this page,
was shot during a beautiful evening , while camping in the Makgadikgadi
Pan of Botswana.
The Map of Africa on the next page , show the routes Yusuf has driven in
Detailed maps of all the trans-continental routes he has driven can be
viewed at his website at www.digitalartist.com.my

Page 9
Yusuf Hashim - African Journey

Map above shows the cumulutive routes Yusuf has driven in Africa between 2004 - 2011.

Page 10
Yusuf Hashim - Lecturer at The Open University
From 2009-2011, when he wasnt Jeep-Setting and Gyp-Setting, Yusuf was doing
National Service as a part time Lecturer in Photography and Digital Post Processing,
at Malaysias Open University in Kuala Lumpur, for the Certificate in Photography, and
Diploma in Photography courses. After 3 years, he reluctantly had to stop, because his
travelling and photography commitments demanded more of his time.

A Prayer Wheel in Kathmandu

Prayer wheels contain thousands of incantations written on holy paper. The act of turning them
is supposed to amplify a devotees own prayers. I caught the hand of this child, who was still in his
mothers arms, turning a heavy prayer wheel that is even bigger than himself . The love for God is
emphasised very early in life by the devout .....

Page 11
Yusuf Hashim - Administrator at PhotoMalaysia

In 2003 Yusuf joined www.photomalaysia.com , an Online Photography Community,

where members interact online about photography. At PhotoMalaysia, Yusuf contrib-
uted massive photography and digital post processing content, answering queries
to assist and train PhotoMalaysia members into taking their photography to higher
levels. Writing under the pseudonym of Digitalartist, his considerable contribution was
recognized when he was appointed Principal Administrator of PhotoMalaysia by its
founders. Yusuf nurtured PhotoMalaysia into becoming Malaysias Largest online pho-
tography community, growing the membership from about 2000 members in 2003, to
more than 85,000 members at the present moment.

Portfolio Sample
Shooting the Pacu Jawi Bull Races in Sumatra.

Page 12
Portfolio Sample - Nirvana Beach, West Java
Yusuf Hashim - PhotoSafaris
In 2008, as an extension to his work at PhotoMalaysia, and leveraging the experience
and international network of contacts he developed during 12 years of Jeep-Setting
and shooting photos across almost all of the worlds continents, Yusuf and a fellow pho-
tographer friend, started www. Photosafari.com.my . The purpose of Yusufs PhotoSafaris
was to organize unique photography learning experiences to participants.
The PhotoSafari Experience begins with a 2 days photography and post processing
workshop in a classroom environment. This is then followed by a 10 to 15 days photosa-
fari shooting expedition at an exotic location worlwide, where the theory taught in the
workshops are augmented & reinforced by a 24/7 real-time, person to person coaching.

Since 2008 more than 20 workshops and dozens of teaching PhotoSafari Trips to exotic
locations abroad has been conducted by Yusuf and his partner, benefitting more than
2000 participants from Malaysia and abroad. Countries visited on these teaching pho-
tosafaris include Bhutan, Kashmir, the Old Silk Road in Xinjiang Uyghur, Bangladesh,
the Taklimakan Desert, Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayas, Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Vietnam,
Cambodia, China, Korea, India, Ethiopia, Kashmir, Cuba, etc.

Check out the stories and photos shot on past PhotoSafaris at the PhotoSafari Website
and the PhotoSafari Facebook Page. Check out the 2015 PhotoSafari programs by click-
ing HERE . The 2015 PhotoSafari program will include teaching tours to Iceland, Moroc-
co, Greenland, North Korea, Patagonia, Bhutan, Philippines, Nepal and Tibet.
Here is a list of some of the past workshops and PhotoSafaris since 2007

Page 14
Above: Camping in the Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana, en-route to the Okavango Delta and
the Kalahari Desert of Namibia.

Below :Participants of the PhotoSafari to the Old Silk Road on a Camel Caravan to shoot the
sunset at the Ming Sha Dunes in the Gobi Desert of Xinjiang Uyghur

Page 15
Workshops & PhotoSafaris 2007 to Present
Below is a list of some of the PhotoSafaris, Photography and Post Processing Workshops which Yusuf has
conducted since 2007, which have benefitted more than 2000 photographers from Malaysia and abroad.

Workshop & PhotoSafari to Trengganu - May 2008

Open University Workshop in Kuching Dec 2008
Workshop at Kelab Golf Negara Subang March 2009
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Siem Reap, Cambodia - April 2009
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Angkor Wat Cambodia - May 2009
Workshop in Kuching & Batang Air for Rainforest Festival - June 2009
Workshop & Photosafari in Kuala Selangor July 2009
Workshop at Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor - Nov 2009
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Vietnam - Dec 2009
PhotoSafari to Kuala Selangor - Jan 2010
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Vietnam - Mar 2010
Workshop for Shell in Bintulu - May 2010
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Bangladesh - June 2010
Workshop & PhotoSafari to The Old Silk Road - October 2010
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Cambodia for Leica - Dec 2010
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Nepal & the Himalayas - March 2011
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Sumatra (Pacu Jawi Bull Races) - April 2011
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Cebu, Phillipines - July 2011
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Xinjiang Uyghur & Taklimakan Desert - Oct 2011
Workshop & PhotoSafari to the Annapurnas, Himalayas - Mar 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Borobudur - April 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Sri Lanka - June 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Sumatra ( Pacu Jawi Bull Races) - July 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Mt. Bromo, Java, Indonesia - Sep 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Kochi, Delhi and Srinagar, India - Sep 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Ha Giang, Vietnam Oct 2012
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Everest Base Camp & the Himalayas Mar 2013
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Ethiopia,Africa June 2013
Workshop & PhotoSafari to Tibet July 2013
PhotoSafari to the Danakil Depression and Omo Valley, Ethiopia 2014
PhotoSafari to the Annapurnas in the Himalayas 2014
PhotoSafari to Nepal and Bhutan 2014
PhotoSafari to Mt Bromo and Mt Ijen Volcanoes 2014
PhotoSafari to Seam Reap 2014
PhotoSafari to Ha Giang, Vietnam 2014
PhotoSafari to the Rainbow Mountains and the Old Silk Road 2014
Crossing Bridges to South Korea 2014
PhotoSafari to Cuba 2014

Page 16
Yusuf Hashim - Exhibitions and Talks
Over the last 15 years, Yusuf has carved a name for himself in the Malaysian Photogra-
phy landscape. His work has been seen at several exhibitions. He is regularly invited
to be a judge in photo competitions, and to give talks and lectures to Photography
Associations and societies. He is a frequent speaker at events organised by professional
photography associations, with his name up there among well known foreign speak-
ers invited to speak at those functions. Below is a photo of part of his panels at a recent
CAFFA Art and Photography Exhibition at the White Box, Publika, in Kuala Lumpur.

Page 17
This is a Promotional Poster of the World Photography Fest held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang in
2013. Yusuf Hashim was one of the speakers there, together with world reknown photographers such
as Nik Pekridis from Athens, Jennifer Star from the USA, Lito Sy from the Phillipines, Patrick Low
from Malaysia, and several others.

Page 18
Yusuf Hashim - the Writer
Over the last 15 years, Yusuf has written several photography books, and
dozens of Photography and Post Processing articles for magazines and online
photography portals. From 2004-2006 he was a Contributing Writer for Chip
Photo Video & Digital Magazine, with his own regular section, writing Photogra-
phy and Digital Photo Processing articles for the monthly magazine.
On the next ppage are some of the dozens of issues featuring Yusufs articles.
They are all available for inspection.

Yusuf has also written several coffee table books, which are published online
and printed on demand at Blurb.com. Some are private limited editions print-
ed at Photobook Malaysia. The books below can be previewed online at Blurb.
com. and can be printed on demand or purchased as eBooks.

Page 19
Chip Photo Video - Past Issues Covers

Yusuf was a Contributing Writer for Chip Photo Video & Digital Magazine from 2004-2006,
with his own regular section, writing Photography and Digital Post Processing articles
for the monthly magazine. These issue and their CD Based exercise materials which were
prepared by Yusuf, are available for inspection.

Page 20
Sample Portfolio
Yusuf Hashim

Page 21
Portfolio - An Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Pilgrim, on St. Georges Day, at the 900 year old
rock hewn Church of St Georges, in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Page 22
Portfolio Sample - An Angel on a pilgrimage to St Georges Church in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Page 23
Portfolio Sample
A woman-child, probably repenting for a past transgression at St Georges in Lalibela

Page 24
Portfolio Sample
A Dao Farmer smoking a bamboo pipe in Ha Giang, Vietnam. I swear there was more
than just tobacco in that pipe. The smell was just too sweet for simply tobacco.

Page 25
Portfolio Sample - A Dao Couple in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Page 26
A Dao Couple preparing a fire to cook lunch in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Page 27
Portfolio - One Fine Morning in an alley, in Thamel, Kathmandu

Page 28
Portfolio - One Fine Morning in an alley, in Thamel, Kathmandu

Page 29
Portfolio Sample
A Suri boy shot while on a PhotoSafari deep in the under-belly of Ethiopia

Page 30
One fine morning, in Thamel, Kathmandu

Page 31
Portfolio Sample - A Mursi Lady with her characteristic Lip Plate. Previous photo is a
Mursi Boy in all his Sunday best.
Page 32
Portfolio Sample
A Benna Woman in all her finery at a village market in Ethiopia

Page 33
Portfolio : Mursi Young Man from the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Page 34
Portfolio Sample - A Cambodian mothers eye view of her suckling baby

Page 35
Portfolio Sample - Boatman of Maiga, Sabah

Page 36
Portfolio : Ladies from the Karos Tribe of The Omo Valley in Ethiopia

Page 37
Portfolio - Nirvana Beach - Java

Page 38
Temple of Kom Ombo at Dusk in Luxor, Egypt

Page 39
Above - Sunrise in Pulau Pangkor

Page 40
A Child from Malapascua

Page 41
A Child from Pulau Maiga

Page 42
Tibetan Woman

Page 43
Newspaper Reports
Featuring Yusuf Hashim

Yusuf has been featured several times in the Malaysian Press.

Extracts from some of those newspaper reports are reproduced in the
following pages. You can read the original features by clicking on
the following Links.

Meet the Gypsetters

Jeep-setting Adventures
Jeep-Setter Requirements
Living By the Bell

Page 44
The Star Interviews Yusuf Hashim - Meet the Gypsetters
Excerpts of an Interview of Yusuf Hashim by The Star Newspaper on 25th Feb 2012
Click the photo to view the original Article at www.thestar.com.my

Kenya, Africa - Crossing the Equator at Nanyuki

A rmed with portable hammocks and

shabby sandals, these people are de-
termined to reclaim the soul in travelhot
scarcely dressed, hare-brained excess,
but not Chaplin. She has traipsed across
the globe to chronicle the lives of these
showers optional. very people, but she was getting bored.
I thought, hang on, there must be an al-
It was a trip to Saint-Tropez that gave New ternative scene, she said. It is impossible
York-based freelance journalist Julia Chap- for all the wealthy people who are also
lin an epiphany: the more money one creative and sophisticated to have disap-
has, the harder it is to be sophisticated. peared from the face of the earth. It was
I was supposed to write about the towns then that I started to travel with a different
supposed charm but I wasnt having a very criteria in mind.
good time. Everyone thought they were
having fun, and I got really disappointed
with the whole show-off circus act, she
said in an interview with Greek magazine
2Board two years ago.

It occurred to Chaplin that this once-quiet

village on the French Riviera isnt what it
used to be. It has become, quite simply, the
most famous resort in Europe. Most peo-
ple would be fascinated by the well-heeled,
Namibia, Africa - Crossing Tropic of Capricorn
Page 45
This quest led Chaplin away from the
predictable, luxury-hotel destina-
tions to more remote corners of the
earth like Lamu, Kenya, or the Aeo-
lian Islands off Sicily. This travelling
ethos, which she calls gypsetting,
fuses modern-day jet setting with the
free-spirited lifestyle of the gypsies.

She later wrote a non-fiction book, Gyp-

set Style, as a tribute to the wanderlust
tendencies of the counterculture, start-
ing with pioneer gypsetters like poet Lord
Byron who had sought refuge in Italy
and Ottoman Greece after being hound-
ed by wives, lovers and mistresses to
contemporary ones like designer Alice
Temperley and folk musician Devendra

The media was enamoured. How could

they not be?
A Special Moment
Poster children for this movement in- tired of the one-dimensional evolution of
clude Kate Hudson and Jade Jagger hi-tech capitalism and rampant, in-your-
both children of celebrities and quintes- face consumerism.
sential gypsetters, who have swapped
the Internet for printed newspapers and Whether foreign or Malaysian, they share
monogrammed bags for sarongs. On a a similar goal when they travel: to escape
more mortal level, they are artists, musi- to a realm where Prada and Starbucks do
cians, writers and other creative-types, all not exist.

Camping in the Makgadigadi Pan -Botswana

Page 46
The Jet Set is a social group that emerged
in the 60s, turning air travel into a leisure
sport. However, Chaplin believes that
they have devolved into a spunkless herd
that slavishly follows trends and confines
itself to pre-selected resorts, shops and
five-star restaurants. The travel industry
too has become formulaic and soulless.

But the gypsetters are fighting back. They

understand that time is precious and
should be spent on fusing leisure with

(snip - some content removed please see

original article)

A gypsetter even before the term was

coined, photographer and gentleman
of leisure Yusuf Hashim has travelled
to photograph hard-to-reach desti-
nations in a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
He lists the northwest frontier of Paki-
stan, where 120 of the worlds highest Masai Young Lady in Swaziland
mountains are visible just by the side of
the Karakoram Highway, and Patago- ily-run, bed-and-breakfasts along the
nia and Ushuaia in Argentina as some way, but since that is often out of the
of the most evocative places hes seen. question, he often pitches his own tent.

The 66-year-old, who has written six I had my share of jet setting and staying
e-books on his adventures and also in five-star hotels when I was working for
chronicles his adventures at www.digi- Shell as their Retail Marketing Director.
talartist.com.my, prefers to stop at fam-

Learning Photography on a PhotoSafari in the Himalayas - The Annapurnas

Page 47
quicksand, making driving extremely dif-

But once you get past that, there is noth-

ingness as far as the eye can see. The si-
lence is deafening. Sunsets and sunrises
are spectacular and the feeling of isola-
tion and being completely away from the
rest of the world is indescribable.

Gypsetter enclaves are special because

they are impossible to get to for those
on a pre-packed tour or a tight schedule.
Think Tai Long Wan instead of Hong

Bicycle in Xinjiang Uyhhur

Now that Im free, I travel and stay in ho-
tels of a thousand stars, he says.

Yusuf is drawn to authenticity.

The pyramids in Egypt are to be avoided

because of touts and Egyptian peddlers
hassling you. The Taj Mahal is pretty but
everybody goes there. Chinas attractions
are rapidly being spoilt by an overzealous
government trying to draw tourists to
their ancient antiquities. So Im no longer
interested in places like these, he says.

He also craves that rush of excitement

that you get from exploring unchartered
territory. Citing his journey to the less-
er-known Makgadikgadi Pans National
Park in Botswana as an example, he says:
Just to drive into the massive salt pans
is an adventure in itself. The powdery
salt provides near zero traction as its like A Child from a Village called Paradise, Cebu
Page 48
The All Seeing Eyes at the Bhoudanath Stupa in Kathmandu
Kong city or Mustique Island instead of Chaplin herself has gone from being
the Maldives. Its a common misconcep- a semi-detached interloper into a full-
tion that gypsetters are trust fund babies fledged gypsetter after her book was
who have the family fortune at their dis- published in 2009. She now has a website
posal. However, Yusuf has proven other- (www.gypset.com) to forge deeper into
wise. the lifestyle and set a course for adven-
ture. Thats the thing about gypsetters:
What I like most about the gypset life-
they epitomise freedom freedom from
style is that it has nothing to do with
mind-numbing routines and things and
money, noted Chaplin in her book. It has
thoughts that vulgarise existence.
to do with a level of taste available only to
those who love and appreciate both sides We become better people when we see
of life: high culture and low culture. Buy- that everyone in the world is essentially
ing a luxury villa with a private beach or the same, says Yusuf. Travel broadens
staying in five-star hotels does not make our minds, ridding it of bigotry and prej-
up glamour. Glamour is mans contribu- udices. We will always return enriched,
tion to his space. expanded and forever changed by the

Holy Water and a Huge Prayer Wheel at Kathmandu

Page 49
The Star Interviews Yusuf #2 - Jeep-Setting Adventures
Excerpts of an Interview of Yusuf Hashim by The Star Newspaper on 31st July 2013
Click the photo to view the original Article at www.thestar.com.my

Milestone: Yusuf Hashim at the Tropic of Capricorn in Botswana in 2008.

A sexagenarian adventure junkie who loves to burn rubber on awesome getaways, stirring up eddies
of dust as he goes jeep-setting around the globe.
FROM jetsetter to jeep-setter, Malaysian photographer/digital artist Yusuf Hashim
works awfully hard, we think. But he considers himself a gentleman of leisure
who indulges in his passion. At 68, he thinks age is just a number. He hints that life
should be lived to the hilt (while you still can) and that you should spend your chil-
drens inheritance money! Quite the opposite of what certain quarters advocate:
save and save enough for a comfortable retirement. He cannot believe that there
are folks who have amassed wealth but dont have time to pursue their interests.

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The Star Interview #3 - Pictures Worth a 1000 Words
Yusuf Hashim Interviewed by The Star Newspaper on 21November 2009

I would encourage anyone to pack their

bags and go, because only then will he
experience life completely. Its not very
expensive you need about US$2,500
(RM8,466) for two weeks of food, B&B ac-
commodation and car rental (its very safe
to drive there).

Yusuf, who regularly conduct workshops

and photosafaris to coach photography
enthusiasts the finer points of shooting
compelling pictures, believes that a cam-
era should not be something you think
about, but rather, a natural extension of
ones self. In other words, if you know your
camera and you develop an ability to see
a picture, taking a picture is just like pro-
ducing a copy from your retina. Let your
pictures tell the story, he advises.

One of my favourite pictures from Africa

to date is my close encounter with a bull
Face to Face with a Bull Elephant - Serengeti elephant. Since there was nowhere for me
to run or hide, I was terrified. But Im glad I
Pictures are Worth a kept clicking away.
Thousand Words

H aving spent the last 10 years trav-

elling across the major continents
of the world for the sake of his art,
self-taught veteran photographer Yusuf
Hashim, 60+, is convinced that he has
found his calling taking photographs of
animals in all the major game parks of

Its a good place for beginners because

this is where you can see Gods creations
out in the open, he says. The best
places to do so are the Okavango Delta,
the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater
and the Masai Mara, where there are still
hundreds of thousands of wild animals
that you can shoot from the open deck
of a Safari vehicle. Ngorongoro Crater Lion, Tanzania
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and a digital wallet to store your images.

>When shooting animals, just like shoot-

ing people, focus on the eyes, and use a
small aperture to ensure a wide zone of
sharp focus, or wide Depth of Field. Using
a large aperture results in a narrow zone
of sharp focus, which can help isolate the
animal from cluttered surroundings.

>Long lenses, small apertures and slow

shutter speeds means you will need to
support your camera on a tripod, or a
monopod to prevent camera shake and
blurry photos. You can also clamp your
camera to the car window, or rest your
lens on a beanbag in order to minimise
camera shake.

>To get professional results, where pos-

Wildebeest in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
sible, try and use off-camera flash to cre-
ate catchlights in the animals eyes. Eyes
But for newbies, much of it is easier said without specular highlights are often per-
than done. Yusuf, however, is more than ceived to be lifeless. Try to get a variety of
happy to share a few basic tips and tricks shots close ups, as well as the environ-
to help get you started, even if it is at the ment the animal is in. You can often get
local zoo, as long as you dont include spectacular pictures if you shoot rapidly
man-made elements such as the bars of moving or jumping animals in a burst of
cages, feeding containers or fencing in 10 frames.
your shots!
>Animals are active in the mornings and
>A simple point-and-shoot camera is the evenings when its cooler, so go out
not enough for shooting big game. Youll and shoot as early as possible.
need a DSLR with at least a 100-400mm
lens, spare batteries, lots of memory cards

White Rhinos from Chobe Nat Park, Botswana Leopards from Kruger Nat Park, South Africa

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In the afternoons, they are usually nap- horizontal lines, and position the animal
ping in the shade so you will not get nice on a golden point which is any intersec-
pictures. Dont be fooled by slow-mov- tion of your three imaginary lines. This is
ing animals like buffalo and hippos that known as the Rule of Thirds. Leave Ac-
appear to be tame or slow moving. The tive Space for your subject to move or
grass-eating hippo is the biggest killer in look into. Include the environment, but
Africa, and will charge at you if you get exclude distracting backgrounds, which
between him and the water. compete for your viewers attention. Try
to shoot animals from their eye level
>If you are shooting small and not very height for an intimate feel. Squat down
threatening animals like baboons, impa- if necessary, or lay on your stomach and
las, birds and even giraffes, zebras and shoot upwards for a dramatic and unu-
wildebeest, try to anticipate their move- sual angle which will make your pictures
ment and position yourself so that they more memorable.
move towards you. Conceal yourself from
view and wear natural colours to blend >A popular branch of wildlife photogra-
into the surroundings. Avoid items that phy is to shoot birds. This requires a very
rustle when you move. Avoid making powerful flash and very long and very ex-
sudden movements, and where possible, pensive lenses like 800mm prime lenses
stay downwind because animals have that can cost more than RM50,000.
sensitive noses.
>Shooting insects and tiny bugs using
>When shooting in the wild, observe macro lenses is not as prohibitively ex-
wildlife photography ethics. Dont inter- pensive as shooting birds, but it is equally
fere with the normal behaviour of ani- interesting to peek into a wildlife zone
mals. Dont shoo away an animal that is we dont normally notice with our naked
about to be attacked by a predator. Dont eye. A good macro lens would cost only
throw a stone to make them move. Just around RM3,000.
observe, take pictures and dont interfere.
> Yusuf Hashim can be contacted at
>To get professional quality pictures, yusufhashim@gmail.com. Visit his web-
mind your composition. Divide your site at www.digitalartist.com.my
frame by three equidistant vertical and

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