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1.Which of the following anti-arrhythmic drug is having Iodine?

a. Disopyramide b. Flecainide c. Amiodarone d. Quinidine

2. The quality of Coca leaves is mainly dependent on which of the following

a. Cocaine b. Truxilline c. Ecgonine d. Cinnamyl cocaine

3. CH3O- Na+ + CH3Cl - CH3 - O - CH3 + NaCl

The above reaction is an example for which of the following?
a. Williamson reaction b. Clemmenson reaction

c. Wuotz's reaction d. Reformatsky reaction

4. Which of the following gelatine concentration is used to determine the

viscosity of gelatine used for the preparation of soft gelatine capsules?
a. 6 2/3 % b. 7 2/3% c. 5 2/3 % d. 6 3/4%
5. Which of the following group is detected by using Herzig Meyer method?
a. Alkyl group b. Hydroxy group c. Alkoxy group d. N-alkyl group

6. Which of the following drug blocks the sodium channel and dissociates
a. Quinidine b. Lignocaine c. Flecainide d. Procainamide

7. According to Drugs and Cosmetics act, List of substances that should be

sold by retail only on prescription of registered medical practitioner is given in
which of the following Schedule?
a. Schedule 'H' b. Schedule 'V' c. Schedule 'X' d. Schedule 'Q'

8. In HPLC, which pump gives a mobile phase flow rate dependent on column
a. Constant pressure pumps b. Constant displacement pumps
c. Reciprocating pumps d. Pneumatic pumps
9. Which of the following organism is the Source for amphotericin?
a. Streptomyces immodosus b. Streptomyces nodosus
c. Streptomyces griseus d. Streptomyces aureofaciens
10. Which of the following drug produces gastric irritation after
a. Phenobarbital b. Tetracycline

c. Erythromycin d. Nitrofurantoin

11. Adult dose of a drug is 150 mg/kg and the drug is available as tablets of 2
mg strength. Calculate the dosed required for a boy of age 14 yrs and weight
of 35 kg?
a. 74.9 mg b. 78 mg c. 82 mg d. 80 mg

12. Which of the following method is used to measure respiratory efficiency of

cells in cell culture?
a. Fluroscein Diacetate method b. Reduction of tetrazolium salts

c. Evan's blue method d. Calcofluor white method

13. Which of the following Dopaminergic agonist used in the treatment of

a. Levodopa b. Carbidopa c. Mirtazapine d. Ropinirole

14. What is the principle involved in the VDRL test?

a. Agglutination b. Precipitation c. Flocculation d. Opsonisation

15. Prazocine is a derivative of which of the following?

a. Quinazoline b. Phthalazine c. Quinoline d. Isoquinoline

16. Bladder toxicity is the side effect of which of the following drug?
a. Vincristine b. Cyclophosphamide c. 5-Flouro Uracil d. Doxorubicin

17. Which of the following is a prototype of Sedative?

a. Chloral hydrate b. Chloral c. Chloroquine d. Chlorpheniramie

18. If the half life for decomposition of a drug is 12 hrs, how long will it take
for 125 mg of the drug to decompose by 30 %? Assume that the drug follows
first order kinetics at constant temperature.
a. 6.1 hr b. 8.2 hr c. 7.9 hr d. 5.5 hr

19. Which of the following is used as Cuticle Remover?

a. Nitrocellulose b. Mineral oil

c. Trisodium phosphate d. Acetoglyceride

20. Which of the following amino acid is present in Captopril?

a. Glycine b. Cysteine

c. Proline d. Para Amino benzoic acid

21. Which of the following is the biosynthetic origin for an amino alkaloid
a. Phenyl alanine and Ornithine b. Phenyl alanine and Pyruvic acid

c. Histidine and Threonine d. Tyrosine and Dihydroxy phenyl alanine

23. Which of the following is the responsible for prolonged QT interval?

a. Hypokalemia b. Tricyclic anti-depressants

c. Hypercalcemia d. Left ventricular hypertrophy

24. Metastable peaks are always present at

a. Even mass numbers b. Integral mass numbers

c. Odd mass d.Non-integral mass

25. Which of the following antacid produces constipation?

a. Sodium citrate b. Magnesium hydroxide

c. Magnesium trisilicate d. Aluminium hydroxide gel

26. Calculate the amount of sodium chloride required to make 1.5 % solution of
pilocarpine HCl isotonic with tear secretion? (Freezing point depression of 1 %
pilocarpine HCl is - 12C and that of sodium chloride is - 0.576C).
a. 0.564 % w/v b. 0.712 % w/v c. 0.224 % w/v d. 0.693 % w/v
27. Lecithin is incorporated in shampoos as
a. Conditioning agent b.Clarifying agent

c. Opacifying agent d. pH adjusting agent

28. What is the % of ionisation of a drug with pKa 5 at pH 8?

a. 99.9 % b. 99.99 % c. 90 % d. 99 %

29. Which of the following antihypertensive drug used in the treatment of

a. Minoxidil b. Diazoxide c. Reserpine d. Hydralazine

30. What is the use of infusion of Tulsi leaves?

a. Insecticidal b. Spasmolytic c. Stomachic d. Stimulant

31. The conductivity of the solution of an electrolyte is

a. Independent of Temperature b. Dependent of Temperature

c. Dependent of Both Temperature and Pressure d. Dependent of Pressure applied

32. Which of the following is the active metabolite of Quinidine?

a. 3-Hydroxy quinidine b. 3-hydroxy quinine

c. 2-Hydroxy quinidine d. 2-hydroxy quinine

33. Which of the following drug is aldehyde Dehydrogenase inhibitor?

a. Sedative b. Hypnotic

c. Disulfiram d. Methyl alcohol

34. Which of the following method is suitable for the sterilization of bone and
tissue transplants?
a. Ionizing radiation b. Gaseous sterilization

c. Dry heat sterilization d. Moist heat sterilization

35. What is the location of chlorine in Chloroquine?

a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7

36. Which of the following amino acids contains imidazole ring?

a. Histidine b. Asparagine c. Tryptophan d. Proline

37. The Allergic reaction caused by tetracycline is

a. Decrease in B.P. b. Dermatitis c. Urticaria d. Leucopenia

38. What is 'X'?

a. b. c. d.

39. Which of the following is not an example for synthetic hair dye?
a. Para toluene diamine b. p-phenylenediamine

c. Sulpho-ortho-amino phenol d. Lead acetate with precipitated sulphur

40. Which of the following drying method under controlled conditions results
in changes in chemical composition?
a. Processing b. Mulching c. Curing d. Fermentation

41. Which of the following is used in the Monteux test?

a. Old tuberculin b. Diphtheria toxin

c. Serum antigen d. Polysaccharide antigen

42. Which of the following is the starting material for the biosynthesis of l-
a. Tyrosine b. Alanine c. Valine d. Phenyl alanine

43. How much sodium chloride is required to render 100 ml of a 1 % solution

of apomorphine hydrochloride isotonic with blood serum? (Freezing point
depression of 1 % solution of drug is - 0.08C and that of sodium chloride is -
a. 0.76 % b. 0.89 % c. 0.96 % d. 1.86 %
44. Which of the following antibiotics acts by damaging cytoplasmic
a. Nevirapine b. Quinolones c. Colistin d. Vancomycin

45. Which of the following is an example for the transport protein?

a. Keratin b. Myosin c. Pepsin d. Albumin

47. What is the drug of choice in ringworm infections? a. Albendazole

48. DPT is an example for a. Active acquired immunity

49. Which of the following member is an ex-officio member of the State

Pharmacy council? b. Chief Administrative medical officer of the State

50. Which of the following antidote antagonize the peripheral action of

Organophosphorus compounds?a. Atropine

51. Which of the following Quinoline derivatives is used in the treatment of

bacillary dysentery?a. Nalidixic acid

52. Polarogram of a solution containing an electro-reducible substance is

obtained by plotting a. Potential Vs Volume

53. Which of the following is used for the assessment of growth in suspension
culture?a. Packed cell volume

54. Which of the following is the synthetic membrane? d. n Octanol

55. Calculate bulk density of paracetamol granules having a true density of

1.8 and % porosity of 60? c. 0.72

56. How many number of ester bonds present in phospholipids?a. 4

57. Which of the following is the synthetic derivative of Opium alkaloid?c.

58. Statto - Oto method is used for the isolation of which of the following?b.

59. Which of the following disease susceptibility can be determined by Shick test?
b. Diphtheria

60. Monoamine Oxidase is located in which of the following?a. Mitochondria

61. Which of the following is the IUPAC name for Progesterone? d. Pregn-4-ene-
3, 20-dione

62. Which of the following is an example for natural emulsifying agent of animal
origin?d. Gelatine

63. Which of the following alkaloidal drug is having pseudo parenchyma?d. Ergot

64. Basophiles are having receptors for which of the following antibodies?d. Ig E

65. Which of the following is an example for Thermal Conductivity Detector?c.


66. Which of the following metabolites usually undergo enterohepatic circulation?

a. Glucuronate conjugates

67. Which of the following semipermeable membrane used in haemodialysis?a.


68. Which part of the umbelliferous fruits is having high content of volatile oils?a.

69. Which of the following Glutamate antagonist used in Alzheimer's disease?c.


70. Mass spectra is usually obtained bya. Electron impact

71. Which of the following is the active metabolite of Phenacitin?c. p - Hydroxy
phenyl acetanilide

72. Which of the following toxins are produced by E.coli?b. Endotoxins

73. Which of the following are identified by using Borax test?b. Barbaloins

74. Iron content of gelatine used for the preparation of soft capsule should not be
more than a. 15 ppm

75. Which of the following antihypertensive drugs acts as MAO inhibitor?a.


76. Pantothenic acid is a constituent of the coenzyme involved in c. Acetylation

77. What is the metabolic advantage of Procainamide compared to Procaine?b. It

does not undergo hydrolysis by esterase

78. Which of the following technique single step purification of sample is

achieved?c. Gel filtration

79. Which of the following is readily used for the filling of pelletized or granular
material into Capsules?b. Rotofil

80. Where biological and microbiological tests are conducted?d. Kasauli

81. Which among the following is Gyrase inhibitor? c. Norfloxacin

82. Calculate the amount of 95 % alcohol required to prepare 400 ml of 45 %

alcohol?a. 190 ml

83. Which of the following medium is used for differentiation of lactose and non -
lactose fermentors?a. Mac Conkey's medium

84. Which of the following odour is developed when ergot powder is treated with
sodium hydroxide?d. Triethyl amine
85. Betamethazone and Dextromethazone are a. Epimers c. Optical isomers d.
Both a and c

86. LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate) isa. An in vitro test for detecting
pyrogenic endotoxins

87. Which of the following allied drugs of Senega does not contain Saponin
c. Polygala chinesis

88. How many signals are produced by CH3-CH2 - CH2 -CO-CH2 -CH3 in NMR
spectroscopy?d. 2

89. Which of the following hormone is used for confirmation of pregnency? a.


90. In Elisa technique, the antibodies are labelled by b. Alkaline phosphate

91. Which of the following is also known as 11 - Desmethoxy Reserpine? b.


92. Which of the following drug is not bound to Warfarin binding sites? a. Phenyl
butazone b. Sulfamethizolec. Bilirubin d. Ketoprofen

93.Is the entomer of Succinyl choline, which is b. Anti isomer

94. What is the drug of choice in Chloramphenicol resistant typhoid d.


95. Which of the following drug is designed as prodrug for improved taste?b.
Clindamycin palmitate ester

96. SAR studies on v - antagonists is mainly aimed at a. Selectivity

97. Which of the following drug inhibits the Prolactin level? b. Dopamine
98. Which of the following is obtained by fusion of Morphine with potassium
hydroxide? c. Proto Catechuic acid

99. A solution of drug was prepared freshly at a concentration of 300 mg/ml. After
25 days of storage at 25 OC, the drug concentration in the solution was found to be
120 mg/ml. The drug assumed to undergo zero-order kinetics. Calculate the
reaction rate constant?
a. 7.2 mg/ml/day b. 62.5 mg/ml/day c. 0.72 mg/ml/day d. 6.25 mg/ml/day


1 c 2 c 3 A 4 a 5 d 6 c 7 a 8 a 9 b 10 d

11 a 12 b 13 D 14 b 15 a 16 b 17 b 18 a 19 c 20 c

21 b 23 A 24 d 25 d 26 a 27 a 28 a 29 a 30 c

31 b 32 a 33 c 34 a 35 d 36 a 37 b 38 b 39 d 40 c

41 a 42 d 43 a 44 c 45 d 47 a 48 a 49 b 50 a

51 a 52 a 53 a 54 d 55 c 56 a 57 c 58 b 59 b 60 a

61 d 62 d 63 d 64 d 65 c 66 a 67 a 68 a 69 c 70 a

71 c 72 b 73 b 74 a 75 a 76 c 77 b 78 c 79 b 80 d

81 c 82 a 83 a 84 d 85 d 86 a 87 c 88 d 89 a 90 b

91 b 92 d 93 b 94 d 95 b 96 a 97 b 98 c 99 a

1) The following gibberalin derivative is known as gibberalic acid

a) GA1 b) GA2 c) GA3 d) GA4
2) The following is the precursor for the synthesis of Dhurrin in sikkimic
acid pathway..
a) Phenylalanine b) Tyrosine c) Linamarin d) Lotuustralin
3) Multicellular branched covering peltate trichomes are characteristic
a) Hammelis b) Humulus c) Verbascum Thapsus d) All of the above
4) Ranunculaceous stomata is the characteristic for ..
a) Buchu b) Digitalis c) Lobelia d) All of the above
5) Moisture content limit for digitalis should not be more than
a) 10 b) 05 c) 08 d) 15
6) The fluorescence exhibited by rhubarb under UV light is.
a) Purple blue b) Whitish blue c) Viloet d) Mauve
7) For the measurement of hypoglycemic activity, the following herbal
extract is used..
a) karela b) Jambul c) Fenugreek d) All of the above
8) The total aerobic microbial load per gram of material ready for internal
use is.
a) 105 b) 102 c) 10 d) 103
9) Outgrowth arista( awn) is found in following drug
a) Cardamom b) castor c) Nutmeg d) Stropanthus
10) The cathartic principle in momordica charantia is.
a) Charantin b) Momordicin c) saponin d) Glucoside
11) From the following which one is immunomodulator drug,,,,,,,,,,,,,
a) Brahmi b) Jatamansi c) Ginseng d) All of the above
12) Rhytidoma is the characteristic for..
a) Gokhru b) Rattle snake root c) Quillaia d)Brahmi
13) The bitter taste of gentiana lutea is due to.
a) Gentisin b) Gentianine c) Amarogentin d) gentiopicrin
14) The following is the example of non-drying oil..
a) Oilve oil b) Peanut oil c) Almond oil d) All of the above
15) Badouin's test is given by.
a) Sesame oil b)Oilve oil c) Peanut oil d) Almond oil
16) Carr price reaction is positive in case of
a) Vit.A b) Vit.B c) Vit.D d) Vit.B7
17) The following variety of cardamom does not show rugae among all the
a) Allepy cardamom b) Mysore cardamom c) Korarima cardamom d)
Malabar cardamom
18) The following microscopical characters are true for fennel except
a) Anomocytic stomata
b) Lignified and reticulate parenchyma
c) Rossete crystals of ca-oxalate
d) Trichomes and starch grains are absent
19) The outgrowth of nutmeg contains amylodextrin which gives following
colour with iodine
a) red colour b) Blue colour c) Pink colour d) white colour
20) The following microscopical characters are false in case of Clove except
one.and it is.
a) Clove contains diacytic stomata
b) Clove contains starch
c) Scizogenous oil glands
d) It contains anomocytic stomata
21) Ca-oxalate crystals and starch grains are absent in..
p) Fennel q) Stropanthus r) Nux-vomica s) Physostigma
a) p,q b) p,r c) q,s d) r,s
22) The following variety is the commercial source of reserpine..
a) R.tetraphylla b) R.Vomitoria c) R.serpentina d) R.densiflora
23) Vitali-morin reaction is positive in case of
a) Tropane alkaloids b) Quinoline c) Isoquinoline d) Purine alkaloids
24) Sunken trichomes and sunken stomata are present respectively in
following drug
p) Ephedra q) Colchicum r) Lobelia s) Gloriosa
a) p,r b) r,p c) q,r d) p,q
25) The IUPAC name for Prazepam is
a) 7-chloro-1-methyl-1,3-dihydro-5-phenyl-2H-benzodiazepine-2-one
b) 8-chloro-1-( Cyclobutylmethyl)-1,3-dihydro-5-phenyl-2H-
c) 7-chloro-1-( Cyclopropylmethyl)-1,3-dihydro-5-phenyl-2H-
d) 8-chloro-1-( Cyclopropylmethyl)-1,3-dihydro-5-phenyl-2H-
26) Buspirone contain following ring system.
a) Spiran b) Piperazine c) Pyrimidine d) All of the above
27) 4-[3-[2-( trisfluoromethyl) phenazin-10-yl]propyl]-1-piperazineethanol
tends for..
a) Perphenazine b) Fluphenazine c) Acetophenazine d) Trifluoperazine
28) 6-[ 2,3-dichloro phenyl)]-3,5-diamino triazine tends for following
category of drug..
a) Anti-depressant b) Anti-psychotic c) Anxiolytic drug d) Anti-epileptic
29) The following is CNS stimulant drug..
a) Mazindol b) Phendimetrazine c) Pemoline d) All of the above
30) The tricyclic anti-depressant drug trazodone contain following ring
a) Piperazine b) Triazole c) Pyridine d) All of the above
31) The following is true for dobutamine except.
a) B1- receptor agonist
b) it is used in cardiogenic shock
c) (-) enantiomer is potent 1 agonist
d) (-) enantiomer is potent 2 agonist
32) The following drugs are used in benign prostatic hypertrophy ( BPH)
p) Tamsulosin q) Clonidine r) Mifepristone s) Finasteride
a) p,r b) p,q c) p,s d) q,r
33) The mechanism of corynanthine is
a) Selective 2 receptor antagonist
b) Selective 1 receptor antagonist
c) non-selective receptor antagonist
d) Selective 1-receptor agonist
34) Occulomucocutaneous syndrome is the side effect of following
a) Metoprolol b) Practolol c) Albuterol d) Atenolol
35) The following drug is safe in hypertension in pragnency
p) Methyl dopa q) Labeatalol r) Carvediol s) Ritodrine
a) p,s b) q,s c) p,q d) q,r
36) The following is the quinazoline ring containing drug..
a) Prazosin b) Methaqualone c) Metolazone d) All of the above
37) The IUPAC name for amiloride is.
a) 3,4-diamino-N-( aminoiminomethyl)-6-chloropyrazine carboxamide
b) 3,4-diamino-N-( aminoiminomethyl)-6-chloropiperazine carboxamide
c) 3,5-diamino-N-( aminoiminomethyl)-6-chloropyrazine carboxamide
d) 3,5-diamino-N-( aminoiminomethyl)-6-chloropyridine carboxamide
38) 1-methyl-2-( 2,6-xylyloxy)-ethylamine is the IUPAC name
a) Lidocaine b) Mexiletine c) Encainide d) Flecainide
39) The following drug is only acting as arterial vasodilator.
a) Hydralazine b) Na-nitroprusside c) Diazoxide d) Minoxidil
40) Among all the sulfonyl ureas, the following drug is having longer
duration of action..
a) Tolbutamide b) Chlorpropamide c) Acetohexamide d) Tolazamide
41) To filter the slurries containing the solids not more than 5 %, the
following filter is used..
a) Filterpress b) Filterleaf c) Meta fliter d) Membrane filter
42) If carr's index is 23-35 then flow is
a) Excellent b) Fair to passable c) Poor d) Extremely poor
43) If the PKa of Phenobarbitone is 7.4.what fraction of drug would be
ionized at pH 8.4?..............
a) 0.01 b) 0.50 c) 0.90 d) 1.00
44) The following is the example of cationic surfactant
a) Benzalkonium chloride b) Polysorbate 80 c) SLS d) Sorbitan
45) The type of particle diameter that is obtained by microscopic method of
evaluation is..
a) Projected b) Stokes' c) Volume d) Volume-surface
46) HEPA filters are widely used in ..
a) Autoclaves b) Laminar air flow hoods c) Gas sterilizers d) Oxygen
47) Inversion sucrose in syrup due to heat is known as.
a) Isomerization b) Epimerization c) Tautomeriation d) caramelization
48) carnauba wax is used in the following step of sugar coating of tablet:
a) Seal coating b) Polishing c) Sub-coating d) Syrup coating
49) One of the following diluent may discolour in the presence of amine
containing drugs:
a) Avicel b) DCP c) Lactose d) Talc
50) Cam tracks are used in tablet formulation for
a) Feeding the granules b) Fixing the shape
c) Compressing the granules d) Guiding the movement of punches
51) Non-ionic surfactant vesicles relates to.
a) Liposomes b) Niosomes c) Nanoparticles d) a and b both
52) Water insoluble coating materials used for microencapsulation
a) Ethyl cellulose b) Polyethylene c) Polyamide d) All of the above
53) Schedule U1 tends for.
a) Manufacturing and analytical records of drugs
b) Manufacturing and analytical records of cosmetics
c) Standards for patent or proprietary medicines
d) List of drugs marketed under generic name only
54) The test which is useful for the identification of M.
a) Haemolysis b) Fermentation with sugar c) Gram-staining d) Zeihl-nelson
55) The following type of antigen associated with capsules..
a) H-antigens b) 0-antigens c) V-antigens d) K-antigens
56) Colchicine when treated with 70 % H2SO4 or HCL gives following
a) Red colour b) Blue colour c) Green colour d) yellow colour
57) Quinine gives following positive test
a) Herpathite test b) Thaleoquin test c) Rosequin test d) All of the above
58) Schilber reagent is used for the detection of..
a) Glycosides b) Volatile oils c) Alkaloids d) Tannins
59) Noller test is used for the detection of..
a) ) Glycosides b) Volatile oils c) Alkaloids d) Tannins
60) Vit.requirement for microorganism Sytreptococcus pyogenes is
a) Tryptophan b) Glutathione c) Riboflavin d) Vit.B12
61) The test organism used for validation of filtration sterilization is..
a) Serratia marscenes b) Pseudomonas dimunata c) Vibrio percolans d)
All of the above
62) The biological source for Cycloserine is
a) S.Orchidaceus b) S.garyphyllus c) S.lavandulus d) All of the above
63) Which of the following drug used in digitalis induced
a) Verapamil b) Phenytoin c) Flecainide d) Procainamide
64) Aspartame is chemically.
a) Methyl ester of aspartic acid and phenylalanine
b) Methyl ester of phenylalanine and aspartic acid
c) Ethyl ester of phenyl alanine and aspartic acid
d) Ethyl ester of aspartic acid and phenyl alanine
65) Which of the following is used as a bulk property detector in HPLC?
a) UV-visible detector b) Diode array detector c) Refractive index detector
d) Fluorescence detector
66) Which of the following drug is biosynthesized from Lysine?
a) Pilocarpus b) Asthma weed c) Aconite d) Holarhhena
67) Sugar coated tablet having disintegration time is
a) 15 min b) 60 min c) 30 min d) 45 min
68) Drugs used in the treatment of Insulinoma is
a) Chlorambucil b) Tolbutamide c) Streptozotocin d) Melphalan
69) Which of the following used as stabilizer in the parenteral
a) Na sulfate b) Na caprylate c) Na desoxycholate d) Na CMC
70) Most commonly used radiation source in atomic absorption
spectroscopy is.
a) Tungsten lamp b) Xenon discharge lamp c) Hollow cathode lamp d)
Mercury vapour lamp
71) Anorgasmia side effect produced by..
a) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
b) Tricyclic antidepressant
c) Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
d) All of the above
72) Which of the following drug is contraindicated in type IIa
a) Probucol b) Colestipol c) Acipimox d) Fish oil
73) Mediastinal fibrosis side effects produced by..
a) Propranolol b) Sumatriptan c) Methysergide d) Cyproheptadine
74) Number of peaks given by 1H NMR spectrum of P-xylene is..
a) 4 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3
75) USP dissolution apparatus 4 used for
a) Capsule b) Tablet c) Low solubility of drugs d) Emulsion
76) The heterocyclic ring present in dipyridamole is..
a) Pyridine b) Piperidine c) Pyarazine d) Piperazine
77) Which form no is used for import of biological drugs( C/C1)
a) 9 b) 12-A c) 11-A d) 24-A
78) Paper chromatography is based on.
a) Adsorption b) Exclusion c) Affinity d) Partition
79) -[ 2-( diisopropylamino) ethyl]--phenyl-2-pyridine acetamide
a) Amiodarone b) Mexiletine c) Disopyramide d) Procainamide
80) Which of the following is non-competitive inhibitor of citric acid cycle
enzyme called -ketoglutarate dehydrogenase?
a) Fluoroacetate b) Arsenite c) Melonate d) Lithium
81) Imipenam is
p) Obtained from chromobacterium violaceum
q) It is given with cilastatin
r) It is monocyclic
s) Obtained from streptomyces cattelya
a) p,q b) q,s c) p,r d) r,s
82) Riedal-walker test
p) Measure the effectiveness of antibiotics
q) test organism E.coli
r) Test organism salmonella typhi
s) Measure effectiveness of anticeptics
a) p,q b) q,s c) p,r d) r,s
83) Which of the following problems associated with glass containers?
p) Weathering q) Corrosion problem r) Flaking s) Breathing
a) p,q b) p,r c) p,s d) r,s
84) Which transitions are given by benzoic acid under UV
p) n * q) * r) n * s) *
a) q,r b) r,s c) p,r d) p,q
85) Which of the following bio-chemical tests given by phenolic group
containing amino acids..?
p) Nin-hydrine reaction q) Nitroprusside reaction r) Millon's reaction s)
Folin- coicalteau's test
a) p,s b) q,r c) r,s d) p,r
86) In aerosol container, gasket is made up of
p) Buna-N q) Neoprine rubber r) Nylon s) Delrin
a) p,q b) q,r c) p,s d) p,r
Common data questions:
87) Sex pheromones used as..
a) Sex hormones b) Fertilizers c) Plant growth regulators d) Pest control
88) Example of sex pheromones is..
a) Nitrogen b) testosterone c) 7,8-epoxy 2- methylloctadecane d) Abscisic
89) Starting material for the synthesis of cinchocaine is
a) o- toluidine b) Picolinic acid c) Isatin d - picoline
90) The IUPAC name for cinchocaine is.
a) 2-butoxy-N-[ 2-( dimethylamino)methyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
b) 2-butoxy-N-[ 2-( diethylamino)ethyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
c) 2-ethoxy-N-[ 2-( dimethylamino)ethyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
d) 2-ethoxy-N-[ 2-( diethylamino)methyl]-quinoline-4-carboxamide
In a formulation laboratory , tablet is to be formulated,the core tablet has bad
taste and required protection from moisture.The
Tablet should also deliver the drug for local action in intestine:
91) Suggest suitable method
a) Sugar coating b) Film coating c) Enteric coating d) Sub-coating
92) Choose the correct coating material.
a) Sugar b) Acacia c) EC d) Acrylates
Linked questions:
Triamterine is diuretic drug.it is potassium sparing diuretic.
93) It contains which is containing heterocyclic ring?
a) Quinoline b) Quinazoline c) Pteridine d) Pyrimidine
94) It's mechanism of action is..
a) Aldosterine antagonist b) Block luminal Na+ channel c) Block
Na+/K+/2Cl- tranporter
d) Block Na+/Cl- transport
95) Pyrilamine is antihistaminic drug..
Pyrilamine is chemically
a) Amino alkyl ether b) Imidazole analogue c) Ethylene diamines d)
96) Pyrilamine maleate is assayed as per IP by titrating with
a) 0.1 M NaOH b) 0.1 M Perchloric acid c) 0.1 M HCL d) 0.1 M silver
As per the woodward-fieser rule,the absorption maxima of the compound
shown is calculated from the base value and the ring
Residue values.

97) Base value is.

a) 215 nm b) 253 nm c) 240 nm d) 217 nm
98) Absorption maxima is
a) 220 nm b) 230 nm c) 258 nm d) 268 nm
An organic compound " X" has an absorption maxima at 217 nm.It's Emax
is 16,000.The absorbance is 0.64 when the cell length
is 1 cm..
The decomposition of drug in aqueous acid solution was found to follow
first order reaction.The initial concentration was found
To be 0.056 M.The initial Concentration was found to be 0.056 M.The
concentration after a period of 12 hrs was 4.10102-
Moles/liter.The reaction rate constant is 0.02599 hr1-
99) What is the quantity of the drug remaining undecomposed after 8
a) 0.455 moles/litre b) 0.25 moles/ litre c)0.0455 moles/litre d) 0.10
100) What is the amount of drug deteriorated during the period of 24 hrs?
a) 0.026 moles/litre b) 0.0026 moles/litre c) 0.03 moles/litre d) 0.053

1 c 21 b 41 b 61 d 81 b
2 b 22 b 42 c 62 d 82 d
3 b 23 a 43 c 63 b 83 b
4 d 24 b 44 a 64 a 84 b
5 b 25 c 45 a 65 c 85 b
6 c 26 d 46 b 66 b 86 a
7 d 27 b 47 d 67 b 87 d
8 a 28 d 48 b 68 c 88 c
9 d 29 d 49 c 69 b 89 c
10 b 30 d 50 d 70 c 90 c
11 c 31 d 51 b 71 a 91 c
12 c 32 c 52 d 72 d 92 d
13 c 33 b 53 b 73 c 93 c
14 d 34 b 54 d 74 c 94 a
15 a 35 c 55 d 75 c 95 c
16 a 36 d 56 d 76 b 96 b
17 c 37 c 57 d 77 a 97 a
18 d 38 b 58 c 78 d 98 b
19 a 39 a 59 b 79 c 99 c
20 d 40 b 60 c 80 b 100 a