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Olivians Savanna

Food Web project

By Olivian



Impala Giraffe Termite


Lemongrass Red oat grass Acacia Tree Eucalyptus Tree

Consumer or Producer?
Consumers: Producers:
Cheetah Red Oat
Warthog Grass
Giraffe Acacia Tree
Termite Eucalyptus
Impala Tree
Trophic Levels
Cheetah: Tertiary Consumer
Lion: Tertiary Consumer
Impala: Primary Consumer
Warthog: Primary Consumer
Termite: Primary Consumer
Aardvark: Secondary Consumer
Red Oat Grass: Autotroph
Lemongrass: Autotroph
Eucalyptus Tree: Autotroph
Acacia Tree: Autotroph
Ecosystem Food Web Analization
Directions: In the space below, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to use detail and examples from your food web for each

1.How are the organisms in my food web interconnected? ______The organisms in the ecosystem all depend on photosynthesis because without it there
would be no producers, and if there are no producers there arent any primary consumers, and if there are no primary consumers there are no secondary
consumers, so there is no ecosystem without photosynthesis. All organisms in the ecosystem depend on the waste of decomposers because the waste
makes the soil rich with nutrients. Without nutrients in the soil the producers cant grow, and the same thing happens that would if there were no
photosynthesis. The organisms in the food web are interconnected_because they all work together to support the ecosystem. For example, if either
the_giraffe or termite did not eat the acacia trees, they would_run wild and take up the space that the other producers need to grow. Then the other
producers would decrease, leaving less food for the impala and warthog-and also the giraffe and termite! This, in turn would get rid of the cheetahs,
lions, and_aardvarks food, making the whole ecosystem collapse._____________________________________________
2. Explain at least 2 ways humans can impact the ecosystem. A limiting factor is a factor that limits the size of a population. 2 limiting factors
introduced by humans are that humans pollute the air, causing sickness in the animals and plants, who breath it in, and by polluting the water
that the animals and plants drink, which can also cause sickness. ______________________________________________________
Savanna vs. Tropical Rainforest

Savanna Is a
Is a Both rainforest
grassland Have lots of Has lots of
Has few consumers producers
producers Are near the Has apes
Has lions equator Has lots of
Has little Are hot water
water Can be
found in