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Features / Benefits
CE compliant for stationary application

Model available in soundproofed with galvanized rustproofed canopy.

Designed, engineered and manufactured for an optimal performance

Easy operation, maintenance and service.

Wide range of options.
Standby Standby
Prime Power Prime Power
Power Power
Voltage (V) kVA kW kVA kW
Technical data 230
Frequency 50HZ 380/220 751,7 601,4 830,1 664,1
400/230 751,7 601,4 830,1 664,1
Engine DP222 LC
415/240 751,7 601,4 830,1 664,1
Exhaust emission Level EU0
Performance class G2
Performance class in accordance with ISO 8528/5 (2005) taking into account the behaviour of the
generator set in a permanent mode of operation with different load levels, as well as in a temporary
Prime Rating
mode of operation due to step loads.
PRIME POWER: Electrical power data available at a variable load without
limits of hours per year. An overload of 10 % is allowed for 1 hour of
Mechanical structure canopy every 12. In accordance with ISO 8528/1 (2005) PRP
Length (L) mm 5200
Width (W) mm 1870
Height (H) mm 2535
Weight (kg) 6155 Standby Power
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1293 STANDBY POWER: Electrical power data at variable load in an
Acoustic pressure [LpA] (dBA @7m) 73 emergency in accordance with standard ISO 8528/1 (2005) ESP.
Acoustic power (dB(A)) 101 Overloads of emergency power are not allowed.

Dimensions (mm)

Standard reference conditions

25 C, 100 kPa and 30% relative humidity

Fuel consumption table

Load level
(L/h) Aut. (h) (L/h) Aut. (h)
Note: These drawings are provided for illustration purposes only. 25% 42,1 30,7 45,6 28,4
50% 79,3 16,3 86,4 15,0
Mechanical options 75% 119,1 10,9 129,1 10,0
o High capacity fuel tank (24H, 48H) 100% 161,0 8,0 172,8 7,5
o Connection to external fuel tank 110% - -
o Automatic Fuel Systems (with pump) NOTE: Autonomy according to the standard configuration.
o High Performance Fuel filter water Separator
o Oil Sump Pump

Control Panel 7320

Grid monitor
Independent operational mode buttons
Alarms and status indicating LEDs
Communications via USB, RS232, RS485, as well as DSEnet for system upgrade
Completely configurable using a PC in Windows environment and free Scada type software in real time
Events history log up to 250 events and programming of alarms, events, start-ups and shutdowns.
32bit microprocessor.
Pixel LCD lighting Control panel Options
5 navigation menubuttons o DSE890 Webnet Gateway (Ethernet, GPRS and GPS)
Possibility of Ethernet connection (requires a separate module) o DSE 9130 Battery charger 12V, 5A
Reading and displaying of parameters with RMS values, real time clock o Insulation protection
MODBUS protocol available for client software o Earth Leakage Protection

Please, contact your local Chicago Pneumatic Dealer for more information and visit us at www.cp.com CPSG 7502015EN1.1

General Lubrication System
Engine Brand DOOSAN Oil capacity (l) 40
Maximum oil consumption (% fuel consumption) -
Model DP222 LC

R.P.M. 1500 Air intake system

Net power (kWm) 699 Combustion air flow (m3/min) 860
Fuel 142 Air filter Medium
No. of cylinders 12
Engine Capacity (c.c) 21927
Bore (mm) 128 Exhaust System
Stroke (mm) 142 T exhaust gas (C) 502
Compression ratio 15:1 Gas flow (m3/min) 108
Regulation class ELECTRONIC Maxi. exhaust back pressure (kPa) -
Exhaust emission Level EU0 Number of exhaust 2
Input diameter (") 7,6
Cooling System Output diameter (") 6
Fan air flow (m3/min) - Atenuattion (dB(A)) 26
Loss of radiator admissible load (Pa) -
Cooling type Water
Coolant capacity (l) 114 Start system
Design temperature radiator 52C Voltage (V) 24
Maximum working Temp. - Battery type 2 x 12V 44Ah - 730A


Model ECO43-1SN
Manufacturer MECC ALTE
Voltage (V) 230 400/230
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ
Alternator power (kVA) 874
Power ratings Standby (SB27)
Number of wires 12
IP alternator IP 21
Performance at 75% p.f. 0.8 (%) 95
Performance at 100% p.f. 0.8 (%) 95
Excitation system MAUX
AVR model DSR
Voltage Regulation 1%

Electric Panel
Easily accessed control cubicle integrated in the generator set with digital controller providing advanced engine monitoring and protection features. Performance
and maintenance requirements can also be observed. Mains elements are protected thanks to modular circuit breakers.

Voltage (V) 230 400/230

Genset Circuit breaker - 4P 1250A R

The generator set could be ordered with CE Marking as option that includes the following directives:
2006/42/CE Machine Safety.
2006/95/CEE Low Voltage.
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic compatibility.
2005/88/CE Noise emissions of machines outdoors in soundproof generator sets.

Applicable international regulations: ISO 8528 ISO 3046 BS 5000 IEC 60034

All products are designed and engineered in Zaragoza Competence Center DISTRIBUTED BY:
Weight and dimensions of a standard generator set.
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Please, contact your local Chicago Pneumatic Dealer for more information and visit us at www.cp.com CPSG 7502015EN1.1