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1. Match A to B to form phrases.

1. enter someone
2. record this button
3. listen to my incoming messages
4. press the phone number
5. contact your access code
6. dial an outgoing message

2. Complete the mini-dialogues with the phrases you formed in Exercise 1.

1. A: Someone called you while you were at lunch.
B: Oh, thanks. Ill _____________________ to find out who it was.
2. A: How do I transfer a call?
B: _____________________ next to the red light.
3. A: I want to check my phone messages.
B: OK. First of all, you have to _____________________.
4. A: Are you going to _____________________?
B: I want to check my phone messages.
5. A: My voicemail isnt working.
B: Ill _____________________ in the IT department and theyll help you.
5. A: Did you _____________________ I gave you?
B: Yes, but there was no answer.

3. Complete the words and phrases in each sentence with the missing letters.
1. I couldnt reach Millie all day because her phone was o_ _ t_ _ h_ _ _.
2. Please dont put me on l_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I dont want everyone to hear me.
3. Bill has got such a l_ _ _ voice. Please ask him to talk quietly.
4. I couldnt hear some of the message. Ill r_ _ _ _ _ it and listen again.
5. Lets r_ _ _ _ _ everything you learned. Its very important that you understand.
6. Is it possible to r_ _ _ _ _ messages that I deleted?
7. I want to r_ _ _ _ _ my outgoing message to hear how I sound.

4. Match the sentences to the responses. Pay attention to the words in bold.
1. I want people to pay attention to the a. Double-click on the icon
dates. b. Then you should log out.
2. I want to see your photo. c. You should bold them.
3. How do I open this program? d. Ill send you an e-mail with an
4. This invitation is hard to read. attachment.
5. Ive finished working on the computer. e. Maybe you should use a different font.

5. Match A to B to form sentences. Pay attention to the words in bold.

1. When you write the address,
2. Please send all legal documents
3. Before distributing the mail,
4. The Human Resources department deals with
5. We sent the products last Monday,
6. At the post office, they will weigh the letter
a. by registered mail.
b. to determine the postage.
c. remember to include the postcode.
d. but it hasnt reached its destination.
e. document the letters in the mail log.
f. job applications.

6. Circle the correct answer to show you understand the words in bold.
1. You fill in a waybill when you send something by registered mail / courier.
2. When you label something keep away from heat, it should be kept in a cool / hot place.
3. You use bubble wrap to protect / track an item.
4. Your signature is the special way you write your address / name.
5. You can wrap something in glass / paper.
6. You handle something with care when its fragile / big.

7. Complete the dialogues with the phrases below.

Dialogue 1
includes the correct postcode check all the items collect the mail make sure weigh
the envelopes
A: What is the procedure for handling outgoing mail?
B: First, you _____________________ and take it to the mailroom.
A: Ok. Then what?
B: You _____________________.
A: What do I check?
B: _____________________ all letters are signed. Then checked that the address
A: What about postage?
B: You _____________________ and determine the postage using this chart.

Dialogue 2
attach our company label delivered on time fill in this form put the goods
A: How do I prepare packages?
B: First, you must _____________________ in a box.
A: Do I label the packages?
B: Yes, you must _____________________.
A: What about the paperwork?
B: You _____________________ for the courier. Then you must track the shipments.
A: Why do I have to do that?
B: To make sure the shipments are _____________________.