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Maximum Marks : 40 a
{Choose any three questions from Questions (1), (2) and (4)} m
1. Calculate the weight of a substance X which in gaseous form e
occupies 10 L at 270C and 700 mm pressure. The molecular
NumerIcal chemIstry + electrolysIs

weight of X is 60.
2. 1 mole of sulphur dioxide occupies 24 L at room temperature

and pressure. Calculate the following at room temperature and
pressure: (a) the mass of 6 L of sulphur dioxide (b) the volume
occupied by 80 g of the gas (c) the number of molecules in 0.64
g of the gas if one mole of it contains N molecules (d) the weight
of 0.5 g molecules. [S = 32; O = 16]
3. Calculate the number of moles of zinc ions{Zn ] and chloride

ions [Cl-] which will be obtained from 272 g of ZnCl 2 [Zn = 65; Cl
= 35.5]
4. Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure O 2, Cl2,
SO2, CO2 contain the same number of molecule represented by Y.
The molecules of oxygen gas occupy V litres and have a mass of
16 g. Under the same conditions, state the volume occupied by

(a) Y molecules of chlorine (b) 3Y molecules of SO 2 (c) State the
mass of CO2 in grams.
5. A gas occupies 760 ml at a pressure of 700 mm of Hg and a
temperature of 2730C. If at stp the mass of the gas is 1.75g, find
the vapour density and the molecular weight of the gas (Given 1
litre of hydrogen weighs 0.09 g at stp)

6. Calculate the number of molecules of water of crystallisation in
copper sulphate crystals, if 10 g of hydrous copper sulphate
crystals gives 6.4 of anhydrous copper sulphate on heating. [ Cu ..
= 64, S = 32, O = 16]. C
[2] oll
7. A compound has the following percentage composition: Na =
18.60%, S = 25.80%, H = 4.03% and O = 51.58%. Calculate the
molecular formula of the crystalline salt assuming that all the g
hydrogen in the compound is in the combination with the oxygen e:
as water of crystallisation. Molecular weight of the compound is
248 [Na = 23, S = 32, H = 1, O =16]
8. Thermal decomposition of calcium nitrate takes place as
2Ca(NO3)2 2CaO + 4NO2 + O2. If the relative molecular mass

of calcium nitrate is 164 (a) calculate the volume of calcium
nitrate obtained at stp and (b) the weight of calcium oxide
obtained when 16.4 g of calcium nitrate is heated to constant
weight. {Ca = 40, O = 16, N = 14}
9. Copy this table and complete it.
Nature Nature Ions Ions Ion/s
of of present dischar dischar
anode cathod in ged at ged at

e electrol cathode anode

(a) Electroplating iron
rod with silver
(b) Electroplating a
copper sheet with
(c) Electrorefining of
(d) Extraction of
potassium from KCl
(e) Extraction of
aluminium from Al2O3
10. Starting from aq copper (II) sulphate solution, give equation
for the reactions at the cathode and anode during electrolysis of
aq copper(II)sulphate using active copper electrodes.
11. State which of the following solutions contain (a) molecules
only (b) ions only (c) both molecules and ions CH 3COOH,
NH4OH, NaOH, dil HNO3, Na2CO3, CuCl2, oxalic acid, pure
water, HI.