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Direct Examination of PO1 Sherwin Coquinco

Q: Kindly tell to us what happened there?

Q: Sir, how long have you been a police officer with the Manila A: While we were roaming around Recto Avenue, a man
Police District? approached us and asked for assistance as he was said to be a
A: 10 years your honor. victim of robbery hold-up.

Q: Where you are currently assigner, officer? Q: What is the name of the victim?
A: I am currently assigned at Alvarez PCP of Police Station No. 3, A: Roel Dellomos your honor.
MPD your honor.
Q: So, what did you do next officer?
Q: Where is this precinct located? A: We immediately responded to the complaint and ran over the
A: It is located at Central Market in Sta. Cruz, Manila your honor. suspects together with the complainant.

Q: How long have you been assigned in the said precinct officer? Q: What happened next?
A: Approximately 8 years your honor. A: As we close-in, the suspects, sensing our presence, ran away.

Q: As an officer assigned there, what are the things you normally Q: What did you then?
do there as part of your job? A: We chased them and in a quick short chased, I was able to get
A: We are active on conducting Police Omnipresence within our one of them.
peripheral jurisdiction.
Q: What is his name?
Q: What are things you conduct in maintaining police presence A: Joel Ramos your honor.
A: We regularly roaming in every street within our jurisdiction Q: Did the complainant positively identify Joel Ramos as one who
especially at night since most of the crimes are usually during robbed him?
nighttime. A: Yes, your honor.

Q: So officer, where were last December 30, 2016? Q: Was Joel Ramos alone robbing the complainant?
A: I was on duty on that day. A: No your honor. He was accompanied with another man.

Q: What was your shift on that day? Q: Were you able to arrest him?
A: 7 am to 7 pm your honor. A: No your honor. Only Joel Ramos. The other man managed to
Q: So you are still on duty at around 3:20 pm, right?
A: Yes your honor. Q: Did the complainant confirm the presence of the other man in
the robbing incident?
Q: What were exactly are you doing at that time? A: Yes your honor.
A: Roaming around the street to check whether or not there are
suspicious activities out there. Q: If you dont mind officer, did the complainant describe the item
robbed from him?
Q: Where were you exactly conducting roaming at that time? A: Yes your honor.
A: Along Recto Avenue you honor.
Q: What was the item?
Q: So are you aware of the robbery incident happened last A: It was a Samsung Galaxy Young mobile phone. The complainant
December 30, 2016 at around 3:20 pm at Recto Avenue? said it is worth Php 4,500.
A: Yes your honor.
Q: After you arrested Joel Ramos, what did you do to him?
A: We brought him at the Police Station for proper disposition. No further questions your honor.