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SOUSA, A. F.; Silva, G. R.. 2015. Analysis of the nurse's perception of the
Phytotherapy used in the family health strategy. 2015.p31. Monograph (Undergraduate
Nursing) - School St Augustine. Teresina: FSA, 2015.

Phytotherapics are obtained medicinal drugs from medicinal plants. They are obtained
using exclusively derived from vegetal drugs (extract, dyeing, oil, wax, exudate, juice,
and others). Is not record object as phytotherapic drug, medicinal plant or its parts, after
collection processes, stabilisation and drying, may be full, rasurada, crushed or
powdered. The medicinal plants have an important therapeutic value, in addition to
historical reference, its raw material can remove several compounds for obtaining of
treatments of fungi, bacteria being still able to alleviate and cure illnesses and have
tradition of use as a remedy in a population or community. This work has as objective to
perform bibliographic survey of the scientific production on the phytotherapy in the
family health strategy and to analyze the scientific production about the knowledge of
nurses regarding the phytotherapy, and their importance to be used in the family health
strategy. Was held, on the databases SCIELO and BVS in the period 2008 to 2014 the
bibliographical survey, where found 54 articles, 12 of which were related to the object
of study. The articles were grouped and the results were divided into two thematic
categories: Importance of phytotherapy in the family health strategy; perception of
nursing professionals for guidelines on the use of medicinal plants. The Phytotherapy as
complementary therapy is a viable alternative in such a way as to promote human
health, as also the health system itself, to step that would influence the reduction of
costs of basic care, contributing to greater credibility and acceptability, mainly the
elderly answered, being a way to bring to the assistance a more beneficial to treat,
contributing to the reduction of the abuse of medications industrialised countries and,
consequently, reducing public spending with the same. In the perspective of the PSF, the
nurse as coordinator of the health team, represents a fundamental role in the health care
team, besides being the one who, through their actions of prevention and health
promotion, builds a larger bond with the community, which effectively contributes to
the quality of care provided. And this greater contact that enables these professionals
know the culture and the popular knowledge of certain Community, and thus employs
them in the health-disease process of same. This study sought to understand the
perception of nurses about the use of phytotherapy in the family health strategy. It is
considered that, for the success of this action, in addition to the political question, the
nurse has a fundamental role in this process, through your knowledge about the theme,
by its turn, relevant to understand, accept and believe in the process of insertion of the
Phytotherapy in the ESF.

Keywords: Phytotherapy; Nursing.