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An E-Commerce Case Study Report

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

In Marketing 422

(00795/ 7:30-8:30pm)

Submitted to:

Professor Joanna Lynn Mercado

Submitted by:

Calamba, Jason A.

Castro, Melissa L.

September 3, 2016
Company Background

ZipMatch is a new Philippine technologically-based company specialized for

the real estate company which is nationally based at the Bonifacio Global City,

Taguig, Metro Manila. The company provides an excellent online real estate

marketplace for the home seekers or buyers, and real estate investors who are

searching also for a condominium unit, a townhouse or house for sale or rent on the

company website: ZipMatch.com. The company uses new technology scheme to

innovate, build and develop its professional and enterprise marketing services for

real estate brokers or agents, realty firms, and real estate developers.

Zipmatch provides information on real estate trends, investment advice, and

personalized service by a network of top industry professionals, all with the easy

convenience of online shoppingeverything you want and need, and nothing you

cant understand, all at the click of a button. In addition, the company aid through the

homehunting process from start to finish: meticulous, client-specific guidance from

the initial search (whether through our comprehensive online database or via a

phone-in or email inquiry) to follow-up consultations and meetings down to all final

decisions are facilitated with the help of our in-house real estate experts.

The History
ZipMatch was launched in April 15, 2013, under HomeMatch Corp., which is

registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The

company was founded by business partners Chow Paredes and John Dang, who

first started the company as a brokerage firm of a few employees into a mid-sized

technology business with a 70-strong workforce. It has since raised an

undisclosed seed funding amount from IMJ Fenox, 500 Startups, Hatchd, and the

Ideaspace Foundation in February 2014, and a Series A fund worth USD2.5 million

led by Monk's Hill Ventures in March 2015.

The Mission

The companys mission stated that the company believed every Filipinos can

own their dream home and in choosing a home should be quick and convenient, not

slow and difficult. Then, the company is driven by these beliefs, and committed to

helping people achieve their goal; from safety to accessibility, committing assurance

that their home is worth their hard-earned money.

The Market

Currently, ZipMatch currently has a 36% market share in the secondary

properties marketplace in the Philippines. Over 10,000 registered licensed real

estate brokers, developer or freelance sales agents, and home sellers upload and

publish residential properties for sale or rent on its website.

SWOT Analysis

Zipmatch Philippines identifies the internal and external environmental

analysis through the companys strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

N Convenient Real Estate Limited sales manpower
T E-marketplace Absence of actual showroom
E Most popular online presence
R web marketplace in the
N Philippines
A Competitive real estate
L sales force
Explore platforms
360-degree virtual
reality of house displays
X Increasing demand for Stiff competition between
T real estate business direct selling and online
E Continuous selling of real estate
R development of e- companies
N commerce business More risks of fraudulent
A Domination of people in transactions
L technology dependence Lack of technological literacy
Continuous for the older population
development of
Computer era
Increasing of
purchasing power of

SWOT/TOMS Analysis
A. Internal Environment

I. Strengths:

1. Convenient Real Estate E-Marketplace

-Zipmatch provides an online e-marketplace wherein the

customers can easily access through the help of internet

anytime and anywhere as long as the customers have an

internet connection stability.

2. Most popular online web marketplace in the Philippines

-According to Mabuhay Magazine, one of the top 12 most

popular online website marketplace in the Philippines is the

Zipmatch.com and considered as the only popular website

designed for real estate businesses.

3. Competitive Real Estate Sales Force

-As being the matchmakers in finding the right property,

Zipmatch company is in high touch for consultants who walk

through the customers for entire process of choosing, deciding

and zeroing in a property specific to your needs and

requirements. The company gives guidance in making informed

choices, looking at the actual project and addressing concerns

until the customer finally decide on which property to invest at.

At Zipmatch, they make real time answers to the customer

inquiries and strive to give our utmost service so the customer

can have a pleasant home shopping experience.

4. Explore platforms

- In January 2015, ZipMatch released a new real estate platform

called Explore. The platform involves collating and curating all

text information, photos, videos, 360 virtual reality images, 3D

graphics, and other immersive, comprehensive content about a

residential project or development in a single page called a

Project Page that are segmented into city locations.

5. 360-degree virtual reality of house displays

- In late 2015, ZipMatch quietly debuted its immersive visual

collection of residential properties in 360 Virtual Reality. The

collection, which can either be viewed on the website, a

residential propertys dedicated Property Page, or special

content via a wearable display device, allows a person to

explore the entire area of a property for sale, including the


II. Weaknesses:

1. Limited Sales Manpower

-Zipmatch Philippines had its limited financial capacity and

requires less manpower since the company easily operates

through the online dependence. Zipmatch indicates that there is

lack of sales manpower to maintain efficiently the transactions

one-by-one and time-to-time.

2. Absence of actual showroom presence

-Some customers do looking forward to view the house

physically, but Zipmatch is only an online website for real estate

business and has no capacity for the customers to show the

actual house physically when the customers do looking up.

unless the company provides 360-degree virtual reality as a

showroom for the house.

B. External Environment

I. Opportunities
1. Increasing demand for real estate business
-The real estate businesses are in progressive stage in the

Philippines since the economic development, as well as the

GDP of the country was continuously grow in which the rising

and developments of residential buildings and subdivisions in

the different parts of the urban cities and nearby provinces in the

Philippines are undergoing.

2. Continuous developments of e-commerce business
-The e-commerce businesses are widened and outspread in the

Philippines and to the world since the people demands

convenient and easy business transactions with less time and


3. Domination of people in technology dependence

-The people nowadays are being modernized by the technology

and because of the globalization of the country, the people

nowadays usually in technology dependence, for an instance, to

buy a house without any physical contact and for the

convenience of the people.

4. Continuous development of Computer era

-The people nowadays are being developed and was influenced

by the technology and the fast-moving development of

technologies such as computer are on the go and updated.

People do usually browse in the internet for many purposes and

one of its purpose is to buy something in online transactions.

5. Increasing of purchasing power of the people

-Because of the increasing of the economic developments due

to the new advocacy and agendas of the new administration,

people are strengthening its confidence to invest to the country

so, people increased also their purchasing power and capacity

to spend commodities for the satisfaction of living.

II. Threats
1. Stiff competition between direct selling and online selling

-Because of the increasing competitors for the same nature of

business, theres a stiff competition between direct selling of real

estates or the physical contact of sales person and the customer;

and, the online selling wherein the transactions are in depend

through exploring in internet sites.

2. More risks of fraudulent transactions

-Because of unlimited maximization features in online transaction,

some hackers may copy the personal information as well as the

contact details and the banking details, so, the people who

transacted and paid online may has a tendency to become a victim

of fraud.


Based on the given SWOT Analysis, the possible recommendations for the

company will be based on the SWOT Matrix to cope up with best strategies.

(S) (W)
S1: Convenient Real W1: Limited sales
Estate E-Marketplace manpower
W2: Absence of actual
S2: Most popular online showroom presence
SWOT web marketplace in the
MATRIX Philippines

S3: Competitive real

estate sales force
S4: Explore platforms
S5: 360-degree virtual
reality of house displays
O1: Increasing demand S2-O3: Develop an W1-O1: The additional
for real estate business android or App Store manpower of online
O2: Continuous application of Zipmatch brokers and sales
development of e- Philippines for mobile. representatives
commerce business S1-O1: The promotional W2-O5: Launching of
O3: Domination of development of website online video of open
people in technology through the most house tours.
popular search engines
dependence (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
O4: Continuous
development of
Computer era
O5: Increasing of
purchasing power of
T1: Stiff competition S2-T1: Strengthening of W1-T1: More hiring and
between direct selling marketing efforts (sales training development for
and online selling of real promotions) through sales brokers and sales
estate companies online web. persons.
T2: More risks of S1-T2: Organizing of W2-T3: Product
fraudulent transactions online pay stores highlighting through
T3: Lack of directly to the company. online video tours
technological literacy for
the older population


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