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Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Invitation for publication ceremony of two English books
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Dear Dr. Padmakar Vartak,

Jai Shri Krishna!
Many thanks for your kind invitation for felicitating you for your efforts
to prove that Bhagwaan Krishna was a man and not a (?!) God!
Honestly, the more I read your works the more I arrive at the inexorable
conclusion that you are suffering from megalomania!
Judging from your boastful claim "Krishnas birth
date is established as midnight between 23-24 May
5626 B.C. and true horoscope presented" you are
more of a "Vedic astrologer" than anything else, since
it is mostly that genre which suffer from such
Though you claim to have read all the shastras including the Vedas, the
Puranas, the Ramayana, apart from the Mahabharata
but you have certainly not read the Gita, though it is an inseparable even
if a very small part of the Mahabharata!
If you had read at least the Gita, you would certainly have taken note of
the umpteen references wherein Bhagwaan Krishna has referred to
Himself as the beginning and the end of the universe!
He claims that He is the creator of the universe, and even its destroyer!
Do you think you are outside the sphere of those universes?
I am quoting just a couple of shlokas below from the ninth Adhyaya of
the Gita, and hope that it will ameliorate your precarious condition to
some extent at least!
" $ ! ' ( *, -
Though you claim to have good command of Sanskrit language, still I
am giving the English translation of these two shlokas from the Gita
Press edition:
"Not knowing My supreme nature, fools deride Me, the
Overlord of the entire creation, who have assumed the human
form. That is to say, they take Me, who have appeared in
human from through My 'Yogamaya' for deliverance of the
world, as an ordinary mortal.
Those bewildered persons with vain hopes, futile actions and
fruitless knowledge, have embraced a fiendish, demoniacal
and delusive nature"
Need I say anything else?
What is all the more surprising is that though you are from
Maharashtra, that part of Bharatavarsha which was the birthplace of
famous saints like Jnyaneshwara, Samarth Ramdas, Tukaraam etc., just
to name a few of them, for whom Bhagwaan Krishna was Vitthala and
Vitthoba! But for you He was just a "man" whom you could bring under
the control of Mangal and Shani etc. planets, nay even Rahu and Ketu,
meaning thereby you are even the lord of those planets!
It pains me to note that in spite of being from
Maharashtra, you have probably not even heard the
name of Sant Jnyaneshwar, leave alone having read
his-world famous Jnyaneshwari!
I am attaching herewith Hindi translation (from Gita Press) of "Shri
Jnyaneshwari" i.e. the commentary by Sant Jnyaneshwar on the above
quoted two shlokas!
If you so desire, I can send you the original jnyaaneswhari (Marathi)
pages of the above shlokas!
Regarding your claim, "Krishnas birth date is established as midnight
between 23-24 May 5626 B.C. and true horoscope presented" the less
said the better, since your knowledge of astronomy is worse than that of
the fake Maya Mahaasura who is supposed to have given us the "Shri
Surya Siddhanta", the worst concoction of an astronomical work!
You have arrived at the above date of Bhagwaan Krishna in a delirium,
which you call tapasya and trance, as such a date is astronomically
impossible for the Incarnation of Bhagwaan Krishna to have taken

"Krishnas mistakes are also

On seeing your statement,
reported with evidence", I am fully convinced of your
psychosomatic problems since you consider yourself
the prosecutor as well as the judge for judging
"Krishna's mistakes"!
I hope, against hope, that the words of Sant
Jnyaneshwar will give you a jolt and you will change
your stance without further delay.
However, in case you are still convinced that Bhagwaan Krishna was not
"a God" but "a man" who was born on the absurd date of May 23-24,
5626 BCE, I think you must consult some psychiatrist immediately,
because who knows, if these symptoms of megalomania continue, after a
few days you may claim that you are the creator of Creator yourself!
shubhashya sheeghram!
Jai Shri Krishna,
A K Kaul

On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 6:55 PM, Padmakar Vartak <padmakarvartak@gmail.com>


On 9 August 2012 11:18, BHARAT S. CHAUHAN <bschauhan@bajajauto.co.in>


From: vvmpune [mailto:vvmpune@gmail.com]

Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2012 10:16 AM
Subject: Invitation for publication ceremony of two English books

Dear Scholars,

Ved Vidnyan Mandal cordially invites you with family & friends for publication ceremony of two
English books.

at 5-30 pm on 11-8-2012, on the frist floor, at Vartak Ashram, Near Prabhat Cinema, 497
Shaniwar Pune 30.

1. Shri Krishna the Epoch maker. (


Real life of Krishna is presented. He was a man, not a God. Many evidences
are given to prove this fact. His miracles are explained nicely. All exaggerations
are removed to show the real image of ideal Krishna. Krishnas mistakes are
also reported with evidence. Krishnas birth date is established as midnight
between 23-24 May 5626 B.C. and true horoscope presented.

2. Sui generis Bheema- the hero of Mahabharata. (] ) -

Proves beyond doubt that Bheema is the hero of the Mahabharata. Dr. Vartak considers the
definition of the word Nayak (hero) and shows in each aspect that Bheema is the hero. Bheema
is the only protector of heroine Draupadi, Bheema is the chief rival of the villains, Bheema killed
all villains and defeated all generals of villains, Bheema is present from the beginning to the end
of the story, Bheema exhibits all virtues essential for hero ship. Bheema was the most handsome,
brilliant, statesman, expert in dialogue, nobody matched him in mace-fighting and elephant-
riding; he was excellent in archery and fencing. He had become the emperor Monarch by killing
the emperor Jarasandh, but he presented the empire to his elder brother Yudhishthira, who staked
it in dice and lost.

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