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STEELIES Steve Campbell...

Butch Kulikowski...
18-point CWD!
Great Lakes Trolling Spoons 'Run & Gun' Turkey Hunting
Hunting Sheds and Scouting for '17 The Art of Fish Decoys
Anglers: Scout Fishing Streams By Canoe During High Water
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Cover Bucks...By Tom Campbell
Butch Kulikowski
Two Crossbow Record Book 18-point

Bucks from Livingston County

is 15 6/8, outside is 19 6/8, right beam is 5 1/8 around
Butch Kulikowskis 18-point

at the base, 25 5/8 long and has 10 points, the left beam is
het Butch Kulikowski Jr., (top-right photo) has been 5 around at the base, 26 4/8 long and has 8 points, (a 10
hunting all his life because his dad, Chet Sr., started x 8 )! The tip to tip dimension is -3/8 because they actually
taking him out with his buddies as soon as he was old overlap each other by that much. Once officially scored
enough. They hunted when and whatever they could all Butchs buck will surely rank in the states top bucks!
over southeast Michigan, northern Michigan, and the Upper Butch commented, Wow! Still hard to believe,
Peninsula. Butch loved it and now his life revolves around I feel very lucky.
it. He has been hunting big game for about 40 years now,
including whitetail in Michigan, elk and mule deer out west,
(Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming). Butch said, I have Steven Campbells 16-point

seen and harvested some nice animals over the years but teven Campbell, (right) grew season and I would
nothing like the 18 point non-typical whitetail I got in Livings- up hunting; small game, deer, have been there but my wife con-
ton Co. Michigan on Dec. 20, 2016 with my Ten Point Titan turkey, as Steve put it, any vinced me my six-weeks of hunting
Extreme crossbow! reason to get outside. For the was interfering our home life, oh
He first started seeing this buck on his Cuddeback trail last few decades Steve has taken plenty boy. After the daytime photo I
camera in December of 2015, he looked like an awesome 13 of deer off a section of state land he was recommitted to taking this
point, but he never saw him while hunting. Then the record and his family hunts. This year Steves buck. Despite my buddy breaking
book buck disappeared and Butch didnt think he would ever hunting changed after the second week my muzzleloader after he slipped
see him again. Luckily around the end of November 2016, of Oct. when friends told him about an and fell on the ice my only choice
after hunting all of bow season and gun season and passing amazing buck that crossed the road in was to hunt with my crossbow. On
up smaller bucks, he showed up on the trail camera again! front of their car. As stealth as possible Dec. 11 at 5 p.m. in a snowstorm
The big buck looked like a 15 or 16 point and is much bigger Steve carefully scouted the area where hunting with my brother nearby,
and heavier. the buck crossed and found massive the 10-pt. came in giving me a
Butch recalls, I hunted for him all through December, my rubs, set his trail cams and setup two bolt of buck fever, which was good
wife Cindy said I was obsessed, but she was still supportive. different stands. Once Steve saw a because one I saw the monster
I had a couple of close calls but for one reason or another photo of the big buck he was commit- buck standing 15 yards away look-
things just were not working out. Then at the end of the day ted to harvesting that buck or nothing! ing at me, I took the shot as calm
on Dec. 20, it was very cold and there was about 10 of Between work and home, Steve as could be.
snow, the sun, the stars and the moon all lined up and I got a dedicated three days of hunting a The buck only went 60 yards Steve Campbell
chance when he tried sneaking by at about 30 yards from my week. Much like Butch Kulikowski (story and Steve got his brother who took 16-point
ground blind. I double lunged him with a G5 Havoc, 3 blade above), Steve became obsessed with the lead trailing the buck, which
mechanical broadhead, and it did a perfect job. After waiting this buck. He knew it was running with ended with his head completely
about 30 minutes, I went out and found my bolt and started a 12, 10, 9 and two 8 points during the buried in the snow. Steves brother scored 193 4/8, with 39 inches of
finding blood in the snow. He only went about 75 yards or so hunting seasons, later in the season it though he shot a doe. Steve recalled, I mass, 21 inches in brow tines, main
and ran out of breath! When I found him I could not believe was always with the 10-point and Steve reached down in the snow and grabbed beams over 25 and 26 inches, 18 inch
my eyes, (my eyes were watering a lot), once I collected my- was still passing on other bucks. an antler and pulled his head up and inside spread. The weighed 160 with
self I realized he was actually an 18 point! Unbelievable! This Steve said, The first time I had it was instant celebration! It was really no fat reserves at all. Stevens buck
really is a gift from the gods! the big buck on a trail cam in daylight something else! will be officially scored at the Deer and
The buck was nicknamed Walter and weighed 180 was the opening day of muzzleloading His record book 16-pt. buck green Turkey Expo in Lansing Feb. 17-19.
pounds dressed out. Butch had his trophy green scored by
Richard Wilt with CBM and as a non-typical 18 point, that
scored 222 2/8 green gross, 215 7/8 with typical deduc-
tions. Both G-2s are split and are 13 4/8 long, inside spread CWD identified in two Mecosta County farmed deer
Chronic wasting disease was confirmed this week in two female undergo a records audit, fence inspection and increased surveil-

SEASONS deer from a Mecosta County deer farm. CWD is a fatal neurological
disease that affects white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk and moose.
This is the second time the disease has been found in a farmed
lance testing.
Conduct targeted surveillance testing on free-ranging white-
tailed deer near the facility.
Open All Year Pike and walleye season on Lower deer facility in Michigan. In 2008, a white-tailed deer from a Kent Have mandatory deer check for hunter-harvested deer in a
Peninsula Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair & County deer farm tested positive. nine-township area.
Detroit Rivers
Chronic wasting disease is a serious disease affecting both In May 2015, CWD was found in a free-ranging deer in Ingham
Open All Year Salmon and trout season on Great farmed and free-ranging deer, said MDARD State Veterinarian County. Since then, the DNR has tested nearly 12,000 free-ranging
Lakes, St. Marys River, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair &
Detroit Rivers James Averill, DVM. We are following the states CWD response deer for CWD; nine deer have tested positive in Ingham and Clinton
Open All Year Catch-and-immediate-release bass plan and taking the necessary steps to protect the health and well- counties.
season on all Michigan waters open to fishing being of all of Michigans deer populations. CWD is transmitted directly from one animal to another and
Now-March 15 Pike and walleye season on Lower Samples from the two deer were submitted for testing as a indirectly through the environment. Infected animals may display
Peninsula inland waters part of MDARDs mandatory CWD surveillance program. All farmed abnormal behavior, progressive weight loss and physical debilita-
Now-March 15 Pike and walleye season on Upper deer facilities licensed with the Michigan Department Natural tion. To date, there is no evidence that CWD presents any risk to
Peninsula Great Lakes, inland waters & St. Marys
River Resources must participate in this program. humans or other animals outside the deer family, either through
Now-March 1 Squirrel - Fox and Gray (black Any discovery of chronic wasting disease in free-ranging or contact with an infected deer or from handling venison that came
phase included) season statewide farmed deer is disappointing, said Chad Stewart, DNR deer and from a CWD-infected deer. However, as a precaution, the U.S.
Now-March 31 Cottontail rabbit and snowshoe elk specialist. It will take significant time and effort through Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization rec-
hare season statewide immediate, targeted surveillance and mandatory checks during the ommend that infected animals not be consumed as food by either
Now-Jan. 31 Raccoon hunting statewide upcoming deer seasons to understand the current situation. The humans or domestic animals.
Now-March 1 Fox hunting season statewide (red Michigan DNR remains committed in our efforts to contain this dis- More information about CWD including Michigans CWD sur-
and gray) ease and safeguard our valuable wildlife resource. veillance and response plan is available at www.michigan.gov/
Now-March 31 Crow season MDARD and DNR are implementing the Michigan Surveillance cwd.
and Response Plan for Chronic Wasting Disease of Free-Ranging The DNR will host a town hall meeting for hunters and area
MJC MJC and Privately Owned Cervids, and are taking the following steps: landowners on Wednesday, Feb. 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Morley
ARCHERY ARCHERY Quarantine the affected farm. Stanwood High School Cafetorium, 4700 Northland Drive, Morley.
Complete trace investigations to identify the potential sourc- At the meeting, local DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing, DNR deer
es of infection and possible areas of spread. management specialist Chad Stewart and DNR wildlife veterinarian
19744 15 Mile Rd 3001 Rochester Rd
Work with the producer to depopulate the facility. Kelly Straka will present information on CWD, its effects on deer and
Clinton Twp. 48035 Royal Oak, MI 48073 Test all deer from the affected herd for CWD. deer populations, and the DNRs CWD response to date. Following
586-791-4600 248-589-2480 Identify all other deer farms in a 15-mile radius, which will presentations, the panel will welcome questions.
Great Lakes Trolling Spoons
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Does CWD drive whitetail population decline?
White-tailed deer populations are on the decline
nationwide. Although the reasons no doubt vary
regionally, some experts suggest that diseases
such as chronic wasting disease (CWD) are a
contributing factor -- at least in specific areas...

urrently, there is no the disease-causing agent. They are
treatment for CWD, essentially indestructible and can
and no sure way of lie dormant in the environment for
diagnosing it based on years and still be infective.
appearance or observ- Available evidence suggests the
able behavior in live disease is most often spread be-
animals during early stages of tween adult animal and adult animal
infection. And, there seems to be through contamination of feed and
little agreement among the experts water sources with infectious saliva, Using live traps and helicop- observed in this population.
as how to control the disease. Or, for urine or feces. Typically, bucks have ter net-gunning, the investigators In their view, provided there is
that matter, if it can be controlled at been found to have higher infection captured 112 deer as fawns and 63 no immigration or genetic selection
all. rates than does and CWD-infection deer as adults. All deer were fitted for less CWD susceptible genotypes,
As noted by University of Wyo- rate increases in both sexes with with tracking collars and recaptured this population is not sustainable
ming researchers, led by David Ed- deer age. annually (which in itself must have with possible extinction in 48 years
The Latest
munds, most CWD studies to date been a daunting task). at current levels of mortality and
have dealt with recently infected All animals handled during the fecundity.
deer populations. Few have inves- Given the dearth of well-studied study period (January 2003-Febru- The researchers note that their
tigated the long-term effects of the population-level effects of CWD, ary 2010) were examined for CWD findings are particularly concerning,
disease where the problem the Wyoming investigators using a tonsil biopsy technique in that the study species was white-
has persisted for lengthy view the entire issue as be- and general body condition. Blood tailed deer, which have a higher
periods of time. ing worrisome. samples were used for pregnancy lifetime reproductive potential than
Available evidence Confounding the is- testing in does and observational other species that are susceptible to
suggests that CWD can sue, they say, is the temp- data were used to determine fawn- the disease.
Sex/Age Effects
cause population declines, tation of, and pressure on, rearing success. A complete exami-
and possibly even localized managers to react to newly nation of all dead deer was made
extinction, in some species. discovered diseases (such to determine cause of death and all More bucks than does (76
However, this has not been as CWD) in ways that may were subjected to a thorough CWD percent versus 24 percent) occurred
definitely proven. not he optimal. examination. in the annual hunter-harvest, which
although CWD By John Ozoga Since CWD has
potential to cause
While this investigation con-
firmed certain findings from previ-
probably explains why more fe-
males than males (71 percent versus
may have relatively population de- ous CWD studies, other findings 24 percent) died from CWD. That
minor effects on deer population clines, or even localized extinctions concerning aspects of behavior and is, females just simply lived longer
dynamics early in a disease epi- at high prevalence rates, Edmunds resultant effects on deer population (137.2 days), compared to males
demic, there is concern that it might and his coworkers conducted a dynamics differ. Findings from the (107.4 days), after testing positive
have serious negative effects on deer lengthy study (2003-2010) to de- Wyoming study also indicate that for CWD.
population trends years or even de- termine if such is actually the case changes in management are prob- The researchers also suggest
cades later once the disease becomes with white-tailed deer. ably necessary in order stabilize that the matriarchal social structure
well-established. Their objective was to monitor CWD-infected deer populations at of females may explain the higher
Basics CWD-positive and CWD-negatives socially acceptable levels. incidence of CWD in females. They

CWD is like no other deer

whitetails in a high-prevalence
CWD area throughout their lifespan Population Effects theorize the following:
Males were removed earlier
disease. It is relatively new, poorly using telemetry and global position- Overall CWD prevalence during in disease progression and had less
understood, and always fatal in ing system (GPS) collars. the study was 35.4 percent, being time to spread disease directly to
white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, Specifically, their goal was to higher in does (42 percent) than susceptible bucks in their bachelor
and moose. To date, it has been evaluate differences in such things bucks (28.8 percent). Of the 118 herds throughout most of the year.
found in 21 U.S. states and two as behavior, reproduction, survival, deer mortalities documented during Meanwhile females progressed to
Canadian provinces. mortality factors, etc., and ulti- the study, hunter harvest was the clinical CWD, presumably shed-
Technically, CWD is classi- mately determine if CWD had a most common cause of death (46 ding infectious prions into the
fied as a transmissible spongiform negative impact on deer population deer) and, as expected, bucks were environment and transmitting prions
encephalopathy (TSE); a slow performance. They theorized that more heavily harvested than does. directly to susceptible females in
degenerative disease of the central deer population dynamics might be Mortality due to predation was rare. their familial groups early in infec-
nervous system that literally eats altered by CWD to the extent that This study left little doubt, tion and throughout most of the
holes in the victims brains. In time, the population growth rate would however, that CWD can account for yearprolonged prion shedding
animals that contract the disease be- decline. declining deer population trends. by CWD-positive does within their
come emaciated, behave abnormally The study was conducted pri- The CWD-positive deer were 4.5 home range, including favored
and salivate profusely. Once these marily on one ranch and times more likely to die annually bedding locations, accompanied by
symptoms appear, most animals die surrounding areas near Glenrock, than CWD-negative deer. According communal grooming and shared
within a couple of months. Wyoming. Based on examination of to the Wyoming researchers, It is home ranges with females provided
Prions, which are mutant, self- hunter-killed deer, about 33 percent likely that CWD and hunter har- opportunity for disease transmission
propagating versions of proteins of the deer in the general area had vest, the main causes of mortality,
that occur normally in the body, are CWD. have produced young age structure CWD and deer numbers page 10
MOR March 2017 full pg:Layout 1 2/7/2017 11:50 PM Page 1

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CWD and deer numbers: in the early stages of CWD develop- CWD becomes well-established;
from page 8 ment give birth to fawns an can suc- deer populations with high CWD
cessfully raise them to weaning age. prevalence and high deer hunting
through time. Edmunds group emphasizes the Nonetheless, given that CWD mortality will likely be driven to
Clearly, these findings of higher following: infection tends to alter deer behav- extinction in relatively few decades.
CWD incidence in does than bucks Rather than thinking of CWD Also, one of the statistical mod-
ior to the extent that infected deer
contradict other studies that found as a strictly pre-clinical disease fol- els employed in this study suggests
just the opposite sex differences. lowed by a short, obvious clinical become abnormally vulnerable to
hunter-harvest, one must wonder if removing additive hunting mortal-
The authors of this report also stage of disease, we believe CWD ity in female deer will sustain the
suggest, This discrepancy may be infection should be envisioned as a diseased does exhibit certain mater-
nal care weaknesses that jeopardize population. Therefore, if the man-
a function of the riparian habitat slow, progressive decline in health agement objective is to maintain
concentrating white-tailed deer and and alteration of normal behavior, newborn fawn survival.
For example, there is good deer population numbers in the face
thus environmental contamination which ends with the clinically rec- of high CWD prevalence, then it
and allowing the proposed role of ognizable disease. Given the rela- evidence that malnourished does are
more likely to abandon their fawns seems rather obvious that hunting
does in the transmission of CWD in tively short clinical stage of CWD of does must be limited or stopped
our study system. and the limited hunting season, it is or do not protect them from preda-
tors. In fact, the Wyoming research- altogether.
Most importantly, they raise hard to believe CWD-positive deer As noted by Edmunds and his
the following question: What would be more susceptible to har- ers propose that future research
concerning the impact of CWD group, this study highlights and
will happen when CWD becomes vest if this slow alteration in health stresses the importance of prevent-
more established in northern areas and behavior - does not occur. upon doe fawn-rearing success is
ing CWD from becoming endemic
where deer commonly migrate long warranted.
distances and concentrate at high Reproduction in a population, rather than attempt-
densities in preferred conifer winter- As with previous studies, the
Conclusions ing to manage it after the fact.
Therefore, as determined from
ing areas? Wyoming study found no significant Few areas have attained white- previous research, the best strategy
In other words, they say, negative impact of CWD on doe tail CWD prevalence as high as remains minimizing dispersal of
perhaps our study population is an pregnancy rates or resultant annual noted here, due to the relatively CWD infected deer to new areas --
indicator of things to come, where recruitment. This strongly sug- short time the disease has been a real challenge for managers, given
initially bucks experience higher gests that does participate in the rut present in most areas. However, this our current understanding (or lack
incidence until a threshold is met regardless of CWD infection-status. study shows what can, and likely thereof) of what motivates long-
when does experience higher CWD Also, observations indicate that does will, happen in the future when distance deer movements.n
Nonetheless, they acknowledge

Michigans CWD deer related?

bucks may always experience higher
incidence than females where deer
range widely and populations are

well dispersed.
Behavioral Shifts
he spread of CWD in deer
populations may be among By Richard P. Smith doe was the mother of a 2-year-old
buck from Ingham that had CWD, for
From the hunters standpoint, I animals that are related instead of between un- instance. The 5-year-old doe was the mother of two
find this study particularly interest- related individuals. That appears to be the case bucks in Ingham County that had CWD. One of the
ing because the findings suggest in Michigan. Eight out of nine free-ranging whitetails bucks was 3 -years-old and the other was 6 months
that CWD-positive deer behave that have had CWD in the state are related, according old.
differently than CWD-negative deer, to DNR deer specialist Chad Stewart. The ninth deer The pair of adult does from Ingham County that
even in the early stages of disease might also be related to the others, but testing on that were a year apart in age were also related, but its not
development when other physical one is not yet complete. clear how they were related. The 2-year-old son of the
differences are indiscernible. For The relationships of the first 8 positive deer were 6-year-old doe was part of the extended family of the
example, CWD-positive whitetails determined through genetic testing, Stewart wrote in 5-year-old doe. Perhaps the adult does had the same
were over-represented in the annual an email, and the relationships varied between direct father or mother.
hunter harvest, logically because descendants (doe/fawn), sibling, or distant relative. The three deer that were killed in Clinton County
they were behaviorally more vulner- Some deer are related to only one deer, while other that had CWD were also related to the pair of adult
able to hunting. deer are related to multiple deer. does from Ingham County. A 2 1/2-year-old doe that
Other investigators found that Of important interest is that the three deer tested came out of Clinton was a half sibling to the 5-year-old
CWD-positive mule deer were also from Clinton County are not related to one another, doe from Ingham, meaning they probably had the same
more vulnerable to hunter harvest, but are related to deer in Ingham County (specifically mother or father. The fact that the Clinton County 2
as compared to disease-free individ- Meridian Township). This supports the theory that -year-old doe was also a half sibling to the 6-month-
uals. They suggested that behavioral the disease perhaps is radiating from that location as a old buck from Ingham County, which was the son of
shifts, including movement patterns, product of dispersal. the 5-year-old doe, would indicate they shared a father.
changes in breeding behavior during The fact that any disease is more likely to be spread A 1 -year-old buck from Clinton was a half sibling
harvest, decreased reaction time to among whitetails that are related shouldnt come as a to the 3 -year-old buck from Ingham that was the son
stimuli and changes in habitat type surprise because social contact between deer that are of the 5-year-old Ingham County doe. The 1 -year old
used by diseased animals may have related is the closest for the longest period of time. buck from Clinton was also part of the extended family
made them more vulnerable to hunt- Does and their fawns repeatedly come in contact of the 6-year-old doe from Ingham, so the buck was
ers. with each others saliva through mutual grooming. probably the son of one of that does offspring.
There certainly is no evidence Its the same for siblings. Theres also the greatest risk A 1 -year-old doe from Clinton that had CWD
that hunters purposely harvest ema- of contamination from urine and feces between these was found to be part of the extended family of the
ciated or sick animals. So, one must animals. 6-month-old buck from Ingham County that was the
wonder if these same diseased deer Testing of deer with TB also confirmed that disease son of the 5-year-old Ingham County doe, so that older
also then become easier prey for was most likely to be transmitted to whitetails that were doe also had to be related to the yearling doe from
natural predators, even during the related because of frequent nose-to-nose contact. Clinton County.
very early stages of disease develop- Among the first 8 wild deer that were confirmed Stewart emailed me a table that shows how each
ment. to have CWD in Michigan, five were found in Ingham of the CWD positive deer are related, but the table
Conversely, studies conducted in County and three in Clinton County. Those 8 deer in- obviously doesnt have all of the relationships. It will be
Wisconsin, found no such difference clude four of each sex. Two does and three bucks have interesting to see if the ninth CWD positive deer is re-
in harvest susceptibility, possibly come from Ingham County. Two does and one buck lated to one or more of the whitetails with the disease.
because CWD prevalence was much were shot in Clinton County. The adult does that have been found with CWD obvi-
lower (6.3 percent) as compared The two does from Ingham County were five and ously had more fawns that have surfaced with the dis-
to that in the Wyoming study (33 six years old and they each produced a number of ease so far. Either there are more deer with the disease
percent). fawns, some of which also had CWD. The 6-year-old remaining out there or some of them are resistant to it.
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5/16/10- MI
Earning a Masters Degree in...

he Detroit Rivers fishermen dont realize is that verti-
epic spring walleye cal jigging is only possible when the
run comes but once boat is under complete control.
a year. Those anglers Fishermen use all kinds of
who have experienced means in controlling their boats,
the Detroit River but the only practical solution is to
when its red hot can attest that use a bow mounted electric motor
the bite is epic. for this chore. Both traditional cable
The walleye start tricking into driven and modern wireless elec-
the river in March and by early April tric motors can be used for vertical
the river is alive with fish and world jigging. The difference is that cable
class jigging opportunities. By early driven motors are foot controlled
May most of the adult females have and wireless motors can be con-
spawned and returned to their sum- trolled with either a foot control or a
mer haunts and by Memorial Day key fob.
the bite focuses almost exclusively The key fob option works great
on aggressive males that linger in for anglers who are only fishing
the river. with one line. Those anglers who
Seemingly these smaller males wish to master vertical jigging with
would rather forage in the two rods will need to also
river than return to the big master the use of the foot
pond. If you missed the control.
big fish run earlier in the When vertical jig-
spring, this late May bite ging in flowing water, the
is one more last chance to electric motor is used to
fill the freezer. position the boat over-
Start to finish the top of the jig. In effect,
walleye run is only a little vertical jigging is about
over 60 days getting the boat,
which means
any way a wall- By Mark Romanack current and
jig to all move
eye enthusiast downstream at
slices it the wait between annual the same speed. Since as anglers we The authors son Jake has developed into a master jigger by
spring river runs is about 300 days!! have no control over the current, we spending countless hours on the river and paying attention to every
This sobering fact is important must use the electric motor to match detail. Mark Romanack photos
because it should focus anglers on up the boats drifting speed to the
how important it is to hit the Detroit current speed. Structure Rules these edges meander and the water
depth along the edge is constantly
River prepared for success. Creating this delicate balance Once an angler understands the
changing. The river channel is well
A Mindset For Success takes a little practice, but anyone
can learn to control a boat in flowing
need to stay vertical and how to
control a boat with an electric motor defined near Mud Island, out in front
The spring walleye run on the of the 80 inch steel mill and near
water and various wind conditions to accomplish this goal, the focus
Detroit River attracts a literal army the water intake on the west side of
using an electric motor. The struggle moves on to finding and staying on
of anglers, but not all of these fisher- Fighting Island.
to stay vertical is a constant battle fish. River walleye are seemingly
men are catching fish. When the Wavy bottoms are places where
and requires 100 percent concentra- always on the move, forcing anglers
bite is snapping seemingly nets are the current has scoured out depres-
tion, 100 percent of the time! to be doing the same thing.
flying everywhere, but the reality is sions in the bottom. Walleye lay
most of the fish are being caught by The best way to keep the boat The one thing that remains
moving at the same speed as the cur- constant is regardless of where geo- in these depressions to escape the
a minority of anglers who possess
rent is to use periodic short bursts graphically in the river walleye are direct flow of the current. A good
collectively a critical skill set. example of a wavy bottom is the
of power from the electric motor. If found, these fish are always going
Jig fishing is a skill, not an art area out in front of Cobo Hall near
too much power is provided by the to be found on the bottom. Several
as some might suggest. Becoming a the middle of the river.
electric motor, a boat that is moving kinds of bottom structure routinely
skillful jig fisherman doesnt happen Sea wall edges are also com-
at just the right speed will suddenly attract and hold walleye including
over-night, but it can happen for mon in the Detroit River and this
be moving either faster or slower flats, channel edges, wavy bottoms
anyone who is willing to put in the structure type tends to concentrate
than the current. and sea wall edges.
time and pay attention to the impor-
In either case the fishing line Flats are the easiest structure to fish very close to the bank edge. The
tant details. area directly in front of Cobo Hall,
moves from the vertical or fish because the fish tend to spread
Boat Control straight down orientation to angling out on the flat and the depth doesnt the area around the Post Office, the
area by the Coast Guard Station and
Successful river jig fishing starts upstream or downstream. When the change significantly. The area down-
with boat control. The majority of line begins to angle away from the stream of the Ambassador Bridge the area directly downstream of the
the fish taken from the Detroit River boat, contact with the bottom is lost. and also out in front of Wyandotte, Wyandotte public boat launch are
every spring are caught using a pre- To compensate for the line angling downstream to Grassy Island are just a few of the sea wall edges that
sentation known as vertical jigging. and the jig lifting off bottom, the good examples of river flats. routinely hold fish.
The idea of fishing a jig directly angler simply uses the electric mo- Channel edges are like fish Rod/Reel/Line
below the boat is simple enough to tor to drive the boat, back over top highways but this form of structure Once an angler understands boat
understand, but what a majority of of the jig. is the most difficult to fish because control and the river structure types


that routinely find fish, the focus of
vertical jigging switches to using
the proper rods, reels, fishing line
and leaders. The advent of fused and
super braid lines is perhaps the best
thing that ever happened to Detroit
River walleye jiggers.
Fused and super braid lines are
very thin in diameter and feature
near zero stretch. The thin diameter
helps in reducing friction and makes
it easier to stay vertical with lighter
jigs. Low stretch in fishing line
plays to sensitivity and makes it far
easier to detect subtle strikes.
Most of the anglers who use
fused lines are fishing with either
six or eight pound test. Anglers who
prefer super braids are normally
fishing 10 pound test.
Both fused and super braids
are excellent choices for vertical
jigging. The biggest difference
between these common line types
is that fused lines are flat in shape The spring walleye run on the Detroit River is shor t, but the action can be oh so sweet. The author
and braids are round like monofila- uses the Detroit River as a handy excuse for spending quality time on the water with friends and family.
ment. Anglers argue about which way it is sliced super braids and drop the rod tip slightly then rare jigs tend to snag a little less often
line type is best, but because super fused lines are more visible in the back and let the fish have it. In verti- than ball jigs. Many anglers dont
braids are round they tend to lay on water than fluorocarbon line. A 24 cal jigging its critical to lift the rod feel its important to use stand-up
a reel spool better and are more user inch leader of 10-12 pound test fluo- in a sweeping motion that works to jigs and jigs with premium hooks,
friendly to fish. rocarbon attached using a Double keep the line tight. but these tiny differences can and do
Its also true that fused lines Uni Knot gives anglers the best of The sweep set never gives the make a big impact on fishing suc-
tend to suffer from abrasion issues both worlds. Super sensitivity and fish an opportunity to detect the cess.
and need to be replaced more often a nearly invisible jig to line combi- anglers presence and drop the bait.
than super braids. A quality super nation make this option something The best jig fishermen develop a Two Rod Jigging
braid such as Maximas Braid 8 is every jig fisherman should consider sweep set that amounts to a light- The final step in becoming a
tightly wrapped, coated to make seriously. ning fast reaction time. This small, proficient vertical jigger is master-
it slide smoothly though the rod but critically important detail is ing the skill of fishing two rods
guides and will last a jig fisherman The Hook Set what often separates a good jig fish- at the same time. Two rod jigging
two or three seasons. The moment of truth comes in erman from one whose skills are off puts twice the baits in the water and
Because fused and super lines vertical jigging when a fish bites. the charts. equally increases an anglers likeli-
have near zero stretch, the best rods The problem is vertical jigging hood of success. The problem with
for fishing them tend to be high produces two distinctively differ- two rod jigging is not everyone
modulus graphite spinning models ent bites that anglers must learn to Not All Jigs adapts easily to this multi-tasking
that feature a soft tip and fast action. detect. Are Created Equal fishing technique.
In most brands of rods a six or six/ The first kind of strike is a Anglers on the Detroit River The only way to master two rod
six medium light action rod with a no-brainer to detect because it feels tend to fish ball style jigs and most jigging is to fish with two rods and
fast or extra fast tip makes for excel- like a distinctive tap or tick in the buy them from basement build- push through the nagging desire
lent jigging sticks. line. This type of strike occurs when ers who use the cheapest possible to put one rod down and just fish.
The sensitive tip is critical the jig is resting on a taunt line and hooks. The ball shape of the jig is Obviously fishing two rods doubles
because it has to telegraph the strike the sensation of the bite is readily okay for vertical jigging, but the the chances of success, but it also
and also absorb the shock that oc- transferred up the line, into the rod hook is the most important link doubles the chances of snagging,
curs when the hook is set. A rod that tip and ultimately into the hand of between the fish and fisherman. makes for more work keeping live
is too stiff will literally tear the jig the fisherman. Premium hooks that are razor bait in the water and makes the boat
right out of the fishs mouth. Its the second type of bite that sharp make a huge difference in control process that much more
The ideal spinning reels for most anglers struggle with. When a how many of the fish that bite are complicated.
vertical jigging are smaller 25 or strike occurs as the jig is falling in ultimately hooked and landed. The The best way to describe two
30 size models with wide spools. A the water on slack line, no distinc- best jig fishermen I have shared a rod jigging is that its a pain in the
wide spool reel collects line without tive tick or tap can be felt. Instead boat with are ardent about mak- back side to master, but once a per-
creating excessive memory or loops when the rod is lifted and the line ing sure they are fishing jigs with son gets proficient vertical jigging
in the line. This feature may seem pulled tight again a sensation of premium hooks. The instant a hook with two rods, it feels strange to fish
minor, but a wide spool reel allows weight is felt. point gets even a little dull it needs with just one rod.
line to flow off the reel smoothly When an inexperienced an- to be sharpened to sticky sharp Every time I fish on the Ontario
when lowering the jig to bottom. gler feels this sensation of weight, status. side of the Detroit River where only
Because super lines are expen- the first reaction is the jig must be Stand-up style jigs are also an one line per angler is allowed by
sive, most anglers load their reel snagged. A second of hesitation is advantage when vertical jigging. A law, it feels like my right arm has
half full with monofilament and then all it takes and the fish spits out the stand-up jig keeps the hook point been chopped off!
put a top dressing of about 75 yards jig. upright and off the bottom when
of fused or super braid line. The key to being successful jig the jig makes contact with the bot- Summing It Up
What comes next is a constant fishermen is to condition oneself to tom. With ball heads and other jig Vertical jigging when practiced
debate among jig fishermen. Some set the hook when anything feels designs the instant the jig makes with razor sharp skills amounts
anglers tie their jig directly to the different. For some anglers this is contact with bottom, the hook rolls to a fish harvesting system. Like
fused or super braid line and others the most difficult part of vertical jig- over. anything worthwhile, mastering
feel it is important to add a 24 inch ging to master. Stand-up jigs hook more of the this popular presentation requires
leader of fluorocarbon line and tie How the hook is set is the next fish that bite because the hook is considerable time on the water. Oh
the jig to the fluorocarbon leader. critical piece of the puzzle. Most always in the proper upright posi- well, I guess that means we will all
The debate rages on, but any- anglers who detect a strike tend to tion for a hook set. Also stand-up just have to fish a little more often.n
Sure-fire techniques for...

Run & Gun

By Brian Miller

very year spring rolls when you cant see them, youre
around and hunters busted.
flock to the green fields Another great way to target
dressed head to toe in birds is to drive to several locations,
camouflage. They are visually looking or calling to get a
chasing the thrill of the response. Once you hit a vocal bird,
long beard who is thundering out its time to start cutting the distance.
a heart pumping gobble. Watching This technique works remarkably
these wary birds work their way well on public land where there is Matt and Brian Miller moved in deadly close to pull off this double.
into decoys is amazing. But what lots of ground to cover.

happens when that plan goes south? control the airflow and tongue pres- be in camouflage from head to toe.
Pack Light...Packing light sure allows a hunter to be extremely Dont be afraid to get unstuck from
Those birds are hung up outside of is essential when youre on versatile with pitch and volume. the trees.

gun range and slowly slip away. the run. You really need to
Youre left wondering what hap- Being forced to use a diaphragm call Mobile Regimen...Having
grab your vest and a gun and really helps me become a stronger
pened and heading home for an be on your way. Everything must a mobile presence in the
early breakfast. turkey caller. Diaphragm calls allow woods means you have to
be stuffed into the right locations a hunter to keep stealthy.

Thats the old school thinking so you can quickly setup in those have a strict regimen. If you
about turkey hunting. Sticking to couple seconds before he comes Scouting Necessities... plan on beating the eyes of an old
traditional ground blind hunting strutting over the hill. I really dont Calling in a turkey is much gobbler you need to know when to
drastically limits your reach to a have time to mess with unruly sets easier when youre sitting move. Its common for birds to go
small radius. What if we could go to and lost calls. where he wants to go. Even silent after hitting the ground so
the birds instead of always waiting Setting up rapidly is an under- when youre a mobile turkey hunter have a plan on when its time for
on them? statement when youre on the move. its important to understand turkey you to move. Each location I hunt
Im not much of a traditional Two years ago, my son and I tried movement. Getting boots on the has birds moving through areas at
hunter so a run and gun tech- slipping in a little closer to the gob- ground is essential. You need to different times of the day. Therefore
nique comes natural. Or maybe its bling birds when I suddenly real- know the locations that birds are I have those decision made before
because I quickly become impatient. ized the turkeys were on top of us. moving, what the best time of day hunting. However Im not afraid to
Either way, most of my strategies I instantly dropped the decoy and is, and why they are heading there. break some rules if birds are not fol-
have been built around getting dan- pushed us both against the closest Then when you spot a bird its easier lowing the days script.
gerously close before coaxing a bird tree. I reached over and pulled up to get into a location for an ambush. When youre on the move be
in the last few steps.

his mask and told him to get ready. Once youre set up, there is a forty careful approaching the area to
Cutting the Distance...Run He quickly put his gun up on his yard radius and you really need prevent from spooking the birds.
and Gun turkey hunting means knees and barreled down on the to be faced in the right direction. Ill use my binoculars to glass the
something different to ev- sights. Within 60 seconds, we had a Without this knowledge, its easy to property before approaching. Each
eryone. Wandering aimlessly couple long beards gobbling in our be just out of range and things can strutting zone needs to be carefully
quickly fall apart. approached. I really approach the

through the woods or hustling, face. At point blank range we both
giving off a few clucks is a low pulled off the shooting and had two Get Unstuck...Weve all run and gun approach as sneaking
percentage game. The likelihood of birds flopping on the ground. Our dealt with those hard to reach through the woods. During the mid-
a wary turkey spotting you is highly goal was to be lightweight, comfort- birds strutting smack-dab in day birds dont gobble as much, so
likely. I prefer to spot the target able and adaptable which paid off the middle of that green field, keep your eyes peeled. Know where
from afar then cut the distance to doubly!

150 yards from anything. Trying to everything is in your vest and ap-
something more reasonable. If a bird cut those birds off can be problem- proach each area like there is a bird.
Diaphragm Calls...I love This will ensure youre ready for
can only be heard its important to working birds into me with atic if youre not sure of the destina-
properly judge distance before mak- tion. However pulling out a sneak anything being tossed your way.
a slate call; however a
ing a move. Too many times have diaphragm turkey call has attack could be the perfect solution. Conclusion...
I miscalculated an assessment and some big advantages during the final We all want a thick tree to break- Many of the turkeys I have taken
walked right into the birds. Busted! approach. Anytime I am running and up our outline. Its even better if in the last decade have come from
This method of sneaking closer gunning there is a diaphragm call there is a blow down or logs used to unconventional hunting techniques.
is always a gamble. Cut the distance stuck in the corner of my mouth. hide behind. However in these wide For me its not about how close I
too much and youll get busted. I There have been several times when open situations sometime putting can get to the roosting tree but how
love hunting in hill country because I didnt have time to fumble around on a death crawl to get dangerously stealthy I can be. Turkey hunting is
using the slight rolling hills helps finding a call. These calls allow a close is in order. Laying down in a increasingly humbling and excit-
me stay concealed. Use whatever hunter to have far less movement prong stance provides an extraordi- ing. The wariness of an old gobbler
terrain or tree lines available to hide during the last forty yards. narily low profile. Some sweet call- along with beating his eyes and ears
behind. Turkeys have the most in- If youre not proficient with a ing would bring a turkey right into is a big part of what makes turkey
credible eyes so if you can see them diaphragm make sure to practice range of your secret weapon. When hunting an incredibly rewarding
youre busted. And sometimes even during the off season. Learning to making a crazy move make sure to sport.n
Lured into fishing by the art of decoys
Prepared By MDNR with power tools and hand- paints it
with acrylics.
Kober works with white cedar,
When most people see most of which he scavenges from
a cedar fence post or an nearby woodlots, though it isnt
unusual, he said, to come home and
old, broken cedar limb find a cedar limb on his porch, left
on the ground, Dave there by one of his buddies.
I like the texture of it (cedar)
Kober sees a trout; or and the smell of it, he said. Its
a perch; or maybe, pleasant to work with and it takes
paint well. I really like that old
a bluegill...

worn cedar, like fence posts. If its
got flaws in it that just adds to the
ober carves fish decoys. character of the piece.
Decoys have long As his reputation grew, Kober
been used by ice fisher- moved on from basic decoys to Collectors believe the late Oscar Peterson to be the Vincent van Gogh of
men to lure large fish decorative decoys designed for fish decoys. This is a trout decoy from the 1930s.
generally pike, but display and though he still makes but they work. ables. But the Nelsons never went in
also sturgeon and oth- working decoys now that the cost Michigan has a long history of the decorative decoy direction.
ers within range of the spearing is so high, theres not a lot of people fish decoy carvers. We emphasize decoys not
hole, though some hook-and-line who want to put them in the water. Perhaps the best-known among replicas of fish, Nelson said.
anglers use them as well. Primarily But there are plenty of wood them was Oscar Peterson of Cadil- Theyve got to swim so you can
turned out by home-shop artisans, carvers who stay in the working lac, who died in 1951. Hes well- take them out and use them.
fish decoys were once manufactured decoy end of the pool. known enough in the art world that Nelson said their decoys are
his wooden fish have been sold by made the traditional way whittled
Sothebys, and a single piece once from white pine with upholstery
fetched $18,000. tacks for eyes, fins made from scrap
Al Nelson, 72, who helps teach sheet metal and weighted with lead
a class on decoy carving at the so they perform properly in the wa-
Michigan Department of Natural ter. And Nelson said he still uses his
Resources Carl T. Johnson Hunt- own, or some made by his buddies,
ing and Fishing Center in Cadillac, in the spearing shack.
has been around decoy carving his We go out, not so much to
entire life. spear them, as to lure them in and
My older brothers started back watch them, he said. We want to
in 38, and weve been associated pass on the legacy of decoy carv-
with it since then, he said. When ing.
we grew up there were 16 of us in Anglers interested in ice fish-
the family we all speared and we ing decoys may want to check out
sat around and made decoys. I prob- some of the items that are part of
ably started when I was 10 years the collection at the Carl T. John-
old. son Center. There are a number of
Dave Kober shows off a perch decoy outside his shop near Cadillac. The Nelsons were family friends them, including a display of Kobers
with Peterson, who allowed the boys process from a hunk of wood to
by major bait companies James Fred and Jo Anne Campbell, a hus- to watch him work. Als late brother a finished decoy some of Oscar
Heddons Sons Co. in Dowagiac band/wife team who live in Benzie Jim became a well-known carver Petersons and others as well.
produced them decades ago but County, have run BenzieJo Decoys and produced thousands of pieces, Get more information on fishing
the homemade models have become out of their backyard shop since which are now considered collect- at www.michigan.gov/fishing.n
highly collectable, unique examples 1997. All they produce are working
of American folk art that can fetch decoys.
six figures. Though I have to say that
Kober, 78, has been carving probably 90 percent of our buyers
decoys since he was a young boy. are collectors, Jo Anne Campbell
Its grandpas fault, said Ko- said.
ber. My grandfather was an ardent The pair got into decoy making
hunter and fisherman and he liked to when Fred saw some at a market,
carve decoys. He taught me every- remembered using them as a kid,
thing I know I guess. I started it as a bought some, and was enthralled by
hobby. them.
That artsy thing kind of runs I thought he was crazy for
in our family, he said. I have a buying them, Jo Anne said.
brother and sister who are commer- But when Fred decided he was
cial artists, though I never pursued going to start carving them, Jo Anne
anything artsy. When I was a kid volunteered to do the painting.
it was the furthest thing from my BenzieJo Decoys begin at $50
mind. But I could always draw. for an 8-inch Red and White (their
Thats where it starts. When best seller) and can go up to $145
Kober begins, he sketches out his for a 10-inch model.
design on a chunk of wood, cuts Well never get rich on it, but
out the rough form with a band saw. we have fun doing it and make a
Then he gets after it with a draw little money on the side, she said. Al Nelson shows off some of the Jim Anderson of Cadillac car ves the
plane and rasp. He finishes a decoy Theyre not anatomically correct, fish decoys he car ved. tail of a trout decoy in progress.
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Jigging Lessons for

Motown Eyes
Tips and tricks for catching Detroit River walleyes
that you can use anywhere...By Mark Martin

arch is a frustrat- elevated due to the runoff of melt-
ing month for avid ing ice from Lakes Huron and St.
walleye anglers; Clair, as well any precipitation than
especially as its days may be falling this time of year.
wane. While the first Ultra-muddy water conditions can
half usually has ice be the death of a good bite. Lightly
safe enough to fish upon, the latter stained water is more desirable. If
part will see deteriorating condi- the waters too dirty downstream,
tions. Add to that, the closure in the Ill motor upstream to find cleaner
fishing season throughout many of conditions.
the states in the Midwest and nearby In most river systems, walleyes
Canada, to allow procreation to take will head right to the bank as the
place without harassment for this water rises, and I am sure fish do
most sought-after species. in the Detroit River, too. Pitching
But theres one place where jigs to the bank, or even up onto the The ver tical-jigging techniques used in the Detroit River can be
the bite only gets better as March flooded grassy plains is a great ploy applied in any flowing waters that walleyes roam. Author photo
slowly turns into April, and thats in most waterways, but the river
on the Detroit River. Here, within banks on this river are industrial in is a perfect vertical presentation. Walleye bite extremely light; hits
the flow that connects Lake St. Clair nature, thus tossing a jig in the shal- The rods I use for vertical may feel nothing more than like an
and Lake Erie, the season for target- lows means snags and lost tackle. jigging here needs to be slightly ultra-light tick, or just something
ing walleyes is open throughout the Overall, your best bet for finding heavier in power than what I would different from all the other ups and
entire year. And did you realize the key areas to fish here is to use what use in a lake, and have a fast action. downs you made with the bait.
Michigan Department of Natural I use, and thats an SD card filled
Resources (DNR) estimates nearly with Navionics mapping to find
This allows me to feel the moment
my jig taps bottom, so I can lift it up Comfort Keepers
nine million individuals of this holes and runs very near shore. With and out of a snags way, and, allows Some things anglers might
species swim into this fast-flowing a Navionics card in the card-reader me to pull huge walleyes up and off cheapen out on when buying can be
waterway to go through the rituals of my Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3 of bottom quickly. Fenwicks 6-foot
some of the most important items in
of spawning? Thats an amazing sonar/chartplotter combo, I can see 6-inch medium-action Elite Teck
your boat.
migration no matter what type of where every hole, hump and bump Take rainwear, for example.
Walleye spinning rod is the perfect
fish you are talking about. lies underwater. And that means I stick.
If theres one thing reliable about
But neither the fishing nor catch- am able to find more places than And that FireLine I use? I prefer
the weather this time of year is its
ing comes easy here. The current is ever to catch fish, even in waterways 8- to 10-pound test, and I tie the
unreliability. Totally waterproof
quick and the wind can blow hard I thought I knew. Navionics map- and warm jackets and bibs, like the
superline directly to the jig using a Typhoon by STORMR, are essential
from most any direction and push ping has opened up my eyes to what Palomar knot. Trust me on this, the
you off course. Overall, its boat really lies below my boat, and has for staying comfortable, which helps
fish will not care about the brightly- one concentrate on catching fish. On
control that is what separates the helped me discover new spots.
colored line what so ever. the other hand, the sun could pop
anglers who land a limit from those
who come back to the dock empty Ready, Aim, Drop I prefer jigs that are heavy, too, out from the clouds and be quite in-
handed. Once I have found a place I want rather than going with my usual; tense. To ward off the first sunburn
Luckily, the technique that takes to fish, I motor my Lund well above which is the lightest the wind and of the season, use a high-quality
the most fish here, vertical jigging, the run and, with its nose pointed waves will let me get away with. sunscreen, and wear first-rate sun-
is a fairly easy poly to use. But upstream, deploy my bow-mounted Northlands 3/4-ounce SinkN Jig glasses, such as the Costa Del Mar
even then, there are little details that electric trolling motor and get its will do the trick, and they come in a glasses I wear.
make a big difference in how many prop spinning. variety of eye-catching colors.
Motown teachings
fish are landed. And its these same An electric trolling motor in the
bow is the most important piece of Nip and Fall The Detroit River is a unique
tips and techniques that will help
equipment when it comes to boat It wasnt all that long ago, in the fishery itself, but the lessons you
you catch fish in rivers all year long, early 2000s, that live minnows were
control. My foot is continuously on learn here will be priceless in any
no matter where it is youre fishing. the only bait folks used in the De-
the control pedal, endlessly turning river.
River Basics left, right, goosing the power up or troit River. (Well, most anywhere, By far, boat control the crucial
River fishing is unique in its turning it down, all so I can keep for that matter.) But then came link between landing a limit and go-
own right. Unlike in natural lakes, the boat moving down stream at the softbaits like Berkley PowerBait and ing back to the dock empty handed.
where 90 percent of the fish only exact same speed as the current. GULP! Use a bow-mounted electric trolling
hold in 10 percent of the water, fish And believe it or not, controlling Now, its not to say that a lively motor to you advantage. And use
in rivers can be spread out through- my boat is why I also spool up shiner fresh from my Frabill bait heavier jigs when youre vertical
out the entire system. It all depends very bright Berkley FireLine, container isnt going to catch fish, jigging, and dont overlook softbaits
on the flow. Is the water rising due such as Flame Green or Crystal, but I will say that a PowerBait Pro as well lively live bait.
to runoff from rain or snow, or, has on my ABU Garcia reels. Using Jig Worm or GULP! Minnow will Mark Martin is a touring
a drought got levels falling? Is it such brightly-colored lines allows take just as many fish and stays on walleye pro and instructor with the
muddy or clear? Cold or warm? me to see the angles they are the hook longer. Fishing Vacation/Schools on ice and
There so much riding on the waters going into the water, which in And jigging these baits is as easy open water, who lives in Michigans
environment of the moment. turn indicates to me whether I as lowering the jig to bottom, and southwestern Lower Peninsula.
Overall, in the Detroit River, need to speed up, slow down or turn. the moment you feel the bottom, lift Check out his website at markmar-
waters are flowing fast and slightly What I am trying to achieve the lure about one foot, then repeat. tins.net for more information.n

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Scout trout and smallmouth bass streams during
U.P.s spring high waters and find good fishing spots
By Bill Ziegler way the stream channel with current was open

but the lower pool areas were still blocked by ice.
f you like a little bit of adventure then It is a good idea to research your trip on non-
paddling Michigans less traveled streams typical paddle streams ahead of time. In my case
is a good way to find that. Another rea- I looked at maps, air photos and talked to COs
son to do this is to vastly improve your or other DNR staff that might have first-hand
knowledge of good fishing, trapping and knowledge of the stream. In smaller towns you
hunting spots and access to those. can usually find out who in the area might have a
I started conducting early spring canoe sur- deer camp/cabin on the stream you want to float.
veys while working as a Management Fish Biolo- These cabin owners who fish, hunt, or trap often
gist for the DNR. I managed a very large area in have a good idea what you might be getting into
the Western Upper Peninsula and we could not on that float if you can track down someone to
cover the vast miles of trout and smallmouth bass ask. Sometimes you can trade information with a
streams with normal fish population electrofish- beaver trapper of what to expect on your trip for
ing surveys. Early in my DNR career I was also return information on locations of active beaver
struck by how often anglers and outdoorsman colonies. As a result when we observed a large
would ask us questions about area streams and, number of beaver chewed sticks (white when
unless it was an extremely popular trout stream, fresh), maintained beaver dam or house we made
the DNR files had little information. note of that for the future.
Of course I am also an avid trout and small- Another common mistake is trying to tackle
mouth bass angler and found numerous good too long a stretch of stream to float. After many
fishing spots while conducting these surveys. mistakes with never ending float trips when I
The author maneuvering the canoe through was younger, I try to limit my exploration float
Since I already know more fishing spots than I the West Branch of the Sturgeon River riffles
or my family have time to fish this was not my trips. If I dont know a lot about how passable the
in early spring provided valuable trout habitat stream section is I limit float trips to about eight
motivation to conduct the surveys. The habitat information. The spring run-off allows the avid
information was very valuable for the future fish miles. In the spring or fall floats the days are
angler, trapper or hunter to travel down larger shorter and it is not fun to still have a long way to
management. streams and rivers that would normally be too go as it is getting dark on difficult trips.
I did get some sense of the rivers and streams difficult to pass through. Author photos There are map measuring software programs
from driving around and walking into a few
spots. There were a number of streams where that can help you measure the length of stream
out and pulling over or around down trees, log
you want to tackle between access points. You
stream crossing surveys gave a false impres- jams, beaver dams, and low road crossings. I was
sion of valuable habitat (rapids, riffles, springs can also use a county map book such as the
fortunate enough to have my son available to
and pools) far from vehicle access. The U.P. has Michigan County Map Guide or Atlas and these
float the streams making portages easier. As a re-
are available in many good book stores. Another
fewer road crossings than downstate rivers and sult we floated the rivers on the weekends. When
many stream stretches are too remote to access source would be a county plat book. The maps
my son went off to a distant college we had to
by anything other than canoe. I also found some that have the sections marked out give you an
attempt these trips at his spring break which was
approximate distance of a mile (one section). A
good areas through new satellite photos avail- early in the season.
able online and some of our fall aerial surveys for good rule of thumb to use if the stream is mean-
In Northern Michigan another concern is go-
habitat assessment. Nothing gives you a better dering at all is double the number of sections the
ing too early in the season before the spring break
stream stretch of interest crosses and use that as
sense of the overall stream habitat than an on the up because of ice in the channel. We attempted to
ground survey float of the stream. youre more likely distance. In other words if the
scout the streams as much as possible although
A good time to paddle streams that are not steam crosses four sections count that as about
as mentioned above in Upper Michigan where
normally known for canoe floats is at spring high eight miles.
road access is very limited that leaves some level
water. It is also a good time to float Michigan riv- of guess work to when the river ice has opened Some streams do not have enough flow to
ers that do not have a strong summer base flow. up enough to proceed. On the Upper Brule River float, even at high water. Many streams in North-
Most of these types of float trips require getting (border with Wisconsin) we found out the hard ern Michigan were used for transport of pine logs
during the white pine logging era. Any of those
former log transport streams should be navigable
with some extra effort on your part to get around
down trees and other barriers. I have found a
small stream passing through a dense cedar and
lowland confer swamp can be a problem.
There is an impassable to canoe stretch on
the Ford River in East Dickinson County (down-
stream of Ralph) where a braided river channel
goes under thousands of years of down cedars
that essentially takes the stream underground.
This Ford River stretch is fairly well known to
local outdoors enthusiasts. My son and I found
out the hard way there is also a similar stretch of
the Sturgeon River in central Dickinson County.
The braided stream channel goes underground
for about a mile in a cedar swamp. We just had
to drag the canoe for that mile until the stream
channel reappeared. This is why we dont tackle
long stretches of stream when we cant find out
much about the stream ahead of time from local
Erich Ziegler along an upper section of the Brule River which borders Michigan and Wisconsin in outdoors enthusiasts.
the U.P. Warm days in early spring are great days to conduct these spring canoe trout explorations. A hand held GPS has been a great asset to
1916 - 2017

Erich Ziegler ready to pull the canoe over a large active beaver dam in Iron Countys Hemlock River.
This beaver dam is of great interest to beaver trappers, waterfowl hunters and trout anglers.
have while floating a river to learn the key loca- contour lines.
tions. Of course a USGS Topographic Quad- In areas of the state without much public
rangle map, plat book and county map is also im- frontage on rivers you have to be more aware of
portant to have. Key locations should be marked private land ownership. We encountered many
on the GPS and or map as you go since at the end private stream crossings of the streams on our
of a challenging day much of the key locations exploration trips. If there is a barrier in a legally
observed all run together in your mind. navigable stream you are legally permitted to go
It is a good idea to listen closely as you travel up on the bank to get around the barrier as long
down the stream. You can usually hear the water as you go back in the water as soon as possible.
noise from waterfalls, rapids, or small dams. A good thing to wear on early spring break
There is only one named waterfall in the Lower up canoe trips is neoprene waders. One time our
Peninsula so the falls are more of an issue in U.P. canoe was swamped with snow on the ground
streams. We have found waterfalls that are not and we stayed adequately warm throughout the
marked on the maps on a couple of our steam day until we made it to our downstream vehicle.
floats (i.e. Sturgeon River Dickinson County). A dry bag with dry clothes is a must as well. With
Even if falls or rapids are not marked on maps the popularity of kayaks some might be inclined
you can often detect significant channel gradient to do these exploration float trips with that wa-
and possible rapids on USGS Topographic Quad tercraft. I would recommend using a canoe since HN
maps with significant elevations change and close you can jump out and back in easily as you inevi- &
tably encounter barriers to stream travel. An ex-
ception might be the type of kayak that you sit on Silver & Gold
top (self-bailing) since that would make for easily Nu-wrinkle
getting in and out of the boat. Of course you want
to have a good PFD as water is deeper and faster
than normal and also cold. You should definitely
make someone else aware of your planned float
section, in case you encounter a major mishap. Genuine Silver,
A spring high water paddle trip on a small 24k Gold &
stream is a good time to be able to navigate those
waters. It is smart to avoid large rivers with lots Copper finishes
of rapids and very high water runoff at snow
melt. A good example is the U.P.s Michigamme
River where deep snow with high runoff from the
Peshekee River highlands raises the Michigamme
about six feet higher than normal. The Whitbeck
Rapids that is normally only about a class 2
rapids becomes dangerous with large hydraulic The original Williams
waves and dangerous rapids.
I dont want to scare you off with all these lure that started it all
examples of problem spots, just prepare you for over 100 years ago.
the unknown. A high water canoe trip on a trout
or smallmouth stream can provide ample good Multispecies
future fishing or trapping information. It can be Stabilising ridge
an adventure finding new stretches and holes to
fish. Occasionally the canoeists can also be sur- 7 sizes, 28 colours
Everett Sandell (president of local Trout Unlimit- prised by finding impressive rock outcrops, small
ed Chapter) found that accompanying the author water falls, old logging dam remnants or other
on trout habitat scouting trips was a great way natural scenic areas. These early spring high
to learn good access and fishing spots on local water exploration trips have provided more of the
SW UP streams. Everett moved to the area from most rewarding canoe trips during my life time of /williamslures
Marquette and sped up his learning cur ve on canoeing. It also is a nice break to get out of the
finding new trout fishing stretches. house after a long winter.n www.williams.ca
fast growing winter listening to the hounds singing,
pastime is hunting for which is always a major part of this
fox (both red and gray), atmosphere.
coyote and where legal Using calls for luring preda-
(refer to the MDNR tors into range is no doubt becom-
Hunting Guide), bob- ing quite popular these days, and
cat. This is referred electronic callers are clearly moving
to today as predator hunting, but into the forefront in this regard. The
being old school, I still tend to call electronic caller was pioneered by
it varmint hunting, and what- Johnny Stewart back when using
ever you wish to call it, Michigan old-style records and a portable
offers excellent opportuni- record player (with a big
ties. Near my home in the funnel-like speaker) were
Thumb, this means strictly the norm. This would allow
for fox and coyote because recorded calling sequences
the bobcat hunting zone to be used and hands to be
is further north. Whatever free (for shooting pur-
method you use, predator poses) and was definitely
hunting is extremely chal- convenient for hunters not
lenging, and a great way wishing to deal with mouth
to enjoy the wintertime calls. Coyotes, they will often circle to the downwind side of the calling to
assess the situation before committing. MDNR photo
One of the By Tom Lounsbury This in turn
would eventu- being used to freeze up and become downwind side of the calling to as-
oldest forms of ally lead to useless until it is thawed out (been sess the situation before committing.
predator hunting is using hounds, more durable tape-cassette callers there, done that and the freeze up I can remember when some
and this is a time-honored method later followed by the present digital can happen real sudden like). One hunters thought 15 minutes was
steeped in tradition which goes back callers which are even more du- call I always have on hand is a rub- enough time to call before moving
eons, with dogs and humans work- rable, versatile and compact than
ber squeaker that simply requires on to another spot, but Ive found it
ing constructively together. It is by ever. A fact that I appreciate about
an electronic caller is that the very squeezing, and it has more range pays to stick to it a half hour at least
no means a slam-dunk affair and
a case in point is a hunt I was on authentic calling sequence (of which than might be assumed, and truly and sometimes much more, a gut
near Rogers City. The hounds were there is a wide and amazing variety sounds like a rodent in trouble. It is feeling sort of thing. A major goal of
pursuing a bobcat in a dense cedar to select from) can be placed away often the first call I use before trying my predator hunting trips up north
swamp and I was thrilled to the from the hunter per a remote system, others. (in the bobcat zone), is to success-
core when I could hear the baying which is certainly an asset when Whether using electronic or fully call in a bobcat, which seem
of the hounds coming my way as sharp-eyed predators are incoming mouth calls, it never hurts to use to take forever to respond, a fact
I intently watched the gaps in the and homing in on the calling. a decoy that can add a little real- that I understand but thus far seem
cover as the sound of the dogs came For those wishing a true hands- ism and a visual focus point for an to never have enough patience to
ever closer. Pretty soon I spotted on experience, mouth calls are still incoming predator. When Im using accomplish matters. I can remember
the dogs passing through the gaps as popular as ever and I must admit a rabbit in distress call, I often have calling for over an hour, and when
as they went right on by me, and I they remain my favorite. A key a battery powered (and fuzzy) decoy I moved I discovered tracks in the
never did see that bobcat. There is to remember is that during frigid that wobbles around on a stick, and snow of a bobcat that had finally de-
no question in my mind that it was weather it pays to keep a spare it is an addition to the setup that cided to come in but I had spooked
like trying to spot a wisp of smoke mouth call or two tucked inside doesnt hurt. It also pays to remem- it.
whisking through the shadows. Such your coat, because the moisture ber that in regards to foxes and When it comes to wintertime
happens, and I do thoroughly enjoy from your breath can cause the call coyotes, they will often circle to the predator hunting/calling, I do ap-


preciate a fresh snowfall that lets Zone during daylight hours. work equally well. The same applies my hen decoy while spring turkey
me know a predator making tracks Night vision systems and laser to the locally made Luckys portable hunting so it is a natural sound
is possibly still in the near vicinity, sights may be used for nighttime ground blind (www.luckyshunting- they clue in on). Something new
as this can up the odds, sometimes predator hunting as well. blinds.com) specifically designed and different might be the thing to
anyway. I can remember after one When it comes to a calling for predator hunting with its low employ with sometimes call-shy
snowfall, spotting fresh coyote setup, avoid sky-lining yourself and profile. coyotes. As can be the case, with
tracks crossing the road and leading pick a location that breaks up your Something Im going to try this more hunters pursuing them these
into a local CRP grass field I had outline (a large tree trunk nearly the winter is using more coyote vocal- days, some coyotes (and foxes too)
permission to hunt. I circled on foot width of my shoulders works for izations which might do the trick get a bit educated.
along the outside of the tall grass to me whether Im sitting or standing). during the fast approaching coyote One thing is for certain, predator
the downwind side of the field and Camouflage clothing that matches mating season. Another avenue is hunting is a great way to spice up a
sat down against an apple tree in the the environment is invaluable and to use a turkey decoy, and do some long winter. It is quite literally the
fencerow, and began calling. when it comes to snow, Ive found yelping with a turkey call (Ive had other season I look forward to each
My assumption was that the both solid white and snow-camo both coyotes and foxes stalk in on winter.n
coyote would most likely come out


of the tall grass and into the open
field in front of me to scent mat-
ters downwind of my calling. I was
using a mouth call to make rabbit
in distress calls and was wailing
away when I got that strange feeling


something was right behind me. I
slowly turned my head and looked
right into the face of a large (at
petting distance they all look large)
coyote sitting quite calmly with its
head cocked over to the side in that
quizzical canine manner. I believe Place Your Order Now For Spring Planting Projects. We Offer Evergreens, Hardwoods, Fruiting
it wasnt quite sure about how to
tackle a rather oversized rabbit. & Flowering Tree and Shrub Seedlings and Transplants. Great Pricing Too! Purchase your
This coyote had come straight in
with a tailwind to the calling (so
plant stock from Michigan Conservation Districts and support Local Conservation Programs!

CREATE www.michigantrees.org
much for assumptions).
Well folks, when you are that

close to a critter, you can actually
see the reality lights turn on in its
eyes, and Im pretty sure it can see 3001 Coolidge Rd, Suite 250 East Lansing, MI 48823
them turning on for you too! The
coyote performed a sudden twirl and
disappeared back into the tall grass
Phone: 517-324-5274 Fax: 517-324-4435
before I could turn enough to bring
my rifle into play, and nearly chok- ALCONA CD DICKINSON CD ISABELLA CD NEWAYGO CD
ing on my mouth call didnt help 320 S. State St. 420 North Hooper St. 5979 East Broadway Road 940 W. Rex St.
Harrisville 48740 Kingsford 49802 Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 Fremont 49412
any either. 989-724-5272 906-774-1550 989-772-9152, Ext. 3 231-924-2060 x101
Calling and using lights at www.alconaconservation.org www.dickinsoncd.org www.newaygocd.org
night has been legal for fox and
coyote hunting for some time now 1900 M-32 West 551 Courthouse Dr., Ste 3
211 W. Ganson St., OAKLAND CD
(I personally prefer calm and clear Alpena 49707 Ste 200 7150 Dixie Highway,
Charlotte 48813 Jackson 49201 Ste 2
full moon nights, minus any lights). 989-356-3596 x3 517-543-1512 x5
www.alpenacd.org 517-784-2800 x5 Clarkston 48346
Several years ago, elevated stands www.eatoncd.org www.jacksoncd.org 248-922-7822
(including tree-stands) became legal BRANCH CD www.oaklandconservationdistrict.org
for daylight fox and coyote hunt- 387 N. Willowbrook Rd., Ste F GENESEE CD MANISTEE CD
1525 North Elms Rd.
Coldwater 49036
Flint 48532 8840 Chippewa Hwy (US-31) OCEANA CD
ing, but it is not legal for nighttime 517-278-2725 x5 Bear Lake 49614 1064 Industrial Park Dr.
www.branchcd.org 810-230-8766 x3
hunting. Hunter orange is now not www.gettrees.org 231-889-4761 Shelby 49455
required when a predator hunter is www.manisteecd.org 231-861-5600 x3
CHARLEVOIX CD www.oceanaconservation.org
stationary, but must be worn when 303 North St. HILLSDALE CD
the hunter is travelling afoot. It is Boyne City 49712 588 Olds St., Bldg #2 MARQUETTE
also not required for nighttime hunt- 231-582-6193 Jonesville 49250 COUNTY CD TUSCOLA CD
www.charlevoixcd.org 517-849-9890 780 Commerce Dr., 1075 Cleaver Rd.
ing (refer to the MDNR Hunting www.hillsdalecd.org Ste B Caro 48723
Guide for actual times). CHIPPEWA LUCE Marquette 49855 989-673-8174 x3
In 2016 #3 and # 4 buckshot MACKINAC CD HURON CD 906-226-2461 x129 www.tuscolacd.com
2847 Ashmun St. 1460 South Van Dyke www.marquettecd.org
became legal for nighttime fox and Sault Ste Marie 49783 Bad Axe 48413 VAN BUREN CD
coyote hunting, and more recently) 906-635-1278 989-269-9549 x3 1035 East Michigan Ave.,
www.clmcd.org www.huroncd.org MISSAUKEE CD
centerfire rifles .269 caliber or 6180 W. Sanborn Rd., Ste A
Paw Paw 49079
smaller, were also included for CLINTON CD INGHAM CD Ste 3
269-657-4030 x5
nighttime hunting on private lands 2343 N. US-27 1031 West Dexter Trail Lake City 49651
231-839-7193 www.vanburencd.org
only in the Limited Firearms Zone St Johns 48879 Mason, MI 48854
989-224-3720 x3 517-676-2290 www.missaukeecd.org
(which includes the Thumb). Prior www.clintonconservation.org www.inghamconservation.com
to this only birdshot in shotguns and
.22 caliber or smaller rimfire rifles IONIA CD 4735 Holton Rd.
6822 US 2-41 & M35 431 Swartz Court, #300 Twin Lake 49457
could be used for nighttime fox and Gladstone 49837 Ionia 48846 231-828-5097
coyote hunting. For a fact, center- 906-553-7700 616-527-2620 x101 www.muskegoncd.org
fire rifles (and buckshot too) have www.ioniacd.org
always been allowed for predator
hunting in the Limited Firearms
Small River

By Jim Bedford

reeks and small rivers have a spe-
cial place in my fishing heart. I love
fishing where my senses can tell me
where to cast without any help from
electronic gadgetry. Large steel-
head rivers attract large numbers of
fish and large numbers of anglers and are cer-
tainly fun to fish but I love the intimacy of small
streams and creeks. There are actually many
more miles of small streams containing steelhead
than there are big rivers, especially in the spring.
While there will be sanctuaries like logs jams
and other heavy cover you can usually reach The author, Jim Bedford, retired MDNR Fisheries Biologist with a dark male creek steelhead.
the holding water in a small river or creek. The
stream will never be too wide or too deep so that carried away by the current when you move each other. A wading staff can help your stabil-
you cant make a presentation to the holding upstream. But sounds do travel readily through ity and aid in avoiding missteps that might alert
steelhead. An obvious additional reason I like water so it is important to wade as quietly as the fish. One made out of wood is better than a
small rivers is that I much prefer to wade rather possible. Making long slow strides is better than metal or metal tipped model because it will be
than fish from a boat. short splashy steps. Pay attention and try to not
Probably the number one factor in having to dislodge rocks or cause them to grind against Small river steelhead page 26
success catching steelhead in a small river is

Gaining access to small streams

making sure you are stealthy. In general fish are
not very intelligent but they are innately wary.
This is especially true for the older, larger mem-
bers of stream resident species but remember that In Michigan we are fortunate in that almost sign the waiver in the presence of the landowner
steelhead have left the depths of a very large lake all of our small steelhead rivers are considered and leave it with them.
or the ocean and now feel vulnerable in a much public water and we can wade or float them when Finally, maps are a big help in getting the
smaller environment. A real key to catching a mi- gaining access from public access sites or public lay of the land for the small rivers and streams
grating steelhead is not letting them know of your road right of ways. This is not the case in many that you are interested in fishing. Many county
presence. Once fish bust you they become much states and provinces where steelhead swim. map books color code federal and state lands
harder to catch. This is especially true when you Often land is posted at bridges because the
are fishing with artificial lures and flies. We are landowner doesnt want strangers on his prop-
going to concentrate on being stealthy when wad- erty but could really care less about the stream
ing small to mid-size streams. and the fish. By asking permission and getting
Moving in an upstream direction is probably to know the landowner you can often gain ac-
the number one key to sneaking up on and catch- cess to fish relatively lightly fished water. Ask if
ing more stream fish. Many anglers, especially the landowner would prefer if you released all
some fly anglers and those drifting live bait, of your fish and then abide by his/her decision.
traditionally move downstream. Turning around Conversely, if keeping fish is okay, offer to bring
will instantly make you more successful. Because the landowner a legally caught steelhead if a
of eyes on both sides of their heads, fish have a fresh fish dinner is desired. And, go a step further
and ask how they want the fish, whole, filleted or
wide range of vision. But they do have a blind
area directly behind them. Since they are almost Always show respect for the adjoining land
always facing into the current, you can best ap- and leave no trace that you have fished there by
proach them by wading upstream. leaving no litter and getting in and out of the Joe Burcar admires a spring steelhead he
Even though they are looking upstream in the stream where you wont harm the bank. Really
opposite direction, a quick movement by a large,
caught on a minnow plug.
show you care by hauling out litter that someone
predatory angler behind them will still likely send else has left behind. If the landowner still wont in addition to showing public access sites. On
them scurrying for cover. So moving slowly and let you fish, politely thank him for considering public lands and those in conservation easement
keeping a low profile are also important. Wear- your request and try another location. Perhaps programs you can use the maps to pinpoint travel
ing clothing that blends in with the sky and bank you can then return the following season and try routes to the river and with a relatively small
vegetation will also help keep you hidden. again. amount of hiking, find yourself some fine fishing
Moving upstream also prevents the sand and Given our litigious society, probably many without competition. Somewhat larger small
silt that you stir up when wading from betray- landowners feel the need to protect themselves streams might also be navigable with personal
ing your presence. Some bait anglers think that from liability claims from anglers that injure water craft and the maps will show you where
sending some silt ahead of them as they wade themselves on their property. No doubt that is you can launch and take out as well as give you
downstream helps make their drifting crawler often the reason for the multitudes of no trespass- a feeling of the sinuosity of the stream. This
more effective when fishing for resident trout ing signs. A possible plan could be to try writing translates into the likely distance in stream miles
but I have never seen that to be the case. Big a waiver of liability form, perhaps with the help and how long the float might take. Of course, the
trout, especially browns, and steelhead will know of an attorney friend, and then bring a copy with number of fish present and the amount of quality
something is amiss when a cloud of silt rolls by. you when you ask permission. If the liability holding water will also factor into the time equa-
The sounds you make when wading are also concern happens to come up, you can offer to tion.



The G-Free Body provides

better balance, making
the reel feel lighter.

The high-precision, cold-

forged, HAGANE Gear
provides unmatched strength,
smoothness and durability.


Al and Bobs
Sahara_10_5x13_75_b.indd 1 Clean H2O Tackle Jays Sporting Goods Outdoorsman 1/4/17 8:14 AM

Grand Rapids, MI Edwardsburg, MI Clare, MI Jenison, MI

Bob Gun & Tackle D&R Sports Lake Shore Outfitters Pappys Bait & Tackle
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Broadlows Fishing Hole Franks Great Outdoors Lakeside Fishing Sportsmans Direct
St. Joe, MI Linwood, MI St. Claire Shores, MI Harrison Twp., MI
Small river steelhead:
from page 24
quieter when contacting the bottom. straight upstream. You just need to
The ripples in the water surface you take in line as it drifts back to you
send ahead when wading are also as opposed to the traditional letting
not likely to reach and alarm the fish line out as it drifts downstream from
upstream unless the current is very your position. A float will help you
slow. They will still be diminished make good presentations without
when moving against the current hanging up a lot. It is much better to
and slow strides will further negate position your offering a foot or so
them. above the substrate rather than snag-
One of the ironies of the cau- ging up all the time.
tious upstream approach is that Now lets look at some exam-
many lures and flies are best fished ples on how we can sneak upstream
across and down. My favorite river and make across or across and down
lures are weighted spinners and min- presentations. If a log goes across
now imitating plugs and their most the stream you can slowly and
effective presentation is a quartering quietly wade up to it along the edge
downstream cast and then allowing of the stream. Staying below the log,
it to sweep and hang in the likely extend your rod upstream and cast
fish holding water. The fly angler us- across and sweep the lure in front of
ing streamers wants to do likewise. the log. The log helps keep the fish
So how do we this? lying under it from seeing you from
Well, we still cautiously work this position but if you had been The author releases another small river steelhead.
our way upstream and plan ahead moving downstream, it would not
how we will cast to each fish hold- have helped. the holding water. will help you move well through
ing area or feeding station as we Utilize the cover that is hiding Looking upstream and antici- deeper, rockier sections. Paying
come to it. We can still cast spin- the fish as that also helps conceal pating the holding water and how attention to where you are wading
ners, spoons, plugs, and stream- you. This can be overhanging you will make your presentation is can also help you approach
ers upstream and retrieve them vegetation, an undercut bank, a important. To do this you must be the fish. Try to avoid areas with
downstream at a speed slightly large boulder, or a rock or clay able to read the water and see well. loose rocks and gravel that will
greater than the current so they will ledge. Turbidity, water depth, and Polarized sunglasses are an absolute shift and make noise when you
have action. Beads, eggs, jigs, and a broken or riffled surface can also must and they should be coupled walk on them. Often the best and
drift lures can also easily be fished help you sneak alongside or above with a hat that has a substantial bill easier path is the deeper route
or visor to keep the atmospheric because there will be less current
glare off the lenses. The glasses and, of course, you are less visible
should be 100% polarized and those to the fish when you are waist
Fishing Benzie County IS Catching! with amber tints are usually best deep in the water.
because they heighten contrast and A stealthy upstream approach
Fish on some of Michigans finest waters,
let through more light while still is a good one for all river species
2017 Fishing cutting the surface glare. in addition to steelhead. It is cer-
in Benzie County, Michigan! Benzie CounTournaments in
18th David Bih
ty, Michigan! Waders rather than hip boots tainly a great tactic for fishing low
Enjoy Lake Michigan from our port city of Frankfort or try your lm an Memorial
luck on one of our over 57 inland lakes, two rivers and several Battle of the
Betsie - June
- June 18 are your best choice, even if you and clear rivers for especially wary
streams. Our waters are rich with Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Uncle Sams
Shoot Out -
30-July 2
are fishing a stream that is mostly species like brown trout and large
Benzie Fishin July 4
Brown Trout, Bass, Pike, Walleye, Bluegill and Perch. Every g Frenzy - Au
gust 26-27 shallow, because they give you more smallmouth bass. And, for sure, it is
fishing enthusiast will find just what their fishing for. Crystal options when approaching your the key way to be successful when
Lake, Big & Little Platte Lakes, the Betsie and Platte Rivers and of
course, Lake Michigan are the most well-known, but you will also quarry. They allow you to stay in the fishing creeks and small streams.
discover hidden gems like Turtle Lake, Long Lake or Herring Lake stream in deeper water, which helps Making sure the fish dont know
that may just be the experience youre looking for. keep you out of sight. They also you are in the area will always be
Lodging choice abound and area sporting shops sell all your fishing allow you to kneel in shallow water a very important part of enticing a
needs and provide tips on the hot spots. Great local shopping if necessary to stay out of sight and strike from them. Be sneaky and
and dining options make for a well-rounded trip to Benzie County.
For more information, call our office or visit our website at get into the best position to cast. As improve your odds for hooking lots
800-882-5801 or www.visitbenzie.com mentioned earlier, a wading staff of big fish.n

Benzie County
Visitors Bureau
Northern Michigan Preserved
Photos courtesy of Gold Coast Charter Service and Benzie County Visitors Bureau #PureBenzieMI


Secrets Of The Ice Hunters:
Micro-tuned finesse presentations for shallow-water panfish
I do it for the challenge...
Frabill Pro, Captain Pat Kalmerton

he USCG-licensed methodology. Even when on a hot
captain and guide, Pat bite, Kalmerton moves every 5-6
Kalmerton, was ex- fish, breaking the most basic of an-
plaining why he travels gling codes and leaving fish to find
across the country to more. His reason is simple: You
ice fish. As owner of catch the big fish first. But theres
the busy, all-outdoor, Wolf Pack more to it than that.
Adventures Guide Service Kalm- Kalmerton went on to explain
erton doesnt lack ice time. Yet, on that, in order to initially fool the
his days off, he travels to new and largest fish in the school, an unortho-
previously unexplored ice fisheries dox approach is required. Most
as if provoked or dared. people lower their bait all the way to
To say the 36-year-old is bitten the bottom on their first drop; thats
by the outdoors bug is a supreme wrong. Its best to lower your bait
understatement. When hes not on and hold it above the school of fish An exacting tackle system, fished with proven methods and maximum mo-
- say five feet down in eight feet of bility, provides the basis for Kalmer tons micro-tuning methodology. Even
the water or the ice, Kalmerton can when on a hot bite, Kalmer ton moves every 5-6 fish.
be found chasing bucks and turkeys water. The biggest fish in the school
all over the Midwest, and ducks will often shoot up and get the bait. finesse fishing methods, Kalmerton proach thats led to thousands of
and geese wherever they fly. So, its It makes sense, as larger fish are recommends his panfish clients stick plus-sized panfish coming to rest
probably no surprise hes on the ice naturally able to out-swim other to one basic rule: all fishing can be safely on the ice.
from freeze through thaw. members of the school. done with the anglers elbow resting Were not marlin fishin!
Decidedly burly and borderline In addition, Kalmerton insists on his or her knee. Such an approach Kalmerton belted out with trademark
gruff in appearance, the highly ap- that nothing else goes down the hole requires that all the drops, moves, volume and inflection. True that.
proachable Kalmerton is, in fact, a when fishing shallow no depth methods and hook sets be done with But we wonder if his micro-tuned
social teddy bear and angling savant checkers, cameras nothing be- the wrist, guaranteeing conformance finesse panfish methods are any less
who makes new friends fast wher- fore he drops a bait. He even resists to Kalmertons refined finesse ap- detailed.n
ever he goes. Ive learned ice fish- the use of sonar to avoid the fish
ing tricks from different people in feeling a signal.
all different scenarios, Kalmerton But Kalmertons finesse ap-
explained. And theyve greatly im- proach goes far beyond the rules of
proved my own fishing experiences what goes down the hole and when.
and efficiency. Perhaps the most intriguing of
While Kalmerton has caught just his methods is one he calls walking
about every fish that swims beneath a jig. Here, Kalmerton baits a small,
the ice, its panfish that occupy the dense jighead with a long, thin
lions share of his oversized man- plastic tail and crawls it across the
heart. I love the hole hopping as- bottom to imitate a blood worm. In
pect and the different ways they hit. Kalmertons walking game, inches
Its always a challenge; every day is matter. So exact is this procedure,
a different bite, he said. Kalmerton distinguishes crawl-
Kalmerton has taken the game ing distances in inches of bottom
of shallow-water panfish to new covered, and demands no smaller
levels through his tireless pursuit than an eight-inch diameter hole to
of maximum finesse. His method optimize the presentation.
can be defined as micro-tuning, and Such a micro-managed approach
it comes from necessity. Shallow can only be accomplished with the
water equals green weeds, which proper rod. Several years ago when
equal microorganisms, Kalmerton fishing Devils Lake, Kalmerton
explained. Its an active feeding recognized the perfect balance and
scenario; fish are feeding because taper of an out-of-production 24
theres lots of food flying around Frabill ice rod. Now a pro with the Opportunity is knockingsave on Kubotas versatile KX Series utility excavators today!
bugs and plankton. Frabill team, Kalmerton worked
Kalmerton went on to explain
that, although shallow fish are often
with engineers to recreate that feel
through the same blank, but with a
0 Down, 0% Financing for 48 Months
Offer ends 3/31/17.
feeding fish, they can still be quite little added length. The result was
difficult to catch due to the lack the Pat Kalmerton 26 UL Panfish
of depth and the diminutive na- Model 678001 Ice Hunter Combo. Flint New Holland Inc.
ture of what theyre feeding on. In The rod action allows for moves
other words, effectively mimicking that simply cant be created with 3266 E Bristol Road
plankton is no piece of cake. And other rods. Kalmertons favorite is Burton, MIchigan 48529
targeting the largest fish across heav- to palm the rod, and slowly lower
ily fished waters creates additional his bait while tapping the blank with
challenges. his index finger. A casual observer
An exacting tackle system, would never see the bait move but *$0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 48 months on purchases of new Kubota KX Series equipment is available to qualified
purchasers from participating dealers in-stock inventory through 3/31/2017. Example: A 48-month monthly installment repayment

bluegills, crappies and perch do.

fished with proven methods and term at 0% A.P.R. requires 48 payments of $20.83 per $1,000 financed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer
documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws.

Reaching beyond the scope of

Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available with
maximum mobility, provides the customer instant rebate offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA
90503; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 3/31/2017. See us for details on these and other low-rate
Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2017

basis for Kalmertons micro-tuning traditional tackle tricks and familiar options or go to www.kubota.com for more information. Optional equipment may be shown.


Outdoor Safety and First Aid...

In the waning days of winter

he sun will set in one crooked and your ankle feels like
more hour. The tem- its on fire. And then it dawns on
perature is hovering you that your buddies in the cabin
in the low fifties. The dont even know you wandered off.
wind has shifted out Can you spell...
of the east. Its a two H-Y-P-O-T-H-E-R-M-I-A?
mile trek back to the cabin. Your As daylight lengthens we love
light jacket repels the cold exploring the woods of The lightweight Sur vive Outdoors Longer (SOL) Bivvy Bag is a good hypo-
misty drizzle that is begin- Michigan. The scent of thermia deterrent when bad things happen. Jonathan Schechter photo
ning to fall. You decide a cedar swamps is exquisite. silently and subtly on a sunny 50 from the brink of hypothermia. But
short cut through a swampy Woodpeckers pound on degree day of outdoor adventure, or
area of cedar blowdowns forest giants. Great Horned just what is hypothermia? It is not a
shock in a terrifying second when disease, and it is not an ailment. We
will cut the distance in half- Owls hoot from lofty pines. lake ice gives way under foot. Or
- and keep the jeans dry. Creeks gurgle. Eastern can call it a condition. A Wilderness
And then twenty minutes bluebirds flit above melt-
it can present in cruel stages when Medical Society conference in the
later, as you climb through ing fields of snow. Turkeys
an accident leaves a leg or ankle Sonoran Desert of Arizona is where
slushy snow and over a are restless, and so are we.
broken, darkness descends, and you I learned one of the most clearly
begin to feel cold. The best pill to defined definition of hypothermia.
tangle of We feel
slippery By Jonathan Schechter invigorated
prevent hypothermia is situational
awareness, swallowed with a heavy
Hypothermia is the lowering of the
bodys core temperature to a level
cedar logs, and alive. dose of common sense.
you lose your balance and slip Its also an easy time to succumb to where normal brain and muscle
backwards. Before your back hits hypothermia and die. Bad Things Happen functions are impaired. It does
the ground a boot snags between Its a heck of lot easier to not take much head scratching to re-
logs. A muffled crack is followed by Magic Pill prevent hypothermia than to pull alize that when we pursue outdoor
excruciating pain. Your foot looks Hypothermia can creep up someone else (or yourself) back passions we are exposed to condi-

Over 150 Sounds


Affordable Predator Calling Equipment
e Calls & Decoys

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Backlit Screen & Buttons FREE Sound Library
Watch the predators lock on to your call when you add an
ICOtec predator decoy. The AD400 has variable speed, two
toppers, LED light for night hunting, separate battery source
from call and it attaches to your GC500 or GC350.
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Caller Model GC500 5 callers to choose Quality, Performance & Value.
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Decoys starting at $40
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tions, events and accidents than can tions differently. Ill abbreviate Signs of life may be absent and cant prepare for an ankle break.
quickly lead to hypothermia. and share four commonly unconsciousness will occur. A Stay well hydrated. That
described stages or types of cardiac monitor may show sinus does not mean alcohol.
Wind, Wet and Cold hypothermia. It should be noted bradycardiaa very slow heart Snack often to fuel your
The greatest risk for hypother- that some wilderness medical rhythm that might not be detected furnace.
mia occurs when exposed to wind, experts look at six or seven stages, by taking a pulse. Respirations Be attentive to your
wet and cold at the same time. each stage set by the body temper- could be as slow as three breaths a companions and watch closely
Injury, illness and sleep deprivation ate of the victim with considerable minute. This state has been called if wet, cold windy conditions
makes us more susceptible to hypo- overlap and variations. a metabolic icebox where all increase.
thermia. The temperature needs not Mild Hypothermia natural systems have slowed to Injury, illnesses and sleep
be in single digits, or even below The victim feels cold but is minimize consumption of sugar deprivation increase chances
freezing. It can happen in spring awake and talking and is able to an- and oxygen. Its the bodys last of hypothermia.
and even in summer. Hypothermia swer questions intelligently. Shiver- ditch effort to save itself. It will Be watchful of changing
occurs in forests, jungles, moun- ing may, or may not occur. Getting usually fail. Emergency medi- environmental conditions.
tains, valleys, and deserts. into warm dry clothes and out of the Never wear cotton. Wear
cal responders with knowledge of
Its really rather simple: If your wind is often an easy remedy, but fabrics that stay warm
hypothermia know the phrase, You when wet.
bodys heat loss exceeds the heat may not be taken. Hunkering down are not dead until you are warmed
generated, the heat content of your in wet clothes on cool day without Carry a day pack with
and dead. Sometimes, the victim extra clothes, fire starters,
body drops. And in the outdoors, shelter sets the stage for rapid dete- can be saved in a hospital, but this dry tinder, etc.
especially in the wet snow waning rioration, and in some cases death
days of winter that means trouble. is often the end game of getting wet Carry an emergency shelter
before the next dawn.
Once the internal temperature slips and cold while not being properly or other bivouac gear
to 96 F, brain function and judgment Moderate Hypothermia equipped. and KNOW how to use it!
has already slowed, motor skills The victim may just want to be
Immersion Hypothermia Prepare your brain ahead of
have diminished, and the body is left alone or becomes unexpectedly
Heat loss is rapid and extreme time by with a basic Wilderness
on full automatic alert struggling argumentative. Confusion sets in. First Aid course, and learn
Cognitive skills rapidly diminish. when immersed in cold water. If
to warm itself. Altered behavior drowning or cardiac arrest does not how to prevent and treat
may lead one to forgo constructive Stumbling and mumbling may oc- common outdoor emergencies,
cur. Shivering may cease. Irrational occur, a rapid rescue may lead to a
actions, such as shelter building. positive outcome. Tests show that including the creeping death of
decision takes hold. Behavior is the waning days of winter
Its the reach the summit or bust heat loss is 25 times faster in water
abnormal. The victim may just curl hypothermia.
mentality. up in a fetal position. In some cases than in the air.
Medical professionals do not the victim strips off all their clothing Jonathan Schechter is the nature
agree on clear cut stages of hypo- and just starts to walk. Staying Alive education writer for Oakland
thermia, and they should not, for Prevention of Hypothermia: County Government and a member
they overlap, and ever human body Severe Hypothermia Always be prepared for windy, of the Wilderness Medical Society.
responds to environmental condi- The victim may be motionless. cold and wet conditions. You Email: oaknature@aol.comn


Illinois - Non Resident Archery Application Period June 1-30


Setups that work...

By Kenny Darwin
The trick to decoying gobblers
can be very simple, yet
complex and requires you pay
attention to details and use When gobblers attack a decoy the act comes at lightning speed and is difficult to capture
with still camera. Even though the decoy has been beaten to the ground this bird still kicks,
some savvy setup tricks if you spurs and batters the ugly decoy with its wings. Kenny Darwin photos
want to fill your wild turkey tag

can be the ticket to fool those wary, old, hunt shy After trying several other gobbler decoys what I
orget those large spreads with multiple monster gobblers that spit at large decoy spreads discovered is realism is the key to success.
decoys, you are not decoying geese. with fake jakes and upright hens. This fact was best described by my hunting
Get rid of those old turkey decoys that The last few years Ive experimented with a pal, Brandon Conner from Ionia, who can call
are ugly, have faded paint, lack feather variety of decoys and setup spreads that guaran- turkeys like a pro and he has settled on only using
detail and have body positions like the tee success. The results have been impressive and one important decoy, Killer B by Primos. When I
statues outside art museums. Real- Ive captured some interesting images on film. described my experience he replied, If you want
ism rules these days and modern decoys have Listen up if you want to learn shortcuts to turkey gobblers to come running to your setup you need
realistic body positions, amazing feather detail, decoying success. a full body gobbler decoy. Get rid of the fake tail
revolutionary no-flake paint and they are hard to Id roosted three big Michigan gobblers with- and replace with real feathers from a wild bird
distinguish from live turkeys. One or two decoys out hens. Sweet deal and I was excited the next and to increase the realism glue on wings and
morning when I set out decoys on a grassy knoll, body feathers to make the decoy come alive.
slipped back into the woods and waited for the Brandon has used this deadly strategy to limit out
threesome to gobble. At first light they lit up the on turkeys the last few years and he has guided
forest with wake up calls which built into a loud several hunters to instant success when the birds
gobbling match sending sound vibrations through get a peek of the fully fanned gobbler look-alike
the woods. I made a few hen wake up calls and and they come runnin.
a few soft yelps and they went silent. I listened So, I got several full body gobbler decoys,
and heard them fly down into the woods and the replaced imitation tail feathers and my success
distinct rustling of leaves as all three pranced to- soared. Hey, Im so impressed with single full
ward the setup. The lead bird had a trophy beard body gobbler decoys that Im convinced you need
maybe 12-inches long and spurs long enough to no others. Forget those whimpy looking jakes;
whip a coyote. Just as he stepped into the clearing sell those hen decoys on eBay. Dont make the
he got cold feet, switched directions and waddled mistake of spending hard earned cash on decoys
away from the hen and fanned gobbler decoy. that lack realism and there is no need to buy jake
The other two toms approached the gobbler from decoys, feeding decoys, hen decoys or gobbler
the rear but when they got a close look at the decoys with tail feathers down. Heres why.
open body and metal stake they ran away too. There is a painting in the Chippewa History
Oops! This setup went wrong and the only shot I Center of two braves hiding behind wild turkey
got was with my camera that captured an image fans while hunting. It never dawned on me that
of the twin subordinates eyeballing my gobbler the secret to turkey hunting success has noth-
decoy. While the decoys attracted the birds, once ing to do with calling, decoys, camouflage but
they got a good look of the fake birds they did everything to do with a fanned tail. Hey, those
not stay, acted spooked and eventually ran away. Chippewa braves understood it is the fully fanned
So, what went wrong with my decoy setup? tail of an adult gobbler that brings other birds
I was using an Avian-X laydown hen which running like no other tactic. If you use a gobbler
has worked on several previous sets. It is de- full body decoy with full fan you can fill your tag
signed for the ultimate in turkey attraction, has with ease. Sure calling helps. I agree that being
detailed feathers, life-like head and body position hidden from view with camouflage or in a blind
that mimics a hot hen ready for breeding. In past is a must, but Ive had gobblers charge when I did
setups Ive had gobblers circle the hen decoy, no calling and was dressed in a black photogra-
get all juiced up, mount the decoy and attempt phers vest with blue jeans.
Heres a deadly setup with blind to hide human to breed it. Nope, it wasnt the hen that spooked You got it baby, the whole trick to getting a
outline and movement and full strut decoy com- them. I was also using a Flextone Thunder Chick- gobbler in your lap at lightning speed hinges on
plete with custom painted head and wild turkey en half-body gobbler with cloth tail and it seems a simple fanned tail, period. In the world of wild
tail, body and wing feathers. Place the decoy when the wise birds took a peek at the unnatural turkeys the full fan is a common sight because
where turkeys can see it for long distances. Set backside they got wise. Now, dont get me wrong toms will fan year round to show dominance. But
it in close gun range and once gobblers come this decoy is outstanding when stalking hot gob- come spring breeding a full fan means a hot hen
running you can stop calling. blers but it failed my setup test and I moved on. is near and love sick gobblers turn on the after-
burners and come running. A fully fanned tail
signals a green light to normally wary wild birds
that they have a green light to approach maybe
push out subordinate gobblers and perhaps steal a
hot receptive hen. But there is more than simply
staking out a decoy, heres why. Fully fanned
strutting tom decoys attract birds from far and
If you want turkeys kissin close than I sug-
gest you cover decoys with real feathers. There
is no synthetic product, no rubber, and no fabric
that can fool the sharp eyes of an adult gobbler.
Real feathers are the deal, period. One reason
is because they have the exact color and hold
sunlight like only feathers can. Perhaps the big-
gest advantage of real feathers is they catch the
wind, cause stake decoys to move, making the
setup come to life. But Ive shot plenty of birds
on calm days with no wind and the realism of
While this setup attracted two dandy toms, note they are not aggressively displaying and
real feathers was the draw. To sweeten the pie soon as they investigated the fake tail and open back gobbler decoy they hit the road. The
get a cheap glue gun and attach wing feathers author suggests you avoid large decoy spreads, use modern full strut life-like decoys and
colored black and white striped, wing guards that place decoys where they can be seen.
are purple and more body feathers on the back geeked up, sexually excited and the bright colors utes later the same angry gobbler came charging
and sides. Dont overlook the most important take them to a higher level of aggression. Just the setup and once again beat the heck out of the
part of the decoy, its butt. Hunting success can be take a peek at store bought decoys and compare funky Jake until its bill was in the dirt. Kind of
increased if you make the butt look real by gluing the heads to my custom models and you can see interesting that adult healthy wild gobblers attack
on those long anal feathers that wave in the wind. a big difference. Well, this translates into birds decoys that appear like social outcasts.
The awesome beckoning power of real feathers charging the decoy, more gobblers running into So, if you seek a big gobbler at lightning
attached to a gobbler decoy will clinch the deal. easy range and some get all pissed off and at- speed my recommendation is to use a full strut
Get ready to fill your tag. tack the decoy. Ive got one Killer B with paint gobbler decoy. To bring them running I suggest
Savvy hunters save feathers from a kill to scratched and spurred off the forehead and busted you spend some time adding real full fan tail
decorate decoys. Family and friends can also up tail feathers from full frontal attacks made by feathers along with wing, body and anal feathers.
donate feathers and soon you can customize a wild gobblers. The idea is to create a lifelike decoy that wild
decoy and make it look 100% real. Dont make But wait; enter the ugliest decoy on planet gobblers simply cannot resist. If you want to get
the mistake of picking up road kill for feathers earth called Funky Lil Jake made by Flextone. the most out of your hunt and be fully entertained
because the DNR could write you a ticket for il- For some strange unexplained reason big adult you might want to include a FunkyLil Jake de-
legal possession of a wild turkey or turkey parts. gobblers simply kick the crap out of this decoy coy for laughs.n
While the Primos Killer B is still my favorite like no other. Ive never seen anything like it.
decoy Ive had excellent success with Avian-X I first setup the ugly FunkyLil Jake to the
Strutter, Dave Smith Decoys Strutter, and Flam- side of my most productive full strut gobbler
beau King Strut, but dont overlook the Carry with beautiful huge real tail feathers, waving
Lite BobN Tail with true to life body contours body feathers, customized real feather wings and
and the new PeepN Tom. custom painted head. Adult gobblers appeared
One word of advice regarding turkey de- in the swampy bottomland headed toward my
coys. While they are sold throughout Michigan seductive hen yelps. When they saw the big full
with pull cords or pulley systems, the DNR Law strut realistic decoy they came running but at the
Division advises the use of pull cords is illegal. last moment turned abruptly right and charged
According to the 2016 Michigan Fall Turkey the stupid looking Funky Jake. Thats when they
Digest Mechanical decoy means any device that began to circle the skinny, weakling-looking de-
by design or construction uses motion as a visual coy, making fighting growls and chirping insults.
stimulus to attract wild turkeys. Motion derived They puffed up their feathers, heads turned bright
exclusively by power of the natural wind is legal. red as all hell broke loose and they attacked the
The use or possession of electronic devices that skinny decoy. Not once but several times they
imitate wild turkey calls is illegal. So, through- spurred the decoy, hit it with their wings, jumped
out Michigan, turkey decoys are sold with pull on it and eventually pounded it to the ground.
cords and just about every hunter carries a smart They pecked the custom bright paint off the head,
phone that has wild turkey calls. Sportsmen be- bent the metal stake and even when the sickling
ware! decoy was lying face down they still circled rant-
The solution to decoying gobblers running is ing insults and delivering power spur punches.
to use a full strut decoy. Sure a lifelike breeding Ive never witnessed such a violent attack by
pair works like dynamite and ignites a mature turkeys.
toms instincts, making him jealous and very After repainting and repairing the skinny
aggressive. Nothing brings in those monster long decoy I took it on several more outings and the
bears like a full strut decoy. results were impressive. Wild birds were at-
To sweeten the pie I take full strut decoys to tracted by my full strut decoy, but once they got
a higher level. To make decoys even more vis- close they would switch directions toward the Author was happy to arrow a big gobbler
ible, life-like and attractive I hand paint the heads FunkyLil Jake, get eye to eye with the weak- that came running to his full strut custom
using the brightest blue paint along with white ling decoy and break into full attack mode. On gobbler decoy. If you are not a fantastic
and extremely bright red. When enhance decoy one occasion I set the geek decoy close to my turkey caller or lack decoying skills you can
color with super bright paint schemes it ignites a blind and after it got beat to the ground I got out, be guaranteed easy kills by using a full body
visual breeding reflex and incoming birds get all straightened the stake and set it back up. 40 min- decoy with custom modifications.
Historically speaking the trolling spoon
has for years been the go to bait of
trout and salmon fishermen in the Great
Lakes. As the waters of the Great Lakes
continue to evolve and become clearer,
spoon trollers have had to make adjust-
ments to remain successful. This cisco
was taken on East Grand Traverse Bay
on a Jr. Streak spoon by Paige Kuiper of

ers, floating/diving planers, Tadpole

Divers, planer boards, sinking lines
and high lines. Also noteworthy,
spoons come in several different
sizes which allow anglers to match
the hatch and fish with spoons that
closely resemble available forage
species at key times of year. The
versatility of the trolling spoon is
why these lures continue to catch
fish even in the face of tougher fish-
ing conditions.
The weakness of spoons is that
like all artificial lures these baits
are somewhat mechanical in their
movement and attempt to imitate
live forage. In stained and off color
waters, artificial lures like spoons do

Getting the most from...

a much better job of replicating real
forage fish. As the water becomes

Great Lakes Trolling Spoons

clearer, game fish have the luxury of
being able to more closely scrutinize
these lures and in effect identify
them as fake.
Fishing At Peak Times
One of the best ways to get the
Trolling style spoons play a major role in the Great Lakes fishing scene. most from trolling spoons is to em-
phasize the use of these lures during
For decades the trolling spoon was considered the go to lure of nearly prime fishing times. Most Great
every salmon and trout fisherman on the big pond. Today, we have Lakes fish species bite best in low
light conditions and this goes double
a wealth of lure types to choose from and spoons have seemingly taken for trout and salmon. Concentrate

a back seat in the proverbial lure popularity contest... on fishing spoons early and late in
the day or on cloudy days when low
ust because the nated water is a good thing, put more emphasis on presentations light levels make it harder for fish to
spoon isnt neces- but gin clear water supports like cut-bait that look, smells scrutinize baits.
sarily the go to little in the way of micro- and tastes like food, compared to During the brighter parts of the
bait of the Great scopic algae, zooplankton traditional artificial hard baits like day, spoons are naturally going to
Lakes anymore and phytoplankton the spoons. decline in their productivity and
doesnt mean these
fishing lures are antiquated.
building blocks of the food
chain. Think of it this way, Bruised But Not Broken should be traded out for more natu-
ral looking and smelling presenta-
The fact is, when used prop- without microscopic life in The reputation of the trolling tions such as cut-bait.
spoon as a fish producer in the Great
erly, trolling spoons con-
tinue to produce
the water, there can be no
larger forms of Lakes may be bruised, but these
Targeting Green Water
good results day
in and day out.
By Mark Romanack life either.
Because the
trolling lures certainly arent bro-
ken. With a little angler savvy and
Its true that the Great Lakes are
much clearer on average today than
When conditions are right for spoon overall biomass of plankton and also trolling know how, spoons continue they were just a decade ago. Still
trolling, these lures flat out dominate key species of baitfish in the Great to produce good results on all the water clarity is relative because en-
in the number of fish they produce. Lakes has been steadily declining major species of trout, salmon and vironmental conditions and weather
for the past two decades, fishing has are influencing water clarity on day
Why Has Spoon understandably gotten tougher. With
also Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay
walleye. to day basis. Savvy Great Lakes
Trolling Struggled? less in the water to eat, one might Part of getting the most from trollers know this and spend consid-
Before we can address how to imagine that game fish like salmon, trolling spoons is understanding the erable time searching for pockets of
get the most from trolling spoons, trout, walleye, etc., would be raven- strengths and weaknesses of these what they often refer to as green
its important to understand why ously hungry and easy to catch. The lures. One of the biggest strengths water. Any water that is a little more
these lures have declined in produc- truth is a declining forage base has of spoon as they relate to Great stained than the clear or blue water
tivity and popularity in recent years. forced fisheries managers to reduce Lakes fishing lures is these baits can surrounding it is going to concen-
The answer boils down to water stocking efforts on popular species be fished at a wide range of trolling trate bait and also game fish.
clarity. Thanks to countless zebra including king and coho salmon, speeds. Because spoons fish well at Often these pockets of green
and quagga mussels that constantly brown trout, lake trout and steel- many speeds, these lures mix well water can be spotted by the trained
filter plankton from the water, all head. with other popular trolling presenta- eye by simply putting on a qual-
five of the Great Lakes are experi- Not only are fishermen faced tions including plugs, rotators and ity pair of sun glasses to cut the
encing clear or nearly clear water with fewer fish in the system, get- cut-bait, trolling flies and many glare and watching diligently. River
clarity standards. ting these fish to bite artificial lures other baits. mouths are prime areas to search for
To the novice angler clear water like spoons have become even more Spoons can also be fished read- green water that forms when clear
might equate to pure water and seem challenging. This is precisely why ily with all the primary presentations
like a good thing. Pure, uncontami- many trout and salmon anglers have including downriggers, diving plan- Trolling spoons page 34
Journey Lineworkers
$40+ per hour

Benefits include paid vacation, 401k

company match, medical, dental,
vision and management opportunities.
Must be a qualified Journey Lineworker
with your certified journeyman card
and complete a pole top rescue.


All qualified applicants will not be discriminated against and will receive consideration
for employment without regard to protected veteran status, disability, race, color, 5587-C

religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.


Great Lakes Trolling Spoons:
from page 32
main lake waters mix with stained a five year shelf life, sticks to hard
river waters. Unfortunately these baits and gives off a natural scent
pockets of stained water are prone to stream in the water for about 30-40
moving as wind intensity and direc- minutes before its time to reapply.
tion changes. The only way to stay Other fishing scents tend to dis-
on top of the location of stained wa- solve in water and quickly washes
ter is to fish often or stay in contact away, making them next to use-
with those who spend a lot of time less. The Pro Cure Super Gel sticks
on the water. so well to lures it leaves behind a
greasy film that must be washed
Using Scent Products away. Pro Cure recommends wash-
Because many artificial lures ing baits with a mild detergent soap
(spoons included) are mechanical in before and after applying their scent
their action, it helps to douse these products.
baits in natural smelling fishing The initial wash is to remove
scent products. The leader in this any foreign odors that might be on
category of fishing scents is the west your lures like gasoline, paint and
coast based Pro Cure company who clear coat solvents, human odor,
specializes in producing fishing suntan lotion, tobacco odor, insect
scents made by dehydrating and repellent, etc., says Steve Lynch
grinding up actual forage species of Pro Cure. Fishing scents work
best when applied to clean and odor Spoon trolling is no longer just for targeting trout and salmon.
including ciscoes, herring, alewives,
smelt, crayfish, shiners and many free lures. After using Super Gel the Walleye specific spoons sized to imitate the emerald shiner are red
others. baits will again need to be washed at hot when it comes to catching Saginaw Bay and Lake Erie walleye in
To help these natural scents to the end of the day to remove scent June, July and August. Mark Romanack photos
stick to hard baits, Pro Cure mixes residue.
in an odorless gel and stabilizing Pro Cure is available in a wealth commonly found in the Great Lakes. and Lake Erie continues to thrive
agent to create a popular product of natural forage scents. The best Some good choices include Gizzard because these shallow Great Lakes
marketed as Super Gel. The advice is to stick with scents that Shad, Alewife, Smelt and Shiner. basins enjoy more fertile and stained
highly concentrated Super Gel has represent natural forage species Walleye Trolling water conditions than other Great
Lakes fisheries.
And Spoons Summing It Up
Crooked Foot Hunt Club
Most of the time when Great
Lakes fishermen are talking about
For more than four decades
trolling spoons have dominated
spoons they are talking about that Great Lakes trolling scene. As
trout and salmon fishing. In recent the waters of the Great Lakes get

years Saginaw Bay and Lake cleaner and cleaner, the spoon bite
Erie have enjoyed an outstanding has suffered. Getting the most from
spoon bite during June, July trolling spoons these days is about
and August. recognizing the changes occurring

Smaller spoons that do a better in the Great Lakes and using these
job of imitating the walleyes favor- lures when and how it makes the
ite forage, the emerald shiner, are most sense.
required for the best results. Most of Targeting Great Lakes species
Spring is the best time for dog the major spoon brands now pro- at peak times, using natural scent
breeding, basic training, and advanced duce walleye specific spoons, but products as an enticement and
hunting dog techniques! Let Crooked the Wolverine Tackle Jr. Streak and seeking out the green rather than
Foots expert handlers help you with Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons blue water is the fast track to open
your best hunting buddy! are two of the most popular. water trolling success when using
Welcome to Crooked The spoon bite on Saginaw Bay spoons.n


Mid-Michigans newest Hunting and Sportsman club. Located just 3
miles north of Perry and 15 minutes east of Lansing, Crooked Foot
specializes in upland bird hunting and hunting dog training on 300
acres of pristine Michigan countryside.

Crooked Foot services include Experience some of the best

Basic & Advanced hunting dog training walleye fishing in the country.
Private and Public hunts
Corporate & Fundraising Events This years walleye run is going
Hunting Competitions to be one of the best in years.
Two towers with over 30 blinds!
Lodging in our Grand Club House
Dog Breeding with our certified experts
Plus many more! New services coming 2017!
Reserve your date today.
Morning & afternoon trips
Crooked Foot Upland Bird & Game Hunting Club PHONE (517) 862-5701 (5 hours) available.
7303 S. Delaney Road EMAIL crookedfoot@frontier.com
Owosso, MI 48867 FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/crookedfoothuntclub/ Up to three people.
Jim Trotter, manager

313-319-0100 or Greatlakesbassfishing.com
517-599-4287 cell


And Scouting For Next Season...
The best time to
scout for next

season is now. If
you are looking
avvy Michigan buck that got your deer. While many shed for sheds this is
hunters are scouting for hunters cherish the bone, it is the a prime time to
shed antlers now, long memory of the find that kindles a high locate antlers.
before spring green up. level of confidence when on stand Every outing
They are not just hunting next fall. should be a fact
for dropped antlers but Searching for sheds will help finding mission.
deer scouting. This is an ideal time to you pattern bucks for next falls buck
locate a buck to hunt next fall. After hunt. Your goal is to identify deer
all, you only get one chance at a big travel routes, feeding and bedding ar-
buck and any information is welcome eas and locate where bucks go to hide
to help you score this fall. from hunters. Walk every inch of your hunting and the ground is slightly frozen,
Looking for sheds is an Mature bucks often ground; learn runways, travel corri- prior to spring green up. Sure, you
ideal way to get exercise select the most remote, dors, hidden thickets, low areas where are searching for sheds but tracking
and learn your hunting secluded hiding locations deer move and more. Every spot is snow can give you important
grounds. By searching for available, cedar swamps, different, some locations take years information about deer in any
sign now you can develop marshes, thick brush, pine to fully cover and learning the habits given area. You can quickly identify
your hunting strategy for forests, tall grass even of wild deer and where antlers drop major runways, study tracks and
next fall. standing corn provide the is an ongoing project. Other spots are determine if any big bucks are
Shed hunting has be- cover they cherish. Walk easy to scout, sheds stick out like a present. Snow will help you find
come a popular sport with the perimeter of these ar- sore thumb and you quickly determine feeding locations, give an estimate
Michigan hunters, a popu- eas and look for big buck where to place stands for successful of deer numbers, help you see
lar pastime when winter tracks leading in or out of hunts. available habitat, determine hiding
blues send sports- bedding locations.
By Kenny Darwin
Make treks in March through locations and hopefully help you
men outdoors in Now, take the larg- early April when there is still snow find a big buck.n
late-winter/early est tracks you can
spring. Savvy shed hunters take to the find and get into the bucks sanctuary.
fields anytime a winter thaw melts This is tough work but unless you
deep snow. A winter rain that packs or walk the thick stuff you will not have
melts snow, then refreezes, provides a full understanding where bucks go
solid footing in the woods and antlers come gun season. Often sheds are
stick out like a sore thumb. Finding found near bedding locations, fre-
sheds gives much hope that the buck quently under pine trees or near food
will be around next fall. sources.
By now most bucks have dropped You can expect to locate old rubs,
their antlers. Find the shed, or if you scrapes and runways used last fall
are lucky both antlers and you have during the rut. Try to identify bed-
discovered a bucks home territory. ding areas, large tracks and droppings
Research from radio collared deer made by your big boy. Scouting now
shows the winter range of a buck can give you valuable information
is much smaller than most hunters about breeding sites used during
would believe. During peak rut a buck the rut. Sure, Mr. Big gave you the
will wander several miles but come slip last fall but now you can travel
winter they live in less than a mile anywhere in the woods and not worry
square. Many inner-city bucks spend about chasing the buck to other hunt-
the winter months in subdivisions ers. The trick is to find where bucks
filled with tasty plants and well- congregate. Look for sheds near holes
stocked bird feeders. Some survive by in fences. To find hidden strongholds
gobbling evergreens found in yards, you must scout where you did not
cemeteries and office complexes. hunt. Identify travel routes and locate
Country bucks tend to hole up near ambush points where you can place a
food sources such as cornfields, un- stand this fall.
harvested beans or swamps that have The best time to scout for next
cedar trees. season is now. If you are looking for
Now is a prime time to go antler sheds this is a prime time to locate
scouting. Fishing is spotty and you
have no yard work. Forget later in the
antlers. Every outing should be a fact
finding mission, try to cover as much
Protect your property from deer or trespassers.
spring because green up can quickly
hide the white antlers. The best time
ground as possible. Sometimes it
takes several trips to crisscross thick Enough said. Call us today!
to go is when the snow melts, ground cover and find sheds. Look for antlers
is bare and white antlers show up eas- where bucks go through thick brush,
ily against brown leaves and dirt. small openings allow antlers to get
Sheds are proof that your buck snagged on brush and dislodge an
made it through hunting season and antler. If you find one antler look for
most likely winter and he will be there the other in close proximity because
next fall with a much bigger rack. a buck feels lopsided after dropping
This eliminates any questions about one tine and he will work to shake the 231.510.8122 www.BeemFence.com
poachers, car kills or other hunters other.
The author with a beautiful brown trout, caught on Idahos Snake
River while fly fishing for the first time.

So...Im a fly-fisherman?
Ahh...more accurately, I went fly-fishing
on the world famous Snake River in Idaho
o...Im a fly-fisherman? Ahh, bobbers and not strike indicators.

S more accurately, I went fly-

Randy, give me a little
Oh, and for lures we used crickets
and aluminum boats on motionless
small inland lakes.
line mending, instructs But there I was,
my guide as he skillfully doing my best to roll cast,
maneuvered the float boat mend line, and load my
in the swift river current. rod properly. And all this
He was doing his best to on one of the worlds best
help me place a dry fly on dry fly fisheries. We were
the nose of a Yellowstone guests of the South Fork
cutthroat. A famous fish on Lodge, which sits on the
famous waters. Snake River about a 45
Fly-fishing is new to me Randy minute drive from Idaho
and in a way a shame for a Falls.
man like me, a man more Jorgensen Ill admit before
comfortable in a china shop the day was out, I caught
than a drift boat. many more cutthroats,
For an accomplished fly-fisher- brown trout and rainbows on spin-
man having the opportunity to wet cast gear than I did on my newly
a line in Idahos renowned Snake discovered fly-rod skills. My guide
River would surely be a bucket list frowned at me each time I reeled a
dream. For me, it was turning out
to be a water slapping, tangled-up
One more mend, the fish are
sluggish and we need to keep the
strike indicator on the very best
float, my guide, Lee Moore said on
this early November morning.
After more instruction I was able
to reasonably attempt to get a fly in
the relative vicinity of where I had
intended. At times my arms flayed
as if walking through a giant spider
Like so many growing up in cen-
tral Michigan, a cane pole was how
we learned to fish. Simple, direct
and no wasted movements. As skills
improved we moved on to spin-cast
reels. For my fishing pals and I, a fly Godfather Keith Blackmere
rod was something that slipped out trying his best to impar t some
of your hand when casting. We used fly-fishing knowledge to a rookie.
fish boatside.
My God-
father Keith
Blackmere, on
the other hand, Fishing... Hunting... Or Just Simply
Solid Logs with Perma Chink
had little trouble.
Keith is an avid A Getaway between Cabin To Enjoy
sportsman and Cedar or Pine Or
learned fly-
Fully Logs with Perma Chink between Hunting away Cabin
fishing from his Insulated
father as a young
boy. Keith is 84
Cedar or Pine
Front Porch or Side Porch Styles Available
Custom Built to Your Ideas!
Fully Insulated
Stained & Preserved
Sim ply
To E
njoy Nature!!
years old and Front PorchtoorSurrounding
Delivered Side Porch Styles Available
6 States
had little trouble Custom Built8totoYour
Sizes from Ideas!
36 Long!!
remembering the Stained
Single &and
2 Story Styles
proper technique.
Keith made
Sizes from 8 to 36 Long!!
Priced Fully Assembled
expert fly-casts Single and 2 Story Styles
to fish who were
raising to feed
Delievered & Priced Fully Assembled
In Style!
on the rivers
surface. Watching Keith Blackmere with a Yellowstone cutthroat
it done properly trout, which according to Idahos Fish and Game,
was enjoyable must be released back into the river.
and fun. He
presented the dry variety of wildlife, including a bald
fly to the surfacing fish perfectly. and a golden eagle. The river bottom
On one occasion a brown gobbled terrain of eastern Idaho is home to
the fly and the fight was on. The moose, mule deer, whitetail and elk.
feisty fish swirled and splashed in There is an interesting fisheries
the crystal clear water and a lengthy story in Idaho unfolding. The river
battle ensued. This time though, the is chuck full of fish, cutthroat trout,
fight ended in the favor of the trout. brown trout, mountain whitefish and
Our guide never stopped work- rainbow trout.
ing, never stopped trying to put us The Yellowstone cutthroat is the
on the next fish. He maneuvered his native fish, although the rainbow
drift boat from one side of the river trout is aggressively challenging and
to the other, pulling on one oar and changing the river. The result is the
pushing on the other. He knew the two fish interbreed and produce a
river like the back of his hand. hybrid known as a cutbow. The hy-
The water moved briskly over bridization is a serious threat to the
rapids and between large boulders. native cutthroat trout fishery. Poly Furniture and
The beauty of Snake River and the The population of the rainbow
canyon is unmatched. Before the is thriving and exploding, so much Campfire Supplies and Rings
six hour float was over we saw a so, Fish and Game has lifted the
rainbow limit. You can
catch all you want and
are encouraged to. The Relax In Style!
opposite is true for the
cutthroat, you must
throw them back.
Now, as you have
read, I dont pretend
to be an accomplished
fly-fisherman, you
understand that. But
after my visit to Idaho
and the Snake River I Standard Features
have a deeper appre- Fully Insulated
ciation for fly-fishing, Carpeted Floor
Fully Insulated Silent Shadow Window Systems
I dont know how you Rodent Proof
Carpeted Floor Floor Peaked Roof
couldnt. And just All-Aluminum Exterior Upper And Lower Vents
maybe, Ill buy some Rodent Proof Floor
Silent ShadowExterior
Window Upper
gear and continue to All-Aluminum Interior Shelf
Peaked Roof
work on loading my
Upper And Lower Vents
rod, perfecting my
roll cast, improve my Upper Interior Shelf
S cast and continue to
mend my line. 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana
Its a special river,
and a once in a life-
time experience.
If you are interested - Open - 8-5
in fishing the South
Fork Lodge contact: Mon-Fri 8-5Sat
Sat 8-3:30
Drifting down the Snake River in Idaho while treats.net or call Lee
fly-fishing also affords an oppor tunity to take Moore, 1-877-805-
in the unmatched beauty of the landscape. 7794.n 1205 N. SR 5, Shipshewana 260-768-7511
Dodging the rain in western New York
hautauqua County is Lets say that your big day of
so far away from the muskie fishing Chautauqua Lake
rest of the State of New gets rained out, though. How can
York that three of its you spend your down time around
sides border someplace Chautauqua County?
else. A brief drive to First and foremost, if your ac-
the west or the south will land you cess point is on the far east end of
in Pennsylvania. Head too far north the lake, you will be in Celeron, and
and youll wind up in Lake Erie. its must see attraction, Lucille
Chautauqua County is closer to Ball Memorial Park. When Balls
Detroit than it is to New York City. hometown commissioned a statue to
With its lakes and natural honor her, it had no idea the
beauty and at a distance of artist would deliver some- A well-worn companion for
less than 150 miles from thing so hideous it quickly generations of outdoor
Cleveland, this area histori- became known as Scary recreationists, the Petersons
cally appealed to Ohioans Lucy. But there she is, on Field Guide Series books
for vacations and summer the south side of the park were the first of their kind.
places. right next to the parking lot, Tailfeather Communications,
Even though it looks as complete with her bottle of LLC. photo
if it could be one of them, Vitameatavegamin. In Au-
country, where you might find some the brochure pop-up). Bring some
By Tom Carney
Chautauqua Lake is gust 2016, a much
so far from the rest more lifelike and cheese stores and bakery stands. A coins and your sense of humor, and
of New Yorks fa- flattering statue of few miles up, Pope Rd. enters 241 you can while away the time watch-
mous Finger Lakes it might as well Lucy was presented to the park. But from the east. If you take Pope up ing the woodworker demonstrate
be the pinky finger on the opposite Scary Lucy remains, so feel free to and around, about a half mile before his puzzles, each accompanied by
hand. stop by and get creeped out. you come to Elm Creek Rd. youll your chorus of Hey, how did you
But this corner of the Empire You might also drive to nearby see a farm and a shop where you do that?
State is no slouch when it comes Randolph, a few miles east in can find all sorts of hand-fashioned If you dont want to drive to
to the vacation and recreational neighboring Cattaraugus County. wooden toys and home items (Loca- Randolph, or if you only have time
possibilities it offers to visitors. Once there, head north on State tion 121 on the Amish Trail Map, to visit a single attraction, head for
Chautauqua Lake is famous for its Highway 241, Conewango Rd. This www.amishtrail.com; scroll down the place that honors the man who
freshwater fishing. will put you in the middle of Amish to the Request, view, or download single-handedly changed the way

Featuring World Famous Hogan Hogs


Like Us On
248-249-4710 Or Visit Our Website
so many of us enjoy the outdoors, the Petersons Field Guide Series of discover, establish and cement their paintings. According to the RTPIs
the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of animal identification guidebooks. connections to the natural world. Director of Exhibits and Collec-
Natural History (RTPI). While Peterson has informed us In the upper level of the Institute tions, Jane Johnson, for the guide-
Founded in 1984 in Petersons with his work that same work trans- one room contains Petersons tools book illustration pages Petersons
hometown of Jamestown and just formed him forever. of the trade: still and movie camer- preferred medium was graphite and
a short drive from Scary Lucy, the One needs to remember, said Dr. as, tripods, travel cases. He traveled gouache on illustration board. On
institution is charged with preserv- Twan Leenders, president and CEO a lot, and the collection includes, display is the final such painting he
ing Petersons lifetime body of work of RTPI, that with his guides Peter- said Leenders, footage from places was working on when he died.
and making it available to the world son presented the world something probably no one else had been The board contains the images
for educational purposes. unique. before Peterson. of about a half-dozen birds, each
The building itself is sweet, He is the creator of the modern At the head of the staircase lead- in various stages of completion
cozy and comfortable, not so big field guide, said Leenders. Previ- ing to the second level stands a glass from top to bottom. One is roughly
that your head is swimming after ous to that people had to shoot the display case with some mounted sketched in in pencil. The next one
ten minutes but big enough to give birds and bring them in to scientists passenger pigeons someone gave is a more detailed sketch. The next
one an overview of Petersons life in order to learn their identities. to Peterson. Looking them over, one down has a few places painted
and work as well as a glimpse at the Elliot Richardson, former U.S. Leenders said despite all the camera in. The next one has more, then
works of other nature artists in the Attorney General, shed further light equipment and thousands of expo-
more. The bottom one is a complet-
exhibition room. According to the on the guidebooks effect on Peter- sures Peterson made in his life, he
design notes of the buildings archi- son. refused to paint from them. ed portrait. So instead of painting
tects, The building and its interior In a profile of Peterson he wrote, He used some of these mounts individual portraits of the birds and
were inspired by Petersons life and Published in 1934, the books me- to paint the bird guides, said Leen- then having the production depart-
culture, with the flavors of the Ad- teoric success transformed Rogers ders. Peterson felt that by flatten- ment fix several on a page for print-
irondack Great Camp tradition and life and even, in a sense, took charge ing out the image, a photograph or ing, he painted a page of several
the Arts and Crafts movement of of it. He found himself cast, not as a slide could cause a painter to gauge birds, no cutting and pasting needed.
the 19th and early 20th centuries. naturalist, an educator, or an art- measurements wrong on the birds. No need to worry if you get
In a nod to Petersons Scandinavian ist, but as a unique amalgam of the Peterson liked to have the birds in rained out of your outdoor activities:
heritage, the lighting fixtures in the three. hand. Chautauqua County offers these and
main foyer, library and boardroom And that amalgam serves as the A straight walk through the foy- lots more attractions to keep you
have a rugged Viking helmet focal point of the work of the RTPI. er to the display room opposite the busy.
design of hammered copper. The institute provides people with entry door brings people to a display For information: Chautauqua
Peterson, as many of us know opportunities to engage in nature- that puts them closer to the working region: www.tourchautauqua.com,
from the battered companions we focused art, education and con- artist than one might imagine. This 866-908-4569; Peterson Institute:
carry afield with us, is the creator of servation projects helping them to is a room with many of Petersons rtpi.org, 716-665-2473.n



FOR BASS Classic Rooster Tail w/HD

Split Ring & Pre-Sharpened
Black Nickel Hook

Pulsating Hackle/Tinsel
Dressed Hook Attracts Fish
Genuine Silver,
Brass and/or
Painted Blades

This new Rooster Tail was designed with

input from professional angler Joe Thomas
and built specifically for bass and schooling
stripers. Special components make it extra
strong to handle the toughest fish, and it features all the
attributes that make Rooster Tail so productive. Available in two sizes,
and ounce for long casts and fast retrieves, the Joe Thomas Series
Rooster Tail comes in 12 finishes hand-selected by Joe Thomas.


with dogs and GPS
abbit hunters over the radio-based gear.
and other hound The tracking device is no
men have a larger than other hand-held
dandy tool to GPS devices. The track-
keep track of ing collar is simple and no
their dogs- a burden for the dog. The
GPS tracking unit. High- range is up to nine miles,
tech gadgets for tracking depending on the model.

By George Rowe
dogs have been The unit will
around for a permit tracking
while but they for up to 20 dogs,
were radio transmitter devices and again depending on model.
not terribly accurate. The radio The unit will also provide a
technology has been in use for years wonderful array of information:
by dog trainers for tracking coyote, The direction of the dog(s)
lion and bear dogs while hunting from the unit.
and also for tracking game animals The distance to the dog(s).
for research purposes. The current movement of the Jim Nystrom puts tracking collars on two eager beagles.
I went out with some DNR dog(s). ing the white rabbit or varying hare. and blocked.
folks to locate a denned bear and All information superposed on These rabbits run a much larger cir- Another situation would be for
we found it easily after it was first a map, if desired. cuit than cottontails and often take the proverbial March hare, the
located from an airplane. At that A treed symbol if the dogs the dogs out of hearing. male that has left his normal home
time, the system provided direction are stationary, which would indeed With the GPS tool, the dogs are ground of a few acres to search for
only, although the proximity was be treed, in the case of a cat or bear, always visible and the track they females in the late winter breeding
indicated by strength of signal. or, if a rabbit, holed. For the rabbit are running will be retained on the season. This guy may be a half-mile
The GPS tracking system for hunter, this tool is particularly useful screen, if desired, so that the path of or even a mile from his home terri-
dogs provides many advantages in two situations, the first if hunt- a second circuit may be anticipated tory and, if you should jump him, he

Open Since 1987 Are you ready to go hunting?
2016 - 17 season is here. This marks our
30th year at Rooster Ranch. Now booking
Superior Game Ranch
Field & European hunts throughout the
season. Our cover is excellent, lots of grasses,
Route 3 Box 163 Cornell, MI 49818
grain and sorghum - waist high with plenty
of walking trails, ponds and creeks. Several Incredible U.P. of Michigan
training areas available with shorter
7480 Germania Road Ubly, Michigan 48475
grass - away from any distractions. We have
a new BBQ area that features an outdoor
Hunting Opportunities
Visit us on the Web: WWW.roosterranch.COM kitchen with seating for 64 persons. It's been
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Open 7 days a week thru april 30, 2017.
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European Hunt Dates: your hunting trip early!
guided bow and firearm hunts in
Feb 25 - Sat, Super Shoot
March 5 - Sun, Pheasants hunting preserve for: Elk, Large Russian Boar

March 11 - Sat, Pheasants
March 25 - Sat, Pheasants
Whitetail Deer, Buffalo, Wild Hunts Available!
April 9 - Sun, Pheasants Boar, Red Stag & Fallow Deer.
April 22 - Sat, Pheasants Use Our Dogs or Your Dogs
April 23 - Sun, Pheasants

We raise champion hunting dogs fully
trained ready to hunt for you or bring your
own dog. Coverts, ranging from easily
Trophy Elk,
traversed thin strips of weeds, plots of woods,
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and sprawling fields of chest-high grasses, are
managed with both the hunted
Trophy Red Stag &
Young Hunter Members and the hunter in mind.

Spectacular Hunting
We understand that it takes more than quality
gunning to satisfy todays bird shooting
enthusiast. Hunting parties large and small
Trophy Fallow Deer
& Lodging awaits you are lead afield by one of the Ranchs
DESIGN YOUR OWN HUNTS: professional guides. The guides pride Lodging available for
themselves on their seasoned dogs from a
Any combination of birds and what you desire
variety of pointing and flushing breeds. groups of up to 12 people.
for lunch. Call us for a quote. COMPLETE HUNTS
To further opportunities for our guests,
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we have lodging where hunters can enjoy longer
seasons and no limits. Call (906) 238-4482 or
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Individual Partners, Groups Or Private Shoot Dates For Your Group Or Company. We Can Customize Your Hunt!
for more information and reservations.
Friends Family Corporate
DNR seeks information on Iron County wolf poaching
MDNR conservation officers are seeking information on a wolf poaching incident in
Stambaugh Township, Iron County, located approximately 10 miles southwest of Iron
Shortly after 2 p.m. Jan. 22, a passerby spotted a dead female wolf, weighing ap-
proximately 70 pounds, lying several feet off the side of East Brule Lake Road. The
passerby contacted local conservation officers, who immediately responded to the scene.
The cause of death appeared to be from a gunshot wound. The animal was likely
will head straight for home, taking ing the hunt. They jumped a rabbit poached in the early morning hours of Jan. 22 and then moved to the roadside between
the dogs with him and immediately before we could get all our gear to- noon and 2 p.m. on the same date.
out of hearing. This could mean gether and we watched that first one Anyone who has information that may assist us in finding the person or persons
the end of the hunting day and lost run before a gun was loaded. Unfor- responsible for the poaching of this wolf is asked to contact the DNR, said Sgt. Marc
dogs. The GPS, however, will pick tunately, the recent warm weather, Pomroy.
with a thaw during the daytime and Persons with information regarding the incident, including vehicle activity in the im-
up on that action right away and let mediate area between noon and 2 p.m. Jan. 22, is asked to call Sgt. Pomroy at 906-228-
you know that the rabbit and the freezing at night, had produced an 6561 or the 24-hour DNR Report All Poaching (RAP) line at 800-292-7800.
dogs are now a half-mile east. icy crust on the snow. The rabbits Details may be left anonymously, and callers may qualify for a monetary reward for
There is a training mode avail- could run over it easily without information leading to the arrest and conviction of the violator or violators.
able with this equipment that sinking in and making a footprint.
includes a shock collar and a beeper. These conditions made it difficult DNR creel clerks collecting angler information
The beeper sounds on the collar to for the dogs to find their scent. Over
two mornings of hunting we had six As the winter fishing season gets under way, the MDNR reminds anglers that DNR
alert the dog that the next event will staff again will be interviewing them about their fishing trips. The DNR appreciates
be the shock. In a very short time, or eight cottontails going and there anglers cooperation in obtaining these critical data for fisheries management.
the rationale reads, the dog will were a few quick shots but only one Fisheries Division creel clerks will ask anglers, through brief interviews, about how
react to the beeper and avoid the dead rabbit. It was a real blast to see long they fished, what species they targeted, what they caught, and where they live. In
shock and run to his trainer. This the course of one or both dogs as a few instances, the clerks will ask to measure or weigh fish and take scale samples to
equipment isnt cheap, of course. they worked the rabbit. At one point, gather key biological information about anglers catches.
An entry level unit and collar will Jim had to scurry back to head off These efforts are part of the DNRs Statewide Angler Survey Program, a long-term
be several hundred dollars. A unit the rabbit (and dogs) as they were monitoring program designed to track recreational fisheries across Michigan waters of
with all the bells and whistles will moving too close to a busy road. the Great Lakes and selected inland waters. These data are vital to the management of
be hundreds more. As with much While it was great fun to hunt fisheries across the state and are used for determining management actions that include
electronic gear, the price may with this modern technology, developing appropriate regulations, addressing habitat improvements and identifying
fish stocking needs.
come down and improvements there is nothing in a GPS unit This winter, creel clerks will interview anglers fishing Saginaw Bay, the Les
with new features can be expected that will threaten the real thrill Cheneaux Islands, Munising, Au Train, Marquette, Keweenaw Bay, Mullett Lake,
regularly. of hunting rabbits with beagles Wamplers Lake and Little Bay de Noc. Starting April 1 and continuing into the fall,
We had a chance to see the GPS that wonderful hound music. It is creel clerks will talk with anglers at a number of Great Lakes boating access sites,
unit in action over a recent weekend, still magic to hear the chopping fishing piers and shorelines across the entire coastline to obtain estimates on the spring,
hunting with Jim Nystrom of Char- bark of Swede, the beagle and the summer and fall fisheries.
levoix. The dogs were eager to get higher-pitched yodel of Finn, his To see past creel results, visit Michigan.gov/fishing and click on Fishing in Michigan
their tracking collars on, anticipat- brother beagle.n in the left toolbar.



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Kevin 4076 Spencer Rd. Ubly, MI 48475
Anthony www.trophyranch.com
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Five simple steps to your first fish on a fly...

Fly-fishing is easier than you think! basic casting motions that the videos
By John Schmittroth

demonstrate, and skip any demos of
special moves such as roll casting.
took up fly-fishing 20 years Such maneuvers wont be of use
ago and have had great fun until much later, if at all.
with it ever since. It all To use a golf comparison, most
started when my wife sat me fly-fishing is not PGA play but
down one day and said you more like miniature golf. Pro-level
need a hobby. This was true. technique is not required. In fact,
I was a busy worker bee in my mid- some of my most memorable fish
40s and readily admitted to leaving taken while fly-fishing could have
behind the pastimes of younger been caught in the same situation
days, which included spin fishing. I using an old school, Huck Finn type
said that I was always curious to try bamboo pole and string.
fly-fishing, but wary about the time Based on checking out a few
and cost to get started. videos with this background, can
A month or two later Christ- Once you can regularly land you see yourself having fun getting
mas came and to my surprise Santa your fly close to a target 20 feet into this? Casting will be covered
brought an inexpensive starter fly- away you are good to go fish- in more detail below, but first some
fishing kit. I began fooling around ing. Author photos notes on gear.
with the gear in spare moments and
gradually over time became firmly for easing into to the sport, based catch fish once on the water. 2) Fly Rod & Reel
hooked (in the good sense). Today, on my experience. As youll see,
I fly-fish all over Michigan nine this very satisfying pursuit is not 1) The Technique The next step is to get your
hands on a fly rig. If its in the bud-
months of the year, and elsewhere as complicated as generally be- Most fishing involves casting get, I suggest buying an all-in-one
around the country when I travel. lieved. This first part of the plan out some weight such as a lure or fly-fishing combo kit, which can be
Have you considered fly-fishing will get you started with gear sinker at the end of a fishing line. In had for under $100. This will help
but are unsure how to get into it? and technique. The second part fly-fishing, the weight being cast is ensure that you are starting with the
Here is a simple do-it-yourself plan next month will cover how to the LINE, since the lure is usually necessary gear, including an instruc-

a small feather fly weighing next to tions booklet in most cases, for a

nothing. So instead of more or less reasonable price. Otherwise, you
tossing a rock or stick out onto the could easily spend several hundred
water, you are more or less throwing dollars or more purchasing the indi-
a lasso. The mechanics are necessar- vidual components (rod, reel, line,
INDOOR GUN RANGE ily different. But dont worry! If you etc.) in a flyshop.
can tie your shoes, you can probably For examples of such kits,
Hand Guns, Long Guns, Muzzleloading, cast a fly rod. Especially for most search Google for Cabelas Wind
Reloading Supplies, Ammo, Archery & Accessories Michigan inland fishing, which does River Combo, LL Bean Angler Fly
CASH FOR USED GUNS INDOOR GUN RANGE not require power fly-casting. Rod Outfits, or more generally,
GUNS, NEW & USED CCW COURSE GUN SAFES (In Stock) To get a general idea of the beginner fly rod combo. A use-
Full Line of Gunsmithing NRA Certified Instructors technique, check out some begin- ful if detailed guide to buying these
ner fly-casting videos on YouTube. is at www.bigskyfishing.com/fly-
Full Line Archery & Fishing Tackle A useful, simple demo a few min- fishing-articles/fly-fishing-combos.
Live Bait & Tackle Available utes long is at: www.youtube.com/ php (Big Sky Fishing Guide to Fly
Open Mon thru Fri 9am-7pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-4pm
1380 N. Cedar (517) 699-0597 watch?v=KyThAv-WPSg (Joan Fishing Combos & Outfits).
( Mile South of Holt, 127 to Cedar St. exit, North 2 Miles) Wulff Teaches the Basics of Fly In terms of rod specs, generally
Casting). Search for others on for Michigan fishing you will want
2017 GUN & KNIFE SHOWS YouTube using fly-casting for whats called 5 weight rod (4 or
For information call (517) 676-4160 beginners. Pay attention to the few 6 weight also would work), around

Feb 18-19 . . . . . . 900 Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . Novi Mar 25-26 . . . . . . 250 Tables . . . . . . . . . Cadil ac ANTIQUE & CONTEMPORARY
Feb 25-26 . . . . . . 530 Tables . . . . Grand Rapids Apr 1,2,3 . . . . . . . 440 Tables . . . Lansing/Mason MUZZLELOADING ARMS AND
Mar 4-5 . . . . . . . . 300 Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . Flint Apr 8-9 . . . . . . . . . 275 Tables . . . . . . . Kalamazoo ACCOUTREMENTS SHOW
Mar 11-12 . . . . . . 400 Tables . . . . . . . . . Jackson Apr 14-15 . . . . . . . 900 Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . Novi Sunday, March 5, 2017
Mar 18-19 . . . . . . 700 Tables . . . . . . . . Birch Run Apr 22-23 . . . . . . . 530 Tables . . . . Grand Rapids 1/2 mile West of M-24 on West Genesee St.
Sport Shows Promotions, INC. Sponsored by
www.migunshows.com sportshows@gmail.com
P.O. Box 404 Mason, MI 48854 Lapeer Firelocks Muzzleloading Club
Ph: (517) 676-4160 Fax: (517) 676-6824 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Birch Run: Manistee Little River Casino Jackson Port Huron Lansing/Mason Ingham
Expo Ctr Intersection ORS Field House
500 Thomas Edison Pkwy County Fairgrounds Open to the Public. $5.00 Donation at the Door
Blue Water Convention Center
I-75 @ Exit 136 US.31 & M-22 3055 Shirley Drive 700 E. Ash
Novi This will be a Juried Show to Feature the Finest in Custom and Production Muzzleloading
Cheboygan Ice Arena Flint: Jackson, MI Grand Rapids
480 Cleveland Dort Federal Event Cntr. Suburban Collection Showplace Arms in Conjunction with Firearms Constructed Before 1896, or Replicas thereof.
28th St. Showplace
I-69 @ Center Rd. 1256 28th St. S.W. Wyoming 46100 Grand River
Monroe County
Fairgrounds Kalamazoo: County Fairgrounds Cadillac: Wexford Arena Clare County Fairgrounds
Harrison For Information Contact: Tom Berry, 810-744-1716
MBT Expo Center 2900 Lake St. 131 & 13th St. 418 Fairlane F O O D A N D B E V E R A G E S AVA I L A B L E D U R I N G S H O W
81/2 or 9 feet in length. The fly line, Choose your practice manual
if you need to get into choosing this, to guide you. You may have a book-
should be the floating type (not let with your kit, or closely follow
sinking) and match the weight one of the YouTube demos. I learned
size of the rod. using a simple hands of the clock
Rather than buying a new com- illustration such as that provided
bo kit, you might get your hands here: www.discoverfishing.co.uk/
on a used fly rod outfit via a garage guides/ff_cast.jpg.
sale, gift, or loan. In this case, you As a warm-up, pull out a dozen
will want to be sure you have the feet of line in front of you on the
necessary parts: 1) rod (no miss- ground, step back a few feet, raise
ing pieces), 2) reel (that cranks to the rod tip (following your
bring in line), 3) backing line (cheap manual) to pick up slack,
line that goes on reel first before fly and practice waving the line
line), 4) fly line (what you are cast- continually back and forth above
ing, thick and often bright in color), your head, keeping the line in the Summer hopper season brings out big trout like this brown and is
and 5) leader (about 7 feet of simple air but without actually casting it. a good time for a new fly angler to get star ted on stream fishing.
monofilament tied at end of the fly When you are comfortable, begin
line). to increase the length of line while shop or Trout Unlimited chapter.) practice casting on water, aiming at
you are waving by peeling off an- Once you are connecting at 20 feet, a floating stick at various distances.
3) Practice Casting other foot or two from the reel move the target to 30 feet, then 40 This introduces another level of
Rod in hand, practice in an open as you wave. feet. When you can nail the longer challenge as you deal with wet line
grassy area to begin with, not on Next place a Frisbee or similar distances, also continue to practice that is harder to pickup and will not
pavement or water. At the end of target 20 feet away. Begin casting at around 20 feet since many casts cast as smoothly.
the thick fly line you should have through the entire process aiming at are close up.
the monofilament leader attached the target. Continue with casts until Try the same drills (20, 30, 40, Next Month
(search how to tie on a fly leader you consistently drop the fly close etc.) under adverse conditions, such All of your preparation comes
if needed). At the end of the leader, to it. (Revisit your manual as as with a strong wind in your face, to life once you catch a fish. Next
tie on a piece of yarn to serve as a needed if there are problems during also in crosswind. Then in brushy month in Steps 4 and 5, will cover
fly, or clip off the hook if using an this, and if you are still uncomfort- areas with smaller casting lanes taking bluegills on a fly and stream
actual fly. able, track down help at a local fly such as a path in the woods. Next, fishing for trout.n



Guns, Ammunition,
Reloading Supplies

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Guns Galore
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& More! Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm; Sat. 10am-4pm
West Side winter steelhead
Betsie River

Benzie County
he state of Michigan
produces some of the
most fantastic steelhead
fisheries in the world,
arguable of course,
but the Betsie River in
Northwest Michigan, offers some
of the best on that list. When you
take the naturalistic, non-motorized,
approach to the Betsie, thats when
youll start to appreciate all she
has to offer. It will take only a few
bends down the river to start to get
a small hint of
what this river
has to offer. The
tugs on your
line, combined
with the vast
amount of wild-
life youre sure
to have seen,

By John Bergsma
has without doubt sparked your
My single best piece of advice The fishing so far this season on the Pere Marquette River has been absolutely fantastic. Egg flies as
for successful winter steelhead on well as nymph rigs are producing lots of fish.
the Betsie, especially during these overlook the smallest ripple, make presentation by switching to a dime derneath a float, and can be run with
random warm-ups and strange that cast as well. size white bag. A small (1/16oz) a variety of rod and reel combos.
weather patterns, is a run and gun As the dirty water arrives, with horizontal jig tipped with a large The most popular nowadays for me
approach. Dont beat a hole think- the runoff that will surely come wiggler (or a couple wax worms) is either a simple bait caster with a
ing youll conquer a lone fish and in the late spring and sometimes floated under a lightweight float smooth drag and a 9 medium action
dont be afraid to loose hooks as you late into the year with these warm accompanied by a medium size split rod, or a center pin reel and rod.
encroach on the over-growth and weather patterns weve seen, spawn half way to the rig, is another solid Running an inline float above split
riverbank. Master your presenta- bags in oranges and reds run across option. shot and a barrel swivel will give
tions, send them down for a few, and the bottom will help your action. Most steelhead fishermen will you the most natural drift. Plugs are
then move on. If you find a particu- When the water is cold, the fish have their own baits, strategies and used by anchoring at the top of the
larly active hole, work it, but dont will still be present. Minimize your ideas for the weather patterns and run and allowing your lures back 40
water temp. My best advice for this or so. Let the current do the work
amazing river fishery is to be mobile as your plugs wiggle, and the idea
and diverse. Dont be afraid to try a is to lift/drop your anchor in order
technique you may have overlooked to work the entire run from top to
before. Thanks to Captain Dave at bottom.
Rommel Outdoors for his insights Knowing the holes and depths of
on this amazing fishery and Ace in each location just comes with time.
the Hole fishing for the great photo! Winter steelhead can be anywhere
from a 5 run to a 10 hole. Just
Manistee River keep fishing until you can kind of
Manistee/Cadillac Areas figure them out. As the water rises
in early spring due to run off and
Nate from Steelhead Hunter rain, the fish will continue up their
Charters tells me that winter steel-
journey up river where I will bottom
head fishing is one of the most
bounce beads with spinning gear
overlooked sports during the winter
months in northern Michigan. Cold in a number of runs. This is gener-
weather brings in steelhead from the ally nearing the end of the steelhead
big lake, and as they make their way season, hence why a lot of guides do
up river to their eventual spawning not want the river to flood. A slower,
grounds, they give anglers who can gradual warm up will keep the water
bare the elements a chance at a true more stable and keep our fish in the
winter trophy. Whether its floating lower parts of the river.
bobbers or running plugs, theres Dave from D-Loop charters says
nothing more exciting than having that along with the fall to spring
The authors best piece of advice for successful winter steelhead on your float drop or to see a plug rod steelhead fishing the inner part of
the Betsie, especially during these random warm-ups and strange bend over with the drag ripping line. the Manistee river offers some of
weather patterns, is a run and gun approach. Spawn bags or beads are run un- the finest native brown trout fish-
ing anywhere. This truly being one
with nature. The presentations are
pure and the river system almost
seems surreal and undisturbed. This
is why we do what we do according
to Dave, its the whole experience of
being on these waters in Michigan
that makes the job so rewarding.
Customers know and appreciate the
experience as much as the fishing.

Pere Marquette
Ludington Area
The Pere Marquette is very
much like the Manistee. It runs
clean and clear through beauti-
ful Mason county. This Ludington
area gem is not only a sportsmans
paradise it is the closest to the metro
Grand Rapids area which makes it
an easy trip for many winter fishing
No secrets here, what works
everywhere works here! That kind
of makes it fun, you dont have to
relearn it all. The fishing so far this
season has been absolutely fantastic.
Egg flies as well as nymph rigs are
Cold weather brings in steelhead from the big lake, and as they make their way up river to their even-
producing lots of fish. Beads and tual spawning grounds, they give anglers who can bare the elements a chance at a true winter trophy.
floats are also producing well.
The bottom line here this season try Pere Marquette River Lodge. this has to be on it. Michigan winter Great Lakes Fishermans Digest
is that the moderate temps have They are great. Steelhead fishing is a must do be- television show and brings fishing
made for some of the best and most fore you die thing. Just my humble reports to the whole state! Posting
comfortable fishing in a long time. If Conclusion opinion. three times per week on his Face-
you are looking for a great outfitter If you have a bucket list then John Bergsma is the Host of the book page.n

with your host

n B e r g sm a
Visit our website and find out about . . .
Destinations Fishing Reports
Our Show Cooks Corner


Traditional Black Powder Hunting...By Dennis Neely

Fresh venison for Fort Detroit

owhide moccasins crept and grab the fowler. There was no
north in the waning cover in front of me to speak of, so I
darkness. At a young moved real slow.
leafless maple, a British His eyes caught my attention.
ranger from Captain I saw it right away. They were wide
Hopkins Company at open, very spooky, like a horse that
Fort Detroit headed down the ridges is scared or running from some-
east slope. Pontiacs siege of the fort thing. He seemed calm, focused on
ended two weeks before. The year where he was going. He never broke
was 1763. stride, hesitated or looked around.
Theres a fallen tree off the one He just kept moving steady and paid
island, Lt. Darrel Lang recalled, no attention to my movements. It
and I always see deer there. It was was like the buck was in a trance.
just getting light when I started I raised the fowler and put the
down the ridge. I was disappointed. front sight on his shoulder. He was
The deer were already off the fields twenty or so paces away when I
and coming up the ridge. I backed squeezed the trigger
off and went over the ridge to the Three basic elements make up
west side to the big oak that I like. any traditional black powder hunt: a
I hadnt been there long when healthy dose of documented history,
a small tree started moving. There an arm that uses black powder as a
was a buck in the thicket, raking his propellant and a fair-chase pursuit of
antlers on that tree. I saw some other wild game. Michigans rich his-
movements. He had a doe in there torical heritage provides an infinite
and was keeping her within the con- number of possibilities for providing
fines of the brush. I saw tines, then a fresh meat for the table in the man-
main beam, but never a whole deer. ner our forefathers once did.
Throughout the course of the Local history books, dusty old
morning, deer came over the ridge journals and surviving museum
and crossed out to the river and the artifacts are a few of the many
heavy cover. They were young six resources that offer clues to under-
points and such, but none mature. standing what it was really like to
By about 10 oclock the deer came live, hunt and survive in the vast ex-
to an end. panse of wilderness that would one
I got up and stretched my legs. day become Michigan. Some rugged
The fowler was leaning against the individuals take the knowledge one As a seasoned 18th-century woodsman, Lt. Lang makes up his mind
tree. I sat back down. A while later step farther and attempt to re-live to take a whitetail, then concentrates on following through with a
I spotted the buck; he was within events others only read about. clean humane shot. Wild River tree photos
gun range. He came from the river Darrel Lang is one such person.
bottom up to the higher ground, Tall and stately in appearance, Lt. lived through the French and Indian research. Hopkins was contracted in
crossing west to east. I knew he was Lang, as his fellow living historians War (1754 to 1763) will fill a person England to form a ranger unit and
a mature shooter buck, but I dont call him, exudes an aura of confident with a unique perspective on out- ordered to Fort Detroit. He had little
ever count antler points. mystery when encountered in the door life, and hunting in particular. time to gather recruits so many were
Once I decide to take a deer, glade. Thirty-plus years of chasing When Im hunting in this area civilians who came from the English
I concentrate on making the shot, the secrets surrounding the daily (southeastern Lower Michigan), Im colonies in America and brought
nothing else. I had to reach up lives of the men and women who a ranger based out of Fort Detroit at what they had for clothing and arms.
the end of Pontiacs Rebellion in the Heavy cowhide moccasins, fash-
fall of 1763, Lang explained. Fort ioned after one excavated at Fort
Detroit was under siege in the sum- Ligonier in Pennsylvania, protected
mer of 63. Lt. Langs feet. Linen knee breeches
Captain Joseph Hopkins ar- with canvas, British-military-style
rived at the fort in the fall of 62, leggins covered his lower legs. On
but Major (Henry) Gladwin wanted that morning in November of 1763,
to send Hopkins and his men back, the ranger wore a linen, sleeveless
because he didnt have enough waistcoat over a common wool
provisions to feed the added troops. trade shirt. A longer, linen outer shirt
Hopkins sent all but 22 men back. added extra warmth and protection.
I portray one of the rangers who To comply with the intrusion of
stayed with Hopkins. modern game laws, Lt. Lang donned
Robert Rogers arrived in July an orange cape that covered his
of 63, but after the siege was over, shoulders.
the two companies led by Hopkins The gun is a British fowler,
and Rogers were disbanded. Al- Lang said, a style of smoothbore
though there is no documentation, I made in England that was on the
believe some of the rangers stayed fancy side. Builders over here
at the fort as scouts and hunters picked up on the style, but had to
There was no cover in front of me to speak of, Lt. Lang said when for Gladwins British garrison, he use available parts. Their carving
he recounted the tale. At that big oak, deer usually come off the added. wasnt as elaborate or as well-ex-
ridge, around behind or pass well out in the valley, but few come as Lt. Langs outdoor clothing ecuted as that of the European gun
close as that buck. is civilian in nature, based on his makers.
Muzzle Loading State Events
Michigan State Muzzle Loading Association State Shoots
Feb. 28-March 6 - NMLRA Western National Shoot
Phoenix, AZ: 812-667-5131
My fowler is based off an orig- Lang glimpsed a white underbelly. March 5 - Contemporary Muzzle Loading Arms Show
inal built in this country in 1760. Its The buck lay dead against an old ce- Lapeer: 810-875-4643
a flintlock with an 11 gauge barrel dar trees trunk. After a short prayer
(.751-inch bore) thats 46 inches of thanksgiving, the woodsman set March 12 - Winter 1/2 Scale Silhouette: Linden: 810-629-0478
long. I shoot a paper-patched .715 about dressing his deer. Thanks to March 12 - Clinton River Muzzle Loaders Winterfest
(-inch) round lead ball. the skill and patience of Lt. Dar-
The rangers carried a paper rel Lang, Hopkins Rangers would Detroit Sportsman Congress: 586-731-6088
cartridge, which was a cylindrical, soon partake of fresh venison at Fort March 18-19 - Kalamazoo Living History ShowTM:
rolled-paper tube with the measured Detroit.
powder charge in one end and the
Kalamazoo: 765-563-6792
Give traditional black powder
round ball in the other. I tear the end hunting a try, be safe and may For a complete 2017 shoot schedule, send a SASE or e-mail to: Ron Fernwalt,
of the paper and dump the powder God bless you.n 16808 Peach Ridge, Kent City, MI, 49330, or email Ron rbfern@triton.net
down the bore. I flip the cartridge

over and press the ball, which is still
in the paper tube, into the muzzle
and tamp the ball and paper in
place. That mushrooms the empty


end firm over the ball. Ive found
the paper cartridge is the most accu-
rate load for my fowlerand it is a

load a ranger in Hopkins Company
would have used, Lang said.
The allure of Pontiacs Rebel-
lion and the siege of Fort Detroit,
the historical knowledge of Cap-
tain Joseph Hopkins ranger com- Michigan Lumber and Wood Fiber is a locally owned and
pany, period-correct clothing and operated sawmill located in the heart of Northern Michigan. We
a smooth-bored flintlock fowler work hard to staff the most experienced professionals and we
combine to create a unique hunting
memory. Many modern hunters find believe in investing in the most current technology. As a team,
the challenges of a traditional black our departments of forestry, wood processors, timber haulers
powder hunt hard to comprehend, and sawmills are striving to provide the most efficient, profes-
especially with a fine whitetail buck
walking unconcerned, twenty paces sional and quality timber services available in Northern Michigan.
Kla-whoosh-BOOM! The
muzzles blast echoed up the ridge,
through the little valley and out
into the river bottom. A thick white FORESTER
Our forester has the education and experience needed to meet the specific needs of any land-
smoke cloud drifted over the brown owner. We will meet with you to discover your goals and help you select the best harvest meth-
oak leaves. od to reach those goals. (Management plans, Wildlife plans, chipping of tops, clearing trees for
After the shot, the buck food plots, etc)
walked off, Lt. Lang said. He LOGGING CREWS
didnt run, he just walked fast, Our seasoned logging crews use state of the art wood processors, feller bunchers, forwarders
angled uphill and disappeared out and chippers, our mechanized wood crews are using the latest technology to provide the most
efficient removal of forest products with minimal impact to residual timber and underlying soils.
of sight. I heard him fall a couple
of times. I reloaded and waited a TRUCK FLEET
while. I got up to check where he Since we maintain our own fleet of self-loading log trucks to haul wood to our mill, we have the
unique advantage of being able to schedule the hauling of your timber products around hunting
stood when I shot. There was no or weather issues.
hair or blood, and I didnt see him
anywhere, so I got concerned. I SAWMILL
sat down and waited, knowing my REFERENCES AVAILABLE
Our mill is located just north of the beautiful little town of Comins, Michigan and consists of two
modern sawmills and one scragg mill operation. A distinct advantage that we have is specific
hunting companions would soon be markets for what is referred to as industrial lumber. As a sawmill, we are paying good money for
by to investigate the shot. the best quality wood out there, but we also pay well for lower quality industrial timber. Another
About an hour passed before advantage that we have is the scragg mill. This mill allows us to utilize smaller diameter material
that in the past would have been sold for firewood or pulpwood which is typically worth less
two 18th-century woodsmen stalked than scragg material.
along the lower trail that hugged
the north edge of a dense swamp. In We are your complete source for buying your timber! Our operations take your standing timber
from the tree to delivered green lumber. We have eliminated the need for all of the middle
a whisper, Lt. Lang recounted the men. By obtaining strong markets for our products and investing in technology, we are able
tale, pointing the fowlers muzzle to get the most out of every last log we process. All this means savings for us and more money
to where the buck stood and then up for you. We are locally owned and we live and shop in the same communities that you do. We
the hill to where he heard the first value our reputation above everything else. And we are committed to earning your trust and
building a lasting relationship.
The deers big hooves upturned We would honor the opportunity for us to meet and discuss in more detail how we may be of
leaves, making his course evident. service to you. We also encourage the land owners to visit all our operations to see what prod-
The buck stepped over a downed ucts we turn your standing timber into.

Michigan Lumber & Wood Fiber, Inc.

oak limb, then twenty paces beyond
Lt. Lang discovered the first drop of
blood. As the three advanced up the
hill, the trail began to wander. In a
short distance, the leaves recorded
the first fall.
A few moccasin steps later, Lt.
Comins, Mi (989) 848-2100 or (989) 848-5946 Fax: (989) 848-7252
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Part II...COs on deer season patrol
By Jeff Pendergraff

f you read Februarys edition had an uncased and loaded firearm in the woods and to medical care. obtained evidence sought in the search
it covered the COs on patrol vehicle. A ticket was issued. CO Speigl and CO MacNeill con- warrant along with additional investiga-
during the Michigan 2016 deer While checking a subject who was ducted a deer decoy patrol during the tive leads unrelated to the poached elk,
opener in the Upper Peninsular hunting, it was learned by CO Erratt, first weekend of firearm deer season. involving the illegal taking of deer. The
covering Districts 1 and 2. This that he had already shot two deer for the Within only a few minutes after setting investigation continues.
edition covers Districts 3 and 4 season. However, he still had a hunt- up the decoy, COs observed an indi- While investigating a poached elk
primarily the northern part of the Lower ing license in his possession. Through vidual stop his vehicle and load a rifle, case that occurred in 2015 in Otsego
Peninsular. Lots of very interesting interviewing the subject, it was learned before taking two shots at the decoy. Co., CO Mark DePew and CO Torsky
cases! he had tagged one of the other deer he The individual was not wearing any made contact with a vehicle that was
had shot with his wifes kill tag. He did hunter orange. Enforcement action was operating suspiciously on a state land
DISTRICT 3 not want to use his, because he wanted taken. two-track. Upon contact with the opera-
CO Chad Baldwin and CO Steve to keep hunting. A ticket was issued. CO Speigl, CO Albert, and CO tor, a loaded rifle was located in the pas-
Speigl were checking for shining While working a deer decoy, CO MacNeill conducted a deer decoy patrol. senger front seat. The operator was also
activity in Antrim Co. when they came Erratt and CO Albert had an individual COs observed dozens of vehicles pass smoking marijuana. Enforcement action
across a truck parked in the middle of a stop and get out of his vehicle and shoot by, but after only a short time, three was taken.
seasonal road. When the COs pulled up the decoy. However, the subject was not separate vehicles stopped and took shots CO DePew made a traffic stop for a
behind the truck, it recklessly sped off wearing hunter orange, nor did he have at the decoy. Two of the shooters had civil infraction in the City of Gaylord.
for a short distance then erratically came permission to be hunting the private shot from the roadway, inside of their Upon contact with the operator, the
to a stop, nearly hitting some trees. The property the decoy was placed on. Tick- vehicles and one was found to be using CO smelled a strong odor of marijuana
COs checked on the driver and found ets were issued. a .44 magnum handgun. Contact was coming from inside the vehicle. A search
him to be highly intoxicated. The driver While following up on an illegal made and enforcement action was taken. found marijuana and an open container
was over twice the legal limit for driv- ground blind with illegal ORV activ- While patrolling the Pigeon River of alcohol. While checking the vehicle,
ing. He was arrested and taken to the ity to the blind, CO Duane Budreau Country State Forest, CO Torsky con- the CO noticed a small amount of blood
Antrim Co. Jail. and Cpl. Brad Dohm encountered a tacted a hunter that was located in an located on the bumper of the vehicle and
While working a field near a busy in- male subject hunting from the blind. illegal deer blind on state land. Upon inquired as to who had shot a deer. The
tersection in Antrim Co., CO Speigl and The subject adamantly denied that the contact with the hunter, the CO also operator confessed and added he did not
CO Baldwin watched a truck approach blind belonged to him. However, when determined he had not purchased a deer possess a valid tag for it. The deer was
the intersection on the side having a stop CO Budreau asked how he was able license and was not wearing hunter eventually recovered, and warrants are
sign. The driver turned his headlights to unlock the padlock that was locked orange. Enforcement action was taken. being sought for possession of a deer
off and sped through the intersection on the blind door, the subjects attitude CO Torsky was dispatched to a dead without a valid tag, possession of mari-
without stopping. The COs stopped the changed. A ticket was issued. bull elk carcass located in Montmorency juana, and open intoxicants in a motor
truck for the careless operation. When CO Budreau and Cpl. Dohm fol- Co. near the intersections of Johnsons vehicle.
questioned about the careless maneuver, lowed up on an illegal ground blind Crossing and Meridian Line roads. A CO DePew was dispatched to over
he said that he was just trying to catch complaint received from a retired CO. necropsy was completed on the animal six illegal dumping cases on state land.
up to his buddy. Enforcement action was The COs checked the blind on opening showing possible time of death early All the dumping involved several deer
taken. day and was able to make contact with to mid-September. Leads were devel- carcasses. The DNR reminds hunters
CO Andrea Albert was checking the owner. The blind was constructed of oped and the investigation continues. If that processed deer must be disposed of
the deer that were hanging on a local building material and was lag bolted to anyone has information, please contact properly and cannot be dumped on state
buck pole when she noticed a tag that the trees. A ticket was issued. the Gaylord Customer Service Center at lands.
was purchased after hunting hours on While patrolling back roads, CO Bu- (989) 732-3541. CO Paul Fox received a complaint
November 15th. The deer was shot dreau and Cpl. Dohm encountered two CO Eric Bottorff received a com- about subjects placing permanent deer
and hung on the pole on the 15th. An vehicles slow-rolling down the road- plaint of trespass on the opening day of feeding structures on state land. In addi-
interview with the hunter found he had way. In both cases, the subjects were firearm deer season. The reporting party tion, the subject was tilling ground with
shot the 5-point buck and did not have contacted and uncased loaded firearms advised hearing a gunshot on their prop- a tractor and planting flood plots on state
a buck tag so he went to the store and were located in the vehicle. Tickets were erty, then finding bloody drag marks that land. The subject also placed more than
bought one after the fact. The deer was issued. went onto the adjacent property. The CO two gallons of bait near the structure.
seized and the hunter was cited for the While patrolling northern Emmet arrived after following the drag marks Contact was made with the individual
violation. Co., CO Budreau encountered a slow- and made contact with the hunter. The and a citation was issued for operating a
CO Albert, CO Speigl and CO Scott rolling vehicle. Contact was made and it hunter admitted to trespassing and being motor vehicle in a closed area. Warnings
MacNeill were running the deer decoy was discovered that the operator had an in possession of a spike buck, without a were given for destroying brush and
in a remote area of Antrim Co. A subject open beer in the vehicle. In interviewing valid tag attached. Enforcement action placing over-limit of bait.
drove by and quickly turned around and the subject, it was learned that he had was taken. CO Fox, CO Brad Bellville and CO
came back to the decoy. The subject shot been out hunting. A check of the sub- CO Tim Rosochacki assisted Tus- Kelly Ross checked a large hunting
two times from his vehicle at the decoy. jects hunting site revealed an over-limit carora Township Police in Cheboygan camp in Montmorency Co. and discov-
The subject was cited for the violations of bait. Enforcement action was taken. Co. at the scene of a personal injury ered several illegal bait piles. Contact
and his rifle was seized. The COs noted CO Nick Torsky received a complaint accident. The operator was found to be was made with the hunters and citations
that six years ago the subjects adult son in Otsego Co. in reference to an illegal intoxicated when he lost control of his were issued for hunting over-bait in a
had also shot at the decoy in the same ORV trail on state land that went to a moped causing himself injuries. Charges closed area. During the investigation,
location. large bait pile. The CO made contact are being sought through the Cheboygan one subject was discovered to have an
On a vehicle stop, CO Albert found with the individual on the opening Co. Prosecutors Office. outstanding warrant. As the subject
two loaded rifles. The adult driver and morning of firearm deer season. Upon CO Mark DePew finally made con- was arrested, the COs discovered drug
his 13 year old nephew had failed to contact, the hunter was not wearing tact with several individuals whom he paraphernalia stuffed in a sock. A search
unload their guns before driving to town hunter orange and admitted to operating had been looking for over three years in of the subjects vehicle yielded addi-
and back for lunch. CO Albert explained an ORV, along with having excessive Otsego Co. The individuals had repeat- tional narcotics. In addition to the arrest
the safety issue with having a loaded bait. Enforcement action was taken. edly been violating state land usage warrant, the subject was arrested and
rifle in a vehicle and a ticket was issued. CO Speigl and CO MacNeill re- rules during the firearm deer seasons. charged with felony drug possession.
While on patrol, CO Andrea Erratt sponded to a complaint of a lost hunter The CO walked into the general location CO Fox contacted a hunter in an ille-
encountered an ORV operating during in the Fishermans Island State Park the day before opening day finding the gal ground blind on state land in Presque
the ORV quiet period of the firearm deer area after dark. Search efforts between individuals operating ORVs in a closed Isle Co. The blind had been left out for
season. In addition, the operator was not multiple law enforcement agencies and area, open containers of alcohol on years, several large trees had been cut
wearing a helmet and was trespassing. volunteers were coordinated with the an ORV, over-bait, along with illegal down to clear a shooting lane, the blind
CO Erratt had stopped this individual in help of the Charlevoix Co. Sheriff De- hunting blinds. Enforcement action was did not have a name on it, excessive bait
the past and had given him warnings for partments K9 Unit. After approximately taken. was placed in the shooting lane, and
ORV violations. A ticket was issued this two hours of searching, the COs heard CO DePew, CO Nick Torsky, CO the hunter was not wearing the required
time. two rifle shots that sounded to be within Matt Theunick, and CO Tim Rosochacki amount of orange. A citation and several
While on a stop for uncased firearms a mile away, and soon made contact executed a search warrant on a camp in warnings were issued.
in a motor vehicle, CO Erratt had a with the lost hunter. He was exhausted Otsego Co. The COs were investigat- CO Fox and CO Jon Sklba were on
vehicle pull up behind her. A check of and cold, but local agencies assisted ing a poached elk that was killed during
this vehicle revealed the operator also COs to safely extract the hunter from the the firearm season in 2014. The COs COs on patrol page 54
Cos on deer patrol 2016: from page 53
patrol during the evening when they issued eight citations for hunting over- for his mistake. the assistance of a Michigan State Police
observed a truck with two deer in the bait. The majority of the contacted CO Bellville worked numerous hunt- Trooper, CO Converse was able to
bed. The truck failed to stop properly hunters knew it was wrong but each ing camps on private and state land in locate the suspect as he was dragging a
for a stop sign and was operating on the commented that their neighbors do it, so Montmorency Co. CO Bellville issued deer from the private land to the road-
wrong side of the road. Upon investiga- they have to. ten citations for hunting over bait in a way. They made contact with the poach-
tion, it was discovered that one hunter CO LeClerc and CO Webster were closed county. er who advised that he wanted to get his
failed to validate the deer tag. In addi- doing meat processor inspections in kid a deer and said he hasnt had much
tion, a loaded rifle was discovered in the Alpena Co. Numerous violations were DISTRICT 4 luck finding any deer this season. The
vehicle. A citation was issued and the located and through investigation, two CO William Kinney assisted the man decidedly loaded up his kid in the
firearm was seized. deer have been seized due to antler point Haring Township Fire Department in car and proceeded to road hunt until
CO Sklba contacted a subject restrictions. More follow-up contin- Wexford Co. on a wildfire investigation. they found a buck. Unfortunately for the
trespassing and target shooting during ues on other issues located during the A three acre fire started because the sus- man and his son, a hunter in an adjacent
the quiet period. The same subject was inspections. pect was open burning trash in his front parcel witnessed the incident and called
warned for the same things, at the same CO LeClerc was patrolling on a Qui- yard on a high fire danger day. With 911. Unbeknown to the poacher, the
location, the previous fall almost a year etKat mountain bike on a large parcel of the lack of rain and the high winds, the property that he shot deer on was owned
to the date. Enforcement action was private land in Alpena Co. The CO was ashes started smaller fires which caused by a police officer who gladly pressed
taken. able to ride right up to the blinds and the the man to lose control and call 911. trespassing charges. The deer was seized
During opening day CO Sklba con- hunters didnt even know he arrived. CO After the fire was extinguished, CO Kin- and enforcement action was taken.
tacted a subject hunting from an illegal LeClerc was able to contact three hunt- ney investigated the cause. It was found CO Josiah Killingbeck made contact
blind on state land in Presque Isle Co. ers on the parcel of land and issue three that the suspect was remolding his house with a hunter on the opening day of
The same subject had a blind in the citations for hunting over bait. and was burning unlawful household firearm deer season who was hunting
same location four years prior and re- CO Bill Webster was working a com- materials. Enforcement action was taken over approximately three truckloads
moved it only after receiving a citation, plaint of illegal ORV trails on state land for environmental and burning laws that of sugar beets. The hunter said that he
only to return it the following fall. After in Alpena Co. The CO was able to locate were broken. had put that much out to keep the deer
contacting the subject, he was provided four hunters hunting off the illegal trails. CO Sean Kehoe responded to two coming in throughout the week when
a written reminder of the rules for stands Each hunter was hunting over large bait hunter harassment complaints in the he was downstate working. The hunter
on state land. piles and failed to affix name to blinds. first week of firearm deer season. One was advised of the bait regulations and
CO Sklba responded to a roadkill bull When the CO contacted one of the hunt- involved an elderly woman walking enforcement action was taken.
elk. The elk sustained life threatening ers, the CO noticed the smell of burnt around the woods blowing a whistle CO Killingbeck received a call from
injuries and had to be euthanized. The marijuana. When the and the other involved a man stealing a subject in the Luther area of Lake
vehicle was a total loss but there were CO asked if the hunter had been a hunters bait. In both situations, the Co. advising he had observed a truck
no reported injuries. The elk was do- smoking, he replied he was just smok- hunters failed to put their ID on their driving on his property and witnessed
nated to a local nonprofit organization. ing as the CO pulled up. Enforcement blind/stand and were in violation of the them shoot a deer from the window
CO Sklba and CO Bill Webster were action was taken on the drug use and baiting laws. These violations negated of the truck. The hunter made contact
patrolling Green Township in Alpena possession. CO Webster finished up the hunter harassment violation. Hunters with the subject in the vehicle and was
when they were sent to a farm where the contacts with the rest of the hunt- should be reminded that hunter harass- able to identify both subjects and get
the DNR pilots located large bait piles. ing group and issued multiple citations ment cases can only be prosecuted if the a license plate. The hunter remained
Through their investigation, the COs lo- for hunting over bait, no hunter orange, hunters are hunting legally. with the dead deer until CO Killingbeck
cated one untagged spike horn deer shot and one deer was seized for antler point In response to a complaint of over- arrived on scene, but the poachers were
on opening day, one 5-point that was restrictions. baiting and a tent blind without a name gone upon his arrival. CO Killingbeck
shot on the second day, and a very nice CO Bellville and CO Ross investi- on it, CO Rich Stowe made contact with then made contact with the subjects
10-point that was shot in September on gated an elk that was shot and mortally a hunter on opening day of the firearm who were identified in the vehicle as the
a disease control permit (DCP), but they wounded in Montmorency Co. Evidence deer season. Enforcement action was shooters. The man who shot the deer
had failed to turn in the head for testing. recovered at the scene and canvassing taken for the violations present. told CO Killingbeck that he knew better
The COs seized the deer and issued cita- of the area led COs to a nearby camp. CO William Haskin and CO Steve than to hunt from his vehicle and said it
tions for fail to tag, APR violation, DCP The investigation led the COs downstate Converse received a complaint that a was a bad mistake on his part. CO Kill-
violation and place bait in closed Co. to the Marlette and Imlay City area. bear was taken out-of-season in Wexford ingbeck determined that the subject had
After observing a vehicle in a remote The COs were able to locate a suspect. Co. They responded and questioned the been driving on a suspended license and
location in Presque Isle Co. after hours, Through their investigation they have hunter. The hunter tried to hide evi- also had several warrants for his arrest.
CO Sklba went to locate the subjects on arrested a 44 year old Marlette man in dence and cover up his crime, but after The subject was arrested and lodged in
foot. The CO was able to locate subjects connection with the illegal killing of a investigation the COs were able to find the Osceola Co. Jail.
dragging a deer down a trail where they cow elk on the second day of the firearm enough to know a bear was at least shot. Sgt. Carla Soper was heading to meet
were met by more subjects in another deer season. The elk was apparently CO Converse and CO Haskin went to CO Killingbeck in Lake Co. on open-
vehicle. The CO watched the hunter mistaken for a deer. The elk was killed the hunters stand and located a blood ing morning of firearm deer season.
field dressing the deer from a distance. in Montmorency Township, in the north- trail, which led to the finding of a dead As she approached their meeting spot,
When the CO approached, he noticed western corner of Montmorency Co. The mature sow bear. Enforcement action she noticed a vehicle driving very slow
the deer was a 6-point without brow COs were assisted by the Michigan State was taken. and swerving all over the roadway. The
tines and the hunter failed to tag the Police, Sanilac Co. Sheriff Department, CO Colton Gelinas interviewed two driver then quickly pulled over to the
animal. Enforcement action was taken. and the Marlette Police Department. suspects from a previous complaint. CO shoulder and Sgt. Soper made con-
CO Webster, CO Adam LeClerc, and CO Ross and CO Bellville responded Gelinas obtained a confession from both tact with him and found a loaded and
CO Bellville were working a section to a hunter who mistakenly shot a 6x6 suspects stating that one of the suspects uncased rifle in the passenger compart-
of state land in Wellington Township, bull elk on the opening day of firearm used the other suspects deer tag to tag ment. Sgt. Soper relayed the information
Alpena Co. The COs were addressing deer season in Montmorency Co. The his deer that he shot. The suspect had to CO Killingbeck who was less than a
illegal ground blinds that have been hunter explained to the COs that it was already shot a 6-point earlier in the year mile away and asked that he head her di-
permanently placed on state land for just starting to get light and he saw what and used his regular deer tag. That same rection. As CO Killingbeck was heading
years. CO Webster had done preseason he thought was a very large whitetail suspect shot a 5-point and used the other to assist, an ORV pull out in front of him
scouting of the blinds in the years past deer. The hunter told the COs he shot suspects regular deer tag. Law enforce- with no ORV stickers and he made his
and had them marked on GPS. The COs the animal in the neck and it didnt go ment action was taken. traffic stop directly next to Sgt. Soper.
split up and were able to contact hunters down, so he shot it again in the neck CO Gelinas received a tip in Leela- CO Killingbeck discovered the driver of
in five of the seven blinds. The hunt- causing the animal to fall. The hunter, nau Co. about a suspect that had shot an the ORV also had a loaded and uncased
ers were issued citations for baiting in who was accompanied by his son, went 8-point with his bow and did not have rifle, with the barrel pointed directly at
a closed Co., hunt out of illegal blinds, over to see the deer. As they approached, a hunting license. CO Gelinas made the driver. The subject told CO Kill-
and operate ORVs on state land. There they realized they had not shot a white contact with the suspect who admitted ingbeck he was not aware that his gun
were numerous warnings for not wear- tail deer, but an elk. The hunter immedi- that he had shot an 8-point with his bow needed to be in a case or unloaded when
ing hunter orange, cutting trees on state ately contacted the Report All Poaching and bought a license the next day. Law driving an ORV. Both the driver of the
land, making illegal trails on state land, hotline and turned himself in. The COs enforcement action was taken. passenger vehicle and the driver of the
uncased firearms on ORVs, no hunting took possession of the elk and made CO Steve Converse responded to ORV received citations for possessing
license on person, and riding double on arrangements for it to be donated to a complaint in Manistee Co. where a loaded and uncased firearms.
ORVs. non-profit organization to help the com- vehicle driving down a roadway had CO Killingbeck, CO Ryan Andrews
CO LeClerc was working Alpena Co. munity. The hunter was issued a citation stopped and shot a deer from their car and Sgt. Soper walked onto private
for the firearm deer season. CO LeClerc and is responsible for paying restitution on posted private property. Along with property where numerous oversized bait
piles were previously located. The viola- his identification in his hunting pack in to pick up the hunter. CO Shively made Department on a fatal car accident. CO
tions were addressed with three hunters his blind. The felon was lodged on the contact with the driver and observed an Ginn assisted with traffic control and the
who were sitting in their stands that trespass at the Mason Co. Jail and war- uncased crossbow behind the driver in accident Investigation. It was later deter-
were significantly over-baited. Each site rants are being sought for both men on the cab of the truck. CO Shively issued mined the victim was unable to stop for
had over a truck load of sugar beets and additional charges. the driver a citation for transporting an a stop sign, possibly due to the snowy
one hunter was not wearing any hunter While on patrol in Lake Co., CO uncased crossbow. weather conditions. The vehicle was
orange. Enforcement action was taken. Andrews and Sgt. Soper discovered CO Shively was patrolling along struck by another vehicle causing severe
CO Killingbeck was at the Baldwin a vehicle with an occupant who was federal land when he observed an ORV injury to both drivers and one passenger.
Field Office when a hunter came in to parked along a trail during firearm deer exit federal land behind him from an CO Brian Lebel received a com-
the deer check station with a doe that season. Sgt. Soper made contact with illegal trail. CO Shively observed that plaint of a hunter that had harvested a
had a restricted combo tag attached to it the occupant who was smoking marijua- the operator also did not have any eye spike on opening morning and failed to
that was not validated. CO Killingbeck na and also had a loaded rifle lying on protection. CO Shively activated his recover the deer after shooting it. CO
then observed an uncased gun laying the passenger seat. Enforcement action emergency lights and made contact with Lebel responded to the residence and
in the front seat of the hunters vehicle. was taken. the ORV operator as it pulled up behind interviewed the hunter that had since
The gun was discovered to be loaded While on patrol in Lake Co., CO him. Upon contact with the operator, purchased a firearm deer license. The
and the subject did not even have a case Andrews and Sgt. Soper stopped a he advised he had a CPL and it was in hunter was hunting with a valid antler-
in his vehicle. It was determined the vehicle for passing in a no-passing zone. his front pocket. As CO Shively spoke less license and claimed to have made a
hunter did not have any antlerless tags As they approached, they noticed the with the operator he could smell alcohol mistake. CO Lebel checked the hunters
and that the deer was taken without a li- passenger clearly keeping his hands in and marijuana. The operator admitted history in the retail sales system and it
cense. The deer was seized and enforce- the air. As Sgt. Soper approached the to drinking three beers, some liquor, and was documented that this hunter dis-
ment action taken. passenger side, the man told her that he had a glass smoking pipe in his front played a pattern of purchasing antlerless
CO Kyle Publiski received a com- had a loaded pistol on his side, exclaim- chest pocket. CO Shively removed the licenses prior to the November 15th
plaint from an individual who had heard ing it was open carry. After advising .22 caliber handgun from the subjects opener and regular or antlered deer li-
two rifle shots and figured that there was that open carry laws did not allow for front pants pocket and removed the censes after the November 15th opener.
a deer killed prior to season. CO Pub- him to possess a loaded pistol in a motor glass pipe. CO Shively administered a The hunter was issued a citation and the
liski responded to the suspect residence vehicle, enforcement action was taken. preliminary breath test to the subject deer was seized.
and when he pulled up, no deer was CO Casey Varriale and Sgt. Mike which resulted in a BAC of .072. CO CO Ginn and CO Brian Lebel teamed
killed, but he did find a bobcat lying on Bomay were on patrol when they wit- Shively cited the subject for possession up in Hinton Township following up on
the bed of a truck with crossbow bolt nessed two hunters standing near their of a CPL while BAC between .02 and a trespass complaint from last week that
in its head. CO Publiski made contact trucks. While talking with the hunters, .08 and operating an ORV in a closed resulted in an untagged buck, no blaze
with the owner who advised he shot CO Varriale and Sgt. Bomay discov- area. The handgun was seized and nu- orange and three hunters trespassing.
the bobcat because it was eating all the ered that one of the hunters had killed merous warnings were issued. One of the suspects that were trespass-
wild rabbits in the area. The hunter had a deer. The hunter said he was waiting CO Mike Wells was on patrol shortly ing was also involved with taking the
been deer hunting in his bow stand when for nightfall to bring the deer back to after dark when he received information SD card out of the property owners
the bobcat came in range and he shot it the truck. When questioned further, the of a subject whom had taken two deer trail camera. The SD card was recovered
because he and his wife enjoy watch- hunter admitted to shooting a deer that earlier that day without a license. CO and multiple citations were issued to the
ing the rabbits. Enforcement action was did not meet the antler point restric- Wells went to the suspects residence group.
taken for taking a bobcat out-of-season tion requirements for Osceola Co. CO and knocked several times on the door CO Brian Lebel received a RAP
and without a license. Varriale and Sgt. Bomay asked to see with no answer. CO Wells observed complaint of a hunter that had harvested
CO Publiski and CO Brian Brosky the deer, and on the walk out to find the someone moving around in the resi- two bucks and failed to tag either. The
walked into a complaint in Mason Co. deer, the hunter confessed to having dence and continued to knock with no suspect shot one with a crossbow and
where several large baits were reported. killed two deer. The deer was retrieved response. A dispatcher contacted CO one on the firearm opener. The suspect
Upon making contact with two hunters from the hunting spot, and the other Wells via radio advising that the owner only purchased a base license according
who were hunting with over 25 gallons deer was discovered in the hunters of the residence called advising his to the retail sales system. One buck was
of bait, the COs discovered both had truck. The hunter had taken two deer in children were at home with no parent a spike and the other was a 5-point buck
antlerless deer tags in their wallets that violation of the antler point restrictions and would not answer the door. The that did not meet the antler point restric-
were not their tags. When the COs ques- claiming to have made a mistake. Law dispatcher advised that the parent whom tion for Osceola Co. Citations were
tioned as to why they were in possession enforcement action was taken. had called was working at a local busi- issued and the deer were seized.
of tags that didnt belong to them, both CO Varriale was on patrol on state ness at the time of the call. CO Wells CO VanGelderen received a com-
stated I dont know how that got my land in Osceola Co. when he witnessed went to the business and made contact plaint from the Oceana Co. Sheriff De-
wallet. The COs told the men that they two men driving down a road with a with the suspect in the complaint. CO partment of two subjects shooting a deer
must have been visited by the tag fairy dead deer on the back. When stopped, Wells spoke with the subject and asked alongside the road and loading it into
while they were sleeping last night and CO Varriale noticed the deer had not him how many deer he had hanging at a truck at 9:00 p.m. CO VanGelderen
enforcement action was taken for the been tagged and the passenger had a his residence. The subject responded responded to the area and began to inter-
over-bait. loaded, uncased rifle in his hands. Law that he had one deer at the residence. view friends and family members of the
CO Publiski and CO Brosky were enforcement action was taken. Further interview revealed that the sub- suspect. The suspect eventually called
conducting processor inspections in CO Ben Shively was working an ject actually had three deer at the resi- the COs and asked to meet with them to
Mason Co. when a woman arrived and area of high complaints of shining dur- dence, all of which were antlerless deer turn himself in. The suspect met with the
began unloading a 6-point buck without ing November. CO Shively conducted and all un-tagged. The subject advised COs and brought the dead button buck
a tag attached. The COs questioned the stationary surveillance in the area and that he was told by the property owner along. The suspect said that he did not
woman as to where her tag was and she was able to stop two vehicles within a that he could harvest the deer under crop have any luck hunting, so he got excited
informed that it was in her purse. She short period of time for shining during damage permits, but never actually re- when he and his dad saw a deer standing
pulled it out for them and they looked at November and cited both of them. ceived the permits. Citation was issued alongside the road. The deer was seized
the validated tag only to discover it had CO Shively and CO Troy VanGel- to the subject for the over-limit of deer/ and enforcement action was taken.
been purchased ten minutes prior to her deren were working a shots fired com- no license and all deer were seized. CO Angela Greenway received a
bringing her deer in. The COs asked her plaint on school owned property when CO Jeff Ginn responded to a com- compliant of a subject that had har-
why she had taken a deer without a tag they observed a crossbow hunter walk- plaint where a hunter with a rifle was vested a 9-point buck and a doe with a
and she advised she was so busy she ing out to the road. CO VanGelderen hunting within a safety zone. The crossbow just before the firearm deer
forgot to buy her license before she went made contact with the hunter and no- landowner watched the suspect fire season and never purchased a license.
hunting. The 6-point buck was seized ticed the odor of an intoxicating bever- three rounds while walking out to his CO Greenway was able to make contact
and enforcement action was taken. age coming from his person. The hunter vehicle. CO Ginn located the hunter at with the suspect at his house. While CO
CO Publiski and CO Brosky respond- was a licensed CPL holder and was in work and obtained a confession from the Greenway was conducting an interview
ed to a trespass complaint in Mason Co. possession of a concealed .45 caliber hunter explaining he was irritated that with the suspect, his roommate was
Upon arrival, they saw two subjects on a handgun. The hunter was administered a the landowner had posted the property, attempting to hide the meat out the
tree-line who were both hastily climb- preliminary breath test that showed his so he took aim and shot three signs back door of the house. After several
ing out of tree stands. The COs quickly BAC was .071. CO VanGelderen seized while walking out. One of the signs was minutes of talking with the suspect, a
approached and were able to catch one the handgun and issued a citation to the directly in line with the complainants full confession was obtained, and the
hunter who was running from them and hunter for possession of a CPL while residence. Enforcement action was meat was recovered. CO Greenway
found that he was a convicted felon. The BAC between .02 and .08. As CO Van- taken. issued two citations, seized the hunter
second hunter who had fled the scene Gelderen was explaining the citation to CO Ginn assisted the Michigan crossbow and meat from the two illegal
with both firearms unfortunately left the hunter, a subject pulled up in a truck State Police and Newaygo Co. Sheriff deer.n
It deserved a better fate...

Big Bone Lick

early 300 years ago, in Indian Agent, Colonel George
1729, (or 1739 depend- Croghan, visited Big Bone in 1765
ing on which account and wrote, Early in the morning
you read) the French we went to the great lick, where
Canadian soldier, Cap- those bones are only found, about
tain Charles Lemoyne four miles from the [Ohio] river,
de Longuel, descended the Ohio on the south-east side. In our way
River and discovered (was shown we passed through a fine timbered
by Native Americans) Big clear wood; we came into
Bone Lick as he was claim- a large road which the
ing the land for France. Buffaloes have beaten,
Salt licks were well known spacious enough for two
to Native Americans and wagons to go abreast, and Once described as about 200 yards long and as wide the salt
early pioneers as good leading straight into the spring is now nearly dried up and overgrown with vegetation.
hunting spots because of Lick. It appears that there lie there, which have been of several shipments of the fossils were lost.
heavy use by the deer, are vast quantities of these large creatures. The lick is about Indian Agent, Croghan, collected the
elk, and buffalo that they bones lying five or six feet 200 yards long and as wide, and first large batch of fossils from Big
sought. Although there under the ground, which the waters and mud are of a sulphur Bone but, all the specimens from
By Darryl Quidort
were hundreds we discovered in smell. The ribs and vertebrae were the Lick were lost a week later when
of licks of vari- the bank, at the so numerous and of such enormous eighty Indians attacked Croghans
ous sizes along edge of the Lick. size that the party occupied them- partyThe warriors killed five men
streams that flow into the Ohio We found here two tusks above six selves by making seats and tent and injured several more, including
River, Big Bone Lick was extraor- feet long; we carried one, with some poles of these gigantic fossils while Croghan, who was tomahawked in
dinary because of the huge bones, other bones, to our boats, and set they were camped there. the head. The merchandise in the
tusks, and teeth found there. off. Nicholas Cresswell wrote of boats was plundered, and the survi-
Early explorers began to visit the A group of early surveyors his visit in 1775, Where the bones vors were taken prisoner.
lick when in the area. Many left no explored the area in 1773. We are found is a large muddy pond, General William Harrison made
record but some left personal diaries went to see Big Bone, which is a a little more than knee deep with a collection from Big Bone that
which reveal their thoughts. wonder to see the large bones that a Salt spring in it which I suppose filled thirteen hogsheads, but
preserves the bones sound. Found while being freighted upriver that
several bones of Prodigious size, I valuable cargo capsized and was
take them to be Elephants, for we lost.
found a part of a tusk, about two feet Thomas Jefferson had taken an
long, Ivory to all appearance, but interest in the fossils and Meriweth-
by length of time had grown yellow er Lewis sent him a collection of
and soft. All of us stripped and went bones from the lick. Unfortunately,
into the pond to grapple for teeth they never reached Jefferson. A
and found several. Joseph Passiers boat accident at Natchez sent them
found a Jaw tooth which he gave to the bottom of the Mississippi
me. It was judged by the company River.
to weigh about 10 pounds. I got In 1803 and 1804, Dr. William
a shell of a Tusk of hard and good Goforth dug five tons of bones from
ivory about eighteen inches long. the site hoping to amass a complete
There is a great number of bones in skeleton of an unknown animal
a Bank on the side of this pond of which he hoped to sell in order to
an enormous size but decayed and better my circumstances. Goforth
rotten. Ribs 9 inches broad, Thigh made a deal with a Mr. Thomas
bones 10 inches diameter. What sort Ash (also called Arvil) to sell the
of animals these were is not clearly bones and share the profit. Ash
known. turned down an offer of $7000 in
For years, every visitor to Big New Orleans and took the bones to
Bone carried off a collection of the Europe where he sold them for an
fossils. Some remained in private undisclosed amount. Mr. Goforth
collections, others were sent to received nothing from the deal.
Philadelphia, New Orleans, even President, Thomas Jefferson,
Paris and London. Many were sold was still anxious to learn more about
as curios and souvenirs. Scientists the big bones. Soon after Lewis and
and philosophers who viewed the Clark returned from their Journey
bones were puzzled. They didnt of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean
resemble any known animal. Some and back, President Jefferson sent
supposed the bones to be from giant Clark to Big Bone to collect fossils.
humans, others supposed a large The surface bones had long since
carnivorous animal that may have been cleaned out by other collectors
preyed on humans. They needed to when, in 1807, Clark led ten men in
examine more bones to form a com- digging for three weeks at Big Bone.
plete skeleton of the strange beast. Hundreds of bones were sent to Jef-
Mention code WW2017 Due to the remoteness of the
area, difficulty of transportation,
ferson, who had personally paid all
to receive $500 OFF per ticket!
expenses of the dig. He laid them
and danger of Indian attack, many out in the East Room of the White
house for scientists to examine.
For years, philosophers and
scholars from around the globe
studied the collections of fossils
from Big Bone Lick. Eventually,
after much discussion, they accepted
the idea that some of the bones
came from animal species that had
become extinct. This was an enor-
mous change of thinking because,
up until that time many, including
Thomas Jefferson, believed in the
concept that extinction contradicted
the Biblical religious belief that all
species had been perfectly created
by God and would continue to ex-
ist unchanged until the end of the
world. Paleontology, the study of
fossil remains from past ages, was Museum mock-up of how the animals may have become mired in the muddy brine before dying at Big Bone Lick.
born at Big Bone Lick. Universities, and many private col- The area is overgrown with trees
British scholar, Charles Darwin, lections around the world hold more In 1960, Big Bone Lick was made and brush and seems deserted. Al-
had been a student of both religion Big Bone specimens than will ever a Kentucky State Park. I visited though the campground was full, I
and natural history at Cambridge be accounted for. there recently. Activity now centers walked the foot trail on two occa-
University. Though at first a believ- At this time, eight species found around a large swimming pool sur- sions and never saw another person.
er in creation of species, Darwin at Big Bone are considered extinct: rounded by shady, paved campsites To my eye nothing remains of the
became a believer in the evolution Helmeted musk-ox, Elk-moose, parked full of modern fifth-wheel wonderful, historic Big Bone Lick.
of species. In 1859 he presented Complex-toothed horse, American campers and motorhomes. A side How sad that a place so important
his theory of natural selection in his mastodon, Columbian mammoth, road leads down to a small museum as to have actually changed the way
book, On the Origin of Species by Jeffersons ground sloth, and Har- where a few fossils are exhibited. people view our world, both scien-
Means of Natural Selection. The lans ground sloth. A foot trail leads down into the tifically and religiously, has been
theory of evolution, and that animals Sadly, Big Bone Lick was all but valley of Big Bone Creek where a forgotten. I agree with John Lloyd,
could become extinct by natural forgotten for the next century. In few small, sulfurous smelling seeps Big Bone Lick deserved a better
selection, was met with skepticism, 1936, John Lloyd, President of the continue to ooze from the ground. fate.n
even hostility, at first. However, Big Bone Lick Association, wrote,


most scientists were eventually Today, lovers of natural history and
taught to accept it. pristine conditions look with dismay
The study, and discussion, of at the scene surrounding Big Bone
the fossils from Big Bone continues Lick where little if anything remains
even today and the list of animal
orders, sub-orders, and species is
to recall the fame that a century or
more ago was part and parcel of BLACK BEAR HUNTING
still being revised. The amount of the unusual locality. Except for a
fossils found in a relatively small few crumbling fragments, all of the
6 NEW Chapters Plus New Material Added To Most Chapters
area at Big Bone Lick is remark- great bones have vanished and with Best black bear hunting book out there! ~ C. Ramirez
able. The greatest number of them the unique atmosphere of the DETAILED COVERAGE OF:
American mastodon fossils in North placeAs the years have passed All Hunting Methods Where to Aim
America have been collected at Big these unreplaceable antiquities have Field Judging Black Bears Recovering Bear You Shoot
Bone. Due to unrestricted digging gone to enrich distant museums
Scoring on Nocturnal Bears Reading Bear Sign
and undocumented removal, tens while the lick area has witnessed a
of thousands of bones, tusks, and gradual impoverishmentBig Bone Quantity Cost
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DNR, hunting groups work to preserve hunting legacy; kids have fun...Prepared By MDNR

Youth hunt carries tradition forward

or many decades, passing Were glad to have them,
on the skills and knowl- Niewoonder said. They take out lots
edge of the hunting tradi- of kids. Theyre super positive and
tion from adults to youth helpful. Theyre glad to be here and
has been a meaningful and were glad theyre here, too.
vitally important part of our Youth hunters, parents and vol-
heritage in Michigan. unteer guides gather at the Belding
Today, the practice continues, Sportsmans Club, where breakfast is Destiny Ery,
often with the help and support of served cooked by the club members 10, shows off
hunters groups and the Michigan De- and hunting parties are put together a squirrel she
partment of Natural Resources. One based on participants desires and took at the
fine example of seeing this process in available volunteers. Flat River State
action was a recent youth hunt at the A lot of times there are newbies Game Area.
Flat River State Game Area, which here maybe a dad and his kid who
encompasses over 11,000 acres in dont really know what theyre doing
Ionia and Montcalm counties. so we try to match them up with guys
The annual January youth hunt- who have good dogs and are experi-
ing event started out five years ago as enced, Niewoonder said. But a lot
a rabbit hunt, but its morphed into a of guys just want to go out with their
small game hunt. That proved to be a kids and walk around the woods.
significant change this year as weather Some guys are here every year.
factors left rabbit hunters battling long Some just come once in a while. But started. lunch to the annual hunt and plans to
odds, while squirrel hunters conduct- we get pretty good participation from Ive got two beagles and if the continue to do so in the future.
ed business as usual. Indeed, a lack our volunteers. huntings good, its action-packed This has been a great event,
of snow following almost a week of New volunteers this year included and a lot of fun, especially for young Foster said. We get a lot of repeats
warm, rainy weather made it hard to 41-year-old truck driver Jeff Younts of kids, Bird said. I just like seeing the but we keep getting new people, too,
see rabbits in the thick underbrush at Holton and 67-year-old retiree Terry young kids out there getting their first from as far away as Kalamazoo. All
the game area. But the bare trees were Van Haitsma, who came together with rabbit. A whole lot of these kids have of our groups are very glad to be in-
perfect for squirrel hunters and the their squirrel dogs. The pair came to never hunted rabbits before and in my volved in this. The stats are starting to
youngsters attending the event who the event just to take some kids out, generation thats how we started hunt- show thats there an increase in hunt-
chose to squirrel hunt. Younts said. ing small game. ing and its youth and women who are
The rabbit hunt, which was the The two men were paired with We didnt have any deer, and accounting for it.
brainchild of the staff at Flat River, two youngsters, one who came with we transitioned into deer hunting. The association donated a .22 rifle
seemed like a perfect fit for both the his dad, the other who came with Today, the kids start in the reverse of for a door prize. So did the Montcalm
habitat and the clientele. mom, dad and other family, to dis- that. There are not a lot of people who County Quality Deer Management
We talked about what we could cover the joys of small game hunting. small game hunt anymore and the Association, which is an MMUSA
do, kicked around different ideas, Keith Carlson, a real estate ap- kids dont get a chance to get started affiliate. The squirrel dog association
and decided on this, explained DNR praiser from Rockford, brought his in something that I think is a whole donated a shotgun/rifle combo. And
wildlife biologist John Niewoonder. 12-year-old son, Blake. lot of fun. the local National Wild Turkey Fed-
We got a couple of sportsmens Im not much of a hunter, Bird and his regular rabbit hunting eration chapter donated pocket knives
groups involved and everybody definitely not rabbits or squirrels, partner, Wally Ingvartsen, took sever- for all the youngsters.
jumped on board. Theyre all about Carlson said. But were an outdoor al youngsters out. They ran a bunch of John Byrne, a metal fabricator and
kids and getting kids involved and family we do a lot of fishing and rabbits that provided shooting oppor- president (and lifelong member) of
there have been a lot of things tried camping and when Blake started to tunities four times, but only 13-year- the Belding Sportsmans Club, said
like this, but this one has been very show an interest in hunting I thought I old Carson Wagner of Howard City his crew intends to continue hosting
successful we get a lot of kids and should support it. was able to connect. Wagner, who is the annual event.
this hunt seems to sustain itself. Carlson covered the mixed pine an experienced deer hunter, killed his Its fun getting more youth out
Niewoonder said the event has and hardwood ground and watched first rabbit. there in the woods and making sure
gotten bigger and better every year. his boy kill three squirrels. Carsons father Randy, a 48-year- we have a future for hunters, he said.
The only problem we seem to Blake said it was fun. His dad old sales representative, said he saw Its very important to get the youth
have with it is the weather, he said. was even more effusive. the hunt on the DNR website and involved and the safety portion is
Three years ago, the Michigan It was awesome, he said. I decided it was a good idea. emphasized. Its one of those things
Squirrel Dog Association contacted wouldnt change a thing. Were new to rabbit hunting, he that weve got to do.
Niewoonder and asked if theyd be Bill Bird, a 72-year-old retiree, said. Its the first time for us behind We have kids here who are too
welcome. has been volunteering since the hunt dogs. young to be handling a firearm, but
Wagner was one of only a handful its getting them ready for the next
of youngsters who scored a rabbit. few years when theyll be old enough
The rabbit hunters with beagles to start.
all seemed to get on rabbits, but the Byrne said the 75-year-old club
scenting conditions werent great and now has as many participants as it can
visibility was low because of the lack handle, but he likes what hes seen.
of snow, Niewoonder said. There A lot of moms come out and go
were plenty of rabbits; several groups with them (youth hunters) and thats
had some shooting but just missed. a very good thing, Byrne said. A lot
The hunt, which drew nearly 50 of kids dont have fathers and their
youngsters, is sponsored in part by mothers have taken on a good role,
several area sportsmens clubs. getting the kids away from iPads and
Steve Foster of Mid-Michigan cellphones, and getting them in the
United Sportsmen Association woods.
(MMUSA), said the consortium of For more information on hunting,
Some of the kids who par ticipated in the youth hunt at Flat River State sporting/conservation groups has visit the DNR website at www.michi-
Game Area near Belding, which is located nor theast of Grand Rapids. been donating manpower, prizes and gan.gov/hunting.n
(989) 569-3482 / service@pcsoutdoours.com

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Grasslands benefits
wildlife and residents
What is a grassland? What to the plains and prairies of North
America. They are characterized
kinds of wildlife can be by you guessed it grass. Grasses
found in grasslands and form most of the plant life, and nat-
ural grazing, wildfires and periodic
why do they thrive in this drought help to keep woody plants
habitat type? Why should from growing in grasslands. The soil
we care about grasslands? in grasslands is nutrient-rich from

the growth and decay of deep grass
hese and many other roots.
questions will be an- Many creatures make their
swered as we explore homes in Michigans grasslands. A
the great world of variety of songbirds use the grasses
grasslands and how for nesting and feeding, including
they benefit the people red-winged blackbirds, savannah
of Michigan. sparrows, ring-necked pheasants
Many may not know that grass- and eastern meadowlarks. Pollina-
lands help to improve water and air tors like bees and butterflies love the
quality important for all of us in wildflowers that grow in grasslands,
Michigan and throughout the world. and many mammals make their Grasslands provide impor tant habitat for wildlife. MDNR photo
They are also simply stunning to homes in grasslands too. Badgers,
view in mid-to-late summer, when meadow voles, coyotes and white- increasingly rare over the last 150 come from the MDNR this summer.
the prairie wildflowers are in full tailed deer rely on grasslands. Be- years due to the conversion of grass- To learn more, visit www.mi.gov/
bloom. lieve it or not, even American bison lands to agricultural land. The rich pheasant.n
Grasslands can be found all once roamed Michigans southern soil and lack of trees made prairies,
over the world, from the savannas prairies.
Grasslands have become
plains and other grasslands in North Prepared By MDNR
of Africa to the steppes of Russia America prime lands for farming.

The conversion of grassland to

Je n k
farmland led to a decrease in many

e n i ns
grassland wildlife and plant species.

Luckily, in our state, the Michi-
gan Pheasant Restoration Initiative
is working to improve and enhance

Michigans remaining grasslands on
private and public lands in south- On Wood, Gas & Pellet
ern Michigan. Extensive grassland Fireplaces & Stoves
restoration work is in progress at LOWEST PRICES OF THE SEASON
Lake Hudson State Recreation Area
in Lenawee County, Verona State
Game Area in Huron County, Sha-
ronville State Game Area in Jackson
and Washtenaw counties, and Maple Since 1979

Custom Gun Dog Training English Setters

Largest Selection
River State Game Area in Gratiot Wood/Gas/Pellet/Corn Stoves
County, as well as other public and Fireplaces/Gas Logs/BBQs

4989 Abbot Road Reading, MI 49274

private lands in southern Michigan. Hearth Accessories, Patio and More
In addition, the federal Farm WE SELL PELLETS
Bill helps to restore grasslands by
Hunts Conducted On offering farmers financial reim-

In Good Cover (Including Blues)
bursement for conservation prac-
tices, including planting grasslands
and buffer strips.
Made up of many partners, the
We Dont Fool Around, Michigan Pheasant Restoration
GUN DOG TRAINING Initiative is a conservation initia-
tive to restore and enhance Michi-
EVERY SUNDAY gan pheasant habitat (grasslands),
populations, and hunting opportuni-
Your Dog & You Will Be Great (Lunch Provided)
ties on private and public lands via
QUALITY ENGLISH pheasant cooperatives. The initiative Let us install a
beautiful high efficiency
works by acquiring state and federal gas, wood or pellet insert!

SETTERS resources to assist landowners in

the cooperatives to improve wild- ROMEO WATERFORD
From 47 Years Of Selective Breeding life habitat on their properties and 70790 Van Dyke 4994 Dixie Hwy.
by improving grassland habitat on Romeo, MI 48065 Waterford, MI 48329
selected state game areas, recreation 877-836-6388 877-936-6388
CALL NOW! 517.283.1559 areas or other public lands. More
informative stories on grasslands to
STORE HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10am to 6pm Sat. 10am to 4pm Closed Sundays
My, how things have changed...

Thoughts on a mouse
By Sharon Kennedy line and found
emember when a mouse them with his Moms trap and waited a few seconds. Then
was something you paws. When he she removed the drowned mouse
caught in a trap and gets bored, he a mouse, I and threw it outside where it should
didnt want to touch? eats them. didnt care that it was dead. It didnt have stayed in the first place.
When I was a kid, In todays society, having a belong in the house so it got what In conclusion, whether youre
checking Moms mouse rodent in the house seems to be a it deserved. It wasnt the lifeless a mouse or a human, its an awful
trap line was my least favorite common occurrence. Some folks rodent I couldnt stand, it was the thing to get caught in a trap. Some-
chore. I didnt mind dust mopping. buy mice and rats as pets for their idea of touching a furry dead thing. I times theres just no way out. You
On Saturday mornings, I could children, a phenomenon beyond my could swat a fly or squish a mos- flop around, trying your best to wig-
listen to the hit parade on the radio understanding. Years ago house- quito and think nothing of it, but gle free. You toss this way and that,
and sing along to the weeks top wives were embarrassed if they saw no way would I remove a mouse but youre out of luck. Its the water
twenty recordings. I could pretend a furry gray thing scurry across the from a trap. Likewise, Dad and my pail for you unless youre lucky
it took an hour to dust the upstairs, room. This was especially true if siblings wouldnt go near the thing, enough to have someone come to
but I dreaded one of my afternoon company had stopped by for morn- but it didnt bother Mom. She was
your rescue. Then life is good and a
chores. Checking Moms traps was ing coffee. No one wanted to admit our hero.
Im still squeamish about mice. trap is just a harmless piece of wood
anathema to me, especially when a mouse was on the loose in their with a spring and hammer, and a
the mouses beady black eyes stared kitchen, and heaven forbid if some- Last year, I set a trap in one of the
cold air ducts in my trailer and a mouse is merely a tool you push
into mine. thing was heard running through the around to navigate the Internet.
Moms favorite place to set traps rafters. Now kids proudly display mouse wondered in from the winter
weather. I heard the trap snap, but it With all the words available, its
was the pantry. Our pantry wasnt their collection of rodents and some
didnt finish off the vagrant. For two amazing mouse is the best techies
just a closet with shelves like you parents let them wander at will hours I listened to it flop around. could find to describe the little black
might find in todays modern homes. throughout the entire house. Finally I called a friend and asked thing I maneuver with my right
It was a small room with a pie safe, Its the same with lice. People for help. When she arrived, I was hand every time I use my Dell. Id
a wooden table, and plenty of stor- were horrified if their kid came ready. I had a pair of rusty kitchen be lost without my mouse, words I
age boxes nailed to the south wall. home scratching his head, but in our tongs and a pail of water waiting. never dreamed would tumble from
The pie safe held our spices, canned shiny new century, lice seem to be My friend grabbed the trap with my mouth. My, how things have
goods, cookie sheets, extra dishes, accepted as a normal part of grade the tongs, deposited it in the water, changed!n
pots, and frying pans. I dont recall school. This amazes me. When and
a pie ever being placed in there be- why did we get complacent about

cause a pie never lasted long enough things as repulsive as mice and lice?
to be stored anywhere. My reaction to these pests borders

Our old farmhouse was typi- on phobic, but thats how I was
cal of most. There were lots of raised. Rodents were not allowed in
places where unwelcome mice could the house, and lice were a scourge
squeeze through and look for winter forbidden near our heads. CHARTERS STARTING AT ONLY $400 - GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!
lodging warmer than the outside Throughout grade school,
sheds. What Ive come to real- I recall only one louse episode Captain Mike Veine targets the hottest action at the best
ize over the years is that we were in our school. The infected kids places, during peak trophy producing periods.
luckier than many folks. Rarely did stayed home until all signs of nits
a rodent venture near the pantry and were kerosened out of their heads. Eries Trophy
never did one enter our living room. I remember feeling sorry for the
One of my lady friends is always kids. Mom explained it wasnt their Walleyes
finding a dead mouse in her shoe, fault, and we shouldnt mention it to Early spring on Lake Erie
underneath her bed, or nibbling anyone. People were easily humili- serves up the best trophy
some delicacy on her kitchen coun- ated in those days. An outbreak of walleye fishery in the world.
ter. Her cat gets his daily exercise lice was unthinkable. Today its as From ice-out in March
and entertainment by chasing mice, natural as a recess break. through April, Lake Erie
pouncing on them, and slapping Well anyway, when I checked offers outstanding trophy
walleye action.


Trout, Bass, Pike, Walleyes, Catfish, Pan Fish, All through spring and
Minnows for Fast Fish Growth, Hybrid Bluegills. summer our charters
worldclass fishing.
(Fish available during the months of We also sell pond supplies... Catch limits there are very
April, May, October and November)
Fish may be picked up in small pond dyes, chemicals, generous too. Both eaters
quantities or we deliver by truck. aeration and fish pellets! and lunkers are
typically caught on most
Imlay City Fish Farms, Inc. charters for the perfect mix.
Fish Consultants
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New safety product
Many states
have begun to
require a pan-
oramic mirror

for family boating

be used when
towing. The
most practical

solution is a
y latest report from room for skiing, tubing, or wake mirror that
Take Me Fishing boarding. allows a rear
released by The Rec- As these water activities have view from por t
reational Boating & increased, so have accidents with to starboard
Fishing Foundation them. Boating safety advocates, without having
(RBFF) announced federal and state law enforcement to turn around.
that their message about fishing has agencies have determined a need
gathered a record 64% increase in to safeguard those involved. Not
awareness. All indications, across only the boaters towing but other board without having to turn around. When used on a center console
many fields; boating, fishing, family boaters they encounter. Some state Persons being towed will be in full vessel, the mirror provides a broad
outdoor activates point to a recreational boating laws view at all times. vison aft. It can be mounted above
greater appreciation of on- require; Operators of ves- I was made aware of such a the drivers eye level and adjusted to
the-water activities. One sels towing someone on mirror that has recently been made a preferred height for multiple users
point made was that of over aquaplaning devices must available and had the opportunity plus it mounts at any angle. When
47 million men, women and have a person on board to to examine it. The Made in the using a cover for your boat, the mir-
children, already engaged act as an observer or have USA UCX-17 PRO, (PTMEdge.
in outdoor activities, were and use a wide-angled, ror folds forward or aft to fit under it
com) is a fully adjustable universal so there is no need to remove it.
open to trying new things. rearview mirror. mirror. It features the ABS 6X14 Families are increasingly filling
Many new styles of It is not unusual to 100 HDVR-100 panoramic mirror. the waterways with their active
boats have see a vessel Most styles easily mount as a clamp
been produced
to meet the By Capt. Fred Davis with multiple
persons in tow.
on but the PXR 200 offers a bolt on
mount. The mirrors can be fixed to
lifestyle, a website titled Seeker
list seven; Waterski jumping where
increased in- The operator any console and the ball-and-socket jumpers fly more than 200 horizon-
terest in fishing and boating. Deck cannot look behind and an observer joints on both ends allow infinite tal feet in the air, wake boarding and
and pontoon boats have gained in cannot keep all of the persons in adjustments. The assembly is ma- wake surfing, wake skating, Sky ski-
popularity in recent years. A major view. Many states have begun to chined from aerospace-grade billet ing on a hydrofoil, knee boarding,
reason for the increase is, not only require a panoramic mirror be used aluminum, electro-polished and tubing on all manner of devices and
are they easy to operate, they serve when towing. The most practical anodized with a premium finish that old fashioned slalom skiing. I sug-
as a platform with a larger capacity solution is a wide-angle mirror that will provide years of maintenance gest you check out the site to view
per length ratio. This provides more allows a rear view from port to star- free use. demonstrations of the action.n


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that gross over the 200 mark, with a few that
net over 200 typical! For hunters we offer hunt-
of-a-lifetime opportunities.
Our hunts are in a heavily forested area, located
along Lake Huron with Canada just across the
lake to the north east.

800-756-5459 Take I-75 N to Exit 313 (M-27 North)

Take M-27 N to US-23 in Cheboygan
www.worldclasswhitetails.com Take US-23 East 19 Miles To Property On Right
My Thoughts on Deer Management...

Hope for an Early Spring

hink back a bit. Last we didnt have rain for the last two
years winter, (2015- weeks and it stayed that way until
2016) was exception- the second week of August. Total
ally mild and short rainfall for July on our lands in mid-
with acorns aplenty Michigan was inch and it was a
throughout Michigan. warm summer.
This years spring was We are in a mixed land
moist but otherwise gener- use area of approximately
ally normal. The high soil 50% woods and 50%
moisture picture set back agriculture, which is ideal. A few winters ago the author obser ved plenty of deer on his food
seeding dates for much of It didnt rain in the woods
Michigan. We normally either. Deer now left the
plots...this January he saw two fawns?
seed our field corn to help woods and made good
carry deer through the win- use of our field corn and plots? Dont they know that field and average winters we took 331
firearm sites. Around 50% corn is for them for the coming bucks. In 2007 after two years of
ter, (20 acres) in early May.
of these fields, winter? If there is little to eat in the severe winters and little acorns the
We were held
By Ed Spinazzola about 15 acres, woods, you have to expect that. take was 59 bucks.
back to May 20.
Our target date were destroyed by Factors Affecting Deer Health/Productivity
for the first phase late August with Deer Health! is in Your Hands!
of seeding, (12 acres) at the firearm the rest in extreme stress. We tilled As noted last year we had a The above harvest data indi-
sites, a blend of RR field corn, RR and replanted 10 of these acres with bumper acorn crop, which is a key cates that we just need to accept
soybeans and RR sugar beets is mid- a blend of soybeans and brassica in to deer winter carry over success. Mother Natures whims and live
May. The last day in the fields to mid-August, it was a big help. Add a short and mild winter, which with it. The truth is a long way off.
get this done was June 2. Our target Walking alongside and in the we had and you can bet on fine Your destiny of having a stable and
date for the first phase of seeding woods it was obvious to note the doe health and fawning success, consistent good hunting experience
my 9 acres bow sites, a blend of much reduced natural spring and improved spring buck weight and is possible. Its called land and deer
RR field corn, RR soybeans, RR summer forage present, which increased antler sizes. The fawns management. The deer management
sugar beets is the first half of July. answers the question, Why are munching on our fields early spring is nothing more than getting them
That was accomplished but now so many deer destroying our food were in great shape. We had a little more natural in their sex ratio and
winter carry over field corn still age structure. Its called quality deer
present in early March. Acorns are management, (QDM). Where ever
important for deer and other wild the concept is followed positive
life. This year through most of results are experienced. The more
Michigan the crop was small or not natural the deer are due to true
present. The dry summer hastened QDM management practices the
the maturity of acorns, which caused greater the hunting experience. We
an early drop. By the end of Sep- are not talking larger deer herds,
tember we could not find a single we are talking balanced deer herds
nut. in tune with their habitat or more
The fawns started to join their accurate, Habitat in tune with the
mothers in the food plots in early deer number.
July. This is a bit early but it gave The goal in land management
me time to evaluate their condition. or deer habitat management is to
It was the largest fawn crop I ever achieve a stable year round source
experienced. At least three sets of of forage, cover and water for deer.
triplets with many more fawns than Deer are primarily woodsy animals
does and all of them and their moth- for they are browsers not grazers
ers if fine shape. Bucks observed like cattle. Cattle can live very well
were above average in antler size for on grass alone, deer cannot. If all
their ages. My thought then was, the they ate was grass they would all
Michigan deer hunters will experi- die. Cattle can create all the miner-
ence an improved buck kill, at least als, enzymes and fatty acids they
in body and antler development in need from grass alone. Deer may
2016. This wasnt the best year but have four stomachs, but not the abil-
it was nice to observe the fine health ity to create all the nutrients needed
and productivity of the local deer. for survival. The deers normal diet
The best year we observed for deer consists of over 600 plant types,
health and antler development was (much of it being woody small
2000. stems, buds and leaves) and it is this
We covered this in a previous variety of forage that is necessary in
article but it works as good informa- their habitat for a healthy deer herd,
tion. I joined the 18,000 acre Mid- which equals increased herd produc-
Forest Lodge Hunt Club in Roscom- tivity.
mon County in 1974. We had three Deer habitat management starts
years in a row of great acorns from with a clear cut or shelter cut that
1979-1981. I had difficulty keeping is continuous. Continuous means
my balance walking in the woods. there is a clear cut or shelter cut in
With 400 memberships we averaged a designated area every few years,
125 bucks taken yearly. In 1981 (5-7), with the first clear cut be-
after two years of super acorn crops ing recut 30-35 years later. If you
had a five year space between clear the bulk of the breeding. The 1 in early August and again with a Early Spring
cuts you would divide the area into year olds also can breed and some broadcasting of grain lightly in I will be at the Deer and Turkey
six separate segments for a 30 year do but most are now subdued as early September. I saw a total of Spectacular at the Lansing Center
cycle. If you had a seven year space they should be for their own good. two fawns digging through the ice on February 17-19, 2017 and at the
between clear cuts you would divide 1 year old bucks are still young and snow and nothing more. There Novi Showplace for Outdoorama
the area into five separate segments teenagers and need to grow more was nothing left of any forage on February 23-26. Tony LaPratt,
for a 35 year recut of the first clear bone and flesh. The rut affects them absolutely nothing! There is little Owner of Tony LaPratts Land
cut. You now have continuous deer more negatively than the mature left in the woods from last years Management will join us at Out-
cover, bedding and forage year bucks. sparse woodsy growth. This must doorama! For more information
round forever. be the same story throughout Lower check our web sites www.tonysulm.
A shelter cut is a clear cut but
Hope for an Early Spring! Michigan. If so, and the winter takes com or www.deerattraction.com or
Somehow I got carried away, a wrong turnlets, Hope For an call 586-784-8090.n
now you are leaving 6-8 mast lets finish the first segment. We are
trees per acre. These mast trees are now experiencing a mild winter,
preferably oak trees. If you have great but as noted there is not much
none or few, plant five red oak and for deer to eat if my experience is
three white oak per acre. You would common and from asking others
need to protect these young saplings
from mice, rabbits and deer. Plant
no more than eight mast trees per
their experience we may need help
from Mother Nature. We had no FAST & EFFECTIVE
problem seeing deer during daylight
acre for a 75 feet average spacing even though our food plots were
between trees. The result is a dense hurt big time. Thanks to the seed-
growth of brush, saplings and forbs. ing of nine acres in July for the bow
Adding food plots and water holes sites and the replanting of 10 acres

just improves the picture. of choice forage we had good stuff
The above program could be a through out the bow season. David
major input along with other proven Crudder of St. Clair Shores and a U
land management practices that of M senior took his first buck, a six
effect year round forage, bedding pointer with his compound bow. My
and cover for wildlife. For more son Steven took a fine eight point
information on the value of prac- the bow opener. A youth hunter, Ben
ticing QDM note the results of an Gofitz took a big ten pointer during
experimental 12 county antler point the youth hunt after he missed a big-
restriction program in northwest ger eight pointer 20 seconds earlier.
lower- Michigan. Last fall was the Ben of Gladwin shot at the eight
fourth year of the experimental man- pointer opening day youth hunt with
datory antler restriction program. his .243 rifle and missed cleanly.
The MDNR is keeping records The buck ran off to the woods
of sex ratio kill and changing age nearby, he came back 20 seconds
structure of the harvested bucks. later looking a bit smaller. Ben shot,
All 12 Counties showed signifi- the buck dropped and some how
cant improvements in lowering the grew two more points.
kill of 1-1/2 year old bucks, from My daughter Diane took a doe
77% of the total buck- kill prior to second day with a great bow shot.
the program dropping down to as Another youth, 10 year-old Cole
low as 6% of the total buck- kill Dienes of Oakland County took his
in Kalkaska County. In this same first deer, a doe. My grandson Joe
county the buck kill of 3 1/2 and took a doe and a five point buck
older bucks taken went from 11% during Thanksgiving weekend.
prior to the program to as high as Poor Joe had no meat in his freezer. COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL
55% the fourth year. The average of Joe saw two fawns 150 yards away
the 12 counties being 66% prior to munching in a combination corn, RESIDENTIAL
the program and less than 25% the soybeans and sugar beet plot along
fourth year of the program for the with their mom. Joe shot his second
taking of 1 year olds. doe of the day. Bens buck grew
This buck kill data is more than two points as Joes doe grew five
significant for the antler restrictions points. I shot at and missed a huge
used should protect around 55% of eight pointer at 180 yards second
all the 1 1/2 year old bucks not 75% day of the firearm. I know what I
as the final average kill data shows. did, jerked the trigger. I did take a
This means that the Michigan deer doe. Plenty of deer were seen and
hunters in these 12 counties are seri- taken but nothing during the muzzle
ous in protecting 1 year old bucks. season. No bucks seen and hardly
The ultimate goal is to protect 90% anything left in the many food plots
of all 1 year old bucks. When this except two 1 acre plots that had
is accomplished you do not need decent sugar beets left, deer seen
to be concerned if the right young there but no bucks.
bucks are taken. You have advanced I returned January 16, 2017 to
at least 30% of the 2 year olds and take pictures of deer in those sugar
at this point everything takes care beet fields to use for my presenta-
of itself. In other words the deer tions. They were seeded with field
herd is now natural at least in their corn, soybeans and sugar beets in www.lakeeffectps.com 616.312.7811
sex ratio. The older bucks now take May, then broadcast with a bras-
charge, with the best of them doing sica blend at two pounds per acre
Michigan Outdoor Writers Association...

Introducing the Michigan

Outdoor Hall of Fame
e sometimes for- to work towards a way we could
get where our in- develop a Michigan Outdoor Hall
spiration comes of Fame. The trek officially started
from, although I three years ago. I brought it up at
never forget my a Michigan Outdoor Writers As-
first sociation (MOWA) board
inspiration in the outdoor meeting. Folks around that
world came from a fella table just kind of blinked
named Mort Neff. I was and nodded. It seemed like
around five-years-old and a long hike in an endless
I remember running in to woods to get to an outdoor Michigan legend Fred Bear. Michigan is blessed with so many out-
watch his show on our old hall of fame then, but my
black and white television. belief was we needed to
door icons its only fitting to have a hall of fame to honor them.
That show always took me honor those that inspired us
unteer in an outdoor organization. rules may change, but we wanted a
By Mark Sak
to a place I wanted to do what we do in the
to be. Later when I outdoors today. Im very pleased to announce that formal process to take place to make
had a chance to hunt We need to con- the Michigan Outdoor Hall of Fame that happen.
and fish there was no questioning tinue to inspire the new generations is coming to reality. The Michigan Outdoor Hall
if I liked it or not, I already knew I to take that chance to learn how to The Michigan Outdoor Hall of of Fame will be hosted online on
would because of Mort Neff. guide, or sell a photograph to an Fame will be run by the Michigan MOWAs website, and we are very
It is for that reason I decided outdoor magazine, or become a vol- Outdoor Writers Association. This close to closing the deal to have
choice was overall the most logical a physical location for the hall of

as these writers have covered all of fame at the Carl T. Johnson Hunt
the legends in Michigans outdoor and Fish Center in Cadillac Michi-
world for years. The plan is to start gan. Our initial plan is to hang a
the hall out with five iconic induct- plaque in honor of the inductee with
ees that have had at least regional some pictures and a summation of
or statewide impact on Michigans the inductees lifetime achievements
FROM HILL RD TO MILLER RD outdoor legacy.
After the first five outdoor icons
in the outdoors. We hope visitors
stopping by the Carl T. Johnson
are inducted in June of 2017, we will be able to appreciate those that
will open the nomination process inspired us in the outdoors. The plan

to the general public. Nominees for is to grow the hall at a slow pace to

the Michigan Outdoor Hall of Fame make sure that the true legends get
will be voted on by the Hall of Fame inducted. If the Carl T. Johnson does
committee for seven years. The not work out, we will host the hall
committee rules are still being final- of fame on our website until we do
ized, but we are looking at including find a suitable location.
a DNR representative, a member There are many great outdoor
of MOWA, and two other mem- people in the state of Michigan and
bers of distinction selected by the we want this to be the best of the
chairperson. After the initial seven best. From the moment this pro-
ACCESSORIES year period if the nominee is not
inducted, they can be re-nominated
posal passed the MOWA Board,
(unanimously I may add), I could
one additional time for an additional see folks were quite excited within
seven years. If they are not voted in our group. Many states around the
during the second nomination period country hold elaborate ceremonies
they will no longer be eligible. to induct nominees. Its hard to tell
FLINT, MI 48507 There will be a maximum number of
five inductees per year.
where this could lead for Michigan.
I do know several of our corporate
(Formerly Powerhouse Gym) The MOWA President will be partners in MOWA; Toyota and
the committee chairperson and Eppinger are extremely excited as
1.866.820.2119 select members of the induction well and are willing to support the
committee. There is a new MOWA endeavor financially.
PRESENT THIS COUPON AT President every two years so this Id like to thank Mort Neff for
will create a new base of members inspiring me. I think we will find

on the selection committee quite of-
ten. The rules can only be changed
by a vote of the Michigan Outdoor
him in the Michigan Outdoor Hall
of Fame at some point. Look for
more information coming out soon
MARCH 1 - APRIL 31, 2017
Woods-N-Water News Writers Association Board of Di- regarding the hall at MIOWA.net.
rectors so it is not out of the ques-
**Some Exclusions Apply**
I hope it will inspire you and your
tion that nomination or eligibility family.n
was unleashed at 2016 Boot Camps! It has set the whole
whitetail world on fire again! There has never been in the History of
Whitetail Deer or Whitetail Land Management anything this BIG! PERIOD!
BUCK ZONING - Going To Change Everything!
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& Associates
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Ever y
N e e d s t oH u n t e r
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Here is a small example of the Ultimate Buck Zoning System. Here,
at the amazing Whitetail Habitat Research Center which encom-
passes only 52 acres, with only 23 acres of those woods. In the
spring of 2014 we found 44 sheds, in 2015 - 46 sheds, thats 90 I will be speaking at
sheds in just two years! In 2016 I had 22 different bucks come the following shows . . .
under my stand on the same day! There is no other system that MICHIANA Outdoors Show
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ers, I can honestly say that Tony LaPratts ideas and techniques are unique, and they Einstein. The deer worlds equivalent is Tony LaPratt, Hes definitely a genius, Tony
work in the real world. If your goal is to make your land better for whitetail hunting, is able to build a gender-specific bedding areas, for bucks, does, and fawning area.
his techniques will get you there. His technique is so refined, he can manipulate where individual animals bed within the
cover. Tonys unique techniques totally separates him from the rest of the land manag-
Steve Bartel - (Outdoor Writer) -- Tony LaPratt , is the Godfather of modern-day
Habitat Improvements. It was nearly 20 years ago that Tony showed me pictures of ers in the whitetail world. Its easy to see why his fame has spread like a cyber-tsunami
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Dear Fish Diary...The strangest thing you ever caught while fishing?

Nancy Hascall catches a bat

ast month I launched my following a twisting tribu- especially with a fly rod in it was a lithe beauty. She didnt
search for readers to write tary in the Yellowstone Riv- one hand--but the perfect cast just anywhere, she cast into the
me about the strangest er Basin and searching for stretch of water--a churning boiling froth. The fish didnt bite,
thing theyve ever caught an access point. We were chute followed by a deep it bulleted to her hook in an explo-
while fishing. As the sto- eager to fish but totally void of stillness--looked sion of fin, jaw and slapping tail
ries come in, Im sifting discouraged by the uninter- like trout nirvana. notice she is intelligent enough not
through them and getting rupted NO TRESPASSING Can you see the to include scales because shes talk-
some pretty good laughs. signs that dotted the pri- Hemingway tones here, like ing trout?
I got this idea after I read about a vately owned land abutting the Old man and the Sea She didnt just catch the trout,
fisherman in Miami, Florida, catch- the bank. The
By Ron St. Germain
transforming she summoned him from the depths,
ing a kilo of cocaine off the coast of perfect water into The crazy specifically with a #14 Griffiths
Miami. If youve had an odd catch, I remained just woman and the Gnat. She didnt just cast, she back-
certainly want to hear about it. out of legal reach, taunting us with raging river? Glimmering winks, cast a tuft of deer hair through the
Nancy Hascall, of Otsego, might glimmering winks. crystal medium, steep slope of scree dusk. And by the way, lithe means
be one of the few people who can Finally, a teeny corner of public punctuated by scraggly pine trees, pliant, pliant means supple, supple
say they caught a bat hook and line. land presented itself at a precari- tire-worn pull-out and foot skids means limber and limber means
Not a floating baseball bat, a fly- ous guardrail, offering us the single down the slope, a churning chute flexible. Her second cast wasnt
ing mammal. When Nancy wrote opportunity to reach the crystal followed by a deep void of still- back into the river, it was into the
her story to me, I couldnt decide medium...if we were desperate... nesslooked like trout nirvana. still, dark, deepness four feet down-
whether it was Hemingway, Mel- and we were, as the sun was sinking Be honest, how many of you stream from the liquid fury, where
ville or Hitchcock writing to me. fast. But that meant scaling a crazy know what scree is? I lived in submerged boulders loomed like
I can hardly read most of steep slope of scree punctuated by Colorado and I still had to look it aquatic ghosts.
the emails I receive, but Nancy? scraggly pine trees. The tire-worn up. Scree - a mass of small loose Can you see the Melville tones
WOW this gal is not only a fish- pull-out and foot skids down the stones that form or cover a slope on here? At any time reading her story,
o-holic, shes very descriptive. I slope--evidence that we werent the a mountain. A slope covered with Im truly expecting her to catch
barely had to write this column, I first with fishing fever-- encour- small loose stones. Dang, shes Moby Dick, or have some savage
just sat back and copy and pasted aged us, though, so we stepped over good. attack happen from this bat that
her exact words as she described her the guardrail and slid on down. She goes on(Nancy) Impa- sticks in her crawl as she makes it
event. It required some tricky maneu- tiently, I stepped onto a flat-ish gran- her life mission to seek this bat out
(Nancy) We were racing dusk, vering to negotiate the loose rocks ite boulder at the rivers edge and and destroy it.
cast into the boiling froth...and was Lets be a bit more simplistic
immediately rewarded with a lively and realistic about this. In Yooper
12 cutthroat that had bulleted to my terms its this simple. Well I
hook in an explosion of fin, jaw and ignored da no tresspassin sign, dang
slapping tail. I had summoned him near kilt myself on dem loose, wet
from the depths with a #14 Griffiths rocks, flipped dat der fly in da drink,
Gnat tied by my husband, Allan, that caught a one footer and life was
afternoon. good eh.
After releasing that lithe beauty, This is why a regular novel is
I blew my fly dry and prepared to like 1000-pages and a Yooper novel
have a go at the still, dark deep- is only about six pages.
ness four feet downstream from Now for the Hitchcock part.
the liquid fury, where submerged (Nancy) Instantly, another strike...
boulders loomed like aquatic ghosts. but this time, from ABOVE! A bat
I back-cast, careful to avoid a low had swooped down to claim its prize
branch, and let that tuft of deer hair and was now laboring desperately
drift through the dusk to meet the to carry it off! I tugged on my end,
surface. sending the bat--still connected to
She didnt step onto any rock, it my line--into the drink. The bat
was granite. It wasnt just any trout, feebly flopped at the surface until I
Michigan Hunting & Fishing Collectors Club
1/2 WEEK

Saturday Held at the

April 1, 2017 Eagles Hall
9am - 3pm 301 Detroit St.
For More
Information JACKSON,

www.mhfcc.net or call 248-760-7785

Gun Chat...
The .35 Remington
By Lee Arten

hadn't thought much about the .35 Remington for a while. Then I
ran across an ad for a rifle in the caliber. Other ads I've seen have
been for lever actions, most often Marlin 336s. There have been some
for Savage and Remington pump rifles in .35. Remington Model
8 and 81 autoloaders (semiautos) are quite often found in .35 as well.
The ad that caught my interest was for a rifle I haven't seen in years, a
bolt-action in .35. I have a list of guns I'd like to buy. A bolt action in .35
Remington might be able to bump one down a ways.
According to the NRA Firearms Fact Book (Third Edition) the .35
Remington was developed in 1908. I've also read that it was invented in
1906. Remington was the developer and the cartridge was originally for
a semiautomatic rifle. The rifle was later named the Model 8 and an im-
proved version was called the Model 81. Like several other Remingtons,
Nancy Hascall, of Otsego? Hemingway, Melville or Hitchcock? Either way, the rifle was originally designed by John Moses Browning.
Nancy touches on all the great novel writers as she describes catching a I've handled, but not fired, several Model 81s in .35 Remington over
bat hook and line. Something few people have probably ever done, and if
the years. The .35 I've had the most experience with belongs to my broth-
they did it, they sure probably wouldnt describe it like this. er, Jon. He bought a Marlin 336 lever rifle in the 1980s because the .30-06
brought the little guy to shore with air and took off like a bat outa ya he was hunting with seemed too heavy to carry. We both liked to be on
a few quick pulls on my line. Once know what, buzzin all around n the move while hunting then. And were also able to hunt from dawn to
grounded, the bat dropped the fly, stuff. Den it went in da drink like a the end of shooting hours. Jon liked the .35 Remington better than a .30-
caught his breath, shook off, then beaver and I pulled da little fella up 30 although, even then, a .30-30 would have been easier to find.
took off, totally embarrassed. on dem rocks. It shook off da water My brother's Marlin was made in New Haven, Connecticut. It doesn't
Nancy isnt just your average like a wet bear, spit out da fly, give have the safety on the side of the receiver that current Marlin's have. It
fisher-gal, she was smart enough to me an evil look, den flew away. Ya, sports a gold-plated, (or gold colored) trigger and stocks that appear to
realize that both the trout and the I cant imagine if my wife woulda be walnut. The stock has a black plastic buttplate and the pistol grip has
bat were males. She was observant caught dat bat, shed a dropped da a black cap with white spacers. The front sight has a gold, or brass, bead.
enough to realize that the bat she rod and jumped in da drink scream- The rear is a buckhorn open sight. I prefer peep sights on a lever gun, but
had caught was embarrassed. in er fool head off eh. Ya ever seen the sights on the .35 worked OK when I shot it. The Marlin ejects to the
She did not scream or panic like a ting like dat before eh? right and the solid-top receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope.
many would have being face to face Ive never seen anything like I borrowed the Marlin a few times and used it to shoot water-filled
with a hooked bat. She was fully it either, now send me your story coffee cans. It did fine as a high-powered plinker. The other .35 I've shot
prepared to release the bat by hand about the strangest thing youve was a pistol. Years ago, at a range outside Negaunee, I fired one round
if she needed to, which means she ever caught and dont make me get of .35 Remington from a Thompson Center Contender. One round was
understands that the bat can proceed out the dictionary to understand it. enough, although the guy who owned the pistol didn't mind the recoil
nearly as much as I did. He was still shooting the pistol when I packed up
to devour a thousand mosquitoes an Funny fish stories wanted: and left the range.
hour, or a #14 Griffiths Gnat every Strangest thing youve ever caught
20-minutes. Her flamboyant descrip- Jon hunted with his .35 for a few years. He shot a doe in the neck with
Send a short description of your it, and told me it went, right down. He's lived in Florida, Georgia and
tive writing did kind of take a dive best or worst fishing day, or worst
with her last paragraph and I was some islands in the Pacific since then. There's isn't a lot of hunting on the
fishing-related adventure to me. islands, and the rifle hasn't been shot much, if at all, since he moved.
somewhat disappointed, because she You dont have to write the entire
referred to the river in Yooper terms The .35 throws a 200 grain bullet at just over 2,000 feet per second as a
story, just a brief outline of what
as the drink. But shes learning, standard load. That weight of bullet generates 1762 FPS at the muzzle and
happened. If it has some humor to it
and soon you just might see her Ill be getting in touch with you and just over 1,100 fps at 100 yards.
name in this magazine as the writer well work on the completed story Other available options are 150 and 220 grain bullets. Manufacturers
of the story, not just the bat lady together. used to offer loads with 180 grain bullets but they seem to have disap-
who writes like Hemingway. Contact - Woods-N-Water News peared. Handloaders can also use handgun bullets made for the .357
To end the story in common columnist Ron St. Germain by Magnum. A friend bought a Marlin in .35 Remington for his son and
Yooper terms, just in case youre calling (517) 626-2814, e-mailing made plinking loads with a magnum pistol powder and 158 grain jack-
scratching your head: Yer not gonna DaPhotoDude@aol.com. Visit the eted .357 bullets. Milk jugs full of water really came apart when shot
believe what happened next eh. Ya, authors Facebook page www.Face- with those loads. The rifle isn't in his family any longer. My friend says he
a dang bat grabbed dat fly from da book.com/BearwaveBooksn sometimes wishes it was.
The .35 has a reputation as a stopper, and a good woods cartridge.
The tables show enough drop that stretching shots with a .35 could be a
problem. I think it would be best used inside 150 yards. Most of my shots
at deer have been taken at 100 yards, or less. Some were at 30 or 40 yards.
At those ranges a .35 Remington would work fine. In my years of deer
hunting I've taken one shot with that I might have had to pass with a .35.
That was just a bit past 200 yards.
I looked on the Net for .35 Remington ammo. Remington, Win-
chester, Federal, Hornady and Buffalo Bore all produce it. Brass is also
Grand Rapids, MI 616-538-5000 available for reloaders. Since Hornady .35 Remington was cheapest, if I
Kalamazoo, MI 269-381-9490 South Bend, IN 574-282-2900 was getting a .35 Remington rifle, I'd probably buy a few boxes of that,
shoot it up, and then start reloading. Dies and bullets are also available
New, Surplus, and Recycled Auto Parts for the .35.
Bullets I found included Remington 200 grain round nose and pointed
Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions soft points (PSP). The round nose bullets would be safe loaded into tu-
New, Recycled, and Rebuilt Driveline Components bular magazines and so would work best in a lever gun. The PSPs would
work fine in a bolt-action. I've used .25 and .30 caliber Remington PSPs
Quality Parts Guaranteed successfully for years, I'd probably buy some of those.
A bolt-action in .35 Remington intrigues me. I just might be talking
www.wellerauto.com myself into buying one.
Colonial days Knife maker
y first question to Scott money on it. I am proud of my work
Summerville was, What and guarantee it for life.
prompted you to become a Sometimes the customer will
forger of knives? have something definite
His reply; I started in mind, sometimes they
making knives when I just have a vague idea of
first became interested in what they want and we will
reenacting close to 25 years design the item together.
ago. It is the process that A lot of times it is just an
drives me and not a love of impulse purchase for the
knives per se. My family customer. They will see a
and I attended an event as knife on the table that sim-
tourists looking ply calls out their
to start in the
hobby. We were By Betty Sodders name.
especially interested in the French tors who portray hunters obviously
and Indian War era and needed to want hunting knives, however the
outfit ourselves with the accoutre- hobby contains people who portray
ments of the era. I talked to a very any occupation of the 18th century
informative and helpful knife maker from rat catchers to surgeons. And I
and said to myself, I think I could have created edge instruments for a
do that. good portion of these occupations.
I was acquainted with a couple A few of the more obscure items I
of hobby blacksmiths and they were have produced, include; flrearms for
helpful in setting me up with an an- bloodletting, leather tools for the
vil and a forge. I have always been shoemaker at Williamsburg, 18th
a do it yourself person and had no century surgeon tools, meat cleav-
doubt that I would be able to master ers and other cooking knives, quill
this. I worked for Marathon Pipeline knives. I also specialize in l8th cen- Scott in 17th century period
Company as a mechanical special- tury folding knives, which are rarely attire, as worn at reenactments
ist which involved working with made by other makers because of in a role as Blade-Smith and
various steels as well as various heat the time and difficulty involved. wife Linda in one of her period
treatments for the steel. Making one I asked Scott Summerville to
knife only gave the urge to make describe his hunting knives and dresses she has sewn, posing as
more. Because I was new to the re- his answer was surprising; I dont a Lady of wealth.
enacting hobby, I did research on the make one particular knife that can
shape, construction, etc. of knives be described as a hunting knife. In rial on many of my hunting knives.
of the era and continued to produce that era, people did not have a lot I employ the main section of the
knives. And because there are only of material goods and one tool or antler attached to the head with the
so many knives that one man needs knife served many functions. A good burr intact. The burr forms a natural
(though some would disagree with part of the time the customer has an finial for the handle. I also use bone,
this) I began to sell them. idea of what he wants in a hunting horn, various types of wood such as
I am now retired from Mara- knife and if I dont have something curly maple, persimmon and osage
thon. I pretty much work full time that fills the bill we work together to orange. I get most of the wood off
on my knives. It is a hobby and not design one. Most of my customers my land.
an occupation. I take a lot of plea- are very knowledgeable about the I also sell to Colonial Williams-
sure in doing and it is very fulfilling knives of the era and I can create burg. They purchase my knives to
to have people admire my work one that looks right. sell in their shops. Also, recently, I
and want to spend their hard earned I may use deer antler mate- began supplying hand forged 18th
century razors to James Townsend
& Sons, a catalog company which
supplies reenactors. My work is also metal parts - lock plate, butt plate
ESTATE AUCTION OF FIREARMS portrayed in several museums.
My wife Linda and I, attend
and trigger guard. I really enjoy
hunting with a gun that I made
two reenactments a year: The trade myself and have taken many a nice
fair at Fort de Chartres, a restored buck with it.
French fort 75 miles south of St. I heard you are an active hunter
Louis on the Illinois side of the Mis- recently returned from hunting
sissippi River in April and Martins moose in Newfoundland. Can you
Station, a recreated fort in Virginia tell us a little about that trip?
Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 near the Cumberland Gap. Also, as
a member, I go to the CLA Show
This was my fifth trip to New-
foundland. I had previously taken
Coldwater, MI (Contemporary Longrifle Associa-
tion Show) in Lexington, Kentucky
three moose; this was my fourth and
the largest, holding a 42 spread.
SELLING OVER 300 FIREARMS in August. Ive booked another hunt with Port-
AND RELATED ITEMS AT AUCTION. Due to my abject love of this land Creek Outfitters for 2018.
particular period history, I made a I asked Summerville who he
For more information go to flintlock rifle. It was not made from portrays at Rendezvous. I portray
www.BelcherAuction.com 269-781-7100 a kit but from scratch, a barrel and a a longhunter and bladesmith. I wear
merkelauction.com 734-320-9828 curly maple plank. I even forged the a walnut dyed linen hunting shirt,
knee britches, leggings, moccasins It turns out there was a little
and a tricorn hat. Depending on the room left over in the cabin after we
weather I might wear a waistcoat put in the stuff so I had a wonder-
with tie-in sleeves over this. ful time looking for more stuff.
My wife, Linda, on the other Scott, of course, forged all the
hand, claims she is a lady of qual- hardware such as hinges and door
ity who married beneath her station latches and fireplace crane. He also
for love. She is in the hobby for the made cooking implements for me;
clothes. She has a lot of them and turners, trivets, poker, ladles and
they are most elaborate. She makes so forth. I wove blankets for the
all our clothes and also makes and bed. Actually, we have way more Above; wearing his walnut dyed
sells walnut dyed hunting shirts. stuff than poor people living on the hunting shir t, Summer ville shows
Our discussion turned to Linda; frontier would have had, but we are off one of his hand-fashioned
Scott said to tell you about our doing it for fun, not a grade, so I knives. Right; Scott holding a
cabin: When we started reenact- dont worry about that. longrifle he made from scratch,
ing, we found that we really didnt In talking with Scott, I asked not a kit, with a nice buck he
have enough room for both 18th if he had ties to northern Michigan took.
and (then) 20th century lifestyles. and he commented; I have about 80
We attended only juried events and knives from the 1700s. They are all I asked Summervillle if he could
everything we took had to be period in various stages of disrepair from describe in laymans terms, how to
correct; furniture, cookware, dishes, being buried 250 years. The knives make a knife? Forge heated high-
etc. I am not exactly a minimalist so are French and were found on pri- carbon steel to shape on an anvil
we soon had a rather large accumu- vate property near old Fort Mich- with a hammer. Then it is annealed
lation of stuff. We decided it would ilmackinac. I got them from a man (heat treating the steel so that it can
be fun to have a log cabin to put it in northern Indiana who had friends be filed). Next it is filed by hand
in. We were talking to an acquain- living in that area of Michigan. I which brings the knife to shape and
tance at an event and mentioned also have fish hooks, gun parts, axes the edges are beveled so they can
we were looking for a log cabin. (with part of the wood handle still be sharpened. Then provisions are
He happened to know of a man in intact) and pipes. The knives consist made for the handle installation
Missouri who bought old cabins of mostly cheap trade knives fixed (this varies depending on the type
and then took them down and sold blade and folding but I have some of handle). Next the blade surface
them. Long story short; we bought that are folding with bolster front is smoothed to remove file marks.
Now, back to the forge for heat grees with no cracking or breakage.
one from him. He dismantled it, put and rear with decorated bone scales. Scott, how are your hand-forged,
metal numbered tags on the ends of I have lots of parts but these give me treating for hardening. The steel is
brought up to about 1800 degrees, hand-polished, hand-sharpened,
the logs, and took lots of pictures. clue to the original construction. I
then quenched in oil. The next step hand-designed knives priced? First
We hired a semi to haul the logs. We like it when people ask if the knives
had help from a couple of friends I make are historically correct. I can is tempering to give the knife flex- of all, I am not trying to make a liv-
setting the logs back up, then after prove it without a doubt! ibility and remove the brittleness. ing of this. I do it for the enjoyment.
that Scott and I did the rest of the I love old stuff. I like to take an Then handles are applied and filed That said, a basic knife is generally
work. original piece that is in bad shape, to fit. The handle is finished depend- priced $150-$175 including hand-
The first summer we set the study it, then recreate to what it was ing on the material. A leather sheath sewn leather sheath.
logs and roofed it. Next year we put like before the rust. I have pictures is hand sewn to fit the knife. Then My final question for Summer-
in the chinking. Third summer we of one that I did to prove my point. it is sharpened to razor. The entire ville, Do you feel as though you
built the fireplace. We had intended Next, Scott Summerville de- process requires about three hours. are A good man with a knife?
to hire that job out, but we wanted tailed information regarding his Some tests Ive performed His answer, If you are talking
a bake oven in it and local stone forge and blacksmith shop; My to verify the quality of my knives about fighting, I would prefer a gun.
masons were clueless about that. forge is located in a blacksmith shop involved driving a knife through a As far as knowing how to make,
Furthermore, the cost of having a that my wife and I built. It holds a bolt with a hammer. The bolt was care for, and use...a knife...Yes!
regular fireplace built was complete- brick floor and short brick sidewall. cut cleanly with little damage to the For more information: Scott
ly out of our budget. So Scott felt The walls are made from lumber blade. I also put a knife blade in a Summerville, 8655 Garret Road,
he could figure it out and it works we salvaged from her grandfathers vice sticking a piece of pipe over the Alma, IL 62807, woodland-
beautifully. barn. handle and flexing the knife 90 de- warrior1750 or 618-547-7142.n

Drive-in housekeeping camp for Walleye, Pike & Smallmouth

ATV-in island outpost on Wenebegon Lake for Walleye & Pike All inclusive, housekeeping packages and
Train-in outpost on Goldie Lake for Pike & Smallmouth cabin rentals on a remote Algoma Lake.
Black Bear hunts, excellent success rates, all baiting, retrieval Fish for . . .
skinning and quartering included. Tree stands or ground blinds.
Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Perch,
Smallmouth Bass and Whitefish
705-864-0201 Chapleau, Ontario / 352-503-9577 Nov. 1 - April 30
Web: www.fivemilelake.com Email: fivemilelake@xplornet.com Train-in or Boat-in Only
Canadian Funds 519-636-3697 foxsdenlodge
gmail.com @


With both of my Michigans tags punched, I decided to go... By John Eberhart

Invitation to Ohios late bow season

ast year on the saddlehu- littered with patches of timber and
nter.com hunting talk forum gold colored weed fields.
(interactive talk forum With all the foliage down and no
dedicated to hunters that use snow I cautiously scouted the prop-
harnesses instead of conven- erty making every attempt not to
tional tree stands) I frequent- molest any possible areas it seemed
ly exchanged hunting infor- deer may be bedded in. Its very
mation with a fellow hunter Mike difficult to adequately scout a new
Maustellar from Columbus Ohio. property for a short term hunt be-
In early October of this year Mike cause it typically takes some hunting
called and offered an open invite to time to figure out deer movement
bowhunt whenever I had the time to nuances. Make it mid-December,
come down. With the current Ohio shortly after gun season, frozen
State/U of Michigan football rivalry ground with crunchy leaves, and
going on and being from Michigan I without snow to show current move-
was tentative about crossing the state ments, and its even more difficult.
line and leaving my Michigan plated There was one hillside briar
vehicle parked unattended. packed stand of timber at the very
On my first trip to Kansas in back of the property that Donovan
2004 with Bryan Schupbach a pissed was certain the drop tine buck was
of resident that didnt like out of bedding in during the early bow sea-
state hunters coming down and son and even now it was well suited
taking their bucks, flattened all four for daytime mature buck movements
tires on both Bryans truck and my because it offered dense security
mini-van while they were parked The author har vested cover from the valley to over the
overnight at a motel. However, I this monster buck on a hill. However it couldnt be accessed
really wasnt that concerned about it DIY bowhunt in Ohio. for a hunt without either spooking
happening in Ohio. deer feeding in the valley with a
Mike doesnt own or lease Mike and Donovan invited me to and on yet another evening hunt prior to daybreak morning entry or
any property but his good friend hunt is about six miles northwest Mike grunted him to within 75 yards with an after dark exit. During late
Donovan Kuhn (614-354-5317) is of the tiny town of Kimbolton Ohio before he caught sight of a doe and season spooking deer with either
a buyer/developer for Countrytyme and the only time I could foresee a went after her. can cause a change in any potential
Land out of Lancaster Ohio. Coun- lag in my work schedule and an op- The bordering properties also daytime mature buck movements.
trytyme Land is a hunting/recre- portunity to bowhunt was in Decem- get bow and gun hunted and neither That stand of timber had signifi-
ational land company that buys mid ber right between Ohios main gun Mike nor Donovan knew what bucks cant late season hunting downfalls,
to large size parcels of land through- season and their two day weekend in the area might have been taken. but stubbornly I had to check it out
out the state and develops them by: gun season on December 17-18. Mikes enticement worked and and spooked four deer while doing
improving access, installing trail Since I write about bowhunt- on Dec. 9 I checked into a flea bag so. Within it I prepared a location
systems, manicuring, building cabins ing pressured deer and with my Motel in Cambridge Ohio with a at an inactive primary scrape area
on occasion, and basically making home state of Michigan statistically kitchenette. Mike invited me to stay surrounded by at least 20 rubs and
them turn-key ready for hunters or being the most heavily pressured at his place but it was more than an it would have been an awesome rut
recreational users to start playing on state in the country when it comes hour away and Donovan was ever phase location.
day one. They sell lands anywhere to licensed bowhunters per abso- further. They also both had to work, On two occasions Mike had seen
from 5 to 500 acres in size with most lute square mile of land mass, Ive so I would be on my own. crab claw coming out of a long strip
of their smaller splits backing up to remained committed to hunt Michi- I slept in the first morning and of tall white pines that bordered
public hunting areas. gan until gun season or both of my arrived at the property at around the very end of the larger weed
While properties within close Michigan buck tags are punched 9:30 am and was blown away at the field and then turned and ran a little
proximity of Donovans residency with bow kills. I had also drawn a sheer beauty not only of the prop- ways along the river. While I badly
are being surveyed, developed or tag for Kansas and had solid plans erty, but also of the surrounding wanted to hunt the hillside timber
being sold Donovan and his friend of going there to bowhunt during area. Sometimes words simply cant scrape/bedding area, due to its sig-
Mike has the opportunity to hunt Michigans gun season. explain natures beauty, and this was nificant downfalls, I knew better and
them. As most deer hunters are Mike and Donovan hunted the one of those times. Ive had the great figured my best percentage odds of a
aware its difficult in a short pe- property during bow and the first fortune to bowhunt in several other daytime visit by a mature buck was
riod of time to learn the subtle deer gun season and also had several trail states and other than bowhunting for in those pines.
movement habits on a piece of prop- cameras out and sent me several pic- elk in Colorado Ive never seen such A few advantages the pines
erty such as; where they bed, where tures of a drop tine buck and a clean gorgeous landscape. offered were; they were within 80
they prefer to feed during daylight, 10 point along with a few Google The property itself has three yards of the properties entry and
where their comfortable transition- Earth aerial photos to entice me to ponds, two tillable crop fields that parking spot, due to the landscape
ing through during daylight hours, make the trip down. hadnt been planted (in weeds) with they offered both an entry and exit
and how the properties bordering During November they saw the perimeter timber, several dense strategy that would not spook deer,
hunting pressure affects deer move- 10 point they called crab-claw on briar packed small stands of timber they offered overly sufficient front
ments. four occasions and Mike saw the as bedding areas, and to top it off a and background concealment cover,
Depending on the property drop tine buck twice. They named large river as its eastern border with and they would buffer the cold wind.
Donovan has sometimes had to deal the 10 point crab-claw because timber, brush and briars running Being able to just see deer with-
with trespassers as the locals assume his short G-4s were so close to the along both banks. The aerial maps out receiving an opportunity due to
the properties arent being hunted end of the main beams that they didnt show elevations and that alone being silhouetted and getting picked
and know the property owner or resembled crab-claws. During an was a sin because the property was is not only a waste of time, it is
developer doesnt reside nearby. evening hunt Mike saw the drop tine nicely tucked in a valley surrounded frustrating when its windy and the
The 243 acre parcel of property buck under another of his stands by high and very steep rolling hills temperatures are in the teens and the
pines would give a solution to both sucked me in even though at this
of those issues. time of year and where it was, I
The stand of pines run along the knew it was a mistake to hunt there.
field and river for about 250 yards On the first evening however I did
but are only five rows deep and at and other than spooking two deer
the corner where they turn and run with my entry, saw nothing but
along the river the ground drops seemingly uncoordinated turkeys
off into a valley of brush and briars flying up to their nighttime roosts. The authors trail cam caught his trophy
where deer bed. As with most ma- As great a location as that would on film just before he was arrowed.
ture white pines, the bottom 8 to 10 have been during the early bow
foot of branches on all of them were season, it was immediately taken out ence. At a normal stride I walked the
dead and due to the lack of foliage of the mix leaving only the pine and It wasnt long before the same blood trail and not 30 yards beyond
on the brush in the valley below, the I hate having only one option. doe and three fawns entered the field the pines and into the valley I could
pines offered no entry movement From where I parked there was a from the valley below and began see him all sprawled out. I dressed
concealment from the deer bedded in long and deep ravine that passed by feeding out into the field and with him out and left, leaving a lower
the valley for anyone walking along the west end of the pines and contin- half an hour, due to the heavy snow- clothing layer I had been wearing
the field edge. ued along the weed field another 40 fall, they faded out of sight. over his body to ward off coyotes
While walking the edge of the yards making it a perfect entry route At around 5:30 a big buck came and by the way, the G5 head passed
pines prior to setting up a location, for an evening hunt. So as not to out farther down the pines and through both lungs.
I spooked at least three deer from spook deer with my entries I would began walking the edge of the field After getting back to the Motel
the valley as I had no option but to walk the ravine to its end, cross the in my direction. He was sniffing the I checked the motion pictures
search for a tree and make the noise field edge fence, and walk across ground as he went and at one point Donovan and Mike had sent and
and commotion of setting it up. the field until even with the pine and scent marked and worked a licking this 10 point wasnt crab claw or
After preparing a pine and plac- then turn and go directly to it. From branch and made a fresh scrape in obviously the drop tine buck. He
ing a motion camera, I sat down to the valley the deer bed in, they cant the snow below it. was a buck that resided in the
eat a couple sandwiches and noticed see over the crest of the field edge When he got close he started to surrounding area and must have
a doe and her fawns browsing their and with the pine being on the field slightly veer away from the pines recently taken up residency in the
way down a hillside through one of edge, I could enter undetected. and into the field and at a distance valley either due to surrounding
those gold colored weed fields that That night there was a snow- of 14 yards and moving, while at gun pressure or the amount of does
dropped into the valley. Looking at storm that dropped a couple inches full draw with my 55 pound draw that were now feeding in the weed
my watch it was 3:15 and those deer and coated the tops of the pine Mathews bow I made a vocal doe fields.
were my signal that it was time to branches and there was no doubt that matt sound to stop him. He turned Upon inspecting the SD card
leave the property. my Scent Lok Vortex suit in Vertigo around and stood quartering towards from my camera I had an awesome
I drove up a bordering hillside camo pattern would help to make me me and I took the shot. I watched picture of the 10 point just before I
road and parked for the evening at a invisible. as he leaped high in the air, landed let that Maxima Red arrow loose.
location where I could glass nearly On the first hunt in the pine it in full stride and headed back in the I cant begin to express how
the entire valley below for deer was extremely windy and I saw a direction he came from. gratifying it was to take that mature
movements. Its common during and doe and three fawns and about a 16 The hit looked perfect and he buck after gun season with a bow,
after gun season for mature bucks to inch wide 6-point. In order not to ran about 60 yards before disappear- it was like spreading icing on top
take on more nocturnal movements spook deer with my exit I waited ing back into the pines. Because it of what was already a very good
and of the nine deer I saw, none until well after dark to get down and was still snowing rather hard and I season.
had large enough antlers for me to then exited over the hill and through was sure of the arrow placement, I John Eberhart is an accom-
identify with my 8 power glasses. I the very bedding area valley the deer undressed a few under-layers and plished bowhunter that specializes
forgot to bring my spotting scope. had come in from. packed them into my backpack, got in heavily pressured areas with 30
There was no way of accessing The next evening I was back in down and unscrewed the motion bucks listed in CBMs record book
the timber tree in the morning with- the pine and by the time I strategi- camera from the tree and immedi- from 19 different properties in 10
out spooking deer and since the pine cally placed four Grabber body ately trailed him. The arrow had different counties. John produced a
was on a field edge, the likelihood warmers, zipped up my exterior completely passed through and was 3 volume instructional DVD series
of spooking deer while ascending it jacket and was ready to hunt it was stuck in the ground and covered in titled Bowhunting Pressured White-
on morning hunts was also high so 3 pm. It began snowing around noon blood. The surrounding snow at the tails and co-authored the books,
I decided to pass on morning hunts and was still coming down pretty shot sight was spotted with blood Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails,
which made for a few long boring good and accumulating fast and the and even though light was dimming, Precision Bowhunting, and Bow-
days. temperature was in the mid 20s and I could easily make out lots of red hunting Whitetails the Eberhart
For some reason the primary dropping. The fresh snow just added dots in the snow for some distance Way. They are available at: www.
scrape area within the timber just to the beauty of this hunting experi- in the direction he ran. deer-john.netn

With A Deal Like This....

You Can Stop Fishing For Excuses!
WX 2060
FOR with VF250XA Engine 250 Horsepower
Includes Yamaha T9.9 Kicker Engine
and Minn-Kota 122 Ulterra Trolling Motor ** plus freight, prep and sales tax.
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Michigan Meanders...By Tom Huggler

Ice fishing, anyone?

o far this mild winter the tience and hot cocoa at about the same Frost had been chopping ice instead
only ice fishing Ive done time, somewhere between 15 and 30 of mending walls, he might have seen
is in the home freezer for minutes. his old-stone savage armed with a
more cubes to freshen a A howling wind stung us with five-gallon pail and a lance with chis-
cocktail. For some reason snow pellets that smarted like wind- eled end. then a few more of the dark-clothed
I am not missing this driven sand. Did I say it was Why do some men chance the interlopersall unseen by the intent
sport. Is it because ice fishing is for c-o-l-d cold? In school we had been pane-clear thin ice of early season angler. Soon, a phalanx of 10 or more
the insane? Is it due to misadventures reading a long James Thomson poem on Muscamoot Bay? Why risk a free inches forward, dropping their larvae-
long ago? on winter and now I thought of the trip to Canada on the rotted pack of tipped hooks into abandoned holes
Like the time I sliced open a fro- nameless wretch who tried to find his late March? How come at 15 below and quietly drilling new ones with
zen finger on a tuna fish can and grew way home in a raging snowstorm: will a Houghton Lake ice man try to hand augers.
alarmed at how quickly the snow pass the wispy end of two-pound test
On every nerve the deadly winter seizes, Suddenly, the parka is whipped
turned red near our spudded holes on Shuts up sense, and oer his inmost vitals through the eye of a No. 12 Aberdeen offmuch like an NHL highsticker
Burroughs Lake. The incident oc- Creeping cold lays him along the snows hook soldered to a BB-sized teardrop? who throws his helmet down and
curred when I was a kid growing up Does he like the masochistic ache of
A stiffened corpse, stretch out and bleaching rushes into battleand mittens are
in Genesee County. Luckily a neigh- bare fingers stiff with cold?
In the northern blast. flung to the ice and the challenge is
bor let me use her house phone after Surely ice fishing must dredge up answered with a Back off, you beg-
telling someone else on the party line Brrrrr! Finally that doleful day our latent wills to test personal bound-
ended. Of course, we had caught no gars!
there was an emergency (like I said, aries, indeed, to survive.
fish. Drifting snow had snuffed out A frontal or side attack is usu-
this happened long ago). Dad played And what of those invisible
the role of cavalry that day, rescuing our tire tracks, and for a tense moment ally safer because the offense can
boundaries that vary with each ice
me with a quick trip to the doctor for or two Dad was unsure just where angler? To one, the limit is 15 feet; then watch for subtle signs that the
some stitches. shore was. An hour later, safe on land, to another 12 feet; and yet to another, boundary is near. These signs vary:
It was my father who introduced my flicker of interest in ice fishing 10. The challenge to each intruder the fish-cold stare, the barely audible
me to ice fishing one bitterly cold day vaporized into the Arctic air. is to determine these Maginot lines grunt, the angry wave of a hand, inci-
on Saginaw Bay. He drove the old Or so I thought. The hope for a with exactness. Of course, that is only sors hanging over the lower lip. The
Dodge pickup somewhere out there bucket of fat yellow perch and the when fish are being caught. Other- successful ones to steer clear of are
between Baffin Island and the Bering chance to spear a 20-pound northern wise, no one cares. And it is impos- the veterans, easily identified by their
Strait, I fanciedonto the pack-ice pike propelled me from the couch and sible for someone to long hide the fact ragged Air Force flight pants with
world of polar bears and Eskimos. weekend college basketball on TV that he is catching fish. The hunkering zippers everywhere. Parka hoods are
I was sure Id never see shore and a and onto the ice. No doubt other influ- shape, the barbless hook, the blur of fringed in fur, and the men wear thick
McDonalds again. ences were also at play. yellow as another perch flies into the mittens that reach to elbows. They
The bay was making ice as Think about it: Why psychologists open bucket (doubling as a seat) are wear bulbous Mickey Mouse boots
they say, but it sounded more like a study laboratory rats when they could all attempts at secrecy. But fish that not the black Taiwan-made type but
war with .22-caliber rifles to me. We till the more fertile ground of the ice bang tails against a plastic bucket give the white, air-filled ones that used to
stopped where the ice was a foot thick angler is a mystery to me. After all, out the secret all too soon. And spies be made in the USA.
and spudding a hole was a tedious here is modern man at his primeval do carry binoculars. These are the hard-core guys
chore that warmed me for the only best, testing the outer limits of sur- The intrusion begins as an attack with brown streaks of tobacco juice
time that day. I ran out of interest, pa- vival, tribalism, conquest. If Robert from the rear. First one, then two, around their fishing holes. They carry
waxworms in old Copenhagen tins,
and they pinch depth finders onto
No Electricity? Keep Your Food Cold! coat collars. Tools of their sport are
four or five ice rods, a dented Stanley
thermos containing black coffee, and
a plastic five-gallon pail with no lid.
They move only to change fishing
I like to think that I used to be one
of these wise old veterans. But not
during this winter of lousy ice. Excuse
me, but I have to refill the ice-cube

With A Propane Fridge You Can

Licensed Shooting Preserve
Keep it Cold. Anywhere. Mayville, MI
(989) 843-6576
And Relax. Dogs with Guides Available Clubhouse
Open 7 Days A Week Bird Cleaning
No Electricity Required! Fields With Excellent Cover &
Safety Fields In Between
Morning And Afternoon
Birds Released After You Arrive Extra Birds Shot are Free
No Gun Or Membership Fees Gift Certificates Available
For more information call 866.825.4013 Also available
Diamond Refrigerators, 7295 50th Ave., Sears MI 49679 Non GMO Food Plot Corn
Located 17 Miles North of Lapeer
Finicky Weather...

Open water or ice-fishing?

alk about finicky caught fish, really big fish, Stan- baits He fishes the PK Flutter bait
weather. Two weeks ton said with excitement building and PK spoons almost exclusively.
ago people were giv- in his voice. Our biggest was 12 Sometimes a Rapala Slab Rap
ing serious thought to pounds. We caught several ten works when they are really finicky,
getting summer clothes pounders too, he said. he said.
out, raking the yard and The walleye out of Huron, Ohio If this is your first ice-fishing
getting the garden ready. Some fish- preferred a trolling bite. Rapala outing, dress warm. If you have
ing guides were putting ice-fishing Husky Jerks and Smithwick P-10s snowmobile clothes wear them.
equipment back on the shelf were the best equipment to Youll be glad you did for the ride
for the season, opting for use for the most action. out and back. And dont forget to
open water action. Reports Fast forward a couple bring a helmet along for the ride out
began coming in about of weeks and conditions and back in. Its required by law.
ramps open but slippery. have changed. Thumb ice Stanton supplies all bait, lures,
Its no wonder that winter has tightened back up, es- rods and heated Otter Pro Lodge,
covers were being stowed pecially on the east side of insulated shanties. Youll be fish-
and put away, maybe for the bay. While ice condi- ing in a couple of minutes out of a One of Brandon Stantons
the season. Could this be tions may have improved, heated shack. clients with a nice walleye.
the earliest open water fish- fishing is challenging. I probably average 75% of
ing to date? Running two people who have never ice fished. I I toured their manufacturing
I dont
know whether
By Roger Beukema charters daily,
Stanton has a
show them how to hook their bait,
jig and other fishing techniques.
facility. Otter uses rubber b-bs that
are heated then roto molded into
to get the boat out, Elkton guide good handle when the bite it on. They learn what to look for on one piece for the tub. Because of
Brandon Stanton said. Stantons I like to be set up and ready to the sonar when fish start to come the way they are built, tubs dont
home waters are generally those go by 6 a.m. for the morning char- in Stanton said. When their day become brittle. There is nothing
around Michigans thumb area. ters, he said. Once it begins to get is done, they can take what they better that holds up for what I do,
We had good ice then it got light those fish scatter. learned here and fish other lakes Stanton said.
warm and windy and she broke up, Afternoon trips are similar. You using the same techniques and catch With colder weather predicted,
he said. Ive got to have my clients can see the bottom in 17-feet of fish. I enjoy guide trips teaching cli- more and more anglers are hitting
safety in mind so I wont be on the water at 6p.m. Walleyes may come ents the ins and outs of ice-fishing. the hard water. For fishing condi-
ice, at least for now. in, in a group but are very finicky. Im in my shanty fishing and they tions, or to book a trip visit team-
But Stanton found himself The bite is soft so we give them are in a separate shanty nearby so I gunsmokesortfishing.com or look
between a rock and a larger rock. He some line before setting the hook. If had better have shown them what to them up on Facebook. Call Stanton
knew ramps and water were open in one fish in a school moves out, the do to be successful. at (989-963-0215.)
Huron, Ohio. And he was confident rest of the school goes too, he said. Because of the constant use and Email the author at dutch-
that given a week or so, Saginaw Wait around for dark then the bite sometimes rugged ice shanties are beuk12@gmail.com and view his
Bay would be fishable. will improve. subject to, Stanton prefers Otter ice blog at opoutdoornotes.blogspot.
I didnt know what to do. Ive PK lures are Stantons go to shacks for durability. com.n
got people calling to charter every
day, he said. In the end the boat
came out of storage. Church Tackle Co. ALL MADE
Loaded and checked out for
New for 2016!

open water, Stanton took the two- Locking Arm

easy to open & close

Adjustment Adjustment Screw

plus-our ride to Huron to fish. easy to open & close

Mini Lock-Jaw
I had charters for the week I For drop weights & Release Release Hole for drop weights

was down there, he said. I could

or other applications
This clip may be mini but when it comes to holding power its second other applications Prevention Prevention

have stayed another week and fished only to its big brother, the original Lock-Jaw! Holds mono, super
braids, power pro, lead core or copper lines without damaging the line!
more. I was booked for charters the The Mini Lock-Jaw fits The Walleye Board, TX-44, TX-22, TX-12 & TX-6 1 7/8 Long
Replaceable Pad
entire time I was there. planer boards, but we recommend the full size Lock-Jaw for the TX-44. 1/2 Wide Locator holes for Line Protector inside
keeps line from making
Locator holes for
attaching to side-planers

In the end the move proved The Mini Lock-Jaw is designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and attaching
to side-planers
WE DIDNT INVENT CLIPS, contact with screw
to be the right thing to do. We works for many other applications.
Part# 40620, 2pk Color - yellow Replacement Pads part# 40701 6/pk Diving Weight
TX-44 Tournament Series
Unique error-proof design allows anglers to put
TX-007 Stern Planer & TX-005 Mini Stern Planer The TX-44 is the first and the only in line planer to pull the large Divers, more fish in the boat! Water strikes top surface,
(10 1/4 long, weighs about 3 oz) (7 long, weighs about 1.5 oz) Lead Core, Wire or Copper Lines and Heavy Weights. The size of the TX-44 forcing the Stingray downward. A fish on will

An all new type of planer! makes it harder for fish to pull the board under, however it is still easy to force the nose upward & Stingray to the surface.
retrieve. The Vise Clip comes standard with the TX-44; especially Available in unpainted or painted. 2 snaps for
rch Tackle Co. designed for lead core & copper, makes accidental each weight included
Chu E-Z Store Famous
release almost impossible. snaps off & on in seconds Lock-Jaw

Upland Game Easy to attach and remove. TX-44 Tournament Series now
available which comes with a
for easy removal & storage Clip

Size #1 - .7 oz

Wing Shooting in Jackson County, MI Great for trolling in congested areas and more effective contour trolling along
Lock-Jaw Clip, Stainless Steel unpainted #40302 black
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RINGNECKS - Dogs & guides available.
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Lansing, the Indiana and Ohio State lines.
EZ Store! For Your Planer Board Allows for easy Tournament Series
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Upgrade Kit
#40303 unpainted #40304 orange

-22 SCop ecia
tow-arm & clips in a snap!
TXChurch Tackle odus, MI

Size #3 - 2.7 oz

for TX-44, TX-22 &

Optional E-Z Store devise easily
TXChurwcwhwT.acchkulrchtackleo.codusm, MI

The Walleye Board

-22 eSCop .S l

attaches to the Walleye Board, TX-44


517-524-8294 & TX-22 side planers. Slide the tow-arm off for storage or change Includes a Lock-Jaw Clip
to another tow-arm & clip then slide back on when youre ready to E-Z Store & Stainless
FIELD HUNTS AND fish again. Part# 40519 sold 2 per package 1 left & 1 right Rear Pin Assembly. (Part# 30640) #40305 unpainted #40306 chartreuse
EUROPEAN STYLE SHOOTS Please check with your local tackle shop first, if they dont carry our products visit us at www.churchtackle.com to view all
www.theringneckranch.com of our great American made fishing gear, or call us at 269-934-8528 to request a catalog.

Brown, 13
took this fine
buck on the
of Nov. 19.
That eve-
ning he also
took a spike
while hunt-
ing with his

Keeley of
City took
her first
buck, this

At the age of 85: Bill Kal- Nevada Kennedy took this beautiful 10-
Ryan Honicke took this pt. hunting Midland Co. After experienc-
meta is still hunting and ing a gun misfire, she said, I made a
beautiful 186 pound QDM took this dandy 6-pt. the good shot, with my dad by my side, the
buck hunting Kalkaska Co. afternoon of opening day Lions got a win, what a wonderful way
opening day. with a 45 yard shot! to end Thanksgiving!

Twelve- Garner Akin, 12 harvested this nice

year-old tall 8-pt. buck opening day Nov. 15
Elizabeth hunting with his legendary Uncle
David, as his dad and his sister
Wilkins watched it all happen from another
took this blind nearby.
ful 8-pt. Richard
during Wilson
the gun of Imlay
City took
season. this nice
buck ear-
ly Nov.
with his
Savannah Beachy, 13 crossbow
Tyler Palma took this trophy along with her dad in Mont-
9-pt. hunting Nov. 17. and her first buck. calm Co.


The Coughlin Family has been sharing their deer hunting trophy photos
from the Shepherd, Mt. Pleasant and Blanchard areas for many years.
This past season Tim Coughlin (left) lost his 18 month battle with cancer,
although he did hunt opening day of gun season until the pain was too
much. After being hospitalized for nearly three weeks Tim passed away
Dec. 10. Top row Lt-rt: Wife Jean Coughlin took a 4-pt. from Tims blind,
daughter Trixie Onstott took a 6-pt. from her dads blind. Son-in-law
Steve Onstott took two bucks Nov. 15 a 4-pt. and a 7-pt. Grandson Cooper Onstott took a
7 pt. during the youth hunt and a spike Nov. 9 from a blind built by Grandpa Tim. Brother-
in-law Jim Pifer an 8-pt. crossbow and an 8-pt. rifle. Nephew Cody Pifer took his 7-pt. Nov.
12. Nephew Keegan Pifer took a 4-pt. during muzzleloader season. Bottom row: Great
nephew Brady Pifer took a big 8-pt. during the youth hunt and another on Nov. 18! Great
niece Kylie Pifer took a late season doe. Great nephew Luke Pifer took a gun season doe.


Pete Miller of Fowlerville took

this trophy 13-point the last
day of muzzleloader season.

son, from
Helen Josephson 15 of Larry Ross Sr. took this huge Byron,
Clarkston, took this nice 8-pt. trophy book 10-pt. Dec. 17 dur- caught
during the youth hunt in Nate Schmidt took this dandy ing the muzzleloader season in this 28 lb.
Osceola Co. The antler restric- 11-pt. with his bow on Nov. Lapeer Co. Flathead
tions are paying dividends. 12 in Shiawassee Co. Catfish
in the
see River
in May
of 2016
with a jig
and 8 lb

Jacob Maki of
At five-years-old, Gracie Mel- Manistique took
Claira Mae Campbell, 4 shows Ryann Milostan of Menomi- this dandy 11-pt in
lott of Grand Blanc took her off dads only squirrel of the nee first time hunting with
first deer with her crossbow Schoolcraft Co. on
day hunting Allegan Co. Not her dad Allan and she helped Dec. 4, with his 50
hunting with her dad, Seth on much in the freezer, but time him drag one out. Allan loves cal. muzzleloader.
Oct. 1 in Montmorency Co. well spent in the woods. huntin with his girls.

Terry Gross-
bauer, took
this 215 lb.
trophy 8-pt.
Nov. 17 hunt-
ing Lapeer Patrick Sposato harvested
Co. this big bear in Alcona Co.
John S. Majewski of Saginaw had the best deer season ever. He took an
during the October bow
8-pt. with his crossbow Oct. 15, an 8-pt. with his muzzlerloader Nov. 17 only season.
and a late season doe. John credits his retirement for his success.

(Left) Alaina
Dokter took
this doe in the
youth hunt in Ten-
Oceana Co.
and year-old
Jillian Dokter Nathan
took her first
buck this 7-pt. Wrobel
the day after took his
Thanksgiving. first deer
Her sisters
had a great on Dec.
celebration 31.
with her. Elijah Reinbold, 7 of Bay
All in all a Jonah Yakes with City with first deer taken in
blessed year! his first rabbit! Otsego Co.
Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...

Confusion on the legality of keeping roadkill and other found deer

he hunting community
has often had mislead-
legally keep a
rack off a dead By Jeff Pendergraff will vary from
case to case. If
ing or incorrect infor- buck that was you dont know
mation on Michigans found on private property (before, how to contact your local CO, call
hunting laws. Cer- during or after the hunting season)? the Report All Poaching Hotline at
tainly over the years I This is the most difficult ques- 1-800-292-7800. This dispatch cen-
could write a book on what hunters tion to answer of all of Ricks ques- ter is open 24 hours a day and 365
thought was correct but wasnt. At tions. Let me began with saying days a year.
times some folks would still believe you can keep shed antlers of a deer Rick continued with; if so, do
what they had heard from Cousin or elk at any time. Rest of Ricks you have a legal obligation to report
Louie, rather than believe what I or question will be as clear as mud. the dead deer to the DNR?
another Conservation Officer would The issue here is how did the This question was pretty much
tell them. Or at least they still had buck died? Has it been dead for a answeredso I emphasis if there
some doubt. long time or just a short period of are ever a question about any situa-
Tom Campbell, Woods-N-Water time? Was it poached or was it shot tion like this you should contact the
New managing editor was contacted legally by another hunter and not DNR. Call the Report All Poaching
by Rick Casey from Paw Paw about recovered? The law said you cant Hot line (RAP) at 1-800-292-7800
the legality of several issues related tag a deer you didnt legally kill nor they can help you with your ques-
to keeping roadkill deer, remov- can you possess a dead deer that was tion and if need be put you in con- Is the permit given to the owner of
ing antlers from dead deer, tagging illegally killed. tact with a Conservation Officer. the car or can it be given to anyone
found dead deer, and a few others. You most likely dont have the Next, does the rack from a dead in the area who wants the deer?
He has received conflicting informa- answer to these questions, your best buck legally belong to the property Prior to mid- 2014 if a driver of
tion and was hoping someone would bet is to contact your local Con- owner, the guest or the DNR when an automobile hit a deer or bear they
write an article explaining the cor- servation Officer and explain your found on private property. could keep the animal once they
rect answers to his questions. situation and see what the officer We go back to the first ques- received a roadkill permit issued by
Thats where I come in. Please thinks about your situation. The last tionif it was a shed antler then the a Police Officer. If the driver didnt
keep in mind, these are my opin- thing you want to be doing is have a founder is the keeper. If there is a want the animal the Police Officer
ions! I did have these answers re- deer under these circumstances and dispute between the property owner could issue a roadkill permit to any-
viewed by a command officer from run into a Conservation Officer and and guest then it would become a one who wanted the animal.
the Law Enforcement Division and then try explaining what happened. civil issue not a criminal issue. Since 2014 roadkill permits are
he didnt have any issue with them. I realize that doesnt really answer Another concern Rick had; I no longer issued, now a salvage
Ricks first question; can a guest this question, put there is no clear realize you need a permit to keep a
hunter or a landowner pick-up and answer because the circumstances deer when its hit and killed by a car. Dead deer questions page 80

I strongly disagree with MAPRs

Dear Woods-N-Water News: Marquette County that was between the previous 5 years when spikes or have antlers that are large enough,
I strongly disagree with the 8 and 10 years old. better were legal yielded more 4 but on which hunters are unable
article written by Michael Veine The reason buck hunting was and 5 -year-old bucks for hunters to count points before they are
that was published in the December so good during those years without than MAPR did. The reason for that gone. Ive interviewed a number
issue of Woods-N-Water News in MAPR is many hunters voluntarily is when spikes or better are legal, of hunters who have killed Boone
support of expanding areas with passed up young bucks. Voluntary it takes pressure off of older age & Crockett bucks after only being
mandatory antler point restrictions is definitely better than manda- bucks, which are usually the tough- able to see one or two antler points
(MAPR) in Michigan. Most impor- tory because each and every hunter est for hunters to get. Hunters who where spikes or better were legal.
tantly, MAPR are not necessary to has the opportunity to choose for are happy with spikes and forks fill If MAPR had been in effect, they
produce deer herds with plenty of themselves which buck they want their tags or get discouraged and would have been forced to hold their
older-age bucks and theres ample to shoot. Freedom of choice is what quit hunting. MAPR focuses all fire and may have missed out on the
evidence to support that. During this country is based on, not one hunting effort on rack bucks, often biggest bucks of their lives.
the late 1980s through 1995, excep- group of people dictating to another reducing how long those bucks live. MAPR favor hunters who hunt
tional buck hunting was available in what they have to do. Another reason regulations that from blinds or treestands and are
the UP both in terms of quantity and Its also important to note that allow hunters to shoot spikes or a major disadvantage for stillhunt-
quality when spikes or better were Mr. Veine came to some inaccu- better produce more older-age class ers, snow trackers and those who
legal for hunters to shoot. Some rate conclusions when he credited bucks for hunters is some bucks up participate in drives. But even when
of the biggest-antlered and oldest MAPR for his excellent buck hunt- to 5 years old have less than 3 stand hunting in thick cover, it can
bucks on record for the UP were ing success in an area of the UP points on one antler. Based on 10 be difficult to count antler points on
taken by hunters during those years. where those regulations were being years of data from UP DNR check bucks that may only be visible for a
No less than four Boone & tried on an experimental basis. A stations, 10% of 5-year-old bucks matter of seconds.
Crockett bucks were bagged in string of mild winters between 2001 had a maximum of 4-point antlers. Due to disease concerns, ex-
the UP during 1987, the biggest of and 2005 were responsible for his Check station data from the northern panding MAPR is a terrible idea.
which was a 12-point typical tagged success on UP bucks, not MAPR. LP showed the same thing. As many Its been proven over and over that
by Louis Roy in Baraga County When mild winters coincide with as 20% of 2-year-old bucks had a older-age bucks are more prone to
that netted 184 7/8. Booners were MAPR, the regulations are often maximum of 4-point antlers in the disease. The prevalence of TB in
also shot in the region during 1988, falsely credited for producing good UP and an even higher percentage of the northeast Lower Peninsula re-
1989, 1990 and three during 1991. hunting when winter survival of 2-year-olds in the northern LP had cently increased to the highest levels
One of the booners shot during 1991 whitetails is responsible. less than 3 points on an antler. theyve been at for years and regula-
was an 18-point nontypical netting Even with the mild winters dur- MAPR also prevent hunters
210 2/8, killed by Bill Smith, Jr. in ing the MAPR experiment in the UP, from filling tags with bucks that Disagree with MAPRs page 80
My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...
times, I would roll my eyes. I can As soon as I heard his voice I
still rattle off word for word some knew something was wrong, when
of the phrases my dad used when he told me he hadnt hunting I knew
reminding us about our gun barrels something was seriously wrong.
or how to carry our arrows. His speech was starting to slur,
If anyone in our family would his voice quivered.
have something happen to them, I pleaded with him to go to the
or get hurt while afield I knew it emergency room, but his stubborn,
wouldnt be due a lack of education. old Navy attitude kicked in. He
But as much as you can be pre- wanted to wait until the afternoon.
pared, accidents happen. They hap- Thankfully after several more phone
pen every day, they can even happen calls, he finally agreed to go see the
in the woods. doctor.
Two weeks before gun season, By this time, the redness from
my dad went out to work on his deer the cut had moved up past his elbow
blind. On the way out, he had to and his entire arm was on fire. One
cross an old farm fence. look and the doctor immediately
A fence he had crossed hundreds sent him to the emergency room

Its okhit the brakes!

of times over the past 30-years. where he was admitted. The E.R.
While bending down and mov- doctor hoped that he would be ad-

ing between the fences, his left wrist mitted for a couple days, the antibi-
was cut. Nothing major or deep otic would stop the infection and he
By Lane Walker lifelong memories with
ften the ourselves and to make but enough to bleed a little bit. He would be home by the weekend.
speed went out worked on his blind and But that didnt happen.
of life is friends and family. returned home. Once he was home, After two days, he was trans-
so fast, so chaotic, it Its a passion, a lifestyle. he cleaned the cut out with peroxide ported to Covenant in Saginaw, to
takes certain events But life threatening? Fellow and put anti-bacterial ointment on the Infectious Disease Unit.
to force us to stop outdoorsman and women pass away the wound. What followed were some
and pump the brakes. from hunting related accidents every Fast forward two weeks, it was tough days. The hospital staff was
Hunting has always produced year. opening day of gun season. One of fabulous but the infection was ugly
highs and lows, excitement and And while one fatality is too the most anticipated hunting days and aggressive. He was poked and
grief, anguish and glee, pretty much many, most hunters have never had of the year. During the day, he prodded, had scans to make sure
the whole gamut of emotions for the to see the grief side of hunting. noticed a little redness around the the infection wasnt traveling to his
Walker Family. But it happens and this past cut but the excitement of opening organs and brain.
My daughter shooting her first hunting season our family had to day dulled the pain enough to be an And lots of pain.
deer excitement! hit the brakes, step back and slow afterthought. After eight long days, he finally
Miscalculating the yardage down. The next morning was different. came home with a pic-line and had a
and shooting an arrow over a giant The sad thing is, it all started My dad hunts every day during deer nurse assigned to help care for him.
10-point anguish. with a little scratch. season, every day with no exception. But the doctor thought he was doing
But grief, its really hard to Ever since I was old enough I had to work so I called him around well and the infection was gone.
imagine how grief could be associ- to carry a gun or bow, my dad has 9:00 a.m. to see if he had seen any It seemed like all his drama was
ated with hunting without involving stressed safety. Gun safety, weapon deer. over, he was ready for one thing, he
a hunting accident or the death of a safety, tree stand safety, there seems Hey Bud, I actually didnt was ready to get back in the woods
hunting partner. to be no end to all the different ways make it out. I dont feel right, he
We hunt, to laugh, to challenge hunters need to stay safe. Often said. O.K. hit the brakes page 81

U.P. outdoor icon needs our help

or more than 30 years, Buck LeVas- healed on their own before and he figured the Fortunately, LeVasseur was able to recover
seur brought the outdoors into the same thing would happen. Instead, it got worse. from his brush with death and is on the mend
homes of thousands of UP residents The toe ended up getting infected and the infec- now, but medical bills not covered by insurance
who became dedicated fans, by way of tion spread into his leg. are piling up. So Colin started a gofundme ac-
his weekly television program Dis- Bacteria from the infection got into his count to seek help in paying those bills.
covering. After so many years blood stream. It got so bad that he I didnt know what to do, Colin said.
of being in the public eye, LeVasseur didnt know what was going on. He My dad didnt want me to tell anybody what
became a UP outdoor icon. wasnt able to think straight because was going on, but we have limited funds to pay
Medical issues forced Buck to the infection was so bad. the extra bills. I did some research and decided
retire several years ago. He now needs After we finally admitted him to to start the gofundme account. They take a per-
the help of those he entertained with the hospital, the doctors had to ampu- centage of the money that is collected, but most
his quality productions for so many tate his left leg above the knee, Colin of it goes for what it is intended for.
years due to a new set of health issues. continued. They put him on major an- There is a direct link to the Buck LeVasseur
During the last months of 2016, LeVas- tibiotics after he lost the leg. Then his gofundme account on the following website:
seur lost part of his left leg and almost liver and kidneys shut down, so they www906outdoors.com. Brian Whitens from
lost his life. had to put him on dialysis. Hermansville, who took over production of
Since Buck retired from out- By Richard P. Smith So much fluid eventually Discovering when Buck retired, maintains that
door television production, hes filled his stomach that it was website. Brian devoted a segment on a recent
been spending winters in Arizona with family pressing against his diaphragm and my dad had episode of Discovering to Bucks current situ-
members, including son Colin. a hard time breathing. They had to tap into his ation.
My dad arrived in Arizona on November stomach to take out the fluid. He was on life The fund had reached a balance of almost
2 last year, Colin said. He had a problem with support for 2 weeks. There were a couple of $3,000 after 16 days. Colin is hoping to raise
a toe on his left foot and he kept putting off times when we thought we were going to lose
dealing with it. Previous injuries to that toe had him. U.P. icon needs our help page 81
Letters, My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...
Dead deer questions: from page 78 of non-hunters to see deer on the tions by Rick Casey and the answers
permit is. If the driver wants to keep removed off deer lying along the side of roadways with their antlers will help you in the future.
the animal they can. If the animal is roadway (hit by vehicles). Is that or heads removed and just a body There another question that
found on the side of the road anyone legal or do the person(s) responsible lying there. If youre so inclined to has come up over the years and
can claim the animal. The only re- require a permit to take the any por- remove the antlers, take the entire probably should be mentioned in
quirement is that anyone who picks tion of the deer? deer. You must know someone who the article. Are you allowed to go
up the animal must obtain a salvage This answer goes back to the can use the venison or removed the on private property to track your
permit by reporting it to the Report previous question. A salvage permit deer from the roadway so the non- wounded deer?
All Poaching Hotline. is required to take any part of the hunting public cant see it. The answer is no. You need
Ricks next concern; Its deer. But, let me say this. It doesnt Rick asked, When searching permission from the landowner to
common to see the heads or antlers leave a good image in the minds for shed antlers in the spring on go on their property to track your
private property with permission or deer. If they say no, then its no.

My deer hunting suggestions

on state land can you keep them or But, the property owner cant keep
do they belong to the state? the deer either. You cant tag a deer
You find them you keep them. you didnt legally kill.
If you can be there legally, then you Most important thing you
can keep them. should take from this article, if
Dear Woods-N-Water News: points on one side for three or four Can a taxidermist legally there is a doubt in your mind, call
I suggest we eliminated the youth year period allowing smaller bucks mount a pick-up rack with another the Report All Poaching Hotline
hunt or at least make it an antlerless to mature. cape (as long as that cape was le- and get the correct answer. Every
season only hunt. Its disheartening I have shot a few large bucks in gally taken and tagged)? situation is different and has
to know that you have a nice buck the past, but sure would like to see Yes, as long as everything is different variables.
in your area, and then see its picture more of the larger bucks, and let me legal with the antlers you picked-up. Author is Jeff Pendergraff, a
in the local paper that it we shot in decide just which one to shoot. I Thanks Rick these were excel- retired Captain from the Law En-
the youth hunt. I believe its much believe that Clare County had such a lent questions! I hope these ques- forcement Division of the DNR.n
easier to hunt in September when thing done in their county. Then de-
the bucks are still in their bachelor cided to change back to the old way.
groups. Im certain if you want your
child to learn to be a good hunter,
I believe that this has helped Clare
County despite returning to the old Disagree with MAPRs: from page 78
starting them of with harvesting laws they are still shooting some
trophy bucks in their county. tions requiring hunters there who negatives. MAPR encourages herd
does would be the ideal thing to do.
Sincerely purchase combination deer licenses growth, which can and has resulted
The second thing that Id like in higher winter deer losses and
Keith Seltz to pass up young bucks are probably
the state/DNR to do would be partly to blame. damage to winter habitat. Severe
require bucks to have 3 or 4 antler Gladwin, MI
And MAPR are counter to winters kill bucks that hunters are

Mid Thumb Game Ranch

Michigans Deer Management Plan, forced to pass up, which is wasteful
which was recently approved by the and constitutes terrible management.
Natural Resources Commission. The MAPR were put in place in 12
mission of the plan is: to maintain a counties in the northwest LP start-
healthy white-tailed deer population, ing in 2013 under the guise the buck
using sound scientific management, harvest would return to pre-MAPR
maximizing recreational opportu- levels after a year of reduced buck
545 West Burnsline Melvin, Michigan 48454 nities while minimizing negative
impacts on ecosystems and other
harvest and hunter numbers would
increase. After three years under
M-90 between M-53 & M-19 -- Approx. 50 Miles North of Detroit wildlife species and without creating MAPR, buck harvests remain below
undue hardship to private interests. 2012 levels and hunter numbers
Contact at 810-378-5632 MAPR does not maximize recre-
ational opportunity. It minimizes it.
There are examples where MAPR
have declined in those counties, too.
I prefer freedom of choice over
being forced to follow the lead of
DAILY 7 AM - 10 PM
have resulted in an increase of car/ dictators. I hope most other hunters
deer collisions and crop damage agree. After all, voluntary APR is
80 ACRES, MOSTLY from deer rather than the opposite.
In fact, there are no biological
benefits to the deer population from
better for deer and deer hunting!
Richard P. Smith
WOODED-HEAVY COVER MAPR and there are a number of Marquette, MI

Dermestid Beetles at work!

$50 Deposit (personal check)

WWW.MIDTHUMBGAMERANCH.NET Male or Female Cleaning, Degrease, Whiten Cleaning, Degrease, Whiten
Prepared by You Prepared by Us
Rams $325 & Up Goats $325 & Up Small Rodents & Mustilids $30 $40
Coyote, Fox, Lynx, Bobcat, Badger, Wolverine $50 $60
Deer, Javelina, Goat, Antelope $100 $115
Hog Hunts Fallow Bucks Wolf, Mtn. Lion, Black Bear <13 length, Boar <13 $110 $125
Call For Availability $900 Elk, Sheep, Bl. Bear >13, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Boar >13 $140 $155


My Thoughts, My Views, My Opinions...
Great fishing trips on Lake Superior
U.P. icon needs our help: from page 79 and inland lakes for Salmon, Trout,
Pike and Smallmouth Bass

give more. Best of everything as

you go forth to another segment in
your life.
Another wrote, We love you
Buck! Stay strong, stay positive
and know so many are pulling for
you. Stop grumbling.I can hear
Anyone wishing to send cards,
letters and donations directly to
Left; Buck LeVasseur with successful hunter. LeVasseur can send them to Buck
$20,000. at 10401 N. Cave Creek Rd., Lot
One of the people making a 171, Phoenix, AZ 85020.
donation on the secure site wrote, Meanwhile Buck is going
Just wanted to recognize Buck through rehabilitation sessions.
for all that he accomplished and Hes been using a training
shared in his years on Discover- prosthesis to learn how to walk
ing. He is a living legend. Thanks with an artificial leg. He told me
Buck, for bringing the greatness of that is much more difficult to
the UP and her people to our living learn how to use a prosthesis
rooms over the years. Wish I could without a knee.n

O.K. Hit the brakes: from page 79

and try to salvage what was left of with Dad was even more special,
gun season. even gratifying.
This year hunting season was One little scratch, one accident
much different, Dad missed more can cause a lot of problems. But
hunting days then he had the past thankfully, all of us are looking for-
ten years combined. After five nor- ward to some euchre and deer camp
mal days, he felt great and even was next year.n
able to remove his pic line.
Then on the sixth day, he woke
up and noticed redness near his cut
This time he went right into the
doctors and they readmitted him
back to the hospital. He spent the
next four days having surgeries to 3415 South Portage
remove the now encapsulated infec- Jackson, MI 49201
tion. He grew tired of being poked (517) 740-6833
and prodded, but in the end he was WWW.JACKSONGAMEBIRDS.COM
He was thankful that the infec-
tion didnt spread.
He was thankful that he was able
to go back home for Thanksgiving.
He was thankful that he will be
back in the woods next year.
It was a time for all of us to
pump the brakes of life and reflect Manufacturer of Fine Northern Hardwoods
on a lot of things. Going hunting Firewood
Buyers of by the Semi-Load
Standing Timber
Buyers of Standing Timber
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
SFI Trained Loggers and Forest Consultants
Wildlife and
Wildlife andTimberland Improvements
Timberland Improvements
Select Cutting;
Select Clear
cutting; Clear cutting
Mechanized logging and handcutting
Mechanized logging and handcutting
Contact one
one of our buyers
of our buyerstoday
brad@billsbylumber.com or jim@billsbylumber.com
(616) 634-1522 or or (989)
2725 Larch Rd. Harrison, MI 48625
(616) 634-1522 or (989) 544-9342
2725 Larch Rd.

Harrison, MI 48625

Sporting Collectibles:

Its still out there

number of years ago I received a him to set aside. Two of the reels were what are
telephone call from a gentleman from called raised pillar reels and made in the early
Fenton, Michigan who wanted help 1900s. Unfortunately, most raised pillar reels
identifying a number of fishing reels originally sold for very little and have small col-
he had recently purchased at a local lector interest. That left four reels one was a
auction. The auction in- hard rubber fly reel with no identifying
cluded stock from a local sporting goods marks. The next was a rare J.A. Coxe
store that had closed its doors after many No. 15 casting reel that still ran smooth-
years in business. One of the items of- ly. The third reel was a Shakespeare
fered was a box lot of about sixty fishing Marhoff casting reel dated 1912, and
reels found in the stores reel repair area. the last reel was an extraordinary brass
I told him that we could identify most #3 Kentucky reel made by B.C. Milam
of them over the telephone since most in Frankfort, Kentucky. I had hit the
reels have the manufacturers name and mother lode amazingly four of sixty
model number imprinted on reels were rare to very rare
the head plate. Sometimes
the reels line capacity was By Terry McBurney fishing reels.
The hard rubber fly reel
imprinted on the reel foot, measured 2 -inches across
and in the case of Shakespeare reels there was the side plate and was marked 80 on the bot-
either a date or a date code engraved somewhere tom of the reel foot meaning that it would hold
on the reel. 80 yards of silk line. The reel foots shape was
Top: Pfluegers Dexter hard rubber fly reel I made a telephone appointment for later in clearly from a Pflueger reel, so I started digging
was made in the early 1900s and sold for the week, because I knew that going through through early Pflueger catalogs. The reel was an
about $1 retail. Bottom: A typical Pflueger sixty-some fishing reels would be a two cup of early one and was first introduced in 1904-1905.
reel foot showing the reels 80 yard capac- coffee conversation. Pflueger called it the #104 Dexter, which was
ity. Author photos As I expected, most of the reels were easy made in five sizes - 25 yards, 40 yards, 60 yards,
to identify and included Shakespeare reels from 80 yards and 100 yards, and wholesaled for $.16
Kalamazoo that were made during the late 1930s, to $.67 based on the size.
as well as post-WWII models. There were also The reel was made from black hard rubber
Pflueger reels manufactured in Akron, Ohio; with nickel-plated brass parts, had a permanent
Bronson and Coxe reels made in Bronson, J.C. clicker and a half-handle. The rubber side plates
Higgins reels sold by Sears; and South Bend reels were not reinforced, which created a problem
that were contract reels made for them by Shake- since hard rubber was brittle and easily broken.
speare. Almost all were common casting reels or Later Pflueger hard rubber fly reels came bound
automatic fly reels, except for the six reels I could with either nickel-plated brass or German silver
not identify. bands, which took care of this issue. The Dexter
I drove to Fenton that weekend to take a look fly reel is very rare for several reasons. Pflueger
at the reels and double check my identification sold other small inexpensive reels that competed
and especially to see the six reels that I had asked with it. I believe that the main reason for its scar-
city was that many of them did not survive the
hard use that anglers put them through the reels
broke and were thrown away.
The second reel was a J. A. Coxe No. 15 cast-
ing reel that was made in Bronson during 1939,
the first year that Coxe freshwater casting reels
were introduced. Joe Coxe, an ardent salt water
fisherman, gained his reputation building ad-
vanced big game reels in Los Angeles, California.
The Bronson Reel Company, whose forte was
freshwater casting reels and not larger saltwater
reels, purchased the Coxe Company during the
early 1930s to fill this gap in their lineup. They
moved everything to Bronson and started produc-
ing quality Coxe saltwater reels under Joe Coxes
supervision during 1936. Bronson also had Coxe
design his own line of freshwater casting reels,
the No. 25 free spool reel made of Bakelite and
nickel silver (retail $25), the medium priced No.
10 chromium-plated brass reel (retail $12.50),
and the No. 15 nickel silver casting reel (retail
$17.50). All three reels featured Coxe take-apart
cross-bolt construction, which during the intro-
ductory year proved to be difficult to take apart.
Top: The J. A. Coxe No. 15 nickel silver casting reel was made for just three years, 1939 It was said that you needed three hands to do it.
through 1941 and retailed for $17.50. Bottom left: The reel foot showed the model and The cross-bolt system was redesigned and
the year it was made. In this case, Model No. 15 and 1941. One of the first ads for the improved, and the style numbers were changed
new Coxe freshwater casting reels from the April 1939 issue of Field and Stream. by adding the letter C to designate the modi-
fication. The improved No. 15C casting reel industry standard for many years to come.
was made only during 1940 and 1941 and then The Marhoff Patent Level Winding Reel
dropped because of Bronsons shift to wartime refers to William Marhoff who was born on
production. The company did not resume making October 24, 1869 the sixth of seven sons born
this reel after the war making both the No. 15 and to Henry & Mary Marhoff in Buchanan, a small
the No. 15C very rare reels indeed. community about seventy-five miles southwest
A special note on J. A. Coxe reels the name of Kalamazoo. The family moved to a farm in
was written in cursive script and not block letters, Kalamazoo County in 1880, which bordered a
so people sometimes misinterpret the name as stretch of the Kalamazoo River well known for
Jaleoxe. The next time you are out searching its smallmouth bass fishing. The 1899 Kalamazoo
for J.A. Coxe reels, remember to also look for city directory shows Walter working as a machin-
Jaleoxe reels. ist at the Kalamazoo Shutter Company, maker
The third rare reel that came out of the box of behind-the-lens camera shutters, as well as
lot was a William Shakespeare Jr. Company (W. the first Shakespeare bait casting reels. Marhoff
S. Jr. Co.) Marhoff Patent Level Winding Reel briefly left the Kalamazoo Shutter Company but
Model 1912, which translates to the year, 1912 soon rejoined the new Shakespeare Reel Works
and not the model number which was actually as plant superintendent, developing a close
1946. The Marhoff reel is historically impor- friendship with William Shakespeare Jr. Almost
tant because of its level wind mechanism. Before immediately, Marhoff and Shakespeare were
level wind mechanisms were added to casting patenting an array of new fishing reel designs for
reels, the angler had to physically guide his fish- the company.
ing line back onto the reel as he retrieved the line. In the summer of 1906 Marhoff left Shake-
This was done with his left-hand if he was right- speare again, this time to found The Marhoff
handed. The angler would make his cast with his Reel Company. He received patent #833842 on
right-hand and then shift the reel and rod to his October 23, 1906 for an improved level wind
left-hand and then guide the line back onto the device and patent #853311 on May 14, 1907
reel with the line running between his thumb and for an improved clicker, frame and level wind.
forefinger. This had to be done or the retrieved He started manufacturing Marhoff level wind
line would bunch up unevenly. Eventually, this reels sometime late in 1906, and the best guess is
became second nature for the experienced angler. that the company produced about one thousand
A second advantage to guiding the line back onto of them before he sold his company to Wil-
the reel between his thumb and forefinger was liam Shakespeare Jr. early in 1908 due to failing
that the angler could detect soft strikes more eas- health. Walter Marhoff rejoined Shakespeare until
ily. his sudden death at home on Sunday, October 25,
Level wind devices had been around since the 1908. He died of tuberculosis one day after his
late 19th century. Some of them worked poorly thirty-ninth birthday.
and some worked better but still there were chal- William Shakespeare Jr. introduced the
lenges. The Marhoff level wind patents were cer- Marhoff Patent Level Winding Reel in the 1909
tainly the breakthrough patents for a level wind Shakespeare catalog paying tribute to Marhoff
system. His level wind system worked well and for his friendship and his innovations by featur-
would lay the line evenly upon the spool of the ing the reel in the catalog. The reels copy stated: Top: This early Shakespeare Marhoff Level
reel. An early Shakespeare catalog proclaimed: unquestionably the finest level-winding reel at Winding Reel, first cataloged by Shake-
simple, practical and efficient mechani- the price, which is possible to produce. speare in 1909, was made in 1912. Middle:
cal means to lay the line evenly on the spool The fourth reel was a B. C. Milam #3 brass Its level wind system became the industrys
no line troubles, no back-lashing, no spool to Kentucky reel with the serial number 6694. It standard for years to come. Bottom: One of
watch, no precarious gripping of the rod above was made in Frankfort, Kentucky most likely the early Marhoff Reel Company ads ran in
the reel seat while retrieving the line and playing between 1883 when the company started using the May 1907 issue of Shields magazine.
the catch. The Marhoff level wind became the serial numbers and 1896 when the companys
mark on the reel was changed with the addition


of The Frankfort Kentucky Reel in an arch
above the B.C. Milam mark. Milam reels were
handmade, smooth running multiplying reels with
a gear ratio of slightly less than 4 to 1 and offered
Outdoorama, Feb. 23-26 during this period in ten different sizes from the
smallest #00 model (1 -inch diameter) to the
Suburban Collection Showcase- Novi largest #12 reel (4 -inch diameter). The #3 size
was the most popular and primarily used for bass
Ultimate Sport Show, March 16 - 19 fishing. Milam reels were made in brass and in
German silver (nickel silver), an alloy made from
Devos Place, Grand Rapids copper, nickel and zinc that does not contain
any silver! The word, silver, only refers to the
metals color, which can be polished to a high
Dick VanRaalte and I will again be setting up our antique displays at both the Outdoorama in shine and is reserved for the very best reels made.
Novi and the Ultimate Sport Show in Grand Rapids. I will be exhibiting my Made in Michi- I would like to acknowledge two excellent
gan fishing tackle collection and offering free appraisals on old tackle brought into the show. sources that I used for this article:
Dick VanRaalte, from Starboard Marine Restorations in Grand Haven, Michigan, will be Eric Jeskas excellent article The Worlds
exhibiting a display of vintage outboard motors. Dick will also be answering your questions Best Reel The Marhoff Story printed in the
and offering free appraisals. Bring in your fathers or grandfathers tackle box, old rods and November 2016 issue of ORCAs magazine, The
reels, or a vintage outboard motor. We will be happy to answer your questions, as well as offer
FREE appraisals. We are also interested in buying old sporting collectibles for our collections. Sporting Collectibles next page
Please stop by and enjoy our displays. We will see you there.
Successful fall
Sporting Collectibles:
from page 83
fish stocking
The MDNR announced totals from its fall fish stocking efforts. The
DNRs Fisheries Division stocked 10 different species totaling more than
300,000 fish that weighed nearly 8 tons. Fish were stocked at 99 locations
throughout the state.
It was another outstanding fall fish stocking season that will provide
enhanced opportunities throughout Michigan, said DNR Fish Pro-
duction Manager Ed Eisch. When added to our successful spring and
summer stocking efforts, that brings the total for 2016 to more than 34
million fish put into Michigans waters.
The number and type of fish stocked vary by hatchery, as each facil-
itys ability to rear fish differs because of water supplies and temperature.
In Michigan, there are six state and three cooperative hatcheries that
work together to produce the species, strain and size of fish needed by
fisheries managers. These fish then must be delivered at specific times
and locations for stocking to ensure their success. Most fish in Michigan
are stocked in the spring.
Fall fish stocking in 2016 consisted of 10 species including brook
trout, brown trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, Atlantic salmon,
lake sturgeon, channel catfish, walleye and muskellunge.
Harrietta State Fish Hatchery (west of Cadillac) stocked five loca-
Left: This valuable brass B.C. Milam Kentucky reel was made about tions with 24,650 fall fingerling wild rose strain brown trout that weighed
1890. Right: The reel was handmade by John Milam while his father, 1,445 pounds.
B. C. Milam, ran the jewelry side of their business. Author photos Marquette State Fish Hatchery (near Marquette) stocked 33,818 fall
fingerling and adult brook and lake trout that weighed a combined 3,999
Reel News. antiquefishing@ comcast.net with pounds. These fish were stocked at a total of 53 locations.
Fishing Reel Makers of your questions. Photographs are im- Oden State Fish Hatchery (near Petoskey) stocked 86,752 fall fin-
Kentucky by Steven K. Vernon and portant, so please send them. They gerling rainbow trout that weighed 1,329 pounds and seven Black Lake
Frank M. Stewart, III, published in help me with identification and give strain lake sturgeon weighing 1 pound. Oden stocked three locations
1992. me an idea of the condition of the with these fish.
Feel free to contact the author at item.n Platte River State Fish Hatchery (west of Traverse City) stocked
41,976 fall fingerling Atlantic salmon weighing 2,560 pounds. These
salmon were stocked in Torch Lake (Antrim County) at two locations.

Whats In Your
Thompson State Fish Hatchery (near Manistique) stocked 71,128
fall fingerling steelhead that weighed 847 pounds. Thompson stocked two
Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery (west of Kalamazoo) stocked three

Ol d Tac k l e B ox ??
species of fall fingerlings in 2016. These included 7,000 yearling channel
? ? catfish weighing 1,543 pounds at five locations. These fish were part of a

cooperative agreement with Ohio. Wolf Lake also stocked 23,445 Great
Lake and 1,110 Northern strain muskellunge fall fingerlings that weighed
2,963 pounds and were stocked at 14 sites. Lastly, the hatchery provided
Terry Joining him 14,423 Muskegon strain fall fingerling walleye that weighed 901 pounds
McBurney, will be Dick
Woods-n- VanRaalte and were stocked at 15 sites.
Water News of Starboard In general, fish are reared in Michigans state fish hatcheries anywhere
staff writer and Marine from one month to one and a half years before they are stocked.
fishing tackle Restorations, For more information, visit Michigan.gov/hatcheries. To find out if
historian, will Grand Haven,
be setting up his Michigan who will any fish were stocked in a favorite fishing spot, visit the DNRs fish stock-
antique fishing exhibit part of his ing database at Michigandnr.com/fishstock/. Check out this short video
tackle displays at collection of vintage of staff from the Lake Erie Management Unit pulling fish from a walleye
the Outdoorama outboard motors. rearing pond this past fall for stocking: https://youtu.be/-HspMj6H15M
in Novi and the With over 20 years of
Ultimate Sports experience restoring
Show in Grand Rapids. old outboards, as well
With a lifetime of
experience in the fishing
as wood and fiberglass
boats, VanRaalte will also Hot Shot Outfitters
industry and author of
many magazine articles
be answering questions
and offering free Ray Hoody
on antique tackle, he will appraisals. They are also
be answering questions
and offering free
interested in buying old
sporting collectibles for 4 Birds $
85 per gun

appraisals at each show. their collections.

On Select Weekends!
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Booth 5150 March 16-19, 2017 switch grass, dwarf-milo sorgrum, and corn. Turkey Hunts Coyote Hunts
February 23-26, 2017 DeVos Place Traditional Ringneck Pheasants Extra birds shot are free. Whitetail Hunts
Suburban Collection Showcase Grand Rapids, Michigan Morning or afternoon hunts. Bird Cleaning is available.
Excellent dogs and guides - $60 per 1/2 day.
Novi, Michigan Brass or Steel shot loads only. 6900 Huron City
Port Hope, MI 48468
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month. The photo with the most votes will receive a Woods-N-Water News mock Cover
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their photo. Once we have twelve monthly winners from our website, well ask you to choose the
Grand Prize winner which will get a new Stealth Cam.
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Michael D. Ford of Dexter, has an old log home in Tennessee

and his trail camera was set up to catch intruders.

Mike Dyer, of Eagle, captured this outstanding trail cam photo of a coy-
ote jumping through a hole in a fencerow behind his home.

Rick Harris of Jackson County got this trail cam photo of five
bucks and of course one raccoon.

Kraig Staples caught this survivor from the season near

Doubling up this month on our trail cam page is Mike Dyer, this time Millersburg. Kraig comments, He might be a nice one next
with a rather special white-nosed whitetail. year if the coyotes dont get him.
2017 Pure Michigan Hunt winners
he MDNR announced the Im thrilled for the opportunity. tion purchased helps fund wildlife habitat 12-gauge shotgun Michigan Ducks
three winners of the eighth Farris expressed it similarly when he restoration and management in Michigan. Unlimited
annual Pure Michigan Hunt. said, Ive been hunting for over 30 years, Each winner receives elk, bear, spring Annual subscription, camouflage hat,
Michele Ketchum of Sparta mostly small game and waterfowl. I de- and fall turkey, and antlerless deer licenses current copies of publication and Outdoor
(Kent County), Richard Farris cided to apply for the Pure Michigan Hunt to be used in 2017. In addition along Print of the Year Michigan Outdoor
of Almont (Lapeer County) this year, now I cant believe I have chance with three hunting companions the win- News
and Jerry Peak of Crystal (Montcalm at a Michigan elk and black bear. ners will get first pick opening morning of Under Armour pop-up blind Ameri-
County) each won a pocketful of licenses Peak said initially he ignored the call the waterfowl season at any of Michigans step of Clio
and more than $4,000 worth of hunting from Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife Division premier managed waterfowl hunt areas. Terminator II crossbow Darton Ar-
gear. chief. I didnt answer the call because I Ketchum, Farris and Peak each also won a chery of Hale
I didnt believe it was real. Ive been didnt know the number. I let it be for a package of gear donated by Michigan busi- Go-Pro outdoor camera St. Clair Flats
applying for the Pure Michigan Hunt for few days and then eventually called him nesses and organizations.: Waterfowlers, Inc.
years. said Ketchum. Ive been a small back once he said Pure Michigan Hunt Engraved Henry Golden Boy .22 Quiver accessories Kwikee Kwiver of
game and deer hunter since I was young, it really caught my attention. long rifle Dick Williams Gun Shop of Williamsburg
but Ive never hunted bear or elk before. Each $5 Pure Michigan Hunt applica- Saginaw Hunting accessories Harmon Scents
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Custom waterfowl mount The Trophy
Room of Clare
Traps, DVDs, calls and more Michi-
gan Trappers and Predator Callers Associa-
B U I LT E X C L U S I V E LY B Y W O O D H AV E N L O G & L U M B E R tion
Turkey hunting gear Michigan Chap-
ter of National Wild Turkey Federation
Deer/habitat management package
Michigan Chapter of Quality Deer Man-
agement Association
$100 Cabelas gift card Saginaw Field
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Made in the USA quilt-lined Realtree
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ners choice between guided turkey, deer
or bear hunt), including lodging and food
East Lake Outfitters of Essexville
Custom shooting earplugs and hat
Michigan Hearing of Lake Orion
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stamp print Michigan Duck Hunters As-

IMAGINE WHAT YOU CAN DO. Five-year Commemorative Bucks of

Michigan membership, including one free
trophy mount Commemorative Bucks of
Michigan of Bath
Scent Web deer scent and Dual Grunter
camouflage deer call Away Hunting
Products of Beaverton
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sorted scent-elimination gear Buck Baits
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$100 Visa gift cards Security Credit
WoodHavens handcrafted log siding, knotty pine paneling and accessories can help Union
your dreams come true with your existing home, cabin or new project. The winners officially will be awarded
their prizes at the next Michigan Natural
Resources Commission meeting Thursday,
Call us toll-free for a Feb. 9, in Lansing.
1284 Mapes Road | PO Box 964 The 2017 drawing saw a total of 51,090
sample kit or to schedule
Mio, MI 48647 applications purchased by 18,581 individu-
a visit to our mill:
Phone: 989.826.8300 als, generating more than $259,000 that
1.888.988.PINE (7463) will fund wildlife habitat restoration and
www.woodhavenlog.com improvements in Michigan.
Applications for the next Pure Michi-
gan Hunt drawing will be available starting
Dealer in Howell, MI. To view Tiny Cabins, Contact Steve (810) 599-5147 March 1. For more information, visit www.
Woods-N-WaterNews Classified Section
M E M O RY FOAM TAILS IN SOUTH CENTRAL hunting club members are high- ALL! A farm home, a pole barn. ing Lodge for your buddies,and a Pine River Flows thru the Center,
MATTRESS SET. Clean. Never OHIO! We offer a bow hunting ly educated responsive profes- 65 acres of tillable land, 19 acres of built in 2005- 2400 sq ft Home for 3 Acre Pond, Rolling, Big Oaks,
used. As seen on TV. Cost $1700. membership allowing you to hunt sionals looking for 80 acres woods in Calhoun County. Call Jim the wife., 70% Wooded new pole Maples 90% Wooded, West of Pt.
Sell for $695. 989-832-2401. M-4- for more than four weeks as well as plus hunting lease in southern at Faust Real Estate, LLC 517-902- barn, 3000 of River Frontage on the Huron, Wales Township. Dead end
14-TFN 6.5 day hunting trips. You will have Michigan. Call Jim 734-788- 6655. RE-3-1 Black River. just west of Carsonville. road. St Clair County $278,000.
.............................................. access to over 8,000 acres, 100 6668. HL-2-2 .............................................. Bridgehampton Twp. Sanilac Coun- JustLandSales.com for pictures or
AN AMISH LOG plus tree stands and a full time 15.68 ACRES, Pine-filled Front, ty. $479,900 JustLandSales.com call me Tom Kinzer - 586-419-6716.
HEADBOARD AND QUEEN guide staff. Our properties have Sits High, Over-looking a duck and for pictures or call me Tom Kinzer RE-3-1
pillowtop mattress set. New. Sell all been strictly managed for 10 years, PROPERTY WONT SELL? goose haven. 50% Wooded 518 - 586-419-6716. RE-3-1 ..............................................
for $275. 989-923-1278. offering great opportunities for suc- Responsible family will consider x 1332 Goodland Twp Lapeer ..............................................

More Classifieds
M-4-14-TFN cess. The hunting pressure is low, any size acreage or location, with or County, north of Imlay City. $54,500 HUNTERS PARADISE IN
.............................................. with only a limited number of spots without cabin or outbuilding, may be JustLandSales.com for pictures or ONAWAY - 2 bdrm/1 bath house -
AMISH LOG BEDS, ANY available. Anthony 810-223-4587 interested in purchase at end of call me Tom Kinzer - 586-419-6716. walkout basement -10 fenced acres
SIZE $199. 5 drawer log chest
$199. Good quality. Lowest prices
lease. Call Jay at 248-396-8322.
- 2 story barn - spectacular sunsets.
Call Sherri -989-858-6622. RE-3-1 Next Page
in Michigan. 989-839-4846. M-4- ..............................................
ONTARIO Moose and Bear
To reach an immense outdoor market use the . . .

Woods-N-Water News Classified

LOG BUNK BEDS. $495. hunts. Spring and fall bear ING! 200+ gated acres avail-
Amish lodge furniture. Call Dan hunts available with limited able for yearly lease. Boat
989-832-1866. M-4-14-TFN space. 100% success last 2 docks with power and boat
.............................................. years. 1 gun cow or 2 archery ramp. mile canal with 2 Classified ad rates: $30 for the first 20 words
cow moose tags in WMU33 dredged channels to the Every word over 20 is .25 per word -- Box your classified, $5 additional charge
416-548-6124 Saginaw Bay, casino within 1 This effective advertising is simple to do, place your ad by . . .
WANTED www.murraylake.net H-3-2 mile. Perfect for hunt clubs! Calling 800-387-7824 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
References needed. Email
DJRMVP@gmail.com by
Email your ad to wnw@pageone-inc.com
TIMBER: Buying all types of tim- WEST KENTUCKY HUNTS appointment only. HL-1-4 Faxing your ad 810-724-8552
ber, 5 acres or more, top price paid. I provide farm stands. Farmhouse
Cash in advance. Improve wildlife
Complete your Classified online at www.woods-n-waternews.com
$895. Having a few four day hunts Mailing your ad to Woods-N-Water News, P.O. Box 278, Imlay City, MI48444
habitat. Patco Forest Products, this fall. Farms hold high numbers
989-539-7588 after 6 p.m. W-9- of deer, thousands of acres avail-
12/16 able 270-213-0528. H-3-1 WANT TO LEASE Classifieds MUST be paid in advance of publishing; MasterCard, Visa accepted. Make
check/money orders payable to Woods-N-Water News. Classified ads can not be
.............................................. ..............................................
LOOKING FOR A HUNTING billed and once a classified is processed no refunds can be made. Limit of 75 words.
LEASE within 1.5 hours from
BEAR GUIDE Merv 5 day Detroit MI. 40 to 100 acres. Willing
All classifieds posted to our website FREE!
FOR SALE hunt in 98 sq miles. Room and to pay $25.00 per acre. Ethical Use one of these useful classified categories...
board $1500 US mervrinta@ hunter with No DNR violation. Will
1989 UNIMOG SEE gmail.com See website www. not make any modification to your
A = Archery FW = Firewood RR = Resorts/Rent
bearguidemerv.com H-8-8 ATV = ATVs G = Guns RVC = RVs/Campers
FREIGHTLINER TRUCK land and will respect all of your B = Boats H = Hunting SM = Snowmobiles
WITH Case 580 backhoe and rules. will take off any tree stands D = Dogs HL = Hunting Leases T = Taxidermy
loader bucket Daimler Benz engine, off after lease is complete. F = Fishing HW = Help Wanted TK = Trucks
4x4, 16 speed new clutch, 7050 RAYS U.P. HUNTING Over September 1st to December 31st. F = Free M = Miscellanous TR = Trailers
miles Complete with hydraulic chain 25 years experience guiding for Please call Mike Hamie 313 205 FP = Food Plots RE = Real Estate W = Wanted
saw, hammer drill, jack hammer, w/ deer and bear. Baited stands in 2000. WL-3-2
original tools, spare tire, all in good Amasa, Baraga, and Bergland
working order/condition $22,000. Units. Lodging Available. Call Ray
.............................................. APRIL 2017 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Call 517-521-3478 FS-2-2 at 906-265-9420 or cell (906) 284-
.............................................. 2216. Licensed and Insured. H-1- REAL ESTATE CLIP AND MAIL
Woods-N-Water News Classified Advertising
acres with 860 ft. frontage on
(Please print clearly. We are not responsible for unreadable orders.)
Make sure phone number is included in your ad!
BEAR HUNTS: Booking now for
Round Lake in Fountain,
Spring and Fall of 2017. Includes
Michigan. 575 acre lake with NAME
comfortable cabin, boat and motor,
CANADIAN FISHING sand bottom, good fishing,
TRIP. Want to go fishing? Book baited stands. Very experienced
hunting and trapping. Many ADDRESS
early and save. One of Ontarios guides. High success rate. 3 hours
high and dry building locations.
best multiple fish lakes, fish from the Soo. References on
Splits available. Many mature CITYSTATEZIP
for Walleye, Northern, Small request. $960 U.S. 705-869-3272
oak, spruce and fir growing on
Mouth, Lake Trout, Perch and www.texasandsons.com H-10-
property. Excellent investment DAYTIME PHONE NO.
other fish. Well spaced out log 12-16
property. Reduced to
& framed cabins, all boats have ..............................................
$499,000.00 Call 616-402- VISA/MASTERCARD#EXP:
electric start motors, fish finders 5790. RE-3-2
and swivel seats. Upgrade
boats and motors available. 6
days/nights $445.00 U.S. funds 160 ACRES MIDLAND
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
per person with a group of 4 or S E A S O N A L - O N LY
CAMPING Private, gated para- COUNTY. Hunting land, 32 x 32
more (2 people per boat) www. log cabin and pond. Maple Syrup
dise on Big Manistee River offers (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)
northernwalleyelodge.com or shack, cement block garage and
toll free 1-877-434-2440. F-1- large, wooded sites, full hook-ups,
easy access to Lake Michigan screened outbuilding. Randy Minto
(13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18)
TFN 810-449-1286. rminto@c21metro-
beaches. Long season. Quiet and
peaceful. COHO BEND - 231-723- brokers.com RE-3-1 (19) (20) $30.00 $30.25 $30.50 $30.75
Classifieds 7321 www.cohobend.com. R/R-3- ..............................................
8 $31.00 $31.25 $31.50 $31.75 $32.00 $32.25
work! .............................................. 19.24 ACRES, Rolling Mature
(810) 724-0254 Hardwoods. Build your Home in
$32.50 $32.75 $33.00 $33.25 $33.50 $33.75
Front the & Hunt the Back 90%
Monday- TRAILS END RESORT Wooded - 660 x 1310, paved road.
Friday on Big Manistique Lake, Curtis, between Lapeer and Imlay City At-
$34.00 $34.25 $34.50 $34.75 $35.00 $35.25
MI. Hunting, fishing, sightsee-
9am-5pm ing. 2 bedroom modern house-
tica Twp Lapeer County $129,900.
$35.50 $35.75 $36.00 $36.25 $36.50 $36.75
JustLandSales.com for pictures or
or try our keeping cabins. Boats, motors call me Tom Kinzer - 586-419-6716.
and pontoon rentals. 906-586- Enclosed is $for
website 3515. RR-3-3
.............................................. words to runmonths. BOX MY CLASSIFIED - $5 Extra
Woods-N-WaterNews Classified Section


Classifieds work!
ITS BEST! by Paul POINTER PUPS: Males MALE 18 months old, obe-
Rheaume. Over 30 years
experience with pointing and
flushing breeds. All inclusive 4
and females available. Excel-
lent hunting dogs and superb
family pets. Close working
dience trained, collar condi-
tioned, steady to shot, top
pedegree $1,200. Call Tom at
(810) 724-0254
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
week class that is customized dogs with strong point and St. Clair Chesapeakes 810-
to meet your dog's needs. retrieve instincts. Reasonably 650-4711. D-3-1
Excellent for young dogs start- priced for the sporting family.
ing out, for experienced dogs Money back guarantee. Eulen-
tuning up, or for dogs with
issues. $600. Find us on
Facebook or online http://gun-
hof Kennels, Gladwin, MI.
989-426-4884 D-2-2
or try our website
Rheaume's Kennel. (989) 864-
8606. D-11-6 (810) 724-0254
email: wnw@pageone-inc.com website: www.woods-n-waternews.com

PAGES 88 - 97
110 Acres * Birch Run Twp. * Saginaw County
$80,000.00 DON'T MISS THIS ONE! SALE SITE: Birch Run Knights of Columbus Hall. 11105 Dixie Highway, Birch Run, Mi.
1 mile north of M-83 on Dixie Highway


110 Acres Vacant Land Section #13 * Birch Run Twp.
110 Acres Vacant Land Large wooded area with big Saginaw County
46.2 FSA tillable acres hardwoods on the property. Directions to the Property:
Not rented for 2017 Creek crosses property. 3 miles east of Birch Run on
Good productive soils Very nice looking piece of M-83 to Block Rd. Turn north
throughout property. 1 miles to the property
Feel free to walk/inspect the
Farm has random tile with property at your convenience
good outlet access. Bloom Family, Owners
See www.PavlikLLC.com for all maps, aerials, and information

Parcels C & D on survey are 11.81 wooded acres on a private spring fed lake in www.PavlikLLC.com

Mecosta County. This is a hunter's and fisherman's paradise complete with 705
feet of lake frontage. The Southwest corner of the property is 80 feet above lake
level and gently slopes downward to an expanding vista of lake frontage. All
lake front property surrounding this lake is owned by five individual owners.
There is privacy galore! But, if you prefer more action, Chippewa Lake, an all OGEMAW COUNTY GLADWIN COUNTY ROSCOMMON COUNTY
sports lake, is only one mile away. There is a well on the property (condition Lots 4 & 8 Partridge Lane River Oaks Point 402 Reindeer
Lot 4 is 3.9 acres & Lot 8 is 2.3 Build your dream home on this 4BR/2BA home with Houghton Lake
unknown). Motivated seller! SEV is over $65,000.00 This land would make an acres. Enjoy lakefront living large waterfront lot on Smallwood water access! Huge yard, big rooms,
on this quiet, peaceful lake in Lake. This beautiful all sports lake new carpet & paint welcomes you
excellent hunter's retreat, fisherman's camp or a campground. It has to be seen Southern Ogemaw County. This lot has over 663ft of water frontage, into this home. This home features
60 acre lake has fantastic views dock, well & electric already in! water access, docking on Houghton
to be appreciated. and great fishing! Just minutes Located on a privately secluded cul- Lake with large pavilion and play
For more information call from West Branch. Priced at
$32,900 each lot
de-sac with great fishing, boating
or just relaxing. $149,900
area for the family. Great home
priced to sell! $119,900
734-325-3103 or 989-463-2975 Contact Kyle Kigar
209 W. Cedar Ave.,
Thomas B. Camp Alma, MI 48801 Gladwin, Michigan 48624
(989) 429-1730 KIGAR

Broker, Land Specialist Agent, Land Specialist Agent, Land Specialist Agent, Land Specialist Agent, Land Specialist Agent, Land Specialist
Michigan Central Michigan Southeast Michigan West Central Michigan Southeast Michigan Central Michigan
(269) 816-3010 (989) 600-4112 (517) 937-2118 (989) 330-4032 (586) 292-1812 (269) 420-9510



whitetailpr operties.com
Whitetail Properties Real Estate, LLC | dba Whitetail Properties | In the State of Nebraska DBA Whitetail Trophy Properties Real Estate LLC. | Dan Perez, Broker - LIC in IL, IA, KS, KY,
MO, NE, OK | Jeff Evans, Broker - LIC in AR, CO, GA, IL, MN, TN, WI | John Boyken, Broker - LIC in IN | Kirk Gilbert, Broker - LIC in OH | Johnny Ball, Broker - LIC in AR | Bob Powers,
Broker - LIC in TN | Brandon Cropsey, Broker - LIC in MI | Chris Wakefield, Broker - LIC in TN | Sybil Stewart, Broker - LIC in AL, MS, LA | Joey Bellington, Broker - LIC in TX

MI_WNW_ad_9.83x13.indd 1
WNW NEWS 1/27/17
MARCH11:01 89
- or -


783+/- ACRES, 359+/- ACRES,

1 Mile Frontage Tawas

30 Acre Private Lake, 3,400
sq ft Custom Lodge,
Lake, Kunze River 70x70 Pole Barn, 60x120
Crosses Property, 5 Pole Barn, 2 Rental
Bedroom Log Lodge, 3 $
Miles from East Tawas 1,250,000 Houses, 26 Ladder Stands,
5 Elevated Box Blinds

Antrim County, 52+/- Acres Barry County, 80 Acres Calhoun County, 67+/- Acres
Alcona County, 240 Acres, Alpena County, 316+/- Acres, Good Trails Rolling Hardwoods, Pole Barn 5 Bedroom, 6 Bath Custom Home, Branch County, 43+/- Acres, Big Bucks, Calhoun Co, 61 Acres 300 ft. All Sports Prairie Lake,
House, Barns, Pond, Stream, Food Plots Lodge sleeps 10, Professionally Managed Forest with Living Quarters, Excellent Hunting 3,000 ft. on Dake Lake Cold Creek Crosses Property, Nice Woods 2,500 ft. St. Joseph River, Excellent Hunting 1/2 Tillable, 1/2 Wooded
$499,000 $439,000 $129,000 $1,650,000 $136,500 $139,900 $275,000


Missaukee County, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 5+/- Acres

Calhoun County, 70+/- Acres Calhoun Co, 86+/- Acres Jackson County, 54+/- Acres, 2,000 ft Kalkaska County, 40 Acres, Cabin, Barn, Mason County, 35+/- Acres, Farm Land Pond, Professionally Managed 557 ft White River Frontage, 1/2
House, Pole Barn, Pond, River, Elevated Blind 750 ft. Frontage on Prairie Lake,
Big Buck Hunting, Outbuildings Grand River Frontage, Trail System Trout Pond, Excellent Hunting on 2 Sides, Heavy Bedding Cover Forest, Food Plots Open, 1/2 Wooded
$289,000 $349,000 $179,900 $115,000 $52,500 $129,500 $41,000


Newaygo County, 36+/- Acres Newaygo County, 40 Acres Newaygo Co, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 80 Acres Newaygo County, 80 Acres Newaygo Co, 99 Acres,
Farm Land, M-37 Frontage, 1000s of Heavily Wooded, Excellent Close to Federal Land, Pole Barn, Rolling Hardwoods, Great Rustic Cabin, Pond, Nice 4,600 ft. White River Frontage, Planted Pines, Great Cover,
acres Public Land 1/2 mile Away Hunting, Building Sites Great Hunting Hunting, 2 Bedroom Mobile Woods, Good Trail System Great Hunting and Fishing County Road Frontage
$50,400 $60,000 $140,000 $150,000 $129,000 $189,000 $198,000


Newaygo County, 125 Acres, Three Newaygo County, 160 Acres Oceana County, 100+/- Acres Osceola Co, 54+/- Acres Osceola County, 167 Acres Presque Isle County, 47+/- Presque Isle County, 80 Ac
spring fed lakes, Excellent Deer, Frontage on 9 Mile Rd & Cottonwood Rd, Remote Property, Nice Forest, 650 ft. Frontage Nice Cabin, Good Trail Acres, 2 Bedroom House, Pole Presque Isle Co, 63+/- Ac Creek Frontage, 24x24 Garage,
Turkey and Waterfowl hunting Adjacent to National Forest Good Deer Population All Sports Grass Lake System, Excellent Hunting Barn, Excellent Hunting Carp Creek, Food Plots, Hunting Blinds Excellent Hunting
$375,000 $400,000 $150,000 $225,000 $399,000 $99,000 $69,300 $90,000

www. WildLifeRealty.com
Recreational Property Leaders 5 Beautiful Acres, Pond,
Creek, Inviting Home
List and Buy with the Experts Spacious home abuts
state/fed land, Mud Creek

www.TrophyClassRealEstate.com frontage, oversized 2 car

garage, additional outbuilding

with many possibilities. Hunt
from home and enjoy the
areas amenities!


160 Acres, Small Lake, 40 Acres Wooded with

Ponds & Cottage Charming Residence
Property is wooded Great hunting grounds with
with established blinds, good history for deer, birds
versatile terrain, rolling and small game, food plots,
hills, creek beds, 2-tracks 3 bed/2 bath home, 20x30
and approx. 55 acres of bldg with heat and water.
quality AG land. Farmland boarders property.


#16014410 #16042353
$550,000 $239,900

33 Acre Estate with Pristine 80 of Lake Michigan

Stunning Home & frontage with Log Home!
Amenities The views are incredible
5200sf contemporary open and the 3 bed/2 bath home
floor plan, guest house, is cozy and inviting. Nestled
sauna, stables, pastures, on private wooded lot!
pool & tennis court. Hunt,
trail ride & snowmobile in
the stately woods! Beautiful ALLEGAN COUNTY
Gull Lake one street away. #16051578
KALAMAZOO $775,000

40 Acres North Branch of 80 Untouched

White River! Recreational Acres
Deer (they like the river), Rustic cabin in Big Island
grouse, turkey, mushrooms! Wilderness Area. Bear Sign!
Fish for browns, rainbows Cabin has water, LP gas
& steelhead. Nice mobile & lights, wood stove.
#16034042 $169,000

Great 40 acre hunting camp 160 Acres with impeccable

Off the grid with generator, LP log style home!
systems, well and septic, 2 2100sf, 3 bed/3 bath built with
wood burning stoves. Sleeps 14 unmatched quality. Hunters
and adjoins state land for plenty dream property! Hardwoods,
of hunting, grouse, deer and cedar swamp & creek, ridges,
bear. Shed workshop. Near ATV trails, blinds, adjoins public
snow trails and Fox river. land, pole building.


#1818121 #1822401
$89,500 $499,900


233 WASHINGTON, SUITE 202 4249 US 31 S
(877) 843-0910 (231) 233-3575
Diane JJ John Matthew
Ives Earl Miller Farkas
(989) 306-0372 (989) 350-1711 (989) 217-0745 (248) 884-8616
NORTH FORK RANCH Michigan Hotel For Sale. Exceptional Opportunity
Executive Home Retreat with 2700-Ft Grass Airstrip on 400-Acres Historic hotel in downtown Sault Saint
PRIVATE AIRSTRIP of Pristine Rolling Woodland with Food Plots, Trout Stream and Marie overlooks the famous Soo
Ponds. Built with Full 16 Logs shipped from Montana, Perfect Locks. The Ojibway Ramada Plaza
for Entertaining. Motel Style Guest House with 3-Units Sleeps 6. has 71 rooms, spacious suites w/
Bunk House sleeps 9 with Bathroom and Kitchenette. Airplane
Hangar and Outbuilding next to the Airstrip. Garage across from spa tubs, award-winning Freighters
Main Home has Huge Commercial Kitchen that is Heated with Restaurant and Captains Pub. Indoor
Central Air. Corral is Fenced for Horses. pool, sauna & gym. Busy tourist area.
$2,700,000 400 ACRES $8,500,000
Experience Breathtaking Sunrises and Sunsets, Huge Lodge Accommodates about 20-People with Large
Northern Lights, Great Lakes Freighters, Beautiful Kitchen and Caretakers Quarters. Lakes are Exclusive to this
Beaches, and wildlife from one of the Modern Cedar Log Property and have never had Gas Operated Motors on them.
Cabins and housekeeping units that sit on Lake Hurons The first Lake is about 20-Acres and about 90-Feet Deep with
shore on Manitou Beach. Year-round Outdoor Paradise Pike, Bass, Crappie. Lots of Wildlife including Deer and Bear
with unlimited woods and water recreation adventures: on the Property. The Second Lake is Shallower and excellent
lighthouses, boating, hiking and biking trails, mushroom Waterfowl Hunting. Miles of Trials Throughout this Property
hunting, fishing charters, shipwreck diving and more. give easy access.

$1,200,000 12 ACRES LAKE HURON $1,140,000 760 ACRES


Spectacular Views, All-Sports Premier Clear Lake with 200-Ft of Frontage and On the 4th Tee of the Fountains Course, a Championship course. With 3-BD, Former Organic Dairy Farm Certified Organic Mineral Beautiful 2 BD home on Crooked River. Secluded yet near town. 5 wooded
185-Ft of Stone Sea Wall. Paved Road borders Clear Lake State Campground 3 BATH, this log home offers seasonal or year-round amenities. Located Rights Included. Creek runs through excellent hunting acres w/ 1-room guest cabin. Tastefully decorated with unique wooden spiral
and 1000s of Acres of State Land. Excellent Rental History. Caribbean-Like just south of Lewiston, home to East and West Twin Lakes, both All Sports property. Several outbuildings. Milking Equipment stairs to large loft area w/ half bath. Amazing view from 4-season sunporch.
Water, Sand. Most of Shore Line State-owned, minimal homes on the Water. Lakes and a marina. The association will soon be gated for extra security. Available. Generator hook-up, 220 amp service to big garage. Plenty of storage.
$329,900 $279,000 $400,000 $159,000

12412 STATE ST., ATLANTA, MICHIGAN 49709 (866) 637-8851

9326 S. M-37 | P.O. Box 843

Baldwin, MI 49304

11+ Acres, 25 Acres, 2+ Acres, 4+ Acres, 9 Acres,

3 Bed 2 Bath, 1 Bed 1 Bath 2 Mobile Homes 2 Bed 2 Bath 2 Bed 2 Bath
MLS 16046586 $79,900 MLS 16057584 $69,900 MLS 00000000 $25,000 MLS 16040198 $39,900 MLS 16044803 $46,900

1+ Acres, 10 Acres, 6.5 Acres, 10 Acres, 5 Acres,

3 Bed 1 Bath 2 Bed 2 Bed 1 Bath 3 Bed 1 1/2 Bath 2 Bed 1 Bath
MLS 16042664 $49,000 MLS 16028581 $45,000 MLS 16043976 $65,000 MLS 16021240 $129,900 MLS 17001818 $38,900


Parcel 2- Affordable 5 Acre parcel, level- liberally wooded with a mix of hard Parcel 4- Wooded 7 Acre parcel. Just a hop skip and a jump away from the
and soft wood. Excellent for hunting and outdoor pursuits, close to State Manistee National Forest. Excellent for wildlife viewing, camping, building, and
Land & right in the heart of ORV country. Additional acreage available. more! MLS 17003144 $23,900
Taxes based on a larger parcel. MLS 16056905 $17,900
Parcel A- Nicely wooded 20 acre parcel with Federal Land to the North
Parcel B- 5+ Acre parcel level, with a mix of hard and soft wood. Enjoy superior and the East. Easy access to trails. MLS 17003554 $46,900
hunting opportunities on property across the street from Federal Land. Additional
acreage available. Taxes have not yet been assessed. MLS 16058075 $17,900 Parcel D Wooded 20 acres with Federal Land close by. Wonderful spot
for up North play. Easy access to trails and endless hours of recreational
Excellent small parcel for camping or building. Adjacent to State land, yet still activities. MLS 17003558 $44,900
quite accessible. Wooded and fairly level. MLS 17003092 $6,900
Parcel E Federal Land borders this nicely wooded 20 acre parcel to the
Parcel 2- 2+ Acre parcel close to the Manistee National Forest. Utilize for North. An excellent getaway to experience all northern Michigan has to
camping, building or other pursuits. MLS 17003139 $10,900 offer. MLS 17003559 $44,900

Parcel 3- Wooded 2+ Acre parcel for camping, building, hunting or other Parcel F Excellently located 20 acre parcel with Federal Land bordering two
recreational use. Close to the Manistee National Forest. MLS 17003142 $10,900 sides. Small 24x32 unfinished hunting cabin. MLS 17003561 $48,900


Always Working Hard for You!

Unlimited Outdoor Fun. Great Building site with
Great Development possibilities.
810.449.1286 Amazing Home Over 5,200 sq ft of Living Space
& Outdoor Entertainment. Gorgeous property,
- OR -
Lake & Riverfront. Office:
8 ponds. Very Private and Secluded.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzDqDMo9cHc www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn16uM6g7aE
*DV 810.653.4500
$775,000 $1,265,000 *DV


Newly Renovated, 41 tillable acres, 3 ponds, 65% Wooded. Awesome 2,238 sq ft Ranch Home with Finished
Great Development & Commercial Possibilities. A Rare Gem!
Great Country Farm House, 2,600 sq ft home, Large Pole Barn.
Walkout Basement. 32 x 56 Pole Barn.
$599,900 Amazing kitchen and Jacuzzi house. $229,000

34 ACRES 80-100 DEER
Licensed Deer Ranch in Davison. 6-car garage, pond, 5 blinds, 4-BR on Pine River. Bear, Deer, lots of Wildlife. Apple
3 lg feeders, Lg polebarn. 4BD, 3BA, walkout & up basement. Orchard. Fish and Canoe the River. New Roof, New Price!
$849,000 $299,000
200 TILLABLE ACRES 4 Cabins and 2 hunting camps, 2 pole barns, Duck Marsh, Trout
PRESERVE pond, 05 Tractor w/equip., 1 ATV, stocked toolshed, 11 heated
Great farming, income producing, Pheasant Preserve blinds/feeders/food plots, miles of trail systems on Wolf River
Possibilities, over 1/2 mile on Belle River, multiple and Widner River. 5-mile private entrance. Hardwoods, pines and Deer Hunters Dream Property, Private, 2-streams.
Outbuildings, 2 Ponds. 150 acres of cedar swamp. Fantastic wildlife; Trophy Whitetail Large Elevation changes.
$1,250,000 Deer, Black Bear, Bobcat, Coyote, and Wild Turkeys abound.


Amazing Barn Home, over 2,000 sq ft. Walkout basement.
Awesome loft rec room. Nicely renovated Second home, 1,116
15 Acres zoned Commercial.
Great building site, walkout.
Great Building Site, 4 splits
available. Zoned Ag. Paved
sq ft. is a rental, $850/mo income potential. Wooded. Road, Corner Lot. Beautiful updated Ranch Home, Finished Basement, Pole Barn
$369,900 $239,000 $119,900 & Creek Views of Sugar Bush Golf Course. Davison Schools

3900 sq. ft. Amazing
log interior with knotty
pine, custom built. Abuts Rustic 2-story Hunting Cabin w/
500+ acres Federal land Rustic Log Home, Organic fireplace, well, septic, on Hunters Prime Hunting & Nature Lovers Dream Property. 90%
(land locked).
20 ACRES Farm, 11 tillable acres. and Nature Lovers Dream property. wooded, hardwoods, pines & cedars. Nice hunting cabin
$279,000 $99,800 $289,900 built 2001. 2BD & 1BA. 5 Deer Blinds. $299,900


Gorgeous Updated Home, Ponds, Waterfalls.
Fantastic Development Opportunity. 30-2 Acre lots Own your own Marina! Located on a 600-acre Private All-Sports Barn with 6/stalls. Truly a Deer Hunters, Nature
approx. currently zoned agriculture. Lake. 16 Boat Slips, Turn-key operation. 225 ft of Lake Frontage.
Avalon Pontoon Dealer.
& HORSE LOVERS Dream Property.
$550,000 $650,000 $895,000

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Upper Michigan