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Service Learning Project

Bullying of LGBTQ Community

Ashley Dunican, Kiersten VanSteele, Chelsie Clickner, Meagan McEachron

Grade Level: Middle School

Time frame: 8 weeks

Participants: All students in middle school 7-8 grade.

Collaborators/Partnership: LGBTQ club/volunteers and


Project Rationale: To inform students of LGBTQ community

and reduce bullying and stress in the schools. Middle school is
hard for all students and this is a common developmental period in
which bullying is most likely to occur.

Standards to be Addressed:
Category 2. Social Skills 2. Create positive and supportive
relationships with other students.

Map Out Your Plans:

Goals: To decrease bullying and how to react in situations
where someone else is being bullied, especially in LGBTQ
Students will increase knowledge of LGBTQ
community by 90% in 8 weeks.
MS 9/12
Students will decrease bullying behavior by 25%.
Students will increase their level of comfort in
reporting incidents of bullying.

Target Population: All middle school students in 7th and 8th

grade, we will be going to classes to inform students about
bullying and LGBTQ community each day throughout an 8-
week period.

Pre-Screening: We will send notices to parents two weeks before we

plan to start to inform them about the lessons and what the lessons
entail. If parents dont agree they have the option to dismiss their child
from class during the lesson.

Leadership Style: Modified Democratic. School Counselor will be

leading the group while also having small group discussions with the

Procedures: Outline the means you will follow to complete the

Five Stages of Service Learning:
Inventory and Investigation- we notice that bullying
among LGBTQ community is an issue in our school
and that LGBTQ is becoming more prevalent.
Preparation and Planning- After pre-screening
students, counselors need to collaborate with health
educators about acceptance and tolerance of the
LGBTQ community. We will plan out lessons and
activities that will apply knowledge that students will
have learned during that class. On the last week, we
will do a wrap-up with the post-test in order to
evaluate how successful the program was.
Action- For the first week, we will have ice breakers and teach
students about the different gender identities. The second week,
we will have a recap of what we discussed in the first session
and then discuss sexual orientation. The third week we will
discuss the daily struggles that students of the LGBTQ
community face. The fourth week we will discuss, the coming
out process. Week five, we will discuss politics surrounding the
LGBTQ community. Week six, we will discuss how bullying
can impact students. Week seven, we will discuss how the media
portrays the LGBTQ community and how celebrity role models
can be influential to students of the community . Week eight, we
will have a program wrap up and the post test.
Reflection- How we can improve the program.
Demonstration Showcase of SL projects We will
put the program in the school newsletter. Students will
do a role-playing demonstration to Elementary
students about what they have learned in the program.

Evaluation Surveys as a pre-test in the beginning of the

program and post-test on the last week of the program. Students
will also make posters about the effects of bullying peers.

MS 9/12