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A. What is Compliment?

Compliment is an expression to appreciate or

praise other people.

Communicative Purposes of Compliment

Compliment is useful to give encouragement so

that people will keep on doing their best and
even improve their performance.
It is useful in helping people to be more
confident or have positive thinking about

Complimenting 1
To make people happy.

When to express compliment:

On general occasion,
When someone has done his/her best,
When you visit someones house for the first
If you notice something new about someones

(taken from Utami Widiati, dkk., BSE Bahasa Inggris

SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Semester 1, 2014)

B. Warmer
Work individually to classify the following
phrases. Underline the phrases which you may
compliment people. Then, compare your work to
your friend. Explain the reason for the
have stomachache, have a nice new hair cut, buy a
cool hat, get cuts and bruises, lose money, get
several new pimples, wear self-made shirt, ace the
history test, burn the delicious chicken soup, hit by a

Complimenting 2
becak, make up with a friend after having an
argument, fail a test, be unable to sleep.

C. Vocabulary Builder
Write down the English words for the
following indonesian words. Compare your work
to your classmates.
S k _ _ _ (noun) = rok
_ _ _ d e _ _ _ _ (adjective) = bagus sekali
_ _ r r _ _ _ _ (adjective) = hebat
_ _ _ _ i r _ (verb) = menginspirasi
_ _ _ u d (adjective) = bangga
A d _ _ r a _ _ _ _ (noun) = kekaguman

G _ r g e _ _ s (adjective) = indah

_ _ p r _ c_ _ _e (verb) = menghargai

F _ _ u l _ _ _ (adjective) = menakjubkan

_ l a _ (adjective) = senang

D.Pronunciation Practice
Listen to your teacher reading these words.
Repeat after him/her.

Skirt (noun) : //skrt /

Complimenting 3
Wonderful (adjective) : / wndf l /

Terrific (adjective) : / trfk /

Inspire (verb) : / nspa /

Proud (adjective) : / prad /

Admiration (noun) : / dmre()n /

Gorgeous (adjective) : / ds /

Appreciate (verb) : / priet /

Fabulous (adjective) : / fbjls /

Glad (adjective) : / ld /

(taken from Utami Widiati, dkk., BSE Bahasa Inggris

SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Semester 1, 2014)

E. Giving and Responding


How to Give Compliment

Be sincere spontaneous, enthusiastic, positive.

Be specific

Complimenting 4
Dont compare achievements
Be timely complimenting immediately.
Not excessive.
Smile; dont laugh.
Give specific gesture (example: thumbs up).

How to Achieve Compliment

Dont shrug off or disagree.

Dont upscale a compliment.
Avoid complimenting back immediately.
Smile and say thank you.

(taken from www.letstalkpodcast.com)

There are some formulas which u can use for

making compliment

1. How + Adjective + Noun + is/are.

(taken from http://freeenglishcourse.info)

2. What + Adjetive + Noun.

Complimenting 5
3. Noun/Pronoun + look + Adjective.

Complimenting 6
4. Noun/Pronoun + like/love + Noun Phrase.

5. Pronoun + to be + Adjective + Noun Phrase.

6. This/These/That/Those + to be + Adjective + Noun


Complimenting 7
(taken from http://freeenglishcourse.info)

Can you think of other situations when you

need to compliment? Here some examples.

Complimenting 8
(The pictures are taken from Utami Widiati, dkk., BSE Bahasa
Inggris SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Semester 1, 2014)

To check your understanding, answer these
multiple-choice question by giving (X).
1 Peter : Look at the pretty girl over there.
John : .........................

a Where is she?
b How old are you?
c Are you very tired?
d Wow. How beautiful she is.
Complimenting 9
e Did you come here yesterday?

2 Anna : Are you doing your homework tomorrow?

Nisa : No, Im not. I did it two days ago.

Anna : Really ? ........................

a How nice it is.

b How are you today?
c How quickly you did!
d Lets go to the canteen.
e How beautiful you are!

3 Ratih : How often does Steven practice his English ?

Tony : He practices English every day.

Ratih : Oh, really ? .............................

a I like English.
b You are diligent.
c What do you do?
d How poor you are!
e What a diligent student!

Complimenting 10
4 Nadia : What are you doing this weekend ?
Linda : Im going to the beach with my friends.

Nadia : ............................

a How tall you are.

b What did they do?
c How beautiful she is.
d What the beautiful beach.
e What an interesting plan.

5 Linda : Im very hungry.

Mila : Why dont you eat this bread ?

Nadia : ..............................

a It is bread.
b This is lunch.
c What delicious bread.
d How much is the cake?
e Do you always buy the food?

6 Lissa : The students always arrive early in the

morning at school every day.
Bella : They are never late.

Complimenting 11
Aulia : Do they? ..............................

a How nice you are.

b How naughty they are.
c What diligent students.
d The students are very tall.
e Our English teacher is very smart.

7 Look at the baby .................

a He is so cute.
b It is very hot outside.
c How cute the baby is.
d Does she have a baby?
e My friend has got a baby boy.

8 Paul : Have you read this novel ?

Eric : Yes, I have. Id love it. ..................

a Where did you buy?

b How diligent you are.
c Do you have any money?
d It is such an interesting novel!
e How often do you go to the bookstore?

9 Anton : How was the food ?

Complimenting 12
Lina : .............................

a No, I dont.
b Thank you.
c Yes, of course.
d Im afraid I cant.
e It was such delicious food.

10 Kia: I have good shoes now, do you want to see?

Lia: Where did you buy?

Kia: I bought in Elizabeth yesterday.


From the conversation above, which one is the

compliment expression?

a Wow.
b I have good shoes.
c Do you want to see?
d Where did you buy?
e Thats great and expensive store.

11 My daddy: una, where is your final exam score.

Una: here daddy, I got perfect score.

Complimenting 13
My daddy: do you? ................

a It is not nice.
b Its not too bad.
c Its very beautiful.
d How poor you are.
e How smart you are.

12 Rahman: kiki, have you memorized vocabularies

given by miss yuni?
Kiki: yes I have, I need two days for memorize!

Rahman: really?? I need 5 hours for memorizing this!

Kiki: do you?

a I am clever.
b You are so lazy
c How poor you are.
d What clever student.
e How beautiful you are

13 Fina: emma, just open the door and directly go to the

my room!
Emma: wow fina.. how...your room is.

a Tidy

Complimenting 14
b Small
c Heavy
d Terrible
e Expensive

14 Ina: can you bring my bag for a while silvi?

Silvi: oh my god. So heavy. , everyday
bring the heavy bag like this!

a What a clean it is.

b How poor you are
c What a pity you are.
d How strong you are.
e What a beautiful they are.

15 Zaky: rama, could you sing for me for a while! I am

so anxious today!
Rama: really should I do for you?

Zaky: yes of course!

Rama: (singing)

Zaky: rama, what..

From the conversation above, which is suitable

compliment expressions bellow?

Complimenting 15
a A expensive
b A nice your hair
c A bad your skirt
d A beautiful voice
e A good your clothes

(taken from http://ikitugaskuliah.blogspot.co.id)

F. Dialogue


Rahm : Hello. How are things going on, Shinta?

Sinta : Hi. Good, and you?
Rahm : Im feeling great today. How was your

Complimenting 16
i weekend with your family in Batu?
Sinta : Excellent! We had a lovely time there.
You should have gone there with us.
Rahm : Really? Hey, what a beautiful skirt you
i are wearing.
It matches your blouse.
Sinta : Thanks a lot. My sister bought it for me
last month.
Rahm : Wow! Thats wonderful!
Sinta : Oh, Rahmi, can I ask you something?
Rahm : Oh, sure. Please.
Sinta : Have you finished writing the bookwe
discussed two months ago?
Rahm : Yes. Come to my room. Look at this.
i What do you think?
Sinta : Terrific. I like the cover. Let me see the
This book is excellent. You really did a
greate job.
Rahm : Thanks a lot. Youve inspired me to do
i this.
Sinta : Your publisher should send it to all
bookstores here.
Rahm : Yes, youre right. The publisher will do
Complimenting 17
i it for me.
Sinta : Well, thats great. I am proud of you,
By the way, Ive got to go now. Have a
nice day!
Rahm : You, too.

1 Three people involved in the conversation. T/F

2 The conversation takes place in an office. T/F
3 Rahmi is Sintas sister. T/F
4 Rahmi went to Batu with her family. T/F
5 Rahmi gives a compliment to Sintas clothing. T/F
6 Sinta wrote the excellent book. T/F
7 Sinta compliments Rahmis book. T/F
8 Rahmi does no like Sintas compliment. T/F
(taken from Utami Widiati, dkk., BSE Bahasa Inggris
SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Semester 1, 2014)

G.Writing and Speaking Practice

Have you ever given any compliments to
someone? Who is he/ she? Why did you compliment
him/her? How did your friend feel when you

Complimenting 18
complimented him/her? How did your compliment
make him/her feel?


Task 1
Pair Work

Practice comlimenting and responding to the

compliments in pairs. One of you become A, and the
other becomes B. Then show it in front of class.

A1. B is working really hard. A

compliments B. B respon to
the compliment happily.

A2. B is showing a very nice

drawing. A compliments B. B
responds to the compliment.

B1. A is wearing a new pairs of shoes. B compliments A.

A responds to the compliment.

Complimenting 19
B2. A looks beautiful in her new skirt. B compliments A.
A responds to the compliment.

(taken from Utami Widiati, dkk., BSE Bahasa Inggris

SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Semester 1, 2014)

At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the
following question to know how effective your
learning process is.

Do you know how to

compliment people, and when
do you need to do that?

If your answer is no to one of these questions,

read this chapter and do the activities again. Dont
hesitate to see your teacher or more able classmates
and discuss with them how to make you understand
and be able to use the expression better.

Complimenting 20
Answer Key
B. Warmer
have a nice new hair cut
buy a cool hat
wear self-made shirt
ace the history test

C. Vocabulary Builder

Skirt (noun) = rok

Wonderful (adjective) = bagus sekali

Terrific (adjective) = hebat

Inspire (verb) = menginspirasi

Proud (adjective) = bangga

Admiration (noun) = kekaguman

Gorgeous (adjective) = indah

Appreciate (verb) = menghargai

Fabulous (adjective) = menakjubkan

Complimenting 21
Glad (adjective) = senang

E. Giving and Responding

Exercise 1

1. D 6. C 11. E
2. C 7. C 12. D
3. E 8. D 13. A
4. E 9. E 14. D
5. C 10. E 15. D

F. Dialogue

17. Exercise 2

18. 1. F 22. 5. T

19. 2. F 23. 6. F

20. 3. F 24. 7. T

21. 4. F 25. 8. F

Complimenting 22
G.Writing and Speaking Practice
27. Exercise 3
28. Task 1
A1.A : Hey you look success with your
29. event. Its awesome schools
birthday celebration!
30. B : Thank you very much.
31. A : How long did you prepare it?
32. B : About 4 months.
33. A : Oh, you really work hard.
34. B : Yeah, youre right. I and my teams
always work hard and be patient for
preparing this event.
35. A : Great job!
36. B : Im glad you like it.

37. A2. A : What a great drawing!

38. B : Thanks. I just finished drawing it.

39. A : It looks different.

40. B : Yes. Because, Ive painted it with a

brighter colour. So, it looks better.

41. A : Wow.. That's amazing.

42. B : Thanks for your compliment.

B1.B : You look great today. I like your

43. new shoes.

44. A : Thanks for noticing. You look great

too today.

45. B : Thanks. By the way, where did you buy


46. A : In the mall.

47. B : Yeah, I see. The colours matching with

your skirt, too.

48. A : Thank you very much.

49. B2. B : That's a nice and cute skirt you're

50. wearing.

51. A : Thanks.

52. B : Where did you buy it?

53. A : No. Its a gift from my father.

54. B : Oh.. Your father so good with his

55. A : Yes, I think so.

56. B : You look so pretty with your new


57. A : Its very kind of you to say that.

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