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Idea of Writing a Novel on the Philippines

Harriet Beecher Stowes Uncle Toms Cabin January 2, 1884

Rizal proposed the writing of the novel about the Philippines by a group of Filipinos.
Approved by:
o Paternos (Pedro, Maximino and Antonio)
o Graciano Lopez Jaena
o Evaristo Aguirre
o Eduardo de Lete
o Julio Llorente
o Melecio Figueroa
o Valentine Ventura

Rizal determined to write the novel alone.

The Writing of the Noli

Rizal began the writing in Madrid and finished about one-half of it.

Rizal finishes the last fourth of the novel in Germany.

Rizal wrote the last few chapters of the Noli in Wilhemsfeld in April-June 1886.
In February, he made the final revisions.

Voila, Savior of the Noli

Dr. Maximo Viola

A friend of Rizal who belong to a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan.

He was shocked to find Rizal living in poverty and deplorably sick due to the lack of
proper nourishment.
Seeing his talented friends predicament and being loaded with ample funds, he
gladly decided to finance the printing cost of the Noli.
To save the printing expense, Rizal deleted certain passages in his manuscript,
including a whole chapter Elias and Salome.
February 21, 1887
Noli was finally finished and ready for printing at Berliner-Buchdrukei-Action-
Gesselschaft which charged the lowest rate of 300 pesos for 2,000 copies of the novel.
Rizal Suspected as French Spy
The chief of police Berlin paid a sudden visit to Rizals boarding house and requested to
see the latters passport but unfortunately, Rizal could not produce a passport and was
given a deadline of four days to secure a passport, otherwise he would be deported.

Viola accompanied Rizal to seek help of the Spanish ambassador, who promised to attend
to the matter but failed to keep his promise, for it turned out that he had no power to issue
the required passport.

Rizal apologized to the German police Chief due to his failure to obtain a passport and
politely asked why he has to be deported when he had not committed on any crime.

Rizal was blamed to be a French Spy.

Rizal explained that he is a Filipino Physician and Scientist, particularly an Ethnologist.

The Police Chief was satisfied and allowed him to stay freely in Germany.

Printing of Noli Finished

March 21, 1887

Noli Me Tangere came off the press.
Sent the first copies of the novel to:
o Blumentritt
o Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor
o G. Lopez Jaena
o Mariano Ponce
o Felix R. Hidalgo

March 29, 1887

Rizal in token of his appreciation and gratitude, gave Viola the gallery proofs of the Noli
carefully rolled.
To my dearest friend Maximo Viola, who first to read and appreciate my work.

The Title of the Novel

Noli Me Tangere
Is a Latin phrase which means Touch Me Not. It is not originally conceived by Rizal,
for he admitted taking it from Bible.
Noli Me Tangere words taken from the Gospel of Saint Luke signify, do not touch me.
In citing the Biblical source, Rizal made a mistake, it should be the Gospel of Saint John.
The Authors Dedication
Noli Me Tangere
Rizal dedicated his Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines. To My Fatherland.

The Noli Based on Truth

Although Noli was a fictional literature, it depicted the true conditions of the Philippines
during the Spanish Rule.

What is real?
o Places
o Characters
o Situation
The Characters and their Real Life Counterparts


Crisostomo Ibarra; Elias Jose Rizal
Maria Clara Leonor Rivera
Pilosopong Tasio Paciano Mercado
Capitan Tiago Capitan Hilaro Sonico of San Nicolas
Doa Victoria Doa Agustina Medel
Basilio and Crispin Crisostomo Brothers of Hagonoy
Padre Damaso Typical domineering Friar during those times

Missing Chapter of the Noli

Elias and Salome
Supposed to follow Chapter XXIV In the Woods.
Deleted to reduce the cost of printing.
Story revolved around Elias choosing between his life with Salome or a life running from
the government.

Rizals Friends Praise the Noli

Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt
Is has been written with the blood of the heart, and so the heart also speaks.

German friend of Rizal.

Believed that Rizal will be of definite interest on the spiritual development of the

Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor

If the Don Quixote immortalizes its author because it exposes to the world the ailments of
Spain, you Noli Me Tangere will bring you an equal glory.
A Filipino patriot and lawyer living in London after being exiled for Cavite Mutiny on
Noli was proof that Filipinos are capable of great intellects.

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