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Essay Topics

The educational system is killing creativity in Indian children.

Should Nehrus temples of learning remain elitist?
Indian women should take up their husbands surname after marriage.
Should Indias youth imbibe the positive aspects of western culture?
Both men and women need to undergo gender sensitivity courses.
NGOs are yet to get their due from society.
Studying pure science is a waste of time.
Industrialisation should not happen at the cost of human rights.
Indian politicians need training in communication skills.
Globalisation has failed to live up to its promises.
Pubs are anti-Indian.
It should be made compulsory for Indian politicians to be fit.
The resurgence of public sector companies in the current financial
Obama will bring change, but only to the USA.
The Indian space programme is an ambition misplaced

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Metaphorically, the quote suggests that for each situation or broth we may
have a number of stakeholders or cooks that will have their own agenda.
Compromise in such a situation becomes difficult and ultimately results in a
We pride ourselves as being the largest democracy in the world. Our founding
fathers believed in the principle of Unity in Diversity. Our system of governance
is based on inclusion of diverse groups in the decision making process and take
in account their perspectives and experiences. This move, though highly
laudable, systemically slows the decision making process and thus governance.
Important reforms and legislation thus never see the light of the day.
Another pertinent example of this would be the UN General Assembly. The 170
member strong general assembly typically convenes once a year to discuss
strategic policy measures in food security, human rights, literacy etc. But it has
successfully managed to delegitimise its authority and become a facade because
of the infighting among its member nations. The major decisions are thus taken
in effect by the elite few i.e. the UNSC.
So should we then restrict decision making to a select few in power? No, because
decentralized and flat hierarchical business and govt. models are not only more
efficient but also more stable. We can only reach compromise and decision when
we are willing to work with those on the other side of the table with reason and
Major corporate houses and organisations can avoid infighting and conflicts by
continuous introspection whether they are on the foundations on which their
organisation was built.