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7th Grade IEP Annual Goals updated 1/5/17

Students Reading Writing Math ELD Accommodations

Gladis By March 2017, By March 2017, after By March 2017, By March 2017, after o re-teaching
when given grade reading a grade- when given an completing the o scaffolding,
Alvarenga - 7
level text, Gladis level text, Gladis will expression (e.g. 3(x prewriting, drafting, o provide visuals
will provide a write a (3-5) + 1), 3(2y + 4y), 2(z and revising steps, o graphic
written summary sentence paragraph ? 3) + z), Gladis will Gladis will edit a organizers
about the text's on the subject use the properties of paragraph using an o extra time to
theme with (3) containing at least operations (e.g. editing checklist to complete
supporting details in (1) claim supported associative: a + (b + self-edit for assignment
o provide corrective
4 out of 5 trials. by at least (2) pieces c) = (a + b) + c, misspelled words,
of evidence in (4 out commutative: a + b punctuation, feedback
o provide
of 5) trials as +c=c+a+b=b capitalization, with
opportunity for
measured by a + c + a, and (75-80%) of the
drills and practice
teacher-created distributive: a(b + c) errors in the piece.
o instructions/direct
assessment. = ab + ac) to create
ions in small steps
(chunking steps,
expressions for (4
clarify, revise
out of 5) problems.
o accommodated
assessments with
sentence frames
Ignacio By February 2017, By February 2017, By February 2017, o re-teaching
when given a grade when given a when given an o scaffolding
Banuelos 7
level text, Ignacio narrative writing equation or o provide visuals
will create a claim, prompt, Ignacio will inequality, Ignacio o graphic
and write a multi- write a multi- will use substitution organizers
paragraph summary paragraph (e.g. n + 7 = 8, o extra time to
with (3) supporting composition substitute n = 1 complete
details as measured including a minimum since 1 more than 7 assignment
o provide corrective
by a teacher of (5) transition equals 8) to
feedback provide
observations in 4 words or phrases correctly compute
out of 5 trials. (e.g. first, finally, an inequality in (4 opportunity for
drills and practice
meanwhile, in the out of 5) problems.
o instructions/direct
distance) when
conveying a change ions in small steps
of setting or time (chunking steps,
frame in the story clarify, revise
for (3 out of 4) directions)
narratives as o accommodated
measured by a assessments
teacher-created o provide sentence
assessment. frames
o Accommodations
are (as needed)
David Doroteo By November 2016, By November 2016, By November 2016, By December 2016, o read aloud
when given a list of after having a grade when given (5) after being read an (classwork
20 regular and level text read aloud problems using informational text directions
irregular unfamiliar by the teacher, positive and with the text pre- o assessment
multisyllabic words, David will write a (3- negative numbers to annotated by the directions
David will decode 5) sentence represent quantities teacher, David will o test answer
and count the paragraph, with in real-world verbally identify 2 choices)
number of syllables sentences frames contexts (e.g. key details that o re-teaching
for 20 words provided, providing temperature, support the main o scaffolding
o provide visuals
correctly in two- (1) claim supported elevation, money), idea in (2 out of 3)
o graphic
syllable words as by at least (2) pieces David will correctly trials as measured
measured by of evidence in (4 out add and subtract by teacher
o extra time to
teacher observation of 5) trials as positive and observation.
in 4 out of 5 trials. measured by a negative numbers
teacher-created for (4 out of 5) trials. o provide corrective
feedback provide
opportunity for
drills and practice
o short breaks after
o instructions/direct
ions in small steps
(chunking steps,
clarify, revise
o cloze notes
provided during
o accommodated
o provide sentence
o scribing during
Ignacio Eloth - By January 2017, By January 2017, By January 2017, By January 2017, o read aloud
after a read aloud of after reading a grade when given a math after listening to a (classwork
(2) literary texts level texts that has problem that grade level story or directions
that share a similar been pre-annotated requires division of article, when asked o assessment
topic or theme, by the teacher (i.e. (4-5) problems with to describe a central directions
Ignacio will key ideas are up to a (3)-digit character from the o test answer
independently read underlined, dividend and (2)- story, Ignacio will choices), re-
the text and unfamiliar words digit divisor, Ignacio verbally state at teaching
describe (1) defined, talk to the will use reference least (3) explicit or o scaffolding,
similarity and (1) text notes are materials (e.g. inferred traits of that provide visuals
difference between given), Ignacio will Multiplication chart)) character, and o graphic
the theme in both write a paragraph and the standard explicitly describe organizers
o extra time to
texts in (3 out of 4) that demonstrates algorithm to the situation from
trials. understanding of the correctly calculate the story in which complete
texts, that includes the quotient in (3 the traits were
o provide corrective
at least (1) claim out of 4) trials. inferred (e.g.
feedback provide
and (3) pieces of Clifford is easily
opportunity for
supporting evidence angered because he
drills and practice
which cite yelled at the cashier
o short breaks after
information in 2 out when she made a
instruction (as
of 3 trials as small mistake.) in (3
measured by a out of 4) stories or
teacher created articles.
ions in small steps
(chunking steps,
o revise directions)
o accommodated
provide sentence
Estrella By December 2016, By December 2016, By December 2016, By December 2016,
when given a choice when given grade when given (3) word after given 5
Esparza - 7
of grade level non- level text (i.e. short problems involving a sentences that have
fiction narratives story, passage in a unit rate, Estrella metaphors or similes
with the text chapter book), with will calculate the with corresponding
annotated (i.e. main teacher scaffolds unit rate or use a illustrations, Estrella
points and purpose and sentence given unit rate, will identify the two
highlighted and frames, Estrella will using a things being
circled), Estrella will write a four multiplication chart compared by
read the text and paragraph summary to calculate the underlining them
identify (1) that has a theme answer for (4 out of (The [boy] ran as
independently with (3) supporting 5) problems. fast as a [cheetah].
identify the purpose details as measured And circle the words
of the text orally by a teacher created or phrases used to
and provide (2) assessments in 4 out compare them (e.g.
details in the text of 5 trials. as fast as) for (4
that convey why the out of 5) sentences.
author wrote the
narrative for the
identified audience
in (3 out 4) reading
Antonio By March 2017, By March 2017, after By March 2017, By March 2017,
when given grade reading a grade- when given a Antonio will be able
Gonzalez - 7
level text, Antonio level text, Antonio written description to write a multi
will provide a will write two (4-5) of a real-world paragraph essay
summary about the sentence situation, Antonio with consistent use
text's theme with paragraphs, each will define and use of standard
(3) supporting with at least (1) variables to write a grammatical forms
details in 4 out of 5 claim supported by mathematical with 80% accuracy
trials. at least (2) pieces of expression that in 1 out of 2 trials as
evidence (using a represents the measured by
say, mean, matter situation for (3 out student work
chart/format) in (3 of 4) problems. samples and teacher
out of 4) trials as rubrics.
measured by a
Kanija Hendrix Vocational 1: By Behavior: Behavior: Vocational:
May 2017, During counseling Vocational 2: By May
consultative and/or sessions, Kanija will 2017, when Kanija
collaborative time, verbalize three disagrees with a
Kanija will discuss physiological signals partner in a
her day with her that she is becoming discussion or the
case carrier, upset or agitated majority in a group
counselor and/or (2- (rapid heart beat, project/ activity,
3) other students to clenched fists, hot Kanija will state
orally share (2-3) chest or head, etc.) his/her objections
sentences of and five appropriate using I-messages
appreciation alternatives to (e.g. 'I think...' 'I
feedback to and will regulate her feel...'), actively
refrain from making emotions and listen while other
negative comments resolve the situation members of the
(e.g. teasing, with her group express their
taunting, or cursing) peers/adults. opinions, and agree
during (4 out of 4) to support the
opportunities. decision of the group
with a positive
attitude while
refraining from
negative behavior
(e.g. arguing,
shutting down,
leaving the room)
and may write a (4-
6) sentence self-
assessment of how
well he/she
compromised during
group work for (4 out
of 5) group

Jesus Maceda - By February 2017, By February 2017, By February 2017, By February 2017,
when given grade after reading a when given a math after listening to a
level text, Jesus will grade-level text, problem that grade level story or
provide a written Jesus will write a requires division of article, when asked
summary about the three paragraph (2) numbers with up to describe a central
text's theme with essay expressing his to a (3)-digit character from the
(3) supporting opinion on the main dividend and (2)- story, Jesus will
details using a idea with at least (1) digit divisor, Jesus verbally state at
graphic organizer claim supported by will use the standard least (3) explicit or
(ex: flow map) as at least (2) pieces of algorithm to inferred traits of that
measured by a evidence in (4 out of correctly calculate character, and
(teacher created 5) trials as measured the quotient for (4 explicitly describe
assessment) in 3 by a teacher-created out of 5) division the situation from
out of 4 trials. assessment. problems. the story in which
the traits were
inferred in (3 out of
4) trials.
Eleazar By December 2016, By December 2016, By December 2016, By December 2016,
when given an after reading an Eleazar will use after given (10)
Medina - 7
independent instructional-level ratios to calculate metaphors or similes
reading level text, text that has been correctly the percent with corresponding
Eleazar will pre-annotated (i.e of a quantity and to illustrations, Eleazar
independently key ideas solve for a part or will identify the two
identify a theme underlined, talk to whole given the things being
from the text and the text) by the percent for (4 out of compared by
provide (2) textual teacher, Eleazar will 5) problems. underlining or
evidence to support write an introductory circling them ('The
the theme, in 3 out sentence, (1) body [boy] ran as fast as a
of 4 trials as paragraph with (1) [cheetah]' with 80%
measured by a claim supported by accuracy in 2 out of
teacher created (1) piece of 3 trials with teacher
assessment. evidence) and a created
conclusion sentence assessments.
in (4 out of 5) trials
as measured by a
Jaylen Morgan Jaylen will Jaylen will write a Jaylen will solve Behavior: Jaylen
determine a central multi-paragraph word problems will complete a
idea of a text and informative/explanat involving division of minimum of 4
how it is conveyed ory composition that fractions by assignments each
through 4 particular introduces a topic or fractions, by using day with 80%
details, as well as thesis statement and visual fraction accuracy in 2 out of
provide a summary organizes ideas or models and 3 trials.
of the text distinct information, using equations to
from personal one or more represent the
opinions or strategies (e.g. problem on
judgments during definition, mathematics
independent classification, assignments as
reading time / comparison/contrast, measured by
assessments as cause and effect) student work
measured by using precise samples/assessment
reading language or data in 3 out of 4
assessments and vocabulary on trials with 80%
work samples in 3 writing assignments accuracy.
out of 4 trials with as measured by
80% accuracy. student work
samples in 3 out of 4
trials with 80%
Ana Narcizo - By March 2017, after By March 2017, By March 2017, after
reading two, grade- when given a self-selecting a
level articles posing written description current event topic
differing opinions on of a real-world (e.g. politics, health
a subject, Ana will situation, Ana will care, the
write a (3) define and use environment, or
paragraph essay variables to write a popular culture) and
expressing her mathematical given a set of
opinion on the expression that guiding questions
subject containing at represents the that require the
least (1) claim situation for (4 out student's personal
supported by at of 5) equations. opinion beyond
least (2) pieces of summarizing and
evidence in (4 out of factual recall (e.g.
5) trials as measured 'What new
by a teacher-created information did you
assessment with learn?', 'Who would
minimal teacher you recommend this
website or video to
and why?'), Ana will
give a (1-2) minute
long oral
summarizing the

Ashley Reyes - By April 2017, when By April 2017, after By April 2017, when By April 2017, after
given a grade level reading two grade- given an equation or independently
text, Ashley will level articles, using a inequality, Ashley reading a grade level
create a claim, and flow map, Ashley will will use substitution passage containing
write a multi- write a claim that is (e.g. n + 7 = 8, at least (10) figures
paragraph summary supported by at substitute n = 1 of speech, Ashley
with (3) supporting least (2) pieces of since 1 more than 7 will select (8) of the
details, as evidence in (3 out of equals 8) to figures of speech
measured by a 4) trials as measured correctly decide and write an original
teacher by a teacher-created which values make definition correctly
observations in 4 rubric. the equation or interpreting the
out of 5 trials. inequality true for (4 meaning for (4 out of
out of 5) problems. 5) of the selections.
Leonardo By February 2017, By February 2017, By February 2017, By February 2017,
when given a grade- after reading a Leonardo will use after reading a text
Robledo - 7
level text that has grade-level text, ratios to calculate or article in class,
been front-loaded Leonardo will write a correctly the percent with multiple
and read aloud, (3-5) sentence of a quantity and to meanings from the
Leonardo will paragraph with at solve for a part or paragraph (e.g. ?
summarize the least (1) claim whole given the Based on its use in
text's central idea supported by at percent for (4 out of paragraph 2, the
with (3) supporting least (2) pieces of 5) problems. word SCALDING
details using a evidence in (4 out of most nearly means?;
graphic organizer as 5) trials as measured ?What did the author
measured by a by a teacher-created mean when he
teacher-created assessment. described the room
assessments and as being ?hot as a
teacher tea kettle??),
observations. Leonardo will use the
context of the
paragraph to
determine the
meaning of the word
and write its
definition as used in
the passage (e.g.
'The word SCALDING
in paragraph 2
means ...') for (4 out
of 5) multiple
words/phrases in the