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Meeting summary:

Meeting Date: 13 Nov 2016 Location: APS Office (Faaydabad, Uttara,



SL Company Name Designation

1 APS Mr. Monjurul Kader Financial Consultant
2 APS Mr. Neuton GM (Accounts)
3 APS Mr. Arif MIS Officer
4 Infocrat Mr. Jakaria CEO
5 Infocrat Mr. Mahadi Director


1. An integrated software application will be developed for APS group which is

consist of:
a. APS Apparels
b. APS Design Works Ltd.
c. APS Holding Ltd.
d. APS Clothing
e. APS Knit Composite
f. APS Apparels (Dyeing Unit) Ltd.
g. APS Paper Works Ltd.

2. Following modules are planned for development and delivery at first three month
(till 20th February 2017) that we will call Phase-1. Next three months will be
treated as Phase-2.
a. Financial Accounts (GL accounts)
b. Commercial & Trade Finance (Import & Export)
c. Inventory
d. Above three module integration with Financial Accounts

3. Monthly Follow-up: A monthly follow-up report will be prepared by APS

management with the collaboration of Infocrat in order to ensure that Phase-1
have a successful progress according to plan. If there is any sort of discrepancy
arises between plan and project progress both party (APS and Infocrat) will solve
with mutual discussion.

4. For Financial Accounting, we will start GL posting from 01 December 2016 for
regular operations. On the other hand accounts will be prepared for Fiscal year 01
July 2016 to 30 June 2017.
5. Following timelines-taskline-milestone is planned for first three months (this is
preliminary plan)

Job/Task Description Finalize Remarks

SL Start at
Chart of Accounting Basic setup, Accounts module will
Accounts CAO preparation, be ready to GL
(CAO) Ledger/Sub-ledger import 20 Nov 27 Nov posting
2016 2016

GL Posting Basic accounting Starts voucher

operations start posing into new
01 Dec software application
2 --

Order A meeting with Existing operation

Analysis merchandising analysis.
department for analyzing 26 Nov
3 order processing --

Order Order entry for creating Full merchandising

operation reference for Commercial operations will be
(basic Operations (Export PI 25 Dec 31 Dec starts at Phase-2
Operations) entry) 2016 2016

Work Order Work Order entry for

entry creating reference for 25 Dec 31 Dec
commercial operations 2016 2016
(Import PI entry)
GRN Entry GRN entry for goods For raw material
15 Jan 24 Jan
6 receives at inventory. stock receiving
2017 2017
Phase-1 Commercial and Creating automatic
Integration Inventory integration accounts voucher
15 Feb
7 with Financial Accounts -- from operational
data by a system
guided process