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TIONG, Gilbert Charles K. Jan.

19, 2016
SPEECOM, 4th Year C39
4:15PM 5:45PM AG1108

Homework based on Impromptu Speech

Topic 1: What does a perfect lifestyle mean?

On this question, I agree on the speakers definition of what a perfect lifestyle would most likely
be. His belief on what a perfect lifestyle would be one wherein he/she would be happy with his
life and that one must have to fail in order for one to achieve something in life. He also believed
that one should not compare his life with others, as this would simply discourage him in living
his life. On my understanding of the question, I believe that the perfect lifestyle does exist, but its
definition varies from one person to another. Our life is the most precious gift one would receive
and yet how we live this life is the hardest task one would ever face in his/her entirety of time. A
number of people would perceive that the perfect lifestyle would be travelling the world,
experience new adventures and gaze at the various wonders. On the other hand, some would
believe that the perfect lifestyle would be a simple one such as spending time with his/her family,
but with these ideas in a persons mind; one should not forget the possible hardships that would
come while living this perfect lifestyle. With this, my understanding of what a perfect lifestyle
would be a state wherein one would be able to do certain actions and activities that would satisfy
his/her needs and wants and being able to conquer all challenges and problems that one would
face as time passes. If one would be able to achieve this, he/she would be living the perfect life
and he/she should enjoy every second that passes by as life is truly very short.

Topic 2: Name 3 luxurious cars that matters to you and state the reason why you chose
these 3 cars?

I agree with what the speaker answered regarding the Ferrari being one luxury car that one
should have, but I believe the car brand of Aston Martin and Rolls Royce would pose a more
challenging choice against the Ferrari. The classic Ferrari has been well known to me even as a
child. During the times wherein I would watch movies, the rich people would be riding in their
red Ferraris and drive fast over the horizon. That red Ferrari was also one of my favorite Hot
Wheels toy cars I had when I was young due to its cool features. For the brand Aston Martin, this
choice was highly influenced by the James Bond films wherein this would be his signature car.
When I was young, I really wanted to become a secret agent like James Bond, but as I grew up, I
slowly came to realize that the dream was only a dream, but even acquiring an Aston Martin car
would definitely make me feel young again and live my dream, to wear a clean looking tuxedo
and ride the car in style like a secret agent. Last but not the least would be the Rolls Royce. This
last car is one that is special to my heart as this is one of the cars that I really would like to buy in
the future using my own money. In the Philippines, owning a Rolls Royce car really exudes that
you are financially capable. The Rolls Royce car is somewhat different from other luxury cars in
a sense that this car seems to be more bulky in size and that it looks like a classic car as
compared to other brands. When one of my uncles bought one and let me ride me in it, I felt that
this brand of car is what I like, not only with its design but also its engines and auto parts in a
sense that it makes use of sturdy and first class parts.

Topic 3: If you would be given a chance to cheat on a final exam so that you get a 4.0 and
you are also a graduating student, would take the chance?

This question is one of the easier questions that I have heard so far in our impromptu speech
activity and I totally agreed with the answer provided by the speaker. The speaker answered the
question by stating that one should not even try to cheat as this would lead to various awful
consequences notwithstanding if one would be caught or not. The speaker was influenced by
pressure from her parents, and this made me realized that I felt the same way. Growing up in a
very traditional Chinese Family and being the eldest child is a hard experience for me, as I have
to become a role model to my younger siblings by being able to do various extra-curricular
activities and also be a top-performing student. This belief that I need to grow up to become a
successful man was pressuring me and until now, I still feel the pressure coming from my
parents, but the pressure coming from my parents is now lighter, because I understood that
everything that they said to me would eventually make me a better man. With this, I believe that
if I were given the chance, I would gladly not cheat and just try my best in trying to answer the
question or even just guess, if appropriate. I would happily accept that 3.0 or 3.5 as long as I
knew that I worked hard for it and I did it honorably. This would also be my fault for not doing
my best enough and simply take the subject for granted. Also, cheating is also a major offense
and that not only will this result in a 0.0, but also give me a major offense. This would definitely
hinder me even more as a number of companies ask for a certificate of good moral character
when hiring and having a major offense would deprive me of attaining this certificate, thus
illustrating that I did something unethical during my stay in the university.

Topic 4: If you were to choose between one of your parents to go work overseas, who
would you choose and why?

For this question, I believe that the speaker and I have a similar viewpoint on the answer. I
believe that the one should work overseas would be my dad. I believe in what the speaker said
that the father is the breadwinner of the house and should be the one who would be sacrificing
his time in order to give his family a more comfortable life. My father would somewhat be a
typical father who would work hard in order to provide the needs and sometimes the wants of the
family. I believe that my father would be a more suitable one to go to overseas, as his disciplined
lifestyle would definitely help him survive the environment of foreign cities. My father would
normally sleep at 9pm and wake up by 3am and would immediately freshen up and go to work.
This has been his routinely act ever since my grandfather passed down the mantle of owner of
the family-owned store. Even though he would manage this store, I was taught at a very young
age the processes and the important decision that my father would usually do especially when he
would be out. If I were to choose my mother as the one to go work overseas, I think that she
would be have a difficult time in adapting to the culture in the foreign land because she is a very
conservative person. She also has this nature of being a careful person who would tend to plan
everything in her life and sometimes mine included. This choice of mine is not based on whom I
love more, but this is simply based on the capabilities of my parents. If I would factor in the
emotional closeness I have with my parents, I would rather send myself to work overseas rather
than sending either one of them because I believe that they have suffered enough so that my
siblings and I would be able to receive the best form of education and even certain leisure and
material objects that would have definitely made our lives this comfortable. They have sacrificed
enough and I believe in the Filipino term,utang na loob, which I consider the most important
lesson I have learned from my parents when I was young.

Topic 5: If you were to able to astral project or fly, where will you go and why?

This is a question that I would gladly answer with pride because as a man who believes in the
supernatural, we are truly able to astral project, but we just dont know whether we are already in
the astral plane or not as the experience tends to me unexplainable by many. However, if I would
be able to do it once and fully control my actions, I would like to go to Greece. When I was back
in High School, I was very fond of the Greek Mythos and I would read the stories over and over
again. With this, I had really wanted to go to look at the various archeological temples in Greece
especially the famous one, the Parthenon. There is also another place in Greece that I wanted to
particularly see and that is the island, Santorini. The houses in Santorini have this classic white
marble design wherein if people were able to see the design and color of the houses there, people
would immediately relate it to either Santorini or Greece. A friend of mine has recently been to
Santorini, and he told me that the island was definitely a sight to see and that the beaches and
sceneries were amazing and mesmerizing especially when the sun would set. With this in mind, I
would really want to go there in the near future. When I would be lucky enough, I would also
like to bring my future wife and propose to her there. Even though going to the moon would also
be a great feat, however my dream of going to Greece would really make me feel more satisfied
with my life.

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