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The Ingenious Meaning -

The name "Himalayan Yogshala" comes from two different words. The word "Himalaya
n" derived from the inspiration of the almighty Himalayas and the word Yogshala
means the place of yoga. Thus, Himalayan Yogshala simply means the Himalayan pla
ce for yoga.?
?The Yoga Gurukul -
Yoga school "Himalayan" Yogshala is an accredited yoga gurukul (school) in RYS -
200, RYS - 300 and RYS 500 hours from Yoga Alliance, USA where RYS stands for R
egistered Yoga School. The yoga school also provides 100 hours yoga beginners co
urse and yoga retreats in Rishikesh, India.?
200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India at Himalayan Yogshala is ful
ly residential and certified by Yoga Alliance, USA as registered yoga school. Th
e course will be conducted in yoga gurukul Himalayan Yogshala which has a scenic
location and beautiful view of the holy river Ganga. The 3 salubrious meals and
Immaculate accommodation is also included in this 28 day's yoga programme.?
The 300 hours yoga course is also residential best for those who want to learn a
dvanced yoga techniques or have already done the 200 hours course. Course is ide
al for singles and couples who want complete immersion into the lovely sea of yo
ga and meditation. If you are looking for advance yoga course, the 300 hours yog
a teacher training course will be your best experience.?
The 500 hours yoga course is the combination of the 200 hours and the 300 hours
course. One can join both course at the same time and can get the 500 hours cert
ification from Himalayan Yogshala. This course is also residential and offers to
cognize yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga therapy, breathing controls, anatomy,
Indian philosophy, physiology & much more.?
Yoga retreats in your dreamt vedic city Rishikesh which is known as "the world c
apital of yoga". Yoga retreats in the beautiful city Rishikesh will be optimal e
xperience for those who want to get rid from their busy and hectic life schedule
. Our yoga retreats includes daily asanas-pranayams morning classes, meditation
sessions at the bank of holy river Ganges and much more.
Yoga was originated approx. 5000 years ago in ancient India. Yoga simply means t
o add, to unite or to join. In Indian philosophy, yoga is adding your soul (atma
) into the God (paramatma). The ultimate goal of yoga is liberation (mukti or mo
ksha) as everyone wants to be free from this arduous and painful life. In India,
Rishikesh was the destination of all great sages who were seeking the peace. Ma
ny sages such as Swami Sivananda, Vivekananda, Dayananda, Mahesh yogi and others
got inspired in Rishikesh. So, you have chosen the right place to learn yoga; R
ishikesh which is covered by the beautiful Himalayan mountains and situated in t
he banks of holy river Ganges/Ganga.?
Testimonials -
Nathalie Dernovaya -
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yoga revealed the true meaning of life to me. And I was very happy to meet such
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Lilian Yong
I've been to many yoga retreats n festivals , n studied under many teachers. Ran
a Ji stands out as one of my favorites! He seems to instinctively know just what
Katerina Baldina
More then one year is gone, but I clearly remember the time when I've been pract
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heart of...
Proskurina Ira
I think we got very lucky when Sabbal came to Ukraine. It was a big chance for a
ll of us to get to know him and his ways of teaching yoga. It is a very balanced
, diverse...