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Location or Date Assessment Assessment undertaken

Address: Bedroom, Three Bedroom House, 18 Undertaken: February 9th 2017 By: Christian Crampton
Hornchurch Drive, Great Sankey, Warrington,
Activity or Review Signature
Situation: Gaming Magazine Photoshoot Date:

(1) Hazard Risk (2) Who might be harmed and how? (3) What controls exist to reduce (4) What action can be taken
risk to further reduce risk?
Overhead Obstructions- 2a x 1b= 2c Both the model and photographer Instead of using lighting open the If using the light keep checking to
Lighting/Tiles might be harmed as the bulb could blinds in the room for the lighting. make sure its not getting too hot.
explode and could cause a fire When the lighting is not in use
which would set parts of the room make sure the light is switched off
on fire, for example, the duvets, at the wall.
wardrobe and draws.

Lamp 2a x 2b= 4c Both the model and photographer Instead of using the lamp either If using the lamp only use it for a
might be harmed as like with above use the overhead lighting or open couple of minutes. When the lamp
the bulb in the lamp could explode the blinds in the room. The lamp is not in use make sure it is
and could cause a fire which would can get more hot than the bulb switched off.
set parts of the room on fire, for therefore there is more a risk of the
example, the duvets, wardrobe and lamp exploding than the overhead
draws. If the lamp gets hot the lighting exploded.
model and/or photographer could
touch it and get burnt as a result.

Bed 2a x 4b= 8c Both the model and photographer Wear shoes, these will protect the Move the chair out of the bedroom
might be harmed as they could be feet, toes and toenails from getting to make more space for the
wearing no shoes but be bare hurt if the model or photographer model.
footed or even wearing socks and accidentally walk into the wood or
could accidentally walk into/hit their hit it.
foot on the bed made from wood.
Wardrobe 4a x 2b= 8c The photographer is mainly likely to There must be no messing about in The stuff on top of the wardrobe
be harmed as he is positioned near the room, it is a small room must be taken off, if this does
the wardrobe. Stuff might fall off therefore a bigger risk. happen and the photographer
from the top of the wardrobe as well accidentally hits the wardrobe no
as a small possibility of the whole stuff would fall on his head.
thing falling and landing on the
photographer and maybe even the
model as well as damaging the

1. List hazards something with the potential to cause harm here:

Seek to quantify the level of risk the likelihood of harm arising based on the number of persons affected, how often they are exposed to the hazard and the
severity of any consequence.
2. List groups of people who are especially at risk from the significant hazards which you have identified
3. List existing controls here or note where the information may be found
4. List the risks which are not adequately controlled and the action you will take. Have regard for the level of risk, the cost of any action and the benefit you expect to

(1) Hazard Risk (2) Who might be harmed and how? (3) What controls exist to reduce (5) What action can be taken
risk to further reduce risk?


5 Dying or being permanently disabled 5 Will almost certainly happen 16-25 Stop! Do not start activity again until risk is
4 Serious injury/long term illness 4 Highly likely to happen 10-15 High risk level, High priority. Take action
straight away to control the risk
3 Temporary disability/3 days off sick 3 Not so likely 6-9 Medium risk level. Tighten up controls and
make a plan to do something about risk
2 Will need medical attention 2 Even less likely 3-5 Fairly low risk level. Low priority but keep
possible action in mind
1 Minor injury eg. Bruise, graze 1 Unlikely to happen at all 1-2 Low or trivial risk. No further action

SO: a x b = c

Action Required Responsible Person Date for Completion

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