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WMO-PAGASA/Regional Training Center Course Listings for 2017

Course Title Dates (planned Audience Length of Format Additional details

or approximate) Course on course content
Meteorological 04 April 2017 (For WMO 25 weeks Classroom General Met I & II; Climatology;
Technicians to Fellows) (Face to Agrometeorological Obsvns;
Training Course Must have at Face) & Methods of Observation and
10 Oct. 2017
(MTTC) least completed Instrumentation; Hydrology;
the Senior High
Job Met Instruments;
School; Should
training Aeronautical Meteorology;
not be more than
35 years of age, Synoptic Observation (Lecture & &
physically and Laboratory); Upper -Air
mentally fit. Observation ; Meteorological
Telecommunication; Remote
Sounding of the Atmosphere;
Marine Observation;
Computer Science; Astronomy;
Disaster Management.
Meteorologists 17 Oct. 2017 Holder of 12 Classroom Physical Met I & II; Dynamic Met I
Training Course to Bachelors months (Face to & II; Synoptic Met I & II (Lecture
(MTC) degree in Face) & and Laboratory); Methods of
15 Oct. 2018
Engineering; OJT Research; Climatology; Gen.
Mathematics, Hydrology and
Physics and Hydrometeorology; Climate
Physical Sciences Monitoring and Prediction;
with units in Aeronautical Meteorology;
mathematics up Satellite Meteorology; Computer
to integral Programming; Disaster
calculus and Management
Other fields with
units in
mathematics up
to integral
chemistry and at
least 10 units in
physics. Should
not be more than
35 years of age,
physically and
mentally fit.