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Presents…. CEO of Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab Ballinger|Leafblad is proud to present the




Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab

Ballinger|Leafblad is proud to present the following information on behalf of our client, Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab in its retained search for a CEO.


Impact Hub MSP and FINNovation Lab LLC are searching for an inaugural CEO to lead a new strategic collaboration, Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab.

This collaboration will place Impact Hub MSP, in the center of the most innovative development project in the city's history - the revitalization of East Town, Minneapolis. The vibrant destination will provide best-in-class infrastructure for the incubation of impact business and acceleration and community for impact entrepreneurs. The vibrant destination as envisioned below will host Kraus Anderson’s new headquarters, multi-family residential units, The Elliot Hotel (a Marriot Autograph hotel), a parking garage, and FINNEGANS House which will include FINNEGANS Brewing Company and Tap Room, an event space and Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab.

Room, an event space and Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab. The FINNEGANS House complex combines

The FINNEGANS House complex combines the rapidly growing trends of the craft beer movement, collaborative workspaces, and social entrepreneurship with a spacious event space connected to a Marriot Autograph hotel to create a positive impact on the community and greater society. Inside, the FINNEGANS Brewery will be a production brewery with a 130 seat tap room and a private social Club, The Brewer’s Den, where the likeminded will gather and enjoy experimental FINNEGANS brews.

The first Impact Hub was founded in London in 2005 and has since scaled to 85 locations in 66 cities hosting 15,000 global members, making it one of the largest and oldest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. Impact Hub MSP was founded in 2015 by a team of social change

agents with a mission to accelerate social impact in the Twin Cities. Impact Hub MSP currently has over 200 member change agents and entrepreneurs seeking to do well by doing good.

Over the last 9 months FINNovation Lab LLC and Impact Hub MSP have come together to develop a joint plan to support social entrepreneurship in the region through Impact Hub @ FINNovation Lab. The collaboration is excited about charting a future together. However, this is a new and emerging venture and details will continue to be worked out in the coming months. This will be an exciting opportunity for a CEO to help shape a brand new enterprise involving multiple partners and collaborators.

enterprise involving multiple partners and collaborators. PRESENTING THE POSITION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Reporting


Reporting to a joint governance board with representatives from Impact Hub MSP and FINNovation Lab LLC the CEO is responsible for helping to create and implement the strategic direction and providing leadership for the collaboration. They will advance the mission and brand of Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab.

The CEO will bring new vision, break new ground and build on the accomplishments of the founders and community to make Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab a regional and global leader for social entrepreneurship.

It is critically important that the CEO act as a catalyst to create excitement and energy among members, partners and investors to support the collaboration’s agenda and move it forward in a fast paced, highly fluid and dynamic environment and culture. This emerging collaboration is an

opportunity to guide and create its future. An entrepreneurial CEO is needed to develop and execute this business model.

The CEO is responsible for managing Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab operations, staff, and all budget and fiscal matters in a highly collaborative, roll-up-your sleeves culture. S/he will develop, diversify and grow Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab’s existing community of 200 + social entrepreneurs and serve as an ambassador and advocate with the network of global Impact Hubs.

Additionally, the CEO will be expected to monetize this business model and achieve revenue growth through earned income, grants, investments and membership fees while developing alliances with corporations, like-minded organizations, and increasing overall visibility and support for the collaboration.

Job Responsibilities:

Entrepreneurial Leadership-Represent the collaboration in its relationships with members, partners, the local community, corporate partners and the broader public to create awareness and support of Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab. Collaborate with the joint governance board to facilitate collective decision making.

Operations Management - Create and manage the financial, human resources, membership, IT and other infrastructure needs for the collaboration. Facilitate the creation of and manage to a perpetually evolving business plan.

Member and Facilities Management- Manage the Lab's initial facility project to a successful December 2017 opening. Refine pricing, prospect lists and advertising for co-working space and member space. Recruit and sign leases with new members and work with members on buildout. Oversee construction project management and manage future facility needs, repairs and maintenance, and customer service once occupancy begins December 2017.

Staff Leadership and Development- Provide leadership to the collaboration’s staff. Recruits and retains talent. Communicates the collaboration’s vision with staff members. Recognizes and rewards staff achievement and performance. Provides developmental growth opportunities. Execute RFPs and select vendors and suppliers as necessary.

Revenue Management - Raise funds for loan and/or investment funds. Develop and execute investment rounds.

Programming- Create programming and curriculum for entrepreneurs (e.g., Social Enterprise Greenhouse) with wide array of partners. Ensure available space is programmed and/or rented for programming.

External Relations-Serves as an effective and visible spokesperson and advocate with the media, the public and the collaboration’s various constituencies. Field external media requests, develop marketing and communications plan and branding and messaging plans with partners.

Ideal Experience:

The ideal candidate will be a creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial leader. They will be visionary and pragmatic; able to think big picture while continuously rolling up their sleeves to get the work done.

S/he will have deep experience running, communicating with and growing membership-based organizations, preferably in the co-working industry.

It is important that the ideal candidate have an understanding of and a commitment to social impact, community building, financially sustainable social business models and social innovation.

S/he will have demonstrated success in an entrepreneurial and start-up environment(s). They will have experience with special event, facilities and tenant management.

S/he will have strong oral and written communication skills and feel comfortable making formal and extemporaneous presentations. S/he will have significant experience growing an existing base of philanthropic, earned revenue streams and investment capital.

S/he will possess a high level of cultural competency, commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness and experience building corporate and community-based partnerships.

And, finally, the ideal candidate will demonstrate high emotional intelligence, self-awareness, diplomacy, and integrity - essential qualities for leading this kind of collaboration

Priorities for first 12-18 months:

The CEO’s priorities during her/his first 12 to 18 months will include:

Actively develop all components of the collaboration, including its mission, membership, staff, facilities, programs, operations, and culture.

Manage revenue streams and overall funding requirements of the collaboration for both short- and long-term obligations.

Establish a strong working relationship with the joint committee to support and enhance Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab services, recruit new members, and seek philanthropic support.

Develop and implement plans to grow fundraising, investment and membership programs

Build and implement partnerships that provide services, education and programming for members and tenants

Work with team to develop a strategic planning process that will review the focus and future direction of the collaboration within the context of its strengths and weaknesses.


The compensation package is commensurate with experience and competitive with similar entities. It includes participation in the collaboration’s comprehensive benefits plan.


Lars Leafblad, MBA Co-Founder


Marcia Ballinger, PhD Co-Founder


Impact Hub MSP @ FINNovation Lab is an equal opportunity employer and believes each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, religious beliefs, or disability. The right of equal employment opportunity extends to recruiting, hiring selection, transfer, promotion, training and all other conditions of employment.

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