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Strand: SBI4U: Metabolic Processes Lesson: Lesson 2

Enduring Understanding: Achievement Chart:

All metabolic processes involve chemical
changes and energy conversions. Thinking:
Students will critically think on the
concepts of Metabolism and make
connections between this new knowledge
Overall Expectations: and previously learned knowledge they
bring with themselves into the classroom.
C2. investigate the products of metabolic
processes such as cellular respiration and Application:
photosynthesis; Students will demonstrate their ability to
connect the ideas behind what Metabolism
C3. demonstrate an understanding of the is to their own personal lives as well as the
chemical changes and energy conversions general public.
that occur in
metabolic processes. Communication:
Students will demonstrate their ability to
Specific Expectations: communicate their understanding to the
classroom verbally as well as through
C2.1 use appropriate terminology related writing.
to metabolism
C3.1 explain the chemical changes and Students will demonstrate their ability to
energy conversions associated with the recall key terms and processes as it
processes of aerobic and anaerobic applies to the lesson.
cellular respiration


Lesson Hook: Metabolism Crossword

Lecture Slides: Catabolic Reactions Powerpoint

ATP and Respiration Crash Course Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?


Exit Ticket
Timing Lesson Sequence Strategies/Activities

0-5 min Attendance and Lesson Hook large class discussion

5-15 min Review Concepts note taking
Initiate a verbal discussion with the worksheet
class on the concepts learned the video
previous day. Discuss topics and
areas in which students have
indicated as confusing from prior exit

15-55 min Lecture Slides

Begin lecture on the topic of
Catabolic pathways and how it
pertains to humans
Video called ATP & Respiration
general introduction to the topics that
we will be covering in the following
lessons (0-4:19 in video)
Will cover the concepts of three major
pathways, Glycolysis Krebs Cycle,
and ETC
Begin talk about ATP and its
importance with all three cycles and
indeed all processes in the human
Introduction of Glycolysis and how it
works in the human body

55-70 min Exit Ticket and Departure

Assessment (of/for/as):

Of: No assessment Of learning is included in this lesson.

For: Students will demonstrate their understanding to the teacher through the means of
questions throughout the lesson, as well as through the questions included on in the
Exit Ticket. This gives the teacher feed back as to their classrooms current standing on
the subject matter and allow for further lesson modifications to better suit the needs of
the current classroom.

As: The exit ticket will allow for self reflection within the student on their own abilities
and current understanding of the subject matter.

Reflections (what worked): Reflections

Applicable after lesson
Applicable after Lesson