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Book Review rae: Pha Dok sh ww Hla Spe Date first ecition: Bho, Fink aK ition son gublhfled in 1988 ond He ink El ehtion im ZO? wy Th smour, scjence-fiction, mystery, biography, non-fiction, etc): an ay Setting beeper are ofthe ee je ay tober place ‘ an sheantive humor enbret with merater, Comment about he seting (examples: the sting makes sory exciting te seting has. an important effect on main character, the setting s/s not exciting or new, the s nee my knowledge of something): Re mtking ia vrgsttont in, this iid manny irfotnedn ahs uniotire 1 ‘hich, is ee eae Mgt Main character wincnncr Gurl of Raia re wis crarocer: Gea is is Job Fle facay he hana wa, to “ ae nd al an inacpiiened adn The main character changes from 0 a Rasdened ond horeroble smear. by the end of the story ‘Other charactors (@ minimum —6 max) Another character: vos on him Show te side he spn & rove nae ots ie Seebeck He will Le vey oat ove with Gell. Ghe Ras hin Another char ny Details: Another character: Details: ‘Another character: Details: Theme nats the author tying say in “Y story? What is his lesson in life? Ree ck wlll oy ba Lt " hee desc about what ? ae J? Working hard? Doing tho tight hing? Grood? io rene of ds Lae Caring eeu tare oi Bee é stn ge ust see ran i This cat Hearn fo the story tr one tay oe i “a he Neal fo even if you seed yay people 2 ‘The Action: Summary of what happens in the story (list up to 6 events that happened in Arai fin Bic sent Aborinand I yall dunmattg the fli and fing Falak aed ee Seven yoone ater j nt “Gna Bl ie a feat has Gen es hong alt. “banc he 3 bly np ter the Evaluation of the book ; erg Rat riswed the Bock and T think : ‘Sa pe ty ve bop? sata ne aun mate the SN “ne ae ‘te matt valle al Be gtr Soot, Uhove fea He aa in ‘ewe ats pele ical py You sypss SIS EP ta. 4 poner laa Ws wn cuted “Tey feod. th road the render