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Breaking bad Jesus Jose Ibarra Torrenegra

Hi today, i am going to talk about my favorite serie,Breaking Bad.

Well Breaking bad is a series about a men that have cancer, the protagonist is
Walter White

In the start of series Walter White is a chemistry teacher but when he is

Diagnosed with lung cancer his life changes.

He want get money for her family and he make metanfetamina

With the passage of time walter make more metanfetamina and he find more

This serie has 62 Chapters, the chapter 3 of the 1 season is my favorite.

Also Breaking bad has very aspects Interesting for examples the songs, the
scenography and the great performance of actors.

My favorite character in the series is saul goodman because he is very funny, he is

a lawyer but he is corrupt and he has very sentences funny

Finely the end of the serie I dont like because the protagonist death
My name is Jesus Ibarra Torrenegra I am 21 years old my birthday is on 14 of

I like of electronic music, my favorite singer is Calvin Harris and my favorite song
is summer.

In my free time I watch series for example: Breaking Bad

My favorite movie is hangover because is comedy movie.

Hangover is a movie where 4 friends go to las Vegas they do crazy things

I like the music, the videogames and I dont like dishwashing

On vacation I like go to the gym

My favorite food is hot dog

My mother is teacher in the school

The last vacation I went whit my family to cabo de la vela this place is very
beautiful for the desert, the sea and the beach