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Be Won for Christ?

'ARKANSAS-Hot Springs . . . KRCH 1270 Sunduy a:30- 9:oo A.M.
CALIFORNIA-10s Angeles.. ...... KRKD 1150 Sunday 4:15- 4:45 'P.M.
Dinuba, (Fresno oren) .............. KRDU 1240 Sunday 3:30- 4:OO P.M.
Lodl ............................................. KCVR 1570 Sunday 2:OO- 2:30 P.M.
IT TOO MUCH to believe that ten million souls may be
I Swon for Christ, if Jesus tarries? Certainly such a task
Son Frnncisco..............................
DELAWARE-Wilmington ............
1:30- 2:OO
9:OO- 9:30 A.M.

would be hopelessly beyond the capabilities of any one indi-

vidual; for soul winning is the work of the whole Church. One ILLINOIS-Chicago ..................... WAAF 950 Sundny 8:OO- 8:30 A.M.
man soweth and another reapeth. INDIANA-Anderson ............... WCBC 1470 Sunday 2:30- 3:OO P.M.
It is evident that the potential possibilities of the whole La Porte ................................ WLOl 1540 Sundny 3:OO- 3 3 0 P.M.
Church in winning souls to Christ has never been fully tapped. Warsnw ....................................... WKAM 1220 Sunday 8:30- 9:OO A.M. .
The great results of this ministry of deliverance show us that MICHIGAN-(oldwnter ................ WTVB 1590 Sundny 7 : 4 5 8:15 A.M.
God has n plan for world-evangelization and the time to put
NEW YORK-Corning ................. WCBA 1350 Sundoy 2:OO- 2 3 0 P.M.
it fully into operation is now. There are times and seasons Port Jervis .................................. WDLC 1490 Sunday 2:OO; 2:30 P.M.
when the Spirit of God specially moves, when the conditions
are specially favorable for a mighty move of God. That time OKLAHOMb-Oklahoma City . KBYE 890 Sunday 2:OO- 2:30 P.M.
is now. We are in t h a t period when God i s about t o pour out OREGON-Portlnnd ..................... KPDP 800 Sundny 2:OO- 2:30 P.M.
H i s Spirit U ~ J TallL flesh. PENNSYLVANIA-Philndelphia . WTEL 860 Sunday 8:OO- 8:30 A.M.
TIIE P T . . \ N 1lEQUlRES TlU3 MINISTRY O F MANY York ............................................ WNOW 1250 Sundny 1:45- 2:15 P.M.
THE VOICE OF HEALING represents a ministry that is TENNESSEE-Bristol ..................... WOPl 1490 Sundny 8:30- 9:OO A.M.
reaching millioiis of people; not through the labors of one TEXAS-Dallas ................... KSKY 660 Snturdny 7:30- 8:00 A.M.
individual, but through the ministries of many men of God. Fort Worth ................................. NWBC 970 Sundny 8:30- 9:OO A.M.
For no one man can hope to accomplish the task himself. Even San Antonio ............................... KMAC 630 Sunday 1O:OO-10:30 P.M.
Christ did not attempt to evangelize the world Himself, but
taught and encouraged others to do what He was doing. He WASHINGTON-Kirklond ............. KRKL 1050 Sunday 2:30- 3:OO P.M.
first sent out the twelve Apostles. Then He sent out seventy ONTARIO, CANADA-Oshnwn CKLB 1240 Sundny 5:OO- 5:30 P.M.
more. THE VOICE O F HEALING believes that this plan of
Christ is the only possible one that will reach the millions. MEXtCO-Monterrey XEG 1050 Sunday 7:OO- 7:30 P.M.
Therefore, it has encouraged many to' go forth and to proclaim
Hot Springs, Ark.;.Chitago, 111.; Lo Porte, Ind.; Fort
.this great ministry of deliverance. Today in many cities of the Worth, Texas; Monterrey, Mexico.] ,
United States and throughout the world, men of great faith

are bringing this'ministry to multitudes, teaching them to ex-

ercise faith for deliverance from thcir sins, and sicknesses.

The second method followed by THE VOICE O F HEALING
has been the presentation of the message through the printed
word. A great power lies in the spoken word, but it is strength-
ened and aided by the written word. F o r this purpose was
THE VOICE O F HEALING magazine born, to provide a H-I-G-H-L-I-G-H-T-S
medium for this message that it might reach hundreds o f thou-
sands of people through its pages. Millions of copies have gone 1. THE VOICE O F HEALING is now on 23 slations with
out to all parts of the world. Free subscriptions to the m a g a metropolitan population of 25.000,OOO.
azine have been sent to hundreds of missionaries. Over 2,000 2:THE VOICE O F I-IEALING program can now be heard
free subscriptions are now going out to missionaries and work- on X E G (1050 on dial), the super-power station of 150,000 watts,
ers in foreign lands alone. Many free copies go out from month each Sunday from 7:OO to 7 : 3 0 P. M. (Central time). This sta-
to month to those who are sick or are unable to afford the tion blankets the continent.
magazine. In addition to the magazine, hundreds of thousands
of faith inspiring books have been published and sent to every 3. THE VOICE O F HEALING can now be heard i n the Chi-
part of the globe. How many have been healed and won to F IC. c.)
cago area a t 8 A. M. each Sunday o v e r ~ . ~ r A A(950
Christ and brought into a life of victory by this method is im. I This is the o r r l y s u c h prvgrani in .4rrrerirrr ora ichirla yoti r o r ~
- possible to estimate. hear the nativri's greatest evartgelists. I
The third step in which THE VOICE OF HEALING has co-
operated is the inauguration of evangelization by native work-

ers. I n the past few years THE VOICE O F HEALING evan- We must blanket America w'ith this great message by
gelists have carried this message into foreign lands with the means of 'radio. When we went on the air last May we had no
result that the methods' of evangelism in mission fields have financial means with which to back this great undertaking;
been revolutionized. Great audiences have attended these salva- but, nevertheless, God his. through His people. enabled us to
tion-healing revivals, exceeding anything in history. As many go ahead until we are now on approximately'23 stations. We
as 50,000 have accepted Christ in a single campaign. hTot too have just added Station X E G , "Tlie Voicc of North Anierica,"
many such campaigns would be required to go a long ways the 150,000 watt super-power station. Those who are not i n .an
toward winning ten million souls to Christ! Of course, the area where they can hear the program locally may tune in to
establishing of the new converts and teaching them the truths Station XEG, (1050 K:'C.) from 7:OO to 7:30 P. M. each Sunday.
of the gospel is necessary and this work depends much on the Under favorable conditions, this station blankets every state
trained and consecrated workers that are available. in the Union (U. S. A.); Not including this super-power station,
Great as these revivals are, they do not fully solve the prob- we n o w have THE VOICE OF HEALING program OII station nut-
lems of world evangelization. I t costs several hundred dollars s large cities which havc s cnmhined iiietropcditain popii!;itioIi
l c ~ in
per month to support a family of white missionaries and in the of 25,000,000! .
case o f a national revolution, the greater part of missionary The total over-all cost of this radio time and the inciden-
investment can be lost in a short time, as has happened in the tal expense that goes with it is several thousand dollars per
case in China. The solution to world-evangelization must be by month. The missionary and literature program of world-wide
means of native workers. I n cooperation with T H E VOICE O F revival crusade is a matter of involving several thousand dol-
HEALING, Brother Osborn has developed a plan of native lars more a month. But certainly this is an unprecedented op-
evangelism by which hundreds of native workers will be sent portunity to influence the world for God in the days of our gcn-
out. These trained natives will carry the gospel where it has cration. It has already resulted. in the conversion of hundre'ds
never gone before. This is not an enterprise independent of of thousands. We believe that this program can result in the
other organizations, but the proceeds flow entirely through saving of millions. As an individual, each of us could do little.
the channels of the regular mission boards. THE VOICE O F But working together in this great crusade the world can .be
HEALING seeks nothing for itself, but only for the Lord evangelized in our time, and we will have the satisfaction of
and H i s Kingdom. having invested in eternity.

2 THE'VOICE O F HEAL& January; 1954

Thrilling New llook
"True Visions of the u;Z- IiROADCAST-
seen World" t o be g ven - . T R U E ' V I 'P.ON-.S
to those who help o'ur OF THE UNSEEN WORLD!
and other ;visions compiled by
radio work. .

, ,

T HAS B E E N the desire of THE VOICE ;::IL'i
. . CHAPTERS . .:. , ...
O F HEALING to give our readers ac- . I.. .:., .. . .
cess to the flnest faith-inspiring literature

Vision I-What 1 Saw 'ir;lI,eaven . ,.


possible. We. are happy to announce at


The remarkable vision of a lady who was brought io the gates of heaven,
this time that we have just published a was met by Jesus Christ, witnessed marvelous scenes, saw her loved ones
thrillinp book of seven true visions that . there and returned to-tell the story.
will sti; you as few books will. This book ,YisiOn 11-A Vision of Life Beyond the Grave
is entitled "TRUE VISIONS OF THE UN- A condensed account of Marietta Davis' vision of scenes beyond the grave-
God said. that, in the last days, certain the famous book which has been authenticated by the highest, witnesses.
of His people would see visions. Some of Vision 111-The Famous Vision of George Washington
the greatest Bible incidents relate to God- This vision was published many years ago and is now being'amazingly ful-
- given visions, such as those of Joseph,
Daniel, Peter and others.
filled. Reveals what Russia4s about to do. . . . . .
Vision IV -
, .,

1 Spen't S e w n Hours in lleaveri. The vision of Mrs; W. I{.

We have chosen seven of the best au- MeKay
thenticated visions and which are in ex- Vision V-A Vision of Heaven and Hell .,,
act accordance with Scriptural teaching

in their revelation of the state of life A vision of gripping intcrest in entire.accorc1 with Luke 1 6 .
beyond the grave. There are moving Vision VI--My Vision of the Striping of Jesus
scenes of heaven, of the state of the A vision that will greatly inspire faith for healing. . .
wicked dead, and of events that transpire Vision VU-A Vision of the End-Time
beyond the veil: Some of the visions also A series of visions .I'i?vcaling evcnts'which Grc soon to take plarc.
show the order of events that are soon . . . . .
to take place in the fulfillment of [Tothose w h o sc!id us an offering for this great crusadc for souls,
prophecy. w e will send this thrilling book. - Thankyou!]
T h s is perhaps one of the most power-
ful books ever prepared for reaching the
lost with the message of salvation. I t is


a book that they won't lay down until
they have read itthrough. -

WORLD," which- i s further-described on

these pages, will be sent to all who will
send us an offering for our radio and faith
literature crusade. Please fill out the form
i: . TO: THE vfiic~QF H E A ~ I N C , . . .
. . . . .

on this page and enclose your offering, Box 8658, Dallas, Teias.l: .

Your copy will be sent to you the day- :! .. Please -.&d me by return mail .your thrilling new bo,qk m y ; V I
.your letter is received. . . ...
. TIlE UXSEKN WOKL;L),-compiled by .Gordon Lindsay. . .. .. . .. ..
~. ..

- i.. .

SPECIAL PRAYER FOR JAWUARY I enclose $.. - i. . - to assist in getting the Gospel out through th,e"Fi>itli'

THE VOICE O F HEALING endeavors i Literature Crusade and THElVOICE OF HEALING broadcast. - , ' '

to maintain fellowship with all of God's
people; yet, there are laws by which men
i . NAME------.--.-- -
_ .

. . ........... .-
..... -. __ ..
can work together and understand one i ': . !! . .: ..
. .. .

another. I ADDRESS. -: .......

i ' 1Tave'you.joined the,World Prayer Crusade? If'you ar&.1:ot.,nou; a 'member,
. The "key''' to. is the practice
of the Golden Rule. :.', but wish,to join THE PRAYER CRUSdDE,,;pleaSe indicate i n the square to .i .

Let us pray that .God willgive H i s peo-

: the left below.
ple the
make a world.wide
wisdom and understanding
feuowship that
pas- i o
.. , . . .
I am not a member o f - t h e World Prayer.crusade but-! do desire to join.

sible! --EDITOR. i. .
. .
. .
..... .....
................................................................ .................... . -.

. .

~ .>

. .
F E W WEEKS before the Convention,,. prayer band pray without ceasing for this d Brother Branham,
to leaving fo?. Paraguay, South' America.
Brother Osborn visited us, preparatory great effort..
Brother. .Osborn . is now in Paraguay,
on their 'crusades for souls
in various,parts of the world. T H E VOICE
He showed us how the plan for native where, i f he .is not hindered by civil au- . O F ,HEALING 'will keep our readers i n
evangelism was getting, under Way. .'Al- thorities, he . will ':.no Coubt have a re- formed concerning ' the campaigns and
ready quite a number of native mission- vival of tremendous proportions. The l a s t . work of these men. Prayer band, remem-
aries have been'accreaited by the various meeting in Central America resulted .in ber these great revivals in the spirit of
missionary Foards working in connection ., 50,000 people confessing Christ as. their, intercession!
with us on - this project, and we see tre-. "Saviour. Yes, we believe it is not too much t:
mendous possibilities in hundreds of these ' Other of our evangelists are making ask God for ten million (10,000,000) souls
native missionaries carrying the gosp.el .,,world tours. Brothei;?:Green:,,js ,.$.ill in No one man, o r two men, or a hundred
into untouched fielcs: . 1 . . Europe and ,reports mighw ,,v!ctpry. We
+-:. men can do it. But, if we &an get the
We believe that this ,project alone c a n ask :.our prayer band to.; kernember each Church of Jesus Christ to unite.,with us
reach millions of ,souls tli.at have' never effort. in prayer, the task will.not be too great.
heard the gospel before, i f we really back . T H E VOIC& O F H E W I N G will also Have you joined the great world-wide
it up by prayer. Let every member of t.he give reports .from Brother; Allen;..,Brother
, prayer band yet? Do so'now!
< . . I _

THE VOICE OF, HEALING. January, 1954

_ _ _ _ . . . - . - _. .......
. .

. .

S e e Pages 24 and 25 for
Henceforth the addresses of each evan-
gelist will be listed under his or her
Pa. Box 8658. w s , TEXAS . n a m e on the Schedule page, in nccord-
unce with tho dccision of TFIE VOICE
' A monthly interevangelical publication of the Last- OF HEALING Associates.
Day Sign Gift Ministries, published.by the Voice
of Healing, Inc.,.a non-profit corporation incorpo-
rated under the laws of the State of Louisiana. .
. . 1952 by The Voice of Healing
January, 1954 Volume 6, No. 10
Article - IN THIS k S U E - . .
Can 10,000,000 Souls be
. Won for Christ?..................................... 1: ............................. 2
. . .
Radio News Highlights and Radio Schedules:................................................. ......... ..... 2 I want, 0 lord, this year to be
i..: ................................... ::....... 3
~ ~

Attention Prayer Band ..................................................

"Convention Diary" (Report of 5th Annual TVH Convention)........................................... 5 The very best I've lived for Thee.
Sketches from "Marvels and Miracles," The Life of Mrs: M.E. Woodworth-Etter ........... 6
I want Thy Holy Spirit's Grace
"The Word of Wisdom"-Another in the Series of Articles on
Gifts of the Spirit, by W. V. Grant..: . 8 To keep me steadfast in the race.
,Len Jones Column.......... :: ....................................... ..':.................................................. 9
Christ's Will to Heal, Sermon by Evangelist W. B. McKay............................................ 10' 1 want to please Thee, and to know
Donald Gee Column..................................................................................................... 1 1 , .
. .
Osborn "World Missions" Crusade ............................................................................... 12 I have Thy smile where'er I go
Startling Incidents and Amazing Answers to Prayer .....1. .................................... ........... 13
Cover Page Testimonies........................................................................ 14, 15, & 19 I want above all else to be
A. A. Allen, Alton Hayes-Gordon Lindsay, W. H. Magee,
David Nunn, H. E. Hardt, Richard Jeffery............... :..................... ., ..................... 15 -By Laura A. Barter Snow
Evangelists Schedules and Address Directory................................................................. 24
The.Amazing Year of 1953-54 - Prophetic Article-By Gordon Lindsay ...................... 26
. Prophecy Marches On - By' Howard Rusthoi.........:..................................... ...I .....29
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Engllsh money 1s used to obtain The V o l e of Healing OF HEALING and Gordon Lindsay books may be se- The Station Which Blankets
and Gordon Lindsay books from the followlng: cured horn:
214 MAKY ST.

Account of four-day meeting - December 8- I I
By M r s . A n n a Jeanne Moore-Price - Assisted b y Lottie Addy
the pastor and evangelist, it is the duty
HEALING CONVENTION in Chicago, Illinois, departed declaring that of every blood-bought child of God!
As all the above mentioned men had
it. had been the greatest Convention thus far. The weather even cooperated. a certain message to proclaim in their
The week following, the temperature in Chicago fell below zero, but during day, so God has sent these men of this
the Convention the weather, as a whole, was warmer than average for that day with the message of Divine healing.
time of the year. Youve heard enough about faith to
rock the world-Put it in action!

theAsnation people came from Over Convention proper was opened in the Chi- * a * * *
to attend this inspiring cago G~~~~~Tabernacle at a.m. Brother A. S. TEUBER was the sec-
gathering where the whole time is Brother GORDON . LINDSAY opened ond speaker of the afternoon s e m c e . He
dedicated to the ministry of the Word the session with a word of greeting to spoke on This Present Revival.
of God and thc Holy Spirit. all and introduced the first speaker of He said, This is not a man-made re-
the Convention, EVANGELIST 13. E. vival, but a divinely planned manifesta-
Specia1 efforts Were put forth to HARDT, who spoke so anointedly on tion of Gods hand. He told of the vision
ministcr to the Various needs of those Elijalt Receiving Elishas Mantle of God gave him of this great revival. The
who came. At the close of each morn- Power. Church of Jesus Christ came in with pow-
ing session, several of the evangelists He emphasized the necessity of our con- er. I am confident it will go out and
would minister to those who had need tending for the mantle of Gods power. up in that same power, rather than weak-
Truly was this the main theme and kcy- ly fizzling. out. We are living in the
of healing. In this way, all had op- note of the entire Convention, the stress- most opportune time of any generation of
,portunity to receive personal minis- ing of the fact that more emphasis should the church, he said.
tration. - \ be given to the power of God. There is Many members of the popular denom-
On the. third night, there was a special power in that Name! He said. inations are hungering so after the true
Holy Ghost meeting, in which many re- He urged the need of power now, es- power of God, they are coming into the
ceived. the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. pecially as sin is so rampant. He said, Full Gospel. -
Various Gifts of the Spirit were .in pow- We can get so much machinery that The Lords words to him in his vision
erful manifestation during the services. . we dont have enough oil to keep it go- were-Company is coming? He carried
Leaders of various Full Gospel organi- ing. this theme throughout the message.
zations were present to participate in We should have tarrying meetings, Those coming out of other churches
the blessings of the Convention. Like- yes, but let the church tarry-so the at- are not interested in beautiful choirs,
wise, many independent groups were-pres- mosphere will be so charged with power elaborate programs, lovely sermonettes,
en1 also toenjoy the services. that seekers will not have to tarry. superettes, kitchenettes and Christian-
. * * * * ettes, they want the real power of the
Quite a number of new ministers.fsom Holy Ghost.
various organizations,and some who are REV. JOHN BROWN opened the 2:30
Independent, whom God has been using p.m. meeting with a rousing song serv- The answer for this h 0 u r . i ~PENTE-
greatly in the deliverance ministry, were ice and then the afternoon speaker, COST?
* * * * *
added to the list of evangelists. EVANGELIST RUDY CERULLO, was
Their names and reports of their min- introduced: he spoke on The Anointing Following the message of Brother TEU-
istry will be appearing from. time to time of Young David to be King. BER questions were asked by persons
in future~issuesof THE VOICE O F HEAL- Regardless of his extreme yout), David in the audience and answered by Brother
ING: was chosen King. God uses youth. LINDSAY. This session proved very in-
Reparts were given during the Conven- God had His plan of preparation, and teresting and enlightening to all present.
David was taken through a time of prepa- * * * * *
tion. o f . the increasing scope of THE

VOICE. OF HEALING ministry. . ration, during Sauls life-time, before he The Tuesday night service opened with
The magazine is going forth,into many actually ruled a s King. the tabernacle well filled.
nations all over the world. Missionaries When Dr. Price and Wigglesworth died BROTHER CULPEPPER. from Califor-
are being sent free subscriptions and, in the same year, many preachers prayed nia, led the Song Service and introduced
in this way, they are not only being kept --ILord, dont let this ministry die with the speaker for the evening-EVANGE-
informed of the revival but, in their own them! Some of those men who prayed L I S T VELMER GARDNER. who Dreach-
hearts, is being born .an expanded vision that prayer were chosen of God and are ed fmm Mark 1:24, on The Auth6rity of
0.f the possibilities in the harvest field. . being greatly used of God in the salva- God Over Satanic Power.
At the present time,. THE VOICE OF tion-healing ministry today. He gave the testimony of how God
HEALING is cooperating i n a project David had power to do mighty things healed his eyes, which-were afflicted for
which will be sending, we believe, great because he went in the Name of the many years, even after he prayed for the
numbers of native missionaries into the Lord! That is true today-there is power sick. The Lord marvelously healed him.
field. in that Name! Satan puts terrible fears on people.
A radio program was prepared onthe God prepared Martin Luther. He left F e a r is sin. God has given us authority
Convention floor, in which the congrega- the convent to preach The Just Shall over Satan.
tion participated with their singing. I t Live by Faith! Peter and John recognized the source
was announced, a t this time, that an in- Wesley, who was the father of Method- of their power when they raised the lame
creasing number of stations over the ism, after a life of preparation, pro- man a t the temple, a t the Gate Beauti-
country are carrying this program; and claimed Holiness unto the Lord. ful. Every Holy Ghost filled servant of
churches and groups are,being invited. to Moody, another of Gods great men of God can have the authority to cast out
sponsor the program in their area. power who changed the world by his devils and heal the sick.
M r n W mighty preaching on repentance from sin, Some people run off a thousand miles
Following is given a day by day diary of was prepared for his task by the Holy to have some big evangelist pray- for
Spirit. them, because their pastor knows how

. . the Convention:
God has a place today for every saint they live.
Tuesday,. December 8 . . of God in His Irineyard. He has a work Healing revivals are for the unsaved,
After a day of business sessions with for each Christian to do to help evange- and the people who dont know about this
the evangelists an,d Associate editors, the lize the world. That work is not only for (Continued on Page 13)

THE VOICE OF HEALING January, 1954 5

b r p
Sketches front ...
, - ,

I n The' kif&of Mrs. kl. .B.;'Woodworth-Etter -

. ..
. ' ' ' 4 s told tiy Herself .

. . ...
. I . . .. ' . . * .. .:.
At "the age of ihirteen I attended '.a From the time of these sad occurrences
meeting 'of the Disciple : Church. When I which have just been narrated. my health *
heard'. the, story .of...th e Cross my heart was very poor, and many times I was
was'filled, with the':love of Jesus, but I brought near the brink of the grave.
did not get converted then. The next day, Evely one who saw me thought I w%s-go-
as they took me down to the creek to ing to die. But the work of the Lord '
baptize ,me, there was a great' crowd was calling me, and when I seemed to be
around. It scared me a little; so I asked hovering between life and death, I would
the Lord to save me fully, trusting myself have glorious visions.'
,.. . into 13s. hands. While going through the At one time, I was praying f o r the sal-
water, a 1ight.came over me, and I . w a s vation of sinners, and the Saviour ap- -
Sister Woodworth-Etter converted. peared on the Cross by me, and talked
Soon after, I was converted, I heard the with me; I laid my hand on His mangled
voice of Jesus calling me to go out into body, and looked up in His smiling face.
(Tlie story of Mrs. M . B. Woocl- Another'time, as I was meditating upon
the highways and hedges and gather in the .love of God in giving His only Son
iuortli-Ettei is inspiring and timely f o r lost sheep. I had never heard of women
our present hour. God took His hrmd- to die for sinners, and of the beautiful
work.ing in public except as missionaries,. home He was preparing for those that
iiiniilen through n time 'of testing nnd so I could. see no opening.. A few years love Him. I seemed to float away, and
sorrow iuhile she.zuns prepared for the after, this I married Mr. Woodworth. was.set down in the Beautiful. City. Oh.
grecit w-oik,she.wcrs to do. In f e w min- the glorious sight that met my view, can
istries Irns the power of the ..Spirit 1LiRLY SOIZKOWS AND TRIALS never be expressed by mortal tongue!
Heaven is located. It i s a real city. Its in-
been more ohvio'iisly mnnifested. Soon habitants are real and not imaginary. If
nfter ,she was cnlled to preich, the A number of years passed when the mothers could. see their children as I
angel of death came again to our home saw them, i n all their shining glory, they
Lord led her into n m.ighty henling and took away our baby, Freddie, and
ministry, nnd Iter meetings lire .still a t the same time I lay for weeks between would never weep'for them, but would .
leave all and follow Jesus. They would
remembered ,by thus? old enough to life and death. In all this I could see the let nothing keep them from meeting their
recall the first two decntles of this Hand of the loving Father calling me to children in heaven. I can never think of
leave all and follow Him. A b u t this time, children as being in the grave. Oh, no!
century..Iler book, "RIARVE1.S' AND our little daughter, Georgie, was con-
MlRACLlB," enjoyed n ioiile circrtla- verted. She was about seven years old. The loved form that we 1aid.away i n the
and was a great ..comfort to me. Many cold. grave is'nothing but the casket that
lion;..but. ns jnr (IS we know' ut tIre contained the jewel which is now shining .
happy times we enjoyed talking together
present tinie, it is no longer pitlilisheil; in the Saviour's Crown.
of the beautiful home over the river, All these years God had been prepay-
y l . is not .obtnirrqble nt m y hook- where her brother had gone. I did not
store'.j , . . think she would leave me so soon t o ing me-for I was not willing. I felt like
. . . join their ranks and raise her voice with a worm in His sight. I t seemed impos-
theirs i n singing salvation to our God. sible for me to undertake. the work of sal-
WAS'BORN ..in'New Lisbon, Ohio, She was taken sick with scrofula, and vation of souls; but the time had come
I'JulyJ,.1844. My mother and father lingered about eight months. F o r weeks to pmmise o r die. I promised God that i f
He would restore my health, and prepare
joined. the Disciple Church one year before she died, her face was all lighted me, and show me the work, I would try to
before my father's death, which oc- to up with the clary of God. She was willing do it; I began to get better immediately.
go and be with Jesus, but it seemed
curred in July, ,1855,The death of my hard for tier to leave me. She said. THE PERISHING MULTITUDES
.father was the first .,great sorrow 'of "Mama, T cannot die unless you promise We moved -to a Friends settlement.
my 1ife;":Hc'had gone to harvest in to meet me in heaven." I said, "Georgie, .They had glorious meetings. God seemed
by the Grace of God I will meet you in
usual health., I will, never forget when heaven." to say t?, me, "I brought you here to go
he was brought home; 'cold in death. know youShe said, "Now I am ready; I
will come, mama; I shall al- to work. Now the struggle commenced.
Some neighbor children and I were ways be looking for you." I was timid and bound with chains i n a
man-fearing spirit. When I arose to testify
out watching a terrible storm raging, Three weeks before her death, little I trembled like a leaf, and I began to
when we saw two strangers appi-oach- Gertie was born. She was the picture of make excuses-"0, God, send someonc
ing the house. They came to bring Georgie and seemed to have her sweet else." Then the Lord in a vision caused
the sad news of what had happened. disposition. I thought as she grew older
she would take her place; but the precious
me to see the bottomless pit, open in all
its horrors and woe. There was weeping
I t was a terrible blow to our young bud was not permitted to bloom in this and wailing and gnashing of teeth. I t was
hearts to see our father carried into world of sin. At the age of four months, surrounded by a great multitude of peo-
the house cold and stiff in death. Fa- the angels bore her away where the ple who seemed unconscious of their
t.her died. of sunstroke; he was sick flowers never fade nor die, there to join danger, and without a moment's warning
her sister and brothers. I could say they would tumble into this awful place. -
only a few'hours, and died praying with David, they cannot come back to I was above the people on a narrow
lor the \vhole family. inc. but I will go to them. plank-walk, which wound up toward

6 THE VOICE O F HEALING January. 1954


heaven; and I was exhorting and plead- converted all through the neighborhood VlSlOly OF I l l K COIIilluC OF CHRIST
ing with the people to come upon that The power came on me as it did when I On March 24, 1904. when I fell under
plank and escape that awful place. Sev- received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. the power of God, while praying for the
eral started. There was a beautiful bright Let me say for the encouragement of healing of the last one%t the altar. I
light above me, and I was encouraging those who are starting in the work of the saw the Saviour on the Cross, and sin-
them to follow the light and they would Lord, God has promised to be with us ners coming to Him. I saw,steps leading
go straight to heaven. The Lord was always, even to the end. I t is not by across to the pearly gates of heaven. All
showing in many ways that I must go might . . . but by My Spirit, saitlt the who plunged into the fountain were a t
and perform the work He had for me Lord. (Zech. 4:6). God will give us the once placed upon the steps. Each one
to do. victory every time, but we must claim thc carried a light that grew brighter as they
I still delayed, althougG several minis- victory by faith, before the walls fall. went higher. There was not a spot o r a
ters whom I had never seen before, told (Josh. 6:20). defilement on their robes. Each one had
me at different times that God was call- a bodyguard of angels of Gocl escorting
ing me to the ministry, and that I would , GODS POWER MANIFESTED IN them on the upward journey. At the top
have to go. Then my little Willie took IILESSING AND JUDGMENT of the steps were pearly gates. where the
sick, and in a few days he was i n heaven. After many invitations, we went to heavenly hosts waited to welcome the Pil-
He died very happy, but this sad bereave- Hartford City about the first of January, grims of earth.
ment nearly took my life. When alone, I 1885, to the Methodist Church. The church . I also saw the world in great darkness.
missed my darling so much that I wept was cold and formal and I knew it would and that the saints were few. Many are
as though my heart would break. Lizzie, take a wonderful display of Gods power but few are chosen. Many were un-
to convince the people: so I prayed for called
our oldest child, aged sixteen, was all we der conviction, but trusted to water bap-
God to display His power that the sin- tism. to confirmation. to church member-
had left of six sweet children.
In all these trials God was preparing ner might know that God lives. The Lord ship: but unless they are carrying the
me and opening the way for the great bat- answered our prayers in a remarkable li.ght of God they are worse than an open .
tle against the enemy of souls: andnow manner. People fell under the power of sinner.
the great desire of my heart was to work God. Many wept; some shouted, and I saw preparation in heiven and earth
for Jesus. The glory of the Lord came divers operations of the Spirit were seen. for the Soon Coming of c:hrist. Heaven
upon me like a cloud, and I seemed to be Men, women and children were struck seemed to be in a commotion. The Lord
carried away hundreds of miles and set down in their homes, in their places of was marshaling 13s hosts; getting the
down in a field of wheat, where the business, and lay as dead. They had won- horses and chariots ready. The armies of
sheaves were falling all around me. I was derful visions, and arose converted, giving heaven were moving; the gates were open.
filled with zeal and power and felt as if glory to God. The fear of God fell upon An angel came out of the gates blowing
I could stand before the whole world and the city. a great trumpet, the Saviour taking the
plead with dying sinners. Then Satan One man was mocking a woman, of lead, with all the glory of heaven, shout-
would come and I would think of my whose body God had taken control. She i n g to the saints in a loud voice, that
weakness and say, No, of course I can- was preaching with gestures. When in the awakened the dead.
not do it. Again I would be in darliness mocking attitude God struck him dumb. The Lord showed me Ih was judging
and despair. He became rigid and remained with his His saints, separating the wheat from the
BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST hands up, and his mouth drawn in a tares: the household of .faith was getting
Then I asked God to give me the power mocking way for five hours-a gazing- its portion of meat in this, Gods due sea-
IIc gave the Galilean fishermen -- to
stock for all the house. The fear of God son. The angel was sealing the last ones
anoint me for service. I came like a child fell on all. They saw it was a fearful of the members of the Bride, with the
asking for bread. I looked for i t ; God did thing to mock God o r make fun of His seal of the living God. They were a little
not disappoint me. The power of the Holy work. THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER flock and the last one would soon be
Ghost came down as a bright cloud. I t sent a reporter to write up the meetings sealed, then the Lord would come in a ,
was brighter than the sun. I was covered and report daily. Every day newsboys cloud of glory to take His Bride to the
and-wrappcd up in it. My body was as could be heardcrying out, All about the Marriage Feast, or Supper. ,
light as the air. It seemed that heaven Woodworth Revival. God help all who read this vision to
came down. I was baptized with the Iloly MINISTRY OF HEALING take this warning and .repent, for the
Ghost, and fire, and power, which have The Lord showed me while in Columbia Judgment of God is.at hand.
never left me. I t is through the Lord City, Indiana; in the spring of 1885, that FER VISION OF m E UNITY OF THE
Jesus Christ, and by. this power that 1 I had the giftsof healing and of laying CIIIJR%CH
have stood before hundreds of thousands on hands for the recovery of the sick. At
of men and women, proclaiming the un- I t was marvelous in our meetings how
first I could not.understand that i t was the Lord brought tho different missions
searchable riches of Christ. the Spirit of God tHat was leading me. together. I never permit doctrinal points
As I continued to read my Bible I saw
For three nights when I was almost dead or any isms or antagonistic points to be
for rest, I lay awake. I thought that if I aired o r brought up in the meetings; noth-
that in all ages of the world, the Lord should preach divine healing I would neg- ing but Christ and Him crucified, and the
raised up of His own choosing, men, lect the salvation of souls. The Lord Resurrection. They soon understand and
women and children -Miriam, Deborah, showed me that He would take care of get their eyes off one another, and forget
Hannah, Anna, Phoebe, the Marys and the work. When Imade the promise I their ideas and differencrs and begin to
the sisters who were co-workers with Paul would pray for the sick if He would send
in the Gospel. The more I investigated, them in, I had perfect rest of mind and love one another and soon feel the need
of getting deeper in God. .
the more I found to condemn me. B y the soul. F r o m this time on God began to lead
me to teach divine healing and pray for Many received gifts and special calls.
prophet Joel we learn that one special
feature of the Gospel Dispensation shall the sick. I n the years that have inter- One night the conviction was so deep that
be Your sons and your daughters shall vened since. God hashealed thousands of scores of believers came out from the
prophesy, your old men shall dream all manner of diseases and thousands audience requesting the laying on of
dreams, your young men shall see visions; have been brought to Christ by seeing hands and prayer. There were too many
the sick healed. to be prayed for individually. So the Lord
and also upon the servants and upon the showed me if they would all come and
handmaidens in those days will I pour out THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECYCAX stand before the pulpit, He would bless
my spirit. I t seemed by the Prophet Joel FHANCISCO EARTHQUAKE them; I told hungry souls to gather
that the last days were to be particularly While holding meetings in California, around and give themselves t o God for
c-onspicuous for this kind of prophesying. the Lord showed me that a great destruc- everything and anything; we would stand
THE FIRST MEETING tion and an earthquake was coming. Soon and sprinkle the Blood of the Everlasting
The first meeting that I undertook to after, the papers were ablaze- with pic- Covenant on them, and then God would
hold was in a little town where we had tures of the awful earthquake and holo- pour out His Spirit and give them bless-
lived some years before, right among my caust in San Francisco, and the surround- ings and gifts. I asked several of the most
husbands people. I t was a cross for me ing country. I had told them God always God-filled ministers to stand with me in
to talk to those people; but when I began sends mercy, and that they would be faith and prayer! Oh, i t was wonderful
to talk upon the subject Set thy house visited next with destruction and judg- how the cloud of glory and power came
in order, for thou shalt die and not live, ment. The earthquake soon followed and down! Many staggered and fell; the
the man-fearing spirit left me, and the the fear of God came on those who re- power swept all over the house. This was
words came to me faster than I could membered the prophecy. Both prophecies something new; no one had ever seen
give them utterance. We continued the were fulfilled in a week, and I lived to anything like it. Many were saved and
meeting for a few-days and people were walk over the ruins. , healed **


Third in a Series on


The Word of Wisdom

From his book SPIRITUAL GIFTS and
How to Receive Them

Available at TVH-(See Page 31) .


Word of Wisdom is a super-
natural manifestation of Gods Spirit
ral mind. I t works through the spirit of
man instead of through the mind,
Just as all Christians have Divine faith
and only some have the Gift of Faith. so Evangelist W.V . Grant
which gives one a portion of Gods all Christians have Divine wisdom, but all
wisdom at the time it is needed. do not have the Gift of the Word of Wis-
It is not something learned by the natu- WHAT IT I S Paul was faced with death by a mob.
ral mind. I t cannot be education, training, Just as wisdom is knowledge rightly In the natural there was no way. out.
methods, or natural wisdom in any sense. applied, so the Spiritual gift of the Word Then the solution came. He made a speech
A man without the Spirit may use meth- of Wisdom is the supernatural ability to about the resurrection, The Pharisees be-
ods which prove, many times, both help- apply knowledge already possessed, re- lieved in the resurrection, but the Sad-
ful and harmful. What works beautifully gardless of how one obtains that knowl- ducees did not. The mob was divided;
in one church may not go over in an- edge. I t is knowledge rightly applied by Paul escaped! (Acts 23:7).
other. Many pastors and workers meet the Spirit. God was the only One Who knew thjs
their specific problems when no one but It is God showing the HOW, WHY, would work. If Paul had tried to, use this
God knows the solution. WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT of a mat- method in another place, he might have
This gift is not the ability to have a ter. I t is the supernatural solution of a been killed.
spiritual insight. One may be old in the problem. This gift .came in very.profitably in the
Lord, having known Him for many years I t is something every mother needs in conference at Jerusalem (Acts 15). If
and yet not have this gift. There is a vast her home, as she cannot handle every James had not received the solution to
difference in fruit. though mellow it may child alike. I t is something every pastor, this problem directly by the Spirit, Peter
be, and Spiritual gifts. One with not much teacher, and church leader needs at times, probably would have been cast out of
Spiritual judgment at other times may since he cannot handle every .member the church for heresy, as he had
have this gift manifested through him a t alike. I t is something every merchant preached to people who did not belong
times. should have at times, as -all customers to their chosen few.
The Word of Wisdom given the will not respond to the same kind of treat-
Spirit, is never psychology, which is ment. You see how every lawyer, police- WORD OF WISDOM GUIDES
science of the natural mind. If psychology man, sheriff, governor, and army officer LY BUSINESS .
intrudes into the supernatural, it i s not could be benefited by a supernatural solu- During the depression, when eight mil-
the supernatural Spirit of God (James tion to his problems. What a wonderful lion people wcre unemployed, I failed to
3 : 1 5 ) ; but is earthly, sensual, devilish. gift for a pastor who cannot keep a church get a job. I only had $15 for which I
The Gift of the Word of Wisdom is not six months! It beats calling officials in had picked peanuts, making about 70
Divine wisdom, which every Christian for a church trial and causing a split in cents per day. I had a chance of renting
has more or less. Solomon had Divine the church! a service station for $3 per month or
wisdom; but only once or twice didhe It builds a church and brings revivals. buying it for $4 per month. I owed $14
receive a special revelation for a special I t may come by visions, dreams, revela- for board and had no down payment.
problem. A young convert may have the tions, a still small voice, or an audible Men with natural wisdom said I was crazy
revelation of the Word of Wisdom. voice. God speaks in many ways (Heb. to take it at all, as it needed thousands
1 : l ) . There are diversities of operation of dollars worth of labor and material
NOT A HIGH DEGREE O F INTELLECT (I Cor. 12:6). and was in no condition to be operated
I t cannot be just a high degree of the successfully.
intellect. such as many of our doctors, .BIBLE EXAMPLESSOLOMON I went f a r into the woods and lay on
statesmen, and educators have. Many o f . Solomon was faced with a problem. T w o my face until God showed me what to do.
them who have never received the Spirit women claimed the live baby after one He told me to buy it.
may be wiser in the natural than the had been smothered to death during the After I went into business God would
children of God (Luke 1 6 : s ) . night. It seems that, like a flash, the very often give me a Word of Wisdom
This gift is not all of Gods wisdom. Spirit showed Solomon to call for a sword. in my dealings. I soon owned a four-pump
He speaks a word to us giving to us ,part He started to divide the live baby between service station, grocery store, meat mar-
of His inexhaustible wisdom which is the two women. The woman who cried ket, cafe, barber shop, garage, pawn shop,
ever before Him. for the babys life was the mother. used car lot, and many other things, all
It is not just for church officials o r spe- If this was wisdom which Solomon al- paid for.
cial workers; but it is for ALL who may ready possessed, then he would not have How much better was that than work-
be faced with a problem beyond their un- asked for a Word of Wisdom. But if it ing for a few cents per day or being un-
derstanding. were given by the Spirit for that need, it employed. Every businessman and every
I t is not just a new idea which acci- was a Spiritual gift. I believe it was a breadwinner needs a Word of Wisdom
,lently comes into a persons mind, which direct revelation, as it worked in that nearly every day!
may be experienced by a sinner. case. The same thing might not have
I t is different from a ministerial gift, worked in a similar case. . WISDOM IS GWEN TO MAKE LIFES
which is also set in the church (Eph..4) Tradition tells us that Solomon was IMPORTANT CHOICES
and may be developed by study (I1 Ilm. called in to see if he could tell the differ- After being in business awhile, God, by
2:15). But the Word of Wisdom is given ence in some real fruit and artificial fruit. a Word of Knowledge, showed me I should
by the Spirit, as He wills. Spiritual gifts Like a flash he got a revelation. He sim- marry. I picked out a certain girl. My
should be manifested to confirm the min- ply walked to a window, let some bees uncle and several others, by natural wis-
isterial gifts. into a room, and told which was the real dom, advised me to marry her. After keep-
This gift is not a product of the natu- fruit. ing me awake all night, the Spirit, by a

8 THE VOICE OF HEALING January, 1954

Word of Wisdom, showed me the WHO, out with her and go to a close-by church. had stayed with him about half a day
WHEN, WHY, WHERE,AND HOW. He I also knew a church trial and a split talking about his business, looking at his
showed me a sickly looking orphan girl. I would not do at that time. Suddenly, like hogs, and talking about how wonderful .
had not known her name but two weeks. a flash, theSpirit flashed me the solu- our church and Sunday School was.
In two weeks we were married. Men, by tion. Then God gave me the grace and the
natural wisdom told me I would always Wait 30 days, I answered, then if words. He could not quit tobacco as long
be out doctor bills on her because of TB you have not changed your mind, we will as he sold it.
and cancer. But for about 15 years I have take your name off. I have talked to your wife, I began,
paid out nothing for medicine on her or Within three days she was shouting the and she says she cannot quit it as long
any of our family. She has gained about victory and the church grew and multi- as you use it. That influences your boy to
40 pounds and is not sickly at all. The plied. Gods Word of Wisdom will work! use it. Your granddaughter, who is a
other girl died shortly after we were mar- young convert, does not quit smoking be-
ried. ENABLES PASTORS TO COUNSEL cause she thinks her dad, grandfather,
IN CHURCH PROBLEMS I found that one of my deacons who ran I was unloading his shelves while I was
Just after I became a preacher and a store was using tobacco. He had! about talking. I put Bibles in the place of the
built my flrst church, a main charter as much influence over the people as I tobacco. He quit selling that which was
member asked to withdraw her name be- did at that time. I knew a church trial causing all the trouble.
cause of a little misunderstanding. I knew would not do. After seeking God many But if any man lack wisdom, let him
that would not do because she had so days I went to his store. I did not feel ask of God that GIVETH to ALL men . . .
many friends and relatives who would go free to mention it to him until after I and it shall be given him (James 1:5).

RONG CONFESSIONS imprison us, just the same. Some of His disciples left
wand right confessions set us free! REVEREND LEN J. JONES is editor of Him when He said M y flesh is meat in-
Talk weakness and you will be weak! the Australian quarterly niagazine THE deed and my blood is drink inndeed (John
Talk sickness and you will be sick! Talk EVIDENCE, a Full Gospel Puhlication 6:55, 60, 66) but He still said it. I t was
poverty and you will be poor! Confess of 68 pages. Subscription rate is $1.00 His confession in Matthew 26:64, Here-
your fears and the disease will grow! per year. Send orders IO The EVI- a f t e r shall ye see the Son of man sitting
Keep looking for the tumor and growth DENCE, 197 President Avenue, . Ko- on the right hand of power, and coming
and you will get it alright! The best way garall, N.S.W;, Australia. in the clouds of heaven that brought
in the world to get old is to talk about it- about His crucifixion, and caused the
keep talking about it and yvu will not be High Priest to rend his clothes, and the
disappointed! This is faith in reverse and our confession. This is confirmed and re- people to spit upon Him and smite Him,
it is just as powerful in the wrong direc- peated in Hebrews 10:23, where it says but He still said it.
tion, as in the right direction. the same thing, with the additional re-
If wrong confessions imprison us, right marks that if we do He is faithful and It is the confession o f our mouth that is
confessions set us free. Right confessions will give us what we confess, and that we an integral part of our salvation and
are confessions that refuse to take notice are to do this without wavering s u g through which we receive forgiveness
(Romans 10:9). I t is that confession with
of what you feel, what you think and gesting that there is a tendency to waver. our
what you know. Right confessions listen The fact that this is repeated on two oc- confession lips that brings the thing to pass. If
not to the testimony of the senses, and casions is sufficient proof that we would through to with our lips will bring us
one of the promises of God,
take no cognizance of aches, pains, symp- do well to heed this clear injunction.
toms, tumors or growths, believe that How do we hold fast our confession? forgiveness,
strange that
i t should not be thought
the same confession with our
what God says is truer than what these We hold fast our confession, by confess-
things proclaim, however loud and insist- ing to the truthfulness of Gods Word lips, will bring us through to all the prom-
ent may be their voice. What you feel and boldly, without wavering. F o r instance if ises of God. All the struggling in the
world will never get us there, but believ-
see could be wrong, but Gods Word is Gods Word says, and it does, B y whose ing
never wrong! The testimony of your aches stripes ye were healed (I Peter 2 : 2 4 ) , our with our hearts and confessing with
mouths will; and all the struggling
and pains is still not as reliable a witness then we believe it and confess it. If Gods in the
as the testimony of Gods Word. Word says, and it does, that He will that inward world will never get us through to
People go through life listening to and quicken our mortal .bodies (Romans much, but believing purity that we long for so
proclaiming the testimony of their senses. 8 : 1 1 ) , then we believe it and confess it. with our hearts and
They turn their back o n the clear testi- If Gods Word says, and it does, Sin will confessing with our mouths will. Where-
mony of Gods Word, preferring rather to not have dominion over me (Romans precious by are given unto us exceeding great and
believe what they think, feel, see and 6 : 1 4 ) ; that the law o f the Spirit of life promises: that by these w e might
know. I s i t any wonder so many are in an Christ Jesus hath made me f r e e f r o m be partakers o f the Divine nature. (I1
the trouble they are? the law o f sin and death (Romans 8:2); Peter 1 : 4 ) .
Christianity in Hebrews 3 : l is referred that I can do all things through Christ Alright, let us get busy! Let us hold
to as a CONFESSION so that we can Who strengtheneth me (Philippians 4:13) ; fast our confession, for the Lord is faith-
say, Christianity is the great confession, that I am more than conqueror through ful Who has promised, and will do for us
and Christ Jesus is the Apostle and High Him that loved me (Romans 8:37) ; then what we confess. If our unsaved friends
Priest of our confession. The Greek word gladly will we hold to it regardless of thought it presumptuous when we first
is homologia and means either profes- consequences. said, I am a child of God and I am going
sion o r as the margin puts,it confes- Knowing the value of confessing our to Heaven let us not be surprised i f our
sion. Just think, what a strange thing Lord, in Whose steps we also should fol- friends will still think it presumptuous on
that Christianity should be called a CON- low, never miss an opportunity, regard- our part when we say All things are
FESSION That is worth thinking about. less of consequences, to confess who He mine, God has blessed me with all spir-
Well, i f it is crystal clear, and it is, that was and what He was. How the Jews itual blessings in heavenly places and
Christianity is a CONFESSION, i t is gnashed their teeth when He said, A I a m a joint heir with Christ. This is
equally crystal clear in Hebrews 4:14, greater than Solomon is here, and Be- the way of victory! We are what we say
that we, Le., you and I, are to hold f a s t fore Abraham was l am, but He said it We are what we confess!
.THEVOICE OF HEALING January, 1954, 9
I .
. I

Sermon by



AND BODY-By W. B.. McKay
(Available at T V H 4 e e Page 3 1 ) ,

! swer. Jesus took away the IF saying.

MARK 1: 4 M 2 - And there I will. There is no record in the word
of God where Jesus refused to heal. Jesus
Evangelist W.B. McKoy
cnme a leper to him, beseeching
I, him, and kneeling doiori to him,
never turned anyone away. He is still the
same today.
.Gothy t b a y , und as thou lmt believed. . . :
This is past tense. Not that you are gor
I cind snying unto him, If thou wilt, Jesus was not afraid to come near this ing to believe, but you have believed a]-.
. thou ccinst make me clenn. leper. When a person would come a n y ready. Hope anticipates: faith lays hold.
And Jesus, moved with coin- where near a leper, he would raise his Some people have no trouble believing
hands and cry, unclean, unclean, but that God is going to heal them sometime.
passion, put forth his hnnrl, and Jesus came to bring deliverance and set When, how, or where they do not know,
touched him, and saith unto him, the captives free. Note the compassion but you will hear them say thatsome-
I will; he thou clenn. of Jesus bending over the leper, with time He will heal them. This centurion
And as soon as he had spok- pitying love from His heart to put away believed. and Jesus said, as thou hast
all of his miseries. The compassionate believed, so be it done unto thee. And
en, immedintely the leprosy de- Christ is near us all. He does not wait his servant was healed the selfsame
parted from him, and he was to be moved by the prayers that come hour.
dennsed. from these leprous lips, but the sight of DOES THE LORDHEAL EVERYONE?
the sick touches His pitying heart and I have heard some people say, I know
sets in motion all the wheels of His heal- the Lord heals, but I doubt whether He

WHEREVER the Lord Jesus ing powers. In swift obedience to the im- heals everybody. How are we going to
Christ went, in His.-earthlymin- pulse of pity, Christ thrusts forth His &ow whom He will heal? If the.Lord
hand, unafraid of the leper and touches would heal one.and not another, then the
multitudes who needed help fol- him, bringing assurance of His sympathy Lord would be showing favor. We all
lowed Him. There were the. blind, and of His love for mankind. have a perfect right to pray,, believing
the halt, the maimed and the lame TRUST HIM WHOLLY God will answer our prayers and expect-
who needed a touch from our c0.m- Lastly, note the immediate curc. As ing Him to give us deliverance. The Lord
passionate Christ. And Jesus, moved soon as Christ had spoken, the leprosy healed ALL who were brought to Him.
departed. The suddenness of this cure and He paid the price for our healing. l i e
yith compassion healed many.
its completeness can be reproduccd in us. look our infirmities and bare o w sick-
R ~ S T HAVE..FAITH TO Take Him a t His word, trust Him wholly, ness. The word our takes in EVERY

and His power for healing and straight- believer! Praise 13s. precious name! .
One of the most common sayings by way your affliction will depart from you. The Lord did not say, Stay sick for
persons who come. for healing ,is.- I The centurion who camc to Jesus said, My glory. We read. in the scripture that
know Christ is able, but to know .that My servant is lwme sick. Jesus said, I
He healed all that came tu Him for heal-
He is able, is not sufficient. We must will come and heal him. But note with ing. If you suffer from ailliction, just re-
know His will in the matter and have me thc humbleness of this great man, the member that Jesus Christ will heal every-:
faith to appropriate deliverance. We must centurion. He said unto Jesus, one that calls upon Him in .faith.. ,

overcome the. common phrasc useg by If a rich man told me lie would give me
I a m not w o r t h y that Thou a large amount of .money, o r promise
many that seek to be healed; IF it be Thy shouldst come under my roof: but
,will. W e read of a certain man afflicted speak the word only, and my servant something of . value, I would certainly
with leprosy who came to Jesus, beseech- have faith in him to keep his promise.
shall be healed. So precious ones, you who suffer, perhaps
ing Him and kneeling down to Him say- For I a m a man r6nder a?6thority,
ing, I f Thou wilt, Tlwu canst make me lmving soldiers under me: and I s a y
a shut-in, let me encourage you to go to
clean. I l e meant, There is no obstacle the Lord Jesus for your healing.. He i s
t o this man, Go, and he goeth; and to the same yesterday, and toduy and for-
standing between me and health but T h y another, Come, and he cometh; and
will, and surely i t cannot be Thy will to ever. (Heb. 13:s)He will never leave you,
t o my servant, Do this, and he doetli and will heal you, l o r it is His will!
leave me .in this condition. He, as it it.
were, throws the responsibility for his When Jesus heard it, He marvelled, TO EXPECT IS TO KECEIVE- .
health or sickness upon Christ and there- und said t o them tlmt followed, John 5:7-Sir, I have no nmn,
by makes the strongest appeal to that Verily I say unto you, I have not when the wuter is troubled, to piLt
loving heart. found so great faith, no, not i n Israel. ,.me iwto the pool: b u t while I ani conr-
In other words, this leper, who was an And I say unto you, tlmt many ing,,, another steppetl~ down before
outcast from his people, was saying- slmll come f r o m the east and west, me.
Lord, I know you are able, but is it and s h a l l sit down With Abraham, and These words. came from the lips of a
your will? Isaac and Jacob, i n the Kingdom of paralytic man by the pool of Bethesda.
I WILL, B E THOU CLFAN! Heaven. Consider the scene with me please..This
No doubt the leper had learned. of the poor afflicted man lay under one of the
healing ministry of Jesus and knew per- AS THOU HAST BELIEVED. five porches along with a great multi-
fectly that Jesus had performed many SO BE IT! tude of impotent folk, blind, halt, wither-
- miracles, but as to the willingness of the I And Jesus said unto t l ~ centurion,
e ed, waiting for the moving of the water.
Lord to heal him the leper. was un- Go thy way; and as thou hast be- They were all waiting an opportunity to
certain. Immediately Jesus put forth His lieved, so be it done unto thee. And slip into the water when the angel
hand and touched him, and saith unto his servant was M k d in the self- caused the water to be troubled. The
him, I w i l l ; be thou clean. There was ab- same hour. (Matthew 8: 5-13). first amicted person to get into the water
solutely no uncertainty in the Lords an- Friend, note with me this last verse: would be healed. The scripture says,

10 . . VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954..

Wiiosoever tlmi -first after the- was considering the mans cure. There been seriously amicted. Men have been
troubling of the water stepped in was is definiteness in the tone of voice. The deliverecl from tuberculosis in its worst
made whole o f whatsoever diseuse he Lord most certainly was trying to give stages; the Lord healed a preciousbroth-
had. (John 5:4) the man new hope. Jesus is always con- e r in the prayer line, of an ulcerated
Many people thronged the city, passing siderate of us. He ever cares and loves stomach; and one elderly woman was
through these porches on their way to the us. This man may have failed in many all bent over when prayed for, but this
temple, but none of the visitors were in- ways in his love for the Lord, but Jesus same Christ. who commanded the man
terested in those that lay a t the pool of is saying, You need ;ot fail any longer, to rise, straightened her up. Friends, put
Bethesda. But there is one person who is Im here to help you. your trust in Jesus, He can, I-Ie will, heal
VERY MUCH interested in all suffering you now! The Lord has never l o s t His
humanity. His name is Jesus. Therefore PLACE -YOUR TRUST IN CHRIST power!
He comes to his place where wrecks of The question also implies that, if the BURN YOUR BRIDGES BEHIND YOU
humanity lie, and begins to speak to the man is to be made whole, he must put The next command the Lord gave to
poor afflicted man who needs help. himself unreservedly into the hands of the man a t the pool of Bethesda was,
WILT THOU BE MADE WHOLE? the Lord Jesus as He says, I know you Take zip thy bed. The Lord was not
The paralytic man has lain at the pool are sick, but just put your trust in me thinking of the value of the old bed
of Bethesda for thirtyeight years. This and I will bring deliverance to you. when He said take z i p thy bed. He was
is a very long time to stay in one place While the man is telling the Lord he has simply helping the man and keeping him
and suffer, waiting for something to hap- no one to help him into the water, Jesus from having a relapse. Jesus was saying,
pen that has never taken place. This commands him, Rise, Get up! This is Man, burn your bridges behind you. In
,man no doubt had lost contact with many a strange command. Getting up is what other words, You dont have to return
friends, and many had forgotten him as this poor fellow has been trying to do to this way of living again. You are heal-
he lay there. Perhaps a t one time he en- for thirty and eight years. But there was ed, you are made whole. Now believe, me,
joyed the comforts of home and family; power, Divine Power, back of these trust me, and I will keep you well.
possibly he had a prominent place i n words; the command of Christ cannot be Then came the final command to the
society. Such is the man of our text that ignored. man who obeyed the Christ of Glory;
Jesus meets. The lame man a t Bethesda leaped to Walk! Dont sit down complaining any
Jesus finds the man. and a t once asks his feet. At once he was made whole; longer, get away from here right now.
him an unusual question, Wilt thou be that is just like Jesus. It does not take You have been around here too long.
made whole? What is implied here in Him long to perform a miracle. Affliction Immediately, the man w a s made
the question put forth by Jesus? Jesus is and disease must flee when Jesus speaks. whole and took up his bed, and walked.
endeavoring to bring from the very soul I have found Him to be the greatest Surely Jesus was a real friend to this
of this man a request that Jesus heal physician of al1,Jeszcs Christ th: same man, and He is a friend to all who trust
him and bring complete deliverance. An- yesterday, and today, and forever. In the Him. The man of Bethesda must obey the
other thing, Jesus is saying by these tent meetings across the nation, the Lord Lord, if he would receive his healing. HE
words Wilt thou be made whole? Jesus has given deliverance to many who have DID OBEY AND WAS MADE WHOLE!

MONG THE F I R S T things we teach they do NOT get convcrted; they do NOT
A our little ones in the home is to say
the equivalent of thank you and, in
scek fellowship with any church; they do
NOT show the slightest concern about
traveling all over the world, I found that their sins. They have secured what they
one of the first expressions I wanted to desperately wanted-physical healing. anti DONALD G E E
learn in any language was its phrase for they are satisfied.
thanks for some act of kindness or help. Far deeper questions arc raiscd thar. if such there be, comes rather from the
I n Lukes Gospel there is an arresting the unethical nature of such ingratitude. public. The unsaved can be, and often
story of ten lepers who stood a t the en- The solemn issue at stake is whether it is are, intensely. and personally interested
trance to a village as Jesus passed that tragically true of them that they are i n divine healing. Indeed the whole sub-
way and unitedly called over to Him to healed, but not saved. Those nine lepers .jcct has now become a major popular
take pity on them. He shouted back in who showed themselves to the Priests item of interest all over the world.
reply--Go and show yourselves to the were physically healed by an act of God. Nevertheless a heavy burden rests upon
Priests. It is a capital lesson in how faith Was any deeper work of healing grace the evangelist to see to it that he does
works that instantly they obeyed Him. done in their souls? The fact of their more than seize this present -wave of
started off on their way to the Priests, and gross ingratitude proves that it was popular appeal for selfish interests. I t is a
found themselves miraculously healed. nccdcd. fatal shirking of responsibility in the light
One o f them, when he saw that he In the case of the stranger who re- of eternity to pander (cater) to this uni-
was healed, turned back. and with a turned to give thanks we notice a signifi- versal desire for healing and then do
loud voice glorified God, And fell cant turn in the words Jesus spoke to the nothing more. Every Christ-given evan-
down on his face at His f e e t giving man now sobbing out his gratitude a t His gelist. worthy of that great office in the
Him thanks (Luke 17:ll-19). feet--thy faith hath nmde thee whole. body of Christ, DOES make it his busi-
Where were the nine? We echo the Literally thy f a i t h hath saved thee. The ness to preach Christ as the Saviour from
Masters question. I t seems plain that they man had already been healed (verse 15). SIN; he DOES stress the need of the
weye so occupied with their healing, and It seems legitimate to regard this parting soul as infinitely greater than the most
probably their plans f o r what they would benediction from. his Saviour as convey- painful need of the body. We cannot em-
now do with restored health, that they ing something much more complete and phasize this priority too much. I t is a
had no time or thought for anything but Anal. The man was made WHOLE, every dreadful possibility of which we, who
utterly selfish emotions. They were set part of his personality was saved, not preach the gospel of God in the matter of
free from leprosy, and that was enough. only his body but his soul and his spirit. Divine healing, need continually to re-
If it were not for the fact that con- He left with the glow of perfect health mind both ourselves and those who hear
tinually we get examples of the thing thrilling his whole personality. Samaritan us that it is possible to be healed-and
we could hardly believe that in the min- though he was, his heart was right with not saved!
istry of divine healing to-day there are God. What of the nine? fDONALD GEE is Editor of a quarterly maga-
men and women .who take miraculous The other day a correspondent wrote zine PENTECOST which gives a review of world.
healing in answer to the prayer of Gods to me about making Healing a substi- wide missionary and revival news. Subscription
servants, and then go off to continue to tute for Evangelism. I am not regard- rote $1.00 for two years. Send orders to PENTE-
live wholly unto themselves. They do ing the phrase as necessarily a criticism COST, Victory Press, Clapham Crescent, London,
NOT give their hearts ayd lives to Christ; of our healing evangelists. The perversion, S. W.4, EnglandJ

THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954 . , 11

I ,
own people io Christ. Pray for them, and
also that soon we can do the same for
Scores of other workers there.
From one of the
eastern provinces
of Cuba,comes the
application of this
young man who
h a s graduated
from the Church
of God Latin Bible
I n s t i t u t e of San
A n t o n i o . Texas.
He h a s returned <
(Panama) to his native land
and is giving him- \
GAIN THIS MONTH, it i s with sell to p r o c l a i m
A deep gratitude to God that we
bring to the readers of TVH around
Christ to his peo-
ple. He i m m e d i -
a t e l y opened a
the world the progress steadily being church and seventeen souls found Christ lished. We state this because of the va-
made in this great Native Missionary the first night. He wants to continue open- riety of causes for which different mis-
Crusade. ing other new works in the area among sionaries have asked help. We believe
several other small towns where no Full that our sole objective is more urgent
PANAMA Gospel work is established. The help rec- than any other thing, i. e., to get the
Shown a t the left (above) are two of ommended for him will be used mostly for Gospel to the UN-REACHED TRIBES
the very fine Christian workers in the travel expenses which he has been, doing
Four Square Mission of Panama who on foot. Pray for him.
In the future we may be able to state
have been highly recommended for Enan- some of the many other worthy projects
cia1 assistance while they go into the PAKISTAN which have been brought to our atten-
- a r e a of La Ermita and surrounding The last Native Missionary we present tion by men on the fields, such as sup-
country, an area of many small villages to you this month is a young Hindu con- porting natives in Bible School training,
where Christ has not been preached. They vert from East Pakistan. Conccrning this building dormitories, native churches, etc.,
expect to open new works and evangelize native, Brother M. L. Ketcham, Field Sec- so that those who desire to assist in such
throughout this needy area in which, their retary for the Middle East of the Assem- projects could do so, but the task which
supervisor says, no other gospel work of blies of God writes: stands paramount above all else, we be-
any kind is being carried on. They be- It happens that I am personally ac- lieve, is to reach the un-reached tribes
lieve that, within a years time, they can quainted with.. . I had the and areas with the Word of Life. Over
carry on without further assistance. Pray privilege many years ago of pioneering one thousand tribes remain to this day
for them daily. the work among the outcasts in East who have yet to hear of Christ. Ovcr
INDONESIA Pakistan which has developed into one three hundred of those tribes are i n Latin
01 the finest works of the Assemblies America.
From away out in the South Pacific, of God. We started there with a mass By the time this issue of LVH is in
the Island of Ternate, from the Calvari movement among the outcast,.o r untouch- the hands 01 its readers, we will be in
Pentekosta Missi (Calvary Pentecostal able people, and have seen it grow by Paraguay, South America, in another
Mission) established under the Pente- leaps and bounds. This missionary was great Evangelistic and Healing Crusade.
costal Church of God, comes the apphca- one of these outcast boys who attended Pray and believe with us for the greatest
tion of the young native minister shown our East Pakistan Bible School and has victory yet, as we carry the Good News
to the right (above) with his wife and been graduated. He is now full of fire and to this needy country in the very heart
children. His missionary supervisors send zeal and has gone back to his home vil- of the Continent.
his application with the highest of recom- lage and is establishing a good work.
His immediate supervisor states that he FORWARDED TO US DAILY
He and his wife will be evangelizing will also be evangelizing in four o r five
and opening new works on the large other surrounding villages where Hindus All applications and letters are forward-
Island of Halmahera which lies about are pleading for someone to come and ed to us daily by air mail, after the Sec-
eight miles east of Ternate. There are teach them. His application states: This retary has receipted and accounted for
between four and five thousand villages young man, has a trade the funds emlosed. In this way, almost
there inhabited by an estimated 250 thou- but, if he works enough to support him- no delay is involved in our personal at

sand natives, 75. per cent of whom are self and his wife, he.would have no time tention to all mail concerning this vital
yet in the rankest of heathenism, having for the ministry. Therefore, if he gives World Missions Crusade.
never heard of Christ. Under the former full time to the ministry, ,he must have Full Gospel missionaries are invited to
Dutch rule, they were kept divided in help. And help, he shall now receive, as request applications for the assistance of
religion and race but now, under Indo- well as these others we have presented, natives under their supervision, who will
nesias new Democratic form of govern- because some are catching the vision of be engaged in pioneer ministries, to fill
ment, the opportunity is ripe to reach the need and are giving to assist sub- them out as requested, and i o mail them
them. stitutes t h r o u g h o u t the world. The to us at once. Assistance will begin im-
The missionary writes: Many are devil amount asked for this native is SO small mediately for natives properly recom-
worshippers. Some say they do not believe that almost any working man, in America, mended by their supervisors.
the devil is their friend, but rather an could easily provide it. Thank God for th.is Funds are disbursed through the For-
enemy, because he makes them sick, etc.; opportunity to help spread the Gospel in eign Missions Departments, or the Field
so they worship him for his friendship. this ripe Hindu area. Supervisors of reliable Missions only.
They say they know there is a God who Missionary Supervisors who are not af-
created them and is a friend to them, CRUSADE -OBJECTIVE filiated with the established Full Gospel
but they dont know where He is. Funds being contributed for this Na- organizations should furnish a t least three
What a challenge this field presents. tive Missionary Crusade are for the as- reliable references.
This is only one of 3,000 Islands. A teem- sistance of native preachers who will be Other details, or any further informa- ,
ing populace of 78 millions are waiting engaged in pioneer ministries, opening tion may be secured by writing:
to hear the Good News. Thank God, new works, or evangelizing among the ASSN. FOR, NATIVE EVANGELISM
we can help a t least some by sending this un-reached tribes, villages or areas where T. L. Osborn. Managing Director
native missionary family to win their the Full Gospel has not yet been estab. Box 4231, Tulsa 9, Oklahoma.

I2 -
_. THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954
Startling Incident m d Amdz.ing Answer To Prayer
DIVINE PROVIDENCE SAVES CHURCH 0 1 1 their knees before the God of Heaven,
asking Him to Divinely interfere in Some
FOR CONGREGATION way to save our church, so that it may
not be lost to us. That is what it is to our
Mr. Jay Gould oticc left his eastern people.
home for a trip across the continent. Aftcr On inquiry this was learned to be the
visitin,n the Pacific States he returned by fact. Then Mr. Gould said, I believe you
the southern route through Texas. In the good people have more need of the prop-
western part of the state the train he was erty than I have, and will make better
traveling on was halted for a few hours use of it. He wrote a bill of sale, signed
at a little town to make needed repairs his full name to it, and handed it to the
on the engine. While this was being done trustees, who were surprised to know that
Mr. Gould, to pass the time, walked up they were dealing with one of the wealth-
the village street to view the place and iest men of our land. They most heartily
what was going on among the people. thanked him, bade him a warm, brotherly
On one corner a large crowd had gath- goodbye and a safe journey home, and
ered, as if something more than usual with a kind God bless you, the rich
was taking place. Mr. Gould walked up, man was gone.
and found a sale going on, and the auc- The three men hastened to the church
,. tioneer calling out, Fourteen hundred and found the c o n g r e g a t i o n singing
and seventy-five dollars. He inquired of praises to God for victory.
a man what was being sold, and was told They reported their great, and appar-
that it was a new church house, that the ently miraculous success, and decided to
contracting builder had a claim on it for write a formal letter of thanks to their
the work. It appeared that the limit had generous m i l l i o n a i r e benefactor. Mr.
been reached, as no one wished to raise Gould sometimes showed this letter to his
the last bid for the church house. Mr. friends, and prized it very highly for he
Gould, to help the sale, offered fifteen said it warmed his heart more than any
hundred dollars, which the auctioneer intended to do with the church he had million dollar bond he had.
called a few times without a raise, and just bought. This true story shows a remarkable
the church house was sold to Mr. Gould What is it to you what I do with it? providence. Mr. Jay Gould had to return
a t his bid. I t is mine now, to keep o r to give away, through Texas; the trouble with the en- -
A bill of sale was made out to him, said the millionaire. gine happened at the right time; the stop
and giving his check for the amount to One of the men said: This is what it was made at the right town, where Gods
the auctioneer, he became the owner of is to us: We three are trustees of that people were praying. Mr. Gould was led
the church property. church house, and were sent to see and in his walk to the auction room, and he
Three gray-haired old men standing then report what disposal was made of i t ; came at the right moment, and thus provi-
near watched the proceedings of the and in the church, at this present mo- dence worked in answer to prayer. And so
transfer and, going up to Mr. Gould, not ment, the entire congregation, with the it is still, and so it will be as long as
knowing who he was asked him what he presiding elder and preachers, are down Gods children trust the Lord.

-CONVERTIONUIAKY a ministry of deliverance and pray for Thats backwards. Show me New Tes-
(Continued from Page 5J the sick. She was told that she was to tament faith, and Ill show you New Tes-
Gospel. Pentecostal people have their have a ministry of prayer. The results tament miracles.
pastors and elders. fmm their meetings since her vision have Dr. Price told Brother Parrott one day-
He emphasized the difference between confirmed all the Lord promised her that A great revival of power, healing and
power and a?ithority by an illustra- day. H e told her the deaf would hear, miracles, is going to sweep the earth.
tion about a policeman. A policeman does llce blind would see, the lame would Youll sec it, but I wont.
not have thc power to stop cars, but hc walk, as they laid llceir liunds upon He died and did not sec it, but h c had
has the authority. So with ministers. They tliein and prayed the prayer of faith f o r the faith for it. We have seen it!
do not have the power in themselves to them! Aftcr his sermon, many sick were
heal, but they have the authority to use Many responded to hcr altar call for prayed for by him and Brother and Sis-
Gods power. consecration after she told how, in her ter McKay.
vision, she saw tHc miserable faces o f
* * * * *
He closed with an invitation to the
unsaved. Many went into the prayer room those who were called to carry t h c Gos- For the afternoon service Wednesday
in -answer to his invitation. Several o f pel but who failed lo answer His call. the First Speaker was EVANGELIST
the evangelists prayed for the sick after + * * * I RIJSSELL PARK.
the service. Second Speaker-BROTHER EVERETT He spoke on Miracles are the Result
An elderly Quaker lady minister, who- PARROIT- of Revival.
hadnt taken a step in 5 years, was His text was James 2:18--Sli0~j The permanence and unchangeableness
brought out of her wheel chair by the me thy faith without thy works, and of God is what we can count on always.
power of God, and she walked to the I will sliow thee m g faith bJj ~ i j j He illustrated this by telling the story of
platform rejoicing as she gave her tes- works. the Shunammile woman, of the raising
timony. He stressed the importance of faith and of her son from death.
m m m works, not. one alone. He gave a mar- Where are the Elijahs of Uic Lord God?
velous illustration of a man who carried He concluded his sermon with a call
Wednesday, December 9 a check of a million dollars around with for any who needed help from God. Many
The second mornings service was mov- him, framed, bragged about it, but never came forward.
ed to 9:00 oclock, to give the speakers cashed it. * * * * *
more time. It isnt more preaching this world Between REV. P A R K S message and
The song service was opened by EVAN- needs. I t needs to act upon what has been the next speaker, questions from the au-
GELIST JOSEPH DEGRADO, after which heard. The difference in active and passive dience were again answered by BROTHER
EVANGELIST W. B. McKAY introduced faith is what counts. LINDSAY.
his wife,. EDITH EVELYN McKAY, who Rcvivals and healings are not faith- * * * * *
gave so thrillingly her vision I Spent they arc the results of faith. Someone had Second Speaker - Sister OLIVE M.
7 Hours in Heaven. to have faith for them, before they took KELLNER, who was introduced by her
Her audience sat spell-bound as she de- place. husband, Brother JOHN KELLNER.
scribed the beauties of heaven and the A lot o f people are sitting around, wait. Her message was-Deliverance From
throne of God, the golden streets, the ing for God to do something. God is Demon Possession.
mansions of splendor and, most interest- waiting for you to do something. She told of many individual cases of
ing, was the commission the Lord gave Some s?y-Show me a miracle and healing from such possession that she
to her husband and her to go forth into Ill believe. (Continued on Page 2s)
THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954 13
. .

. .

4 ,

explanatory. testimonies of these pictures on
pages.15 and 1 9 , Allen and Nunn Meetings) . _
Mrs. George A. Wilson - my 6yes. through the prayer of faith. as nurses told us he could never be nor-
(Evangelist W. B. McKay Meeting)
Evangelist W. B. McKay prayed.
All I can say, to the glory of God.

mal, that it would be better for him to

die. They did not think he could live.
. is that u o n c e . l was blind, but now I
A three-inch gash was cut in his right
I AM A YOUNG colored woman, 23
. years of age. I was totally blind.
. Signed: Marcella Wilson
Geo. A. Wilson (Husband)
Witnessed by: Rev. W. B. McKay
temple, his eyes were in a critical con-
dition andhis head was crushed sor
This blindness came upon- me very
suddenly. One morning I awakened ~ u , , . ~ $ ~Jr.,~ ~ terribly
~ e , behind his left ear that it
from a good nights sleep to find Pastor, Churchof God. caused the left .side of his. face and
everything around me dark. At first, Seaford, Delaware. head to be paralyzed. They rushed
.I.thought I was dreaming, but soon, , ~ ~ . ~ ~ i $ T ~ ~ N. . l ~ him to the incubator but each tiine
found, to my cdmplcte horror, that . 1 hereby certify the above testimony the lid was raised he turned purple:
it was real blindness, total blindness! is true, and continue to praise God for was not bathed Or dressed for foilr
I,tried to -make my. way down. stairs the miracle healing of my blinded eyes,
from my bedroom but, aftei.groping which I received\when w.
McICay prayed for me in. June Of this
. days.
On the fourth morning, before trying
to rest, I. went to my knees and prayed
about some time, had to call my hus- year (1953). to God, asking Him what to do. He told
band to-help me down stairs. The miracle still holds good, for I have me to call R ~ warren.Litzman,
~ . ,to pray ,
. My entire family, troubled and afraid, perfect vision. T never tire thanking the for him. H~ was in a ,revival in waco,
. began to search f o r a cure for my blind- Lord that 1 Was permitted to be a witness Texas. I called him and when Brother
ness. My aear husband took me. tu 8 of Gods amazing power. . Litzman, Brother Lewis, our. pastor, and

physician i n the small town of Delmar, T0,others afflicted. I Pray that YOU will a fri.end and I came out of that nursery,
Delaware, but he was unable to do a n y take Y o u r Prescription of FAITH to the GOD HAD PERFORMED ANOTHER
thing-for me, nor could he give me any drugstore of PRAYER and E!main there MIRACLE! Our grandson James R u b h
reason for my blindness. until DR. JESUS gives you the medicine Robison, is now 4 monthsold, weighs 14
My.husband then carried mtt to other Of His blessing-and healing Power. I t is pounds, 1s PERFECTLY NORMAL IN
eye specialists, i n Salisbury, Maryland. a ,joy never to be described. EVERY WAY and is a picture of health!
and Laurel, Delaware, but they gave me May God bless Brother r?nd Sister Me- (May, 19%).
no help and said the same the other doc- Kay and all the evangelists who are carry- The doctors admitted that all the credit .
tor had told me-that I was totally blind, ing the message of FAITH and healing for this babys being alive and healed
which I knew. power to the world. belonged to God, and Ihej cluzrged no
. M y husband carried me to the famous Signed : medical or doctors fees on him after he
Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore. Mrs. George A. Wilson. was prayed for:
Maryland, and the doctors there were Delmar, Delaware Dr. Stanley Cox, of Groesbcck, Texas,.
baffled. They also sent me away with no will verify this statement and testimony.
relief, nor my eyesight. We took the baby home from the hos-
One night my husband said. I helped .pita1 on the 14th day.
place a house trailer the other day for I, his grandmother, was with him a t
a preacher, Evangelist W. B. McKay. Hc all times, before God touched him and
has a large tent. and prays for the sick. since. I am happy. to give this testimony
We will go back to Seaford. Delaware, to the glory of God.
, and see him. Mrs. R. E. Smelscer,
On T:*csday night, June 2nd, ,1953, 1 Thornton, Texas.
went to the tent for the service and en- - * *. * *
tered the p.rayer line. As Brother McKay
laid his hands on me, what I felt was STATEMENT FROM EVANGELIST:
almost indescribable. I had never felt I have secured added information re-
anything like it in my life. The very mo- garding the miracle baby James Robi-
ment he laid his hands on me, it seemed son. He is still in perfect health, with
that the brightest light came in front absolutely no sign of sickness.. His mother

of me, brighter than any light I had ever . told me that he had never seen sick a
seen. Now, I was not afraid. Real peace day since he was healed by the Lord, and
and assurance came into my heart, and left the hospital. He is now six months
this scripture came into my mincl, Psalms old and weighs 20 pounds!. (August 11,
121:1-2- 1953).
. I will lift u p mine eyes unto the REV. WARREN LITZMAN
hills, from whence cometlt .m y help. * * *
My help cometh from the Lord. STATEMENT FROM HOSPITAL:
When the prayer was over, I looked (Coxs Hospital, Groesbeck, Texas)
straight ahead, and could see! At first, James Rubin Robison The baby.will not live, and if it does,
things looked hazy, then I saw Brother . it will never be normal.
McKays hand raised, and could tell how After the healing: Only God could
many fingers he held up. I was so happy The Miracle Baby-- do such!
I could not control myself. I cried out. DOOMED TO DIE AT BIRTH, * * * *
I can see! I can see! I can see! as I left MARVELOUSLY HEALED! VERIFICATIONBY PASTOR: .
the tent, praising God. MY SIGHT IS Thornton, Texas
NOW PERFECT! (Evangelist Warren 1. Litzman Meeting)
As Brother Litzman prayed, I saw the
It has been my privilege to go to sev- UR GRANDSONwas borh on . baby move its paralyzed arm. I knew then
era1 churches (colored) and tell w h a t God
has done for me. Many dont understand, 0 January 27; 1953. He was so:bad- that
ly injured in delivery the doctors and
God had healed the baby. 1: know
that this baby IS perfectly well today.
but many do, that it was God who healed REV. CALVIN M.LEWIS

14 THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954

FEATURED EVANGELIST: A . A . Allen The Pictures on Cover Page


Typical Tcstimonials of Old Friends Atlcnding ALLEN cAl!PAlCNS During Summer of 1953
SEVEN YEARS AGO, on No17. 21, 1946, I was healed of
. Perthes bone disease, in answer to prayer.
I had a hard fall while ice skating, bruising my hip
bone. This caused,a .scar tissue to form, which hindered
circulation, causing the ball and socket of the hip joint to
deteriorate, and slough away. I had almost no hip socket
left. My leg was Ilk inches shorter than the other, and Paul Kent Rivard
curvature of the spine was developing. From February,
1946, until July, my .condition-grew !worse. Then, I con- RUPTURE HEALED July,
1952. Still perfectly heal-
.sented to enter a hospital, where I remained four long edl This child, the son of
., months;with traction on my 1e.g to pull i t out of joint and give Mourice and Betty Rivord,
the hr?e a chance to mend. Bethany, Ky., whose pic-
The last of October, I went 1i:)me. wearing a brace from my ture and testjmony ap-
hip down, which I was told I must wear. a t least two years. My : peared in TVH for Octo-
.heart-was very heavy,-for I had always been very active; now ber, 1952, was healed of
I faced life as a cripple. umbilical r u p t u r e ffrom
Rut, praise the Lord, just three weeks after I left thc hospital which he had s u f f e r e d
'God did the miraculous..Brother A. A. Allcn. who was holding all his life) in the Allen
a revival in m y home church in Rapid Cily. South Dakota, revival in Indianapolis in
pyayed l o r me, and God instantly toitclkd ~ t ? leg.
j July, 1952. With his par-
I went home that night and took off the brace. I WAS PER- cnfs, little P a u l visited
FECTLY WHOLE. the A l l e n r e v i v a l i n
The doctor who had treated me could not and would not Evansville, Indiana, this
believe what had happened. But an X-ray w a s taken, w l ~ i c l t . fall. They are still rejoic-
iiroved the hip w a s nor?iml and whole! ing in his perfect heal-
Today, after seven years, I a m still walking normally, and ing.
Lawrence Mnther under Allen Re- enjoy any form of activity, such as ice skating, basketball, etc
u i u a l t e n t , Minneapolis, A u g u s t , I am a student in North Central Bible Institute, Minneapolis,
1953, iahers he gnae his testintony Minn., where I a m preparing to be of service to my wonderful
nftsr haaing been perfectly healed Lard, in any way that He may direct. Surely He has done a
f u r seven ysnrs. great thing for me!-Lawrence Mathrr. Minneapolis, Minn.

LEG LENGTHENED THREE INCHES - MRS. ELSIE POSEY, Henderson, Kenkcky, is shown with
NOW MINISTERS IN TENT brace she removed one year a g o .
sciatic rheuma-
tism, my left leg
~ ~ ~ . THE uPICTURE~at right~was taken
~ during. the A~. A . Allen
~ re- ; ~ ~
shorter than the vival in Evansville, Ind., September, 1953, one year a f f e r .
~ ~ M r s . Posey :had removed the~ brace she hadn worn for 10 ~ ~
Evansville in 1950, years. S h e was healed instantly in the Allen revival in E v a n s -
I attended his cam- vdle in October, 1952. Her healing h a s been perfect and
pa n, a d h e
prayed for me. Im- permanent.
mcdiately all pain
left. All next day
it seemed that fire
limb. Within th.rec? '


fectly liealedl My OF THE PRISON TO THEM THAT 'ARE BOUND! ..
withered limb was
the same size and Now o n tliese nine sta.tions. ,Watch T V H each month for new stations being
length as t h e added. ..
other. No sign of City . Statioii. KC
' Day . I iiiie .

t h e trouble h a s 800 Mon.-Sat. 9:30 P.M. CST

ever returned XELO. Juarez, Mexico
after three years. XEG Monterrey, Mex. (Fort Worth) -1050 Mon.-Sal. 9:30 P.M. CST

I a m now in the WGRC Louisville, Icy. 790 Mon.-Fri. S:30 A.M. CST
ministry, and have REYD Minneapolis, Minn. 1440 BIon .-Sun. . 8:30 A.M. CST
a tent of my own, XEDM Nogales, Ariz. (Mes.) 1580 Mon.-Sun. 9:00 P.M. CST
in which I a m .

p r e a c h i n g the V C H Chester, Penna. 740 Mom-Fri. 9:15 A.M. EST

power of God to KLBS , Houston, Texas 610 Mon.-Fri. 8:OO A.M. CST
save, heal and deliver. KMAC SanAntonio.Texas . 630 Mon.-Sat. ' 9:30 A.M. CST
Everett E. Duncan
Henderson, Ky.
THE VOICI? O F IlEALING January: 1954 15
Scores Healed In Checotah's Great
Statewide Gospel Meeting
Prayers of Faith Offered up to 1500 in Great Healing Lines. Hundreds of Others accept Christ as their Savior L Redeemer

[ A c t u a1 f (1 c
simile of a full
page published
in THE MclN-
Checotah's Newly Remodeled Union Tabernacle Scenc Of Overflow Crowds Attending Great Rally
CRAT on Sepl.
10, '531
This full Daae

I u.55 in the stat^ hospital for


I want to glw pmiy. to C d for


I thank the l a r d for Ilk saving

I had to be led about from place '
LY GODS pow=
The dwtors told me I ) I n d OXIY

of testimonies of
. .

i I ? )rars with cpiicpsy at Vinita. healing m y Wdy in llrother Hayes' to place and muld not see what a little while Io liv?, as my cancer
k'olher Hayes prayed for mc and 'meeting. I went thmugh the hcab
and healing power. On the night
Of AueuSl 7 I was healed. I had was on the Inble.
1 now can go around by m>-y.ll.
of the stomach was in tlic last healing was pub-
I was henled of this diwnse. ing line on Saturday night.. I felt stager. and I was swollen beyond
Viola Medlock. 923 W. Spaulding the powcr go through my body
l r e r l hard of herrlng for over 1G
years and hnd kldnry trouble most wad coarse print. dirtingukh the
kinds of food on the tnblc. M y
k l t e f . and could not have mybody lished after the
while I nas'slttlng I n my seat and touched without real w i n .
Checowh. Okla. all my life. When B m . Hayes held
whue In the hcnling ilm!. llmthcr his revlval here I was healed. eyes arc petting stronger cvcry \%'hen I was pralud for the e m .
H ~ ~ c s
called. me OUI and Mid. Hou. woncl~rful the good Lord is day. I am so thankful to the good #VI began pisslng IhE next dry.
"Slrtcr. your faith has mrdc yuu
'whoie? IIc rald that I had high
to UP that "hey Ilim. I give thc l a r d and Bmther Hayes for pray.
-.. The bioat went out of my I d , .
my fmt were no' longer swollen
C a m p a i g n was
I was F.enled of high blood pres
b i d pressure. four vertebra out
l a r d all 1Itcipral.w for it. I love
h l m "cry much. n a n k the l a r d

hlrs hlyrtlc Beach. 111 E. Gentry and I felt fine. I had to get new over.
of place. and a t w e p u n d tumor. for aII h e has done for me. lliesr Chemuh. Oklt. clothes or alter my Old ones. I t
sure and arthrltk I n the h i p and The tumor. h e -id. had dlvldcd W holy n m e . 1s a gmnt joy. and I am thanking
kgr It is wonderfill to be well
again. and I am praLdn.8 Cod.
. Into two parts and had turned to
Iiquld. On Sunday night. one part
Mn. John Stanphlll.
1027 U
'.Cantry. Chemtah.
JESUS that h e . Is able to ddlVfr
EIF" cancer cases. I Will always
The Editor, Mr.
Mffi Celtic Fitqcrald.
Tuskahoma. Okla.
of the tumor pasrd out of my
body. On Monday night the Other
p r a k Hlm.
Mn. Emma FitzggErald. Tuska. John Buford, at-
I had worn glasses for about 5
part passed.
I am glvln: C o d pralse and
1'0mPRAISES GOD FOR yean. W k n I left them off m y homn. Okla.
tended the Cam-
- mwm glory for evmsthlnx.
I also want 10 add my son's tes-

I was healed a1 cmwd eyesand

head would hurt so bad I could
hardly stand It.
During Bm. Llndaay's and Bro.
DIETSG 8TICI.l~ll JlAS AEALED paign and gave
UWn Brother H ~ Y Eprayed
S for
me I w s I,mled of tumor and can.
timony. I l c n-as healed of 1 ncr.
wus heart.
Onc blind eye. My name Is Eddie
Fhtte. I am 11 years old and had
Haycs' healing campaign in Chc.
his heart to God.
mtah. I3m. lhses called me out of I had h F ~ ndown for nnc scar
cer of the stomach. They havehoth Rena Iloerk. Chwotah. badly crossed eyes. and one was the Judlence nnd told me to take with bad heart tmuhle. which W A C
passed with complete victory and
I nin praising Cod. My mrves are
blind. and auld see no ohlect out
of it. After llm. llayes prayed for
my glasses off and thai the Lord
was workinC 3 mirwlc on my eyes.
clc.llly enlar~ecrl ami was in hwI D u r i n g the
TUBERCULOSIS CLEARS lJ1' most of the t i m ~I was so wenk
also healed.
>lS.Camllnc lienncds. O S STIIESGTII O F PRAYER
me. my eyes nvre made Straight.
nnd a,uld nRmC any object Bm.
I took thCm of1 and ltivcrit h:al
them on slnm. I pralsc the I A I ~
that tile doctors told me I nouM Cam p a i g n, he
221 west 3rd st.. nicAiestcr dic if I was hrouCht t o the Tnbcr-
I was kcale4 of tuberculosis in
both lungs, 3 ncmous stomach.
Haws hold l ~ f o r eme out o f the
bllnd eye. 1 told them that Jerus
for hcallng me
31rs. \v. E. c i g l c . wlfc of AS.
n x l e - - b u t I nSkCd Cmi to hcl@me. gave much front
and hc did. They had to Itold me
IIER C A Y C E U LS CURED u r a k eyec, dirp!?ecd female organs
and a near ~ E ~ V O UbSl c a k d m . It
was golng to heal me and Ilc did.
f cnn tell olher boys and girls now
sembly of Gal p~stor. u p to bc prayed for niid when t h r page publicity to
power of Cod Struck me. I t $vas,
1 am so thankful -10 C o d for pays to 1ruP Jcrur 2nd feel thank. what Jesus has done f o r me.
Eddie Flattc. Snrdis. Okla. TFSTIFmB M IIEAI.ISC O F like m ElmtrtC I h m k and great the revival.
kaliny me of cilnecr of the stom.
arh in answ~!r lo Bmther Iiayes'
fuI that Cod h i s mcn like Em.
Hayes to pray for them.
Mrs. Fern Slmmorc. E U F A U I A W'OMAS IIEALHD
. _--

I am hnppy to testify to n com.

strength came to my halg and 1
ran all over the tabcrmclc. nut
realizing I had W n ill. I cam.? After the re-
Lcnora Crenshaw. Oktaha. Clieeotah. Okla. ' OF D M V L Y CLYCER back thc next night wilhout any
Bra. 1IayPs prayed for mc in the
plete healing of Bright's dirasc.
high blood @mssure and enlarged aS5istanm. walklng amund the w
PIC end pralslng Cod for u h a t he
vival closed, he
POWER OF PRAYER Checotah meeting. and I w s heal.
&fore I ui19 prayed f a r 1 would had done. and Mrs. M. W.
When Brother Hayes prnyed I I was
healed of the hmokh~
cd of canwr 0.1 the right slde of
m y colon. and an enlarged h c m .
nflen gar@ for bmath. My feet
were So swollen that I muld not
Jack 'Odom. Box ,493. Sllglcr.
Rosendahl gath-
was mmpletely h e a m ' of cancer May the Lord rlchly blers these wear shoes. I had D heart t h m CITY LADYIIEALEDOF&VCER
habit. I don't care for tobacco m y
In my stomach. J l d n e y nllment
and an Inward gOlRr. I will ob
more. I am also n o w fm of f@ ' men 01 Cod.
hlrs. nfary IC+. ~ u f a u l a .OMS.
times normal sim and suffcnd OF TUE srnx ered a number of
much pain. I hnr'c no mom pal"
ways pnlse and thank Cod f o r
sending the% evangelists to Che.
mnle tmuble and hemorrhoid%
L U l h " wooden.
rims. ELLEN REDDISC cnm nnd suffering and I am pmlslng . I U.BJ healed o f cmmr of the
splm. mkplared wrtrhrar and
the testimonies
Cod for delivcrmm.
Lottle Brock. 19 W. S?R&
. Tuzkahoma. Okh.
P R A S E TO COD blffi Beulah \Villinms. anemla. All s o r e n c ~ cle11 my body
at once and I haw not had nn
from those who
414 East Gentry AVC.
McAIerler. Okla. Bm. Hayes prayed for me at the
C m m i a h Tabernacle a n d I was
ache or pnln SIIICE. 1 am complete.
ly healed. I nm pralrlng C o d and
had been healed
I waa eompletdy healed of ar.
baled of 11 mtsplamd vcrltEbrm
in my splne and B spot on my kld.
thankful to Bro. IIaya for hls
and published
I was prayed for at thc Chmr
thrftl?l. mlon Double. and a ner-
vous mndlnon when Rm. Rayco
my. I shall nln.ays be thankful
f o r thls blcrrlng. ' I BIU healed of a 5 pound tumor
Mffi Wanda R m r k .
C h m h h . Okla.
them. An entire
tah Union h b r r n a e l e by Rev. AI.
ton'Hayes and healed of hlgh
w f o r me. I feel better than
I have felt In 20 yearh and am
. hlrs. Ellen Rcdding. Cheeotah. m d I am glad to rerlfy l h k . 1 0
w person. I pasred the tumor BTxIvrE Rornf.1, IS CURED
page was used in
blmd pressure. kldney tmublc and
mQen feet. I m u l d not sleep at
praklng t h e Lord for It.
LIR Rank Runm.
In a fnv dam. and Ice1 I have
mmplete rxovery, and d l not -
A T CaECOTAR RALLY publishing them.
mlght.1 an lrrllng flm now aad
~ J ~ n U t h e l m I &
nmce 4 Qlemtah - b v c to have the dreaded o h . I want to add my tnUmony In A re-production
I -* healed of a lhw Inleetlm, tlon. I a m p n b b Go& amuw to prnycr for hmlmg me 01
uma Andelran. 4zJl E.
Qlecotnh okls.
ccntn and D bad nervous mndltlan when A b . Ida Jones. Route 2, Ch- an enlarged heart. sugar & b e k of that page is
Bm. Ifaw prayed for me In L e tnh Okla. and Erlght's dlsexsc. I am r
w o r n a ImALm
- C h e m t s h meetlnr n n n k s bc t o flnc now. and v n y thmkful for given to the left.

I as healed o! a b
ad kmw &r wundrrIul J-a THANK.. GOD PUR HEALNO the b!e&ngs.
OF a m m -OR Um~ble. Rrowth on wmnb and liln. EIobble Hltebmdi DAMAGED IIEART Wlnnlc amen. Chemtah.
I Wam heah-d of a three -d
l u m m and seven mlrpl&3 -&?%
e s k Spcm m ~ r o .m p ~
PrSYen for me In the Chmtah
19 S. Quannah. Tvls% Okla.
I am thahklnC God for kine IIEALNG PO= DISPLAYED
bra In my splne. and I nm p m b meetlng. I will n h y s thank cod hcalcd of leakage of the heart. OF lwo DIP-
ing L e Lord. I passed ule tumor for Brother Ham and Brother
the n m n d dny and om cmnpletely
well. I un thnnldul to Bm.
Undzay. who have k n nueh a
b l d n g to tlh ammdty.
I am pmtslng Cod for h d l n g
PI" u m m 8 and kldncy hOulle and
I am glvlng the l a r d a l l the pmlsc
for It.
#. I was healed of hlgh b i d
sum and hnrdenlne or thc mer.
for praying for me. Mrs. Arthur Wakm, Rare 1 me of baa kidney n t t m m m y t o n n.R W
Elm. H L. FhttE. sudla own. coundl Fpn, mn. Ullle \vIIItc. C h m t n h . noute 1. CIICcot.III.

VIEW OF THE A U D F N C E at the First Assembly

FEATURED EVANGELISTS--Gordon Lindsay-Altori Hayes of God Church in Portland, Oregon, during the
LINDSAY-HAYES Salvation-Healing Campaign.

CHURCH BLESSED AND ined me and found no need foran opera. PRAYER DELIVERS FROM
tion. I was wonderfully healed and de-
STIMULATED - livered! . . . Praise His wonderful
name! . . .
IJy Rev. h. D. Davigson, Pastor, The positive Bible ieaching and preach- I N THE Ilayes-Lindsay revival in my
and Rev. Guy A. Davidson, ing of these men was appreciated by all home church, Maplewood Assembly,
Associate Pastor, who attended these meetings-some com- Dallas, Texas, God marvelously healed
ing from as f a r as 500 miles to be in my nerves. F o r years, when I overtaxed
First Assembly of Cod, Portland, Oregon them. Our own church was blessed and my strength, I could feel my nerves jerk-
stimulated and it has resulted in an in- ing all over my body. I t is wonderful now
ing and healing power were wit-
nessed during the recent campaign
crease of attendance and interest in every
department. Their interest in the program
of the local church was a real help. Our
to be able to relax easily.
Rev. Alton Hayes
was praying for
here at the First Assembly under the Sunday School set a record of 603 during those in the heal-
ministry of Evangelists Alton Hayes the meetings. (This has since been super- ing line ahead of
ceded by an attendance of 682-but the me when, suddenly,
and Gordon Lindsay. Our people are evangelists certainly helped stimulate en- I felt Gods mighty
still talking about the wonderful mes- thusiasm and interest in the Sunday healing power surg
sages and the mighty moving of God School program.) We appreciate men who ing through my
in the hearts, lives, and bodies of come and take a whole-hearted interest body, as the very
in the local church. atmosphere seemed
those who came to the meetings. We are looking forward to the return
of Gordon Lindsay and Alton Hayes to c h a r g e d by the
One outstanding conversion was Power of God.
that of the wife and two daughters of Portlands First Assembly of God i n
the near future. In Sister Mildred
a man ~ . who
. ..
.. Wicks revival in
h a s attended W a x a h a c h i e sev-
our c h u r c h MULTIPLE AILMENTS eral years ago, God
for some DISCERNED, HEALED performed a mira-
time. T h e cle and instantly
f a m i l y had EAR BROTHER HAYES: healed my back of a curvature of the
attended, yet When You prayed for me ~ O u r Spine and four dislocated vertebrae. That
made no pro- healing line in Long Beach, California. healing holds good today.
f e s s i o n . On the Lord revealed. through YOU, that my
heart was greatly enlarged and that one Praise God for His healing power.
the c l o s i n g
night of the of the four large veins a t the top of my Mrs. Minnie Lowery
Campaign, heart was ruptured. You also said it was Waxahachie, Texas
.the m o t h e r only a miracle that I was alive. You also
w a l k e d to told me I had a two pound tumor, that all
,the balcony my glands were twice the normal size,
to get the ol- and my kidneys were badly infected. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE INSTANTLY
der girl, and . All of this was true and I now praise
.thenthey the Lord because I a m completely healed HEALED THROUGH PRAYER
c a m e for- f r o m all of these ailments! I can now T H E LORD healed me instantly of high
ward as a group to give their hearts and go to bed, lay on the same side all night
blood pressure, July loth, 1953, when
lives to God. and sleep like a child. Previously my kid-
neys caused me to have to get up fre- I stepped on the platform where Brother
A letter received gives a testimony of quently. Now they are normal and I Alton L. Hayes was praying for the sick,
Gods healing power: I must express my sleep through the entire night. during the Hayes-Lindsay Salvation-Heal-
thankfulness for the prayers offered in The tumor melted away completely. ing Revival in Long Beach, California..
faith last night . . . I was facing an op- How I do praise the Lord, and thank you I praise the dear Lord for His love
eration and when I went to the doctor for praying or me. and His goodness to the children of men.
today (after having made up my mind Mrs. Gertrude Schwab Mrs. E. M. Jacoby
to absolutely trust the Lord) he exam- Long Beach. Calif. Long Beach, Calif.
THE VOICE O F HEALING . January, 1954 17

Gods Power Is Mightily

Manifested as Evangelist
PARTY- Rev. and Mrs. W . H .
M a g e e , and daughter Billie Holy Ghost. The power of the Lord
was present to heal the sick, and open
e r and musi-
AMARILLO, TEXAS, IS SCENE deaf ears. Each night the church was
packed with hungry people to hear
While REV. OF GREAT REVIVAL - the Word of God and bask in the at-
MAGEE was By Rev. W. A. Snider mosphcre of the Holy Ghost. Many out-
Pastor, Fairvieto Assembly of God standing healings were witnessed by all.
Amarillo, Tesas On one occasion, Brother Magee called
E HAD the most success~u~ re- for all the deaf in the church to come
five Divine forward and receive their healing. Six
wvival 01 our church With the people came forward and each one was
Wide Cam- Magee Evangelistic Party of Dallas. enabled to hear normally- PERFECTLY-
God used Brother and Sister Magee in HEALED! One of my church members,
&E: :a:EF $ $ i ~ ~~ ~~ ~ f
p a i g n s with
TVH Evange- the healing of many people during the e d~
/ ; s t s. H e four week revival campaign. Souls never be able to hear again out of that
caught such a vision from them, he entered were saved, backsliders came back to car, was instantly healed by Gods power
the deliverance ministry a s a n Evangelist God, and the entire church was re- as she stood before Brother Magee. No
himself. vived with the outpouring of the Holy hands were laid upon her, but Brother
Spirit night after night. Our Sunday Magee spoke directly to her, Sister, re-.
(Address: W. H. Magee, Box 8567, School broke all records during the cam- ~
~ ~ ~ 9 . , ? ? ~ ~ e 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r ~
Dallas, Texas) paign. ing after this, and testified all during the
One lady of OlCT clizJrclL,W h o was going
revival campaign perfect hearing.
t o t?m hospital for an Operation for gal1 One lady, who was under the physi-
DALHART CHURCH AND SUNDAY stones, was instantly healed as Bro. M a -cians in Lake Wales, was instantly
SCHOOL SHOW INCREASE AFTER gee prayed f o r her! She was under her healed of a cancerous condition in answer
toe her~ physi-
MtGEE CAMPAIGN ~ ~ ~ ! ~ to r prayer.
cian oAfter
~ said,
he ~ returning
This ~is a ~miracle ~
of God. ~
she is still healed I was ready to operate upon you but now
Ry Rev. I). UT. Calcote, Pastor and needs no do not need the operation!
.Assembly of God Church , care of her doctor. you The last day of the revival Brother
Dalhart, Texas One Of my mem- Magee said that he felt lead of God, to
0 UR CHURCH has experienced one
of the most outstanding revivals gz,{:: r2F:i take an offering to help us build a new
church that would seat a thousand peo-
trouble for years ple. He took an offering in the Sunday
in her history, with the largest crowds
attending, as the Magee Evangelistic ~ ~ ~ e morning
toward ~service
and received over $1,000
~ us ae new ~tabernacle
~ ~
style f
work on the police
Party ministered. church.
All of our people were given new force. After pray- This revival has done more for O U I
er, lie was instant-
courage, a greater vision for souls,. nd the church prais- church any that we have ever
and real inspiration to do more for ing God for his deliverance. H e was ex- The week following the revival we had
attending the church than be.
our Lord. Our church and Sunday anlined bY the City of Anzarillo Physician fore in regular weekly ser\lices, and souls
School have both and was pronounced and that ILe were saved and healed after the evangel-
increased in num- Rid not have heart any more! ist had @ne. People are continuing to re-
hcr greatly. Wc After four weeks* he i~ On the job ceive the Holy Ghost and God .is still
had new visitors every day and well. blessing. We praise God for sending the
f rom n ight to I the Magee Magee Evangelist Party to our church i n
from other Party to any church for a Healing C a m Lake Wales.
towns, as well as paign, and they have a cordial welcome
from our own city. to return to US.
S i n n e r s were
saved, baclcslzdars
w e r e reclaimed, REVIVAL RESULTS REMAIN
Christians w e r e AFTER CAMPAIGN CLOSES . .
filled w i t h the
Holy Spirit a n d u y Rev. Emory Wine
w e saw many out- Pastor, Apostolic Church
standing liealings. Lake Wales, Florida
Many were delivered from all types of
sickness: arthritis, high blood pressure,
internal disorders, deafness and poor e y e
PARTY came to Lake Wales for
sight. , a few days revival; but the power of
Several reports came of supernatural the Lord was so mightily manifested
manifestations from the Lord, as Brother from the beginning that the campaign
Magee prayed for the sick. Certainly the
glory and power of the Lord was present continued thirty days- Many were
to heal, and many came to God. saved from sin and baptized in the

ICilgore, Texas, Witnesses Great

Revival as DAVID NUNN Ministers!
IVwiderjul report giseri- Sunday afternoon and were healed when
By Rev. Herbie E . Darriell Brother Nunn prayed. What a thrill i t
Pastor, Highland Park Assembly of Coil was to see them cling to each other and
Kilgore, Texns cry for joy, after the miraculous power

Q NCE AGAIN God moved in.a mi-

raculous way in Kilgore; Texas,
the Oil Capital of the world, as Evan-
of God had restored their hearing.
A colored girl, in a pitiful ,condition
with arthritic heart, was healed. We have
received word from her since the meeting.
gelist David Nunn of Dallas, Texas, She is still rejoicing in her healing.
ministered the Word ol God, without Truly did God do the impossible, time
fear or favor. after time, as Brother Nunn prayed for
Hundreds of people came for salva- the people, or discerned their diseases and
pronounced them healed i n the Name of
tion, healing and the baptism of the the Lord. God many times revealed t o . Evangelist David Nunn
Holy Spirit, as God moved in a gra-. Brother Nunn the nature of thc sickness,
cious way. .. - under the inspiration of the Holy Spiri1.-
There were many outstanding and Many times the question is asked me-- Again I, and my church, want to say
iiiiraculous healings, a few of which Do these miracles last? with emphasis, YES!
were: I can answer emphatically, YES! My The good results of the Nunn Revival
. . One night, fice church, here in the Kilgorc area, stands of one year ago are still prevalent, not
deaf and d u m b with me and verifies this statement. only in continued hcalings, but my church
people came in one Brother Nunn conducted a similar rc- and people have been helped nume.-ically.
group, in a long viva1 for us last year and wonderful financially and spiritually.
heding line, and miracles, which were performed here The church has reached an all t i m e
God undertook for then, are still holding good today! high in attendance. Our Siinduy Scltool
every one of tlmn, Little Jerome Walters, who l u d been has set new records. bw finances are be-
a s Brother Niinn pronozinced inairable bg doctors (suffer- yond wlmt tiiey lmve ever been. F o r all of
prayed the prayer ing with rheumatic heart) is a vigorous, this, we give God the glory! During the
faith. living witness right here in our chz6rclc Nunn Campaign, we voted to build a new
One dear lady.
. t i n t these miracles last! auditorium and Sunday School building to
,with a crippled Mrs. Condra, of Overton, Texas; along seat 1000 people. He received a n offering
leg, came forward with her entire family-who were healed for us in cash and pledges totaling $3,500.
for .prayer. After of T.B. last year-are in the best of Since then, we have secured one of the
Brother Nunn prayed, she began to shout health. best locations possible, 1 % acres in High-
and run, rejoicing as a miracle took place Mrs. R. E. Peacock, the.wife of one of land Park, on the corner of Henderson
in her lame leg. our deacons, wlw imd a cmppled foot last Blvd. (Highway 26) and Woodlawn Ave-
An elderly lady, with a broken hip, who year, one size larger titan tlte other, was nue (Highway 1011, and we will be known
was barely able to walk, was helped under prayed for by Brother N m n and God henceforth as the Highland Park Assem
the tent and into the prayer line. After healed her. She is still healed today! bly of God Church.
prayer she, too, began to walk up and Thanks be unto our wonderful Lord! Brother Nunn is one of the best and
down and left her crutch, as atestimony There were many others, too numerous greatest men of God it has been my
of Gods healing power. to mention, who were healed last year in pleasure to work with. I recommend him
A lovely. Methodist couple (both deaf) Brother Nunns meeting, who still are and $his wife to any church, a s faithful
received news of the meeting. came on a witnesses to Gods healinrr Dower. servants of God.

7hp w m dqctors shook their heads.and said it was

p q e
impossible for anyone to be hurt that
badly and still be alive. In -three weeks,
diffcrcnt about my walk, it was so easy.
I stooped down and put my finger in my
shoe to feel where the bone used to be.
MARIE CASE-MIRACULOUSLY HEALED they again took me to the operating room. THE ARCH I N MY RIGHT FOOT WAS
FROM EFFECTS OF AIRPLANE CRASH! The doctors told my mother and father A S NATURAL AS THE ONE IN MY
(Evangelist novid Nurin Meeting) they would have to take my arm off, or LEFT FOOT! GOD HAD PERFORMED
put the elbow up at my shoulder, making A MIRACLE!

I WAS in an airplane crash On June my arm short and that I would probably
19, 1949, and was injured so se- beunable t o u s e i t .
Doctors, nurses and X-rays will confirm
these statements.
verely the aid I never theThey gave me the anesthetic; then took
cast off. Immediately, 1 s t a t e d mov-
Marie Case,
Corpus Christi, Texas.
live. . ing my arm. The doctors were amazed * * * *
They. took me to the Operating and said, She cant do that! One of the VERIFICATION O F PASTOR:
room, not to operate, but to patch nurses said, She is, anyway. God had Miss Marie Case is a member of our
me up. They. put a cast on my left healed my arm. I left the hospital a week church. She is employed at a bankin
arm and right leg, sewed my face.upi later. My broken and crushed, foot and leg
this city. Her testimony is true and many
thousands of people know of her expe-
which was cut from my right eye had never been set, just had a cast put rience and have heard her testimony. I t
down to the left side of my chin. (See on it. They said I would never walk. 1 is wonderful what the power of God has
picture on cover page.) 1 had a hole did, but my foot was crooked, and the done in her life.
main bone in the arch dropped down REV. R. L. DAVIS,
through the palate Of my u p - about one-half inch, which made it im. Pastor, Bethel Assembly,
through my nose. Every bone in my possible to walk without a shoe. on. Corpus Christi, Texas.
face was either broken or fractured. I .believed God to heal my foot, was * * * *
The doctors did not set any bones; Prayed for, and had taken my shoe Off, STATEMENT OF EVANGELIST:
trying to exercise faith, but did not re- I prayed for this girl in 1950, when her
they said I could not live more-than ceive my healin until one night inSan crooked foot WAS INSTANTLY AND
. twohours. Benito, Texas fin 19501, when Brother PERFECTLY HEALED.
My mother. began to pray for God to Nunn was praying for the sick. The Lord She gave me this testimony in June
save my soul; for I was a backslidden revealed to Brother Nunn the need for (1953) and verified that the miracle still
girl, dying without God. my foot and he prayed for it: When I holds good
The next moFing I was still alive. The started walking away; I felt something REV. DAVID NUNN

Tm. VOICE O F HEALING January, 1854 19

. . . . ...
. ..
. . I.F:AlURED EVANGELISTS: 1.1.E . H w d t

HE EXALTS GOD! evaluate the ministry of Rev. Hardt than

most ministers. Sixteen years ago I lay
By Reo. Arthur Davis, Pastor dying of an incurable disease. I was not
Ioxville Full Gospel Church only sick, but Iwas fettered by Satan. All
York, Pennsylvania hope for my life
had been taken


VANIA, has experienced another
visitation from Heaven. During the
away.%other per-
suaded me to let
her call a .minis-
A SPIRIT three weeks of the Bible-Healing Cru-
ter. I knew of
none that I had
FELLOWSHIP, PERVADED sade, conducted by the Hardt Evange- confidence in. At
HARDT CAMPAIGN IN YORK, PA. listic Party, we were thrilled and this point mother
thrilled and thrilled. s u g g e s t e d Rev.
Ily Rev. 11.j . Vicliers, Pastor Hardt, who had re-
Pentecostal Faith Church The meetings began on July 24th cently come to my
York, Pennsylvania and continued through August 16th. home city of Sha-
Each succeeding night the spiritual mokin, Pennsyl.
MY HEART WAS THRILLED as I vania, to establish
stood on the platform, Friday tide and interest rose higher and high- a F u l l Gospel
night, July 24, 1953, watching the er. Souls were saved nightly. Miracles Work. I n despera-
opening service of the Hardt Salva- of healing were the common order. tion I consented to
The Sunday following the close of h i s coming, but
tion-Healing Bible Crusade in York, had little idea just
Pa., to which we had looked forward the meetings, a union Baptismal serv- Rev. Arthur Davis what was about to
with prayer and anticipation. ice was held. take place.
From the very first service, Gods pow- Perhaps I am in a better position to (Continiced on Page 81)
er and victory were felt by all who at-
tended. There was a spirit of unity, love
itnd fellowship manifested by all the CO-
operatinE: ministers and people alike. E. N. BERGERSTOCK, Chairman of the National Prohibition
- -
. wNight
after nigh1
e saw people Committee, Reports great Hardt Evangelistic Campaign
weeping their w a y
tlarough t o God in
t h e old-fashioned
1I ; way. HO<V wonder-
PREACHER, 7 0 years
old, giving his testimony. If yoti
eulvation. The grcnt majority of-tliose
wlio attended these services truly renl-
izcd for the iirst time h a t CHRIST
_r _1 I

-& I I -- -, ful it was to see IS THE . AKSWER~To ALL PROIL

people, bound by can use this testimony to the LEMS!
- habit. delivered in glory of God, I shall lie happy. Probiibly fifty percent of the audi-
- - : a moment of time, I missed only one (that of nc- cnccs each night were really conse-
crated Christians but had never known
_ I

ea-- thereafter coming cessity) s e r v i c e of the three

to the m e e t i n g s (because no onc ever told them) that
with the sniritual weeks HedingEvangelistic meet- Divine Healing is just as definitely a
. glow unori their
0,- ~

- ings conducted by Brother H. E. part of the Gospel for todiiy as is Jolin

faces. Many felt IIardt in the big Gospel tent at 3:16, or LIS it wiis for Jesus Himself,
the healing virtue. and for tlie disciples in His gener;ition.
York, Penna. No series of serv- Nnne who clime to ii single service
surge through
Rev. H. J. Vickers t h e i r bodies as ices have so inspired, educated, went away with any doubts that Jesus
they were delivered from sickness and uplifted and benefitted me per- Christ is tlie same, yesterday, today
disease. sonally in all m y life. and forever. Kone went away without
We learned to appreciate the great T h e miracles of Gods Word lroni seeing the power of God, through His
truths of the Scriptures in a new way, as Genesis to Revelation, and tlie higli- servant Brother Hardt, heal and save
Bro. Hardt unfolded them to us under iis many as came in faith believing.
lights of the life of Jesiis Christ, our
the mighty anointing of the Holy Ghost. Saviour, lived in actuiility before oyr H e laid his hands on tlicm and prayed,
Truly, we learned to love this man eyes, where only o n e A e o f , dumb and and they .left their crutches, their
of God even more because of his fel- canes, their cignrettes, and their beer
blind-could fail to know and feel tlie
lowship with us in prayer a t the morn- hottles,. and went away SAVED AND
Power o f God.
ing prayer meetings. Never shall we for- These were n o t blatantly advertized HEALED, and WITH. CHKIST IN
get the hours of intercession, prayer and meetings to draw tltrongs of curious
praise which was the means of drawing to see sensational miraclcs performed. God bless Brother Hardt -and all
us all closer to our precious Lord. but rather did they appeal to those who, like him, are living, preaching
Also, the song service, under the direc- who were earnestly seeking TKUTH. and demonstrating the full-gospel of
tion of Brother Boyd McClellan, Brother Many of those w l i o came recognized Jesus Christ, IN WHOSE NAME wc
Hardts Platform Manager, was such a very quickly that altliougli they were are made every whit whole.
blessing as he led us to sing in the spirit. life-long church members, they had E. N. Bergerstocli, TI3.D.
We extend a hearty welcome to Bm. never known the real experience of York, Penna.
Hardts Evangelistic Party to return to
.York soon.

20 THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954

our baby was healed. Within a few days,
his body and face were perfect. He was
then five months old. He is now ten
(Continued from Page 20) BABY DELIVERED FROM STOMACH months old, and is still healed. I know
it was the Lord who did it.
When Rev. Hardt entered my death- TROUBLE, MOTHER OF ANEMIA
room, something unexplainable radiated We want to give him all the Glory, and
from his countenance. His voice suggested ear Brother Hardt : thank you, Brother Hardt, for your pray
love, his smile radiated faith, his words During your tent meetings conducted e r of Faith. We are constantly praying
were filled with confidence; then he laid here in September, 1952, my.four month for Gods richest blessings on your min-
his hands on me. At the same moment, *old daughter was very ill and we dis- istry.
another hand was laid upon me. Then paired of her life. Her doctor had put her Yours in Christ.
healing virtue, saving grace and a JOY on several different formulas, none of
which satisfied her need. Milk would not Dexter and Ruth Pelley
unexpressible filled my being. I was saved, remain on her stomach any length of St. Johns Newfoundland,
healed and filled with Gods love. ThrFe time even with the help of medicine, in- Canada
days later I was with Brother Hardt in tended to deaden the stomach muscles.
the studio assisting him with his broad- She constantly had diarrhea and was not
cast. What days of Heaven on earth! gaining weight normally.
I will ever thank God for that moment I had only been saved about a month KIDNEY INFECTION GOES
I first met Rev. Hardt. This man seeks and did not understand about pivine
to know God and follow the blue print E A R Brother Hardt:
He has planned for his life, earnestly de- I want to give my testimony of how
siring the route H E has charted for him. Christ my Saviour healed me of a very
His ministry exalts God, ever acknowl- bad kidney infection, in your meeting
edging the Lordship of Jesus Christ. conducted in Newark, Delaware, under
His ministry in the W O R D produces the Gospel tent.
f a i t h and builds confidence and unit9 I had pus in the kidneys and had bccn
among the saints. It is sane, sound, pow forced to take several shots of penicillin,
erful and God-anointed. The greatest Bib!e attempting to clear up the condition. .
scholars and theologians feed from his I heard that many people were being
dynamic expositions of the scriptures. healed in your meetings and decided to
Many nationally prominent attended the attend. After going several nights, listen-
meetings, among whom were Rev. Earl ing to you preach about the healing
N. Bergerstock, TH.D., Chairman of the power of God and seeing people being
National Prohibition Committee (see let- healed, as you prayed for them, I felt
ter from him on page 20),. and Mr. that God would do the same for me.
David King, for many years Prothonotary
of York County, now engaged in the mon- On Sunday night, after you had prayed
Healing. One night during your great for me, I knew that God had touched m y
umental business, who kindly donated the tent meeting I felt that, if you would pray
ground for the huge Gospel tent. body and I wanted to tell others about it
for my baby, God would heal her and He and prove to them that God is a wonder-
Mr. King was there the closing night of did! Praise His Name! Within a few days ful Healer. Therefore, on Monday, I went
the meeting and expressed his gratitude a remarkable change was noticeable. She to my doctor and had a test made, which
in being permitted to share the use of his was now able to take her milk in normal was most encouraging.
ground for this worthy cause; he insists quantities, without medicine. and the
that the ground is the Lords and he is diarrhea disappeared. She immediately God has completely healed me and I
just the care-taker. In his speech he r e began to gain weight and I have not had praise Him for it. I am now anxious to
ferred to a similar meeting conducted in her back to the doctors since. She is now tell everyone of His wonderful healing
York two years ago, by Reverend Hardt. sixteen months old and is a perfectly power.
He stated that many people had come to beautiful, healthy child . Grace Olewine I

him and testified to having been saved Recently the doctor, when in conversa- Elkton, Maryland
and healed in that meeting. He also high- tion with my husband, asked about her
ly praised the work done through this condition. As my husband told him the
city-wide effort and cordially invited the story, he stated that he never expected
Hardt Evangelistic Party to return to her t o live, and her recovery surelywas .DELIVERED FROM
York, Pennsylvania, soon and again use a miracle. I do praise the Lord for His
his land. wonderful healing power and His good- SMOKING CIGARETTES
ness to me. PKAISE GOD for the wonderful revival
In your recent meeting in Newark you that came to Fairmont, W. Virginia, as
prayed for me. God wonderfully healed Evangelist H. E. Hardt ministered.
me of a serious anemic condition, which .
RHEUMATIC FEVER GOES was discovered when I went for an ex- I had smoked cigarettes since I was a
AFTER EVANGELIST PRAY S amination following the discovery that I little girl-cannot remember when I be-
was going to be a mother again. A few gan. (Am now sixtyseven years old.)
EAR BROTHER HARDT: days after prayer I returned to my doctor Brother Hardt preached deliverance i n
I am happy to say that, after six and he said my condition was normal his tent meeting, and I believed the mes-
months of much pain,and misery with the and he seemed greatly surprised. Also sage. I entered the prayer line, and when
Rheumatic Fever, with 41 days in the hos- a sinus condition was immediately healed. Brother Hardt laid his hands upon me,
pital, not being able to work,at all, the To God be all praise! and prayed, I WAS A T ONCE DELIV-
Lord graciously healed m e at yoicr Bible . Mrs. Arthur L. Stigile ERED! I am now happy and free!
Healing Crusade, conducted at The Dear- Newark, Del.
born Tabernacle, Dearborn, Michigan on Mrs. Snow Howard
May 3rd, 1953. HEALED OF ECZEMA Fairmont, W. Virginia
I knew I was healed while you were ear Brother Hardt:
praying for me and I went to work the Our little boy was healed during your
following morning polishing and rubbing, deliverance campaign a t Elm Tabernacle PRAYER HEALS CATARACTS AND
in my usual way, which is really hard in May of this year. When Walter was
work. one month old we noticed a rash coming on DELIVERS FROM SMOKING
I am giving God all the piaise and his body. When a doctor was called, he I WAS immediately healed of cataracts
thank you, Brother Hardt, for praying informed us our baby had exzema and on both my eyes, when Brother Hardt
the prayer of faith for me! gave us two kinds of ointment which I prayed for me. The Lord also delivered
used, but to no avail. Then it began to me from the cigarette habit, after having
Edgar B. King spread over his little face, causing him to been bound for many years. I have not
Detroit, Michigan . become troublesome and restless. desired a cigarette since!
When your meeting was announced, we
Witnessed by wife, decided to take him to you for prayer. Mrs. Mollie Riley
Mrs. Edgar King. When you prayed I was confident that . . , Fairmont, W. Virginia
THE VOICE OF HEALING January, 1954 21,

Are The Results of A Healing

Campaign Permanent?
By Miss tiilda Hefilse
Missionary of the Assemblies of Got1 in Cuba EAR Brother Lindsay:
I t wasnt by accident on the. c h - . D Often since Ive come
home on furlough, Ive heard re-
ing night of the Jeffery Healing
Campaign at the baseball stadium marks expressing doubt as to the
in Santiago de Cuba, on the Island permanent good accomplished
of Cuba, tlmt a delegation ca??e by Healing Campaigns. Some-
f r o m Victoria de las Tunas t o invate
how it grieved my heart. Having

Evangelist Richard E . Jeffery to

their city. They said the people of been an eye witness, as one of
Victoria de las Tunas wished for the the interpreters for Brother R. A .
Jefferys to come to Tunas, and that Jeflery, during. the campaign in
everything could be arranged for a
great campaign there. 1951, in Cuba, 1 feel that the
T h e Mayor of the city of Victoria Healing Campaigns can be the
de las Tunas, upon tlw a m v a l of initiation of a program for the
Evangelist Jeffery, quickly gave con- up-building of believers, and the
sent t o the use of the Baseball Sta- six months after the campaign, a twist-
dium; and the Evangelist began a edification of the church in gen-
ing, hurricane rainstorm interrupted the
campaign i n which thousands of eral. morning worship service, tearing the old
people were saved and heabd. The lt was my privilege to stay canvas to shreds. Hundreds of believers
Mayor of the town estimated the ran for shelter to the new structure a
largest night at a conservative f i g - on, after Brother and Sister Jef-
few feet away. Two days previously the
ure of 24,000 people. fery Igft, to guide-the efforts of roof had been put on. Rain poured in
F o r a full three weeks, thousands the people of Victoria de las where windows had not yet been placed,
of people came front a f a r to find Tunas in the construction of the but a more unique dedication service
health, happiness, salvation and could hardly have been witnessed -up-
healing as Brother Jeffery ? n a n a s - new church, as well as direct the
lifted hands, faces raised toward heaven- -
tered the Word of God, to such a n services in that area. everyone was giving spontaneous grati-
extent thut the largest magazine of Recently I offered a report of tude and praise to God.
the Island of Cuba sent a reporter what has been accomplished in THE CIIURCH - TWO YEARS LATER
to know of a surety if tlwse things Two years huve passed. T h e Iglesia
were true w l ~ i c lthey
~ lmd heard. Victoria de las Tunas to Brother
Evangel ica Pentecostal (Evangelical Pen-
(See reproduction of page f r o m this Jeflery. He suggested that 1send tecostal Church) i s now completely fin-
nmgazane below.) it to you; therefore 1 am enclos- ished and paid for-worth a t least $20,000
Only in that great day when the ing herewith a report of the work in Cuba--$16,000 of which represents the
sheaves are garnered wall w e learn amount the Cuban Christians of this city
,of the exact number who received there and pictures portraying
supplied. The church is a permanent re-
salvation and healing.
- phases of the story. (See on this minder in this twentieth century of what
page.) the Holy Spirit accomplished in a few
Sincerely, in Jesus, months. Several missionaries could not

T H E BASEBALL STADIUM of have done as much i n a lifetime, and the

Miss Hilda Reflke end is not yet.
Victoria de las Tunas, Cuba, Missionary of the
overflowed with thousands of people, TWELVE COUNTRY CHURCHES -
as Brother Richard Jeffrey minis- in Cubn. Within a radius of 25 miles of Victoria
tered the Word of God in demonstra- de las Tunas, 12 country chicrches, Some
tion of power of the Holy Spirit, dur-
of which are new constructions, are under
ing the three weeks Salvation-Heal- the church without charge. Laborers the leadership of Czcban pastors! Thirty
branch Sunduy Schools, with as many
ing Campaign conducted in February, promised hours of work. The enthusias- teachers and officers, make u p a weekly
1951. tic response reminded one of Moses ex- averccge of ouer 1,000 in attendance.
Requests f o r a church in which to perience when he presented the plan for DAILY RADIO PROGRAM
worship came pouring in from those the building of the Tabernacle. These efforts are all tied together,. and
who had been saved and healed. Then A CHURCH BUILT AND DEDICATED to the Mother Church by the daily one-
Providentially, a tattered old tent, seat- half hour radio program from, Victoria
followed the partial donation of a ing 500 people, was erected on the pro- de las Tunas. which reaches out t o a 500
large land site, building materials and posed church site as a temporary place mile area. The Evangelical Hour be-
hundreds of envelopes filled with of worship. Miraculously the church walls gan w i t h donated time during the cant-
money. Business men offered liberal went up, and daily occurrences proved
that God was in the midst of these eager
paign, and is now supported b y the many
lisleners, whose testimonies of Gods -
discounts. A lawyer took care of legal people to bring about their hearts desire. transforming power in their lives cause
matters pertaining to the erection of Sunday morning, September 2, 1951, the churches to grow.
-CONVENTION DIAKY NUNN, wno spoke on The Inzportance nominations. W e are all baptized with onc
(Continued f r o m Page 1 s ) of Being Filled w i t h the fIo1.1~Ghost. Spirit, and have so much in common.
had witnessed, emphasizing that it isnt He told how the Holy Spirit spoke to Every revival should include the min-
the power of any evangelist or preacher, him three years ago and told him to re- istry of healing. Wc should have healing
but the Christ thut liveth i n us! sign his church and go into every city lints in our churches every Sunday night.
Her message was very faith inspiring. God would show him, heal the sick and He made a plea for.al1 to help and en-
* * a * * tell people that Jesus is coming. courage each other, that all refrain from
. He emphasized the importance o f being working each other over. That should
Brother RAYMOND T. RICHEY was full of the Holy Ghost at all times, speak- be left to God.
called on to conclude the afternoon mcet- ing in tongues, and praying for the sick I would summarize his remarks by the
ing. He called f o r prayer for the conven- continuously, also, holiness of life, in ap-
tion, that it would be the greatest ever, following statement:
and that its effects would be felt all over pearance, conduct and speech. *I?Lthis tragic h o w of destiny w i t h
His message was climaxed by three the slmdow of atomic war upon us, we
Chicago.. .. ~: * * very encouraging prophecies being given ? n u s t drop every weight that would hin-
The Wednesday night service was through the Holy Spirit. A wonderful der zLs f r o m working togetlwr . to save
opened with Rev. A. A. ALLEN in charge. spirit o f worship and praise resulted. this doomed world, before the hour of
The speaker for the evening was * * * * * midnight strikes! .
EVANGELIST R. R. VINYARD, who Second Speaker - EVANGELIST MI- This message was also confirmed by a
spoke on The Dominwn of M a n .Over CHAEL MASTRO- glorious prophecy given by the Holy
tlte hlements, with his text being taken He gave his personal testimony of con- Spirit.
version. I l e was a Roman Catholic, pro-
* * * * * .
from Genesis 1:26- The Thursday night service was open-
And God said, L e t u s nmke ?nun fessional tap dancer, with a movie ac-
in our image,.and let them hove do- tors career ahead of him, but one day ed with Brother V E R L E MORGAN lead-
minion over the fish of tlre sea, over he met Jesus-13 years ago, and his life ing the song and worship service.
the foul of the air, over the cattle, was changed completely. At the beginning of the service,. a
and over all the earth, and over every He spoke on The Greatness of Jesus,) VOICE O F IIEALING radio broadcast
c r e e p i y thing that creepeth upon the and told how, in Los Angeles last Janu- was made to be on the air in January.
earth. ary, God told him to go home (to Dallas). The service was in charge of:Brother
He said, one way of obtaining healing He obeyed and found his wife very ill. 1. E. HARDT, who spoke for a few mo-
is through intercession. He gave his per- She died in his arms; however, he pre- ments concerning THE VOICE O F HEAL-
sonal testimony of how God healed can- vailed in faith and she was brought back ING radio ministry.
cer in his body through that medium. to life. Brother DEMAS SHAKARIAN, Presi:
Another way is thrqugh being anointed A prophecy of confirmation was given dent of the Full Gospel Business Mens
with oil and having hands of the elders (through the Holy Spirit) a t the conclu- Fellowship International, spoke for a few
and pastors laid on you. sion of his message, after which healing minutes, telling how Pentecost began in
Another is through the Gifts of hcal- lines were formed and BROTHERS HO- his family 70 years ago in Armenia;, how.
ing. MER PETERSON and JOSEPH DEGRA- an 11 year old boy was directed by the

He emphasized that there .is, only ONE DO ministered. Spirit to write for seven days and nights
* * * * * -prophesying of the things to come, the
Man of the Hour-JESUS CHRIST-! massacre o f Armenians by Mohamme-
However, many men and women are co- For~- the~~-afternoon service Brother
workers with Him.
~ ~~ ~~~

BILL LEWIS conducted the song service.

~~ ~ ~~~~~

dans, and how his people were told to

Brother R A Y M O N D T. RICI-IEY had come to America.
He sought to help those who had been They obeyed God and have prospered
prayed for but had not received healing, charge of the introductions as each VOICE in business here. He is now being used
by reminding them that the resurrection O F -HEALING evangelist present was by God in organizing and promoting F u l l
of Christ is proof that all things.were called to the platform and asked to speak Gospel Businessmens Fellowships.
conquered-even death. one minute each. * * * * *
Moses took dominion over the ele- Special time was given to Rev. A. A. The speaker for the evening was Broth-
ments when he took a rod and command- WILSON, Rev. GAYLE LEWIS. Rev. er GAYLE JACKSON, who preached the
ed the sea lo roll aside. JACK MOORE, Rev. H. W. POTEET, Rev. H o l y Glwst R a l l y Service.
- Joshua look dominion over the ele- GRAVLIN, and Dr. MITCHELL, who He told of how thousands, all over
ments when he commanded the sun to spoke their appreciation of the great America, have received this marvelous
stand still. work that God is doing during these last experience from God as hands have been
Many today have not received victory days. laid on them.
because they have not taken dominion Dr. R. BRIANT MITCHELL, General Several prophecies came through the
over the elements that trouble them. Superintendent of the Open Coor Church, Holy Spirit confirming the promise of
(A mighty prophecy with promise was spoke of the move of God 22 years ago. the Holy Ghost to the people:
given here. God (through the Holy Spirit) in which Divine Healing was prominent. About 200 came forward to receive the
instructing people to take their dominion in which he came into the Full Gospel baptism of the FIoly Spirit, many. of
and that He would honor faith.) experience. whom received, as ministers laid hands
Old Jordan never had healing power Dr. W. B. TEAFORD, who is Associate on them.
before nor since, but it did the day Naa- Pastor of Angelus Temple, spoke of how m i a m . . .
man was Commanded by the Prophet to Divine Healing had been a permanent
go jump in the river! That was an f a c h r in the founding and growth of the Friday, December 1 1
example of the power of God over the ele- Foursauare Movement. I-Ie snoke his a D - EVANGELIST .VELMER GARDNER
ments. preciaiion -of such a fellowship as THE opened the Friday morning song service
When Elijah breathed life into the VOICE O F HEALING and mentioned and introduced the two speakers of the
nostrils of the widows dead son, that that.a number of THE VOICE OF IIEAL. morning, EVANGELIST L. D. HALL and
was an example o f dominion over the ING evangelists were going to be speak- EVANGELIST L. C. RORIE; who gave.
element o f death. ers a t the Temple. He also gave an invi- the interesting accounts of what the de-
If youll take your place in God, you tation f o r the next VOICE O F HEAL- liverance ministry had meant to churches.
wont have to travel afar to Thc man ING Convention to be held in Angelus where they had ministered this year. Rev.
of the hour, you can go to the Man of Temple. _._ _.. _..
... .:. _._ ....._
.. ... Hall is pastor of the Revival Center Tab.
the Cross! ernacle in Grants Pass, Oregon, and is an
F a i t h will reverse the elements! Third Speaker - Brother R A L P H evangelist also.
A large number responded to the altar RIGGS, General Superintendent of the BROTHER HALL said in his message
call. Mass prayer for all who sought heal- Assemblies of God. that he -had a very definite vision of a
ing was made as BROTHER ALLEN He spoke on the thought that, We th.e powerful ,ministry of faith operating not
asked each person in the audience to lay Strong, Ought t o Bear the Infirniities of only in the evangelists lives, but .in the
hands on someone else and pray for him tlte Weak.. local churches. His own church, while
or her. We are to rqceive one another, as a t Grants Pass, was a remarkable demon-
m m m Christ also received us. stration of the power of this ministry
He emphasized courtesy and consider- within a local congregation. As a result
Thursday, December 10 . ation one f o r another, walking humbly
of that ministry a tabernacle seating
E V A N G E L I S T MICHAEL MASTRO with God and with each other. several thousand was built.
opened the service on Thursday morning The imperfection in all of us demands Rev. Robie was long known as the Fly-
with. song and prayer, then introduced that we forbear each other. We belong ing
. - Parson, as he piloted. his own Globe
the first speaker, EVANGELIST DAVID to each other-though not in some de- (Continued on Page 2 4 )

THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954 \


(P. 0. Box 8595, Dallas, Texas) (11699 Denton Drive, Dallas, Texas) (900 N. Karlov Ave., Chicago, Ill.)
Minneapolis, Minn.............Dec. 31Jan. 10 E l m i , New York.................. January 10 Portland, Oregon........................ Jan. 10-17
Location: Minneapolis, Evangelistic Location: Strand Auditorium Location: First Assembly of God Ch.
Auditorium, 22 North 7th St. 311 East Market St. Contact: Rev. N. D. Davidson
Contact: Rev. Russell H. Olson GAYLE JACKSON Box 2015
2501 Fremont North, Zone 11 (46 Lark St., New Orleans 24. La.) Antioch, California.................... Jan. 24-31
Overseas-Cuba .......................... Jan.-Feb. Minneapolis, Minn..................... December Contact: Rev. R. M. Catlett,
PAUL CAIN (duration indefinite) 801 Oakley Highway
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Clovls, New Mexico Jan. 24-26 Auditorium, Location: New Evangelistic Temple
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February W. 6th, Hy. 62
OversebPhilippine Islands Contact: Rev. David M. Carlson. Chm. Contact: Rev. C. R. Albritton .
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(Rt. 3, Box 504, Springfield, Mo.) Contact: Rev. Harvey A. Krist, Co-Chm. Old Mexico .......... :............................ April
Evansville, Indiana................Beg. Jan. 31 1436 Housemanhe,. or RUSSELL B. PARK.
( 3 weeks) Rev. Waldo E. Risner, 00-Chm.
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(711 N. Main, Malvern, Ark.) (Next to Central Assemblv o f God Ch.) Contact: Rev. 0. W. Klingsheim
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Myers, Fla.)
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Indianamlis. Ind .........
.............. March 4 Contact: Rev. Wm. Kautz
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(467 Pennsylvania Ave., York, Penna. 1 918 E. 66th St., Hamlin, Penna............................:....... March
Charleston Heights, S. C........... Jan. 10-31 Contact: Rev. William Totman,. . Contact: Rev. George W. Clement,
Location: First Assembly of God Pastor, Chm. Box 34, Hamlin
Church, 208 Chestnut Ave. Waco, -Texas................................ April 1 Trenton, New Jersey .......................... April
(No Service on Monday nights) Contact: Rev. Hardy G. Weathers, Syracuse, N. Y. ..................................... May
Contact: Rev. Frank Cottingham, . I 2412 Alexander Moosic, Penna........................ JulyAugust
Pastor Plainview, Texas............................ April 26 Location: Full Gospel Tabernacle
Florida...................... February and March Contact: Rev. Louie ,Shultu. Los Angeles, Calif..................... November
Location: lb be announced later 511 West 12th St. Location: Angeles-Temple

ARE THE RESULTS OF A HEALING tians into a closer. union with the Lord of Gods Spirit in the World Today, and
CAMPAIGN PERMANENT? and with one another. said that we can more and more expect
. I t has been the privilege of Misses a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
By Miss Hilda Reffke Hilda Reffke and Ethel. McClendon t o as the approaching o f . our Lord draws
serve as counselors for the believers in nearer.
(Continued from Page 221 , this area. He emphasized that PRAYER will turn
PASTOR SHEPHERDS ARE CUBANS the tide against Satan. Gave a marvelous
MOST IMPORTANT O F ALL, the pas- CONVENTION DIARY illustration from his recent meeting. At
tor of the Mother Church as well as first it seemed there was no moving of
the Shepherds of all the country (Continued from Page ,&I God nor blessing. Only a few people were
churches are Cubans-the dream of every Swift plane and went from one meeting coming. God laid a great burden upon
missionary - to see the nationals come to another by plane. The Lord has used him, as though it was the burden of the
into their own in spiritual leadership. him gloriously in the deliverance minis- whole world upon his own heart. He
Every two months a local fellowship could not rest. He could only pray. How-
meeting brings these enthusiastic Chris- His theme was- The Great Moving (Continued on Page 281
24 9 / THE VOICE OF HEALING January,1954
. .
. . .I_ .I .... F........
..-. .n...., ....
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Palm City, C9lif...............Dec. 27Jan. 10 Overseas-herto RLco.............. Jan.. Feb. Contact: Rev. Z.E. Miles
Location: Assembly of God Church and March 744 5th St:

ryE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954 25

A review of events of t h i s year
of crisis _-

power in the. U. S., as to alarm inany the innssi\,e clikc system ol Holland and
citizens of both major political parties. inundating one-sixth of the country. Thu\
Eisenhower, a war hero having been one inore sign of the end time \vas ful-
elected by a resounding popular vote, now filled. Jesus speaking of these events s;iitl,
dedicated himself to the halting o f this i n T ~ k 21
e :25-
process of centralization. If a real peace "There shall bt. s i g n s . . . u p o n t h r
came, perhaps he 'might succeed. But curth, distrcss of tiutions . . . t h e sea
would it come ? There was one encourag- and t h e waves roaring."
ing portent on the-day o f thc inauguration These words of Jesus, no doubt, arc at1
when Eisenhower, after having been allusion to disasters such as occurred in
sworn in, requested that the notables gath- the Lowlands during the month o f Feb-
ered about him,,should bow their heads in ruary.
prayer, while he prayed for Divine guid-
ance; for only i f , and when, this nation .MAIKH,' 1953; SI'ALIN DIES
S T R A N G E A E R I A L O B J E C l shown surround-
, ed by halo. This picture was sent to us b y bows before God in dcep repentance is F o r many years the Ihissian Commu-
' a D u t c h t e c h n i c i a n n a m e d N y l a n d ; it there hope of averting Divine judgment. nist .Government had been held in the iron
.was taken b y him from the roof of a fac-. grip o f Joseph Stalin, a'. man endowed
tory in Delft. The round white:. halo sur- FEBRUARY, 1953, GREATEST OCEANIC with a diabolical passion. for personal
rounding the blatk dot wa: not visible t o power anc1.a genius for retaining it. He
the naked eye. Speed oftth:e object, was February catne and the greatest flood had one goal in life and that was to be-
f a s t e r that a Sabre jet fighter. ,
in the history o f Europe. at least sincc 'come master of the world. During his life-
the Middle Ages (when the dikes were time he succeeded i n bringing one-ha1 i
ASWE' HAVE taken note before, pro- much weaker) took place. The unparal- the population of the world within thc
phetic students have looked forward leled intensity o f the storm, which rolled Communist, orbit. B y ,evasive tactics, by
to the year 1953-54 as being a time o f across the great Atlantic, was the result his shrewd, oriental cunning, through. or-
crisis, marking climactic world changes. of a rare combination o f destructive mc- ganized fifth column agents,. by ceaseless
(Note: Bible years begin in April, hence teorological forces. Cyclonic air r~iove- maneuverings' o f international intrigye, hc
'the usc o f the term 1953-54)..As this is ments from the south n~icl~froin the north succeeded in enslaving vast populations
written, the calendar year 1953 is drawing coIIicIctI and rolled eistwird to\\arc1 Euro- and exploiting their manpower and re-
.to -a close and, looking back on the past pcnn shores. At ;lie same time wlar titles, sources in .a.gigantic conspiracy to Com-
12 months, we are compelled to aclrnit combining with those of the moon, ;IS the niunize the world.
that these anticipatioiis haw been amply equ i nos tl rew iicar, p o n w f LI I1y augmcn tecl :. Then, a1inos t without warning, t lic
'.justified. L e t us noticc thc drxiiatic cori- the force of the storni. All thew factors news reached the world that Stalin had
'tinuity .of cvcnts that have takcn place togcthcr rcsultcd i n the ocban- pcnctmting died. 'I'here \wre \vliisperings that he had
during the past )-vir ,ant1 which certainly
.will continue into 1954.

On January 20, 1953, the "New Deal-

F a i r Deal" turned over the reins o f gov- WRECKAGE
ernment to President-elect Eisenhower, A N D DEBRIS
.who on that day. wasiinaugqrated as chief washed u p

'magistrate of .the nation. This great

against build-
ings in village
change inl.:the' national administration o f O u d o
presaged a year fraught with tremendous Tonge on
developments. I n keeping wjth the his- island of Goe-
toric nature o f the occurrence is the fact
ree Overflak-
kee, Holland,
,that almost half the population of America after water re.
was able via television to be eye witnesses ceded. Loss of
, t o the event:, . life and prop-
e r l y domage
I n the past twehty years there has been was terrific.
a steady and ominous centralization of .. .

-26 THE VOICE OF HEAL1N.C: 0. January. 19%

been poisoned, or had died under. mys- JULY, 1953, THE FALSE PEACE ~
miles i n diameter ! These same scientists
terious circumstances. For the yoment, O n July 27, a truce;&as. signed iri tell us that i f a fleet of hostile planes
the world hoped. Perhaps a new regime Korea, a i d the war that was called ;I should invade American skies, certainly
would dedicate itself to peace. There \vas police action but which has cost t h c : some of them would get through ! Arrna-
a lull in the aggressive tactics of the mas- U. S. a hundred billion dollarsand nearif geddon is at the doors !
ters of the Kremlin while they jockeyed 1.50,OOO casualties, nomirinlly came to ail SEPTEMBER, 1953, ROME BACK IN
for position-but only for a brief period: end ; but there was no celebration or hilar- . .THE NEWS
Since then, events have transpired which ity in America. Everyorie linew that noth- After .Mussolinis debacle in Italy, when
show that Communist leaders have .not ing had been settled. American boys \vi!! his regime with I-Iitlers tottcrcd and fell,
changed one- whit. their goal of world still go to Korea. T h e draft i s 10 bc many have written Rome off, in further
domi iiat ion. stepped, up, instead of down. Tlic cost o i prophetic- dcvclopment. .However, the
the military cstablishmcnt will not be, Ics- scene changes fast. Italy is again back iii
scned. The mad race of atomic armanicnts the news. Trieste, long a bonc.of conten-
The month o i April cnmc, ;is the nation will continue aiid tlle cold war.will go on. tion between 1.taly and Yugoslavia, breaks
was swept by a series o i tornadoes, of T h e hour whenlit will turp into a hot war into the..news as this issue flames into
Almost unprecedented destructiveness. of world-wide proportiolii steadily d r a y s a bitter dispute between these countries.
Never before, in the history of America, ncnrer. America had made certain promises to
had a cyclone struck the center of a busi- Ttaly regarding Trieste in :in effort to ,
ness district of a large city such as thc HYDROCEN BOMB! kecp;Italy out of the Communist orbit.
one which hit WiCo, Texas. T h e blow hit Some sadly misguided prophetic writers T h a t was before Tito broke. away from
with such force that buildings as high a-s ariticipitcd that August 20 would inark Moscow:-Now the U. S. and I3ritain want ,
six storicsiberc Icvclcd, and; over a hun- the date of the. Sccond Coniing of Christ, to keep both Italy and Yugoslavia on tlieii-
dred people lost their lives -as the. vo-itex despite the fact that the Scriptures havk side. T h e demands of the two powers ir-
ojf. ,the tornado, passed over. In Flint, warned repeatedly against setting dates reconcilably .conflict and violent denion-
Michigan, and i n the New England for the coining of the L o r d ; the time of strations are taking place in both?.coun-
states, these whirling horrors wrought de- Christs coming is known not even to tries. Does this presage other prophetic
struction with such fury as to raise the Himself, but to the Father only (Mark developments of great import and i n thosc
question in thc minds of- some scientists 13 :32). . . : .
nations? W c belicvc it docs.
whether these atmospheric -convulsions It is a remarkable coincidence; how- I t will be noted that in. Nebuchadncz-
had some connection witli.thc radio-active ever, t h a t A u g u s t 20 marked . t h e d a y zars vision,,Rome was represented as the
dust released in thc..atmosphere by. the of t h e m o s t fearful announcement that last empire o f ,the Gentile nations. (Dan.
estensive atoinic bomb tests ,condtlcted at America has ever received i n h e r his-
2) Is it not likely that events of great
Yucca Flats.. . ::. I .. .. . . iory! It was bad enough when thc news significance re soon to transpire in the
MAY, 1953,. DISCOVEKY OF SECRET OF came that Russia had the atomic bomb. nation of which Rom: i s the Capitol ? Thc
BREEDIFG AT0M.C FUEL Scientists told us howcvcr, that it would flare-up at Trieste may be a harbinger o i
, As men contcmplated the feirlul pros- -be a long time before the Communists .this.
pect of unrestricted atomic warfare, they would learn how to .produce the I-Iydrogai OCTOBER; 1953, ISRAEL BREAKS INTO?
were partly reassured ,by the fact that or the -.,Hell bomb. But on August 20. . TIIE NEWS
the ores from which atomic bombs were U. S..scientists announced that the Sov- I n October, the F a r East was rocked
-made werc comparatively rare. But dur- .jets had, in some yay, learned the secret ! by newsthat a detachment of Jewish sol-
Eussia had exploded a hydrogen. bombt * diers had made an authorized punitive raid
ing the month of May a discovery was
m;ide that was revolutionGry. Ey a certain beyond doubt-the bomb which has poiver on an -4rabian village in Jordan, resulting
secret process it has becn found that fo!- to destroy e\;crything in an area for 20 (Continued on Page 28)
each pound of uranium ~-cducedfrom thc
natural ores, another pbund of atomic T E R R I F I C TOLL O F T O R N A D O E S s t r u c k d u r i n g the month of A p r i l . B e l o w is a scene from
Fuel may be created in the process ! T h u s the Waco, T e x a s d i s a s t e r . .
the amount .,::of atomic f u e l potentially
available is-practically limitless. One can
visualize the fearful possibilities thit lic
in this discovery. Tlic first baby atoiiiic
bonib used at I-Iiroshiiiia \ v x of sufficient
powcr to destroy that Lily, hut atoniic
progrcss has trnvclctl far sincc that: chy
in August,, 1945: .

. AS we ha& mci!tionccI, ,witIi die cIe:itIi

oi Stalin, there \\;ISn hope expressed. in
many quarters tliit a nPw ruid niore demo-
ci-atic rcginic would be. inaugurated iii
I<ussia. None o i tIic mcnt ..Malenlcov in-
.cIutletl. stbod nut ;IS grcnt Icaders and it
m s thought t h a t . pcrhaps the Commu-
nistic threat to world pcacc would dimin-.
ish.,All s u c h hopes were dooined. A t the
ilcnth of Stalin there was ;iii. immediate
s!i:uggle for power between Malenkov
:ind 13eria, chief of the secret, police.
Maleiikov won out and l3eria faces death
.before a firing squad, a form of. punish-
rnent he, himself, is quite familiar with.

TEiK VOICE OF HEALING 0 January. 19% 27

THE AMAZING YEAR O F 1953-54 phecy. What could be a more logical rca- Perhaps the most significant development
son for doing this than that o f clefending of thc ncar futurc is the imminent
. Cordon Lindsay
the Arab world ? United States of Europe-a super
European government. Revelation 17

(Continued jroA.Page 27) NOVEMBER, 1953, ANNOUNCEMENT OF
THE G-GAS HORROR speaks o f tcn powers uniting together to
- in the. loss of. many lives., I t was a , savage give their strength to the Beast. I;or years
lt s e e m difficult to think that therc i s

raid, but the J e y defended their action there has bccn talk of a United States of
saying that it had been nccessary because anything that can compare with the de- Europc, but the nations were too individ-
for many months Arabs crossed their structive power o f the atomic and hydro- ualistic to do more than talk about it. But
borders at night and massacred from one gen bombs. Yet a solemn announccment the dread Russian menace has, at least,
to a dozen o f their citizens in each-sortie. ,was made in the nionth o f November of driven the nations o f Europe to the point
The Jews claimed that i l l that time. hun- a new poisonous gas o f chilling terror. I t where they are wililng to relinquish a part
dreds o f their nationals .haw been killed is called the G-gas. Tt is claimed that both of their sovereignty to form a Giiropean
and some kind o f measures had to be the U. S. ancl Russia have this gas. Under -4rmp. European statesmen predict that
taken to stop the.murderous attacks. proper conditions one plane could drop
enough gas to destroy all human life in a union of Europe will take place early
T h e result of the raid, however, ,was to in 1954. I f this happens, certainly we
fan the flames o f hatrcd.in the Arabs to an area of one hundred square miles. shall know that we are closc to the end.
a white heat, insomuch that open war T h e secret of this lethal poison is the pe-
Tremendous as have been the events o f

seemed imminent. Thcse developments i n culiar effect it has upon the nerves. It
the month uf October underscore thc ir- works on human beings the same way the year 1953, every evidence points to
reconcilable aniiiiosity that exists between that insecticides work on bugs. G-gas can- the fact that these are only preparatory
the two peoples. During our recent tour not be sccn and it has no odor ancl the for still greater and more climactic events
through the Holy Land,this bitterness was only protection is a properly designed gas of the near future.
evident everywhere. Arabs ordinarily are mask Y e t one man, wearing a defec- Surely in view o f these dramatic devel-
individualists and are not easily enticed by tive mask which allowed a very small opments, every thinking man and woman
Communist promises. But Arab emotions amount of gas to leak through and reach should be looking and preparing for thc
noiv have reached a point in which thcy hrs lungs, almost lost his life. H e was Second Coming o f Christ. Wlzen yc see
eagerly loolc f o r any ally to help them. rushed to a hospital and escaped death by these tlzings comc t o pars, then know that
The Arabs claim they have bccn betrayed the narrowest of margins. the kingdom of God is at hand. May
by thc English and Americans and: may DECEMBER, 1953, PREDICTION F O R . God grant that every rcader of thew
now be ready for.some kind o f under- THE FUTURE-THE UNITED STATES pages may be ready when the desire
standing with the Communists. Certainly OF EUROPE (hope) of all nations, the King o f Glory,
Rosh-or Russia, according to Ezelciel 38, As w e write, the month o f December ii comes in the clouds of heaven. Even so,
is to mm-ch South inrfulfillment o f pro- yet to come. What does the future hold? come quickly L o r d Jesits!
. -

. in the
By Velmer Gardner

z,Iru,r H I ,,tm.r
( A n exposure of Father, Divine!)
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CONVENTION DIAKY ment being made on the mind of a Chris- The speaker for the closing nights
(Continued f r o m Page 241 tian lady dying with cancer. service was EVANGELIST A. A.ALLEN,
ever, he prayed through about 4:OO oclock He told of how God healed him of who was introduced by Brother G. W.
one afternoon and knew that God would heart trouble. (The story of his scientific KAMPFER.
change things. That night people came experiment was carried in the October Heygave an account of. the dealings of
from everywhere and he had the great- 1933 issue of TVH.) God .in his life, leading him into a
est outpouring o f the Spirit o f God a n d Since his conversion, he has been filled fuller ministry of deliverance. He told
a great revival. with the Holy Spirit and has dedicated how he, a t one time, used all the mu-
His message was an effective climax his life to the full time work of the min- sical instruments, chalk illustrations and
of the series of meetings which had car- istry of Christ. any other form of artistic entertainment
ried out this theme. E V A N G E L I S T WILBUR OGILVIE he had at his command, in an endeavor
After the morning service, Evangelist brought the closing afternoon message, to secure invitations to large churches.
ALTON HAYES prayed for the sick. giving many interesting accounts of un- However, one day the Lord told him that
His remarkable ministry of Discern- usual deliverances in his ministry, after if he would do 13 things, which the Lord
ment produced an unusual effect upon the which time was given for pastors to listed f o r him, He would give him a min-
audience, as through that Gift the dis- speak who had found deliverance meet- istry of the miraculous.
eases and circumstances in each case was ings to be beneficial to their churches. . The Lord showed him then that the
revealed, thus building u p the individuals Pastor, Rev. HANSEL P. VIBERT, of world was on the verge of the greatest
faith f o r healing. Evansville, Indiana, told of the wonder- revival it had ever known.
* * * * * ful growth of his church since he began Friday afternoon, as Brother ALLEN
I n the afternoon service, the audience having healing revivals. Beginning 8 was praying in his hotel room, tlre Lord
. was thrilled to hear the personal testi- years ago with a very small number, he spoke audibly t o him and told him that
mony of Dr. N. J.Stowell, the noted Nu- is now preparing to build a church seating many were zn the stream o f revivalonly
clear sdentist, who was recently mn- 2,000. up to their knees but that, from that
verted a s a result of a scientific experi- * * * * * (Continued on Page 8 9 )
28 THE VOICE OF HEALING January, 1954

those interviewed, declared Dick Dever-

all, AFL Representative in the Far East.
The middle-class intellectuals are up
in arms at what they consider the degene-
ration of the morals of many Japanese
because of GI influence. The Communists
and Left Socialists are having a field day
developing anti-Americanism according to
the Communist blueprint used in the Go
Home Yankee demonstrations during the
last years of the Chiang Kai-shek regime
on the China mainland. Both the Com-
munist. Left Socialists and the ultra-
rightist organizations. under the Rising
Sun flag, are protesting violation of the
sacred soil of Nippon by the foreign in-
vaders (Le.. the U. S. Army).
I do not know all the answers, but I
do know that unless and until we realize
that American-Japanese r e l a t i o n s are
rapidly deteriorating in the eyes of the
Japanese--it will reach the point where
we may see what happened in China only
RUNNING TO AND F R O SPIRITUAL DECLINE a few years ago, concluded Mr. Deverall.
The fall of Japan to Russian communism
T H E R E A R E approximately 54 million Old-time religious disapproval of ball- is indicated for the closing days of this
motor vehicles in this country, being room dancing and card playing isnt what dispensation (Isaiah chapter 41, and Reve-
operated by some 67 million drivers ovcs it used to be in many churches today, lation 16:12). The present trend in Japan
3,333,000 miles of streets and highways, according to George W. Cornell, Associ- is in accord with the prophecies of Gods
traveling about 550 billion miles a year, ated Press Church Affairs writer. Al- word and only serves to emphasize how
according to a recent report by W. F . though the attitude vanes from church near we must now be to the second corn-
Hufstader, vice president of General Mo- to church, comments from denominational ing of Christ.
tors. Fortyfour million of these vehicles officials show most major religious bod-
are passenger cars . . . one for every four ies incline toward a more flexible view. OIL IN ISRAEL
persons in the country. Sixty million Not long ago, dances in church halls were
Americans ride in automobiles every day. considered daring rarities. Now theyre Israel announced recently it would be-
The bus, too, occupies a dominant place commonplace. Many church groups, par- gin drilling for oil to augment natural
in the matter of transportation. Local bus ticularly women, have their bridge clubs. resources developed in the past few years.
lines carry more than 10 billion passen- The overall situation represents a con- Announcing that borings would be started
gers annually. Inter-city buses now carry trast to a generation ago. when such ac- in the wasteland areas of the Dead Sea,
more passengers than the railroads do. tivities were widely denounced from the Development Minister Dr. Dov Joseph told
School buses take 7 million children to pulpit, says Mr. Cornell. Spiritual leth- the Jerusalem economic conference there
and from school, according to Mr. I I u f - argy and departing from the faith are are definitely good grounds for hoping
stader. When we take into consideration spoken of as signs of the last days in that we shall find oil. He said Israels
the number of other people who travel by Matthew 2 4 2 2 , and I Timothy 4:l. development of natural resources has
train and by air, it is certain that this is gone so well that our position has im-
the day of running to and fro as spoken SEOTLIGITC ON JAPAN proved to an almost incredible extent.
The largest discovery, he said, has been
of in Daniel 12:4 as a sign of the last of phosphate deposits, with one field con-
days. A change of the neutralist policy to
one of supporting the so-called peace taining an estimated 100 million tons of
PERSECUTION OF JEWS loving powers-the Soviet Union and Red phosphate rock. Newly found iron ore. to-
China-indicates a definite leftist trend gether with the scrap iron available. will
Reliable refugee sources have reported among the labor leadership in Japan, as sufice in the first stage to produce 70,000
the receipt of information from behind evidenced during the recent fourth regu- tons of steel yearly.
the Iron Curtain indicating a revival of lar convention of Sohyo, the major labor Israeli geologists have also proved the
the anti-Semitic campaign that marked federation of Japan, representing more existence of copper ore sufficient to yield
Soviet policy prior to Stalins death. than half of the organized workers, when 100,000 tons of metallic copper and esti-
According to reports, deliberate persecu- they met in Tokyo. mated that additional ore quantities can
tion of Jews has started again in Ro- An anti-American movement in Japan be found to yield another 300,000 tons. In
manla and Czechoslovakia. causing fear is now reaching alarming proportions. the southern Dead sea plant where w r k
in refugee Jewish circles that Soviet Pre- Two recent newspaper polls indicate the has just been resumed, 200 tons of potash
mier Georgi Malenkov may be reviving sharp shift in public sentiment since last per day is being turned out, and probably
year. One poll by the Asahi Sinbun. a twice that much per day by the end of
Stalinist policy concerning the Jews. In- large national daily newspaper, shows 1954. When the Lord shall build u p Zion,
tense persecution of Jews is prophesied in that pro-American feeling within the past he shall appear in his glory. Psalm
Jeremiah 30:g-T. year has dropped from 55 to 35 percent of 102: 16.

CONVENTION DIARY and the fullness 2 f the Holy Spirit in ence in the congregation, stating that
(Continued f r o m Page 28) the local churches. he had always deeply appreciated Brother
lime on, there would be ?>zanylaunching The Church is i n her final stages of Branham and counted him as one of his
preparation. Soon the trumpet will sound dearest of friends.
out fully into the stream waist deep and we will rise to be with our Lord.
.and would swim in tlte great flowing river Oh Glory! We are on the last lap o f the Thus the great Four Day Convention
of this revival tide. journey. Let us remain faithful until closed, with people praising God for His
He said, Tonight, the Lord has meas- that day when we shall behold Him in blessing. How many ministers attended,
ured off another 1,000 cubits o f what the clouds of glory and hear Him say, it is impossible to say, but a t least five
H e promised! (Ezekiel 4731-5.) You lmve been faithful, enter now into hundred stood in a single service, when re-
Things have happened in this Conven- the joy o f o u r Lord! quest was made for all ministers present
AMEN! to stand.
tion that are going to get us into the
middle of the stream where the Lord has Word came to the platform that Brother As the people went fmm the Conven-
promised us we can go, through His Branham had come into the meeting dur- tion to their various homes, all had the
power! ing the song service. feeling that God was going to give His
Brother and Sister Ministers, we have At the close of the service, Brother people the greatest year of victory and
not been emphasizing enough. the Gifts Lindsay stood and acknowledged his pres- blessing they have ever had(

THE VOICE O F HEALING January, 1954 29





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MESSAGES OF FAITll! 1. Is the baptism of the Holy Ghost scriptural. and for
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only for the Apostles time ?
call to the H e u p Klnistry. 3. Why do we speak of hel!? Does it exist? Where is it 7

4 . What rules would you glve a . n e w convert7
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The illustrated story of
Gives details of their revivals in Jamaica, Puerlo
Rico, Haiti, Cuba and Panama.
TIONS IN COLOR. The most beautifully illus-
trated book we have ever carried.
You will be challenged by these thrilling accounts of their
being arrested by police, having campaign suspended, police DO YOU HAVE
28,000 p r e s e n t 4 o v e r n o r closes
fire on believers and-with
0 Here is a book which shows what can
be accomplished by a lady missionary
when she carries the message of deliv-

NEW EDITION OFF T H E P R E S S ! erance to the worlds unsaved!
0 With doors in Ethiopia and Egypt al-
Secure your copy nowl most closed to ordinary missionary
The William Branham Sermons .effort,
WI1LIAM;I Edited by Gordon Lindsay
Entered these countries, preached to crowds .of
A Few of the Sermons: 25,000-and secured the co-operation of the na-

1. How God Called Me to Africa tional leaders!

2. Watchman. What of the Nicht
3. Exploits of Faith

. I Beautifully Bound!
4; Gods Power in Healing and Judgment
144 Pages of Challenging Adventures!
There Are Many More lncluded Miracles of Deliverance!
PRICE $1.50
Amazing Photographs!
Inspiring Messages!
W H A T OTHERS SAY: A book that will thrill you
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0 The Book the Devil Dared the Author to Write!
0 A mighty revelation to all-yet thomughly scriptural THE VOICE OF HFALIXC-BOX 8650, DALIAS, TEXAS
and doctrinally sound!
Packed with richest sermon material for the Minister.
Does not disagree with fundamental Full Gospel sound 50,OOO MILES OF iWISSIONARY MIRACLES
.doctrine ! BY Lester F. Sumrall
0 A comDlete inmirational text book-the only book of its
kind in print t6day. Contains the unusual missionary expe-
0 Warns youof the One Demon that Domineers Eight Out riences of Lester and Louise %Sumrall.
of E v e n Ten People in the.World Today!.
0 Tells h6w to identify and cast out demons. Stranger than fiction, yet tru-in-
on this book It is the account of their 50,000 mile
honeymoon to win souls to Christ, a
tour which took them from Nova SCO-,
$1.50 to $1.00 tia to Argentina. Cloth bound.

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