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URL of PLE: https://www.symbaloo.

Summary/Pur Rationale based on
Tool Supportive Research Integration Ideas
pose of Tool Research
Desmos To clearly In math, particularly, Liang, S. (2016). Teaching the concept Instructional
Graphing graph students have existing of limit by using conceptual lectures.
Calculato equations and concepts that may not conflict strategy and Desmos Student explanation.
r tables to always be correct and graphing calculator. International In class and at
analyze that can prohibit their Journal of Research in Education home.
together as a learning of new and and Science (IJRES), 2(1), 35-4.
class. Specially more difficult concepts.
to discuss the Desmos is an
concepts of interactive tool that can
domain and assist in correcting
range of conceptional conflicts
functions. In that students may have.
higher level
math, the
concept of
Khan To be used as Khan Academy can Dickinson, B. (2016). One-to-one For use during the
Academy an intervention positively impact mobile devices in rural school last 30 minutes of
for struggling student learning. For a districts: A mixed methods study session.
students. traditional classroom investigating the impact of khan Practice for an hour
setting it offers the academy on mathematics at home per week.
support of blended achievement and teacher
learning. pedagogy. (Doctoral Dissertation).
Available from ProQuest
Dissertations & These database.
(Accession Number: 10123594)
Purplema Additional Students who are visual Lofstrom, J. (2013). Online resources For individual use on
th resource help and/or read-write for mathematics classroom. an as needed basis
for all students learners have another (Doctoral Dissertation). Available for homework help.
in class and at way to access and learn from ProQuest Dissertations & In class and at home
home. mathematical material. Theses database. (Accession
Although research Number: 1523833)
suggests that online
math resources dont
significantly improve
test scores and such, I
strongly feel that having
access to printed work
along with extra videos
to view may help
students understand
Google To use for pre- Formative assessments Guskey, T. (2003). How classroom Administer before
Docs assessments are great for promoting assessments improve learning. every new lesson
to assess high-performance and Educational Leadership, 60(5), 6- and before unit test.
student Guskey (2003) stated 11. McGraw Hill Education. (2013).
knowledge of that teachers need to The Educational Assessment
previous see their assessments Landscape. Retrieved from
objectives and as an integral part of http://visual.ly/educational-
current the instruction process assessment-
objectives. and as crucial for landscape
helping students learn.
Formative assessments
will guide our teaching
and give us insights into
what standards
students are mastering
and more importantly
not mastering.

Math An additional Most research found Sutton-Brady, C., Scott, K., Taylor, L., For individual use on
Dude resource for shows podcasts being Carabetta, an as needed basis
Podcast auditory used at the university G., & Clark, S. (2016). The value of for homework help.
learners. level and suggests that using In class and at
students appreciate short-format podcasts to enhance home.
podcasts, but do prefer learning
it over face-to-face and teaching. ATL-J, 17:3, 219-232,
lectures. Again, my DOI:
thinking is that this is 10.1080/09687760903247609.
another way to have Retrieved
material delivered to from
students. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0968776090