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SharePoint Architecture (IaaS, PaaS,

SaaS) real-world scenario fundamentals

Gokan Ozcifci
April 18th, 2015
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Apologies for accent
With Turkish blood, Dutch educated and a
French speaking guy..

What about this session?
Provide some insights and tips when
designing and architecting your SharePoint
TechNet/MSD iis not always your answer.
Business requirements and budget things
that really matters.
DISCLAIMER: Opinions may differ but these
are my own thoughts.
SharePoint Saturday Antwerp:
In 2015
SharePoint Server 2016
Search and Discovery
NextGen Portals
OneDrive for Business
Hybrid advancements
SharePoint v.Next
SharePoint Server 2016
N-2 upgrade would you? I.e. 2010 > 2016
without stopping at 2013 first...
C:\Program Files\Common files\Microsoft
Shared\Web Server Extensions\16
Hybrid is the new normal
Farm solutions will be supported in
Understand SharePoint
SharePoint covers a huge set of individual
technologies under the SharePoint Platform
Application Domain
Active Directory
SQL Server
Office Web Apps Server

It requires time, patience and experience as

its continuously changing
Know when to use OOTB vs Custom
Understand SharePoint
The same core Infrastructure : Very similar
as SharePoint 20 in terms of infrastructure :
but more powerful hardware is needed
More RAM
More CPU
More everything
Understand SharePoint
New Service Applications (Machine Translation)
Offloaded Services: Yammer, OneDrive for
Business, Office Web Apps, Workflow
Improved Service Applications (Fast)
Not UI Bindended Services to be managed
with PoSH (Subscription Management)
Re-architected Service Applications (Search & OWA)
Understand Infrastructure
Not supported: Dynamic Memory |
Discontinued : Web Analytics
Prerequisites: Hardware and software
requirements for a single server with a
built-in database:
24 GB, 64-bit, 4 cores, 80 GB for system drive

SQL Server 2014 requires the May 2014 CU

to be installed
Understand SQL Server
SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server 2012
Standard or Enterprise
License costs

New functionality with SQL Server 2012

Use of Report Server and Reporting Services Add-in with SharePoint
New Excel Features (advanced data models, define KPIs, etc.)
Power View
Understand how it works
Share services across farms
Business Connectivity Services, Managed Metadata Service, Search
Service (Crawl, Index, Query), Secure Store Service, User Profile
App Management Service Application = NOT!

New way of works: HNSC

Claims: big deal expect if you have custom
code who is dealing with Classic code, and
upgrades.. Its a recommendation to set your
authentication model in 2010 as Claims then
N-Tier, N-Layer
3 is the new 2 | 7 is the new 5
3 webserver
2 load balanced 1 Maintenance HA/DR.
2 Servers, if one for maintenance and has
a problem SharePoint farm is down
Not only Server, think globally: Load

3 Web Server / 2 Application / 2 SQL

Its not all about SharePoint
Hardware( (AD,
Mobile Office
Office SLA

According to Gartner early last year (2013)
and repeated by Microsoft at their Worldwide
Partner Conference (WPC13) in Houston, in
the next 6-8 years:
35% of existing SharePoint customers will
never move to the cloud
15% will become pure cloud customers
50% will adopt a hybrid SharePoint
One year later, at the Worldwide Partner
Conference in Washington DC (WPC14), a
senior Microsoft leader admitted hybrid was
bigger than earlier estimated:
15-20% of existing SharePoint customers
will never move to the cloud
10% will become pure cloud customers
70-75% will adopt a hybrid SharePoint
Office 365 Adoption
Microsoft has shared limited statistics on
how Office 365 is being adopted, but did
provide some detail into the reasons why
customers purchased Office 365:
90% use the platform for
06% use the platform for
04% use the platform for
How do you begin?
SharePoint Farm Architecture
There is no perfect farm
that you can download
that rule them all..

#TechNet? #Google?
Real Microsoft expertise. Real
business value. My view.
Infrastructure Business Productivity
System Messaging,
Windows Identity, Desktop & Conference,
Center Business Application
& SQL Active Win Office
2012 ITSM Video, Voice
Server Directory upgrade
/ ITIL (Lync)
Migrations Portals, Intranets, Business Sales, Marketing,
Private & Exchange
Azure & & Critical, Doc Imaging, Dashboards, Account
Public & Lync + Workflow
O365 Integratio Management, Etc. (Dynamics
Cloud Voice (SharePoint) CRM)
Real Microsoft expertise. Real
business value. Their view.
Infrastructure Business Productivity
Your architecture depends
Structure of content and
What kind of? MB? GB? TB? PB?
SQL Server. Storage. Licenses.

Accessibility of content and

Which groups of people can you identify and
how are you going to grant access?
ADFS, Proxy, F5 Auth.?

Availability (content, data,

Your architecture depends
Amount of Content
Current amount of content and Expected growth
Backup. Restore

On-Premises, Hybrid, Pure Cloud
Hardware. Consultant Costs. Documentations.

External systems
Home made applications
Software. Consultant Costs. Non-Prod Environments.
Your architecture depends
Usage of custom components
Any custom development? Are they going
to use SharePoint Apps?
DNS zones and Subzones -, AD Changes

Keep track of your boundaries

Maximum size of content databases
Number of web applications and
Application Pools
Determine Servers
Your architecture depends
VMWare. Hyper-V.
Load Balancing will define he number
hosts in Datacenters

Social features. Yammer. SharePoint Social
Install SP1 per default for Cloud Integration.
Your architecture depends
First Line. Second Line. Operations team.
Do they have skills to operate the new
farm? Are they good to handle

Available resources
Who is writing the PoSH scripts
hopefully not you as an architect.
Role Traditional Topology Streamlined Streamlined
Topology Topology
(each tier (Optimize for)
Web Server Fast, Light-weight server which Service Applications, Low latency
responds to user requests from Services and components
web pages. All web servers are that serve user requests Access Services, BCS,
mirrors of each other and load directly Metadata, User Profile
balanced. Directs requests to
the appropriate application
Application Runs one or more services in the Service Applications, Load
Server SharePoint Farm. Load balancing Services and components
possible by redundant that process background User Profile
application servers tasks. Also called batch Synchronization,
processing. Workflow, Machine
translation, Work

Search on separate
dedicated machines
Database Stores content and service data. Stores content and Throughput
Server Databases can be clustered or service data. Databases
mirrored for failover protection can be clustered or
mirrored for failover
Topologies Farm types
Farm Number of Purpose
Limited Deployment 1-2 Used for product evaluation, development
and testing with a limited number of users
Small farm 3-4 Serve a large number of users and scales out
based on how heavily services are used. These
types of farms are not always fault-tolerant
Medium farm 6+ Serve a large number of users and scales out
based on how heavily services are used. Their
goal is a multi-purpose environment with
possible optimalisation. These farms are
always fault-tolerant.
Large farm Mostly a lot Serve a large number of users. Group service
applications, services or databases that have
similar performance characteristics on dedicated
Your architecture depends
Topology planning is very iterative
Customer will say it costs
You change
Mise en Production, you need more RAM
You change
You need a new Service Application
You change
And it will change over time
You change
Know the Boundaries
Software Boundaries and limits for
SharePoint 2013
Available on TechNet

Boundaries, Thresholds and limits

Boundary Static, cannot be exceeded
Threshold configurable BUT its not because you
Supported Limit configurable

Continuously updated but try to memorize

Think wise
It will cost many
mandates and
Server costs
Maintain and Operational
Consultant costs
The Evolution of SharePoint

2003 2007 2010 2013

SharePoint 2014 year in review
Hybrid Accelerators (within SP1) 1 TB OneDrive and Unified Apps

Delve and Office Graph Office 365 Video

DLP for SharePoint Online Encryption at REST

Team Collab and Doc Conversations Improved SPO Limits and Storage

SharePoint Server template on Azure

The new CSOM by PnP
SharePoint 2013 Platform
On Premises Hybrid with Office 365

Microsoft Azure SharePoint 2013 in Office 365

Your tasks
Capacity planning and sizing.
Server acquisition and setup.
Scaling out, patching, and operations.
Backing up data.
Maintaining a disaster recovery
Customizations are not limited.
Office 365
(SaaS) Software as a Service.
(Rich) feature set is always up to date.
Includes a Microsoft Azure Active Directory
tenant (can be used with other
If single sign-on is a requirement, ADFS can
be implemented.
Client communication over the Internet
Microsoft Azure
(IaaS) Best native cloud platform for SQL
Server and SharePoint.
Computing resources are available almost
immediately with no commitment.
Focus on applications, instead of datacenters
and infrastructure.
Inexpensive development and test
Combine the benefits of Office 365 with an
on-premises deployment of SharePoint 2013
(very simple, right )

SharePoi SharePoint Hybrid

nt Online 2013 SharePoi
On-premises nt
Best for
What to choose between these platforms?
In-country farms (when data is required to reside within a
Complex (BI) solutions.
Highly customized solutions.
Legacy solutions that are not supported on Microsoft Azure
Infrastructure Services.
Privacy restrictions that prevent synchronization of Active
Directory accounts with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (a
requirement for Office 365).
Organizations that desire control of the entire platform and
SharePoint in Office 365
Secure external sharing and collaboration
(unique feature!).
Intranet/Extranet - Team Sites, My Sites,
and Internal collaboration.
Document storage and versioning in the
cloud. Basic website.
OneDrive For Business.
Move My Sites (OneDrive for Business) to
the cloud to make it easier for users to
access their files remotely.
Get 1,000,000,000,000 Byte of free space
Push Service Applications
Microsoft Azure
Developer, test, and staging environments -
Quickly provision and un-provision entire
Hybrid applications - Applications that span
your datacenter and the cloud
Disaster recovery environment Quickly
recover from a disaster, only pay for use
Architecture tasks
Design the SharePoint environment in an
existing on-premises environment:
SharePoint farm topology and logical architecture.
Server hardware.
Virtual environment, if used.
Load balancing.
Integration with Active Directory and DNS.
Design the disaster recovery environment.
Office 365
Password sync (requires one 64-bit server).
Single sign-on (requires ADFS and multiple
Ensure network capacity, firewalls, proxy
Acquire third-party SSL certificates.
Plan the tenant name, design site. collection
architecture and governance.
Plan customizations, solutions, and apps for
In addition to tasks for both the Office 365
and on-premises environments:
Determine how much feature integration is
desired and choose the hybrid topology.
Microsoft Azure
Design the Microsoft Azure network environment
Integration with on-premises servers.
IP addresses and DNS.
Design the SharePoint environment
SharePoint farm topology and logical architecture.
Virtual machines sizes.
Design the disaster recovery environment


Partner Hosted Self Hosted

Private Cloud Traditional
Private Cloud
Dedicated on prem
Externally hosted Internally hosted
Externally or internally Internally managed
Internally designed
Internally designed

Out In House
Source Shared or Dedicated
Dedicated Public Public Cloud
Cloud Partially or fully
Shared or dedicated dedicated
environment Externally hosted
Externally hosted Externally or internally
Externally managed managed
Externally designed Minimal customization

When creating your
platform focus
(On-Premises / Their-Premises),

on goals, not Best

85% of your success
is due to your
communication and
Architecture is based on:
Chosen infrastructure
Business Requirements
Budget and goals
Based on your tests and
Is based on everything
Thank you!
We appreciate your