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Event Did Learned Developed

GTA Assisted professor teaching How to communicate, give Apathy, ability to multi-task
attention, show care and and positive motivation
Graduate Student My Recent projects are, Professional skills, Part 139, adaptation, time
recreating an accident scene Researching- for, hands on management, ability to
for Middle Tennessee State experience, ethics, complete multiple tasks on
university, one of such only Communication skills I time,
NASA. Recreation of certain believe there shall exist a
documents Involved lot of healthy and meaningful
research, thats what we communication between to
need to do when a problem departments to ensure safety.
needs to be analyzed. I have I learned that in Safety Attentiveness, keeping my
been asked to develop a management systems. All ears sharp and ready to
virtual port that included an these activities I was part of receive.
extensive research, has taught me to be
considered various budget communicative.
scenarios, referred to part 77,
part 139 and part 1540 rules.
Developed a decent budget
estimate, developed
emergency plan, surveyed
more snow removal plans. All
this in six months of time.
There are some mistakes,
which are evaluated by my
professor. Mr.John Black.
Looking back, I have ride
along with XXXXX conducting
self-inspection per part 139
at Smyrna airport. I have
been part of annual airfield
assessment for FAA
certification. I have been part
of the team that did literature
review for new hangars to be
built at MQY. Been part of
team organizing TAA, many
experiences I have.

Operations intern I did a survey with people

living round the airport to
better understand what the
habitants are expecting from
airport for offering their
lands- it is a private airport,
renown company GMR owns
it, with 40% partnership with
government and other
entities. Doing a survey and
drawing results from the
habitats has helped the
commission better
understand and conducted
land pooling for their new HR
and GMR aerospace building

Besides I witnessed activities

that happened in coms room,
I still remember a gate issue.
Jet airways was seen
accessing a gate issued for
Spice Jet airways. Though
both airways are under same
company. The agent thought
he could use it , my
operations superior had to
call for Airport police located
at gate 2 to go check it. I had
conducted inspections, most
interesting part I enjoyed is
wildlife harassment I am
doing my thesis on wildlife
practices in south of north
American region.
ISRO It is a huge opportunity Behavior, discipline, various Patience, never let go
fresh graduate I was, I was technologies, taste of attitude,
speaking about stealth success, hard work, I learned Precision, and alertness.
technology at a conference I can multi task.
and chairman has asked us
about our future goals, I took
a chance to say I wanted to
work with ISRO, he accepted
to hire us for 6 months as an
apprentice during PSLV-25
launch time, in dec I
remember. What a sight it
was. I have given a good
opportunity to work with a
highly-ranked scientist, he
guided me to design a rocket
motor diffuser, that turned
out to be good, even though
the design has failed many
times and made me cry- I
corrected it every time and
succeeded. Alongside, I

Skills that I can bring to this organization, - first thing is ability to research and draw a
conclusion, when a certain problem arises I will tend to learn from circulars and CFR
manuals and make decisions, avoiding any margin of error, such that I bear the whole
responsibilities for any consequences.
Secondly keeping the communication going, working at rajiv Gandhi international airport
has taught me to be attentive for small details, details which never were to be neglected-I
saw and will see that those details are well communicated, and I have developed my
communication skills.
Third, Multi tasker I managed job and my graduate studies and spent some time gaining
on hands experience I managed it all well. I worked for my professor, prepared for
classes. All that I have done during my graduate education has enabled me not only to
multi task but also to be punctual. I found happiness in completing tasks in time, and I
enjoyed working under pressure,
To add, I have this ability- or I would say infatuated towards working under pressure and
completing things quickly. Believe me the knowledge and education I have received so far
made me take the best decisions so far. One such example- ARFF drills, alert 3 3-minute
drill- I impressed everyone. I know what an operation manager shall wat for instruction
from director and act - intimate NTSb, FAA, assist FBOs in their participation. Keep part of
the airport running.

Biggest challenge: Everything I did or faced so far I took them as challenges. I found pride
and fun in executing the tasks on time with better precision. All the activities I have
undertaken, taught me to assertiveness and self-motivation, I have actuated myself
towards them. there are many instances- one was understanding part 139 and keeping
things in compliance with to part 139 at both the airports. To keep an eye on everything
without missing anything. Alas, safety is important and can face surprises sometimes- I
believe one must be ready for any such surprises.

Weakness: I adapt to different work conditions within no time, I make up my mind

according the situation and be ready to accomplish the responsibility I am supposed to
complete. I always believed in adopt learn and grow. I had issues transitioning form busy
and report-immediately environment to calm and quiet environment as a teaching
assistant. I texted my professor 3 in the morning asking for schedule- believing it be a
reminder- so that he would check in the mooring. To justify my action, I explained him the
work I used to do back at rajiv international airport as an operation intern- reporting to my
superiors seemed fit even though late night- he understood my lack of situational
adaptability and helped me overcome such hyperactivity, eventually by talking and guiding
me to develop giving sensitive attention to situations. Now that I am ready to handle some
sensitive issues I believe will be able to judge the seriousness of any event or action.
Strengths: My skills and experiences- I had many experiences, on hand, research, stories
in aviation I believe communication is very much important to keeps things going safely
and to keep thing where there supposed to be, I learned to move in groups, in team- I have
lead whole college in my bachelors time- that helped me to grow diplomatically;
apprenticeship at isro helped me to grow attentiveness and find pride in working. Operation
intern brought me closer to aviation industry and introduced me to be alert, learn and grow.
MTSU has taught me many things, I started to understand aviation in a better way with all
the courses I have taken, MTSU helped me grow into a dedicated student and a responsible
teaching assistant. Being an assistant I had to make wise choices in understanding
students intentions. On hand experiences with Smyrna airport inspecting, reviewing,
conducting various surveys have given me deep insight into airport organization and it
operations. My recent projects include recreating an accident scene- and developing a
virtual port; both in four months time. That proves my ability to complete tasks in time
with perfection.

Snow removal: Winter operations are expected to be run in accordance to Advisory circular
150/15200, which I am aware of. I have referred to many snow removal plans of various
airports to make one for my virtual port I designed., fortunately I had considered an article
about Xxxx and its playbook. I have examined it closely into the closures and running the
airport simultaneously in brief periods. xxxx has good reputation in north for its efficiency
in maintaining its operations in winter. I want to be a part of such team. I have identified
the priorities, and the triggers. Keep the comms open and incase of comms failure use light
gun for communications. Per AC 150/1520-3OC.
I am a recent graduate in aviation administration, who is very much eager to apply my
knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my academics and experiences I have
stated in my resume. Specially in core aviation operation industry. I can say I have this
ability to research and solve any problem in given time, and can also take spontaneous
decisions with zero margin error. I have participated in ARFF alert 3 drill at Smyrna Airport
and have impressed everyone with the decisions I made. Grades I received so far exemplify
the skills and knowledge I possess. I have experienced vast transition in aviation industry
from aerospace I mean technicality- to management and alongside teaching. I n a nutshell I
am a person with ethical skills, who finds fun in completing tasks on time, prepare well for
an event. I am an athlete- I play game called cricket for my university and I am found of
cooking. I am very much excited to start a new journey, and work here at Xxx which is
known as one of the efficient airport that maintain operations intact during winter seasons.
I believe that everything I am about share with you will show that I will be a good intern
and for sure will set an example for forth coming one.