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Honors LA Asia Unit Portfolio Requirements

Essential Questions:
1. How do I identify the point of view and purpose of the author or narrator when I read?
2. How do I organize a piece of writing to support a main idea?
3. How do I use grammar and mechanics effectively in my writing?
4. How do I create meaningful, higher level questions from literature?
5. How do I appropriately respond to others thoughts and questions?

Unit Goals:
1. I identify and explain how the POV and purpose of the narrator or author influences text.
2. I ask meaningful questions, understand the difference between fact and opinion, find main
ideas and relevant details, understand cause and effect, and recognize chronological order in
nonfiction texts.
3. I find several good examples in the text to support my conclusions by annotating and
rereading the text.
4. I prepare for discussion by reading, studying, and interpreting text and creating questions.
5. I refer to the text in order to create questions, thoughts, and comments of my own in a
6. I gain a better understanding of literary elements through historical fiction and nonfiction
7. I learn organizational strategies including use of calendars and contracts.
8. I use the red, blue, green paragraph format and evidence from the text to support a main
idea, and I apply the rules of grammar and mechanics in my writing.
NAME:________________________________________ HOUR:_______ TEACHER:_________________

B Required Work (up to 175 points)

Note: You need teacher initials for each item as you complete it. It is your job to seek me out for a signature.
All materials must be submitted and displayed on your website before I will look at them.You cannot get an
A if you are missing any required work, or any daily work for the class. (This includes vocabulary
workbook pages/quizzes.)This is an independent contract. You must not work with other students on the
assigned tasks unless you have prior permission.


10/10 Bookmarks for:

The Year of Impossible Goodbyes and So Far From the Bamboo Grove
10/10 Character Details Webpage for:
The Year of Impossible Goodbyes and S o Far From the Bamboo Grove
10 Character Change Blog for:
The Year of Impossible Goodbyes
20 Comprehension Quizzes (x4)
25 RBG Paragraph on Character Change in The Year of Impossible
10 Socratic Seminar Prep and Participation
5 Critical Eye Nonfiction Reading
10 Atomic Bomb Debate Prep and Participation
5 Peer and Adult Evaluations Completed
10 Self-Evaluation Completed
5 Use of Images was appropriate and effective.
5 Readability and Presentation of Website
5 Efficient use of class time -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

Score Possible
My Asian Country Tasks
(Choose 25 points worth of tasks)

10 Holiday Infographic Based on a Holiday Celebrated in Your Country

10 Fractured Fairy Tale Using Details from Your Country
5 Critical Eye on Article Relating to Your Country
5 Trading Cards on Five Famous People from Your Country
10 Preposition/Place Poem on a Famous Landmark in Your Country
10 My Country Commercial
NAME:________________________________________ HOUR:_______ TEACHER:_________________

You may choose which and how many of the items listed below you wish to do. The amount of effort
and the quality of work will determine your grade (200 points = 100%--Maximum points possible is
220). I wish to give you freedom to explore the subject in ways that interest you. The portfolio should
show me what you know!
15 Read another novel set in Asia and do the bookmark and character blog. If
you would also like to read a 4th book for points, see your teacher for suggested
10 Create an artistic representation of the important themes, events, or
characters from the book. See your teacher to get approval of your medium.

10 Creative Writing 1-2-3 Assignment. Choose a character from the 1-2-3 chart. Choose
an audience and a format. Now get creative! Remember to write from the point of view of the
character youve chosen. It needs to be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced, and at least 1
page in length. This is a place for your personality to show! See your teacher for more details.
10 Watch a film from our list and fill out the movie evaluation form. The form
must be complete, and you need to get a parent signature for this one.
5-10 Read a short story (provided by your teacher) and complete the reading
assignment questions at the end of the story. Answers must be typed and in
complete sentences.
5-10 Other areas to explore: visit a restaurant or cook a complete Asian meal at
home; visit a museum, and/or do an interview.
5-10 Visit a museum, and create a webpage of the experience and/or do an
Interview and write up a reflection/transcript on a new web page.
5-10 Welcome to The HISTORY CHANNEL! If you are a history buff and want
to explore more about the Asian Arena during WWII, come up with an idea
and check with your teacher before beginning!
5 Complete Critical Eye Form for current events article.