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Government o f India
g N ~ n l s t r y o f Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions
-1 (Department of Personnel and Training)
. . . .. . .
New Delhi, dated jq January, 1998.

1 . The Chief Secretaries o f

all Sta.te Governments 8
Union Territories.

2. All Accountants General

Subject:-.IAS (Pay) Rules, 1954 - fixation o f pay o f

SCS/non-SCS officers promoted in the IAS -
revision of pay scales from 1.1.96 -
clarifications regarding.

I am directed to say that subsequent to the
reviaion of the pay scalas ior the Indian Adminietrative
Servicn w . e . f . 1.1.19BB, a quest+on has been raised in
reGard to the mode of pay fixation o f the SCS/non-SCS
offk.ce.*s promoted in the IAS, in case tho pay scales o f
the respective Statr/non-State Civil Services have not
yet bran revised. It is clarified in this connection
that in theae cases, the pay o f such promoted o f f i c e r s
would rirst be fixed on the basis o f the reckonable
State pay in the pra-revised IAS pay scales unless thia
has boen already done. The correspo?ding stages in the
ravisod IAS scales dould then be allowed in the
component of the Senior Scale in which such officers
happer, to fall in the pre-revised IAS pay scales. This
has t c be done t i l l the State pay scalas a r e revised by
the respective State Governments at CPI 1510 which is
the base for the revision of IAS psy scales from 1.1.96.
Illuslrations in th s regard are appended with this

2. The
above clarifications wi 1 1 apply
mutatis-mutendis to che promoted officer* of the Indian
Police Service and the Indian Forest Servil-e.

.. n
You s faithfully,

Copies also to:-

1 . MHA(UTS Sectron) (with 5 spare copies)

2. MHA (IPS-II)!uith 2 0 spare copies)

3. Miristry of Environment 8 Furests f

( w t h 2 0 spare ccpies). 1
Spare copies - 200.
3 --
Hyoothe*al case o f an SCS officer aepointed
-- IAS w . e . f . 1 0 . 7 . 9 7

1 . Pay drawn in officiating R s .3950

capacity at the time o f (State pay scale
appointment in IAS. o f Ra.3700-5000)

2. Pay end poet in which R s . 3750

h e uaa substantive in (State psy masla
the Stete Government. o f Rs.3000-4500)

fixed + n IAS in R s .3825

Ipre-revised scales, (Pre-revised Senior
on the basis of reckoneble Time Scale of
State pay. Rs.3200-4700)

4. Corresponding stage in Rs. 1 1 , 3 0 0

& h e revised Senior Time u.e.from 10.7.97
S c a l e of IAS o f

&~othrtic-1 aase o f a promoted officer, eDDOinte4

in IAS w.0.f. 1 . 1 2 . 9 5 .

1 . Reckonable pay in the Rs.6150

State Governmenk a s on (Selection Grade o f Rs.5100-6300)

2. Pay fixed in the IAS in R s .5700

accordnnce with the relevant !The third component
provisions of Section I , of Senior Scale of
Schedule I1 o f the IAS (Pay)
Rules. 1854.

3..Corresponding stage in the Rs. 1 5 , 9 0 0

revised Selection Grade of " (Rs.1.1.96)