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Remote control based on new

communication technologies

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Our RTU-family

Flexible system concept

The flexible and modular designed Remote Terminal Unit pro-
vides a complete solution with many integrated functions. The
scalability of the system allows perfect adaptation for station
reinforcement, retrofit and upgrades.
- Flexible footprint
19 rack design, half size rack or din rail design, in combi-
nation with different communication modules, provides the
perfect fit for your application
- Advanced communication
Communication racks with multiprocessor architecture,
integrated modems and network modules
- Scalable inputs and outputs
Solutions for small feeder RTUs, to complex and large
- Superior redundancy concept
Adaptable to different availability requirements
- Efficient data engineering RTU560A
Easy use of MS-Excel-sheets for data import and export,
to and from other systems
- Time synchronization
GPS, SNTP, DCF77, IRIG-B or via protocols
- Rugged design for substation and harsh environmental
- Applicable for electrical applications from the medium to the
extra-high voltage. Including pipeline networks such as gas,
oil, water, waste water and district heating.

Hybrid Solution using IEC 61850-Station Bus for new

stations and retrofit RTU560C
The RTU560 makes it possible to combine parallel In-/Output
connections, serial IED connections and IEC 61850 station
bus. Making the RTU560 the ideal candidate for new instal-
lations, retrofits, and/or partial upgrades in existing stations.
The RTU can be integrated into existing infrastructures, as it
supports many modern international and third party telecon-
trol communication protocols.


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Your benefits at a glance

One solution suite for various applications

The open architecture of the RTU supports adaptation to dif-
ferent applications. Future functional and quantitative extensi-
ons are easy at anytime through upgrading hardware and/or
- Remote Control
- Substation Automation
- Communication Gateway
- Distribution-RTU and feeder RTUs

Life cycle costs

Your Remote Terminal Unit evolves over many years with the
tasks. Todays investment with ABB Remote Terminal Units
can be considered as an investment into the future.
Your investment is secured through:
- Future-proof technology by incorporating modern interna-
tional standards like IEC61850
- Open and scalable systems architecture RTU560D
- Retrofit concepts

Cost advantages
ABB Remote Terminal Units cost saving benefits:
- Reduced operating and maintenance costs through
advanced diagnostic tools
- Small number of configurable hardware components,
reduces spare part costs
- Integrated HMI functionality, SPS functions and network
components in one RTU-system
- Reduced engineering hours through effective engineering
- One engineering tool for the complete RTU-family
- One solution, from pole top RTUs, to large complex trans-
mission RTUs, with consistent system functionality
Strong partnership
ABB has worked for more than 40 years with continued suc-
cess in the area of remote control applications and offers the
security of a strong and experienced partner
- Worldwide presence with local partners in almost all regions
- Close to the costumer: ABBs footprint allows quick access
to support and service
- World market leadership: ABB is world market leader for
large and medium RTUs


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Trends in remote control

Transmission and distribution networks are subject to

constant change. Resulting in complex structures for grid
systems. Is valid in electrical and pipeline networks for
gas, oil, water, waste water and district heating.

Todays deregulated market requirements put extreme

economical pressure on network operations. Expecting
the monitoring and controlling of the grid down to the
lowest level.

The increasing requirement for the availability of energy

is resulting in the rising need of information for the
network control systems. Remote control meets these
requirements with a wide range of functions with flexible
and modern communication.

Your company
Growing cost pressure leads to a rising level of automation
within the substations and increases the use of remote control
for station automation. A solution which is based on remote
control still represents the most economical alternative. It of-
fers the possibility of station automation, modernisation and
extension with highest availability.

Technical progress
The hybrid solution, with stationbus IEC61850 enables simul-
taneous handling of process data which are gathered different
ways parallel In /Output via remote control, serial IED-con-
nections and station bus IEC61850. As a result, functions are
moved from station automation to remote control.
The integrated Human Machine Interface (Webserver) allows
local or remote monitoring and controlling of the station.
Additionally, it offers a wide range of diagnostics and mainte-
nance functions. For communications and visualization only a
Web-Browser is required.

Constant change of technology

- Standardized communication protocols
- New communication concepts
- Standardized hard and software
- IT-technology in use

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Scalable for various applications

Remote Control Unit Substation Automation/Hybrid Solution

Remote Control Unit Substation Automation/Hybrid Solution

The gathering of direct-wired process information and its The application substation automation consists of interfaces
transfer to a higher level control system, is one of the major to protection and control equipment, as well as metering
tasks of the remote control application. A scalable platform, devices and other automation products. The Human Machine
together with the modular In/Output components ensures Interface is integrated into the RTU and allows control and
the highest flexibility for different applications. Our solutions monitoring locally or remotely. Disturbance records and load
proven track record provide reliable process control from large profiles are automatically retrieved and stored from the RTU.
complex transmission stations thru to small pole top applica- This information can easily be transmitted onto the communi-
tions. cations network upon request. Using the RTU for substation
The highly advanced communication capabilities allow our automation will result in significant cost saving since no ad-
RTU to communicate to various sub RTUs, IEDs and control ditional Human Machine Interface is required. The integrated
centers at the same time. The on board PLC-Function ensu- Human Machine Interface engineers simultaneously with the
res customer specific applications can be easily integrated RTU datapoints, therefore, no additional system for data input
into our system. is required. The hybrid solution gives you also the possibility
to do a set wise replacement of your digital bay controllers
and protection devices.

5 | RTU560 / RTU211

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Communication Gateway Distribution RTU

Communication Gateway Distribution RTU

The application communication gateway is characterized by Typically, Distribution RTUs are deployments of large numbers
the wide abilities of communication based on a scalable hard- of units over a broad geographical area. Small number of data
ware platform. The existing complex, serial communication points and complex communication structures are common in
structures can be simplified by using the RTU560. Decentra- these applications.
lized communication gateways are used to make this simplifi- The demand for small and smallest RTUs is found in the ex-
cation. The RTU uses multi-processor technology in order to tension of the product portfolio with the RTU560D, RTU560G
achieve high performance in data processing. and RTU211. As members of the RTU560-family, this RTU
The concentration of several functions and/or substations corresponds with the functionality of the other members of
on a central communication gateway reduces the number of the RTU560-family.
required communication lines to higher control level. This ap- They share the same standard RTU engineering tool and
proach results in higher availability while achieving opera-tio- diagnostic functions. One engineering tool can be used to
nal cost saving through the reduction of used communication engineer pole top RTUs and complex distribution RTUs.
lines. The use of Remote Terminal Units instead of PCs, and This ensures reduced engineering costs and easier operation
the decentralized modular structure of the hard- and software and maintenance in the distribution network. Direct CT/VT
results in the highest system availability. interfaces can be used for fault location and measured value
The flexible redundancy concept allows adaptation to the cus- computations.
tomers requirements. Therefore, various levels of availability
can be archived according to the operational requirements.

RTU560/RTU211 | 6

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Technical highlights of the RTU-family

Integrated Human Machine Interface Communication

The Human Machine Interface, which is integrated in the RTU, The RTU is easily adaptable to various telecontrol communi-
is providing easy monitoring and control based on web-server cations, due to standardized internal interface for system and
technology. This solution simplifies the data engineering, since process information. The station bus IEC61850 enables within
the data points have to be entered only once, eliminating the hybrid solutions the combination of parallel In /Outputs, serial
interface between RTU and an additional local HMI-system. IED-connections and the new state of the art station bus.

Data Archive und Diagnostics PLC Functions

The RTU provides time stamped (1ms resolution) sequence of The PLC package allows programming in the languages defi-
events information. This information is stored on the compact ned in IEC 61131-3:
flash memory of the RTU. Additional disturbance records from - Function Block Diagram (FBD)
connected IEDs can be stored on the same flash memory. All - Ladder Diagram (LD)
this information is accessible via the web-server functionality. - Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
To retrieve this information for further analysis, no special tool - Instruction List (IL)
or software is required. All information which is accessible via - Structured Text (ST)
the web-server is password protected.

Integrated Human Machine Interface Data Archive und Diagnostics

Communication PLC Functions

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