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Jimmy Aaron Tyler Linkous

219 Russell Dr. | Rogersville, Tennessee | (423) 754-5052 |

Website: linkousat.weebly.com

Bachelor of Science, Geosciences
Graduated December 13, 2014
Major: Geology
Minor: Geography/GIS
(Related Couse work: Independent study developing an ESRI Map Story of my
2-month ethnographic expedition to the Solarpur district of South Asia in
summer 2014)

Collection of geological samples
Identification of soils, minerals, and rocks
Chemical testing on soils
Basic understanding of hydrology
Experience using the federal soil databases
Produce maps using the latest GIS software including ESRIs ArcGIS
10.x suite, ArcGIS Online and ESRI Story Map, QGIS 2.4, GeoDa, and
Knowledge of Python and R coding languages
GIS database access and management skills (including knowledge of
SQL and File Geodatabases)
Easily able to convert or produce custom GIS data
Highly skilled in using ArcGIS Online to create and publish maps and
map data.
Experienced in Clearion program
Able to use Trimble mapping devices
Confident with Microsoft Office suites
Experience graphically creating and presenting research and findings
Able to quickly learn and master other skills quickly
Able to troubleshoot and problem solve independently
Teamwork/ Leadership
Served with on campus organizations that promotes success and a
healthy living and working environment
Volunteer to lead events that showcase and bring new students into
the school
Frequently practice public speaking within classrooms and public
Willing and able to work with largely diverse groups of people
Experience adapting to situations and cultures quickly and without

Work Experience
Davey Resource Group
Joint use project for NES
April 2015-Present
Nashville, TN
Use GIS house created software to collect, add, and edit data
Inventoried NESs (Nashville Electric Service) electric utility equipment,
telecommunication lines, and power lines
Learned different attachments, wire types, light fixtures, and power
Developed skills with Getac tablets and other technology
Data Collection for Duke and Google
Charlotte, NC
Use Clearion software to collect, add, and edit data
Pinpointed power poles designated by Google and Bechtel to later be
Assigned and attached unit numbers to each pole located
Advanced my knowledge in using Getac tablets, and developed skills
with GPS units including Trimble Pro units
Full inventory for LCUB
Knoxville, TN
Use Clearion software to collect, add, and edit data
Conduct a full inventory of the electric utility systems for LCUB
Identify equipment such as fuses, switches, and transformers
Identify line sizes spanning between poles and other equipment
GPS and Tag equipment and poles

Verification for Owen Electric

Florence, KY
Use Clearion software to edit and correct data
Conduct a full verification of the electric utility systems for OEC
Identify equipment such as fuses, switches, and transformers
Test new methods and equipment