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Leadership Styles

1. Autocratic

Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

Tells others Time is limited Goal is to develop a sense

what to do Individuals lack of team
Limits skill and Members have some
discussion knowledge skill/knowledge
Group does Group doesnt Group wants an element of
not know each other spontaneity
feeling of
team work

2. D

Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

Participative It is by the people It risks lack of

style and for the knowledge among the
Leader people. people.
encourages It imposes It might cause the
group to be part equality. minority to get the
of decision It does not put short end.
making power into a It might experience
Leader keeps single individual. election fraud.
members It provides It may have difficulties
informed obligation to to avoid shortfalls.
3. B

Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

Manager is by the Central authority in It can hamper

book bureaucracy makes it achievement of results
Everything is done effective in in time.
according to organizing. It breeds boredom and
procedure or policy It supports the hiring can affect productivity.
of specialized It results to passive
officials. and rule-based human
It follows Standard beings.
Operating Procedure. It can result to
It sets no room for inefficiency.

4. L

Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

hands off style effective in situations not ideal in

Little direction is where group members situations where
provided and are highly skilled, group members lack
group is given motivated and capable the knowledge or
freedom of working on their experience they
All authority or own need to complete
power is given to Situations where tasks and make
the group group members are decisions
actually more leads to poorly
knowledgeable than defined roles within
the group's leader the group
used in situations can lead to a lack of
where followers have cohesiveness within
a high-level of passion the group
and intrinsic motivation
for their work
5. M
Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

Power is inherited There is less There is only one

and passed down corruption person, family or
the Royal family There is balance in body in control of a
line ( hereditary) governance country
It does not incur If a monarch is
election expenses oppressive,
nothing can be
done about it
Not all members
in order of
succession are

6. C

Characteristics When Effective When Ineffective

Governments owns It provides citizens It constrains the

all land and with all their basic voice of the
property, all needs people
production and it puts dictators in It can fuel poverty
distribution is power It is anti-ambition
controlled by the It provides citizens
state, in theory with all their basic
everyone is equal needs
and works towards
sharing wealth.