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Technical University of Moldova

Databases and knowlege

Laboratory Work 2

Install and configure SQL Server 2014

Author: Supervisor:
Botnari Nicolae Irina Cojanu

Chisinau 2016
1 Tasks

Task 1
Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Connect with sa login and then open the
server and find the Databases directory. Right click on this directory and select from the
submenu New Database.

New Database


Also, there were added the secondary files with .ndf extension which are intended to store
and keep data on different sectors of the disk.

Setting the filegroup : click on Filegroup, in the row of the created file. A window is
displayed. Input the name of the group and click OK.

Task 2
Go to Databases, right click, select New Database and type the database name. Then in
the text field of the log file introduce the physical name.

As we see, it is by default compatible with SQL Server 2014.Next, go to the user setting
for the created database. Go to the submenu General and select the browse button in
field Owner. A window will be displayed where, again, press on browse button, as in the
image below:
Select one of the users and press okay.

Task 3

In order to perform the Task 3, go to Maintenance Plan directory, right click on it and
select Maintenance Plan Wizard.

Click on Change. A new window is displayed. Set the time for some lately defined

Press Next, then go to the list of tasks and choose Shrunk Database. The Figure 3.3
describes the above words.

After selecting the tasks, click next. The order of tasks displayed, but we only have one
chosen task. Click next.

Press Next and go to the Settings of the chosen Task. In the first field, input the database
created in Task 1. See the image 3.5:

Specify the configuration accoarding to the task requirements, as shown in the image

Press next, then choose a location to store the information on the plan.

2 Task 4

The same steps that were performed in Task 3, are performed here, but with different
specifications. Open the wizard, and specify the configuration in accordance to the condition.

New Jobs Schedule

Press OK, then move to the next window, where the previous configuration can be visu-

According to the condition, choose the Tasks:

Next, go to the process order:

Folows to set all tasks. The next task is the one for rebuilding index.

Configure according to the condition of the task:

Configure the second Task:

Configure the third Task:

Finish the configuration:

Right click on the plan, and execute it. A window is displayed:

Open the file on the previously declared path and view the result:

3 Conclusion:

In this laboratory work Ive created two database with distinct configurations and an-
alyzed the created files. Ive set the maintenance plans,analyzed the tasks, which were set
according to the exercises condition.