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Chiron, Wounded Healer

by Celeste Teal
Chiron, Wounded Healer
by Celeste Teal

Chirons Discovery

Discovered on the morning of November 1, 1977 by Charles T. Kowal in Pasadena California

around 10 AM, the mythology surrounding Chiron presents him as a wise man, a great
astrologer, a teacher and sacred warrior; one who initiates healers. The very day of Chirons
discovery is revealing of its nature; this is Hallow Mass in the Celtic calendar, the day when the
veil between the worlds is lifted. Spirits were invited to participate in the daily ceremonies with
seats left open by the fire. Of course Chiron had been orbiting between Saturn and Uranus long
before its discovery; bringing out healing skills and mystical powers of the selected few. Now, it
is we who experience Chirons transits with full knowledge of his manner of teaching who can
benefit to the fullest.

Chiron, whose orbit is elliptical and who spends years longer in some signs than others, was
discovered at a time when alternative healing, channeling, ESP and similar teachings were first
causing a sensation. Chiron rules such things as divination, crystals and healing of the
body/mind, in fact it is about healing the split between body and spirit. Chiron is associated
with various forms of awakening, whether through Reiki, Kundalini or the decent of the spirit of
God. With Chiron its all about consciousness expanding and it feels like an initiation because
some of the things you become conscious of will at first stop you in your tracks. Confronting
painful issues is necessarily part of the Chirotic process.

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I paid almost no attention to Chiron for the longest time. Then with a series of transits it
brought me face to face with him. I began to get requests to write about Chiron around the
same time that I couldnt help but notice Chirons role in addictive behavior. I was working on
overcoming my own habit of smoking at the time. Because Chiron is reflective of the wound
were here to heal, it also shows our escapist tendencies or HOW we choose to avoid dealing
with our pain. Often, the wounding is about separation, but the pain associated can take many
forms; even living with a wounded parent. None of us are immune to the particular wounding
associated with Chiron. Chirons placement in our horoscope also shows our greatest gift to
share, where we can bring the most healing to others.

Chiron in the Natal Chart

The sign and house position of Chiron tells where and with whom our wounding centers, the
aspects add to that and show how we cover up the wound or push it out of sight. The planet
ruling the sign where Chiron resides also reflects some of the personal issues where were in
need of healing. Like other planets, Chirons natal prominence and configurations reflect an
individuals sensitivity to transits.

Chirons natal aspects need not be analyzed so much for type of aspect as with other planets.
Because Chirons message centers on issues of wounds in need of healing, any type of aspect
shows the themes based on the nature of the planet in aspect. If Chiron makes many
connections to other planets, it extends the possibilities for the kinds of healing that an
individual can eventually bring to others. Sometimes were able to help others to heal in areas
where we ourselves cannot heal, but often our own abilities to bring healing to others is opened
when we submit to or go into the eye of our own pain.

Chiron in the First House, in Aries or in aspect to Mars:

With Chiron in these configurations, there are likely to be identity issues and a search for self.
Wounds center around traumas early in life; some which may have negated our very existence.
There may also be some part of our physique that distresses us; some part we do not find
acceptable whether too big, too small or otherwise not to our liking. Unable to feel accepted by
others without apology, we may overcompensate with aggressive actions. Or, in taking the
passive aggressive role, we bring out anger in others. Initiating actions may be particularly
difficult due to self-doubt. Theres a desire to be the best in which case we should come to
accept a certain amount of opposition and competition. Sometimes theres a tendency to take
the role of victim or we fall victim to an illness that paves the way to healing. The gift of this
placement is in the timely initiation of action on behalf of others.

Chiron in the Second House, in Taurus or in aspect to Venus:

With Chiron in Taurus, the Second House or in aspect to Venus, there are security issues and a
search for values. On one hand we may be constantly in search of that which would finally
make us feel safe and secure and on the other hand, owning possessions may feel like a heavy
duty. We feel we must exercise great control over them, lest they begin to possess us. There

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may be issues surrounding the acceptance of considerable resources ourselves although we
may be comfortable handling others resources. Dealing with poverty is another theme in which
there emerges an inflated need for material possessions. Clinging possessively to others or to
things in order to feel valuable may also be a theme. In these configurations there could be a
physical disability. With an intuitive awareness of the needs of the body, healing often comes
through trusting these instincts and eventually we are able to utilize this gift to help others heal.

Chiron in the Third House, in Gemini or in aspect to Mercury:

With these configurations there are time issues and idea issues in our search for balance. We
absorb ideas from everywhere in our attempt to sort out details and identify them from a
subjective view. We thrive on problem solving and although this position may show a brilliant
and intelligent mind, we may never feel quite sure of our mental capabilities, worrying that
weve somehow got it wrong or that our mind will one day let us down. There may be stress
and nervous tension over this, adding to the potential for thoughts to scatter. Sometimes our
vocabulary is inadequate to express what we want to say; there may be learning disabilities or
at the other extreme with this position, intellectual conceit. This position also concerns siblings;
often there are painful memories or experiences concerning a sibling or they may be disabled or
live a painful existence. The gift of this placement is the gift of expression.

Chiron in the Fourth House, in Cancer or in aspect to the Moon:

With Chiron in the Fourth House, in Cancer or in aspect to the Moon, there are emotional issues
and a search for roots. Often there are emotional problems centering around one of the
parents. A parent may be absent or unknown or there was an early separation; sometimes this
wound goes back to birth and the original separation from the mother and womb. There may
be continuous conflicts with a parent or a situation where we devote our lives to trying to live
up to the standards of a parent. We may feel a need to validate them at the same time that we
regard them with pity or contempt. A fear of rejection by a parent may find us looking for this
basic security in other ways; through an organization or some other kind of family. The gift of
this placement is that with great empathy, others find it easy to relate to us, thus we are able
to nurture others emotionally.

Chiron in the Fifth House, in Leo, or in aspect to the Sun:

With these configurations, there are issues over will power and a search for balancing the ego.
With themes centering on creative self-expression, there may be early wounding or repression
in this area causing us to behave in an unnatural manner due to a deep fear of ridicule.
Spontaneity does not come easily and we may compensate either by taking on a stiff and cool
demeanor that allows us some dignity or we put ourselves at the center of our own jokes,
feeling that we are being laughed at anyway. We may crave a creative outlet but feel blocked,
pretending at the same time that it is not important to us. We have much to learn from children
or lovers and there may be wounds to heal here. Sometimes the only way we can honor our
own creativity is through others, our children for example. The gift of this position is an
appreciation for the creative process of life itself.

Chiron in the Sixth House, in Virgo or in aspect to Mercury:

With Chiron in the Sixth House, or in Virgo, which many feel are the sign of Chirons rule, there
are health issues, sometimes a fear of serious illness. At times our expectations may be set so
high as to be impossible to achieve and possible themes include martyrdom, a need for extreme

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cleanliness or perfectionism. We may feel disorganized and look for ways to schedule and
control our lives in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the disorder that we fear will overcome
us. Mentally, we can become overly analytical or obsessed with trivial details. There may be
problems with assimilating the various parts of our experiences, thus they remain unconnected
and scattered while we fear that we do not feel things the same way others do. The gift of this
placement is the ability to teach others how to become organized.

Chiron in the Seventh House, in Libra or in aspect to Venus:

With these configurations, there are issues surrounding relationships and we learn about
ourselves through our relationships with others. Highly sensitive to disharmony and conflict we
see ourselves as neither competitive nor defensive although we may spend more time
defending ourselves than creating in our relationships. Searching for an idealistic harmony, we
may suffer feelings of betrayal when others cant live up to such high expectations. With a fear
of being alone, we truly bend over backwards to keep things running smoothly, wanting to
please everyone and not until later in life do we learn that its ok if not everyone likes us. Even
in situations full of conflict we continue to believe that we can fix things, sometimes suffering
for such loyalty and compliance. The gift of this position is that we play the role of mediator
quite well and eventually we can help others develop more satisfying relationships.

Chiron in the Eighth House, in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto:

With Chiron in the Eighth House, in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto, there are control issues,
usually linked to money, sex or power. Chiron makes it somewhat difficult to maintain control,
thus a constant struggle. There may be issues and trials over having too much or too little
money. We may become manipulative; sometimes developing illness in the process or we put
on a strong front to disguise our fears of losing control. We may feel wounded in the area of
our sexuality, although we also possess a magnetic charm. Curious about death, there may
have been an early death of someone that had a huge impact on us. Frequently we believe that
we werent wanted at birth or that our birth was a burden in some way. The gift of this position
is that from a deep sense of understanding of suffering, we can become powerful healers.

Chiron in the Ninth House, in Sagittarius or in aspect to Jupiter:

With these configurations, there are spiritual issues, religious issues and curiosity issues. Divine
restlessness pushes us to constantly search for truth, wisdom and our connection to the higher
self. There may be powerful visions of purpose and we begin very young to search for answers
and to create our own belief system, which may come from bits and pieces of many
philosophies. With frustrated hopes and failed attempts to express ourselves, we can loose sight
of the vision we once had and end up rejecting all spiritual philosophies to become a non-
believer. Eventually we may come to find meaning in nothing although we may put on a happy
face to cover our inner feelings of dejection or hopelessness. The gift of this placement is the
ability to express the natural rhythm of the divine in our daily living, which becomes an
inspiration to others.

Chiron in the Tenth House, in Capricorn or in aspect to Saturn:

With Chiron in these configurations, there are establishment issues as we may find it difficult to
find our particular niche in society. We may be trying for the pie in the sky or set impossible
goals to live up to, sometimes as a way of making up for goals that couldnt be achieved by a
parent or sometimes as a way to do just the opposite of a parent. Often we end up making the

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same mistakes in spite of ourselves. In many cases there are wounding issues that revolve
around the father who may have appeared either weak or overly demanding. Fearful of being
put too much in the spotlight we nevertheless desire authority, power and elevated status.
Sometimes we only feel worthy in terms of the authority we can achieve. The gift of this
placement is that if we learn to set more realistic goals, others sense our natural authority and
count on our reliability.

Chiron in the Eleventh House, in Aquarius or in aspect to Uranus:

With Chiron in these configurations, there are issues concerning humanity. Those with this
position understand and abide by the philosophy of the greatest good for the greatest
number. Rather than speak our own minds, we generally promote and speak up for those
ideals that are widely adopted and accepted. We may also go a step further and become the
first to speak up on controversial issues, suffering the repercussions of opening that door.
Usually, there are noticeable peculiarities or unconventional behaviors with this placement.
While we may be extremely critical of society or appear to reject it, we really hope to make a
constructive contribution. Interested in both the distant future and that which is long past, the
gift of this position is to eventually become a bridge between the two.

Chiron in the Twelfth House, in Pisces or in aspect to Neptune:

With Chiron in the Twelfth House, in Pisces or in aspect to Neptune, there are issues
surrounding the subconscious. Here, we are aware that there is something beyond what our
five senses can comprehend. The feeling that we are missing information can cause various
problems, mentally or emotionally because what is not known becomes the bigger issue. There
is a longing for utopia and a deep desire to meld with cosmic forces and living in the
imagination may be preferred to that of reality. In many ways, we do not really want to know
our individuality or become grounded lest it interfere with our greatest desire. Due to this and
the watery influence, escape into alcohol or drugs are sometimes a problem as is taking on the
role of victim. The gift with these placements is in using our developed intuition wisely to help
others once we do become grounded.

Chiron Transits

Make a list of all of Chirons natal aspects in your chart to find the various parts to your
particular wounding. Watch Chirons transits to your natal planets using the same orb as you
would another planet and watch the transits of other planets to natal Chiron. During these
times, open your sensitivities, watch for synchronicities and the messages of Chiron.

How will you know if youre having a Chiron transit? Youll be having pangs in your stomach at
the same time youre realizing theres not one thing out there that can take them away. Not
your favorite comfort food or your most appealing addiction. The square, opposition and closing
square of Chiron to its natal place which leads up to the Chiron Return around age 50-51 are
times of coming to terms with soulful issues, spiritual crisis and sometimes a real crisis in
consciousness. At each of these times and during any powerful transits to or from Chiron, we
may find ourselves facing issues for which we require healing. Depending upon the prominence
of Chiron in the nativity, the particular aspect and whether Chiron is traveling direct or
retrograde, these transits may coincide with a series of painful events where we must go

Chiron, Wounded Healer by Celeste Teal 2012 Page 6

inwardly and through intense pain to get to the other side. There may be experiences in which
one is aware of an opening to knowledge outside the usual realms. Recognition of sudden
truths can bring deep anguish but through that doorway is divine knowledge.

For some, it becomes too much to face and the impulse is to escape the initial pain by whatever
method may seem workable. The choices seem limited with Chiron; face this pain and go
through it or a part of us will die. For some, it is only through an illness that Chiron can bring
about an initiation. As much as he can bring you pain however, he will also be your savior if you
bravely commit to his initiation and take that step where you see none.

Chiron is deep; there are many dimensions to his teachings and when he becomes active, your
dreams may take on new dimensions, becoming particularly symbolic, particularly lucid, and
very futuristic. Thats because his communications are saturated with meaning from so many
levels that it takes a form of super communication to capture the essence.

During my extended personal introduction to Chiron I heard from an astrology student, Kay,
who was having her second Chiron square; this following a difficult eclipse on her natal

In her natal chart, Chiron conjuncts Saturn in the Eleventh House, reflecting the woundedness
she was currently undergoing from her association with a friend upon whom she had looked to
for years as a substitute father figure. Her own father had died when she was a child. Her
friend had been caught embezzling so not only did she suffer feelings of betrayal and
abandonment, due to her association with him, she lost everything she had and is still awaiting
indictments on several counts. Even though she had no part in the schemes, her punishment
could be just as harsh as that of her friend. The media latched onto her, making her out to be
the worst of criminals. Both hers and her familys lives were threatened.

She shared this dream: I had a series of dreams that had to do with energies cleansing and
energizing my body. I should add that I do a lot of energy and chakra work every day. What
was surprising to me is that in those very vivid and lucid dreams, I actually felt a little pain in
my stomach that was lit up with very bright energy and I was told not to worry as this energy is
from Jupiter and will energize my solar plexus chakra. I know that it sounds a little silly but
these dreams actually had an effect as since thereafter the duration of my sleep was reduced
by two hours. I believe that I underwent a spiritual cleansing...

Unlike Kay who has been able to remain centered through her heavy trials, flourishing in her
spiritual studies and in her ability to do chakra healings for others, another young man born
with Chiron at near the same degree as Kay was having his own Chiron square and took an
entirely different route.

This alarming news came to me through an email from the daughter of an old friend. Caycee
was guilt ridden because her estranged husband and the father of her two children had killed
himself in an accidental shooting. She was tormented that if shed stayed with him the accident
would not have happened and hed still be alive. He had been against their separation,
constantly telling the children that he wanted them to all be a family again. She sent me Toms
birth data asking if her actions could have prevented the accident.

Chiron, Wounded Healer by Celeste Teal 2012 Page 7

I felt bad that she would feel responsible for what must surely be a karmic event so I looked for
something to tell her from the charts. They were eerie. The most unusual thing was that for the
time of the accident, you could barely discern whether this was a suicide or an accident.

His chart suggested that Tom had been quite controlling. He was also prone to imagined hurts,
using his suffering to draw on others sympathies to get what he wanted. It seems his need to
control was based on his feelings that his life was somehow fated and that he had no choice
but to follow in his fathers footsteps, a broken and miserable man. Tom went to extremes and
used various forms of manipulation; an example being the way he brought the children into the
picture, who repeated him word for word, to add to their mothers guilt.

The major aspects formed from transiting planets to natal and progressed planets showed a
grand cross involving Chiron, Mars, Moon and Uranus in multiples across the Twelfth and Sixth
houses and the Second and Eighth. Come to find out, hed threatened to kill himself many times
over the past year if he couldnt win Caycee back so this freak accident was like a cruel joke.
The rules of the game became too much to bear and he simply checked out. (Chirons squares
have been linked to cases of suicide in extreme cases.)

His natal chart showed Chiron opposed to Pluto and Uranus in the Eighth, revealing much about
this abrupt end to his life with Uranus in the picture and showing, by Pluto, that he felt pulled
by a certain destiny from a young age. With aspects of Chiron to Saturn and to a Sun-Neptune
conjunction, there were parental issues at the root. His father had been beaten down and lived
his life in heartbreak over a woman whos love he lost; Toms mother. A Full Moon in Toms
progressions linked to square his natal Chiron, representative of the root of his parental issues
beneath the slippery footing he found for himself in his relationship with Caycee. Knowing his
fathers suffering and feeling there was no escape but to repeat such a destiny, he became
negligent about living. The freak set of circumstances that ended in his death involved alcohol,
a gun and a motorcycle, a dangerous combo, inviting an accident.

Chirons Return

Ive wondered about those individuals who reach the time of their Chiron Return and nothing is
bothering them or making them squirm. Maybe they just dont let on or show it but I think
there is more. Some I believe just go on habitually trying to fill the void through outside sources
such as accumulating things or in some way they continue to avoid painful issues.

With a friend undergoing his Chiron return during my studies on Chiron, Ive decided that this is
what could make that 50th birthday so difficult; its not the calendar or years as much as it is
Chirons input. The Chiron Return is like a checkpoint to see how your soul is doing at this
halfway mark through life. At the same time you learn that now is of the essence.

For some such as my friend with a heavy Capricorn and Saturn influence combined with
Chirons return, its like; I thought I had climbed all my mountains and heres another one. I
dont think I can do it maybe I dont want to do it.

And, this is the function of Chiron; to enable us to identify our emotional and physical buffers
and move beyond to experience life more deeply and with newfound peace.

Chiron, Wounded Healer by Celeste Teal 2012 Page 8

The nice thing about it as I see it, is that if you can stand and bear it, this is where you reach a
sort of maturity, similar to the maturity you reached at your Saturn Return but as that one was
on a material level, this one is on a soulful level.

This is where you earn your badge for your spiritual integrity, to settle into yourself and be
comfortable with who you are. Accepting and loving you even aware of imperfections. This is
also about aging gracefully, appreciating your inner qualities. This is where older people picked
up that first credential that comes with the territory, gaining the right to act their age. With
time left over now that we arent indulging our every physical and emotional whim, theres lots
of time to do what we really came for. The task. This is when we become aware of our own
gifts to offer others.

The Chiron Return is the time that the masculine/feminine natures find balance. A womans
masterful abilities come forth and a mans softer qualities appear. Another friend, also
experiencing her Chiron Return remarked at the connection to menopause, which arrived at the
same time as her return.

Chiron asks that we accept here and now as all there is. Chiron urges you to participate fully in
the present moment. Chances are that in looking around youll find exactly the things you need
right now to keep you moving forward on your spiritual path. Chances are also, though, that
what you see around you is not what you think you need or what you had hoped to settle for.
You swallow and try to decide if you can accept this. Where once we believed that to attain
spiritual enlightenment we should be mindfully focused out there or up there somewhere,
we find with Chiron that we must be grounded and centered in the here and now to become an
effective channel to receive such enlightenment.

There are differing opinions as to which sign Chiron rules or co-rules. Virgo and Sagittarius are
at the top of the list although some think it rules Libra. I believe it has a connection to all of the
mutable signs and the houses they naturally correspond with. The sighting of Chiron occurred
with Sagittarius rising and many of the attributes of the sign correspond with what is known
about Chiron, including the visionary emphasis; the development of wisdom and truth-seeking.
Regardless of which sign it rules however, the natal position and aspects of Chiron offers clues
to our own particular wounding and how to bring healing to others.

Bio: Celeste Teal has studied and practiced astrology beginning in 1975. Starting as a skeptic,
setting out to disprove astrology to a friend, she became a passionate student upon learning
that the movements of the planets actually are synchronized with human events. Getting her
professional credentials in 1986, Teal writes for astrology magazines, online e-zines and
maintains her popular website; www.moonvalleyastrologer.com with a variety of articles for
astrologers of all levels. Shes authored several well-received astrology books, including
Eclipses, Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, and Lunar Nodes. Teal focuses on
teaching time-tested astrology principles and reliable forecasting techniques. By popular
demand, a new revised, expanded edition of her first book, Predicting Events with Astrology,
was released by Llewellyn Publications, required material by many astrology teachers.

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