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EduCentre MONTHLY Education PULLOUT - FEBRUARY 2017

“Education is not the learning of facts,
but the training of the mind to think.”
Albert Einstein
German-born theoretical physicist,

Hinthada. year. If a student completes the open for new student enrollment there to be admitted to a GTI/GTC.  Photo: Staff Good engineers in great demand Even with elementary education. Taunggyi. Under the GTUs are in Thanlyin. After (MTU) respectively. Those who graduating with a certificate from The YTU and MTU were who aspire to be engineers. So. Postgraduate diploma holders 1041. Bachelor degree holders 20. Dawei. Nay Pyi Taw. Sittwe. The country needs grades. With the overseas-based institutions. to Myanmar. Lashio. Pathein. Tazar Bhone Myint For students who have completed are 33 THSs in Myanmar. Total number of students graduated from Yangon Technical University (from 1927 to 2014): 25. join a government technical Kalay. supervision of YIT. we also need on benchmarks designated by each either the public or private sector. Technological University (YTU) and many technology universities “There’s a lot more to do (depending on a specific GTU) in THS students can also enjoy a Mandalay Technological University in the country. Then in 1998. Myeik. 1963) became the Yangon Institute states and regions.901) Total number of private engineering universities and colleges in Myanmar: 6 (Source: Myanmar Engineering Council. There can still sit for the ordinary high YTU and 493 for MTU) in their high enroll in courses offered by private . they are required Myingyan. Institute of Technology (MIT) and entry requirements for them government technical institutes or If high school students wish to Mawlamyine. Maubin. there are indeed in expanding our country’s total for all subjects in the final high monthly stipend of K30. Past governments opened 27 to produce talented engineers to depending on what courses one Myitkyina. bridges. Hpa-an. Pinya. Pyay. Bhamo. skills are indispensable by joining a technical high school the Ministry of Education are now has to undergo a two-year course which means that upon graduating. each school exam as an external student school final examination. Yangon Region For someone to pursue an technical college (GTC) managed Meiktila. and then to become a GTU graduate their ideal job. to get a minimum of 360-445 marks Khoke Kone. Hlaing engineering career in Myanmar. Monywa. the Mandalay Tharyar. of Technology (YIT). EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 22 LEARNING WITH QUICK READ Total number of engineers in Myanmar: 316. Htantabin and Hmawbi there are options to attend either university (GTU). Company their 8th Standard schooling admitting about 90 students every and pursue their studies at other executives and businessmen keep A S a developing country. Loikaw. in 2012. Let institutes were renamed the Yangon states and regions. Chaung-U. Technology or RIT (established in Engineering University in different technology base. an engineering career is not a distant dream. In 1990.144 . Ywama. Taungoo. (elementary education) in Myanmar. the Rangoon Institute of GTUs and one Myanmar Aerospace build basic infrastructures and its takes. they distinctions and high marks (516 for dreams into reality. the are higher than those in other diploma courses offered locally by join a GTU directly. opportunities for the many students infrastructure. Tiddim and Mandalay. like roads. institute (GTI) or a government Panglong. an eye on those who are good engineering and technical there’s a way to become an engineer Technical high schools under Once admitted to a THS. Hkamti. and what it needs (THS). Students can attend the necessary high school grades them to be skilful and qualified. economically. school examination. in engineering. These schools are located in Putao. we not obtain 340-380 marks (depending a THS. they can move forward and. Pakokku. Kengtung. in some states and regions. a student enough to attend these institutions. Mindat. they have an easy time securing to achieve democratically and two-year course at a THS with high for the 2016-17 academic year. It’s still possible to build one without stepping into a university. one can apply for a job in designated as Centers of Excellence Even those who fail to obtain only need engineers. May 2016) Myanmar needs to produce talented engineers to build basic infrastructures and its technology base.” state or region) in total can join Whether a student passes or fails these universities only if they get have other means of turning their said Tin Latt. They can still Myanmar Engineering Society. Master’s degree holders 2556.025 (PhD degree holders 527. a member of the a GTI/GTC opened under a GTU their second year exam at THS.000. universities like others. opened in 1991. by a government technological Magwe. airports and dockyards.

mm or contact our admissions team Photography: Aung Htay Hlaing. a second year student According to entrepreneur Hla at California Unitec Institute of Maung Shwe. Carnegie Mellon University. US 10. The same applies for those who directly attend a GTU after high school. metallurgical and information technology. Only when one learns STI Myanmar University. engineers Although private engineering will get a suitable pay.” Noble College and UMG College. Many universities and colleges charge sizeable fees. Opportunities await the future generation of engineers.  Photo: Staff Engineering in Yangon. on (+95) 09 966 423015 or admissions@dulwich-yangon. Victoria University College. Berkeley. with Myanmar’s 3. University of Cambridge. Princeton University. Finland. Japan. Bachelor of Technology. Master’s in diploma in. Lillian Kalish. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). a student needs to study for six years. We are now accepting applications for students from age 2 to 14 for both campuses. K200. an experienced “The diplomas these private construction engineer. Some of the technology universities are linked with institutions abroad.mm. US Switzerland to return to work here. UK 9. Ei Shwe Phyu. has collaborations with universities in Germany. or a Japan-Myanmar GTI. for example. state-of-the-art campuses in Pun Hlaing and Star City Staff writers: Tazar Bhone Myint. petroleum. The YTU. Imperial College London. they have to pursue According to a May 2016 listing further relevant studies and gain by the Myanmar Engineering experience. higher salaries. Aung Myin Ye Zaw. many still enroll due Myanmar engineers are working abroad because the country cannot Top engineering universities in the world to the international recognition and fulfil their desire with attractive job the access to job opportunities such opportunities. AFP. please contact DETU R P O N S MU NDO c. Australia. talented engineers will 6. South Korea. Editor: Clovis Santiago Sub-editor: P Vijian Dulwich College Yangon is opening purpose-built.com. Many Campuses. UK (Source: Times Higher Education) Undergraduate programs always be in demand. Kingdom-linked engineering course According to veteran engineers. Chindwin would pay you at most a salary of College. country starts developing. US 7. But they universities and colleges in have to study more and attend other Myanmar are California Unitec training. the private engineering “They have a degree. Cambodia. From founding the College in London in 1619 To opening new campuses in Yangon in August 2017 Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Myo Lwin Inspiration goes a long way. Kyi Tha Maung To find out more please visit our website www. EPA Cover photo: Shutterstock Cover design: Tin Zaw Htway Layout design: Khin Zaw For feedback and enquiries.com. mining. institutions offer are recognised Opportunities await the future in other countries. Min Khant.” said Naing building. Therefore. University of California. fresh graduates from technological they can continue their studies universities are not paid well. electrical power. Council.santiago@mmtimes. mechanical. Indonesia and with selected ASEAN institutions. said Moe Gyo. Malaysia. An engineering degree Institute of Engineering. For abroad to become an engineer. Singapore. chemical. civil engineering. Tin Yadanar Tun. China. But students issue that we have to solve. California Institute of Technology. a United Engineering and Doctorate degrees. electronics. textile. offered at GTUs and other private Translation by Zaw Nyunt engineering institutions include courses in architecture. US 8. Stanford University. for example. mechatronics. To get an engineering degree from a GTU. Once a student successfully completes a two-year GTI/GTC program. US government.com LONDON SHANGHAI BEIJING SUZHOU SEOUL ZHUHAI SINGAPORE YA N G O N . One College. Engineering degrees granted in Myanmar are the Associateship of Government Technical Institute (AGTI) diploma. US qualifications offer. growth.dulwich-yangon. such degrees economy on a roll and infrastructure 4. Zarni Phyo. have to be aware that if they intend Nevertheless.000. University of Oxford. in August 2017. Myanmar more. “Only when the Chindwin College students at a barcamp. This is a long-term 1. Later on. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.” 2. generation of engineers because a students can continue their studies developing country like Myanmar abroad and acquire a bachelor’s needs qualified engineers for nation in engineering degree. one will get a suitable salary. a diploma is given. Thailand. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 LEARNING WITH 33 international institutions and get a Bachelor of Engineering. UK must be recognised by the Myanmar development being critical to its 5.

mm for to rote knowledge which is the following is a list of just some of the more info. in teacher training to ensure way of making a meaningful skills involved in film and various jobseekers in 2017! . Many students go on to the teacher training program F OR most recent graduates to become a YFS instructor and of high school and college. each lasting six to the internet and new media (historical context. the film skills acquired In Myanmar. But it isn’t the student’s fault – Wit Hmone Phoo Pwint Thu overcrowding in classrooms and (Tara) for more info: production@ underfunding in the education yangonfilmschool. has becomes oversaturated.com for Check out their Facebook page for MPT which advertise widely interpersonal skills. According to the Asian the Parami Institute has already Development Bank’s (ADB) report. the market and the ability to handle high stress Center for Vocational Training relatively new program established a Berlin-based non-profit. give development and progress. vocational and coursework and workshops to According to the ADB’s Myanmar: tertiary programs cultivate critical thinking and Unlocking the Potential report. with the country’s provide Myanmar students with opening after the election of the a world class education as well National League for Democracy as full and partial scholarships to government in 2015. Good luck to all but also of Myanmar language.44pc in Vietnam. with so many workplace. In addition. electrical was officially launched by Singapore original film in order to graduate. right. for example. to study abroad for university. having pursue higher education.mm/ with international business and programs in commerce. new entrants to the three-year college training as the Singapore-Myanmar Vocational and young content creators in Regardless. companies popping up left and etc). In one’s next steps is a daunting task. 0. it is important to attain Until then. and psychology. recent As high school in Myanmar is only public speaking skills for students graduates in Myanmar need to two years long. The school prospects for recent grads are Even students who have not completed their secondary school can attend a vocational training course. or mm. in hospitality and tourism. had the highest own projects. professional knowledge training. by Singapore President Tony Tan on supported and cultivated the become inflated. 0. this Swiss. the country’s largest online work want to explore why global politics Official launching of the SMVTI last June in Yangon’s Bahan township. the managing director of MyJobs. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 44 LEARNING WITH Skills needed for Myanmar’s Class of 2017 To alleviate some of the postgrad unemployment and existential woes. interested. metal work. history and philosophy. In at the CVT campus. PCP also offers generous a Certificate of Professional Capacity for the workforce over two intakes telecommunications companies Soft skills – the ADB defines soft scholarships to ensure that students to show to employers.com. mean not just looking at data but in 2003 as a 16-month program prepared to structure classes. As many faculty ratio with one professor for local and foreign NGOs and aid Depending on the nature of the job every twelve students.9pc in literature to computers science Malaysia. Parami will be the country’s the Myanmar government only first liberal arts. today’s lingua franca. and media and online advertisement thinking applies both analytical and a collegiate community to training company and coursework engineering services. next generation of filmmakers experience high turnover rates.83pc Aleksandra Minikiewicz at in Thailand. and companies after characteristics. public speaking skills. salaries situations with grace are all sought (CVT) – Since 2002.info/jobs-for- clients. and grow Myanmar’s rate of unemployment (4 percent) growing media industry. org or Production Coordinator. With majors on education in 2013. symbolising Singapore’s students learn both the technical of a headache. more details. Telenor. and fairly evaluate can take courses. like Ooredoo. myanmar-nationals and they can a high level. Once months. according to at YFS provide students with a 2014 figures from data analysts at basis to freelance. standard educational practice in various paths that recent grads and Myanmar. Training Institute (SMVTI) – A 2005 the Yangon Film School. students have many starting in January of 2017. skills with flexible knowledge to empower Myanmar’s youth. Parami Leadership program – a market.edu. the minkiewicz@yangonfilmschool. help make the job search less of English. where.7pc of its GDP residential program. the and the figures but understanding For those drawn to literature. When it Myanmar: Unlocking the Potential.  Photo: Staff will also have a small student to more and more hopeful. the job ensure a diverse class. opens. provide younger and returning minorities. companies rely on social Critical thinking – similarly critical rigour. compared ranging from philosophy and to 6.  Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing job recruitment sites. The SMVTI will to recruit potential employees.mm or Flexible knowledge – as opposed in more specialised ways. cultivate these following skills: options to continue their education Email info@parami. concepts. Parami will However. Post high school. The SMVTI take five courses and create an and http://themimu. run organisation provides a his state visit to Myanmar in 2013. four-year spent an estimated 1. Basically. addition.3pc in Cambodia). system are hangover issues from Parami Institute – Though the previous governments.org.myjobs. today’s graduating students semester-long program with can follow more varied career paths. PCP program provides academic students have completed their electrical skills and electronics. then the PCP used to rely heavily on print solving in the office. submit their films to festivals finding employment and what across Myanmar and abroad. and hospitality and food Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Throughout the three years. apprenticeships with their partner facilities management. Technical Education. it involves travel and an intimate and immersive tertiary education programs to collaboration with Myanmar ethnic educational experience. 2016. new job openings.com if Singapore-Myanmar Vocational Yangon Film School (YFS) – Since Often though. Students Now with widespread access also at background information for Myanmar nationals who plan out homework. cabinet. Founded Myanmar’s teachers are adequately contribution to Myanmar’s advertising for jobs. The CVT also offers courses June 9. Students participate in a now than ever before on sites language skills to communicate for students from grades 5 with after Singapore’s own Institute of three-year program in which they like http://www. trends over time. the students’ performance. they will receive produce about 800 graduates ready This is especially true of observe topics from a vantage point addition. work on their Trading Economics.3pc in Vietnam and 5. a high level of maturity in the Email precollegiate@gmail. flexible knowledge means those in the job market can follow. analytical skills program may be for you. Employment Resources learning more than just the facts Pre-Collegiate Program (PCP) – According to Jemin Popat. official opening is set in 2018.edu. recent grads can students the specialised skills a high level of ethnic languages as attend lecture series and the necessary to stand out in today’s job well. more details! across social media platforms. providing organisations help build new if. a year. The Myanmar Times has compiled a list of some of the skills needed to make your resume stand out to employers as well as some various continuing education programs and the best resources to find jobs Lillian Kalish artistic aspects. The ingyinaung@parami. challenge is even greater. college counselling services. This means not only having making. gained a lot of buzz. compared to other Southeast Asian Email country director countries (2. there are more jobs workforce must also have sufficient well as secondary school option Training Institute is modelled Myanmar. the whys and hows of sciences.com. employers Analytical skills – when problem play out a certain way. and skills as better communication and of all backgrounds have a chance to Email info@cvt-myanmar. service.

Some Myanmar candidates regional level that offers up to have reached an incredible 8. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 LEARNING WITH 55 Myanmar students in search of quality education Through its exams. Offers educationuk.5 or 7. Students it very challenging. and the this. “IELTS is a to a university abroad. There’s no requirement for International English Language getting in. Education UK at www. so they come to above in each component [Reading. we help promote American and probably some Myat Lay Tint added. including a 20-minute each individual country annually University’s Department of Politics to know which universities offer Council’s most popular speaking test and interview. Continued on page 6 Manager. scholarships. us to try and increase their score Writing. . to reach the level they require for Applicants must have also received overseas study. but there are certainly Testing System [IELTS] Scholarship. universities at all levels.5. depending on how development pathways. do a preparatory course so that scholarships to attend leading South Asian Studies. We do that here in the teaching scholarships. Cambridge is Education Lynne Heslop said. This British Council The content of the test would not be a second language. “Another Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship. Listening and Speaking]. It’s managed by us professionals seeking an universities. There are two types: high and it is very rare for a non- the country level IELTS Scholarship native English speaker to achieve which offers US$2900. you don’t need to into the third round of IELTS reach this level. One of these is the centre. 6. a conditional offer for either “The highest band that anybody undergraduate or postgraduate can get is 9. Currently. scholarships offered by UK European universities where they is the Hornby Educational Trust It’s dedicated to mid-career education institutions. requirements for getting the sort of To be eligible for the 2017-18 IELTS score that universities are looking Scholarship. “The British Council and reading that they’ll find in the administers and owns some test.” “Another scheme is the “Also. last month’s EduCentre. the British they’ll understand the test and are UK universities to study English expanding this fellowship into the area Council’s Education Programmes prepared for the types of writing language teaching and learning. the test fee and are 16 and above. mostly for professional of scholarships offered by UK Clovis Santiago Many people who take the test find twice yearly. of urban planning starting this year. Australia. Many 2016 and onwards and must have students who enter the exams only received the band scores of 6 and get about 4 or 4.” depending on the requirements of Ginny Rowlands. It’s a Master’s are for a maximum of three site hosts a comprehensive database understandable for a younger age. but $58.  Photos: Supplied Canada. or biannually. When most people go Director English. they immerse global exam that’s recognised by themselves into the culture and universities in Britain. through our digital Part 1 of this article appeared in You can take that test. we are coming to go to university.” offerings would be its exams “I would say that people should Myanmar have won Hornby Cambridge University’s Centre of British Council’s Director and scholarships programs. British Council’s the university. scholarship and given once or months.5 or 7 will be fine. Scholarship. Said Myat Lay Tint.5. The scores are called bands take an IELTS test at the British – most universities would expect Council’s test centre from April a band score of 6. This international experience to platform. This is very year of study. the British Council assists students to enroll in top-notch UK universities that grant internationally recognised degrees and groom graduates for the competitive job market The British Council has been building partnerships between UK and Myanmar universities where academics and others can collaborate in research and teaching. language and naturally their English A teacher training session held by the British Council at the Yangon Institute of Technology. scholarships and education exhibitions.000. which is equivalent to programs for the 2017-18 academic a native speaker level. is for teachers teaching English as enhance their career skills. Candidates from and International Relations and scholarships at what level. if you have but only for specific subjects. especially conduct degrees through English.org. a growing number of improves quickly. Right now. It tests all the many scholarships are allotted for we have agreements with Oxford in Myanmar can access that link P ERHAPS two of the British four skills. candidates must for. added.

Kanna Road (near General • Offered by UK universities and fees are around £15. Most Master’s degrees exhibitions annually.000-£22. The UK’s one-year course can give proper counselling and advice to the • Who can apply: those requiring IELTS about £16. It doesn’t matter where Email . we have a strong focus on employability registration at http://takeielts. including Myanmar. 370933.000 a year.000 for IELTS scores they should be aiming for.enquiries@ courses.01-256290.org/ International English Language For teachers: http://www. a copy (used during stipend.org/en/ For teens: http://learnenglishteens. Council’s website when open The British Council promotes this scholarship because universities are very strongly linked britishcouncil. Testing System (IELTS) Prize teachingenglish. as (Mondays-Fridays) mm. experience Email . like in students who want to study overseas. After that. Scholarships britishcouncil.uk/ • Who can apply: permanent residents • Myanmar Network. political science (Department of prestigious Chevening scholarships. return airfare degree depends on the type and level of the matriculated students here cannot directly get registration) to the UK subject.000 per annum cheaper than studying for two years.enquiries@mm. Third: Certificate in English Language $7300. bringing in representatives from UK universities.000 • Who can apply: mid-career • Venue: Yangon Teaching Centre/ professionals seeking international Continued from page 5 are looking for. for Myanmar students.org/en/ 256291. March/April competitive and a great opportunity for young learn is really up to date and they can get good the British Council • Study duration: three months people here.000 per international students. it’s about £16. 18s need to sign consent form) of South Asian Studies.ieltsasia. like medicine. hundred percent jobs afterwards. britishcouncil. which can be more than standards and the age levels are different. There We’re lucky in the UK because we have many International English Language Politics and International Relations.educationuk. has 68.01-256290. • How to apply: applications for two “I would also like to mention that the UK. “The British Council regularly does next one is in March 2017.000 Myanmar learners • How to apply: register for IELTS test participated in the free Massive with the British Council on/after Open Online Courses hosted on UK’s 1 April 2016.01-256290.000-£18. For kids: http://learnenglishkids. students – how they should be preparing. British Council’s from Myanmar -. and so Myanmar Testing System (IELTS) Oxford University) and modern level. UK visa fees. kind of personal statement they should be as part of UKVI application process annum (excluding living costs) Regarding what Myanmar students are looking writing to get into their dream university.org.000 a year. 256291. Some universities will offer to cover all the fees. offers about ten Chevening scholarships a year. 254658. private sector: http://www. Lynne said. programs December 31. get minimum band FutureLearn platform between April score of 6 in each of the four test 2015 and March 2016 The British Council facilitates education exhibitions annually. 2016 - February 28. Email .$197 English learning websites in the past • Venue: specific test location 12 months authorised by UKVI Learn English: http://learnenglish.g.org form at British Council’s Customer The UK. excluding living Education (GCSE) “O” level.  Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing Service Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship • Course fee: K2. bringing in representatives • Clinical course (e. they Post Office).britishcouncil. • Contact details: Phones . they look for top quality. The second • Who can apply: aged over 18 (under Burmese history and society (Centre more through the British Embassy website. email completed British Council form with copy of IELTS test report to IELTSPrize@britishcouncil. Professionals or students can find out students often choose the UK. The matriculates are considered change without prior notice) Scholarships Database including humanities and social sciences. Overall. 254658. collect £18.org by 6pm. for engineering.britishcouncil.5 million Likes.org £35.org.000 (subject to £22. 2017 • Scholarship value: Regional prizes .britishcouncil. through the British Embassy.org reserved annual fellowships – in through the British Embassy. it’s from UK universities to help engage with the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration £35. previous English language teaching 256291.britishcouncil.000 members academic year • Nearly 40.  Photo: Supplied . pay exam fee within • Application date: usually September/ and encourages people to apply – it is very to industries and businesses.6 million Myanmar users visited its US$262. Second: $14. • Examination fee: IELTS for UKVI .000-£35. of the world.000. Kyauktada Township. are about ten scholarships a year at Master’s high ranking universities.000- for. $2900 Teaching to Adults (CELTA) each • Who can apply: those with little/no • Contact details: Phones . Life Skills .britishcouncil.win@ • How to apply: fill out an application mm. UK.posted on British throughout the world. and for most other subjects.” recognised anywhere in the world. • 1. provide acceptance letter from an institution by 30 June advantage of 2017.600.enquiries@mm.Grand: First year tuition fee up to English Examinations US$58.000 (for Council’s Examinations Department. the equal to the General Certificate of Secondary • Venue: 78. 370933.000 per annum is very intensive with no summer holiday break. What It Costs to Study in the United and some universities will give discounted fees The British Council also facilitates education Email . costs. medicine): over in the UK are one-year courses.000 (for international students) research on what students need and what they recommendation letter from British • MBA (one year): £17. They (UKVI) • Engineering course (three-four years): many other countries. the cost of doing an undergraduate Myanmar high school graduates or passport. offers the in the world they go. or a foundation program to get entry to UK • Contact details: Phones . or what Language Tests for UKVI) test result years): about £15. what (one of the approved Secure English • Humanities and social sciences (three The tuition fee is roughly £12.org britishcouncil. For Chevening. registration for UKVI.for undergraduate Myanmar language social networking or postgraduate study in 2017-18 website.khinphyusin. Local prizes – three. The most expensive are the clinical onto an undergraduate degree in the UK. universities.org Kingdom for Myanmar students.000. The • How to apply: submit online • Master’s degree (one year): £12. Our latest piece of research shows offsite locations experience the quality of education is the most important • Contact details: Phone .org/ ielts-prize/myanmar. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 66 LEARNING WITH How to take components.000.” original national registration card/ • Scholarship value: £1400 per month In the UK. thing they are looking for is employability. The • Registration hours: 8:30am-3:30pm • Contact details: education. So what students two working days after registration at October.01-256290. University The UK offers this scheme in many countries to get good jobs after that degree. need to either take a two-year “A” level course Yangon org/global/ Universities also offer individual scholarships. 2016 • Application date: April 1.000-£18. And in the • How to apply: submit online of Cambridge) -.enquiries@mm. fill out IELTS Prize application form at http://www.500. international students) pay exam fee within two working days at Myanma Foreign Trade Bank. On Social Media present payment slip to the British • British Council’s Facebook page has Council 1. UK degrees are internationally • Registration requirements: bring (maximum) costs are paid.000-£18. Myanmar is out of sync with other countries • Examination fee: K260.

I don’t see much 6.5 million areas. we were a bit tired actively They are not worried whether their didn’t know [they knew] about it until mind. which will have a and appreciating the natural taught separately. syllabus regarding the development Ninety thousand KG teachers and learning process of the kids. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 LEARNING WITH 77 QUICK READ Total number of kindergarten teachers trained to teach the new curriculum: 90. One major under the new syllabus as an silent. Myanmar Language Commission from the beginning of the year. to ask any question they want convenient for them. curriculum. In fact. The syllabus does not have the best approaches to teach them. conducted the On the assessment of training around the country from achievements: January to May. teachers are also coming to terms with it – and that parents can be part of the challenge Ei Shwe Phyu taught in Standard 1]. they won’t get any marks and learnt all the words where others children challenge is less enthusiasm shown academic year comes to a close: encourage them to say anything would have. KG teacher Daw San San Aye. 2016-17 academic year. may be absent from class at other tem – kindergarten through times. and we acquiring a healthy body and them writing. The Department of no doubt.  evaluations every day and persuade Daw San San Aye. creative. new syllabus in the coming 2017- environment. We don’t need to be worried They are not shy. Both were trained to teach the new curricula are not exactly the same. how to use them and to be to ask questions: already prepared them for it. We need to take time On comments by some teachers 18 academic year: Moreover. but they are surprisingly relating them Translation by San Layy. courses are fewer. under  Photo: Ei Shwe Phyu On what was taught at KG teachers’ the Ministry of Education (MoE). There were different things. but the learning result does Educational Planning and Training. We consultant for the new curriculum. as we allow them transition would be smooth and 1. 4. an education how much each kid has learnt. training compared to the past: began developing the curriculum in to songs and poems with the kids. dancing. Yangon. keen them out with writing. To enable children to enjoy regularly to class. The new syllabus has understand the subject matter that trying to make parents understand are only a few lessons and kids are they used to associate them with developed self-reliance in the minds they are studying the benefits of sending their kids more inclined to play. But we are fine with it. par with international standards. that the syllabus The Myanmar Times her observations should not be misjudged just on the old and new KG syllabuses. and so it’s easier to teach the warm weather. In the past. The the teachers: be exhausted at the end of the day. but now of our kids. a KG teacher them to send their kids regularly. So. Their attendance would Education came into effect in the also be counted as full. mosquitoes. To employ a result-oriented by parents.000 (approximately) (Source: Myanmar International TV) School enrolment rate. We didn’t even Emoon and Khine Thazin Han 5. teaching reciting and acting out poems. At learn lessons. for instance. New Zealand) Allowing kids to play and learn While the new KG-12 curriculum encourages critical thinking and creative learning. To make children happy at parents. With the old teaching methods for the approaches to come up with the best On developments seen in children to. interaction. classes would be full during to the 12th Standard – imple. 2016. development. Education Research Bureau. Though we were affected by around six learning areas: colouring. completion rate: just over 81%. not differ much. ready to go. many lessons. and also had to act out songs and The new syllabus aims to make children happy at school and become active learners. we had our age. Lessons to be just write their lessons fast and On her expectations for those observation of basic mathematics. At ing a new curriculum and teaching least one or two kids would always methods. we felt happy. According There are daily assessments as to to Dr Win Aung. She shared with was introduced. the following along with the curriculum change: to think about what materials would that the new curriculum makes The KG kids would be ready to objectives included in the teaching Like always. We tell parents that we have KG students nationwide. singing handwriting is good or not. some kids would not have comprehensive development of one. and we have have to put extra effort in improving 1st Standard. We are lessons we had to teach. full attendance days are very few. singing and dancing be appropriate in KG but would be . review them in all the six learning there are approximately 1. as they think they do not Under the old system. Regarding challenges coming teaching aids. (6) Botahtaung. active and crea. there are advantages be good for the children based on the kids more active and less bashful attend the 1st Standard as we had methodology have to be achieved by and disadvantages. revision time as they want to do the mented by the Department of Basic exercises. The new system aims to be absent. have to teach them about that. At present. though. To make children better to learn these kinds of lessons. according to an education consultant: 1.  Photo: Staff The new KG syllabus is built We introduce kids to painting and poems. To put into practice appropriate as they would have tried different about test preparations anymore. under the MoE. whether it’s correct or would have learnt the same. those who did not have the chance taught on a daily basis are detailed show them to us. although children T HE new KG-12 education sys. They we encouraged them to speak up. member. to attend a pre-school and had to be in teacher’s guidebooks. To have a smooth transition to difference between the new and old the 1st Standard. As attendance is now encourage critical. It is from Basic Education High School not fully successful. children had they want to. When we talk to them about means all the KG kids are set and 3. they do it shoddily. like looking for these kids. Teachers would guidebooks. we teachers passing KG and will be attending enjoying and creating art. behavioural and emotional to hold each kid’s hand and help playing games. school and become active learners Personally. Now. There are no tests and the curriculum introduced in the 2016. calculated monthly. there would tive thinking. We don’t out at this stage [according to Dr Tun have to teach lessons to kids right Tint. these eight letters that are Teachers may be a bit exhausted based on Pali language would not playing games. (Source: The English Language Training for Officials (ELTO) program. We were 2012 with the intention of upgrading We also need to be monitoring taught the prescribed courses and Myanmar’s education level to be on them. there insects. eight are left I like this new curriculum. be a reduction in the attendance The Department of Myanmar percentage. Of the 33 letters in 17 academic year: the Myanmar alphabet. introduc. to make preparations. This method for each learning area have to send their kids to school just to focus more because of the many not. though. They enjoy dengue fever and malaria. all of the kids 2.500. taught the On whether the parents’ lack of old KG curriculum for the past nine enthusiasm is related to experts academic years and has been a warning. especially and acting out poetry. their daily lessons the class is easier than organising the when they are asked to write or with the Zika virus. according to 2011 statistics: around 85%. In the past.000 Total number of KG children across the nation. But now. We tell them that if they keep system. when the new curriculum teacher for 32 years. because it does not have any tests: Her opinion on the new Exactly.

partnership intervention to attract of Hotels and Tourism last year manufacturing and agriculture over the next four years.5 to 2. say experts. nation’s main employer. by encouraging more foreign direct Myanmar Agriculture Public Corp Ltd. itself to harness a demographic education institutions are not United Kingdom) said the country is the improvement in wages and a Mainly. especially With all the ingredients – land. including encourage foreign investors to do education structure may hinder The global economic trend is not so growing consumer markets.000 workers and slightly more “Unless millions of new jobs are “We need to turn our political market demands.9 million people. and from The country is still suffering employment. to regional figures. Myanmar needs more foreign direct investment to power its manufacturing sector. stable employment. young people “Our strength is location. Myanmar’s rich date. Telecoms: 23pc annual growth/employment growth from near zero to 0. create at least a million new jobs by is considered low compared level of employment for its people also the Managing Director of the He urged multinational 2020 for its young population. needed. Population (UNFPA) predicts one jobs. play a crucial role in creating jobs. natural resources and economy. form alliances with local schools to reforms are needed to speed up The government needs to have and Thailand.7 million jobs from a rudimentary infrastructure still at an infant stage. while (Association of Business Executives. needed by the labour market. manpower. Therefore. say such a short span of time. can enjoy the fruits of this political Myanmar workers will lose out and three years.9pc this year. which is to hovering at about 4pc. Energy: 5pc annual growth/employment growth from 0. UNFPA miracle so people living in out that skilled foreigners will M YANMAR has a Herculean Organisation’s report last November. (Source: UK Trade & Investment. who are potential “We need drastic change. There is a huge gap months of 2016 FDI stood at US$3. mining. compared to $4. There recorded in the same period of Collectively. corporations. curriculums are not up-to. garment to be more practical and modernise. contribute to the creation of jobs. and oil and gas and we need more vocational but all the sectors are in need of a in the agriculture sector alone.000 people were sectors have clocked unexpected 2016 to 2030 about 3. some policy positive and China is slowing down. entering Myanmar to create more an ideal location in the region – conditions. relatively low-wage labour market.4 million. Ye Min gemstone industry. according to the Directorate and footwear industry employs reach their full potential. universities produce and what the of Investment and Companies 738. “Myanmar needs to position especially in remote states. its plans. told The Myanmar Times. agriculture. the garment. will be required. Myanmar has to rely on foreign ASEAN peers. “The time to invest in jobs. the job market every year. to the thousands of youths entering January. which Myanmar could generate a high miracle.” he added.000 tipped to grow at 6.3 million. But the ground reality seems to “We need public and private A report released by the Ministry Over the last decade. About 31 million of Myanmar’s Myanmar Federation of Chambers In addition. Universities and colleges need manufacturing and tourism will population are in the workforce of Commerce and Industries.3 million. big push from the government. that could hamper fast economic a government with strong sense number of jobs rose by nearly 50. Laos jobs. and over 50 percent eke out a living Aung. country direct investment.” importers of products. representative of the ABE Myanmar labour intensive industries. especially in growth has brought opportunity to Dynamics.6 million. may make it a daunting production network. companies spend chunks of their “The government should its current economic model and “It is very difficult to create jobs. observers. China.  Photo: EPA  Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing Vijian Paramasivam in garment production. According to the agency’s 2014 growth and electricity scarcity that of business and ideas to drive the between 2013 and 2014. education and skills training is now.2 million. concepts.Our private sector is revealed about 870. proactive and pragmatic policies. Construction: 8pc annual growth/employment growth from 0. However. still better than its more developed Myanmar Population and Housing discourage industries. we super slow. We need stability at the is a mismatch between what 2015. is than half of that number works created. sectors like agriculture. according modest demographic dividend may administration] into an economic If this trend prevails. it is not related. in the labour market and in society five nations but they are not fully and the talents produced.” Administration. so we need employed by the industry. Cambodia.1 to 0. who is have to settle for low wages. “Implementing of policies is flow of investment.3 million. where training. Financial Services: 23pc annual growth/employment growth from near zero to 0. the prospect of even a miracle [the switch to civilian said Suren. India. to fit into the CSR [corporate social responsibility]. In the first nine service and sales. especially in the area of human jobs for local staff and also provide Myanmar should be able to create task for the authorities to create With 53. the vice president of the Union of electricity. Its steadfast economic Census Thematic Report on Population investments are yet to reach key Suren Verma.” further job creation in the country. namely university graduates. forestry and fishery. It has managed to attract a steady garments. and craft – and Without new jobs. the The United Nations Fund for sectors could help generate more training. .8 to 7.5 to 2. More.” Janet Jackson. textile may become disillusioned and not optimised. from food to Graduates come with outdated According to Ye Min Aung. plus local economic trade by plugging into the global currently private sector driven. uncertainties gripping the global investment (FDI) and developing He said economic growth is telecommunication companies. oil and gas.” said Ye Min Aung. these jobs are found in dividend. Representative for Myanmar said in impoverished areas and in poverty dominate the labour market and task to achieve in the next The unemployment rate is a statement then. a capital development.9 billion informal sector. much more. it is straddled between five fast budget to train new staff. producing graduates with the skills not ready to create a million jobs in reduction of poverty.5 many of these jobs fall under the who are unable to find their place are strategically located bordering between what the employers need billion. June 2015) Made-in-Myanmar jobs The target is one million jobs – urgently needed – and the government and private sector need to do some handholding and be focused if there is to be any headway Cottage industries need technology to transform into high-growth production centres. borders to encourage border trade. the million new jobs would be needed suggest otherwise to some extent. he pointed to the International Labour evaporate. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 88 LEARNING WITH QUICK READ Agriculture: 4 percent annual growth. production. Big ticket growth. enough domestic employment but enough jobs for new job seekers. announced in early sectors like power and agriculture. Tourism & Hospitality: 17pc annual growth/employment growth from 0. tourism. and the momentum to drive its economy. Manufacturing: 10pc annual growth/employment growth from 1. establish institutions.

takes place them to become independent in support the development of strong. curriculum.632. . fun and collaborative and not based and developed after World War II spontaneously in a natural everyday tasks. based on international observation of children engaged in best practice. It is also a time when children by colleagues working in world develop their academic knowledge renowned pre-schools and infant and skills in numeracy and literacy. inquiry-based curriculum. and there are Young children develop familiarity collaboration and team membership acknowledging children as second language. Language physical skills that will support outcomes. we strongly believe in started several innovative Mandarin and one that offers stimulation and organised environment provides of observation as the basis of a the ‘Image of Child’ as the first programs. The integrated and stimulating personalities and an understanding program offered at the campus is of themselves. It prepares them not only approach is based on international “Moreover. We value and support Teachers at Eton House are trained in the observation of children engaged in play and work experiences.” she said. “Eton House schools are highly therefore critical that the learning world around them. different nationalities as well as over. children are immersed “Through careful planning present in the classroom at all the Eton House International Myo Sandi Tun Thein said. knowledge Such a foundation helps a child and parents in the villages around meaningful and relevant process. inspired Myanmar and Mandarin teachers about the world around them acquiring the disposition to learn It offers an environment where by the Reggio Emilia approach [an interact with children in their and develop problem solving and as it is about tangible learning learning happens in a natural and educational philosophy focused on respective languages. In this month’s EduCentre issue. the they cook. therefore. brain hailed by the Newsweek magazine as development is the most significant. of excellence in international www. Tin Yadanar Tun education from kindergarten to senior years.” contexts. science and abilities. children gain knowledge “Education is as much as about 18 months of age to six years old. environment.000 to upward of $25. Kan Yeik Thar Street.mm with children and teachers of spatial language as they climb up.” confident individuals. as proven by research. inquiries. where our English. active participants in their own based learning approach. As genuine love for lifelong learning in such. the renowned Eton play and work experiences. like the primary bilingual promotes a lifelong love for learning.000 (for high schoolers) (Source: The Myanmar Times. that is children develop “Our classrooms and environment nationalities. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 LEARNING WITH 99 Percent of children having access to early childhood care and development centres (ECCD): about 22.  Photos: Supplied regarded for the quality of the environment.  offered with a Mandarin teacher Located in Mayangone township. both physical and Mandarin program offered.com. technology through their daily “At Eton House Yangon and communicators. who are on what the adult wants. Pre-School caters to children from our pre-schools. Think. language.000 (for pre-school children) and from $13. consideration. said Myo Sandi Tun and has been designed to integrate eating by exposing and introducing schools in 12 countries and over Thein.etonhouse. Loris Malaguzzi. T HE early years in a child’s life Eton House International Pre- are a very significant time and School Yangon began operations in it helps them develop their 2015. They House’s “Inquire. we highlight how a school in Yangon nurtures pre-schoolers. or work outdoors to use development of young children. It is Early education develops a child’s understanding of the An inquiry-based approach is built around research on how children learn best. 10. measurement and geometry. the syllabus is individualised children. daycare center 2466 Number of ECCDs: 740 Number of daycare centres: 85 (Source: Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association website) Annual fees for international pre-schools: range from roughly US$4200 to $11. we also raise healthy in Singapore. We have human. and the world around inspired by the work undertaken them. the group is a The EHY offers a range of nursery for primary schooling but also for research on how children learn best children as we encourage healthy global organisation with over 100 sessions for pre-schoolers: their whole life. The Eton House literacy through engaging learning curriculum positions children as experiences within the inquiry. “The child develops a love for mathematical understanding. the children with opportunities for curriculum which aims to build and singularly most important program. positive self-concepts. The Mandarin now over 25 international standard with mathematics. operations in 1995. Headquartered the world around them. by a psychologist. the pedagogy of listening and strong foundation in learning a the beginning of 2010. where learning is pre-school and primary education learning. May 18.” Education Group started its and dispositions to make sense of to excel in life and in all educational Reggio Emilia in Italy]. which incorporates and integrated programs offer a centres for children were opened at physical and cognitive development. The learning. Learn” access this study of children’s ideas pedagogy is a holistic and child and interests to determine the responsive approach that develops a next step in curriculum delivery. we work with an environment.  and highly in tune with children’s Children learn numeracy and ideas and interests.000 children from 61 different Contact information: House International Pre-School. vice principal of the Eton learning across all areas of the them to healthy meals and foods. 2015) Children. the best in the world.9pc (Source: Save the Children Myanmar) QUICK READ Number of pre-school children: pre-primary school 23. as thinkers and communicators Early education that offers all-round experiences and makes learning fun is attracting more children. like measurements and stimulate the curiosity. children’s curiosity and skills “At EHY. toddler centres in Reggio Emilia and During this period. “Teachers are trained in the Moreover. “In in an integrated multi-lingual and implementation of child-led times. learning and have established standards Phone: +951-657225 ability to communicate effectively counting. which makes it a The Eton House International equipped with the skills. skills of exploration and discovery. Mandarin early childhood Many pre-schools or daycare growth of their social. logical thinking skills. as are purposefully designed to decades. the Eton House campuses Mayangone township. through or access blocks for develop academic knowledge and height.” competent and capable thinkers integrated bilingual program is pre-schools in and around Yangon. is that of a very high quality purposefully designed and well.” Myo Sandi Tun Thein added. We believe we can relevant context.  [EHY]. investigation and research. Yangon learning. interactions. This said Myo Sandi Tun Thein. Over the last two 48/B.

wasn’t Research is starting to provide schools. While considering the technology. data illustrated cited in studies as negatively and the user is immersed in a fully introduced to the concept of to be particularly suited to virtual significant improvements in a impacting communication. conversations. educational technology is beginning Software like PowerPoint. which has long been In the classroom settings but also in secondary used as an education tool. However. world. self-directed learning. heard. utilised specifically for education that would otherwise be difficult or activities like role-playing. individual environments for their they consider the ways in which is well-documented. advances in the way we learning activities. virtual reality headsets such (TPACK) requirements of teachers. These considerations are helping teachers to make choices other than just PowerPoint when it comes to the inclusion of technologies in their teaching practice. there are to present information in template. considerations of the technological. teachers are also considering the contexts in which they are working. Unlike option for many teachers in the to use AR technology with a a multi-user. Encouraging better social students. medicine and maths tend were researched. not the teacher. educational AR application for use Research shows that software such They are now able to access in the Royal Botanic Gardens in as PowerPoint can homogenise and A virtual world allows teachers to “take” students to otherwise impossible locations. where everybody sees near future. AR overlays the carbon cycle through an AR environments. 2. an animated representation of the carbon cycle appears over the real world setting in front of the students. . pedagogy and content influencing their choices. technology catastrophic consequences in real were reacting and sharing a virtual associated with this kind of work This means they can engage their For a number of years. move and respond in more realistic three-dimensional images. Studies have reported increased still technological and pedagogical bite-size formats. computer-based design. Looking through a tablet device. Reducing apprehension and more immersive experience. simulation of medical procedures reinforce key understanding. world called Second Life. number of key areas including: Some students have reportedly digital information on real world overlay of the cycle triggered by the geometric shape of specific trees. can program these kinds of tools My work at the Royal Botanic they represent content. incompatible softwares and The use of digital technologies construction and enhanced incompatible environmental settings. improved challenges such as slow response But this isn’t always a good thing. Nonetheless. as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Research of the TPACK concept contexts. When the effects of this program and facial expressions. F OR many years. laptop computer. teachers procedures. technology to enter the educational Torres Straight Islander histories and These worlds allow teachers students in Australia before they 5. different platforms allow them to Virtual and augmented reality for errors to be made without the interaction between students as they While the technical skills represent content in different ways. allowing them to grasp a concept that can’t be seen with the naked eye. cultures) to students in ways that to “take” students to otherwise spent time on exchange in China. impossible locations. virtual worlds to enhance the way initiative was conducted in a virtual of their avatar. Once the students have been able to grasp this abstract content with the help of the technology. a virtual Augmented reality particular content (environmental pre-programmed avatars or digital were used to introduce aspects of world allows students to create their One of the most recent forms of sustainability and Aboriginal and representations of the user. some mathematical 1. in increasingly smart phone. 2017 sophisticated virtual worlds. rather than through email. teachers then have the choice of other digital or non-digital activities from which they can choose to have their students apply this knowledge. gestures Unlike virtual environments. Only more recently are we seeing and scientific worlds allow users to embarrassment. I have the individual character of teachers’ worlds only through a desktop or been working on a different practices can be lost. particular pedagogical approach environment in which users world with 100 university students. student motivation. Chinese language and culture to own understanding. which otherwise The release of relatively low pedagogical and content knowledge technology being designed and represent abstract topics in ways impede experimentation in cost. students and The future templates. collaboration and knowledge times. the same information in the same (constructivism) and to represent interact with one another through A series of collaborative activities way at the same time. has been which the real world is obscured For example. designed for education. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 1010 LEARNING WITH How virtual reality technology is changing the way students learn Michael Phillips said they feel restricted because objects utilising the camera on a Lecturer: Digital Technologies in they can’t use their hands for mobile device such as a tablet or Education. touched or smelled. For example. change the way they work and infer more meaning through these The potential of this form of teach to fit in with technology. including body language. students are Science. which means much of teachers were able to access virtual Over the past 18 months. are beyond the capacities of many students in more comprehensive have been customising their own One particularly innovative 4. sanitise the way teachers present on the user’s head. Allowing students to revisit and now allow teachers to design argues that teachers integrate digital students learn and understand The use of virtual worlds for repeat lessons multiple times to three-dimensional interactive and technologies most effectively when things. allowing for a This work is grounded in information to their students. in would be otherwise difficult to do. create and teach in a virtual PowerPoint. which meant they could explore mean this is likely to be a real Gardens has been designed A virtual world is typically The program allows teachers to and interact independently. subtle and thoughtful ways by teachers. and it’s changing the way impossible in real life. Emerging digital technologies such as AR are now being considered in complex. as it allows 3. Improved graphics cards in audio or text are “triggered” to universities have had to computers also allow students to appear by a printed image.  Photo: AFP different devices that can be worn Melbourne. Monash University gestures. digital experience. schools and ways. for to be realised not only in tertiary example. sees some teachers and students classroom practices. used as a way pedagogical repertoire of teachers. January 11. presenting information using In the recent past. Putting students in control teachers. examples of where and when Research shows that although it has been a staple tool in these technologies may fit into the this type of technology enhanced education settings. avatars In some educational uses of AR. landscape is Augmented Reality (AR). video. A lack of non-verbal clues.

it did Cuffe Charlotte in 1920 and not have a separate Department was sold then at five rupees a of Myanmar Language and the copy to raise funds for a new Alternative Education Department’s director general Dr Khine Myae at the policy planning workshop. commemorated its diamond SMVTI offers 10 courses lasting jubilee on December 22-24. The department’s a couple of Dulwich college high director general Dr Khine Myae schools in Suzhou and Zhuhai. cities such as Shanghai. the department in promoting the Myanmar language for the past 75 The Burma Alphabet book years. International Friendship The founding of the department Group chair Daw Ohnmar Tun has was in itself historic in the annals republished the book. More than 230 teachers and students from the region received outstanding awards at the event. The skills. 2016. and at the national level. He also called for preserving reprinted and simultaneously developing With the objective of making the the country’s own language and learning of the English language literature. Department of Myanmar University Library and mobile Language was established in libraries. The said a policy can be finalised by two branches of Dulwich College March 31 after ongoing discussions Yangon are to be found in Star City at respective states and regions. Group. and Pun Hlaing estates. The event also aims to increase coordination between the welfare service committee and parent- teacher associations and regional authorities. to establish a policy planning Children aged between 2 and 14 framework for alternative are eligible to apply.  Photo: Aung Myin Ye Zaw teaching of the language was hospital. The department was formed on Suzhou. electronic and electrical by President U Htin Kyaw. facilities management and President appreciated the efforts of engineering services. The remaining half will 1941. six months each in hospitality and 2016 with an opening address tourism. The original book Yangon University began as the was written by Lady Wheeler- University College in 1920. easier. the Queen Alexandra’s under the Department of Oriental Children’s Hospital in Mandalay. When Alphabet. Studies. Students on a six-month internship in Singapore Ten outstanding students from the Singapore-Myanmar Vocational Training Institute (SMVTI) are on a six-month internship program . Due to strenuous Half of the 1000 reprints efforts by patriotic teachers.  Photo: Zarni Phyo Get-together for 2016-17 academic year The Yangon Region held its education get-together event for the 2016-17 academic year on January 3 at the No 4 Basic Education High School in Ahlone township. of The Burma Alphabet will be students and others. The Burma of education in Myanmar. Among them. and Singapore. It is among a network professionals in their fields were of Dulwich colleges in Asian involved. education and lifelong learning The college is a private English at the MiCasa Hotel in Yangon on school and the first in Myanmar to December 19-21. of Myanmar Language Operational since late last year. held its first workshop classes that will begin in August. Monthly educational activities have been held since 1998 in an effort to upgrade education in public schools. The objective is to give talented students a deeper Ei Shwe Phyu understanding of hands-on work experience as an intern in a Myanmar Language celebrated related field and to improve their Yangon University’s Department skills. Beijing. Seoul. a separate donated to the National Library. 2016. Discussions be linked with the Dulwich College covered six sectors and relevant in England. January 3 of every year has been designated as the annual day for holding an education get-together for parents. Students. teachers and students. teachers and parents at the Yangon Region education get-together. under the Ministry of enrolling new students now for Education. The department now be sold at US$10 a copy and the also hosts a number of foreign proceeds will be used to support students studying the Myanmar the International Friendship language. are Translation by Kyaw Soe Htet completed. studying how companies there manage their Brief businesses. Workshop on alternative Dulwich College Yangon education and lifelong learning accepting students The Alternative Education Dulwich College Yangon is Department. plus October 1. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 LEARNING WITH 1111 from December 2016 to June Education in 2017 in Singapore.

it can still be difficult learning never stops. one can not only a programming language. IT support technicians leaver wishing to explore what software for instance. Moreover. centres. applications. fees have to be paid to some C and C++ are the most popular languages. there never seems to be an Next. Not only do software a computer system works. without depending on training ICT trainers global computing network. One Security specialists (ICT) Beginners should start with computer basics wishing to seriously pursue further studies would be able to create their own applications Software and application programmers to get thorough basic knowledge. It is better to start studying programming Technicians (gallery. Books or websites Screenshot of an online tutorial website.e. for software engineers. Android or IOS). a popular online game. more prominent. Multimedia specialists and web developers course. . or languages that one wishes to use could ICT support and test engineers Richard Hendricks in Silicon Valley) and how be self-taught through tutorial websites they achieved their objectives by using the or books. library and museum) instructions to a computer to enable it to do a there are others. be gained through on-the-job-training. trainees should study essential subjects such changes that take place in their field of Web developers Although students can study these as advanced database management system or expertise. Basically. the changes fundamental level at a training centre. Today. the Technical authors understand programming but also study how finishing this SE course. a devices) and PHP (scripting language that is Media equipment operators programming course is necessary. around six months to complete a SE course online tutorial websites are free of charge. Online game developing is one of special software engineering courses. when one desires to have Test analysts (ICT) C# or an appropriate programming language.  Photo: AFP Indexers Information scientists Kyi Tha Maung attend a basic course at a training centre or school. Web editors through online tutorial websites and books. Telecommunications trades workers Beginners should consider studying C. Basic knowledge is needed for self. Do otherwise and you will be left programming languages in classes or system analysis and design. (SE) courses. and the fees can run up to some hundreds of However. is one of those subjects that would are available for self-study. It would be best behind. Those has chosen to write (e. learnt but they also have to be alert to the Web content managers language) and it is more widely used. engineers have to practise what they have Virtualisation operators (a general-purpose computer programming When exploring software engineering.NET (helps Library technicians engineering is. ICT support technicians and TV series (Skye in Agents of S. usually.h. and if one is trained systematically. Java. C++. If not. in tech movies (Lyle in The Italian Job) Once the basic level is completed. it ICT managers tion and been inspired by characters eventually will be a plus at one’s workplace. this is a road not There are special courses for those who easily travelled. it if books related to these topics are sought and Translation by San Layy and Win Thaw Tar Windows administrators would be more appropriate if beginners first studied. their knowledge through online information Technical sales representatives Computer programming is the process of Although SE courses are offered at some and courses. These would after going through a mobile developer training should choose a programming subject in which be generally termed as software engineering course for a few months and then expanding Systems administrators they want to specialise. thousands of kyats. Generally. that offer at a young age. EduCentre FEBRUARY 2017 1212 LEARNING WITH Programming your way into the future HOT Young IT geeks are fascinated by software engineering. Whether one is a high school are interested in becoming Web developers. IT project managers On-screen heroics aside. Technical architects or IT systems architects By learning these languages. developing and implementing various sets of schools only after the basic level is completed. or a university degree holder create web applications that run on Windows wanting to switch to software engineering. especially suited for web development) are Mobile application developers Programming. It may take from three to designed specially for children. different programming both together. study.g. but the learning Skills process goes beyond books and classrooms in ICT Application developers Analyst programmers Archivists Business intelligence analysts Cartographers Chief information officers Cloud computing operators (not available locally yet) Communications trade workers Computer network professionals Computer games developers Computer service and repair technicians Database and systems administrators Data entry clerks (no specific training available yet) Data managers (no specific training available yet) Data mining/data warehousing technicians Enterprise application and integration professionals E-learning developers Forensic computer analysts Helpdesk professionals Starcraft. specific training classes have Programmers in it are so rapid.d. . even after And finally. further knowledge and expertise can emerged based on what mobile platform one end to learning programming. languages can be chosen for the process.i. It is advisable to attend certification. being introduced by its developer. this course only after learning some skills in online universities. although seem to be easy at the beginning but is pretty one should always first complete the For those who wish to write mobile Network professionals (ICT) challenging throughout – in fact.l. Then they can sign for advanced courses. or a software engineering the most popular courses. there are programs Telecommunications technical specialists certain task. C# is similar to Java to practise it. ICT business and systems analysts M ANY of us have watched with admira.