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Any IS mods with

coding Lee Yeow Leong Java god. Be happy u've him.
Cheap, don't teach really well, which is a good point, because all his sections do below average->an easier curve to survive (provided you read
AS Steven Burik textbook)
AS Steven Burik Cheap. Teaches well. (Very?) strict on presentation but otherwise no class part needed.
AS Tan Yoo Guan
AS John Williams He has a weird sense of humour. Easy grading for project, i guess. Decent teaching.

Ang mor prof. No class part at all. Quite funny. He's very strict on presentation skills but you can learn a lot. Quite expensive

AS Mark Nowacki Different opinion: motherf*cker

You'll probably need to get use to his British accent. But other than that he explains well and doesn't mind if you stop him to ask questions.
AS John Williams Very funny prof! Btw no class part.
Oh man, so f'ed up. I hated it. She's nice at first. Well actually she's nice all the way thru. But damn confusing. You'll take your draft to her and
she'll point out the problems, when you go back a second time with the changes she wanted, she'll change her mind say that no, you need to
AW (now PWR) Sylvia Sim do it another way. It'll happen the third time, the fourth, the fifth, the eighteenth, etc. Her topic is Happiness. Just frustrating.
Very friendly and slack teachers, lenient grading compared to others. However, she often forgets things. Be sure to ask her about assignments
AW (now PWR) Tan Chia Mien and consultations if you're unclear as there's a high chance she will forget lol. Her topic is food btw
Francis Parvi
(something like Nice prof who always brings snacks and candies to give to students. No need for textbook as she teaches outside the class. Need to read news her workload is
BGS that) and have wide general knowledge in order to do well in her class. Of course she also tries to bring up your score, just don't screw up too much. really tough
Just cry. ur doomed>>>>>>>>>> Kidding, If you are lucky, you ll be fine. Project is 30%, Final 60%, classpart 10%. Classpart is a given as long
as ur not late for classes. As for project, I wrote the best report of my life and got a C for it. HAHA! But finals are manageable so overall it was
BGS Caroline Yeoh decent. But overall, the workload was overwhelming. Just die.
The workload is crazy. Exam need to memorise a lot also. But she's very lenient in marking. she will even give A++. Lots of people get A+ for
BGS Caroline Yeoh her assignments. You will rant, cry but in then it's all worth your effort
Believe it or not, she's gotten better. Easier, I mean. Next to no work at all. Impossible to not pay attention in class, she cold calls left and right.
Caroline Yeoh Some readings. Book not important, just a few chapters needed. Projects and papers easy. Final, extremely difficult if you have been skipping
BGS (AY2013-14 Sem2) class.
Chinese prof, got a quite heavy accent, very nice and fun. His class are always well-conducted. Be prepared to class part like crazy because
it's gonna be supermegaultra competitive. Not to mention he's very demanding on CP. But you do learn a lot from CP. No quizzes, no midterm
BGS Geng Xuesong (yay)
Nice prof. Gives out quiz everyweek, and it's all from the textbook. Need to read chapter beforehands, and class-part a lot. Final exam is open-
Francis Parvi book with no right or wrong answer.
(something like Overall: recommend
BGS that) Side note: some of his point of views are very interesting so you won't easily feel asleep in his class.
Writer of the book (not really, compiler more like; but still knows the book front to back) [someone fill up this space with info] He's boring,
teaching and grading are pretty standard
*add on to above* Goes through the concepts in a very logical (albeit boring) manner. Good if you're very systematic. He'll reference many
Biz Law George Shenoy cases to help you understand one concept, so if you get the concept already, more or less dont really need to listen to his lecture
I think he's a new one, SMU alumni, quite approachable, insists on being called "Justin". Very funny and considerate, we scored quite bad for
midterms and although he didn't use bell curve, he spent a lot of time going over what he wanted to see in class (in addition to a revision
session - not compulsory - during revision week, wow), A is not impossible with him. Only setback is he doesn't manage time well, lessons
Biz Law Justin Chan always end late - you might not want to fix his class right before another or god forbid - going for a night class like I did.
Biz Law Loo Wee Ling Witty.
This guy is awesome. x'D His passion is theater, so he'll enter class like, HELLOOO, MY FRIIIEEENDSSS! It's not hard to pay attention in his
class, he makes even the most mundane topics seem interesting. I had a good time. Grade? Bad. But that's because of Biz Law. Prof:
Biz Law Melvin Chew awesome. He only takes one section per semester, and you're goddamn lucky if you get him.
Class if fullll of lame jokes hahah. So if you're into that sort of thing...
Assignments and Quizzes are quite challenging. And so is the Mid and Final, which is good for the serious Operations students I guess. Her
BP Helen Zhou notes are AMAZING.
Would've never taken this prof if I had the choice. Boooooooring. His voice will make you go to sleep. And 8:15 class? Psh, die already. (But
Calculus Liew Sing Loon easy pass lah, if you aready know your Calc).
Consumer Seshan
Behavior (Mktg102) Ramaswami Look no further. Best prof to bid for if you want a good grasp in all things marketing.
CT Alan Tea Interesting class. Easy to score. He doesn't give anything below B or B-. But ultra-heavy workload
Quite slack, doesn't demand too much work as he understands this is a half mod. His stories and videos are also interesting, too. Don't require
Alan Tea (2014-15 much writing anymore, just 2 reflection journals (250 words each) and a report for individual project (max 1600 words). No homework, 2 in-
CT term 1) class group projects and 1 final group project. Good grades (average B+)
Slack workload and not very demanding with regards to grades. He just wants to see that you put in efforts in your work. Class part is also good
CT Richard Mak when it comes to individual projectsHe's sexist against guys.He loves SNSD.
CT Goh Ban Eng Very flull. Need to class part a lot. If you want A+ speak up during class. Otherwise she's quite slack.
Compared to others, she got more work. Overall everything in CT whatever classes is very lame. But I made good friends from doing project in
CT Goh ban eng gbe's class coz the proj can really help you to bond.
CT Mark Gordon High ego guy, boring teaching. Have to write essays all the time in his class
As a rule of thumb, we can say that all CT profs are bullshit. :D That being said, this is the least bullshit of all CT profs. No arts and crafts, no
civilations development (wtf Goh BanEng?). He talks a lot, so be friendly with the TA to get your class part marks. Just two learning journals,
CT Lim Boon Chye one observations journal. Pretty lenient. Easily the best choice for a 0.5 mod.
Lol die. He is, in a word, clueless. On my first day of class with him, I learned that it was his first day of class as well. Trust me, it shows. His
unfamiliarity with "Ingrish" is evident in the first five minutes that you meet him. He can barely understand your questions if you ask any, much
less be able to answer them. Teaching style is quite boring. Homework, as usual. The one good thing about this class is his quizzes are easier
than the other prof's. But that's the only thing he can control. When it comes to the final paper, it's set by the other profs, so it will be
considerably more difficult. Good luck to you my friend.
FA Travis Chow Really not a teaching prof. More of a research prof.
His voice is quite monotonous so very easy to fall asleep in class. But other than that he's quite decent in teaching. Got weekly homework +
quizzes, quite easy to score, just need to pay attention to class exercises. Class part seems tough at first because he has this 'self evaluation'
FA Chen Kun-chih thingy after every class, but he always tries to give everyone a chance to answer questions so it's actually ok.
can't use phone or laptop in class. homework will be given points if submitted, even right or wrong answer. score CP from forums or inclass.
FA low lay chin care for students on a personal basis. project work is relevant. a nice person!
Weekly test at the beginning of class so make sure you're not late. Those tests will be part of your class part. No laptop policy. Can get pretty
FA Young Jun Cho dry at times but generally good prof.
Stingy with marks, inexperienced and taught too fast. Talks as if he's rapping. Always tell us what he taught wrong in class after few days which
FA 111 Goh beng wee is not helpful because most of us gets really confused
He's very knowledgable and teaches really well. The downside is that it's very hard to score in his class as there are many many hard-core
IEA Tan Kim Song students in his class. C+ for me =)) btw
English guy, wicked sense of humor. Profound knowledge, amazing charisma. Downside: a lot of reading, listening, synergy skills. Midterm:
easy MCQs, just read the textbooks and notes. Final exam: review all the presentation topics, 80% synergy questions and yes final is 50%
IEAmn Peter Wilson (What is Synergy Skill??)
Survive if learn Econs before, if not it's gonna be hell. Demanding, tough exams though she's quite nice and approachable. Perhaps good for
Intro Econs Yeo Jungwon serious students
Not that hard if you do your homework and try to understand, rather than memorizing. Require math skills. Nearly all the questions in exam are
Intro Econs Yeo Jungwon from her homework.
Ridiculously difficult for someone who doesn't have Econs before and who has no interest in this subject. She's hard to understand... and her
Intro Econs Yeo Jungwon "jokes" fall flat on their faces in class.
Intro Econs Larry Haverklamp Slack, no class part, just hand in homework. Mid term paper is recycled.
Generally relaxing class. Easy to understand, not very demanding except for required reading before class and after-lesson quiz. Quite
Intro Psyc Ivy Lau expensive though.
Angmoh prof, and very nice. He will answer every questions you ask, and very approachable. Quite slack, though maybe it's the nature of the
course, not the prof. He won't give you a very-low-mark, but won't give you a very-high-mark either.
IS101 Jason Woodard Second opinion: He's strict on your contribution to wiki. He appreciates good writing :) So actually, quite easy to score.
She is nice and engaging to students. Helpful feedbacks after projects and presentation too. However, projects, presentation and case
Tang Qian (2014- facilitation need to be prepared; grading is not that easy. Also needs to read cases before class and class part a lot. Still a good prof since I
IS101 15 term 1) learned a lot, and made lots of friends due to the class part
Very nice and understanding to students, very helpful for pp who don't have coding background. However, her explanation is often unclear, she
teaches slower than other profs because she spends so much time on explaining which cause her to skip exercises sometimes. Needs to work
IS200 Cheok Lai-Tee outside of class to get good grades.
Expensive but nice prof. Can finish mod 1 week earlier.
LTB Rani Tan She will maximize As
Super nice prof. Just need to classpart, earn good impression. Just make sure he knows your name=>A+ (yea, going against his
LTB Kan Siew Ning thoughts will get you a lousy grade)
Dickson Tang Dick CSP project. Some HK prof, has quite a funny accent. Caring and easy-going. Workload depends on how responsible your groupmates are.
LTB Sun Grading wise, average. Not too easy, not too strict.
Damn slack one! No class part at all still decent score. All you need to do to score B+ at worst is to put in lots of efforts in grp projects and a
not-so-brain-racking test. The bottom line is no point in bidding tgt cos grouping is all pre-assigned, which means if you get good grpmates, you
LTB Thomas Menkhoff score.
Paul Lim Heng Engaging Professor with sufficient knowledge in subject field. Class part intensive with insight required. Ideally should be comfortable with
LTB Leong speaking up when attending his class. Can learn a lot, but may be difficult to score.
Not sure if she's still teaching next sem. Super nice and motherly, one time she baked cookies for the whole class like wah lao =)))). Her
Hanoi Lok lessons are quite interesting. Quite expensive though.
LTB (CSP) Tan Dick Shun For the love of God, avoid if you want your A's. Seems a chill guy at first but is in fact extremely demanding (class part, report, quizzes).
Only A I got in my first sem. Really nice, refers to a lot of things outside of the textbook, lots of industry knowledge. Her projects (the PCL and
LADP) are manageable if your group is nice. She usually takes aweeesome TAs and they're very helpful. Not that hard to score, she'll
maximize A's. And you get to finish the mod at least a week early. She expensive but IMO worth the money. Oh, and she talks and talks and
LTB (no CSP) Rani Tan talks about her kids. Get used to it.
Pros: attentive, moderly, willing to go extra mile with students. Detailed explanations and notes. Cons: high volumes of competitive, market-
MA Wong Suay Peng spoiling SOBs.
Prof is nice. He's not very expensive btw. For MA, slides will be the same for every prof (imo). Go for Katherine if you can afford her, if not go
MA Cheng Nam Seng for this prof
MA Katherine Yuen Overpriced, overrated, unfunny. Don't bid. People in Jennifer Koh's class next door are learning MUCH more.
Marketing101 Seh woong Chung Not bad. Funny and slack
Seshan Can teach. Quite slack, no class part needed! Many components to get grades though
Seshan Best. Prof. Ever. Easily my favorite in SMU by far. Can teach, can inspire, quizzes a bit hard, classes super interesting, doesn't encourage
Marketing101 Ramaswami buying the expensive book. Really approachable, the finals are a joke- he asks you to color in the final exam. xD Bid, NOW.
MC Bharoti sarcastic and gives you a fierce feeling. can bid for her if you need to save money. easy to gain CP through her soapbox style.
Sucks balls. Quite unimaginative for an MC prof. Picks her favorites on Week 1 and doesn't give a shit about anyone else for the next 14. Good
MC Bharoti luck scoring higher than a B- if you end up on her bad side.
MC Carla Lim Super considerate and encouraging, esp twds international students. Closely following the guidelines will do.
MC Mark Chong Love him but he's not teaching anymore... so sorry for you guys who wont get a chance to bid for him
In terms of MC profs don't really matter but Shyamala doesn't have final moderation so it's hard to score. <= B+. Awesome Prof! Very motherly
and encouraging! Really cares about her students as well! I asked for her help with a writing problem and she spent 2,5 hours talking with me.
MC Shyamala One of the best prof I've had in SMU!!!
MC Vanada Advani Easy and slack. Lenient on grammatical errors. Minimal effort can score B+/A-
MPW Tan Hwee Hoon
MS Radhakrishnan Really chill prof. Easy marks. A bit hard to follow due to Indian accent. Apparently unpopular with the Singaporeans.
Damn chill prof, easy assignments, easy quizzes. It's just the final is a killer. But he's really good at explaining and quite approachable. :) Only
MS Marcus Ang one section.
MS Joyce Low Best prof ever! dont need to memorise stuff, just understand the idea behind those concepst. she's slack and good!
OOAD David Lo Very nice prof. Usually takes initiative to ask students about homework and other stuffs. very responsive
Hardball prof but you get a lot. I mean A LOT - Expert in SEA politics, quite a lot of readings (hard ones, too). Good for those that are serious
about pol Sci and want to improve writing flows. Class is always interesting (based on my own experience in her Intro to Pol Sci class and
review from other friends. Only give 2-3 As so if you're thinking about grades, screw it. AGREE! The most wonderful teacher I've ever had.
Pol Sci mods Bridget Welsh Sadly, she's not teaching here anymore. DAMN SMU!
Psych (for those of TAed for her. Generally easy mod, the only thing you have to do is to read a few pages of the text book before class, go there, enjoy the
you that want to activities, do the quiz (on you alr read) and go home. If you read the text and litsened in class, revision for exams would be a breeze. There's a
take as GE too) Christie Scollon group project but not really that heavy in grade proportion, getting A+ is quite easy
Social Psychology Slack, only had to read the textbook (which was very readable), but interesting subject so you still learn something useful. Prof was very funny!
(GE) Evelyn Au Always such a joy to listen to her hilarious and often exaggerated life-stories!!!
Engineering(SE His speaking pace isn't as fast as other profs (due to his unfamiliarity with English) but he's kind and approachable.Be careful when bidding for
a.k.a Sleepless his class if your OOAD grade isn't good though, since most of the "A" coder bidded for Yeow Leong class so it's harder to find them in Young
Era) Young Ki Ki's.
The one and only choice for the serious student. Caring but you really need to be careful when communicating with her. Emails sent to her
Stat101 Rosie Ching need to be properly addressed (for eg yours sincerely). Got scolded real bad once.
Best.prof.ever. Her workload is manageable IF you do your homework carefully and pay attention in class (actually it's quite impossible not to).
Her group project really KILLS but it will be a good experience for teamwork cuz you really need to work together to figure out everything. Also
confirm you will have to stay up for at least one or two nights together, but it's good for teambonding and you can have good friends after the
Stat101 Rosie Ching project. Overall she's very sweet and considerate, and always encourages everyone. Highly recommended.
Stat101 LTK cheap and no need to class part. Just do his homework
The way he teaches is very boring and quite hard to understand so will have to self-study a lot. His assignments and midterm are quite easy
Stat101 LTK comparing to those of other profs
Again, damn slack! Class part or no class part at all make no difference cos eventually he won't rmb your name. Grades are composed of
attendance, home assignments and 1 grp project (real case analysis with learnt theories applied). Mid-terms and finals, yes, if you are
hardworking enough to do past papers, you score big part cos his papers are mostly recycled with some minor changes only!). Side note: His
Stat101 KKS accent is real funny!
Stat101 Ang Wei Ling Notes are really good. But explanation in class may not be clear all the time.
I think if you read the book before class then should be able to understand what she says, otherwise you might be clueless if you haven't
studied stats before. Her voice is quite soft, so she attracts you by what she says, not how she says it :)) She manages to connect her concepts
Stat101 Ang Wei Ling with really good real-life examples though. If you manage to understand the theories, the examples are quite interesting.
Very nice prof. Answers all your questions and only requires you to really understand the concepts, rather than arriving at exact numbers. Good
for both learning and scoring (in my opinion easier than Stat101 to score A+)

nice prof, high workload, hard to score, the smiling devil. Second Opinion: nice prof with lenient marking. I feel that stat151 is
Stat151 Yang Zhenlin easier than stat101 (not sure about the A+ part though :D)
Do we even need to talk about this guy?
To be fair, even though he may not be the best teacher around, he's still a guy you can learn a lot from, just that you must be able to grasp the
Stat151 Sutaip Saw abstract-ness in STAT101 otherwise will definitely struggle. Individual preparation is a must.
Terrific guy, quite engaging as a prof. Reminded me and my friends of a grandfather. And he does, he has this accomodating look on his face.
You feel comfortable in his class. He asks questions and you can give the complete opposite answer and he'll somehow take it, spin it around
and make it sound like you were correct all along. Brilliant. Reflection journals everyday, don't fight it accept it: it's the only way you'll study for
the mids and finals. Read the readings, I never ever did, but still ended up with a B+. Watch the GGS video, read the summary of EI, and watch
TWC Terence Fan the videos he refers to in class after the recess week (I believe it's called Connections^3). Good luck.
Damn slacked. Finals are damn easy (seems so for all TWC profs). Project group presenting at the first half of the sem usually have advantage
TWC Chan kay min cos he is more lenient
Nice prof, lenient in marking, but she's rather quiet and demands a lot of class-part. Guildline is not really clear, but the lessons are interesting
TWC Whitney Zhang (if you have some class-part whores inside the class). Her final-exam will awe you HAHAHA
Wonderful Prof. The subject was dead boring but somehow he always made it super entertaining. Interesting group projects which required you
TWC Gokhan Ertug to have to really think and analyze an issue (not just collecting information). Funny, sarcastic, and hot OMG!!!
Very slack workload, easy to classpart since he allows classpart on eLearn (plus 2 posts on eLearn = max classpart grade for that week). Also
TWC Markus Karner very funny and easy-going, his stories keep students awake in class. Labelled best prof ever by many.
40 pages per week, quizzes on the readings, 1 group project, 1 individual paper. Final's "open to the world" (yes - you can use the Net). Read
up his stuffs and class part a bit (meaningful ones), minimal effort in projects and finals results in B+/A-. Individual paper usually a summary of
articles assigned, 800ws - an A for that usually requires a summary of very key important points and link them up. Interesting prof that, not that
TWC/BGS Francis Pavri hard to score
Im a fanboy lol. LOADS of reading (for average people taking it as GE) but interesting class discussions as long as you read them. Has notes
after each week, but the advise is to take your own notes then incorporate the two versions. For A+: Meaningful class part (he hates rambling
Understanding fluffy ones, so if you want to class part, please read his stuffs), ability to incorporate every thing taught in class, not just answers from seperate
Societ (GE) Chung Wai Keung notes.
Societ (GE) Forest Zhang He seemed to know his stuff, but soooo boring! Never cared much for sociology after taking this class!