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The Great Depression destroyed the 1930s

May 24, 1931


Political scene Spanish Civil War

Spain's Civil War was similar to the
In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt United States Civil War, in that it
defeated Herbert Hoover in a landslide offered a testing ground for new
election for the U.S. presidency, due warfare strategies and technologies,
mainly to the nation's struggles of the while also being very brutal and
Great Depression. Many of the voters destructive. Foreign nationals from all
blamed Hoover and "Hoovervilles" became over the world descended on Spain to
a common nickname for the migrant fight in the conflict, some with the
shantytowns popping up around the leftists, others with the fascists.
country. Pro-leftist Americans formed the
Abraham Lincoln Brigade, while
Following his inauguration, Roosevelt Young boy with his pet dog
fascist Germany sent tanks and planes
immediately introduced legislation for a to perfect techniques that would later
wide range of liberal reforms
Germany prove so successful in Poland, France
collectively known as the New Deal and the Soviet Union during World
intended to stimulate the economy. These In Germany, a political maelstrom was War II.
programs, along with Roosevelt's deft brewing. By the early 1930s, the president
media manipulation, would help him win
and other U.S. officials had learned of
the presidency four times, the only person
Hitler's power and domination in Europe.
to win more than two. He achieved this
feat despite the fact that he had suffered Under Hitler, the Nazi regime stripped away
from polio as a child and did not have the the rights of Jews and other citizens, killed
use of his legs a fact that the media the innocent, sterilized people with genetic
kept secret from the public. defects and vied for German world
domination. Leni
Mussolini addresses his
captured the 1934 Nazi rally in Nuremberg
and the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, among
In Italy, Mussolini continued in
power, eventually becoming absolute
ruler of a fascist state. His armies
would eventually invade the African
nation of Ethiopia. His interest in
media continued to flourish, though he
was chiefly concerned with controlling
FDRs fireside chats the message and censoring dissent.
Roosevelt used the media as well as any
media-savvy president of the 20th century.
His most important innovation in
communicating with the American public
was his weekly radio broadcast. Known as The crash of the Hindenburg
"Fireside Chats," these radio speeches and
his warm, earnest speaking style reassured The crash of the huge German airship was
a citizenry jittery over the wrecked the first major catastrophe to be covered by
economy and the future of the country, on-the-spot broadcast reporting. Herb
and won the public over to his New Deal Morrison, a radio reporter for the Chicago
station WLS, was covering the zeppelin's
mooring in Lakehurst, N.J. His naked,
emotional reactions, caught on a recording
device he was trying out, would forever color
memory of the disaster in the public mind.
But in Nazi Germany, the crash of the
Hindenburg would be downplayed;
considered bad publicity.