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 February 2017


Depreciation & your tax bill Preneed Sales Success: A top-performing sales organization
needs strong sales leadership St. Agnes Cemeterys DVD brings cemeterys stories alive

Building & grounds makeover positions

Fairmount as a lifetime event destination

I C C FA C O n v ention & E x p o A p ril 5 - 8 , 2 0 1 7 na s h v ille , T enne s s ee



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International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

Promoting consumer choices, prearrangement and open competition

Providing exceptional education, networking and legislative guidance and support

to progressive cemetery, funeral and cremation professionals worldwide

12 architecture & l andscape design

Building & grounds makeover positions Fairmount Cemetery as
lifetime event destination At historic Fairmount Cemetery, something
old is new again. The mortuary, built in the 1960s, has been remodeled
into a striking combination funeral home, cemetery office and event
center. The main entrance and landscaping have been redesigned. And
The renovated Welcome Center and
Quebec Place at Fairmount. Story, p. 12.
the new garden mausoleums include details that reference Fairmounts
Inset: one of the new garden mausoleums historic chapel but are designed for tomorrows families.
placed in a premier spot near the building. by Susan Loving
Story, p. 30. 28 Giving people more than 100 ways to enjoy your park
30 Turning the box into an eye-catching mausoleum

32 management/financial
8 Presidents Letter Depreciation & your tax bill: What to consider before filing
Dont be the same ole, same ole Were already more than a month into 2017, so its too late to do any
by Mike Uselton, CCFE tax planning before filing 2016 returns, right? Not so. Now is the time
10 Washington Report to sit down with your accountant and consider depreciation and your
Not your grandmothers Congress 2016 tax bill.
by Robert M. Fells, Esq.
by Mandy M. Rohde, CPA
36 Supply Line
40 Update 34 preneed sales success
44 St. Agnes DVD Creating Growth with preneed sales: The elements of a top-
brings cemeterys stories alive performing sales organization: 1. Strong sales leadership
50 Ad Index Do you know what you need to build a strong preneed sales team at
50 Calendar your funeral home or cemetery? Where do you start? You start at the
top, with the right person to lead your team.
50 Classifieds
by Gary OSullivan, CCFE, and David Shipper

ICCICCICCFA officers  Cremation and Funeral Association. Subscription

February 2017 rates: In the United States, $39.95; in Canada,
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VOLUME 77/NUMBER 2 $45.95; overseas: $75.95. One subscription is
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Robert M. Fells, Esq., executive director & by the International Cemetery, Cremation and
general counsel Robert M. Fells, Esq., executive director & Funeral Association, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite Funeral Association.
publisher 100, Sterling, VA 20164-4468; 703.391.8400;
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Rick Platter, supplier relations manager & association liaison postage paid at Sterling, VA, and other offices.
rplatter@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1213 bclough@iccfa.com; 1.800.645.7700, ext. 1214 Copyright 2017 by the International Cemetery,

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ICCFA news
47 Jan Scruggs to receive 2019 Lasting
Impact Award www.iccfa.com
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April 6, 2017, Nashville, Tennessee ICCFA members in good standing can read the magazine online
48 Find what speaks to you at the Web Expo directory of suppliers and professionals
2017 Annual Convention Association directory
49 Entertainment announced for Industry event calendar
Annual Closing Banquet Model guidelines
April 8, 2017, Nashville, Tennessee ICCFA Government and Legal Affairs Committees model guidelines for state laws
50 ICCFA Educational Foundation and regulations
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2017 Cremation Certification June 7-8, ICCFA arranger training June 7,

February 28-March 1, ICCFA arranger training ICCFA operator training June 8;
February 28, ICCFA operator training March 1, Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service, Decatur,
Mid-America College of Funeral Service, Jefferson- Georgia
ville, Indiana July 11-12, ICCFA arranger training July 11,
ICCFA Cremation Programs Coordinator Poul ICCFA operator traning July 12;
Lemasters, Esq. Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, Texas
2017 Annual Convention July 18-19, ICCFA arranger training July 18,
& Exposition CANA operator traning July 19;
April 5-8, Renaissance Nashville & the Cincinnanti College of Mortuary Science, Ohio
Omni Nashville, Tennessee, ICCFA Cremation Programs Coordinator Poul Lemasters,
Conference Chairs: Mitch Rose, CCFE, Esq.
and Nctar L. Ramrez 2017 ICCFA University
2017 Cremation Certification July 20-26 Fogelman Conference Center,
May 24-25, CANA operator training May 24, ICCFA ar- Memphis, Tennessee
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Presidents Letter
Dont be the same ole, same ole
President Michael
s I prepare my commentary for this and grounds operations. This is where I began my
Uselton, CCCCFE February issue, its amazing to think career, and I know firsthand that these individuals
how the time has flown. Your association have some of the strongest relationships with the
continues to foster International relationships and families we serve. They see them day in and day
growing membership worldwide. I have been out, help them with their stuck vases or simply
fortunate to be able to visit funeral and cemetery wave and say hello. Listen to your grounds staff
properties throughout the world, and it is intriguing they will tell you what visitors to your cemetery
and educational to see how various members are saying. After all, only a small percentage of
differentiate themselves from the competition and people driving by your cemetery will ever pull
avoid being the same ole same ole. through those gates, so first impression that your
This months issue is focused on architecture, grounds and staff make is important!
muselton design, landscaping and maintenance. There ICCFA Universitys College of Land Manage
@kays-ponger.com is a growing trend for funeral homes to adjust ment & Grounds Operations, held every summer at
Uselton is a manag- their traditional way of thinking and redesign or the University of Memphis in Tennessee, provides
ing partner of Gibraltar renovate their facilities to keep up with consumer an excellent way of expanding your and/or your
Remembrance Services, needs, desires and expectations. Some have ground teams knowledge of todays customer
Palmetto, Florida. chosen to refurbish, while others have taken a expectations. While this years university doesnt
leap and somewhat separated themselves from start until July (July 20-26, 2017), now is the time
anything resembling your grandfathers funeral to identify people on your staff who could attend
home. You might think you were entering a and benefit from this intense training. There are
banquet hall or party center when you see round plenty of scholarship opportunities as well.
tables, centerpieces, special lighting and themed Take the time to read, review and visit with the
dcor. I have seen this set-up as the primary various ICCFA suppliers and vendors advertising
gathering room or an optional room for families in this issue who can offer you the latest in
To support Useltons goal to choose. professional guidance, services and products to
of raising $100,000 to help Many new designs have incorporated such differentiate your facility, cemetery or offerings so
fight lung cancer, todays layouts to accommodate the ever-growing trend they wont be the same ole same ole.
#1 killer of women, go to of people choosing non-traditional venues for
www.iccfa.com/lungforce services. So, whether or not you take this leap, ICCFA Convention & Expo
do yourself a favor and update your facilities It is not too late to register for our Annual
and dont be the same ole same ole grandfathers Convention & Expo, April 5-8, 2017, in
n To apply for ICCFA funeral home. The families you serve will Nashville, Tennessee. It will be a venue you do
membership: appreciate it. not want to miss! Program details can be found at
Download an application The same thinking applies to the design www.iccfa.com.
at www.iccfa.com or and layout of future developments within your
call 1.800.645.7700 cemetery. Make use of your natural landscape and
incorporate new offerings and products within

these gardens. Whether youre looking at ground
Check us out on burial or cremation memorialization, the ICCFAs
Facebook! supplier and vendor members offer some of the
Like us and finest solutions, ideas to help your cemetery Fighting lung cancer
friend ICCFA differentiate itself. This especially applies with With your help, we continue to support Lung
Staff. cremation offerings. Force and awareness of lung cancer in women.
One of the biggest challenges to our profession Please continue to share this with family
today is permanent placement of cremated members and friends and help defeat the #1 killer
remains, as opposed to home retention. Get of women today. Thank you for your generous
creative and implement new products to create support! www.iccfa.com/lungforce
an environment that welcomes visitation within
your cemetery. I have seen some designs that have
incorporated areas for families to relax, share
refreshments or simply read a book. Isnt that a
nice way to welcome people to your cemetery?
I must plug those who work in the maintenance

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Tom Johnson Jake Johnson

The first rule of

selling your business:
Bill Cutter
make sure you David Adams

have the best advisor.

The Best Team... The Best Results...
Bob Horn The Best Price... Karen McCurdy

For the Lowest Fees in the Business!

Selling our company after 120 years of family ownership was a very difficult decision.
Johnson Consulting Groups advice and counsel were invaluable in helping me reach

my decision, which resulted in several very serious offers and maximized the value we
received. JCG helped secure my familys future and we are forever grateful.
Blair Nelsen, Former Owner Nelsen Family Funeral Services, Inc.

Todd Lumbard Rich Sells


Dale Espich
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2014 MKJ Marketing

Washington Report
by ICCICCICCFA General Counsel
Not your grandmothers Congress
Robert M. Fells, Esq.
robertfells@iccfa.com he 115th Congress convened on Democrats predictably hurled against Trump
1.800.645.7700, ext. 1212 January 3 and expectations were, was not only matched but at times exceeded
direct line: 703.391.8401 well, expectant. The many hundreds by the demonizing from Trumps fellow
of bills that where introduced during the Republicans. Never before have politicians
Fells is ICCFA execu- 114th Congress but not passedincluding of both parties been so obviously self-serving
tive director and general The Bereaved Consumers Bill of Rights with the prospect of an outsider becoming
counsel, responsible for
Actofficially expired and must be president. I believe this is unique in the
maintaining and improving
relationships with fed-
introduced anew into the 115th Congress to history of American politics.
eral and state government be considered. The question that concerns ICCFA
agencies, the news media, The Republicans hold majorities in both members is what we can expect from
consumer organizations and related trade the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Trump administration and the 115th
associations. but not in such large numbers to give them a Congress. Historically, a Republican
super majority of at least 60 percent. This majority will slow down the number of
More about thihis topicic means that the Republicans will likely need new business-related laws and regulations.
ICCFA 2017 Convention & Expo, some Democratic votes to pass legislation in President Trump has already announced that
April 5-8, Nashville, Tennessee.
both houses. It is rare that all 100 members of for every new regulation that is enacted,
Join Fells and additional experts for the
annual Legal & Legislative Session,
the Senate and all 435 members of the House another two regulations must be repealed.
Stumped by Trump? The panel will vote strictly along party lines. On the average, federal agencies issue over
provide up-to-date information and answer Some members of each party will break 6,000 new regulations every six months,
audience questions about regulation, ranks. The reason commonly cited is that so the Trump 2:1 ratio will be quite a
taxes, labor law and litigation. a members constituents back home, i.e., challenge. Whether it will actually happen
www.iccfa.com voters, dont support the party line on a remains to be seen.
The ICCFA Government and particular bill, so to defy the wishes of your Our attention should be directed to the
Legal Affairs Committee Capitol constituents is a good way not to get re- U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), which
Hill visits have been scheduled for May elected. Hence, cross-over voting is common. has been increasingly politicized during the
16-18. If you would like to participate, or if In the 115th Congress there are 52 Obama administration. The recent overtime
you know a member of either the House Republicans in the Senate, 46 Democrats, and regulations that were meant to be effective
or Senate and could be helpful in arrang- two independents. So the Republicans have a on December 1, 2016, have been halted by
ing a meeting with a member of Congress, thin majority and, allowing for defections on a federal judge. Likewise, DOL efforts to
contact Bob Fells, robertfells@iccfa.com; certain votes, will need Democratic support in eliminate secret ballot voting by workers in
1.800.645.7700, ext. 1212; direct line: order to pass certain bills. determining whether they want a union have
703.391.8401. The situation is somewhat better for also been put on hold.
Republicans in the House, where they have Over at the Federal Trade Commission,
More from this author
241 seats out of the 435, and the Democrats the Funeral Rule is scheduled for review,
Why we vote. A series of
articles on the importance of
have the remaining 194. This gives and likely a major overhaul that could
engagement in the democratic Republicans about 55 percent of the House, include posting prices online. FTC staff
process in the United States. a nice margin but probably not enough to is noncommittal on whether the review
www.iccfa.com pass contentious legislation where defections proceedings will begin in 2017, but at least
are likely. The real power is with the one consumer advocacy group has petitioned
Funeral Radio. ICCFA General Counsel chairmanships of the committees, where the the FTC to begin the review this year, and
Robert Fells, Esq., talks about legal and
Republicans will control the agenda of which FTC staff have duly noted this petition.
legislative issues affecting funeral, cem-
etery and cremation businesses at
bills will be heard and voted on, and which
www.funeralradio.com bills will be ignored. Capitol Hill visits planned for May
The wild card in the 115th Congress Meanwhile, the ICCFA Government and
More resources
lies not in the House or the Senate but in Legal Affairs Committee is planning its
Wireless. ICCFA members, send us
the White House. Our new president is that annual visit to Capitol Hill. The scheduled
your email address and well send you
our bi-weekly electronic newsletter full of
rarity, a person who has never held elected dates are May 16-18, and this year the
breaking news. office before in his entire life. Donald Trump ICCFAs new lobbying firm, Dykema, will
not only doesnt know the secret handshake be involved in scheduling meetings with
(Im joking) but he is not part of the political key members of Congress in both parties.
establishment that seeks to protect its turf. Any ICCFA member wishing to
It is likely that the election of 2016 will participate in the Capitol Hill visits should
be remembered not for what Donald Trump contact this writer at rfells@iccfa.com or
or Hillary Clinton did during the campaign, at 1.800.645.7700. Whatever happens on
but what politicians of both parties said Capitol Hill in 2017, nobody expects it to be
about them. In particular, the rancor that predictable. r

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Be More Than
a Number.
Be a Partner.
When you partner with a larger funeral home and cemetery consolidation company, it is easy to become
just another nameless face in the crowd. But your firm is unique, and no one knows how to serve your
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At FPG, we work hard every day to position you, our partner firms, for
success in your individual market. To further foster growth, I am pleased to
announce our new V.P. of Business Development, Erin Whitaker. Erin is a third-
generation funeral director, and like me, shes spent years on the front lines of
funeral service at her familys firm. Erin is brilliant with a background in chemical
engineering and an MBA. But more importantly, shes one of us, so she can
understand your needs and goals.

Justin Baxley Erin Whitaker,

Justin Baxley, Vice President of
Senior Vice President of Business Development Business Development

Foundation Partners Group Get in Touch

4901 Vineland Road 1-888-788-7526
Suite 350 Fax: 407-583-4735
Orlando, FL 32811 www.FoundationPartners.com
2016 MKJ Marketing
Managing Editor Susan Loving
sloving@iccfa.com A R CHIT E CT U R E & L A NDSC A P E D E SIGN
ICCFA Magazine subject spotlight
kbriggs@fairmount At historic Fairmount Cemetery, something old is new again.
cemetery.net The mortuary, built in the 1960s, has been remodeled into a striking
Kelly Briggs is
Fairmounts president combination funeral home, cemetery office and event center.
and CEOEO. He started The main entrance and landscaping have been redesigned.
in 1975 as a mechanic,
repairing vehicles and And the new garden mausoleums include details that reference
heavy equipment.
He then worked as Fairmounts historic chapel but are designed for tomorrows families.
a member of the
interment crew and
later became cemetery manager. In
1995, he was promoted to vice president
and in 2004 was promoted to his current
Kendra Briggs
is Fairmounts COOOO
and vice president
of operations and
customer service. She
started at Fairmount
in 1998 as a funeral
director, then started
learning about the JC Buck
Photos courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build
behind-the scenes Above, the entrance to The Welcome Center at Fairmount Cemetery, where families
operations of both the cemetery and go for funeral and cemetery arrangements. Below, the entrance to Quebec Place,
funeral home. She has held her current the event center on the other side of the buidling, lit up for a nighttime event.
position since 2012.

Fairmount Funeral Home & Building & grounds makeover

positions Fairmount Cemetery
Cemetery, Denver, Colorado, was
founded in 1890. At that time, its 280
acres represented the largest developed
landscape west of the Mississippi. The
as lifetime event destination
areas oldest cemetery, Riverside, is
owned by Fairmount. Fairmount was
designed by Reinhard Schuetz, who also airmount Cemetery, which celebrated
designed the citys park system. its 125 anniversary in 2016, has long
www.fairmount-cemetery.com had a high profile in the Denver,
Fairmount, a non-profit cemetery owned Colorado, community. It owns Denvers
by lot owners, has had a crematory since pioneer burial place, Riverside Cemetery,
1942 and added a for-profit mortuary in which was declared a National Historic
1965. Fairmount also has a monument District in 1994. Fairmount itself is an
company, and a flower shop in its mauso arboretum and has an impressive collection
leum. As of 2016, it has included an event of heritage roses and champion trees, as
center, Quebec Place. well as three buildings that are designated
Fairmount is home to Colorados most historic Denver landmarks.
extensive arboretum, filled with numerous There has been a mortuary on the
champion trees and one of the largest cemetery grounds since 1965, but COO
collections of heritage roses in North Kendra Briggs says the mortuary tends to for change. The funeral home is no longer an
America. The cemeterys original buildings, be swallowed up by the cemetery a little bit. obviously mid-20th-century building. Over
the Little Ivy Chapel and the 1890 Gate In 2016, the funeral home served about 500 the past couple of years, the building and the
Lodge, and the Fairmount Mausoleum are nearby grounds have received a stunning $7
families, while the cemetery served about
designated historic Denver landmarks. The
1,500. (Riverside, still a working cemetery, million make-over, and Fairmount has added
mausoleum contains one of the largest
stained glass collections in the state. served about 20.) an event center, Quebec Place, which shares
But the mortuarys public profile is poised the renovated mortuary building.

12 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
 JC Buck
Above, the west
side of the reno-
vated multipurpose
building. The north
entrance is to Que-
bec Place, and the
south entrance is to
the mortuary. The
chapel is one of the
spaces shared by
Quebec Place and
the mortuary. Note
the modern design
addition to the origi-
nal chimney and the
many windows.

Photos courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build

Above, the business entrance. All cem-
etery, funeral and administrative offices
are in the combined Welcome Center/
Quebec Place building.
Above right, one of the new, homey
arrangement rooms.
Right, the lobby of Quebec Place.
Light fixtures, fireplaces and abundant
natural light wherever possible are
among the common elements through-
out the building.

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 13

ICCFA Magazine subject spotlight
lledbetter@ EIrwin@ MMcHugh@
cprastudio.com cprastudio.com sprocketdb.com
Lane Ledbetter is Erick Irwin, RLA, Matt McHugh, AIA, is a
a landscape architect has been director of partner in and lead design
and an associate at operations at CPRA architect for Sprocket
CPRA Studio. He Studio since 2014. Design-Build Inc. He joined
has more than 25 He previously was Sprocket in 2002 after
years of experience. president of Irwin working with several firms
He received a Golf & Landscape in the Denver area. He
bachelors degree in earth sciences, Inc. He received a bachelors degree received a bachelors degree in environmental
planning option, from Montana State in environmental design in 1993 from design in 1997 from the University of
University-Bozeman, and a bachelors the University of Colorado-Boulder, Missouri-Columbia, and a masters degree
and masters degree in landscape and a masters degree in landscape in architecture in 2000 from Washington
architecture from the University of architecture in 1996 from the University University in St. Louis.
Oregon. of Colorado-Denver. www.sprocketdb.com
www.cprastudio.com Sprocket Design-Build Inc., Denver,
Cemetery Planning Resource Alliance LLC (CPRA), Denver, Colorado, Colorado, offers design-driven architecture,
provides planning, design and project delivery services for death-care providers. engineering and construction services. Bill
Founding principal is Doug Flin. Moore, AIA, is founder and president.


on building an entirely new reception
center, and they were looking at possible
places to put it near the existing mortuary,
added CPRA associate Lane Ledbetter.
Then we started to look more at the
building itself, and it was such a beautiful
mid-century modern split-level building
from back in the day. We thought a
renovation would be less expensive than
adding an entirely new building.
So we worked with Fairmount on a
plan to turn it into a more multi-use space,
with different sizes of reception space, with
 Photos courtesy of CPRA Studio
Fairmount Mortuary before (above) and after (below) the renovation.
different entries, and then helped them
select the architect.
The architecture firm chosen was another
Denver firm, Sprocket Design-Build Inc.
It sounded like a unique opportunity,
said Matt McHugh, AIA, lead design
architect for Sprocket. We were told
Fairmount was looking to do something
a little more progressive, to have a more
vibrant, uplifting space.
They were also interested in the chal
lenge of working with an existing building.
There were some really interesting wood
work and spatial arrangements in the
building that allowed us to use some of the
elements and build off of them.
(The project also involved developing
garden and plaza areas outside the build
Planning for changes They worked with Kendra and her ing, and the nearby Lower Ivy Terrace
CPRA Studio in Denver, which specializes husband, Fairmount President and CEO Mausoleums, which CPRA designed. See
in cemetery and funeral home projects, has Kelly Briggs, on initial location planning, page 30.)
a long history with Fairmount. Theyre in space planning for the interior of the The renovation discussion started with
our back yard and we love working with building and site planning for the landscape concerns over making the building more
them, said Erick Irwin, CPRAs director of and site improvements outside the building, accessible, said the Briggses.
operations. Irwin said. Initially, the discussion centered How I like to describe the old building

14 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
Call Tim or visit us online to learn more.

Tim Bridgers

2016 Live Oak Banking Company. All rights reserved. Member FDIC liveoakbank.com/funeral

 Aerial photos courtesy of CPRA Studio

A map of the 280-acre cemetery. The
small section in the upper left corner is
the project area (the close-ups at left). It
became clear very quickly that we need-
ed to focus on that area, said CPRAs
Lane Ledbetter. It has the two primary
entrances, the funeral home administra-
Above, an aerial view of a portion of Fairmount Cemetery showing the project area
tion offices and all three chapels. We call
before work was done. Below, the same area while construction was taking place,
it the visitor services area.
showing the mortuary and chapel being turned into the Welcome Center for funeral
and cemetery operations and Quebec Place event center, the massive landscaping restroom was, especially if they were in
changes underway and the new mausoleums. the chapel, because they had to go down
some stairs to reach it. Or they would have
to go outside and around the building.
Initial conversations about how to make
the building ADA compliant morphed into
a new business plan, Kelly said, one that
involved both brick-and-mortar changes
and changes to operations.

Brick and mortar changes

The upper level of the old mortuary
building was basically gutted, and about
4,000 square foot of additional space was
added to create a combination cemetery
office, mortuary and event center of about
15,000 square feet.
The work started in March 2015 and
was completed in May 2016.
The administrative offices on the lower
level were left alone while the rest of the
building was gutted, so that administrative
personnel could stay in the building.
Funeral home operations were moved
into the nearby Chapel in the Pines, where
the crematory is located. They were all
piled on top of each other over there,
Kendra said.
is that it was like a tri-level house, where then. We did have an elevator, but it was a It definitely hurt business for six
you walk in and then you go either up the service elevator, in the back where the prep months, Kelly added.
stairs to one level or down the stairs to room was. When I was a funeral director, I The main entrance on Quebec Street
another, said Kendra. always cringed when somebody who was became the construction entrance, and
They didnt consider accessibility back mobility-challenged asked me where the consumer traffic was diverted through the

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We redesigned our arrangement rooms, which I love.

For years, I was always sitting at a desk and the family was on the other side.
Now each arrangement room has a fireplace and a couch, except for one larger arrangement
room that has a dining room table. Its much more homey, and has been very well received.
Kendra Briggs, Fairmount COO and vice president of operations and customer service

 Photos courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build

Two of the arrangement roomsno desks in sight. Most have a fireplace and a couch; one has a dining room table.

Alameda Avenue entrance. reception. Or, if its a small gathering, we

People had a hard time finding their can close some of those doors and create a
way around, Kendra said. We would drive smaller space.
people around in golf carts from one building Weddings have already been held at
to another. We had another building that used Quebec Place, and during the holiday season
to be our flower shop, and thats where we The Salvation Army rented the whole
had the cemetery counselors. building to host a craft fair.
But thats all a memory, now. Everyone So far, they have not had a problem
is now in one building. People driving into coordinating funerals with other events.
Fairmount now see a sign that directs them  Photos courtesy of CPRA Studio
They have times blocked out for funerals.
either to the Welcome Center (for funeral/ Above, the old sign at the main entrance They also still have three historic buildings,
cemetery services) or to Quebec Place (the to the cemetery. Below, the new signs. Ivy Chapel, The Chapel in the Pines and the
event center), also known as the Q. mausoleum chapel, which can be used for
Though those two functions are reached visitations in case of a conflict.
via separate entrances, on opposite sides, The separate entrances and parking areas
theres no strict wall separating the mortuary- make it easier to keep people attending
cemetery and event spaces. Many of the festive occasions at the event center and
rooms can be used by either. those attending a funeral or visitation from
There are rooms that can be used for a disturbing each other.
funeral-related gathering, a reception after There are, of course, some areas devoted
a service or a wedding, anniversary party or exclusively to mortuary functions.
business event. We redesigned our arrangement rooms,
The chapel, suitable for funerals or which I love, Kendra said. For years,
weddings, has comfortable removable chairs I was always sitting at a desk and the
and an informal gathering space attached. family was on the other side. Now each
The building is multi-functional, arrangement room has a fireplace and a
Kendra said. Theres a flex room that can couch, except for one larger arrangement
open up and connect to the event center. room that has a dining room table. Its
There are cocktail tables and we can set up much more homey, and has been very well
a bar. Theres a gathering room next to it received.
that also can be opened up to allow more They still have a small selection room
people. for people who still want to touch and
We can accommodate 300 people at a feel, Kendra said, but the arrangement

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Dedicated and focused, Bills

knowledge and experience of the
death care industry provides you
with value added services, enabling
you to focus on what truly matters
in such challenging times.

Bill Newman, CPA


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 Photos courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build

Top, the funeral homes main lobby and coffee bar. Above left, a family room off the main lobby. Above right, a gathering and
flex space. Doors can be opened or closed to create gathering spaces the right size for the number of people expected.

rooms do have screens for digital informed the architectural changes. provides an outside gathering space.
merchandise selection. One of the challenges of changing the The front and back of the chapel ended
exterior came in providing those separate up flipped. You now enter through what was
The architects view entrances for the mortuary/business side of previously the front of the chapel.
The exterior of the building didnt have the building and the event center side. There were all sorts of things that had
a really strong presence. It was a little The Quebec Place entrance, on the north to be sorted out to make it easy for people
brutalist; it was in a sea of asphalt, side of the building, already existed as a to move through the building, to easily
McHugh said. Since the building is in the back door to the mortuary, but the small get to the part of the building they were
park-like setting of the cemetery, the idea existing porte-cochere was added to on top looking for, McHugh said.
of connecting it more to the landscape to call attention to it. The plaza around it A lot of it was way-finding, making it

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Photos courtesy
of Sprocket
Right, the
chapel after
The original
wooden ceil-
ing was kept,
but the room
was flipped.
The front of
the room used
to be in the
Below, in this
black and
white view
of the chapel
from a differ-
ent angle, the
large door-
way into the
adjacent flex
space, set up
with high-top
tables and
chairs, can be

Above right, a visitation room. Like other rooms, it features a lot of wood, particularly walnut, and bright walls and upholstery.

so people would know how to get where foyer and gathering space before you enter windows, so there wasnt a lot of light in
they want to go, McHugh said. into the main chapel. Theres an opening the space. Our goal was to make it a more
We thought about how a person whos with large doors from the chapel into a flex uplifting space.
either coming to Fairmount potentially space. We cut in some skylights to create
to schedule a wedding or a memorial Theres a large gathering space thats some softer light. We cut in some windows
service would move through the site. Or, accessible on the mid-level floor from both around the perimeter to make it feel a little
if you were coming into the office to make foyers. more inviting, more hospitable.
arrangements. We tried to break the building into some There were some nice elements with
The office wing is the copper-clad piece smaller spaces that connect so that you have the existing building that had that mid-
on the south. When you come into that spaces for small groups, mid-sized groups century modern feel, some nice modern
entrance, its very obvious where youre or large groups, all maintaining a kind of wood panels, some glass panels, different
supposed to go. The arrangement rooms are intimate feel. scales of space. Our goal was to take
right off the main foyer. It was a modern building to start with, the design and make it more progressive
If you come to an event, you use the so we tried to use that and maintain a contemporary. I would call it warm
north side entrance, which has its own modern feel to it. But there werent a lot of modern.

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Mausoleum Protection That Provides

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The Quebec Place website shows off

the new building to good effect. People
attending events at Quebec Place are
directed to a separate entrance from the
one used by the mortuary and cemetery.

 Photo courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build

Events mean food service. Fairmount decided they didnt have the space for a full
The websites home page shows several
catering kitchen, but they did include a warming kitchen where caterers can set up.
appealing and flexible interior spaces.
Quebec Place screams cemetery or funeral home.
One of the challenges of having an event The chapel includes a large flat screen
center on cemetery grounds or in a funeral rather than religious iconography, making
home is getting people to drive through it open for use by anyone.
those cemetery gates, or walk into that When you drive into Fairmount, instead
funeral home. of a sign saying Fairmount in the center
Fairmount has tackled this issue of the divided drive, there is one with a
via redesigned signage at large letter F, and pax eterna
the entrance, those separate (Latin for eternal peace) written
entryways and the marketing of below.
The Quebec Place website includes a
Quebec Place. Were trying to just say
video that shows the types of events
that can be held here, including (below) Onda Vega, our director of Fairmount, Kendra said. Its
weddings, parties and business gather- events, is working really hard kind of hard. When we advertise
ings. at promoting Quebec Place, the funeral home, we do say,
Kendra said. When she gives Fairmount Funeral Home.
tours to people considering But on all the signage, we say
holding weddings or meetings Fairmount.
there, people say they forget that Onda Vega is Just inside the cemetery,
theyre in a cemetery because the Fairmounts di- signage directs drivers to the
building is so warm and inviting. rector of events various buildings/entrances,
Vega and other staff are and promotes with no mention of funeral or
dedicated to making Quebec Quebec Place. cemetery.
Place successful. They have had The event center entry has a
a ribbon-cutting but are thinking of having sign saying Quebec Place.
several open houses throughout the year so
that people in the community can see the The results
building. She likes the addition of color to the
Quebec Place has a separate website interior design, and the lodge feel,
(which can be reached from the Fairmount Kendra said. And I like all the wood; we
site) that includes a photo tour of the have a lot of walnut.
inviting spaces inside, as well as a video They asked the architects to reuse
showing people enjoying events such what they could, and are pleased with the
as weddings, parties and work-related results. One side where we added on for
gatherings in the building. the event center, they left the brick wall
Nothing about the photos or video on the insideits a neat little feature,

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The cremation rate is really skyrocket

ing. Even though we offer a lot of cremation
sites, people are wanting to take cremated
remains home, or scatter them. So this helps
us to serve families and to generate some
income through events.
The availability of an attractive place
for gatherings gives family care providers
something to offer even families who say
they just want immediate cremation. The
family care providers give a tour to all
families who come here, Kendra said.
Were trying to use the term lifetime
events. You can get married here, have a
baby shower here, have a funeral here.
Colorado is a state where the cremation
rate has been high for a long time, but the
percentage of families choosing cremation
at their funeral home has actually gone
down a bit the past couple of years, to
about 54 percent, which is lower than the
 Photo courtesy of Sprocket Design-Build state rate. Its 60 to 70 percent, depending
The Kelly Briggs Board Room, named for Fairmount President and CEO Kelly Briggs. on where you are in the state, Kendra
Kendra said. And theres the wood ceiling This was McHughs first foray into Their cemetery business is 70 percent
in the chapel, which they kept. funeral-cemetery design, but not his first full burial property and 21 percent
The architects really tried to blend the experience with death care. Has seeing what cremation property, Kendra said. The
old and new, Kelly said. Fairmount offers changed his views about opening of the Highland Gardens, which
We used some of the old masonry, what he might want for his own funeral? CPRA designed, has helped draw more
McHugh said. We used a lot of the Yes. It wasnt too long before we got cremation families to the cemetery, she
woodworking details that were already in the Fairmount job that I was sitting in the said. Its affordable and very, very pretty.
the building, in some cases reusing them in living room of a funeral parlor in Missouri,
different locations. in a town of 400 people. It was an open Operational changes
When you walked in the chapel, there casket visitation, and the room smelled like Changes were not limited to the building.
were some formal-looking coat racks that mothballs. I thought, This is not good. Ive The fact that the employees like their new
we used as a backdrop and partition in some got to find a different way to go out. surroundings has made it easier to institute
spaces. Has Fairmount earned his business? operational changes, the Briggses said.
Kelly especially likes the board room. Well, hopefully not for a while! Instead of funeral directors and cemetery
On the 40th anniversary of Kelly What does the new building do for counselors, Fairmount now has family care
coming to work at Fairmount, we threw him families and staff? It provides a much providers, who help families throughout the
a surprise party, and they named the board more pleasant experience, Kendra said. process.
room after him: the Kelly Briggs Board And the staff can function better, because Since you dont need a license to be a
Room, Kendra said. We have a stuffed theres more room. There are more options funeral director in Colorado, there was no
mule deer in there, and the chairs are made to show people. need to send cemetery counselors off to
of cowhide. Its really rustic. The old funeral home had a hodge- mortuary college. However, theyve all been
McHugh is also pleased with the results. podge feel, she said. There was mis trained by funeral directors, Kendra said.
I like the way the site and the building matched furniture. One of our arrangement And the cemetery counselors trained the
integrate. rooms had a big board table with blue funeral directors in how to bury someone.
The spire was a fun element to draw chairs. I used to call it the Blue Room; it It just seems like everybodys accepting
attention to the building. Even from a was awful. the new environment, and the new operations,
distance, if youre on Alameda Drive, you Employee moral has improved with the which include the family care providers and a
can see the spire, and it centered the whole new surroundings, Kendra said. Theyre new emphasis on preneed sales.
design. very proud of the building, said Kelly. The people who werent interested in
I had been to Fairmount prior to the The fact that the building is designed to the new family care provider jobs were
renovations, and it had a much different feel be flexible gives Fairmount more options reassigned to handle aftercare and preneed
then. I think they achieved their objective of for the future, Kendra said. You know sales.
creating a more inviting, vibrant celebration how the cemetery business, the death-care In the past, Fairmount had one person
of life center. industry, are changing. handling preneed sales; now there are six,

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While JCG is legendary for their
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core building blocks every funeral
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wouldnt risk eliminating any of
Paul C. St. Pierre, President
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A Total Solutions Company
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2014 MKJ Marketing
Giving people more than 100 ways to enjoy your park
I ts fine to point out, in talking about your
cemeterys history, that people used to
treat cemeteries as parks, but you dont
want the people in your community to view
that use of your grounds as all in the past.
Go to Fairmounts website and check
out the list of things you can do there
today, weather permitting. Come up with a
list of your own and publicize it.
Fairmounts list includes tours and
special events, with links to relevant
releases, brochures or maps. They started
out with a list of 125, but ended up
scratching a few. For example, they didnt
want to encourage grave rubbing for fear of
injury to people or historic memorials.
Many of the activities listed could be
relevant to any cemetery: learning about
interesting people interred there, enjoying the
flower gardens, picnicking on the grounds,
flying a kite in an undeveloped section,
photographing wildlife, playing checkers or
chess, reading a book, checking out unusual
or especially beautiful monuments, collecting
fallen autumn leaves with your children,
practicing yoga, relaxing in the gazebo,
organizing a family reunion in one of the
chapels, enjoying cross-country skiing ...
Seriously? Cross-country skiing?
Oh, yeah, lots of cross-country skiing
at Fairmount, said President and CEO
Kelly Briggs. When we get big snows,
said COO Kendra Briggs. Last year, we
had a nice, big blizzard. On Fairmounts website, youll find a list of things to do on the campus (its actu-
Talk about taking lemons and making ally a few less than 125), with specific help on identifying trees, examples of roses
and pictures of some of the wildlife you might see when visiting the park.
lemonade! r


with plans to add more. Their manager would So I started thinking about how we one would expect.
like to have a team of 10 by the middle of could change that, and it seems to be The cemetery had a preneed sales
2017. working really well. Other places have program in the 1970s and 80s, Kelly said,
The preneed team works strictly on tried it, and it just didnt work for them, but most of its business was walk-ins, so the
commission. When the contracts are I think financially. So they went back to board decided to concentrate on walk-ins.
fulfilled, a family care provider takes over. the old way, or they have a two-up system, As you know, we cant do that
The family care providers are paid a where they have the cemetery and mortuary anymore, Kelly said, because theres so
base salary. If a walk-in turns into a preneed people in the same room. much competition now.
contract, the family care providers go ahead We started with a two-up system. Onda Their preneed property sales also will
and handle the contract and are paid a Vega was my first family care provider, help them pay the mortgage on Fairmounts
(smaller) commission. my test case. I hired her to learn both the beautiful building, the Briggses said.
Our vision was one family, one staff funeral and cemetery sides, and it was They have a new personal planner for
member, Kendra said. Our attorney told working great. And then ... their sales team to use. Thats been a real
me that when she lost a loved one, she I stole her, said Kelly. help for them, Kendra said, because
talked to the funeral director and then she Kelly stole her to start the Quebec Place weve got a really good one now.
had to talk to a cemetery counselor and at Fairmount business, but thats OK. I saw And, of course, having the beautiful
repeat everything. So, youre just starting to that it worked. building to show, whether through pictures
connect with one person, and then you have Interestingly, Fairmounts funeral or a tour during events such as movie nights
to go talk to someone else. She said it was home had more preneed contracts than the designed to bring people onto the grounds,
really tough. cemetery, which is the opposite of what makes preneed sales easier. r

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They have an existing older garden mausoleum in the cemetery,

and I think the only inventory they have left is on the upper level. Kelly Briggs wanted something
newer, more contemporarynot more of the same.Lane Ledbetter, CPRA Studio

 Photos courtesy of CPRA Studio

Above and below, the three garden mausoleums added as part of Fairmount Cemeterys renovation and redevelopment project.
CPRA Studio designed the mausoleums and collaborated with Gibraltar Mausoleum, a subsidiary of Matthews International
Corp., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. on final design and construction. Sprocket Design-Build assisted with some adjacent site work.

Turning the box into an eye-catching mausoleum

art of CPRA Studios site plan for the two main entrances comes right through contemporarynot more of the same. And
reimagined Fairmount funeral home- the visitors services area, so its a very he wanted only four levels of crypts.
cemetery office-event center involved prominent space. Each mausoleum has 112 crypts, so 336
adding eye-catching garden mausoleums In addition to easy access and good crypts have been added to the cemeterys
close to the entrance, in a section called parking, you could go to the chapel, then inventory. In addition, each of the three
Lower Ivy Terrace. have an entombment or inurnment and then mausoleums has 96 niches, so 288 niches
Kelly and Kendra Briggs decided to go go to the reception center without having to have been added to inventory.
ahead with the Lower Ivy Terrace because move your car. The mausoleums have distinctive roof
they needed some garden mausoleum The three garden mausoleums are identical overhangs with three overlapping sections
inventory, said Erick Irwin, director of to each other but strikingly original. When that provide protection from the elements for
operations for CPRA Studio, and they you hear the term garden mausoleum, it visitors and visual interest when seen from
wanted to make it some of their premier conjures up a certain image. Kelly told us all sides. I think part of the reason for the
inventory because of its location near the he did not want that, said Lane Ledbetter, an roof structure, Irwin said, is the fact that
entrance, near the renovated building and associate at CPRA Studio. the mausoleum is, we all know, just a box,
close to parking areas. They have an existing older garden but the roof gives the building a new identity
Fairmount has quite a few mausoleum in the cemetery, and I think the and maybe even some movement. It feels
undeveloped acres left, but everybody only inventory they have left is on the upper uplifting and almost kinetic.
who comes into the cemetery through the level. Kelly wanted something newer, more We wanted good coverage from the
roof, Ledbetter said, because we do have
inclement weather, rain and snow in the
winter and some very hot days in the summer.
That was a very big point with Kelly.
He didnt want to create more problems,
with needing to push snow away from those
buildings all the time. Theyre going to be
popular, and they need protection.
So some kind of roof was part of the
plan for these mausoleums. The initial
roof style was taken from some of the
surrounding architecture, but then we took
it into a more contemporary style. Were

30 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff

Were paying our respects to

the architecture of the past, the
history of Fairmount Cemetery,
but were stepping forward to
the present day and looking
to the future, to what people
are going to want and find
interesting.Lane Ledbetter,
CPRA Studio

Right, A close-up view of some of

the crypts and niches, showing
the mix of materials and the wall in
back, which helps buffer the noise
from the adjoining street.
Below left, the nearby Little Ivy
Chapel, which inspired the gothic
references in the design of the
mausoleums (below right).
 Photos courtesy of CPRA Studio

We go for multiple flower-blooming times

and colors, multiple texture types, Irwin
said. Some ornamental grasses, evergreens,
broadleaf evergreens.
And since in Colorado we definitely get
four seasons, we strive to get four-season
color. Even when plants are dormant and the
leaves are off, we try to find something that
has a really brilliant red stem or something
else that will have interesting character during
the winter.
The materials in the mausoleums, the wall
and the nearby entrance were coordinated.
The wall runs to the Quebec Street
looking to the future.
entrance, Irwin said, so its integrated
The ends of the mausoleums, where the
into the new entry feature that we designed.
niches are, include a gothic arch-style design,
You can see it in the buff sandstone color
inspired by the nearby Little Ivy Chapel.
and the red Georgetown brick. The brick
Fairmount wanted niches, Irwin said,
was something pulled from the existing
but did not want the usual bank of eight by
mortuary building, and the buff sandstone is
10 niches. Some of that sort of design was
near the property line to dampen the traffic a regional vernacular stone that we have in
in the early concepts, and it just didnt get
noise, Irwin said. the Denver area.
anybody excited. So we abstracted a modified
gothic shape and fit the niches of different Though the wall itself does not contain The area around and near the building
sizes into that end panel. inventory, about a dozen family estates have was previously a low spot and some of the
The mausoleums should require pretty been tucked in between the new garden drainage from the cemetery was released
minimal maintenance, Irwin said. The main mausoleums and the new wall. They can be into a pseudo detention pond, Irwin said. It
component of the box section is concrete partitioned from neighboring estates with was a cattail-driven detention pond, with a
with stone cladding and brick veneers. The high-end landscaping. surrounding area of grass and lawn.
roof and its posts are metal. The timber used Some of the private estates will provide So that was cleaned up and removed, the
will need some maintainance, a sealer about leeway for families to be able to add plants ground was leveled and we had to renovate
every three to five years, at least initially, designed specifically for their estate, the entire storm drainage and build a new
though the need will decrease over time. Ledbetter saidlandscaping personalization, detention pond for the cemetery.
Since the mausoleums are close to Quebec if you will. Near the new garden mausoleums are
Street, a heavily-used commuter route, they Around the mausoleums, the landscaping lawn areas that can be used for future
put up a wall averaging 7 and a half feet high has a high-end residential feel, Irwin said. inventory developments. r

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 31

by Mandy M.
Rohde, CPA

Were already more than a month into 2017, so its too late to do
any tax planning before filing 2016 returns, right? Not so. Now is the time
to sit down with your accountant and consider depreciation and your 2016 tax bill.

Mandy@f4sight.com Depreciation & your 2016 tax bill:

ICCFA Magazine
What to consider before filing
author spotlight
Rohde is the ew Years Day has come and gone. We are example, if you have an asset that will be depreciated
director of account- rolling along in 2017 and coming upon tax over five years, you can depreciate it using an accelerated
ing services for The
season. Most businesses work to complete tax method that results in much larger depreciation amounts
Foresight Compa-
nies. She has been planning before year-end, when you can make decisions in years one and two than in years three through five.
a licensed CPA in about bonuses and expenditures that need to take place Because the life of an asset is determined by the tax
Arizona since 2007 before December 31. For most business owners, tax code, it can often be different from the actual useful life
and holds both a planning ends there, but there are still decisions to be of the asset. For example, to keep up with technology,
bachelors of accoun- made now that can have a huge effect on your tax bill. you may need to replace your business computers
tancy degree and a Depreciation is a vague, nebulous concept to many. every three years, but the tax code requires you to
masters degree in You know that it shows up as an expense on the profit depreciate computers over a period of five years. Using
taxation from Arizona and loss statement and that it will increase gains on an accelerated depreciation method will allow you to
State University.
property when it is sold. The calculations are left to recover most of the cost of the computer in the first three
For the past 15 the CPA and you dont pay much attention to it, but years when you are actually using it.
years, she has depreciation can be a very powerful tool for small While the methods are generally prescribed, if you
worked in various business owners. begin depreciating an asset using one method, you
industries, including
There are several elements to consider when it generally cannot switch methods after the first year. Be
retirement plan ad-
ministration, captive comes to depreciation expenses, and if you made capital sure to review your options carefully before deciding on
insurance manage- purchases during 2016, you still have time to make sure the method to use.
ment and public those investments provide you with the most benefit Asset life
accounting. She has possible. The tax code recognizes that capital assets will not
worked in client ser- What can we depreciate? retain their value in perpetuity. The value of assets is
vice for many years When you purchase property for your business that reduced over time until they are either sold or discarded.
and employs her is expected to be used for more than one year, it is called Just as there are many types of property, there are several
experience to provide a capital purchase. You are investing the business assets different time periods to use for depreciation.
the highest level of
in capital that will produce revenue for some period of Unfortunately, business owners are not able to decide
service to help make
Foresight clients time. While the capital assets produce income on a long- the life expectancy of capital assets on their own. Its
businesses more term basis, you will eventually need to replace them. easy to see that this would result in abuse. The tax code
profitable. Depreciation methods outlines different classes of assets and the length of time
www.theforesight While there are several different methods available each class of asset can be expected to produce income
companies.com for calculating depreciation, the details of each method for the business. The class life can range from three
The Foresight are not relevant to this discussion. There are two to 39 years, depending on the type of asset. The most
Companies LLC is a main ways to compute depreciation: straight-line and common assets are depreciated over five or seven years.
Phoenix-based busi- accelerated. Most businesses reside in nonresidential real property.
ness and manage- Straight-line While most improvements to property would be
ment consulting firm Straight-line depreciation is fairly self-explanatory classified as having the same class life, there are certain
specializing in merg- in that it is calculated based on the same amount of exceptions.
ers and acquisitions, depreciation each period for the life of the asset. For For example, if you make improvements to a building
valuations, account- example, you have a $5,000 piece of equipment that will (leased or owned), they would generally be considered
ing, financing and be depreciated over five years. The depreciation on that in the same class life as the building, 39 years. However,
customer surveys.
asset is $1,000 for each of the five years. The straight- some qualified improvements can be depreciated over 15
line method is very popular because it is simple and easy years instead of 39. For example, certain improvements
to understand. to the grounds, such as sidewalks, driveways, curbs and
Accelerated parking lots qualify. In addition, certain landscaping
Accelerated depreciation means an asset has more qualifies for a 15-year life.
depreciation in the early years of the asset life. For While the list may seem very detailed, the difference

32 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
management / financial
in depreciating an item over 15 years rather provisions were temporary but have since Asset or maintenance?
than 39 can mean significant tax savings for been made permanent. Another consideration is the treatment
you. Generally, new assets that have a life of of an expenditure as an asset that should be
How is this a tool? 20 years or less are eligible for 50 percent depreciated or as routine maintenance. It is
At this point, you are asking yourself how bonus depreciation in the first year of use. As important to know the difference between
depreciation is a tool for business owners with Section 179, the remainder of the cost is improvements and maintenance.
when the tax code prescribes both the useful depreciated over the prescribed useful life. If the expense is recurring and expected
life of the asset and the method of calculating Can I have both? to be performed to keep a unit of property
the annual depreciation. Since both Section 179 and the bonus in ordinary, efficient operating order and is
Chances are that when you purchased a depreciation are incentives, the general expected to be performed more than once
new vehicle or made improvements to your understanding would be that you can use one during the depreciable life (or more than once
facility last year, it was not with depreciation or the other, but not both. However, this is in 10 years for real property), it is routine
in mind, but there are a few ways to make one of the rare exceptions to what you might maintenance.
those investments pay off for you right away. expect! For assets that qualify, both Section Routine maintenance is a regular busi
Section 179 179 and bonus depreciation may be used. ness expense and fully deductible. There
One of the most important sections of While you can have your cake and eat it, are special guidelines regarding repair and
the tax code for small businesses is Section too, you need to remember that these are only replacement of a roof that are worth review
179, which allows capital assets to be fully available in the year the asset is purchased ing if maintenance has been performed.
expensed in the year purchased rather than and placed in service. Section 179 does not Cost segregation
being depreciated them over their useful life. carry over unused amounts. Another consideration when making
The Section 179 election has limits and Qualified improvements improvements to property is segregating
conditions, but they are generous for small In 2016, a change was made to expand the cost of personal property from structural
businesses. For businesses that have invested the bonus available for qualified leasehold improvements. If an item is not permanently
no more than $2,010,000 in capital assets in improvements to qualified improvement attached to the structure, it may qualify as
2016, up to $500,000 may be fully expensed property. While qualified improvement personal property and have a shorter asset
in 2016. property excludes elevators, certain internal life rather than being part of the whole
There are certain limitations on some structural improvements and enlargement improvement that will be depreciated over a
assets, such as vehicles ($25,000 each) and of a building, there are several items that much longer period.
qualified real property ($250,000), but the are included. For example, improvements While this is not always on the radar when
remainder of the cost of the assets is then to structural components of a building that the improvement is being done, it could
depreciated over their prescribed life. benefit a common area. be worth the time to go back through your
The assets that qualify for Section 179 Qualified improvement property also receipts and determine which items can be
are tangible personal property, qualified real qualifies for Section 179 deductions. How depreciated separately over the shorter period.
property and off-the-shelf computer software. ever, there is a special limit of $250,000 The bottom line is, if you made capital
Bonus depreciation imposed on the expense for this type of purchases in 2016, make sure to review them
In addition to Section 179, for the last property. But once again, you could have a carefully with your CPA to get the full benefit
several years, certain assets have qualified significant amount of Section 179 expense, in available to you. Even though we are past the
for bonus depreciation. Who doesnt love addition to the 50 percent bonus depreciation end of the year, you can still work to reduce
a bonus? Many of the bonus depreciation and a shorter asset life. your tax bill. r

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 33

by Gary OSullivan, CCFE,
and David Shipper
ICCFA Magazine author spotlight PRENEED SALES SUCCESS
OSullivan and Shipper are co-authors
of THEHE SYSTEMEM, the professions only Do you know what you need to build a strong
complete preneed selling online training
program, and LeadTrak, the industrys preneed sales team at your funeral home or cemetery?
leading CRM. THEHE SYSTEMEM University
program of online training for sales coun- Where do you start? You start at the top,
selors and managers is offered exclusively with the right person to lead your team.
by the ICCFA at www.iccfa.com.

OSullivan is president of
Gary OSullivan Co., Winter
Creating growth with preneed sales
Garden, Florida, a consult- The elements of a top-performing sales
ing firm specializing in the
cemetery and funeral profes- organization: 1. Strong sales leadership
sion. He works with clients in
the areas of leadership and management Editors note: This article is part of a series sales organization. You must have a strong
development, service and sales processes by Gary OSullivan, CCFE, and David sales leader, a proven selling process and a
and corporate culture. Shipper about planning and executing a culture of accountability.
www.garyosullivan.com successful preneed sales program As we discuss these foundational

twitter.com/GOgaryosullivan principles, we encourage you to evaluate
study conducted by Martin your current sales organization to see which
linkedin.com/in/garyosullivancompany of these principles, if improved upon, could
and Hedges to discover the
His experience began at 18 years of age elements of top-performing sales help you move your sales organizations
selling cemetery property door-to-door and organizations concluded that The best performance to the next level.
includes leading a national sales organiza-
sales organizations have strong leaders who We will look at each of these founda
tion and then forming his own consulting tional principles one at a time as part of
exercise control, monitor team performance
and speaking company in 2001. our continuing series on preneed sales
and establish internal processes by which
In 2014, OSullivan received the first all team members must abide. success. In this article, we will examine
ever Lasting Impact Award from the ICCFA
From this we can surmise that successful the need for a strong sales leader. In our
Educational Foundation, in recognition next two articles, we will talk about having
sales organizations dont just happen by
of the significant educational contribution an effective selling system and then about
he has made to the profession. In 2009, chance, they are created by design. In
preneed sales, as in all complicated aspects creating a culture of accountability.
the ICCFA presented OSullivan with an
honorary doctorate for his 20 years of con- of business, a few fundamental components
secutive participation in ICCFA University, are the foundational requirements for Strong sales leadership
where he is dean of the J. Asher Neel Col- success. Author and speaker John Maxwell puts it
lege of Sales & Management. Here is a simple example, as it relates this way: Everything rises and falls on
to the fundamental requirements for gener leadership. Did you catch that key word
More from this author in his quote? It was everything. He didnt
ating preneed sales: To be effective at
OSullivan is dean of ICCFA Univer- say some things or a few things. No,
sitys J. Asher Neel College of Sales &
consistently generating preneed sales, its
not about doing 4,000 things, its about he said, everything.
Management. The next session will be July
doing four things 4,000 times. Those four If he is right, having the right sales
20-26, 2017, at the Fogelman Conference
Center, Memphis, Tennessee. Look for infor- things are prospecting, setting appoint leader is critical to having a consistently
mation in the spring at www.iccfa.com ments, making presentations and closing high-producing sales organization.
sales. Lets start by examining a few of the
ds@djshipper.com We are assuming, of course, that the characteristics a strong sales leader must
Shipper is a third-gen- salesperson has been properly trained possess to build a top-performing sales
eration funeral home and organization.
on all aspects of the business. However,
cemetery owner and the
co-creator of The Systystystem,
failing at consistently doing these four
things, they will fail, regardless of how Vision
the industrys only complete
much training and knowledge they have. One of the first attributes of strong leaders
selling system for cemeteries
and funeral homes. The same is true for building a top- is that they have a compelling vision of
performing sales organization. There are a what their sales organization will be. They
He has been involved with the ICCFA know what it will look like, from the
since 1978 and has served in all officer po- few fundamentals that you must have and
execute consistently. people they will select to the goals they
sitions, including president in 2000-2001.
In 2014, he was inducted into the ICCFA There are three major foundational will achieve.
Hall of Fame. principles that are essential for creating and They also have the ability to communi
sustaining a consistently top-performing cate their vision to the people they are

34 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
preneed sales success

Strong sales leaders should be humble and not allow their egos to override their role,
responsibilities or relationships. At the same time, they must be hungry
and have a passionate desire to see that their people and their companies succeed.

bringing into their organization, and the their companys success, they know the relentless work of daily prospecting.
ability to keep that vision alive with the the decisions they make are about the They want to know if they can endure the
existing people in their organization. They company and not themselves. continuous rejection they will face.
know how to influence and inspire people Strong sales leaders should be humble They also want to know if the new
to help them make their vision a reality. and not allow their egos to override their recruit will learn and follow the companys
role, responsibilities or relationships. At the proven scripts, or if they will do what feels
Culture same time, they must be hungry and have right to them. The strong leader knows if
Strong leaders create a powerful and posi a passionate desire to see that their people they wont do this work the right way, its
tive culture. They know that if they dont and their companies succeed. likely they wont follow the companys
design the culture they want, one will be Its their humility that makes them think other defined processes either.
created by default. Therefore, strong leaders about others rather than themselves, and
work to create an environment based on professional will that drives them to ensure Retention
their vision, values and expectations. their people and the company succeed. Its Once they find the right fit, the strong sales
A culture is a system of shared assump never about them, its about the role and the leader works diligently to ensure they create
tions, values and beliefs that govern how responsibility they have to lead. an environment where good people want
people behave in the organization. Within to stay and become their best. This brings
their culture, leaders define the standards us back to where we started, as it requires
Strong sales leaders are relentless in their
and expectations of what is to be done and sharing a compelling vision with people
recruiting efforts. They know they must
how it is to be done. about what they can do, have and be, and
always be looking for the right people,
The strong sales leader knows that creating a culture where good people want
people who are a right fit. They know how
having the right sales culture has a powerful to stay and make a positive contribution.
quickly things can change in their organiza
impact on the organization, from the people The strong sales leader knows that
tion. That is why they are always looking
they hire to which ones they keep. They are finding the right people is one thing. Getting
for people. People who are the right fit, not
also keenly aware of the impact a positive them to want to join their organization is
just a quick fix.
culture has on teamwork and interdepart another. And if they accomplish that, getting
They know the cost in time, money and
mental relationships. them to be productive is yet another.
effort of making a wrong hire. Understanding
That is why they have a selling system
that there is no secret formula that guarantees
Character that is teachable and defined daily activities
people are who they represent themselves
A strong sales leader also possesses high that are trackable. In conjunction with having
to be, they make a diligent effort to ask the
ethical standards concerning right and these processes in place, they create a culture
right questions, as they are always working to
wrong. These standards are never sacrificed of accountability, an environment where
improve their interviewing skills.
for volume. The leader is the model of all people are committed to doing the work
They learn how to look for evidence in a
he or she professes, and settles for nothing required to achieve consistent sales success.
candidates past that should be an indicator
less. They do what is right over what is
of how they will respond and perform
convenient and their words are modeled in Coming up next
in the future. They hire on evidence, not
their behaviors. People, especially those who have never
Leaders with character never make been in direct sales, need to be taught a
decisions for the sake of convenience. They Find out fast system of how sales are generated. They
take into consideration what is the right In the world of direct selling, strong leaders also need accountability markers that show
thing to do for the customer, the company know there is one element that will make them and their leaders if they are engaging
and their salespeople as it relates to the or break a salespersons ability to succeed. in the right activities and achieving the right
values, policies and ethical standards of the That one thing is prospecting. In preneed outcomes daily.
organization. The one thing they never have selling, we all know that if you dont have In our next article, we will discuss the
for sale is their moral standards. people to see, then nothing else matters. importance of having an effective selling
The strong leader finds out in the first system to ensure people know what to do
Humble and hungry week if the new recruit is willing to do the and when to do it, and what outcomes they
In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins work we call prospecting. Yes, people need should expect from their efforts.
says this about what he calls level five to know all aspects of the selling process, Then, in the following installment in this
leaders: Level five leaders have a wonderful pricing, policies and all that other stuff. But three-part series, we will share with you
blend of personal humility combined with if they dont find people to see, then they what we believe to be the most powerful
extraordinary professional will. never get to use the other stuff. components needed to create and maintain
He found that leaders who build great That is why the strong leader finds out, a top-performing sales organizationthe
companies are very ambitious about week one, if their new hire is willing to do concept of daily accountability. r

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 35

Supply Line
n Wilbert Funeral Services, tion is available through the company web-
Broadview, Illinois, has introduced the site, www.aftercare.com. 1.800.724.9975;
ClearVault acrylic urn vault. It provides a www.directorsadvantage.com
clear, all-around view of the urn as well as n Funeral Directors
complete protection from ground elements Life INsurance Co.,
when buried. The lightweight ClearVault is Abilene, Texas, has named Al
easy to transport and is available in vertical Ray director of sales devel-
and horizontal configurations to accommo- opment. He grew up working
date most urns. ClearVault can be engraved in his familys funeral home,
on the sides or top of the unit. The clear and then spent 20 years in the
acrylic also can be used as a memory capsule banking industry and seven
displaying special items surrounding the Ray
years owning his own insur-
urn, making a personalized and meaningful ance agency. He attended Mississippi Delta
centerpiece during services. Community College, Northwest Community
WIlberts ClearVault acrylic urn vault, 1.888.WILBERT; www.wilbert.com College and Delta State University. He is ful-
shown with engraving.
n terrybear, St. Paul, Minnesota, ly licensed in property, casualty, life, accident
and has introduced a glass mosaic line of and health in Mississippi. He is also licensed
urns. They are available in two colors, blue as a property insurance adjuster in Missis-
(Iris) and red (Hibiscus) and in two sizes, sippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.
a full-sized urn thats 10.9 inches tall and www.funeraldirectorslife.com
holds 200 cubic inches and tea light thats 3.4 n Cooperative Fu-
inches tall, comes with a candle and can hold neral fund, Madison,
a minimal amount of remains. The urns are Connecticut, has expanded
made of multi-toned glass and resin and have into the state of Maine. CFF
a raised floral design. has appointed Todd Hanson
1.888.588.8767; www.terrybear.com as territory regional manager
n Howard miller for the state. Hanson has been
Co., Zeeland, Michigan, has with CFF for more than 10
introduced a live-edge wood years. 1.800.336.1102;
floor clock, the Otto. This www.CooperativeFuneralFund.com
Terrybears mosaic line in blue, the Iris. clock is designed from two n Astral INDUSTRIES,
The urns come in two sizes, a full-sized rustic, live-edge wood slabs Lynn, Indiana, has added
urn and a tea light. with contemporary polished three account representa-
nickel-finished accents. No tives to their national sales
READERS: To find the products and ser- two clocks will ever be the force. Paul Shiakallis has
vices you need online, go to www.iccfa.com same, due to the natural im- joined the Chicago, Illinois,
and select directory to find: perfections of the solid rustic business center. He has more
Supply Link Search
hardwood. There is a swinging than 20 years experience
Engine, the fastest way
polished nickel pendulum vis- Shiakallis in the food industry. Stuart
to find the products and
ible behind the gap of the two Ford has joined the Atlanta,
services you need at your
planks. It is a commanding Georgia, business center. He
funeral home, cemetery or
piece at 82 and a half inches has four and a half years
high. 616.772.9131; The Otto from experience working in funeral
www.howardmiller.com Howard Miller. homes in Missouri and Geor-
SUPPLIERS: Send your press releases
about your new products and services,
n Directors Advantage, Clinton, gia. A graduate of Gupton-
and about awards, personnel changes and
North Carolina, has launched a subsidiary Jones College
other news to sloving@iccfa.com
dedicated to helping funeral homes stay of Funeral
for inclusion in Supply Line. Large files that
in touch with their families following a Service, he is Ford
will not go through the ICCFA server can be
loss, Aftercare.com. The program offers the a licensed funeral director.
sent to slovingiccfa@yahoo.com.
Aftercare card program, which is fully auto- Todd Williams has joined the
mated and sends four cards plus a follow-up Stockton, California, business
survey during the first year following a loss. center. He has a background
The program includes a sympathy card as in sales in the advertising and
well as cards on the birthday of the loved one, Williams real estate financing fields.
during the holidays and on the first anniversa- 1.800.278.7252; sales@astralindustries.com;
ry of the loss. The funeral director can enroll www.astralindustries.com
a family in less than a minute. More informa-

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Free Them

Only IMSA members get a free hour of consultation with

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Empowering Cemetery &

Funeral Service Suppliers
n Batesville, Batesville, Indiana, has n Homesteaders, Des Moines, Iowa,
turned its website into an information hub has announced the recipients of its inaugu-
with specialized content for different audi- ral peer-nominated Homesteaders Heroes
ences, including consumers, funeral pro- Awards. Danielle Burmeister, marketing
fessionals, potential employees and inves- communications specialist, received the Ris-
tors. The new website includes a wide range ing Star Award recognizing an employee who
of information on planning funerals, creating demonstrates eagerness to learn, commitment
a meaningful service and understanding grief. to Homesteaders and engagement with the
Content is optimized for SEO, so as consum- company and peers early in his or her career.
ers search, they will find positive information Travis Nelsen, senior research application
that supports the funeral industry. One of the developer, received the Innovation Award
new features is an Ask a Grief Counselor recognizing an employee for the successful
interactive section that allows consumers to implementation of a new or updated product,
submit questions online anonymously and service or program that results in a measur-
receive answers from noted author and grief able imporement in the companys perfor-
counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt. mance, processes or brand strength. Jason
Funeral professionals can access training Richard, business analyst, received the
materials and exclusive content developed Outstanding Teamwork Award, recognizing
by Dr. Wolfelt; comprehensive product an outstanding member of the project team
information, photos and catalog downloads; who has demonstrated enthusiasm, coopera-
Batesvilles 24/7 online ordering system; the tion, problem-solving skills, commitment to
latest research, articles, webinar recordings success and a consistently positive attitude.
and tip sheets. The inspiring stories section Karen King, regional director, received
includes videos and personal stories about the Enduring Impact Award, recognizing
funeral directors going the extra mile to an employee for a significant, long-term
help families in their time of greatest need. contribution or body of accomplishments to
812.934.7500; www.batesville.com Homesteaders that makes a lasting impact on
n new Memorials Direct, Gig the companys success. The company also
Harbor, Washington has announced a new presented a special Enduring Impact Award
The consumer section of Batesvilles
line of petite charms. Though smaller in to the family of Cheryl Phillips, a longtime
revamped website includes links to the customer service representative who passed
purpose of funerals, the decisions youll size, they are just as brilliant and substan-
tial in quality as the traditional line and can away earlier this year. 1.800.477.3633;
make, creating a meaningful service,
accommodate fingerprint, photo, custom www.homesteaderslife.com
understanding grief, planning a funeral
and ask a grief counselor. writing or basic text engravings. They can be n thacker Caskets, Clinton, Mary-
worn on charm bracelets yet hang beautifully land, and has acquired Edison Casket Co.,
as a pendant. Petite charms can be custom- Edison, New Jersey. This is Thackers fifth
ized and come in a variety of commonly acquisition as it seeks to remain the largest
requested shapes including oval, round, heart family-owned and -operated casket company.
New Memori- and dog-tag styles.They are available in ster- The Kulesza family, fourth-generation own-
als Directs ling silver or gold-plated and remains-holding ers of Edison Casket Co., have been serving
new petite or non-remains-holding. 1.877.995.8767; funeral homes in the New Jersey and New
charms. service@newmemorialsdirect.com; York marketplace for over 60 years.
www.newmemorialsdirect.com 1.800.637.8891; www.thackercaskets.com

The Casket & Funeral Supply Associa-

tion of America, Lake Bluff, Illinois, drew
nearly 300 representatives from the fu-
neral supply industry in North America
for its fall convention, which recognized
the associations 103-year anniversary.
Fifteen past CFSA presidents (pictured),
spanning 25 years, attended.

38 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
LED Lighting Solutions
n Johnson consulting, Scotts- for Memorial Products
dale, Arizona, has released a report on the
data collected through its Performance E N E R G Y S AV E R
Tracker program. The analysis of thousands
of pieces of data was written by Funeral
LED light bulb for Crypt
research and insight, Indianapolis,
& Niche Fronts
Indiana. Among the findings:
From 2014 to 2015, cremations rose 1.8 Warm color for Bronzes
percent, and in 2015, about the same number
of consumers chose traditional burial as
direct cremation. The percentage of families www.septechnologies.com
selecting direct cremations rose about the 1 877 515-4672
same amount that traditional burials declined.
Average per-case dollar sales for pre-
need burials declined 2 percent, which
seems to be replaced by the nearly 2 percent
increase in per-case preneed cremation sales.

The Keepsake Heart

At-need cremations with memorials
grew significantly in one years time.
Combination funeral home and cemetery

firms showed significant average per-case
sales growth, whereas combination funeral
home and crematory and direct cremation TM

firms showed decline from 2014. Stand-alone

funeral homes had the highest average per-
case sales of all funeral home types. SAK E PENDAN T
Despite the rise in families opting
for cremation, preneed cremations were The opportunity to choose
rated lowest in satisfaction and at-need a Keepsake Pendant
direct cremations were next lowest. This #107GV Small Heart #184YG 14K Puff Heart
presents itself only once.
illustrates the importance of funeral directors
understanding each familys reasons for The comfort
choosing cremation and meeting those needs. a Keepsake Pendant offers,
Among funeral home types, stand-alone
lasts a lifetime.
funeral homes earned the highest average
overall satisfaction for both years, and Booth #931 ICCFA Convention
combination operations the lowest. April 5-8, 2017 Nashville, TN #149BZ Floral Heart #111WB Heart
Consumers were most satisfied with the QUALITY SERVICE and REPUTATION SINCE 1993
genuine care and concern expressed but least 800-788-0807 Fax 608-752-3683 www.madelynpendants.com e-mail orders@madelynco.com
satisfied with their initial phone conversations
and welcome received. Some commented
their first contact with the funeral home was
an important reason they chose the firm, so
this is a critical area to improve.
Satisfaction with appearance,
cleanliness and condition of vehicles was
rated highest, and the convenience and
comfort of the facilities received the lowest
scores, primarily due to outdated or poorly
maintained appearance, or musty smell of
the funeral home.
Survey respondents most commonly
chose a funeral home because it previously
served their family, though other reasons
are starting to trend up, especially pre-
arrangement and convenient location.
www.funeralresearch.com r

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 39

Update Send in news about your cemetery, funeral home, crematory or association to sloving@iccfa.com. If you publish a newsletter,
please email a copy to sloving@iccfa.com or mail to: Susan Loving, ICCFA, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite 100, Sterling, VA 20164.

Two of French attention-getting bill-

boards and a local news story showing
a YODO (You Only Die Once) billboard,
a twist on YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Above left, from the French Facebook page, the luminaria countdown promoting the tradition of families placing luminarias on
their loved ones graves at Sunset Memorial Park (above right).

n Sunset Memorial Park and minimalist, all aimed at changing peoples and place luminarias on their loved ones
French Funeral Homes, Albu- perceptions about death and cemeteries. They graves. It is stunning, Keller said. On the
querque, owned by French Funeral Homes, have generated huge amounts of free col- billboard, the giant 3D luminaria bag has a
has started an unusual billboard advertis- lateral press, and won our advertising agency flicking flame in it, and once we were nine
ing campaign. The billboards the company several national awards. days from Christmas Eve, that flickering
has been running for more than a year are Leading up to Christmas, the company ran flame shifted to a flickering number, changing
creative and sometimes edgy, said Chris a billboard promoting its luminaria tradi- each night. It started at the number nine and
Keller, French vice president. They are very tion. Thousands of families go to the park counted down the days till Christmas Eve.r

n The Board of Trustees of University School of Law. In addition to his grew from $9 million to $136 million in
Mount Olivet Cem- role as president, he will continue to serve as revenue over six years and was subsequently
etery ASsociation, the associations in-house legal counsel. sold to Hewlett-Packard Co. After complet-
Fort Worth, Texas, has named n Foundation Part- ing the integration of Knightsbridge into
Jim Kennerly president and ners Group, Orlando, Hewlett-Packard, Bukala became the CFO
COO of the funeral home Florida, has chosen Bob for the HP Worldwide Consulting Group and
and cemetery business. Bukala to succeed Brad Rex vice president and CFO of the EDS-Americas
Previously, Kennerly was as president and CEO. Bu- acquisition by Hewlett-Packard.
Kennerly the associations executive kala previously was executive n Noble Cremations, Arlington,
vice president and in-house legal counsel. vice president and CFO of the Texas, has opened an arrangement office in
He replaces Jon Stephenson, who is retiring company and was instrumen- an Arlington business center. According to
after 40 years of service. The century-old Bukala tal in accelerating the pace of Managing Director Sonya Giles, Noble Cre-
funeral home and cemetery business owns the nine acquisitions FPG completed over mations is unlike a traditional funeral home.
and manages Greenwood Funeral Homes the past year. Prior to joining Foundation Although we are technically licensed by the
and Cremation, Greenwood Memorial Park Partners, Bukala was chief financial and ad- state of Texas as a funeral home, our ap-
and Florist and Mount Olivet Cemetery and ministrative officer of Geomentum Inc. Prior pearance is warm and inviting. Unlike online
Florist. Kennerly is a 1983 graduate of Baylor to joining Geomentum, Bukala was CFO and internet cremation services, Noble Crema-
University and 1986 graduate of the Baylor treasurer of Knightsbridge Solutions, which tions provides personal, one-on-one service in

40 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
the comfort of
our offices.
The company
does not use
Joining Giles
in the Noble
Giles Barrow office is her
longtime associate Jim Barrow. In addition
to cremations, the company offers traditional
funeral and burial packages.
info@plotbox.io +1-650-320-7685 www.plotbox.io

n The Journey Group, New

Orleans, Louisiana, has added two key
executives. Rob Murray has been named
senior vice president of operations, and
Doug Farrow has been named senior vice
president of marketing and sales. Murray
has been in the funeral and cemetery profes-
sional for more than 25 years in various
leadership roles. He is a sixth-generation
funeral professional, following in the foot-
steps of his grandfather, George H. Lewis
Jr. Prior to joining The Journey Group, he
was vice president of business development
with the funeral and cemetery trust group at
Regions Bank. Prior to that, he was regional
vice president of the Southwest Region with
Stewart Enterprises, responsible for over
$80 million in revenues and 40 facilities.
He also worked with Carriage Services as
the director of operational support for two
sub-regions, the Northwest and Central.
He began his career at SCI as a general
manager in Atlanta, Georgia, and in the 17
years that followed, held several leadership
roles in operations/sales as well as corporate
based responsibilities. He holds an MBA
degree from Mercer University in Atlanta,
and a bachelors degree from St. Edwards
University in Austin, Texas.
Farrow has been in the profession since
1998. He previously was regional vice
president of sales and operations for Stewart
Enterprises Midwest Region, and area sales
executive in Texas for Northstar Memo-
rial Group. He attended Loyola College in
n Spring Grove Cemetery and
Arboretum, Cincinnati, Ohio, has
changed the name of its funeral subsidiary
to Spring Grove Funeral Homes. The name
encompasses the former Gwen Mooney
Funeral Homes adjacent to Spring Grove
Cemetery, Tri County, Hyde Park (Elden
Good) and Clifton (Miller) locations. The
funeral home formerly known as Schaef-
 to page 43
Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 41

Brunner Sanden Dietrick Funeral Home & Cremation Centers Tree of Remem-
brance ceremony.

n Brunner Sanden Deitrick the front lawn, where hundreds of names in the funeral homes gift shop. After all
Funeral Home & Cremation were read during the ceremony. Fam- the names were read, the tree were lit and
Center, Mentor, Ohio, held its an- ily members who attended were urged to the service closed with a song. Coffee, hot
nual tree of remembrance ceremony in bring a weatherproof ornament to hang on chocolate and cookies were served in the
December. The ceremony was held on the tree. Ornaments were available for sale reception center.  r

In memoriam ter. Interment was at St. Charles Memorial and funeral industries.
Gardens. Memorial donations may be made In 2007, he was named a member of the
Fred L. Newman to Youth in Need of St. Charles Missouri, Vanderbilt University School of Engineer-
Fred L. Newman, 87, of St. 1815 Boonslick, St. Charles, MO 63301. ings Academy of Distinguished Alumni.
Peters, Missouri, founder of He and his wife established the McCleskey
St. Charles Memorial Gar- Samuel W. McCleskey Honor Scholarship to support exceptional
dens, St. Louis, Missouri, died Samuel Warren McCleskey, undergraduate engineering students who
December 6, 2016. 87, of Rome, Georgia, died otherwise might not have the means to attend
He founded St. Charles January 10, 2017. Vanderbilt.
Memorial Gardens in 1961 and owned it until He attended Vanderbilt Survivors include his wife; three chil-
his retirement in 1986. He continued to act University on a Naval ROTC dren; seven grandchildren; and 10 great-
as a consultant to the Baue and St. Charles scholarship, receiving a bach- grandchildren. Funeral services were held at
Memorial Gardens family and staff. Dur- elors degree in engineering. First Presbyterian Church of Rome following
ing his career, he developed, designed and He served in the U.S. Navy for three years. visitation. Eulogies were delivered by Robert
co-owned numerous cemeteries in Missouri. Afterward, he went to work as a surveyor DeBeltrand and Nicholas Hoffman. Fol-
He was a past president and board member with his fathers company. lowing the service, a reception was held at
of the Greater St. Louis Cemetery Manage- In 1956, he went to work with Gulf Harvest Moon Cafe. Entombment services
ment Association and Associated Cemeteries Oil Co. He later became vice president of were held at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy
of Missouri, and was a member of the board construction for J. E. Milne Co. and, in 1961, Springs, Georgia.
of the American Cemetery Association (now founded McCleskey Construction Co. and Memorial donations may be made to
the ICCFA), serving four three-year terms McCleskey Mausoleum Associates. Heyman HospiceCare at Floyd, P. O. Box
during the 1970s and 80s. He was a member He served on the boards of the Georgia 163, Rome, GA 30162-0163; Alzheimers
of the associations Toppers study group. Cemetery Association, the Southern Ceme- Association of Atlanta, 41 Perimeter Center,
Survivors include three daughters, five tery Association and the National Association Suite 550, Atlanta, GA 30346; or Christian
grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. of Cemeteries. He served as president and City Home for Children, 7300 Lester Road,
Services, including visitation, were chairman of the IMA. He was inducted into Union City, GA 30291. r
handled by Baue Funeral and Memorial Cen- the Suppliers Hall of Fame for the cemetery

42 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff
from page 41
fer Busby and the Spring Grove Cremation
Society are also included. Oak Hill Cemetery
in Tri County will continue to be operated by
Spring Grove but will retain its name for the
time being.

th e ultimate in

Pictured with some of the toys collected
by the Connecticut Funeral Directors
Association are, from left, CFDA Execu-
tive Committee Member Jacqueline

Teske; incoming 2017 President Robert

L. Muccino Jr., 2015-2016 President
Howard K. HIll, CFSP, CPC, CCO;
A state-of-the-art casket
Executive Committee member Melissa enclosure for your
Melin-Miles; Executive Director John F. mausoleum
Casico; and, kneeling, Secretary Edward
J. Sheehy Jr., CFSP, CPC, CCO.

n Members of the Connecticut fu- PATENT 6,253,503

neral directors Association,
Wethersfield, collected toys and gift cards
for the Connecticut National Guards
Operation ELF. The 28 funeral homes that
MausoTray TM

participated provided additional drop-off A low-cost insurance

points for the program. Operation ELF assists for your mausoleum
the families of Connecticut National Guard
soldiers and airmen deployed during the holi- VKM International Inc.
days, and provides a wide range of support to CALL: 800.886.2417 FAX: 352-861-2473
military families throughout the year. www.vkminternational.com
n Mid-America College of Fu-
neral Service, Jeffersonville, Indiana,
has premiered a bachelors degree in fu-
neral service management offered entirely
online. The curriculum emphasizes concep-
tual, analytical, technical and management
skills focused explicitly on funeral service.
The online aspect accommodates students
wherever they are located, provided they
have an associates degree in funeral service
from an ABSFE-accredited college and either
have passed both sections of the National
Board Examination or are licensed. There are
a total of nine core funeral service manage-
ment courses within the bachelors program,
ranging from preneed sales to hospitality and
event planning for funeral service. r

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 43


A dozen graveside chats were recorded during the summer of 2016 at St. Agnes Cemetery,
Menands, New York, focusing on people buried at the cemetery, their lives and the times.
The Orphans talks about the obstacles faced by immigrants, and about how many children
were orphaned or abandoned. By 1850, there were 28 orphanages in the state of New York,
including St. Vincents Orphan Asylum in Albany, run by the Sisters of Charity. In this gravesite
chat, a former resident of the home tells the story of a day in September 1903 when three of her
friends at the orphanage drowned in a pond while on a picnic at the cemetery.

St. Agnes DVD brings cemeterys stories alive

by Kelly Grimaldi
historian, Albany Diocesan Cemeteries,
Menard, New York;

C emeteries often like to remind people that

they are rich depositories of local history,
and many offer guided tours to tell visitors
some of those stories. St. Agnes Cemetery,
part of Albany Diocesan Cemeteries in New
York, has taken this idea a step further. Weve
recorded and are selling DVDs full of history
as told through a series of graveside chats.
I conceived the Gravestone Chat project
last winter. I spend the cold months at my
desk thinking of ways to bring members of
the community into our historic cemetery for
reasons other than funerals and other somber Actors in period clothing in St. Agnes Cemetery, Menands, New York, where they
occaasions. brought the deceased to life in a series of filmed graveside chats.
There is so much history here, and so honored for who they were. happy to see each other and recounting the
many stories to tell, that I wanted a means of In addition, each script features a theme in reasons for young Frances death. There
telling stories that would be permanent rather historysomething that the deceased would were no building codes for public buildings
than a tour-stop narrative in real time. have experienced or something that actually in 1905, and building fires and collapses
The chats are poignant, funny and impacted their lives personally. happened too often.
educational, and the scripts try to accurately Sometimes the impact was death, as we Another scene features a young black
reconstruct the lives of children, immigrant see with the Myers Department Store collapse couple enslaved by the Schuyler family of
families, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens that killed 13 people, including 12-year-old Albany preparing to bury their third infant.
who lived in the area and are buried at St. cash boy Frances Leonard. Two years later, (Slavery was legal in New York until 1827.)
Agnes. The film is an enduring piece of our his 32-year-old mother died giving birth to The theme is of course slavery, but also
history. The scripts were well researched so her eighth child. how pregnant slaves were not given any
that the people being portrayed would be The scene shows them both in heaven, chance at a lighter workload nor were they

44 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff

Above, the title card for the graveside

chat about an enslaved couple burying
an infant for the third time (right). This
vignette explains why giving birth, hard
on all women of that time, was even
harder for slaves. This graveside chat
(Enslaved couple burying yet another
infant) can be viewed on YouTube at

Far left, an angel appears to

give the grieving mother a
message of hope, telling her
that her daughter is with Je-
sus, and that one day slavery
will end. Before burying the
child, the woman tells her
husband shes decided to
name their baby Hope.
Left, a marker at the cemetery
in memory of the slaves bur-
ied in unmarked graves.

allowed to spend time with their newborn or It has been purchased by members of the and then we set filming dates.
let their bodies heal from childbirth. Infant public and by libraries, and we have started A lot went into costume choices and
mortality was high for all in the 18th century, marketing to schools this year. dialogue. We are pleased with the result and
but for slaves it was even higher. Humanities NY awarded St. Agnes a so was our grantor, Humanities NY, which
There are 12 chats in all, each with a grant to produce the film over the summer. will fund us again for Graveside Chats
different historic theme. I contacted the board president, Margaret Volume II this year.
The DVD is appropriate for adults and for King of Albany Civic Theater, and she was There is a lot of history in our old burying
children as young as middle school-aged. It immediately interested in being part of the grounds. I make it my job to ensure that
is educational, poignant, entertaining and as production process. Once the scripts were history, and the people who lived it, do not
historically accurate as we could get. written, she recruited actors to study the parts remain in the dark.  r

Investing for the future because forever is a long time

With more than 20 years experience in managing endowment care funds, well help ensure they withstand the
test of time long after the last plot has been purchased. Call for a complimentary review of your endowment
care investments.

Pat Severo, CIMA, AWM SB Wealth Strategies

Managing Director Financial Advisor
9665 Wilshire Boulevard, 3rd Floor | Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 205-7797 | Toll Free: (866) 657-8876
Fax: (310) 205-7727 | pat.severo@rbc.com

2016 RBC Wealth Management, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC.

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Jan Scruggs to receive 2017 Lasting Impact Award

o single individual, in my he has been concentrating his efforts
view, has had a greater on his work as a member of the board
positive impact in the of advisors of another important group.
past 35 years on remembrance and The groups mission is to assist in
memorialization than Jan Scruggs and coordinating efforts to build a Global War
the Vietnam Memorial, said Jim Price, on Terror Memorial on the National Mall
CCFE, CCrE, president of the ICCFA (gwotmemorialfoundation.org). He has
Educational Foundation. Scruggs, a served three presidents since 1991 and is a
returning Vietnam veteran, conceived the member of the Selective Services National
idea of building the national memorial Appeals Board and its current chairman.
honoring the 58,286 Americans who lost Scruggs is also the co-author of To Heal A
their lives in Vietnam on the National Mall Nation.
in Washington, D.C. He launched this The Educational Foundations Lasting
effort with his own money and raised $8.4 million in two years. Impact Award will be presented to Scruggs at a special reception
This emotionally moving and inspiring memorial had a on April 6, 2017, during the ICCFA Annual Convention &
significant impact on how Americans began to grieve more openly. Exposition in Nashville, Tennessee. The Lasting Impact Award
Prior to the Vietnam Memorial, there were no roadside memorials. is presented annually to an individual who has made significant
Both the memorial, visited by 5.6 million people annually, and contributions to our profession in education and memorialization.
the story of how it came to be are remarkable testaments to the Educational Foundation Reception tickets are $50 and may be
Americans who served and to those who died in this unpopular purchased on your convention registration form. Vietnam veterans
war, and to the fact that in America, one individuals dream, no are invited to attend free of charge. The reception will feature
matter how difficult to accomplish, can still come true. refreshments and hors doeuvres.
In addition to providing this country with a powerful memorial, The ICCFA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit,
Scruggs continued as president and CEO of the Vietnam Veterans tax-free entity with the sole purpose of providing financial
Memorial Fund until his recent retirement, and raised more than assistance to people who wish to attend ICCFA University and the
$28 million over the past 35 years. These funds will be used to ICCFA Wide World of Sales Conference. Thirty-three scholarships
build a Vietnam Educational Center on the Washington, D.C., were awarded in 2016. For additional information, please visit
Mall (underground next to the memorial). Since his retirement, www.iccfa.education. q

Top, Jan Scruggs,

founder of the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial Fund, Past Lasting Impact Award recipients
speaking at the LBJ Presi-
dential Library's Vietnam James Big Jim Darby (2016)
War Summit (photo by David
Hume Kennerly). Bottom left,
a young Scruggs in Vietnam. David Wharmby, CCE (2015)
Bottom right, visitors and
mourners experience the Viet- Gary OSullivan, CCFE, and Todd W. Van Beck, CFuE (2014)
nam Memorial in 1989.

46 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff

Find what speaks to you at the 2017 Annual Convention

Cemetery sessions Saturday, April 8, 9 a.m.
Radioactive Decedents: What is the Risk?
Saturday, April 8, 9 a.m. Glenn M. Sturchio, Ph.D., radiation safety officer, Mayo Clinic,
Perpetual Solutions for Perpetual Care Cemeteries & Daniel Alan Crutchfield Jr., graduate student, University of
W. H. Bill Williams Jr., president and CEO, Funeral Services North Florida
Inc. (FSI)
As a death-care professional, you know there are risks associated
Maintaining perpetual care property as an attractive and safe with handling radioactively contaminated human remains. Dr.
environment for generations to come, even after every burial Glenn Sturchio, the radiation safety officer at the Mayo Clinic
space is occupied, is a financial burden every perpetual care in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduate student Daniel Crutchfield
cemetery carries. The question arises: How do perpetual care will discuss current radiation therapy treatments that may present
cemetery owners continue to fund the ongoing maintenance a hazard to funeral home and crematory staff.
and upkeep for properties like this into the foreseeable and A qualitative risk assessment to determine the potential risk to
unforeseeable future? There is a solution: unitrusts. This staff will also be presented, including a discussion of the physical
presentation will look at the financial impact of the unitrust characteristics of the materials that influence the final risk. Steps
distribution method, how it works and how four states have that staff can perform to help identify, characterize and mitigate
implemented the method for the benefit of perpetual care the potential risk from decedents who have previously received
cemeteries. a radiation therapy treatment will also be discussed. The session
Saturday, April 8, 10 a.m. will conclude with a look into the potential psychological impact
The Rise of the Micro-Cemetery on family members as they deal with burial and/or cremation
Christopher Keller, vice president, French Funerals-Cremations issues related to the final disposition of the radioactive remains of
& Sunset Memorial Park their loved one.
Cemeteries are rapidly evolving, and they are migrating, as Green Burial session
well. More and more organizations, both funeral/cemetery Friday, April 7, 2 p.m.
companies as well as non-funeral/cemetery companies, are Natural Burial, the New Generation of Funeral Consumers
actively getting into the cemetery and memorialization business, Kate Kalanick, executive director & Ed Bixby, president, Green
but not in the traditional way. Whether traditional burial or Burial Council
cremation, more small, unique, boutique cemeteries are In the next quarter century, 80 million baby boomers will be
cropping up. Theyre in neighborhoods, church courtyards, on passing away, and their final disposition choices will greatly
university campusestheyre even being developed inside the affect the environment. During this session, you will learn about
bounds of larger cemeteries. How do we respond? Is it a threat the environmental effects of this many funerals, burials and
or an opportunity? What are the issues surrounding this trend cremations. You will also learn about role the Green Burial Council
and what might it look like moving forward? will play in educating the public about the green choices available
and in making sure that when green choices are made they are
Funeral home sessions adhered to.
Friday, April 7, 2 p.m.
Resilience After Loss: The Reflection Effect JFDA session
Allison Gilbert, author Wednesday, April 5, 10:30 a.m.
After O, the Oprah Magazine, published Allison Gilberts To Honor and Respect
provocative essay, The Reflection Effect, a national Rabbi Richard F. Address, D.Min., director, Jewish Sacred Aging
conversation began anew about opportunities for using loss as LLC
a driver of personal and professional growth. This exciting and Rabbi Richard Address is the founder and director of Jewish
meaningful session will focus on the new science of nostalgia Sacred Aging and has served for over three decades on the staff
and its surprising capacity to make us happier and less lonely, of the Union for Reform Judaism. Exceptionally qualified to
spark creativity and strengthen our connections not just to the speak to the changing attitudes on death, dying and spirituality in
past, but to family and friends in our present. the Jewish culture, Rabbi Address will discuss how the words and
The discussion stems from Gilberts latest critically values of the Fifth Commandment relate to the changing nature
acclaimed book, Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of of saying goodbye to those we love. He will look at what these
Loved Ones Alive, a tool many death-care professionals are words have traditionally meant, the challenges of translating them
already using to support their communities. This is the perfect with 21st century ethics and technology, how our families are
workshop for anyone hoping to expand their business and build seeing these terms in their own practices and why it still comes
stronger relationships with the families they serve. down to a search for what did this life mean. q
C h e c k w w w. i c c f a . c o m f o r a l i s t o f a l l t h e 2 0 1 7 I C C FA A n n u a l C o n v e n t i o n p r o g r a m s e s s i o n s .

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 47


Entertainment announced for Annual Closing Banquet

lan to close out the Annual dreams and an open road of possibility
Convention in style at our denim before her, this relatable woman, wife,
and diamonds-themed Closing mother, daughter, sister, friend, speaker,
Dinner. The highlight of the banquet author and incredibly gifted singer-
will be the memorial service, featuring songwriter has only just begun. Messina
a performance by country star Jo Dee pours her heart and soul into everybody
Messina, whose performance is courtesy she meets and everything she touches,
of Dignity Memorial. which is perhaps why hers is such a
Messina is a seasoned veteran in the timeless name in the music industry.
music industry, always evolving and The ICCFA Annual Convention
reintroducing herself and her sound Closing Banquet will begin at 8 p.m. on
as she gains new life experiences. Saturday, April 8. The Closing Reception
Jumpstarting her career, her breakout and Memorial Service will take place
song, Heads Carolina, Tails California, immediately before the dinner, from 6
made her a household name. Following to 8 p.m. Tickets are included with full
the success of her debut, she posted nine #1 hits and 16 Top 40 attendee registrations. All others may purchase a ticket for the
songs, sold over five million albums worldwide and was honored evenings events for $125.
with ACM Awards, CMA Awards and Grammy Awards. To register for the Annual Convention or to purchase
With a decorated past in the rearview mirror and endless additional banquet tickets, visit www.iccfaconvention.com. q

Batesville Casket Co. Memorial Business Systems Inc.

Blackstone Cemetery Development NGL Insurance Group
C&J Financial NOMISNOMISNOMIS Publications Inc.
Cave Hill Cemetery PlotBox
Clearpoint Federal Bank & Trust Precoa
Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Regions Bank
Service Corporation International
Foundation Partners
Sichch Casket Co. LTLTD.
Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuary
Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum
Hillside Memorial Park & Mortuary
StoneMor Partners LPLP
Independence Trust Co.
ThThe Signature Group
Inglewood Park Cemetery
Tribute Companies
Johnson Consulting Group
Madelyn Co.
Wilbert Funeral Services
Matthews Memorialization

48 ICCFA Magazine Like the ICCFA on Facebook & friend ICCFA Staff

The following 12 individuals were awarded scholarships to the

Wide World of Sales Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, this past
January. Congratulations!
Heather Barney Frank Oldani
Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association
Salt Lake City, Utah Clinton Township, Michigan
The Ron Robertson Scholarship made possible by Matthews Memorialization
made possible by Live Oak Bank Kelly Pretty
Harry Fish III Pinelawn Memorial Park
Eastern Crematory Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania made possible by Central States Cemetery
made possible by Eagles Wings Air Scholarship Fund
Laurice Hartman Carlos Quezada
Boone Funeral Home SCI Hispana
Boosier City, Louisiana Houston, Texas
made possible by Matthews Memorialization made possible by Batesville
Larry Hawkins Yvonne Slonaker
Forest Park West Funeral Home Cress Funeral & Cremation Services
Shreveport, Louisiana Madison, Wisconsin
made possible by Regions Bank made possible by Batesville
Heidi Hickman Sahara Steedle
Forest Park Funeral Home Leo P. Gallagher & Son Funeral Home
Shreveport, Louisiana Stamford, Connecticut
made possible by Cypress Lawn/Kenneth made possible by The Memorial Classic Golf
Edward Varner Memorial Scholarship Tournament
Darrell Hill Andrea Young-McKernan
Eternity Gardens EverPresence
Chicago, Illinois Portland, Maine
made possible by The Memorial Classic Golf made possible by The Memorial Classic Golf
Tournament Tournament

Scholarships to the Wide World of Sales Conference and ICCFA University are
made possible by the ICCFA Educational Foundation. To apply for an Educational
Foundation scholarship, applicants must be ICCFA members in good standing and
employed in the cemetery, cremation and funeral profession for a minimum of two years.
Learn more about the ICCFA Educational Foundation and download an application at

Start every day at the ICCFA Caf at www.iccfa.com February 2017 49

ad index

25 Abbott & Hast 37 IMSA 23 Paradise Pictures

33 A.C. Furniture 25 J. Stuart Todd Inc. 41 PlotBox
43 American Cemetery/Mortuary 9 Johnson Consulting 45 RBC Wealth Management
Consultants 27 Johnson Consulting 39 Ring Ring Marketing
19 ASDAnswering Service for 23 Kryprotek 39 SEP Technologies
Directors 15 Live Oak Bank 19 Supply Link
7 Continental Computer Corp. 39 Madelyn Co. 21 THE SYSTEM
29 Custom Air Trays 3 Matthews Environmental Solutions 25 Tile Artisans Digital Imaging
2 Eickhof Columbaria Inc. 5 Merendino Cemetery Care 51 U.S. Metalcraft
25 Ensure-A-Seal 41 Miles Supply Inc. 43 VKM International
19 Flowers for Cemeteries 17 MKJ Marketing 19 WithumSmith + Brown
11 Foundation Partners 29 Nomis Publications 21 Zontec Ozone r
43 Funeral Call 29 Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell &
52 funeralOne Hippel

Calendar E-mail calendar listings and additions or corrections to bclough@iccfa.com and sloving@iccfa.com.

For continually updated meeting listings and direct links to websites To see all industry conventions and meetings for a particular month,
for professional associations, go to www.iccfa.com; select Directory, go to www.iccfa.com; select Directory, then Event Calendar.
then Industry Association Directory.

February 18: Ohio Cemetery Assn. neral Service, Jefferson, Indiana.

Annual Awards Banquet, Holiday Inn, www.iccfa.com
Worthington. March 1-2: International Conf. of
www.ohiocemeteryassociation.com Funeral Service Examining Boards
February 23-25: California Assn. 113th Annual Mtg., Omni Hilton Head
of Public Cemeteries 59th Annual Oceanfront Resort.
Conf., Oxnard. www.capc.info www.theconferenceonline.org
February 27-March 1: MKJ Ski March 6-9: Xiamen Stone Fair, Xiamen
Seminar, Waldodrf Astoria, Park International Conf. & Exhibition Center,
City, Utah. www.mkjmarketing.com; China. www.stonefair.org.cn
1.888.655.1566 March 9-11: Casket & Funeral Supply
February 27-March 3: Funeral Di- Assn. of America Winter Seminar, Hotel
rectors Assn. of New Zealand Conf., Go to www.iccfa.com and choose Find a Member/ del Coronado, San Diego, California.
Graduation & Spring School, Novotel Industry Calendar to see a monthly calendar of www.cfsaa.org
industry association meetings worldwide.
Rotorua Lakeside. www.fdanz.org March 21-22: Ohio Cemetery Assn.
February 28-March: ICCFA Cremation Arranger Certification & Spring Conf., Doubletree Hotel, Columbus, Ohio.
Cremation Operations Certification, Mid-America College of Fu- www.ohiocemeteryassociation.com
March 22-23: The Foresight Companies Human Resource
Spring Training Seminar, Foresight offices, Phoenix, Arizona.
Classifieds 1.800.426.0165; www.theforesightcompanies.com
March 29: Florida Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Assn. Mainte-
Check the classified announcements at www.iccfa.com/employment.htm nance Expo, Kissimmee. www.thefccfa.com
To place a classified, contact Rick Platter, rplatter@iccfa.com
March 31-April 1: Arkansas Funeral Directors Assn. Annual Con-
vention, Rogers. www.arfda.com
April 5-6: Utah Funeral Directors Assn. Annual Convention, South
Highest Quality Memorials, Jordan. www.ufda.org
Lowest Delivered Price.
April 5-8: ICCFA Annual Convention & Expo, Music City Center &
GUARANTEED! Renaissance Nashville & Onmi, Tennessee. www.iccfa.com
April 5-8: Assn. for Death Education & Counseling Annual Conven-
tion, Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Oregon. www.adec.org
April 20-22: International Order of the Golden Rule Annual Conf.
& Supplier Showcase, New Orleans, Louisiana. www.ogr.org
April 23-26: Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Assn. Annual Con-
vention & Expo, Pocono Manor. www.pfda.org
April 24-28: Catholic Cemeteries of the West Annual Convention,
Lake Tahoe Resort, California. www.ccwecare.org r

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